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John Bolton, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, said Monday he is willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed. The Morning Joe panel discusses Bolton and the GOP response to his announcement.

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From ethics on Hulu comes, MRS America. The highly antics paid a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in, as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands. Stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin Shut, Sarah Paulson Loser Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more, it's a full situational awareness of risk analysis, and I am confident intelligence community, presented as a set of fact that made clear that the risk from doing nothing exceeded the risk of taking the action that we took MIKE Bumpo, says Americans should put their full trust and complete confidence in Intel communities, assessment of IRAN Breach brother. Why is
that slightly out of place this administration, I think it was disgraceful, disgrace, that the intelligence agencies aloud information that turned out to be so false and fake out. I think it's a disgrace I say that, and I say that and that something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do. Our eyes good morning. That's a big difference, welcomed of mourning Joe, what is Tuesday January seventh, along with Willie and may we have into an anchor for BBC World NEWS, America, Caddy K and They say political analysts and former chair of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steel, good, to have you all on board there are a few things to watch this morning. President Trump said he'd order them on wait and he'd order. The
military to strike a bronze cultural sites. The Pentagon says no, it's not gonna happen. What that public rebuke says about the commander in chief in IRAN male wild dozens or dead in a stampede this morning, as huge crowds continue to vent their anger at America for killing top general, and now are more threats about how Tehran may hit back and then there is this stunning misfire. The department of Defense had to score altogether, a new conference yesterday to contradict its own landing general in a rack Miller, Officials now say: no we're not planning a withdrawal despite a lead, to Baghdad bad suggested, the opposite, Kyle unbelievable! this point, but we know now. Actually, actually it is it's quite believable you the media rye until you don't really.
You scream fake news inside the White House until there a news report, important politico or the New York Times the Washington Post you like and then suddenly it's not fake news and Donald Trump spends. The past three years saying you can't trust me The entire community says that you can trust Vladimir Putin more than the entire community until the Intel community confirms information. He wants confirmed to justify it. Airstrike yeah, there's a central problem at that more of this IRAN story for the present and the White House, which is that we ve been told now for three four or five years that the entire Agencies are the deep state working against this White House and now we're being asked to trust Intel agencies blindly so far anyway, to say that there were an imminent threat posed in that salami, had to be killed that doesn't she out for most Americans and, as you say, criticisms of the press and everything
and we're being asked you trust now, a defence department they can't get its. In a road to send out a letter correctly. That says getting out of Iraq as well a lot of problems right now, as we had ended this day, you gonna make it funny. Things happened over the past couple days. They they justify the attack at first by saying there's an imminent threat now. Why do they do that? Well, if the threats eminent then you ve gotta move immediately until a minor. You don't have time to talk to Congress. You don't have time to talk to anybody. You don't have time to applaud it. Up. We ve got him. We ve gotta, killing. That's been their justification but you saw starting on Sunday the roll back of this eminent For at this lie, I suspect it's a lie that he had planned stir to immediately go out and kill other Americans and now If it is the case. Ok, let's see the evidence
but the only thing, the Secretary of State and all trumpet Paul system said people inside the Trump administration and said the editorial pages it the nets. Obviously bounded Donald Trump. They will set a well know it, matter? It does those Democrats, why are they take King Donald Trump at his own word. Why, asking him if it was an eminent flat. Does it matter this man was a danger, guess this Le Monnier as an enemy of the United States of America, needs a danger to american troops everywhere Kim Jong own? Now is So what right do America? Is he next on Donald Trump Kill list about Assad, Assad's, killed, more Arabs and any other leader in his three other than Saddam Hussein? Is he next the killer, something Saddam Hussein was on. Our killers was wasn't alien, killing him. How much pieces brought to the Middle EAST. They can't have it both ways they can't on one hand say we had
