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During his Wednesday announcement about the situation with Iran, President Trump criticized the Obama administration over the 2015 Iran deal, saying Iran got '$150 billion', a claim that outraged many Democrats. The panel discusses.

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This is on a par with rage. Tear down this Wall speech good morning and wealth the morning Joe. It is Thursday general that all spoke for itself along with Joe Willie and me we have why house reporters that's what I hear Lindsey just not work whenever you're getting its just now. Let's see how tiny republican now. Asian and while Carolina my words shall also with us this morning the editor in chief of the Atlantic magazine Jeffrey Goldberg, Jeffrey whatever you adding being on morning Joe in irish worth shaming yourself like that. Don't do not worth of cash former chief of staff, the DE triple see in a former director of strategic communication for Hillary Clinton presidential campaign Adrian all right! Isn't that she's, an MSNBC contributor and
who s national editor at the Financial Times Edward loses with us this morning. All right, wingers butlers hold on really. Are you getting that Trans Atlantic check? It it's just wrongly outright cable coming an way and what is it? What's it saying about Mega Willie that at least we brought loose on the show to talk of anti shocking development? Let's, like the cover shining, hosted, lose out enough. You have a monitor where you are, but they are calling it makes it muscle and Prince Harry back to the? U S for commoners life at loose. What's going on here, my friend, Well, they are doing something that lot of people at this time, We would like to do, which is resigning from their family. Most are able to vote as follows there,
I'm calories Uncle Andrea, having been fired from his family, like a business, they re fracturing going on in well prince when it likes to call the fan, the royal family, and I guess we could all sympathise with Megan that british tat Lloyd? You know a ravenous pack, she didn't the game they wanted her to play the one that Kate Middleton. Play so well Mega Marco reportedly fell out with Kate Middleton, which is a part of all of this She probably was subjected to some dog with racism in some other tabloid coverage, so you can Please empathize, with their desire to failed the wind in their hair, in spite of that, on this side of the Atlantic, but I think, but may I did, did they not watch the crown? Had they not what's the ground like they did they might now they history of the Duke of Windsor,
yeah, it's like put Chino in in God, Father three. They keep pulling you back in your ear. You never half, while half commoner just doesn't work for anybody does, especially LAB Lloyd's. Your financially independent. Because of your members with the aims you abdicated he's still wanted money. They said they were to be financially independent when set up their own company, and they announced this on their own website, Instagram in and it was almost a modern corporate branding speak the language with which they announce its fair, prepared say we don't want any money from the family than whether or not, Get rid of the paper at sea, but they might get rid of the royal family. Max break after the next break, Britney's, here's hair style more they sprang now now to make
with the rest of them can wait media and, with President Tromp, backing away from the brink of war with IRAN saying he will respond to Tehran, targeting: U S, forces in Iraq with economic sanctions and not military force, first reported by the Washington Post to senior administration of confirms to NBC News that when it became clear Tuesday night that there were no casualties, the president told his advisers in the situation room that he did not want to escalate the crisis. Gas is addressed, saying quote as long as I am president of the United States, IRAN. Well, ever be allowed to have a nuclear weapon, and then he addressed the attack. I am pleased to inform you of the american people, should be extremely grateful. No Americans were harmed in last,
I attack by the iranian regime. We suffered no casualties. All of our all are safe, are greater I can. Forces are prepared for anything around pairs to be standing. Now. Is a good thing for all parties concerned. Nations have tolerated IRAN's destructive and stable in behaviour in the Middle EAST and beyond. Those days are over has been the leadings answer of terrorism in their pursuit of Nuclear weapons threatens the so lies world. We will never let that happen. As we continue to evaluate options in response to a rainy and aggression. The United States will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the iranian regime. These powerful
sanctions will remain until ran changes, its behaviour, the civilised world and a clear and unified message to the iranian regime. Your campaign Here a murder may will not be tolerated any longer; it will not be allowed to go forward. Today I am going to ask NATO to become much more involved in the Middle EAST process. The american military, has been completely rebuilt under my administration at a cost of two point. Five trillion dollars. U S. Armed forces are stronger than ever before. Our missiles are big, powerful, accurate lethal and fast.
