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Iran retaliated for the killing of a top general by firing more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi air bases housing U.S. forces on Wednesday local time. The panel discusses.

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under the suckers folks and people are look at it as suckers Sucker's. That was president rampant, three eighteen touting America's pull back from the Middle EAST, while speaking at the vote, these same american AIR Base in Iraq. That was just stopped, by iranian missiles. After the? U S, military killed IRAN's most powerful general with a drone strike good morning, and welcome to morning Joe. It is Wednesday January ape last night, around retaliated for the: U S drone strike that killed its top general five days firing more than a dozen missiles to iraqi basis, housing. U S military and coalition forces iranian State TV says this is video of one of the attacks. It's not been verified by Eu S, officials, but the Pentagon says this stuff eggs were undoubtedly from IRAN. They began around five thirty p m eastern time yesterday, targeting and
aside AIR Base in western Iraq as well as in AIR base and air barrel located in the centre of Iraq, Kurdistan in the northern part of the country right now there are no reports of casualties, depends and says it is still assessing the damage. Iranian. Foreign ministers are bogs. Aris tweeted quote IRAN Talk and concluded proposed measures in self defense under article fifty one of you in charge. Targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens and senior officials were launched. We do not seek escalation or war, but well defend ourselves against any again, and busy news Tehran, bureau, Chief Allah Rizzio reports that if IRAN warn that, if is retaliation for their air strike. They will wipe out? U S bases in the region,
and news chief foreign affairs correspondent. Richard angle, tweeted quote IRAN: making threats of mass escalation to attack, or basis in Iraq to unleash Hezbollah. To unleash Shi Ite militias in Iraq to it Israel and do by making it clear it is ready for a widespread campaign if this escalate further with a U S, response president HU, as we showed you visit aside air base and twenty eighth eighteen tweeted at nine. Forty five last night quote all as well. Miss launch launched from IRAN to military bases located in Iraq, assessment of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good. We have the most power, and well equipped military anywhere in the world by far adding that he will be making a statement this morning.
We ve got a lot going on today. We have it all covered with a big show ahead, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, who are or will be, our guest live in a little bit on the show, but to start things off along with www me. We have the president of the council foreign relations and the author of the book, a world. Disarray. Richard Hoss com in an associate editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius historian, author of the soul of America Rogers Professor of the presidency, at Vanderbilt University, John Major. And NBC News and MSNBC contributor, former NATO's supreme alive, Commander retired forced our Navy, Admiral James to readers is with us. He is chief international. Security and diplomacy analysed for NBC News and MSNBC and and we see new as national security and military correspondent Courtney. Cuba is with us and then India, news, corresponding HANS Nicholls at the White House David Ignatius for several hours last night. It certainly appear
the United States and IRAN were on a pathway in inescapable halfway to war, a widespread, or where, where retaliation would meet retaliation. Air strike would meet airstrike. And yet we wake up this morning and in seemed obvious when Donald Trump decided not to address the nation last night that the unit It states did not respond and in fact, His response was, and indeed calculated, proportional if you believe that they intentionally struck the base by did what they could do, the loss of lives it was actually remarkably restrained. We wake up this morning with both sides saying no mice, Certainly Joe, the initial feeling is is one of relief that we did,
go into a second spasm of retaliation, counterattack, talietian military strategy. Soften talk in Christ like this about linkages and how tight the linkages are between action and reaction what we saw sensibly from present tromp, was that the linkages were loosened. That was no immediate reaction from the White House known when it came was the tweet that that you read in terms of casualties. So far, so good all is well reassuring words, not kind of words that typically proceed a sharp additional escalation, so I think bye, bye, bye, ass, opening up I'd like a joke. They gave themselves some time to think and look to see what the present says today. I think this is still a crisis that could quickly back get back
in the action reaction cycle. I think what we should all think about is this crisis, has been building for forty years, the iranian revolution? Nineteen, seventy nine! We ve talked about war, how closely world war over all those for decades. Now, it's really here and yes, we want to see the escalation, but I think people should focus on the diplomatic question. How do we get off the path that we ve been on, so that this crisis could have happened in the first place and begin a process of bending towards some relationship where we're talking to IRAN about mutual problems and hopefully solving them. Admit this cold war has as got an otter. Obviously, over the past six I saw a year Willie but last light. The arabian saying we do not seek escalation. Donald Trump