this right away without conferring, with Congress other than at present threat was the threat was to had to kill him right away and now thing but roll back one after another saying doesn't matter? whether was a or not come on. This guy was a bad guy. We should have killed him when we had the chance does Can he sets? No, it doesn't, then we're gonna dig further into this, but we want to get to the significant development involving more national security adviser, John Bolton, that could impact Republicans in peace, when strategy in a statement, Postage yesterday bottom, says he is now willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial. If subpoenaed, he wrote in part this Hence my testimony is once again at issue I have had to resolve serious competing issues as best I could, based on careful, can adoration and study. I have concluded that if the Senate,
issues a subpoena. For my testimony, I am prepared to testify. Send a democratic the surprise announcement as a win for their push to call this is at the upcoming impeachment trial Senate Republic. Meanwhile appear divided on the idea when asked. If Bolton should testify, Joanie urged I will then be seen, is yet to be determined. We men have the articles yet so until we start seeing some progress really doesn't make a bit of difference. No, dear God, Is that really who I awoke voted for ten? Do they really want to re, elect this first and said, I'm going to take it to the pigs? Let me go to Marco Rubio now, who said, I think our enquiries should be based on the testimony and evidence they used to reach those articles. Now we run
no obligation to extend beyond the record that they create under no obligation to you don't want to know. The truth now are under no obligation to just the voters in Florida. Understand this worker Rubio says we're under. No obligation to hear the truth, we're under no obligation to read when we think about that, under no obligation says an elected representative of the state of Florida is set to find out the truth. Behind what the National Security adviser called a drug deal. I mean Willie Are they really talking like? This? Is really there you can't see Willie, I oh there's really high Willie, I was talking, You know what I was saying meeker, so I was so confused. What do you? What do you think I'm more Rubio whether an obligation. Yes using so security visor? Yes, John Bolton was one all this Julie on these drug deal. Yes,
this is the same Whitehouse official who will pay and this meeting taking place immediately adjourned it and told everybody go talk. To the lawyers. Now this is illegal and market. Feels really under no applicant. Dad. I don't I left. I don't want to hear from me cause. I my the truth that I Eddie, no one, my heart about Donald Trump. Radio position this morning I dont want everybody else. Stay here What I know about Donald Trump says Erica Rubio is that is, is out why he was elected. Is that what Jelly earths was elected Well remember. If, if you are serious about finding out the truth about this case about what happened in Ukraine, you could I have a better witness than former national Security adviser John Bolton, who is a first hand witness in the previous in the house hearings.
We heard from Fiona Hell, for example, who serve really as a proxy for John Bolt, and she was a direct report to him and she was the one who communicated John Bolton's concerns. So now you have John Bolton, saying: ok, I've heard from the people around me now I myself unwilling to step forward and tell you exactly what happened as a job in a trial. Could you say no? We don't want to hear from that person its outrage. Not surprisingly Lindsey Gram, remember said I don't want to hear anything item on even see the trans thing as we have all. This is part of a pattern from Republican. So it's wrong, but it's not surprising yet may be Willie. This is the most outrageous thing and I'd love Dave you have. We These quote around. I know you go around with little red book Z grounds generated Unita greatest Manzi grounds quote from yesterday about this. That would be always get one thought so AIDS is about all this is These centres around, I go.
To hear anything. The house has not done their job, we don't have. They say that the evidence infernal. Why don't they have the evidence in front of them because Donald Trump at the beginning. As you know, he was guilty are not cooperating. My people are allowed to cooperate. You want my people to tell you the truth about what I did have time. Gonna make you drag them and their lawyers through court for months and months of mines. Because we want you to know the truth so now thickets Donald Trump did everything candour struck the house now Bob again senators Margo Ruby, Jonah Yards Dzierzon Lindsey Grammar Sand, You don't want to hear it. We shouldn't in the year two thousand do their job right and now do their job as didn't do their job. Why? Because Donald Trump had a concerted campaign to bear,
the truth, concerted and explicit. Remember why house, council roadie the latter, put it out to the public and sent it to the House of representatives saying we will not cooperate, you're, not getting witnesses in getting testimony from us and it guinea of this trial in the Senate before it even started majority. Leader said we will not vote to convict the President, the United States or we're starting from its place of the president is innocent. They'll use anything they can get through to make sure that happens, including same they don't want to hear from a central witness. Perhaps these central witness John Bull here quote. You asked for as promised, Lindsey Gray S yesterday, sturdy. No I'm ready to go if they on a call Bolton. They should have called Bolton in the House it's worth recalling that back during the impeachment of former President Clinton in nineteen nine than congressmen, Lindsey Grand said in every try that there has ever been in the Senate regarding impeachment witnesses were called when you have