Under construction- are many hypersonic missiles. The fact that we have this great military and equip and, however, does not mean we have to use it. We do not want to use it american strength. Both military and economic is the best deterrent Www before giving you the speech, I think I should probably ask is what these fears Scylla thing or should I now say far settings she's got the residency in Vegas bereft update your references going forward but proceed. Let let me Let me now, I want, I believe, be like two thousand seven, two thousand hey so so Willie that sir I believe I curious see what you and the rest the panel think it was measured by Donald. Standards and I would even argue that it was measured by the standards of any american present after
Iran lodged yet I'm a couple, a dozen missiles into a U S bay. It does seem as if the president understood, despite the tough talk which again I would suggest, american Browser to use the day after, despite the tough talk, despite the increased sanctions. This was another small step back from war and there wasn't the level of loading that we feared going into the speech yesterday. Yeah. If you look at that speech through the Prism, Donald Trump Presidency and his personality more than that, even I think the world was holding its collective breath as he that what was going to say what was he going to do and he there a sigh of relief at the end of it. Frankly I mean he did not escalate. He obviously blame
and with President Obama, containing four things with some bad facts in there. But the fact that this was TAT down- Jeffrey Goldberg, I think most analyse believe- was there believe was the right thing to do, but was certainly not inevitable, given who Donald Trump is that he could have come out and said rockets ballistic missiles at our bases, we're gonna hit you back one more time. The fact that he, according to jobs, reporting and others immediately said. I think we accomplish what we want here, let's go out and sorted put this too ass. It was a relief to some people right well, a that was yesterday today. Are they bring certainly new set of policies regarding around depending on what provokes him? And what doesn't? Look? I'm just keep that in mind I'm analysis gets overcome, get by by events. Be it's important to note that we are probably weren't heading to what people
as all out war, whether ran anyway, because around a smarter than that IRAN is not going to go into a fit to face competition in the United States. United can destroy or man around cannot destroy the United States, but what what he's promised the present this promising something that can't be promised. This is part of a continuing low grade war it's been going on? If you want to go back to name is having on you can't and You're gonna see I'm sure in Tehran right now. There are many many Iranians and they hired. You see other other organizations, thinking of more clever ways to to hurt him. Heard american allies in particular. Our allies in the Middle EAST are incredibly frightened right now, a because they know that IRAN has the possibility that the capability of hurting unto proxies indirectly and because I don't know what the present member states, who does not have an affection for allies They don't know what he's going to do when the next round, so we're in a pause. Now and we're not going to war, which has great by the law
Great war is going to continue in various ways, and we don't know if he's subtle enough to manage that. So Jonathan take us inside the White House, as is played out the other night, the obviously the military was prepared there these missiles were inbound gave military men and women some time to take cover, blew up a few hangers that had been actuated some landed in baron spaces of sand. What was happening inside the way houses is played out. What was the president's mindset There was an anticipation that IRAN, Woodward's Italian, and they were probably likely have, would happen after Solomon, his funeral, which is what occurred here between the? U S and intelligence from the Iraqis and the early warning systems. They have there in the area you they were able to get it through. The had started some notice that these rockets are coming there able to move the people around. It also sets out of harm's way. It also seems like IRAN's for telegraph this a little bit and ensure the face saving measure you. These were missiles were launched. This really could have causing damage with at least have been, perhaps some calculation to have a spots, but not one so dramatic than it would require trumped that hit back even harder?