aiming to back away from from possible retaliatory strikes as well for now the are what appeared to be a hot war as cooled down worst case. Scenarios so far- and I do emphasised so far- has not played out last night. We know that the United States, that's a morning because of its detected detection systems at ballistic missiles were inbound from around here giving our military personnel and those we fight with from other countries time to seek cover so our first thoughts, with those men and women who serve overseas and their families back here and hoping that the reports of no casualties hold up this morning. Richard you and I were talking before we came on the air and MIKE what, to you is: who is that person around Donald Trump, who either in the room last night or can walk in the room again this morning and say to him. Mr President, enough we achieved our objective
we took general salami off the battlefield, the price, if there are no Actual tease here is relatively small. We hope stopped who saying that to him, and you think he continues the tone imposture he had last night in that tweet when he speaks to, country later this morning short answer, is we don't know in my own experience and governmental is often the military leadership that would be more likely to that were civilians had a more ideological approach to the use of military force at the end of the day, Soldiers who have to do it and are on the receiving end at night, they often been more careful, maybe have someone from the outside from Mr Trumps political base, because so odd about the last few days is everything was doing was in. With this idea of getting out of the Middle EAST of America first, he going down a path. That was something campaigns against. So it's possible they had been reminded. Of that I would come back. Something David was was alluding to none of the underlying cause,
are factors has been eliminated and I think what so interesting. The speech we're gonna here this morning is whether the president, gains to move this away from a confrontation, and we got lucky last night, IRAN, Mayo rather the needle done something caused enough harm, but are we going to for example, that we accept the iranian regime. Our goals are not regime change. Are we going to say that the time has come to have something that which put a different dynamic, a place? We are poor, to consider an end to a reduction in economic warfare in change for around doing this on nuclear, this on missiles, dishonest regional behaviour. It's actually can we compete the military dynamic. By introducing a diplomatic dynamic, that's one of the I'm looking for most readers. There was something especially as I woke up this morning and play the events in my mind, there was an end by the way I hoped
is the case there's something you seem to be something very Who are you graft about everything that happened last night? You are the president, the vice president, members of its kind. Sitting in the White House in the late afternoon. Knowing in detail was coming the Iranians lodge those attacks, they struck in american base so says there is seen as a winner by their people, announced incorrectly that thirty Americans had been killed immediately by reports, initial ports again suggests. No Americans were killed, then came out and what sort we do not seek escalation. They said we seek no escalation. This is done. Donald Trump responded. Likewise, I just I it does aim very choreograph, and I just wonder if a third party
got involved and may have called the president or someone else. You know that elation Joe and, of course, there was a meeting with saudi official, yes with a sorry official yesterday there been flickers of that kind of mediation over time. I think, frankly, we just got lucky always in a choice between gave a very clever move and things just work out outcomes razor the simplistic There is also the right one. Mice hence launched big, relatively dumb crews. Big relatively dumb Crews, missiles policies are not precision guided, they did it d, go after the mess hall right at dinner that this was the minimum they could do and therefore I think we kind of our at last exit before the tunnel- on this round, but as being as as both David and and my good friend Richard have Said-
Longer term process here has got to resolve this lingering bitterness and hatred, twin, the United States in IRAN. So here's what I'm hoping and watching for that? The Iranians do not take another bite at the apple. I don't think they well, but watch The arabian golf watch, our ships at sea number Can I stop you therefore, and I wrote? Can I sent you a number one? Could you just said something that again I for Americans I have not followed around as closely as you have since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. The thing that has always struck me and I church struck you yes the epicenter of terrorism since nineteen. Seventy nine- yes We consider them for good reason to be a terrorist regime. Citizen, United States and Israel, an enemy at the same time like the old Soviet Union they are, they too have been, can say they do not sway wildly like Alan.