witness telling you about what they were doing and why it's? The difference between the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That's any one hours ago from Lindsey Grand, let's bring in New York Times reporter and MSNBC National Security analysed Michael Schmidt Michael the million dollar question. Will John Bull and testify in this trial that's really, I Mitch Mcconnell question and I think the what will determine add is that group of republican senators who during Cavanaugh hearings asked Mcconnell, go back and have the F B, I do a week, long investigation to give them sort of the cover politically to vote for cabin? How will these shoes Collins. Is there more caskeys say that too for their voters for their folks back home they need to be able to say that they heard of the evidence and as we see with Mcconnell he can oh, endure
pain in order to get his political, and so I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that Bolton will testify so told is Michael. You can correct me if I'm wrong. Fifty one votes right too, that this will come to a vote ultimately decide whether or not this witness can be introduced. So that's a hurdle that Democrats feel like they can clear with the help of some Republicans. Came out yesterday. Answer would be quote a good thing for would be quote a good thing for John that's to testify I mean that that's the thing is it? How much you know? Can the Democrats pick off a republican or two to get to that point? To get them to put the brake Mcconnell to allow that to have another had been some talk about. Whether have the Democrats would have will allow someone like Hunter Biden to testify that there be some type of deal like that The thing is that we don't really know everything that Bolton. Has we don't know what going to say, we know that it's not good for the present. We know that it could be no
People around won't believe it will be damaging for him, but at same time without having a peak into that, I think that the Republicans sort of shrugged off. So the question will be in the coming. Days and weeks. Can we figure out what it is that Bolton has what it is that he is willing to say that He has about the president. That is so important. I wonder if Michael still live, Somebody's Republicans, you're running in and purple stayed said. The democratic nominee will likely when in twenty twenty. They can get away with that Marco Rubio strategy? I don't wanna hear it. I want to hear anything. I don't want to hear the truth. I want. I want my voters to hear the truth. I didn't gonna keep my ears covered Donald Trump, yet only he did everything they could to stop everybody from testifying allow. So now I don't want to hear it in the Senate. Concurring no really go to the voters in Colorado. Consent.
Collins really go to the voters of main it can't get? Can they can they go in she's in the fight of her life, because I love can I go and say we know bold and was at the centre of the the centre of this? We know that bold and conservative icon for decades was a guy who called this a drug deal. We know Bolton was a guy. So drug deal we now Bolton was a guy who is so disturbed by it. Then he broke meeting at immediately ordered everybody do talk the White House lawyers because it was so illegal camp I go to our voters and say yeah yeah. We know all that, but we don't want to you're about it and try to blame Manzi flow land. The rack, even though I have the power to learn the truth, will they be able to say that too? But can I give day this Michael? You run for office once or twice. Cyprus problem is once or twice man if I've running against democratic did something like that. I
We always their political bones to pieces we'd be easy and I just pick em off every single day. The campaign trail. Call Joe you just laid out the exposure that Cory, Gardner and and others I have, and that's why you see a little bit of Mitt Romney, who has nothing in terms of political skin in this fight has been the most aggressive. If, if you will, if you want to consider that aggression, the com is a made, the others have held back and the reason is there. Assurances from a conall and from the trunk campaign that they're gonna be there for them in the fight that you your whole, lie with the president on this particular front, to keep the witnesses from coming in we'll be there for you, but here's the raw there that makes assumptions how voters are going to see this and how voters are going to take all of the sin Seventy one percent of voters across the country- and that means with that number Joe,
a lotta republicans who want to see what so called by the Senate. So I don't how law making hold that front. I don't know how long ago able to maintain now, maybe even harder to get through their primary and we'll see and hear a different tone from them once their primaries are all, but they are now the in other, putative nominee of their parties or re election to the Senate takes on a whole different measure for them, so they may be plant. Try to play this game where they, you know a little bit with tromp a little bit you now we want more information, but how they measure that, on the phone, is what you're seeing right now and what they're saying is. We need to hear more and here's a particular out for the for the Bolton test about him. The house can call him back and say: aren't you ready to testify? He is asleep.