White House TAT night the president and his top your age were wandering the situation there. Consideration of an lawyers addressed that evening. They backed away from that. They decide to let the moment breathe. They want to see what sort of casualties Thankfully there were, none, may have a mounted and then yesterday there was a real decision to try to de escalate, and we saw that from the present, in his speech yesterday and we ve, this is sort of the pattern that he's had that as much IRAN didn't want an all out conflict. The president didn't want to either he'd want a he's been reluctant for two really commit boots on the ground. From all out assault. He was looking for off ramp as well, and this continues for the pattern of his foreign policy, where he is one to sort of talk. Tough use, limited strikes to try to get the crisis now mind you, ok, sometimes of his own creation. And when he is able to, without committing to the all out assault, he's able to claim some sort of political victory, enable say, paler projecting strength. We killed this guy, but at the same time he can appeal
Those who supported him, who don't want, who won him to follow through on its promise, not to commit America, these forever Middle EAST worse. Lose the president and singly enough guaranteed While he was in the White House, IRAN would not have nuclear weapons. The same guarantee made of North Korea. Actually, As we all know, the actions of of last Friday make it for more likely Iran will get nuclear weapon sooner rather than later, and yet the White House advisers and certainly the present those closest to the present believed that this in I represent, was a smack success for the top administration, and for the United States, a terrorist taken off the battle field and the consequences were minimal, what is the view among allies not only across Europe and across the world, so I think of you
just from the european perspective. Particular Germany, France, Britain, the so called EU three that are signatories to the nuclear deal with IRAN. And you judge the events of the last few days by their likely consequent is that what you're saying is one IRAN is pulling out of anything remaining uranium enrichment restrictions from a J Sepia way, in other words its its potentially gonna, make a dash for the bomb. To all the demonstrations were against the iranian regime, partly because of the economic impact of the Trump administration. Sanctions on IRAN those demonstrations have now stopped. There is now a set of unified national feeling in support of the iranian regime and like is it Iraq as remember it was. It was directed against the iraqi government and the fat likely consequence here is,
american withdrawal or being asked to withdraw from Iraq. The iraqi parliament already voted on two aspects. And the Iranians, the ayatollah said very explicitly. Our goal is to kick the Americans out of them, at least so, if that is, We have the sort of more easily foreseeable consequences them from the point of view. America's allies in Europe and indeed in the region, the United Arab Emirates and the Saudis in particular. This is not good the total. These are bad consequences, and these are steps backward in go to restrain the iranian regime as across regions region, Jeffrey Goldberg, do have, I believe, the most to can and about whether your Saudi Arabia, whether your Israel, maybe chances, are we a guide that IRAN is going to make the calculation that they can attack our allies whenever they want. The United States will not respond, but
talk about Iraq for a moment they they did take that non by being vowed. I'm curious so what you think the future of the? U S. Presence in Iraq is going to look like over the next six You know I will still be there are. Will they kick us out? I would bet not much money, but I would bet that works there and I would bet that across the board less changes, then we think, could change separately overwhelming fact that salami, who was is is gone out of the picture, which is what trunk can claim. He's gone out of the picture, which is what trunk can claim but I don't imagine that the? U S, forces will be gone from I remember that that, though, that vote, was only the sheer in parliament voting and barely had a quorum. The Sunnis, the Kurds boycott of that Stay away from that vote was nonbinding about and so we can overrule the symbolism of that, I think when people come down remember and
this incident around was on the back five and a rat I mean a eaten. We recall those there are demonstrations. Fatal demonstrations against iranian influence Ference in iraqi affairs So if, if the President plays this more subtly than he's playing it. And allows the iraqi people to assert their nationalism, not against the United States. But the Iranians, the? U S, good wine being part of a quiet go back to being a semi quiet presents inside Iraq, and so a drain this next ones. For you, his obsession, the president's obsession Brok, Barack Obama, continued President Trump also blamed the Obama. Ministration for paving the way to Tuesdays iranian missile strike the, source fired last night at us, and our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last in
still it is substantially increased after the foolish IRAN's nuclear deal was signed in two thousand and thirteen. And they were given one hundred and fifty billion dollars, not to mention one point: eight billion dollars in cash, Another series of despicable lies by President Trump, the fact three and a half years after taking office. Remains, or three years after taking office. He remains obsessed with President Obama, shows present trumps, extreme weakness and in security. The facts about the IRAN's nuclear deal are that it effectively halted. Roll back IRAN's nuclear programme, so Adrian I'll, give you the job, trying to explain his obsession with President Obama, and this may impact twenty twenty and how the candidates respond. Well, meaning
does remain relentlessly obsessed with dismantling every policy. Possibly can that President Obama has it in his administration put in place you will remember. We all recall how difficult it was for the Obama administration to put together this idea with IRAN it was a very meticulous process. It was very difficult process. It took a long time to put together and try comes into the office in immediately ones to dismantle it. So it's no surprise. Is that he is taking this tack. However, I think the events that we have seen over the past Today's have shown that President Trump remain temporarily unfair to handle some. These major policy decisions I think make at next week's debate It will take place in Iowa, assuming that the impeachment process does not care. So this debate or move it later and into the month bubbles. On Tuesday night. I think you'll see Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden take.