Sweet wildly like Al Qaeda. They do swing wildly like ices. There is ways and why this regime has survived since nineteen. Seventy nine is there not in an import. It's me They know when to say when that's right, another way to go Joe is they have ideology. They get religion, they have goals, but they are not ready us and they are definitely not suicidal, so watch what happens in the Arabian Gulf to see if they take another by the apple. I dont think they will watch cyber that shit Who has yet to drop and let us hope that this will be a moment where someone can come in and maybe negotiate this, and our close by saying this is where Europeans, who have been kind of on the fence in, some ways could step up look force
we're. Like Ursula Vonder lay in the new head of the European Union, very capable former german fence, minister, I know, are well. She could lead an effort we get into mediation. I think this is a cautiously hopeful Well, we know a lot more is today unfolds, so let's get us what we are hearing from the White House. Hans Nicholls is there. There was some preparation for an address last night. It looks like it may take place this morning. What do we know? Hans, We echoes from the White House right now right. We have some retreats. We have some idea of what Lindsey Gram thinks and moods clear. The president is preserving his ability to the decision this morning he looks like he slept. I I would note that away sir, on and the residents upstairs in the national security right. Office in the West wing. The lights are not on. Sometimes where we had crisis moments, you see the lights on the West wing this early in the morning and the present is really caught between his right.
Care right. On the one hand, he laid out this test it of any American Katy Civilians or military members or assets are harm that woman response that ways this Saturday night message, but anyhow, these different message- and that is one of proportionality and that's when he pulled back. This strikes fact June when the Iranians down down that american grown. So the president's caught a little bit between his own rhetoric was which advisers had listening to you, because Lindsey Gram is talking about this being an act of war. Graham, as we know, was brought in very close to MAR to this entire strategy, the planning on all that soap if he's listening at Windsor Grams. That gives us in any case one direction if he's listening to those who are more damage, or maybe even his own. Campaign rallies. Then he may decide to de escalate and This signal from the Iranians as it now is the time to reset and rethink this entire relationship,
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We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. Corny combing out new mines gone get an update overnight, as we ve been talking about these hopeful statistics, hopefully no Americans, no Iraqis were killed on either of the bay. Is that were attacked last night by IRAN to those numbers hold up overnight and what is the damage assessment right, not from the Pentagon, so now that the daytime there were expecting to to get a better sense of exactly what was hit both location. So far, there are still no reports of any casualties. It's because very clear that the? U S military once the president to the one to announce that and that's why that, as soon as president from tweeted overnight that he would be speaking to this morning, think how to shut down emanate. They stop talking to us even giving as any kind of sense of what the latest was. But these
now. No further by several hours, I've had a chance to look at the both locations in the daylight and get a sense of exactly what was It's looking now like these were shut, range ballistic missiles fired from western IRAN. Iran has the capable of its not a surprise. In fact, they ve even been able to refine it just in recent years. Some of these short range ballistic missiles of a lot of people have been to the saudi Aramco attack, as they have their ability to use guide, systems and and more precision, but we ve actually seen it in the fight against So at least twice in twenty seventeen and twenty eight. They, you these short range ballistic missiles, fired them from western around into Syria, with with relatively good precision to gout locations and strike at ISIS. They have new or short range missiles that they ve been able to perfect, in some cases, worth removing not to totally geek out out here, but removing the tale fin, which gives them greater act.