Show up because remember, while all this is going on and Nancy Pelosi still holding those those articles and policemen in her pocket. The house coming You're still investigating. We ve seen some the resolve to that over the last couple of weeks during the holidays, with information additional information. So occasionally get call back to come testify which would really put a huge squeeze on those Senate. Republicans, if that happens, so. Let's go to the White House now end NBC News, correspondent, HANS Nicholls HANS. How is the White House reacting to the Bolton NEWS mixed reactions in part, because no one knows and as with so fascinating about this Bolton comment, no one knows what who's going to say, and that puts a great deal. Certainly inside the White House now they're saying that you can go, can relay to gave the house's job House gathered all the evidence. The sentence job is the way that evidence, but the fastening about John Bolton. We can have a debate about whether
There is someone that left administration, they had a worse break up and John Bolton did with the president. Are you mad? Ass was pretty ugly tellers and, with pretty recessions was pretty ivy. What's different about the Bolton break up with tromp. Is it fault has continued to sort of needle the president right? There's this back and forth about his twitter account he's got a book coming out, so there's this notion inside the White House. It they don't quite know where poor miss is he on the Trump team, or is he often and that's a ghetto uncomfortable place to be, or for the White House now they'll make their case they are born is going to take you to the facts, and this is just a blip footing reality. You know well exception big mobile there's, no one else. I think that we probably need to hear from the understand at least one half of the potential quid pro quo quite equation. That is what was the president with holdings You know the one doesn't have a firm answer because they have made a really know what boulders going to potentially say what I mean
know where he is. The one thing we do know caddy K is that he is out he's out of the way and he's on a long list of casualties of the trumpet ministration people who just couldn't make it through got, kicked out or didn't take the oath yeah, the boldness clearly decided that, for whatever reason- and it's not care what in his mind, has changed over the last couple of weeks, he now feels he has something stared. Maybe it's just that what's changed as this is moved from the house in the Senate, does he feel it has some protection because he thinks the Senate is less likely to call him financing philosophy? Of course, this why it's? It's worth delaying write em! She is delaying in order to get news like this out. The then puts pressure on those wavering Republicans and get somebody like Mitt Romney in position now full Mcgovern, a former presidential candidate, perhaps now in his most
wouldn't role, a senator to say. Ok, I do want to hear from John Bolton. So that's what this delaying strategy is producing for Democrats and why they felt that it was worth doing because evidence may surface all news of some potential evidence might surface. But, Michael Schmidt, do you think something has changed for John Bolton beyond the fact that this has moved from the house to the Senate? What is it that suddenly made him come forward and Zackie guys hands up? I do have something to say I think the biggest factor for Bolton was the resolution or lack thereof, a resolution of a sort of little no law suit that was filed at the end of last year by his lawyer, Chuck Cooper. Did this lawyer coop also represented bones. Deputy coppermine and Coppermine had been subpoenaed to testify up on the hill. The who were going to court to ask the court to decide whether Coppermine would have to speak and
word essentially ruled that the issue was moved, that it wasn't gonna make a decision on that, and that was almost right before New year's Here we are one of the first business days of twenty twenty bold and basically coming forward in saying that he is willing to testify so by this court decision. Not making a decision, it gave Bolton sort of the political and Go cover on his own to go forward and me, this decision and sort of raised his hand. I Michael Schmidt, thank you, very much for your reporting this morning and still I had on morning showed the send its top Democrat on foreign relations. Bob Menendez, as is our guest plus the sea ice former director and see, analyse John Brennan joins the conversation. Also, several big developed developments in the past Essential race will read from Joe new column in the washing imposed, but first here's bill parents with a check on the floor.
Spell good morning making a meeting at TAT snow forecasts in a MID Atlantic in a second first, I went up to into breaking news that occurred in the two hours. A very strong earthquake on the South coast of Porter Rico reports about the island without power, one of the power plant sustained significant damage and is offline on the southern coast till the moonlight. It just reported the possibility of a wall collapse in one fatality in the town of points as on the South Coast right here you can see what the epicenter was located. This was it new to six point four earthquake and this is pictures from San Juan. It shows some of the dark near hoods in the background, their hospitals at are running a generators. There have been some reports of some minor injuries and, of course, we just got that report. It possibly can t, tell em, Udo friends of vitality and I've seen numerous pictures of homes, that of collapse. There's an old cathedral beautiful church, this located down on the coast here, and that has completely collapse and it is in trouble. So we get those daylight pictures. It will bring more those too from the scenes. Porter recover. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the
and right now, who are still dealing with numerous aftershocks. So, let's get to that for to help people in the MID Atlantic and through the appellation snow this morning, West Virginia Virginia, we'll have a band of lights. Know that possibly could even affect Washington Dc Philly Baltimore New York, the ground temperature. Slick conditions so for Washington DC. Your tea time is around three p m. As we go further up the map Philadelphia. It appears to be around the evening M as we go further up York City Philadelphia around eight around the evening rush hour. Five, when everyone could six new with right, around eight p, dot M or and that's when everyone could be dealing with a quick shot us no, it's not a lotta heavy snow, but if you're out driving on the roads, you could possibly have to deal with some problems out there and the airport delays likely the MID Atlantic region as we go through the afternoon hours can you d, C Winter Weather advisory, haven't, had a lot of white stop this winter, maybe just a code, the grass in the beltway inside the beltway later on this afternoon, you watch your morning. Joe will be right back. Some people learn the hard way in the new