Centre stage in discussing this issue? I think foreign policy for the first time will be the number one topic on that debate stage. I would thank you the two then draw a major conch ass Bernie. Well, you know, take the attack of I'm that their Devon. This race, idle support intervention, I think you'll see abiden Biden remind voters. I envy one candidate in this race who can call born leaders who has these relationships, and you can Hearn America, two or more stable time, not just not from just stay domestic standpoint broke from policy standpoint as well? So I think you will see foreign policy take centre stage, and I, This is something that Joe Biden can use to us as mentioned in going into something really caucus and primary states, first and foremost Jonathan. As you pointed out this question of war and peace for the present. For now, he waited a war by not escalating in his speech, but there are politics to it as well as aid really talking about twenty twenty. How does the president
position himself coming out of this, I think is Joe said in his mind. They took out one of the dangerous and worse people on the face of the earth and exchange lost a couple of airplane. Yours at a base in Iraq, that's a deal he would have taken going into it How does he used? This? Is a move in the twenty twenty in the campaign? That's his team absolutely views that they visas is unequivocal. When I made into Jeffreys point this can change your password apply word a pause right now, but the Iranians the most exactly trustworthy regime. There is some fear among you S, advisers that, whatever they do next to be far more subtle, it'll be a cyber attack or through a proxy group militia, they'll be harder for the. U S depend on Tirana, but at least for right now, the white. Ass in the reelection campaigner or thrilled with this. The president himself has told people in recent days that he compared to the the hidden- Hilda, my daddy, the Islamic State leader, which of course become a staple in his camp commercials and rally speeches he has rarely tonight in Toledo, Ohio This'Ll be his Since this stand off with IRAN, I suspect will hear quite a bit about it from him. They feel like that
I'm too, as I to both reflects american military muscle If IRAN in at Bay take some shots, predecessors Adrian just said, and then also but not go too far to the point worth, there's a lot of of his supporters and on some Republicans around him who who don't want to see a great law we're involvement in the Middle EAST, shooting war who don't wanna, see troops on the ground, another Annette Similarly unending commitment, the president, that's one of his Bruce or of is as foreign policy for someone who doesn't have. A lot of consistent ideology, one is to not put these troops, way for a period of time, at least for now, is able to avoid that they're gonna try to sit in this as win, even though, as we know, this could go sideways again all right, We ve got a lot more to talk about pertaining to this. Still, I have moved a now. I don't want to hear, but it's the birthday of Kate, great duchess of came. We not one whit www this is it not
We know that we we Alex Alexandra. You not tell me that it was an excellent us, not just as she's thirty years old. Today we gotta are cumbersome into complete protection law, thinks she's great and I think she likes her privacy. So, let's move on still add ons morning Joe Fitter impairing the enemy, that is fundamentally antithetical to the constitution. Look I love Linda, Graham he's a fantastic guy. We work closely together. A lot of issues he's dead wrong insofar as he suggesting that this is playing a game. Mister, Graham Central to the United States is not a game. Ireland, they, like them a communist or something or said he was aiding and abetting the enemy or something does MIKE. We talked about the constitution and believes that article one our powers still relevant, even of the agent drop by Lindsey. They are
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would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley, depicts a powerful story of Green, utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute, RE, Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan film premier, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges. Streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly Msnbc corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell, off when people listen to music there,
feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits. We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress Twenty eight pass the our welcome. Back to morning, Joe Trump Administration officials held to classify break yesterday on last week's drowned strike that killed. Well, salami and law makers came away with vastly different conclusions, Republicans Marco verbiage tweeted now well, security officials gave a compelling breathing to senators just now, every important we might loaded Donald anyone.
X out and says they are convinced. Action against Zella money was justified as other never going to be convinced or just suppose, everything from does. We can decide and to win Agrippias, two categories, republican senators, mightily of Utah and ran Paul of Kentucky Fall- probably be worst briefly,
I've seen at least on a military issue in the nine years, have served in the United States Senate. One of the messages we received from the Briefites was do not debate. Do not discuss the issue of the appropriateness of further Miller military intervention against IRAN and that, if you do you'll be emboldened hang around, I find it insulting and I find it demeaning to the constitution of the United States, to which we ve all sworn an oath to leave after seventy five minutes. While there are in the process of telling us that we need to be good little boys and girls and run along an end, not debate this in public. I find that absolutely in saying I walked into that briefing undecided as to whether to support the resolution on the war power sacked introduced by senator came back.