See. That may be, according to some very early reporting that we're getting that. Maybe what we saw here. It also has the added ability of being able to be less detectable by the right are. But we know in this case that the U S military, had been trapped and had been preparing for some kind of a launch. They were looking at something yesterday everyone was everyone does, strongly heightened state of readiness at the Pentagon end in in Iraq. The military officials that we were speaking to they were expecting something to happen. And we know that the? U S military Al Assad had enough of a lead time that by the time the First barrage started coming at around five thirty pm eastern time, the? U S, troops, there were hunger down there in bunkers and they were prepared for it really Our John Major, this is a sort of five of war. Last night we felt like we were move
ended at that whether pattern where you have fog of war, that leads to incidents like the bay of Talkin Incident, What will your thoughts last night, and where do you see as this morning for the risk total self parody. There were two narratives running through my head. There was August nineteen fourteen and a series of events took on their own momentum and lead to cataclysm there was October nineteen sixty two when others your call those dangers our in human history. When we came closes. Arguably, we ever did to nuclear Armageddon because of the issues and in Cuba and the deployment of soviet missiles there in both those this, the human factor was apt. We essential, and that remains true at at this hour, one of the things we think about, sometimes when
When we are talking about these things in the moment is and richer. I think would appreciate this in the admiral, too, is in political life press. Since national security teams are acting in a vacuum in the day, Are there in the flow of time as well, and it does not simply a story. This is not simply a series of events. That's about IRAN in this take your moment. This is also about this president. This, policies such as it is towards the Middle EAST. I've found they need to know what the President of Russia has been finding knowing saying thinking over seventy two, ninety six hours, that's a hugely important question, and so there these calculations that are going on that are really not simply about the next five minutes, but about everything that's unfolding, and this is a president who is under it.
Judgment. This is a president who has a political basis that is below fifty percent, and we can't separate those factors and his fundamental personality. From what's unfolding now are we really dependent the kindness of IRAN, are we really do and their capacity to rational when proportionate, that's a risky proposition It is we, though it is that thing you brought up Vladimir Putin, because when I said, I suspect that the president spoke to a third party Richard how's. It would be hard to believe that Tromp would launch attacks into IRAN without speaking, first of Vladimir Putin, considering that he's further to the russian President in Syria, he's deferred to the russian president on moving groups from that area. He's referred to the russian president on
praying he's referred to the russian president on since that impact the Russians. This would obviously lie at the heart, Vladimir Putin's interests and on his long, been seen by Putin as a client state. Since IRAN has long been seen by Putin as a client state of Russia, so John major bringing up the cuban missile rises it. I don't think it is melodramatic. The stakes may not have been quite as high last night, but if things have gone by last night and again they still can today, of course, is where all saying it it could have left catastrophic consequences to reactions to it to John Said- and you said Joe, the Russians I'll. Just re entered the Middle EAST militarily in places like Syria, but they re entered it diplomatically and there, the only country the tall to Saudi Arabia. Iran is
Israel. Syria, today Putin is sickly position themselves in a unique space, diplomatically so whether we spoke to him or not quite possible, we did. I think it's just important. Remember no one else has the access all the parties to TAT town crisis if, if indeed that's where he did and the other point is that all these crises- and the other thing that came to mind to me, was also the Gulf WAR. When something happens, then it was the iraqi invasion of Kuwait. What you wanted to almost slow down the pace of decision making, you want to build some time into the loop between one, sides action in the other side's reaction and maybe the most promising take away from the last twenty four hours is just a little bit of time seems to have been built into the loop to slow down the action reaction,
