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The panel discusses Joe Biden's big wins on Tuesday and Steve Kornacki looks at at the election map to see if Sen. Sanders can still catch up with Biden in delegates.

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There are certain beginning this election and one that has characterised the balance To the candidates the carriage the nation is on, the ballot is more then come back in my view. To come back for you All this nation this campaign is taking off and I believe we're gonna do well from this point on take nothing for granted on earth, every single vote in every single state, but if you're willing if you want to join us going a blind eye. Sign up to contribute, if you can, we need you, we want you. A place in our campaign. For each of you, it wasn't
other dominant night for Joe Biden, investors that yesterday's democratic primary contests, the former vice president extend how do I get laid with victories and at least for the six states that voted last night Michigan Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho. The north Dakota carcasses to earth. They call where Bernie Sanders is currently up by seven points, washing state which has been rocked by the corona viruses to close to all sanders up by two tenths of a percent, and they talk between Sixteen like Sanders come back in Michigan was blunted by violence four digit led fifty three to thirty six point: five percent Biden has been awarded sixty five of the states, one hundred and twenty five delegates so far Sanders forty five fifteen it gets are still on. The table were also want.
In Mississippi, not because of burdens massive eighty one percent of the vote, but because of Sanders the board says they want fifteen percent, but it's actually fourteen point eight Sanders doesn't reach the fifteen point threshold. He won't. A single state, why delegate from Mississippi the overall I get total. So far stands at Biden. Eight hundred and thirty six Sanders six hundred and eighty six good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Wednesday March Eleventh. With Joe willing and me we have Emma busy Contributor, like Barnacle and former political writer and columnist RON. Forty eight, oh really incredible make I just incredible this is I mean New Hampshire a month ago. He waited for this in perspective, all that violent or we had the wake for Joe Biden Camp. A month ago when he came on said, and nobody would say anything because we felt so bad for it
Ten days ago, the campaign was over, it seemed now actually, credit grace is all, but over yesterday, just one dominant whim after another. It's really stunning, when you think about it a month ago, just a month ago, he was all, but God in the race. We're gonna get to Steve Chronology at the Big Board in just a moment, but first, the latest The growing corona virus threat the outbreak, having an impact on the presidential campaign that speech Joe Biden gave us I was only in front of his campaign staff. Not supporters Barton, an Sanders. We're supposed to hold rallies in Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland yesterday, but the events were cancelled, citing guidance from public health officials and this These presidential debate won't have alive audience. Nor will there be a spin room afterwards over concerns about the spread of the virus. Then we have known cases across the country has now topped one thousand new.
States of emergency has been declared in Colorado, Massachusetts and Michigan because of the virus. According the New York Times after weeks of mounting frustrations states with a growing number of cases, are still struggling to test. They don't. The ability to test widely for corona virus. The paper notes that Ten delays have made it impossible for officials to get a true picture of the scale of the outbreak New York, state officials have set up a one mile containment area in New Rochelle New York. Public school in the area will be closed until March twenty fifth and they National Guard has been deployed to the area as of yesterday. West, just we're county has seen one hundred and eight confirmed cases of the virus to high profile music, festivals, coach, Hella and stage coach have both been postponed until October and talk shows like ABC the view and live
Kelly and Ryan will start taping without Theo audiences overseas, Britain, Mr has tested positive for corona virus. She met with Prime Minister bore. Mr Boris Johnson just a day before falling ill. The news has prompted discussion, about whether or not parliament should be suspended. We're gonna have much more the corona virus outbreak in just a moment with two medical experts. King of not so long ago was not so long ago the present United States said we only had fifteen cases, nobody died and they would go away very soon, and this would go away magically. It's not happen, We still don't have the tests even the president, said last week. If you want to test you'll, get it a task in so we don't even know the full scope of verse. If you look at the curve and the other countries, weaker countries have been able to isolate the community's
for knowing who actually was infected, and you can actually see that the lines go down once the information. This is not a president whose fact, based he's, never been fact based and his people Actually, his supporters of always allowed him to get away with that now, supporters and people who doubts were in their lives, are at risk. The health of their parents and grandparents, or at risk children the underlying factors or risk Americans the facts. Mr President, you the delivery and other countries are able to do more because they actually have more information. They ve been testing widely and we had its important remember that the world, health organization offered us a task that we could have used a month ago and the top administration reviews that. So we need to talk about all this later, but we
First, I wanted to get your thoughts on the scope and the sweep of Joe binds victory last night. Well, we get, we're not going to help us do that in just a second, but you said at Michigan was the state a couple ex ago that ever was looking at because Bernie Sanders had wanted in two thousand sixteen out by big margin, but he had wanted hold on? Do it again this time the answer was resounding no Steve. Let's look at some of the numbers here and just how how job, I put this together because I'm not wrong. I don't see a purple counting on that map. You see all Biden Blue on here. This is it that is. Is it last night in Michigan by the way this was again in twenty. Sixteen totally story is nigh endanger sanders was this. This is he'd Sanders rain, huge numbers in Rome carry small carries the Peninsula. You lost one county by thirty five votes and twenty sixteen, and then you look at that.