Is what changed my mind? That briefing is what brought me on board together with the amendments that similar Kane is agreed to make I'm not going to support it there over reacting quite frankly, go debate. All you want to. I am going to debate. You trust me. I'm gonna, I'm gonna! Let people know that if this We need time to play this game with a poor war powers. I've which I think is unconstitutional is What do you mean to or not you empowering the enemy said impairing the enemy that is fundamentally antithetical to the constitution. Look, I love Linda, Graham he's a fantastic guy. We worked closely. There are a lot of issues here, dead wrong insofar as he suggesting that this is playing a game. Mister, Graham the constitution of the United States is not a game Willie Guy solely the age of problem would actually waiting the constitution and believing that call one says what article one says: only in
Donald Trump Washington would what's with what a rope Lincoln, Senator all that. Empowering the enemy. Lindsey grams word about a fellow Republican saying that, because I got you wanted to debate a strike and airstrike wanted debate. Intel, Lindsey called empowering the enemy and yet its Lindsey, Graham and Donald Trump entire republican Party who's been castigating and slandering the men and women of the FBI. Cia say you name it every every until agency across Washington D C, I it's hard that this is like Linsey Grams, most shameful performance, but I would say that accusing MIKE lay of empowering the Iranians, because you want
Actually defend, station in the United States its that's up there Well remember. This is the same day that Lindsey Graham said. The president's speech was better than Reagan's tear down this wall speech. So that's where Linsey Graham was yesterday in defending the president, but Jeffrey Goldberger picture painted by night. MIKE. Labour ran haul it and some others was of a briefing from palm pale and Gina Hassle and Secretary Esper, where for seventy five minutes as it? Here's? What happen This is not open for debate, wouldn't need you in front a tv cameras arguing with us about this as MIKE But it's Anatoly said, go be good little girls and boys and get out there and defend president effectively is how he summarised it. But We once in a while. We do get a glimmer from a Republican in Congress. A principle gleam. Of someone who says no, I'm not. This rally behind the present. I'm not gonna reflection,
defend him when I come out when I see something wrong and something that I think violates the Spirit of the constitution and the where government is supposed to run, I'm going to say something, but you know with what one of them That's prize me yesterday about that was that senators have healthy egos and everyone in this believes that he or she should be president. We know that when you talk, down in one of the things about hit. The most is being top down to it surprising that more people didn't come out of that breathing likelihood have that reaction to and and come out and say: look you can't you administration bureaucrats cannot tell elected representatives of the american people what to talk about and what not to talk about. It's very surprised, They ve got ninety five percent of that party in total lockstep. The other interesting angle of this view. The five percent of that party in total lockstep. The other interesting angle of this view you want back into history, and it doesn't really matter if you support the Iraq war or didn't swarthy rubber, when you think about it in this context, but we ve seen plenty
Instances in which legislators have, after the fact regretted not asking hard questions they might. Come out again and might have come out on the site. Is www not want just to my military action in Iraq or elsewhere, but but the eyes that we never learn from previous mistakes, and, and we never, we never see, Senator sort of saying you know what my job is actually to pressure test. What does diminished, is selling me that's kind of astonished it's rare when republican centres do break with this. President foreign policy occasionally has been a moment after Helsinki. We certainly heard some criticism of him, but part of it yesterday was that there was a seventy five minute presentation and only daily feel it a few questions and that's where the broccoli ended the breed in some centres on both sides, the hour what about that certainly lead. By a brotherly asunder Paul these libertarian leanings. It's not too surprising that they would be against the foreign involvement yes, but it also goes to show that that this measures- and it told making the case why the strike had to happen now and even the
We d better congressional briefings over the weekend. Some aid said something tat This was most compelling, dissolve Salmoneus. He was up to no good and there would be threats against Americans, but was never clue certainly when or where. In the end, the play that's really making making argument to doing this now seeing an attack was imminent and it seems like they have not been able to make their case well and your job they buy back and forth. The warehouse from imminent threat to our this was a response to the american contractor being killed. This was a response to these and the? U S. Embassy inside the green zone in Baghdad and Democrats came, explicitly said that the end agencies did not make the case yesterday in that hearing and that briefing and then he heard likely and ran Paul effectively saying the same thing for the republic inside aims that they lied. When they talk about an imminent threat, you can see my palm pay backing away from that over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal editorial page others,