I'll show you you clarify what exactly happened. What was the fog of war as opposed to what actually did to give to the others, a little but a chance to reassess to think through every He has multiple constituencies here, their own public, other public, so that to me that the one promising side was we slightly. Burn down the speed this up this crisis, that to me, you gotta be one of the goals to to allow it to serve Europe. So Courtney, what if we're lucky the worst case scenario was avoided last night, but in the eye If IRAN, this is hardly the end of it. The supreme leader in addressed to the kind last night, said: incremental military action is not sufficient. He went on to say what matters is that the presence of America, which is a source of corruption in this region, should come to an end. So that was a very public state sponsored hit of ballistic missiles last night, but the proxy attacks. We will continue as they have for years. Exactly. I think we
underscore the significance of the fact that this attack was on by the conventional iranian military. That's really uncommon usual IRAN response through proxy forces the region. There was more. There were indications primarily from the ayatollah that he wanted to respond in kind. That would mean a mentioning iranian military attack on the conventional? U S military, but that its very significant that that was actually what they carried out here last night that part may be over, but we shouldn't discount the fact that there are still these these widespread proxy forces throughout the Jen what's interest, what what what we need to watch in the coming days is: how will they risk? onto this will they see this is sufficient for the killing of customs salami and will lash out, either with iranian backing and support and even potentially direction, or will they be
will they be angry at how the iranian regime responded to this day. There were no at this point: no american casualties. Will they see. This is sufficient response, remember and of those of a proxy forces who answered to Customs Sola money in the goods force, he didn't necessarily have a lot of control over some of those they they acted sometimes outside with without Nessus. Really his direction. Some of them may be frustrated by the way. This is. This is poor I'm not thinking it was enough and we may see them lashing out and- and I can also underscore our most have reached this point about the potential first However, we may see more of that. So more of these asymmetric attacks that IRAN is really known for in the region in the world knows it. Ones that we need to be watching for going forward here. So admiral, if the president this morning, when he speaks to the nation, does take that offer him that you talk to me. A few minutes ago in DE escalate and says: ok enough on this round here. What's the next play? What's that
move in this conflict between our two countries from it'll be a period of extra. Watchfulness. So look for the Pentagon, two up its intelligence collection that, unlike thinking I the unmanned vehicles the satellite systems, the highly classic I'd intercept capability of working too and to do everything we can to get it, and notice on what comes next, and that is often the hardest part back to jail Matrons excellent comment, the Good NEWS is that in nineteen fourteen was literally no intelligence capability and there was also no transparency to richer houses. Point you want to sleep. Things down. You want to get out of that acceleration. The good NEWS is the transparency of
in MSNBC. Our ability to see that those leaders talking to each they're, so there's gonna be a lotta listening, a lot of defensive activity, maintained and again, let's be cautious, we optimistic we can take that last exit before the tunnel right? After all, James, temporary S and embassies court, including thank you both egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for free wherever you download yours. John John I'm trying to get my arms around Sula bodies position in IRAN and you draw a historical parallel with.
No I'd say an assassination of an american figure that would be equal certainly not my pants, he's he does what whatever Donald Trump tells into do down to like putting water bottles on the floor. When me, even the chairman, joint chiefs, I may have a may, have stopped upon something in reading last night. I wonder He would agree that he would be equivalent in terms of prices, in power as a military man like Joe urge Marshall posed forty five, when he was he really wise the indispensable figure in Truman's White House. His Secretary of State Secretary of defence a military man, but at the same time he was also the person they had the respect. Not only of every Washington, but across the country in the world. He, I think, that's the lay Equivalent zip code wherein
My counter suggest that, because his combat experience and nature of combat and twenty first century it might closer to Eisenhower, Reign Supreme, commander of aid and effort to project force in in IRAN case often through asymmetrical means, but marshal was a figure, as you say, of diplomacy and of the chief of staff who built that net mighty war machine, but it was. Who was on the feel in field, but it's that scale, and I think that it's a great point to remind That is one of the reasons honestly, certainly hope. The admiral's right, believe in being cautiously optimistic, but The man who was taken out is an enormously important figure and Annette they gear right to credit,