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Twenty eight pass the hour. Now too, they muddled message over the status of U S: troops in Iraq. One day after erects, parliament passed a resolution to expel best troops following the killing of iranian general cousin ceremony in Baghdad. Top military officials had to score Campbell together a noose conference yesterday to contradict its own. Commanding general in Iraq. In a letter to iraqi officials, Jenny William Silly of the. U S command in Baghdad, said troops were being repositioned in operation to leave the country. Then came the walk back from the defence secretary. That quote, there has been no decision whatsoever to leave. The chairman of the Joint chiefs set. The letter was a mistake. He called it an unsigned, poorly weren't, trapped and said that it was sent to
the Iraqis to coordinated about. U S troops moving around Baghdad for and, as the spokesman for President Obama, Tommy Detour observed on Twitter Quota Writ Twit Twitter, I quote realized that letters go out with typos. Sometimes and people make mistakes, but do you mistakenly send a message to a foreign government that says we're pulling fifty two hundred troops out of your country? This is believable believe a ball. It's one thing: if you miss spill, there like maybe our. If you forget the apostrophe for its and allowed to, though just as bad bad drives me happened, happens all the time, maybe you don't put the Oxford my along, like I'm, not even reiterated that. Let us it's an editorial it up, but man there's a word I'll virtue, Jerry, your country, that that's
I bet I already takes it really to the next level of clerical error: cities, studying and at this administration, let's be honest, has not built up a great reservoir of goodwill people trusting that are honest mistakes because they not told the truth, all the time. So when somebody like this happens, it gives people like Tommy, leader and others, does I wait a minute what's really going on here and HANS Nicholls is still what s at the White House what's the way How saying, what's the president saying about this? This is not an insignificant development to have out in public as we are. Breaking news alerts HANS when this letter came out the United AIDS of America. After seventeen years there is getting out of Iraq pulling out all its troops. Fifty two hundred of them strength for then the defence secretary to have to hold quickly a press conference to say no sorry we hit and by mistake on that letter there actually cheer Press conference
Talk to our colleagues over the Pentagon may initially gather going on around is what we call the bullpen down the Pentagon, and there are a lot of questions about the sort of cultural sites and what the president And then there wasn't a lot of clarity on this letter from general. Silly wasn't draft things in a letter, we were first sought online. That didn't quite makes sense. It seem to suggest that we withdraw it. Didn't quite said, Anne officials. Milly came back down the chairman enjoying staff and they bang, on doors, trying to clarify further and that's when they re own the mistake and obviously there you have a difficult morning at the Pentagon. This is it we're gonna snake there's a bureaucratic music. It gives you an indication of what their planning for the Cunegonde there's always finding going either Pentagon. The bigger challenge I think this morning for four aspirin millions. Well is it Jim Mattis Problem, and that is at least a spur, is on a different page, publicly, commander in chief on this issue of cultural side.
That is an exceedingly uncomfortable waste to be for anyone in any administration. More so, with its president has Milly was asked for his very clear yesterday that the United States will fall. And the president himself clearly wants the signal that cultural sites are on the table and that puts that makes s first morning very difficult, especially when the present is going to read. What could and points that makes s first morning very difficult, especially when rising is going to read. What could it seems obvious contradiction of the commander if so ass, whereas it good morning on on two fronts: the clerical bureaucratic for, but but the larger issue is what are they gonna do on on cultural sites, guys never big Day head HANS Nicholls at the White House thanks so much yet meet the president has said and then double down that he would look at cultural sites to as targets the United States inside IRAN and his hand, said the defence sector jumped up quickly and said. No. That is not
within the bounds of war and others, have said, including United States centres. That would be a war crime. The president carried out such an attack. So just look at the backdrop of the President Tromp has had for National Security advisor Secretary of state to on one security threats staff three defend. Such there is. I ve got a list here, like thirty people who have less than a minute straighten. Amid this backdrop of chaos, I think it's fair to call that chaos from Jos piece in the Washington Post Entitled trumps ignorance has created an national crisis, in which it compares President Troms order to kill around stop military commander with you has general Doug Macarthur, and one fifty assault at in China and South Korea and Euro I had some part, this president
this decision last week to assassinate the most powerful military figure in the Middle EAST was likewise audacious, but, unlike Macarthur, an inch on from likely did not grasp the gravity of his decision. How could he, the former reality tv star, has long been ignorant of world history and current events? During a twenty fifteen interview, then candidate Trump not even know who major general casts some solemn money was, after prompting trump mistakenly, Jennifer, the iranian general as a kurdish commander once Trump Ignorance was revealed. The frustrated candidate weekly attack the interviewer throwing around names of people and where they live. The danger posed by that France is matched daily by the crises created by trumps own eroticism, His performance, as commander in chief, has been shaped by a collection of scale.