who had fallen in lockstep, eyeing Donald Trump for the most part over the past three years started that retreat Sunday in the mind, They say it really doesn't matter whether resentment or not. This was a bad guy, so Donald Trump had every right to killing. Whenever he wanted to you know, Jeffrey Goldberg spoke about report can loyalty, I am again taken aback by what Markka Rubio said about this briefing. That was, by all accounts, what mightily sad the worst briefing that in that, it? Michael D, seen since these there are nine years Marco Rubio call it a compelling raving. Are they answered every important question? Of course, what Marco neglected is say, add was they basically talked at the senators when they were finished and when they didn't
the questions being asked. They got up and abruptly laughed I think some of America's European partners, the same way and they don't expect to and never given advance notice of a strike a drain strike such as the one that killed somebody. Last week they weren't, given that I've been nodded by. That's, not that's not something that shed in advance, but they do expect pose talk. Explanation the intelligence that leads to something particularly since they are partners in Iraq and elsewhere, NATO partners and they didn't receive that idea of an imminent threat by somebody in the coming days and weeks wasn't flashed
in the transatlantic telephone, calls that Secretary Palm by, but these british, german and french counterparts- and I think, probably if you'd call them in the corridors after talking to him and asked them off the record, what they thought. That that this explanation they would have sounded a lot like senator leave. They they'd know Were that, like that old, saying, I'm like mushrooms that kept in the dark and fed minutiae. So I guess what rising about this isn't that ITALY a set of that poles response it's why, people like Senator Rubio, feel the need to go that extra mile and say not only it was an adequate briefing, but it was the best however, that, really logic and always puzzles me It puzzles me as well and again Lindsey Gram, comparing Donald from spreading
map and to one of the least Republicans believe conservatives believe one of the great speeches in the second half of the twentieth century, one of the most significant Ronald Reagan telling Mr Corbett, to tear down the wall of evil days, Lindsey really need primary vote, said badly, then make a marker Rubio saying that was it. The breathing was swell when, of course, by all accounts, it was an slowly, horrific briefing. This is, of course, not sure what happening to, but now this is the same Marco Rubio, who said that he wanted the next G seven to be held. At the international home for the better association and their outdoor out. I cannot do without it can get J Van DEN Berg and cessation lots of bedbugs it benefits, but mark of said. That would be great.
We're heart community. Unless he's talking about doctors having to treat bedbugs bite, the direct violation of emoluments clause and again I dont think Florida. Voter Maybe I'm wrong. What do I know about Florida voters, but I don't think they want a senator who is? cow telling my Vista Donald Trump. Well, in this case, you just have to wonder about trumps patterns. Very vintage tromp is to take up dirt on people or exchange some sort of favor, and he has them under his thumb too. Say things that are just ridiculous to say things like that was the best
thing I've ever seen in my life. You have to wonder: if that's the case here, hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast, music, superstar Cheryl Crow her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. If you give a president this president, the benefit of the doubt when he says there wasn't what of an imminent attack? I don't give him and if a dogmatic readability them he's not opened wide, could true, but I don't get the better of doubt because he's like so much about virtually everything on the issue of dealing with international relations and are are our standing in the world. I think that up can. I put my overall record against anyone running for president, particularly this president former vice press
and Joe Biden in an exclusive interview with NBC News last night at his first DC fundraiser of the year, but mentioned the unfolding situation explaining that tromp ass quote emasculating his foreign policy establishment Biden also brought it at the President's public statement on the missile attacks. Tweeting that Trump Miss LAD quote country, on they Obama Biden record it's time here. Its blaming President Obama for his failures joining us now. Politics and journalism, Professor Morgan State University, politics that are at the root and an MSNBC political contributor, Jason Johnson, also with a ceo of the Messina Group Messina, he served as White House Deputy chief of staff to pray Obama and ran his twelve re election campaign soldiers, respond to what Joe Biden sad and talk about whether Joe