you're out how to explain to people what an equivalent occupant of that kind of mine space in the west and it really is critically important for Americans to understand why was done last Friday for are the reasons in so we can understand what the serious thinking right now, and you know David Ignatius, there's a reason why John meets in one piece. Surprise, and I want the night he's. Seventy one Dixie youth, baseball team, Ball Championship and Meridian, Mississippi, that's really he's right. Can I tell you, I was better off than Tito right field than anybody else, but you know what actually that is eyes an hour is a much better parallel. Everybody is talking eyes and sending to the presidency and forty six. Forty seven forty eight forty nine before he finally announced it ran and fifty two
Actually we basically killed. In fact, radio version de Eisenhower and that something we can ever forget as were walking through this process, understanding again one hour, Terry, our adversaries, viewing this event My my reaction to that is that I am reminded, as I look back to the events of last Thursday night, that began this extraordinary crisis that there really have a cascade of water. Why not listening to an intelligent sand? dates, not stick to an intelligence analysts who warned first MAC pressure on IRAN would not produce the desired effect of bringing around the negotiating table one. Second,
like us, some stolen money would have knock on effects. That would not be in America's strategic interests to warn three careful about relationships with Iraq, which is very fragile, which is really important, so we this morning. I think, with a sense, her sense of relief that the present, rather than immediately acting taking us up and others few wrongs than the latter side, the pause, and in that pause we think maybe there's a way to now de escalate. We shouldn't forget that we got here because of of of decisions that were made that really require. Secondly, we ve been acting here without a key allies me one when you have a situation where written Germany say we concerned about the actions of both the United States in IRAN and urge restrain on both while there were five z that moment
Been balancing this. We need to think not just about that Few hours, but but coming weeks and months, to try to figure out something that really addresses fundamental sir and, of course, Willie. When we're trying to fight historical parallels to try to understand our adversary and our adversaries next move eyes an hour. Obviously liberated caught and when a world war, but for the uranium mines. Sula Lahti was the Indus simple man, the indispensable military man and his dextra, villikins and others said he he, was an irreplaceable but also for a RON and actually the region, I probably the most influential military force over the past thirty years and has yet for twenty thirty years- and you said the key is not just in a round, but it took across the region as he directs these proxy groups that we may hear
again coming up shortly. Richard case scenario this morning for President Trump to come out and say what the calm tensions or to signal his next move. What do you want to hear from the president and a few hours, but what we do what did you hear? What we wanted here? What we don't want to hear is a kind of a victory lap on killing general Sula money, not to say things that will worse the Iranian to say or do things themselves and only lay out something again. Acceptance of the iranian regime may not agree with it, but we accept it and some hopes that we can move away from a cycle. Military confrontation towards one of diplomatic, interact, obviously I will point out where IRAN needs to change its ways, one nuclear. What have you thought that at least hopes lays out a path different kind of action reaction than the one we saw, the last twenty four hours, our
so with IRAN threatening more attacks against the? U S: targets in the Middle EAST. If the Eu S retaliates it's worth noting, where american true are in the region. There are between forty five and sixty five thousand men can milliner military personnel now deployed in Saudi Arabia and other person golf nations, including more than five thousand troops in Iraq and six hunt, in Syria, nearby, roughly two thousand american troops are based in Turkey. For the way you look at that look a bit map that IRAN's borders touch every one of those countries, as you can see, roughly twelve The thirteen thousand troops remain in Afghanistan late last week gone, also directed forty five hundred additional. U S troops to the Middle EAST in addition to the roughly fifty thousand already there, roughly four thousand troops spaced out a Fort Bragg North Carolina have started deploying to Kuwait,
they are part of the eighties second, airborne divisions, global response force kept on stand by, for particular emergencies. Let's bring in some who knows that division well democratic congressmen, Jason Crow of Colorado, served as a paratrooper interact with the eighty second Airborne division in two thousand and three the form Army Ranger. Also of two additional tours in Afghanistan. Is a member of the house. The unarmed services and he joined us now, and thank you very much for being on the show and thank you for your service with no press secretary information is so limited and you have a letter to the White House, demanding information on the IRAN strategy. What are you hoping to hear and do you expect to get the answers? You are looking for you're absolutely right make us this morning, along with about thirty five of my colleagues in the house who are sending a letter to President Trump Secretary, Esper,