Grievances, emotional impulses and random tweets as the financial times Philip Stevens has said of trumps foreign policy looking for a framework is, searching for a symmetrical searching for symmetrical patterns in a bowl of spaghetti and again I remind you that this is with an restoration that has seen so much chaos in turmoil. It's not if anyone else and there is able to guide him. In any way. Most of the bright minds, Joe, have left most of again and again, we don't know what Framework Donald trump you to make his decision. I suspect nine. I suspect that it could have just been the tweet from Khomeini, mocking himself there's nothing. You can do based on. Certainly why most of em Africans and most and in the world now Donald Trump chances are good. He read
did more to that tweet than anything else, but you know? It seems to me caddy k that prompt support are our leading with the weakest argument when they talk that will soon soul, money was a bad man and he Y see considered America to be his enemies. Kim Jong NAM considers America to be his enemy. Assad considers America to be his enemy. Do we kill down like we Saddam Hussein and, like we kill more Gaddafi, Hussein targeted American present for death, could avi blew up arrogance, on passenger airliners, evil man, terrible man, as we can see clearly and twenty twenty it did just the opposite, Here we go again yes, and this is why you had might compare. Go on the Sunday shows and said it would have been
This is why you had MIKE Pompeo. Go on the Sunday shows and said it would have been negligent of the White House note to take salami when they have this particular opportunity, because there was some big attack planned against american interests that was imminent, and so they had to act immediately. The problem with that is that no one else has seen that intelligence and this administration doesn't really happen much of a history of always being candid when it comes to facts like this, and so there's not a lot
goodwill around the world to believe that intelligence actually exists that this threat was imminent and if that wasn't an imminent threat and George Bush and Barack Obama, who both had occasion an opportunity to take out salami, decided that the risk of doing so was too great. Why suddenly take him out now if the strategic risk is still exactly the same? There's a moral case, there's a legal case, perhaps for taking out this guy. The question is whether strategically it makes sense right the risk of doing so, is actually going to cause America more problems and America's allies more problems around the world than it solves are striving to friend in Argentina. Yesterday, who told me that security has been stepped up overnight, jewish sites in Argentina, as far away as Buenos Aires, because of this striking of solid money. So all
around the world, allies and interests that America holds close, are being impacted already this decision. Let alone the fact that now we ve had cooled off effectively the worn ISIS which was already resurgent in the north of Iraq before this is very hard to make the case that this was a risk worth taking right There wasn't an imminent attack Certainly, ices has been a big one are not only with this killing, but also, of course, with Donald Trump retraining from Syria and trying to turn the entire country over suicide and Vladimir Putin, but you don't really catty brought up go bomb and I'm sure, somewhere out. There are very confused trump supporter will probably going Donald Trump is tough on, like Brok, Obama he's taking it to the Iranians when Donald trumps, entire argument isn't, your foreign policy has been to dis, entangle, amiss, I come from the Middle EAST to end the four
ever wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and across the world, a special the Middle EAST. So where did throb supporters go where Donald Trump GO now that he dawn. Perhaps the most provocative thing any american president could do short of invading another country. The central theme this campaign build the wall was the domestic theme. America first was the international scene, which is to say, butts, pull back from the world its focus on our at home, we ve got a lot to work on here. Let's get out of this military, adventurism of the Bush years, these wars that continued through the Obama years and now what you as an inflaming of tensions. Obviously in the Middle EAST, with it of solemn money and Michael Steel. I think this is a president, its fair to say who watches a lotta tv and respond sort of gutter. To what he's
I'm thinking a couple years ago of the images he saw in Syria, children choking on chemical weapons. You decide to launch attacks there. Last week, by most reports here What was happening at the? U S, embassy in Baghdad and responded in part with this death of solar money. So President Trump operates on what he sees in the moment and the idea that he perhaps had some grand strategy or that he consulted with everybody and said: ok, we're going to take this shot at Sola money. But here's what follows the day after years will come the week after in the month after I think, is giving perhaps the president a little too much credit if you believe that there was a plan here. Well, that's that's! the nub of it- and I think Jos, bed, and why should impose this morning, really put the finger on a very central ray quality and true, that's reflected not just in the CIA and I and all the other.