finds record is one that democratic D, I base is gonna, be comfortable with, as we closer to Iowa and New Hampshire this month so Joe, the first response- it is by many we're credit basic gonna, be you for the Iraq war. You have your credibility from this issue it in and that I think, is an important thing to understand going forward. Now, if you look appalling numbers by aid along large margin like forty five. Forty percent of democratic say that they actually think that Joe Biden is the person it would trust most deal with IRAN, so pretty much what he said This is going to be considered credible and it's a kind of thing that makes people comfortable, which is more or less as bran, but it depends on, anything else happens. Look we we basically locked out. We have no idea what could have happened. We have no idea what continual exhalations could come and if this turns out to be a hot war, if IRAN continues to retaliate against our own escalation of continued sanctions, and this war becomes something that we're talking about
three months down the road. Then perhaps an anti war candidate candidates, like Bernie, There's a Elizabeth, worn, we'll call this in a as opposed to a killing. They might become more popular Adrian L Rod, I'm thinking this obsession with Joe Biden and these comments constantly focused on the Obama administration actually helps Biden what take on that, I mean in a sense it sort of reminds people of what what things were like before. They became adequate this president and may work space but doesn't work beyond that yeah. I think it does make it for Couple of reasons. First of all, people get into the point. The Jason dismayed when you wash present Trump yesterday give that statement. We were all on Tenzin Needle so nervous about what would come his mouth We would react, was going to react with you know, with glass turn with restiveness, or was he going to retaliate
calmer wait. At least we saw a calmer version of tramp in terms of how we the handle that the crisis at the moment? But that's what we're always wondering sees you contrast that with Joe Biden very experience, leader very strong relationships with our allies across the globe, you contracts that with traps think if I was Joe Biden Campaign- and I think you are sorry- You see this more and more, I would go out there. Every single day and highlight foreign policy credentials the fact that I do these relationships. The fact that I was the chair Foreign relations committee. The fact that I did handle so I think it new combine that with they work when I was vice president for the Obama administration, so I think you knew combine that with this People do long for the good old days, President Obama and the wider suspect a lot of those independent motors alot of people who voted for trial because they wanted some version, change and twenty sixteen and realize goodness, I regret the spelled. I want to go back
who, at a time when the country was more stable and when I didn't becomes so nervous, every time that I saw my president current president trying to deal with when policy crisis, so I think it does play well for Biden, and I think again, if I was here I would go out there every single day and really home and on the fact that I am the stable person who has the experienced, whereby the leadership that we need at this time cancer foreign policy to machine it. Well, we ve heard from Joe Biden in others already in the last few days is at present from his hot head. Very nearly drag us into a war with a ran. Who knows what he's going to do next on the other side of it will look here tonight for sure at a rally from President Trump is I took out one? a dangerous man in the world and the costs was a couple of hangers base in Iraq? That's a pretty good deal I'll take it. I also took out Albert Daddy How do you handle if you're running one of these democratic campaigns. How do you handle this foreign policy question the President Trump
It's interesting. You know I'm part of this project. Looking at these Obama Trump voters in the midwestern states that are probably decide this election and these books get really tired of Donald Trump continually blaming President Obama. They looked back and look. We voted for Obama. We voted for Trump terms now been for three years. Why? obsessed with Lama. Why can't you just live up. What we want him to do? Just focus on the economy and Adrian's points? Stop being so bizarre scaring them every time you walks them into one of these international conflict in the primary. I really think this is helpful to the vice president right violence. Spam and any day he can fight directly with Donald Trump and avoid back and forth in the democratic primary. He would and he's a defender of rock Obama, who is the hallmark of the Democratic Party who is beloved by this?
you know we ve all given by a little bit agree for continuing to say Barack Obama every time he opened his mouth. This is an issue where he doesn't have to write. He can just offend the recording. Talk about is foreign policy experience in a really is helpful, we're sitting twenty five days before the iolcus and we're all talking about Joe Biden, his credentials and that Really really helpful for him, as we near Iowa Jeffrey Berger, let's move beyond presidential politics for a minute, and just just talk about foreign policy and an Donald Trump Sources, Barack Obama's, because, as we told you, that old days of Barack Obama. It's important remember- and you certainly spoke with with President Obama. Good bet road extensively his foreign policy. But it is important to remember that Barack Obama First of all was criticised by a lot of foreign policy figure.