My end, you see Blue everywhere, things that were jumping out at me on this map. College Kelly's all occur the state where the University of Michigan is well known, Michigan were central Michigan Western Michigan, all of counties worse, you, four Sandridge, only sixteen he looks like he's, going to lose all of them. Last night the been different, the big you're here I should say in Michigan, just when you started looking at these exit polls. Le the african american vote was close to twenty percent of this state. It looks about this miss it did for years ago was close to a forty point: victory for Biden over centres, the white vote dramatically four years ago. Bernie Sanders one. The white vote in Michigan by fourteen points is now lost according to the example, by eleven, while so a twenty five point swing among white voters. You see that non college weight of college way the two bit different types here and it just accounts for this week, of the state. What looks like a sweep of the state by Joe Biden raises all sorts of questions about a stated:
Critical in general election to Joe Biden might be more accept both to the voters who swung Michigan away from the Democrats in sixteen, then Hillary Clinton. So what change state because we saw that giant rally in Ann Arbor. We're Bernie Sanders it's a couple of days ago. Is it just the case that those young voters didn't know vote here? I think you got some support there, but not as much again you just take a look down near. This is a good example: Kalamazoo County Western Michigan University, Joe Biden, the eight sanders. Forty four look: what this was four years ago Sanders over sixty percent of the vote here we saw the county after county last night. We saw sir been counties I'll give you another one right here, Livingston County, this is sort of a classic commuting suburb here turn out. Through the roof, Joe Biden, one this thing by seventeen its overbury centres for you go see those ones by twenty one. It's swing of nearly forty point you sought in Michigan, you saw it in Missouri as well, is such as to entire sweep. Here every single county in Missouri looks like it is going to go for Joe Biden
the swing here among white voters. Thirty two points: this was the closest state of all of the the credit primary and twenty. Sixteen Missouri was the closest. It was a fifteen hundred vote difference. I mean look again college by the way. This is where the University of Missouri it Joe Biden, wins it for years ago, Sanders was rushing Hillary Clinton here, we're just seeing this everywhere. Every single can in mission, in Missouri and in Mississippi every single county for Germany. Once again, in the state of Mississippi it was on the strength of something voters. This won by something like Biden. Over percent did Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders to take a closer look. A closer look really at you're gonna be the here's estate. Obviously, that's gonna be one of the three states going to determine whether Donald Trump Sir, is present for more your former years already sent home. That was completely dominant, it was such a dominant performance and suggests
Joe Biden, just maybe the guy who can win state sin, and last night he won them. So big it was it was. It was an extraordinary performance. Murmured spread in two thousand succeed in a state of Michigan was about ten and a half thousand boats. That's it so if your bank make that up. If you can make up the difference in Pennsylvania, make up the difference in Wisconsin. That's Europe, action right there. Instead, we should talk about the well listen more broadly now that Joe Biden has put together just in the last couple of weeks, black voters, as you put it you mentioned earlier, older voters, a moderate voters, young voters still training, obviously toward Bernie Sanders. So it's not quite the Obama coalition, but he has put together his own Biden coalition. Here, we can show if you just within Michigan. I called up a minute ago return to it. This is one component of coalition. This is blue wave of twenty eighteen Livingston County is in one of those congressional districts that went read. The blue elicits lock in the democratic from it, and you see by
winning this, not just winning this by seventeen point, not just a huge Russia from four years ago, but turn out here is up, like fifty five zero percent from four years ago. So part of this providing is, can you get that? Can you convert those blue way? Voters of twenty eighteen into democratic voters in twenty twenty? How about the other side of the story here? Mccone county- and this is the classic rig endemic. County just north of Detroit Blue. Collar lotta blue collar white voters who hears job winning this thing by seventeen point. Compare that before years ago, Hillary Clinton barely eked out the primary in Macao and boy did she run into trouble in my home in the general election? Is one those places where Trump over achieve so you ve that is well, and then you take a look down here. We county this actually is a place where Abiden didn't do as well as Hillary Clinton. This is Detroit Detroit suburbs. We still need a little bit more to be tally there. But again you have Low turn out in Detroit and twenty. Sixteen Democrats want to change that. They do