The names of Washington, but certainly in the episode at the Pentagon with respect to troop withdraws in Iraq. There is no policy there, is no grants game. There is no design for a minute, strategy. Largely beak as you have a president who doesn't red who doesn't taken. The information doesn't ring. I on the council of individuals who don't confirm what he's already thought. The outcome should be so reactionary policies, if you will come want to call the policies certainly come into play Suleiman Attack, as much about what you know took place on the ground in Iraq, as it is sort of the tail wagging the dog. With respect to impeachment. It took that subject off the front pages. As more evidence and revelations were coming out over the holidays and an shifted the lines with respect to to that subject because it gave the republic is another time.
People. Well, you know the presence engaged military conflict potentially overseas. You can't impedes the president at this point, so you This conflagration these fires around these bigs substantive issues that, as they pointed out, reaches across the globe is not chest: U S! Tourists per se, it's a whole bunch of other interests out there that are relying on a policy maker in the of a presidential strategy with back to the Middle EAST. That doesn't really exist. Hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
Before a spot of her NBC News and MSNBC and author of the Red and Blue Steve Coordination, good to see you too happy new year are so we happened to you. We officially turned the corner. It is twenty twenty we're in an election year. Officially, we can say we have to talk to you since we can say that safely. Let's look at some polls that we have first, the first new policy I got for twenty twenty CBS, you Gov, we ve got both New Hampshire. And I want to look at what is this? play right now. I will obviously but a cluster of four people effectively tied at the top three literally tire with Elizabeth WAR, not far behind where You see this race right now, a few weeks now before the voting starts, and I will go there, you go first, thank goodness. We have suppose we ve had a month here without knowing what was actually happening out there in Iowa or in New Hampshire. We ve had plenty of national poles, but here you go, as you say, we weigh tie their courting CBS Poland, I what Sanders Biden boot
judge, I think, look. Obviously we ve talked about Buddha judges early, strengthen Iowa. I think the two things the jump out there There's a resilience for Joe Biden. I think that was a story of twenty nineteen for him. I think his campaign came with out of sort of expectation of collapse he's early debate performance is certainly fed that you're not seeing it Sanders. Obviously, two months after the heart attack tied for the lead there and then you look at went to New Hampshire remember Bernie Sanders in twenty, sixteen didn't just window him, for this was a blow out for next door. Neighbour from Vermont got sixty percent. Around twenty sixteen? He leads you over Biden again, resilience for Biden their war in another next door, neighbor booted judge it thirteen percent We, as you say what you see in those first to state. There are four in double digit booty There are New Hampshire, a little off the pace, war and a little off the pace in Iowa.
A lot of scenarios that their possible scenarios that that suggests low. Do you give the edge to, and I will you got a three way townsmen say it's a coin talks, but you have to have three sides of the coin at this point. Who do you give the edge to urge you look at the rate. It is I have to say, look you you ve, seen Buddha judge. Obviously he's established himself there early Biden, I is he's Biden running on this elect ability messages. I think two things that have been going binds way lately. Our number one you can did you see national polls that show him doing better against Trump than any other I'm afraid, I think for bottom line democratic voters who just want to be Trump, that's the best advertisements Biden can have polls that keep coming out. Looking like that, the other thing I said, Bygones shaky performance early in those debates, Here's the thing not everybody saw coming in June July August got better here his strongest performance net debate. Just before Christmas. I wasn't sure he could get better. Frankly, he did and if he keeps it up, I think that well for him as well, and then their sanders. We say resilient after his heart attack here
the thing we're seeing right now? Cinders is starting to go after Biden, This is the wild career. People have been asking. Why will somebody make sort of a full on Act on Joe Biden you're, starting to see I didn't do it in the way this around news in the last couple days in there's a question of how that will play. There's the famous story in Iowa were back in two thousand. For at this point a couple before the Caucasus how're Dean, Dick Airport to front runners, and I and they both attacked each other to death and guess what carry came up and we are even last night centres Anders going directly at Vice President Biden. Let's look at some of your scenario that you ve gained out you ass on Twitter, how you feel about buying chances of winning the nomination if he loses both. I in New Hampshire, which could very easily happen, depends on how you think about the Clinton Sandy. Race and sixteen what you mean by that. Yes, I m here's. The thing we ve been saying that this is true in the modern era. No one lost contested races in both Iowa New Hampshire and got under way. Democratic nomination of a ton of examples there, but no
actually lost the first two when they ve been contested and done? That's. It is a question for Biden of Hey. If he's whips in Iowa if he is unable to bounce back in New Hampshire. Does that mean its curtains for him, and I think if you look back twenty. Sixteen you realize that almost happened to Hillary Clinton she won Iowa by, for example, state delegate equivalents. This was the closest margin in the Hills do the Iowa caucuses it was live close to losing. Is you can come well hacks? winning the ILO colleagues, so she nearly lost Iowa. As we say she was New Hampshire by twenty two points to burn Anders she won the vat by only six point. There were plenty of people. I remember cog estate thinking. Sanders was gonna pull that up and if you look at Hillary Clinton, twenty sixty it do you think if she had actually lost Iowa in actually lost Nevada. The and would have fallen out. She would have been in a fight in South Carolina. She would have lost a bunch of big states. What was the nomination, or do you think she still when South Carolina by fifty still gets. Eighty percent of the black for everything still holds for. I think if you look back at twenty sixteen and ask yourself that ask yourself are you: are you feel about that?