For not having a clue ride world view we once described. It is not doing stupid stuff Also, I heard Joe Biden talk about our Donald Trump Emasculate It is policy too. I heard the same thing, of course on a part of the smaller level of Barack Obama, whose foreign policy decisions by the second term seemed to boil himself been roads occasionally Dennis Mcdonough, his chief of staff, refers, not what I mean. I think we have a new found appreciation for don't do stupid stuff. These days, celestial Sweden's established that as a baseline have risen. We'll behavior, but look on the positive side of the ledger. I mean It is absurd for anyone to blame. Obama for iranian behaviour, were killed by an iranian proxy forest,
In nineteen. Eighty three two hundred and forty one Marines were killed by an iranian proxy force in Lebanon, causing, by the way, a republican President Ronald Reagan, to leave Lebanon very quickly that that Duration was not paid for the nineteen. Eighty three operation has not paid for by the two thousand and fifteen iranian nuclear deals solutions that we have to be fair and put this stuff in context. On the other hand, here you are right in what what we're going to see over time is, is, or probably even tonight, in fact, true and his surrogates arguing look. The approach would thereby Ministration was the problem with President Obama. Is that our adversaries we're not frightened of him? He didn't you didn't It's and I'm deterring there scared of me and it might be true. I mean invaded it, it's not a stable platform on which to build a foreign policy, but it might be true aid is. It is true that the iranian Nuclear deal both
ensure that today around does not have a nuclear weapon, but wasn't as strong as it probably would have been. And obviously there are foreign policy failures along the way, and but there was a policy- that's what's injured about this moment, there was consistency in a palace. Our allies new, even if they disagree with it, they knew what the Obama way I was thinking about from day to day minute, two minute now allies, don't understand what Donald Trump is doing to people who work for Donald Trump, don't know what he's doing in that, and that is causing a level of instability that most president's would try to avoid what every night not to be difficult, but that's just what I do don't do stupid stuff was not sufficient for the lot foreign all saying is its availability sign for bad time. Well, I understand that all I'm saying, though, is again. If we can move Donald try out of this conversation and just talk about the fact that many people would say across
the world and that the United States in the twenty first century has lacked a cogent foreign. Policy vision, a cogent in two thousand right analytical construct that that that followed naturally from where we were in two thousand of Bush administration, the Obama administration and now the trumpet illustration and yes, I dont need the tweets saying year, comparing Donald Trump, Barack Obama. I am night. This is a much bigger quest about where America finds itself after one fifth of twenty first century, is behind us, but to be fair. So what you're saying Barack Obama? the Brok Obama's policies in the Middle EAST, for instance, you could trumps as a kind of continuation of them. Obama was, interested in withdrawing from the Middle EAST. Look, he told me in an interview ones and caused a lot of problems for him in the Middle EAST. He said I ran in Saudi Arabia. Gonna just have to learn how to share the Middle EAST
There are a lot of comments about a lot of suggestions that he wasn't interested wanted to get out and you know when we talk talked about this before geopolitics. Nature abhors a vacuum and so the? U S paw out of the Middle EAST or pulls out of Europe, a positive asia that came, is filled by a ran by age, Sunni extremism by Russia, by China and and Obama was in the minds of many people just to comfortable with the idea of as a receding force in the world, and I think that's what you're getting at at an that is a with risking the danger of driving this tractor completely into the ditch and our allies complained the same way This is not directed specifically Barack Obama. This is derived. That the United States are stepping back and looking at this entire period. This entire century
where we were in two thousand at the turn of the century and where we are in twenty twenty and my guide there, then, actually too, way too many missteps with this current president, the forty fifth president, but I don't remember her or allies, giving the forty thirty or forty. Fourth, president, at least two leaders high marks when it came to presenting an american world view where we actually were a force for good across the globe, but leaned forward that this ban, I think, a definite from the european perspective. There has been quite a lot of continuity between trumpet about, completely opposite ends of the spectrum stylistic early, but in terms of not being interested in that constant gardening of being a global power maintaining alliances content the one really big difference, though
in the Middle EAST. Ministries- probably the single best example of the Obama administration going beyond that. Don't deuce stupid stuff. Is the around nuclear deal. And, of course, the tramp has withdrawn the United States from that date, deal, the groundwork for the J C p. I was led by the EU three and then a farmer I think very assiduously got China and Russia are involved and and and constructed what was a pretty good deal based on the premise that this will empower moderates within IRAN and and lead over the long term to a change in the night. Sure of regime, and there was some signs that that was working so that the they continuity. I agree with you but master
differences in terms of the Iranian Nuclear Deal hey it's Critias this week in my pocket. Why is this happening I'll be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and don't know about that run a virus once these things get out there? And this is quite a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and just information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said several four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Brando in both book symmetry principle. And it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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