other members, that defence and intelligence community requesting really important nation that? Not only do we need, but were constitutionally entitled to really, though the first we want, I wanna hear, is what measures are being taken to protect our troops, no doubt of a missiles struck? U S bases last night, where we are gravely concerned about the status the security of those forces that you mentioned just a moment ago. Although the rapid reaction, forces that have been sent to that region. The fact that we, the activated most of immediate rapid reaction forces and our military. Eighty second airborne hundred and seventy third airborne elements of the seventy fifth Ranger regiment another's tells me we weren't ready for this tells me we ve had to send all of our emergency forces there. So we need to get our arms around very quickly. I, what the status of our bases are. The second is what's a long term plan here, what's the end game, but does he trying achieve he being the president. We spend our four trillion dollars in the last twenty years and these wars thousand
tens of thousands wounded, it is time for us to have a national conversation about what we are trying to achieve in this region. Time for us to have a national conversation about what we are trying to achieve in this region. Congressmen Willie, Geist Good, to see you this morning. You obviously have more nearly three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. You earned a bronze star, so this is not an academic exercise for you. So I'll ask you: is it good who's that general solemn money is dead and no longer controlling proxy forces throughout that region Undoubtedly, general solemn army was a very bad man that that did a lot of damage both to the less into our allies in the region, but you know there's a lot of bad people everywhere throughout the world, and there is a reason why we don't go around shooting missiles that, although the bad people- because there are consequences when we do that, supplier administrations or they weighed the benefits versus the risks of coins. Also amendment solemn money and other people like him. They determined that
risks of doing so outweigh the benefits. This administration made a different termination we have not yet received the classified briefing. Why they may that determination. We hope to get that information today we always have to look at the big picture here, General Solomon, when the last two decades trying to do one thing I view s forces from Iraq. Because IRAN knows that if they drive you S, forces from Iraq that they can be the unchecked had germanic power in the region. So if, through his death public sentiment and will in Iraq, has turned against the U S and we are ex from Iraq, they actually end she made in their goals in IRAN can be unchecked in the region and Israel and olive other partners and in Iraq are far worse position than they were just a week ago, so that that is the risk of all of this, or seen some of that happening, and that's why we need to get our arms around. What does the overall strategy here
Congress. And what do you read into IRAN's response? Ballistic missiles fired last night into two bases american airbases inside Iraq. It looks for we're still waiting for the sunlight in the damage assessments to come officially from the Pentagon were hearing no american casualties, no iraqi casualties. Again, that's for now. What read into the way that IRAN responded to killing of general solar money well a lot of what IRAN does. They do to their own domestic political lines. So much of this has to do with how the hard line regime in Iraq IRAN needs to consolidate their own power. Yet we get, we gave actually a big gift last week by providing this external enemy the spoil that the hard line regime needed consolidate their power to give public will some are on their side in IRAN
fortunately, we are seeing that happening. Is tens of thousands of people turn out in support of the regime in Tehran and other places? The other thing is too early to really tell exactly what happened, but the missile strike, but the fact some of these missiles get so far off, Mark early indications report, some of them hitting and fields outside of the bases. These are ex. Very accurate, ballistic missiles in if around one hit directly where they wanted to somebody's mazes. They probably had the capability of doing that so as it is possible that they shot these missiles off in a very public display of retaliation, but did so manner that they are trying to avoid major damage to the. U S, forces which tells me there might be an opportunity right now for tactical pause for both sides to take a step back to say, let's re evaluate this has come to the table and figure out a better way to resolve this crisis conniston.