I think that goes a long way to getting towards what you might think about Biden if he slipped knows first to jump. There's always a firewall of South Carolina that I always have to talk about, not just because of Joe Biden but because the entire democratic field, nobody has yet connected with black voters with the rank and file voters in South Carolina Cross bid the deep south in touch. We'll states like Illinois, where lot issue, no votes there, and so I have always thought of fighting, does extremely well in Iowa these shocks, people any wins. Iowa he's off to the right. She's, a great shape, envisages third or fourth, obviously That's another scenario: we ve been talking about the let's: let's play out the Bernie scenario: Bernie when's, Iowa Bernie wins New Hampshire, Bernie Ones, Nevada, three things that could all happen and then, on top of that Bernie there's actually has the money to advertise on Tuesday. So you'll see Bernie ads on Super Tuesday and you'll see
Bloomberg ads on Super Tuesday, and that is that and then, when South Carolina and and the others there are states that we expect them to win then boy what a mess that's going to be, and the reason I say by the way South Carolina. Even forty sweeps the first three I mean see I haven't seen any evidence that Bernie anymore Buddha Judge is gonna win votes and black churches South Carolina or other southern states. I'd say about seniors when you look at the numbers among black voters, ease gettin blown out by Joe Biden. That's right, but he had it does get tends to get about ten to fifteen percent nationally of the Black Sea, budget zero one or two percent- so he's a little bit better there that with black voters, he also we ve seen with Sanders. He does particularly where with Pino voters, and we see some polling day
California one of his big super Tuesday sate seniors, doing quite well out their powered by letter. The voters, particularly younger latino voters, one other number, I think- to keep it I'm with Bernie Sanders is this. We tend to think of something who is a self described socialist doesn't whose independent officially runs as an independent of my, we tend to think of somebody like that is a factional candidate, as a core of die hard supporters, but a lot of the suspicion from the rest of the party. You do see that in the polling of specifically say this. When you ask the favourable unfavourable question of democratic nationally, you have a favourable unfavourable d with care. This new pull out this morning morning cancelled, I think, you're just put in some of the numbers up sanders is the most popular democratic candidate nationally. Seventy five percent favourable sixteen percent unfavourable slightly popular than Biden right now. So again you get that scenario of Iowa sure if he could add Nevada. If he could go through. You know, I think it does raise of legitimate Quest under that scenario. If they
bandwagon effect takes hold any build some strengthened right now have burning zircon pretty get right now mean again, you're right, I think, he's a one candidate that has the good possibility of winning the four three states and again he's got them money he's got the most contributors, his campaign, like his heart, very hell right now much much healthier that many people in Washington thought. Let's talk about that want to consult Paul. I want to put up put it up if, if we can do that Alex and look at the morning consult Paul and, of course, binds way ahead, but there you have Michael Bloomberg sitting at seven percent and seven percent up month or so of running ads and having I was staring at ribs in an diners Buddha judge for all the all that positive press, only one,
finish point higher and, of course, they're? Just a fleet of candidates below Mark then aren't even on that list. Right now who had been working their tails off for a year and some I'm runnin, really great campaigns that aren't closed. Registering. What does that tell you what trusting you, you look it Biden than you have that scenario we were just talking about if cinders gets hot early, if that happens, and if part of that scenario is that Biden is seen as just just losing, but maybe losing by significant margins in some of these states, I think that is the extent one exists that the dream scenario from Michael Bloomberg, because he's not contesting Iowa New Hampshire, South Carolina he's trying to jump start campaign on Super Tuesday. I think the sinner, Oh he's looking for is a party to it suddenly facing a very real prospect of nominees. Bernie Sanders Work or Elizabeth, for that matter in doesn't have bite Biden to necessarily any more might then to him in those Super Tuesdays data. We haven't seen somewhat
pull that off before, but were seen a lot of first in politics. These days, there's so much guy Steve stay with us pay its critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Coral Bertram, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once they things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago that switch flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in both book symmetry principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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