wanna have what happened to them in the places like Montcalm County happen. Again want to convert those twenty eighteen voters into twenty twenty voters, you mention the margin in Michigan was so small. That begin with, if the democratic and just make roads in those categories that can make all the difference in this day and Joe turn out of those huge part of the story. Last night, like it wasn't Virginia last, we Michigan Big turn out as well That's exactly what I thought I was gonNa Steve Corner, Jackie Steve, how many proposed pros. Do you now that said at the beginning of this campaign, Joe Biden he's gonna, be there too Are you kidding me, but Joe Biden, is turning under that turnout, Canada. I mean take a look at this. The number and twenty sixteen was short of one point: two million that turned out in Michigan you're well over one five million. That's gonna be this additional vote to come in in Missouri. The number of show it this isn't. Even a police won't be a boost
the general election likely. The number here was a five. The number six twenty six it's now sitting at six sixty, so they ve gone in Missouri they're, going through it everywhere, where the it was even up in Mississippi the you're Right Biden GUT North and Iowa was in New Hampshire and he had We wanted a kidnapping They actually said. This is why he was going to do all along when in South Carolina and keep winning and nobody believed it. Maybe they should have run forty yea Europe, You didn't guy, give us give us your thoughts on Joe Biden and eighty one in every state winning in the college towns winning the suburb winning in black. Neighborhoods winning all across. Or state he's ease the percentage of nominee, but I It is about buying think about it. For years ago, in two thousand, sixty Michigan Democrats did not think down troubles become president. They were not worried about.
Become present. They were not worried about Donald Trump. They thought he was now have, we could certainly beat him in the volume of we did so when the volume- and we did so as for the late, they didn't think. Donald Trump was been a win and they really did I'll troubles gonna going to win and they really didn't like Hillary Clinton. So we voted for Bernie Sanders. Four years later Democrats, our skin the death of Donald Trump. What is unifying them is defeating Donald Trump was cleared of Michigan. Voters was Joe by is now the guy that we as Democrats have to get behind, not necessarily because we love Joe Biden he's that turnout candidate, but because we hate Donald Weeping. Democrats, Donald Trump, is the turnout candidate for Democrats. That's why happen in Detroit, and two thousand are Michigan and two thousand eighteen. It's why slacken one living, county and in turn, that district blue is why the whip. Governor is swept Bernie Joe Biden off Bernie Sanders right off the field in Michigan and it's. Why
crash should have some hope for November, because Democrats, this I know that the kind of President Donald Trump is and they are gonna, be united to turn out against Donald Trump facilitated let's green right now, T J with around forty eight myself goes wrong, What is now looking at the two people who represent the forces that that chased Hillary Clinton for twenty five years. You in the media, me as a republican first and then in the media, and- and we're talking about that. Yesterday, you really, I haven't seen the Hilary Hulu documentary it's out in an extraordinary and since you were there for a good shot, that story, you you'll love. It meant that there That was made last night and I believed it, I'm not so sure you do with the argument was made last night by a lot of people that too,
zones from last night showed just how much the vilification of Hillary Clinton by the press and weakens over twenty five years worked in twenties. Sixteen Bernie Sanders ended up not being this, this revolutionary, not being this remarkable political force instead to in sixteen was all about twenty five years of baggage. Hillary Clinton was carrying doubt about it now lotta, that is on the media. A lot of it is I'm Republicans but you're here that a candidate owns his or her brand, a candid his or her performance in a campaign. So we can put this can take it all of Hillary Clinton shoulders. She should have been able to be Donald Trump in two thousand sixty barnacle your thoughts on last night, you, we ve known Joe Biden for a very long time, and we were, I could talk Hampshire because it was
Moreover, some morning when Joe came on not not because we're cheering for any body, but just because we now this guy for so long and lobbies how hard liking for so long is like I've known unlike Bernie. Far far twenty five years. An unruly really feeling for him this morning, but felt really bad for for buying that morning and here we are a month later, and this guy just can't lose. In fact, not only can he not lose states he's not losing a county Joe looking at the tail of the tape and listening to Steve, explain it both last night in here just a few moments ago. It's- clear. The Joe Biden has the reach the breath in this campaign to sort of mimic Bill Clinton and ninety. Ninety two I mean he's winning. Quite in the verbs a mean. The suburbs are gonna turn out to be, if not a wave election, a huge, huge bonus for Joe Biden. I think when you