David Ignatius. I just want to ask you a basic question: what do you think the appropriate, posture now is for Democrats as they look at this crisis. One of the kinds of things you'd like to hear from you for new democratic colleagues First off? We need to protect our troops here. That is priority number one. We have to make sure that the men and women who we represent the sun, and daughters of America are being protected, that we're getting the resources and the personnel income. To make sure that if there are additional tax that were protecting people, that's priority number one number two we need gauge with our allies. You know we have continued to turn Ourselves, their NATO allies, they weren't aware of this attack and the problem is is not just an obligation to keep them in the fold, but we actually put them in danger to their there with Iraq, their fighting alongside us there at at our faces, and by doing this without them, knowing about it, we put them at risk. So we need to bring them back
the fold in shore, allies of we're gonna be a steadfast reliable partner in third is. We need to be very clear about diplomatic efforts in I served in the military are millet can do an awful lot, but I also realized the inherent limitations of military power that at some point military power ends and diplomacy. Engagement has to get in we're at a point where we have to use all the tools and our tool box diplomacy, economic sanctions, Our moral authority are military power to bring all of those debates and it's very smart way to achieve our goals congressmen you, you obviously fought in Iraq and understand the region well better than most there there will continue to be. A debate whether Donald Trump made the right decision this past week and they killed of general, so Romani I'm curious thou. Knowing what you know about Iraq, when you were there and now are: don't have the safer yet
also Ahmadi, taken off the battle because of last week strike I dont have the end. I should like to make that decision, and I have been very clear that Congress needs to be an aged in the process we're going to receive a class. I hide briefing later today ass for the intelligence that led to that attack. We wanted we know why did they think that was imminent? That's what I need to see a congress should have seen days ago will. Hopefully we get that information today, Looking at it. From my perspective now congressmen you you, you do have the information that that General salami was response for the death of hundreds a view as soldiers and Iraq? So my questions not really to the purposes of the attack on whether Donald Trump should actually large stead strike against also embody. The question is: are you its troops and the region safer today, because you,
also a money was taken off. The battlefield, yeah in saying here today. I don't think so. You know he is undoubtedly a bad man, but you have to look at the bigger picture here. You have to look at the facts, This security in our strategic and tactical goals have to do with a lot of things they have to do with the status of our our relationship with our allies and partners the secure? situation in Baghdad, our engagement with the Baghdad government, our engagement, the other allies in the region. There is a reason why, to pirate minute, Nations democratic and Republican decided that the risks were too high, that the results of the killing can also somebody would would be worse than that benefits of killing generals, money. That's why I was a very I think, wise decision so saying here. Right now, we have missiles raining down on american airbases,
sending the so of seven thousand rapid reaction forces to the region. The response actually indicates whether or not we are safer that we're having to send em. All of our rapid reaction forces to the region throughout the world tells me in a very dangerous position right now? indeed, we are final question. Some Democrats ever past four or five days about a hard time answering the question of general salami wise. Do you Consider. Did you consider him to be a terrorist Eu United States government consider his organization to be a terrorist organization. You consider solar body to be a terrorist, and I did red with their administrations, determination that they Revolutionary Guard core should have been designated terrorist organization disagree obviously what their means. I thought that they reach a lot of But there is a very dangerous precedent that set in determined in designating. Foreign state government
military units as terrorists, because I told you that they were going to do what they did. They turned around and designated the. U S military terrorists, innovation too in that sets up a cascading. That fact, then everybody does that the rules get set aside and people can do it they want to do so again. In a way, there's a reason why we exercise restraint have not done these. Things the past and were seen this set off a cascading effect. That's gonna be very hard to control right now. It's time for the tactical pause for every side to step back and say: how can we resolve this without going to work. So you didn't you, you don't consider generate total. I completely understand, having you said: just just get in answer, though, so you did not consider general solo money to be a quote terrorist Solemani was the general and actual government official of the republic of a rock that's very different from.
Our big daddy, as some have one of the things that makes this killing unprecedented? send a stateless individual who is roaming around the region Can anybody and everybody was a high ranking foreign government official that was killed in the capital of one of our partners and allies, a very different situation. Here So the answer is no. De I things it's designating birthday the coots force and the Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organisation, and, of course all the members of those organisations is as terrorists. I think that was a very misplaced move. I got Thank you. So much very enlightening conversation. We greatly appreciate you being here and all of us for your service to a morass. Alertly, hey, it's crochet this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strum. But what we do and don't know about that
run a virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA. Four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book symmetry principle? And it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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