listen to Joe when you see Joe now in the past ten days, two weeks on the campaign trail, you see something that resonates with voters and it's pretty simple its humanity, its empathy. It's too where the inexperienced dot sorry about humanity MIKE and photographers, where some made them Steak and saying he was going to take off your guns away, and I know it Republicans just jumped on it. Oh, my god, can you believe, a political figure using crass language, more seriously, the look in the mirror thugs, but, but by yesterday showed the other side of his humanity, and that is he's a fighter he's a he has the experience. People know he has the experience, but there's one we're still this that, I think, lasts through the rest of this year,
this is the existing president of the United States behaviour in handling this national health crisis, in other words, hasn't handled with an iron several people over the weekend thing. I'm sure you have done the same thing as well. You and same thing, I'm sure you know done the same thing as well, who you know, voted for Donald Trump and two thousand and sixteen have now said, no the lead. Ship is there. The ability to spire or com the nation down? That's not! There he's got a dream world that he's president of he has no honesty in him, and that is all going to be us, but he's going to pay the price for it. So Steve. Let's button this up the end of the day. This is a game of delegates. You gotta get the Dorothy of delegates to become the democratic nominee.
It be Missouri, Michigan, Idaho and binds corner last night, Washington to close to call North Dakota, you said, looks like it might probably gonna go towards Bernie Sanders. Where are we in terms of delegates and less just be blunt? Can Bernie Sanders catch? Joe Biden We take a look here. This is one hundred fifty that's the Gabby C right right, thereby not one fifty over Sanders. What is not in this believe it or not. There is still a bunch from I must warn you that haven't been added. We haven't even formerly declared California procedures that we seven points? But when you those in it's probably not going to change that margin. Much is still propaganda about one. Fifty there's still us Admiral left in Michigan Missouri. There is still a question of that: fifteen percent threshold and standards in Mississippi, so Biden may squeeze a few more out of these states, nor the quota in Idaho. The key is no matter who winning North Dakota you're. Looking at relatively close races in states that don't have a ton of delegates won't significantly affected there, picture and Washington is basically do
even Washington. Now they're going to start carrying the same day vote, you probably think that'll save by but find out if you probably think that would it by but five even seven points, who to delegate advantage it by five just given the proportional also with one. Delegate advantage out of that, just given the proportional to its one. Fifty now I think the upside for this at case for is tat. He might come out last night up once, indeed when everything is tat, it might be less than that actually could be. Scientists can still get some, but that's about the range you're looking at about one forty, two one, Seventy four Biden, if that doesn't Two daunting consider just next week the is coming. Florida huge, delicate hold up. We have seen down thirty thirty five points here. Every we're seeing demographically suggest, that's probably gonna happen there. This is we're. Sanders got clobbered last time around Illinois, we all of a sudden. You look at Illinois the demographic patterns there you see what's up in Michigan. You see what's happening if you look at Downstate Illinois and you take it Missouri, even better Tennessee and Arkansas huge
trouble they are for Bernie Sanders on the horizon. Ohio was all ready a bad state for Bernie Sanders and twenty sixteen washed it by thirteen that again based on what we are seeing could get a lot worse. Arizona goes like this one, fifty one. Seventy five could be over three hundred a week from now The only way in a one on one race that you make up a big delegate differences. You don't just winds states, yet the wind landslides by is winning landslides and he is building up his delicate Lee Sanderson. Here. He wins states. He wins New Hampshire by two points he's gonna win if he wins North Dakota, he might when it. By five points you knew to win way and slides in big states. Otherwise that becomes a completely hopeless margin to try. Overcome. Fact the opposite could happen. Next Tuesday, landslides for Joe Biden embraces like floor. Steep quacking, great job is always thanks. So much will show people calling them the Democratic Party, some p on the vine campaign, suggesting that perhaps Bernie Sanders.
Step aside at this point, the campaign says we're in it for the debate on Sunday in Phoenix and then those races on Tuesday and then likely will reassess, I think so much Steve Corner argue. We greatly appreciate near me. They think the democratic need to take a deep breath and let this play out. Bernie Sanders is run for campaign in sixteen and again in twenty, you look at crowds, no other democratic and pull together that time of crowd, and, yes, it hasn't translated in the votes, the way that they hope, but it burn Sanders is a force in the Democratic party. A lot of that he's talking about right now, it we're in form a decade. From now will look back on this campaign and we will see, there's gonna be reversal, healthcare going to see education, the prices of the price of educate,
going down you're going to see a lot of things. Bernie Sanders talked about twenty. Sixteen that was considered radical, that people are to start working on over the next decade and the impact of his two campaign. We'll be felt? No, not in it socialists way. They will be in a way that I think american leaders more in the middle and and some on the left to em if you on the writer, going to work together and figure out how to how to use the government and market forces realize some Bernie Sanders Dreams or parts of it go around forty eight to you, and just just let's, let's just Stop for a second and realise how good Donald trumps political operation is because they saw something in the numbers six months ago about Joe Biden.
States like Michigan freak them out and vat they were so freaked out by what they saw Joe Biden, one, the democratic primary that the President actually risked getting impeached to stop Joe Biden tracks. In fact he was so freedom I Joe Biden running against him in the general election campaign that he did get himself impeached. And now they're breaking out I him. Every day there too king about his family, again another even get this wrong and what can we show some clips that some people sent into us of Donald Trump and some of his interesting I'm giving speeches are actually attacking. Joe Biden four, occasionally slurring his words and having is It's all about. You talk about the pot calling the kettle black, but their desperate.
But my take away when you see Biden awaiting this down that lake actually Donald Rob campaign lose something that the rest of us did. No six months ago- and that is that Joe Biden is Kryptonite, Donald Trump Their smart enough to know that he would be the toughest Canada run against. No doubt I don't Others smart enough to realise that they are the ones who have made him strong, that it style from its behaviour that drove up out in Livingston County by fifty percent, its Donald This behaviour that turn this state blue two years ago, it's Donald Trump behaviour that is put together. This call sure of african american voters who largely on the sidelines four years ago, but now are coming out and Women voters who largely sat on the sidelines last year are voted for Trump and are now for jobs. Do they realize that more calm county which went for Trump last year, flipped less
because of Donald Trump, hey view. I dont know if Donald Trump is smart enough to realise that he's his worst enemy, around forty eight. Thank you so much for being with us, and you know, I hope, Springs eternal in March. Go: tigers, doll, baby worlds everywhere. Old series Azure year. You better believe it thanks. So much wrong will see very soon and make up it. It was a garment performance by Joe Biden, but, but I I wonder how much the news of the day, the news of the week with a chaos son for inside the White House. While we have what many people now calling a global pandemic is unfurling. I wonder if returned normalcy, Fettes I so dull on the campaign trail that that people Martin ridiculed Joe Biden for wants to return to normal see. I wonder if the last
for weeks, have made a lot of democratic voters who perhaps go. I A return to normal sea, especially now made although you really could see it in the South Carolina debate, they are performance. Wasn't that much difference, but the audience was with them. And you saw the turn out in South Carolina the results in South Carolina. You saw the poles all heading toward, when it appears people are really with Joe Biden. They know em, they like come and he's really the direct contrast, the direct contrast to Donald Trump, and they feel it that's what it here's to be right now, next to an early morning, update on the krona virus from a pair of medical experts. What we ve learned overnight about the spread and as we go to break
there is legal, analyse, Joyce bands responded to the president this morning it was up late, tweeting attacks at Elizabeth Warren, Joyce wrote quote the President is up at me night, belittling women and native people, while Americans are dying of corona virus and the numbers of sick people are increasing because He has no plan. Think about them up at midnight, not frightened about senior citizens in Florida in Michigan and with constant and Pennsylvania and across Amerika. You talked about a lack of empathy, while his lack of feeling for people we might be seeing it as I am raising seniors, especially you're. Watching morning, Joe we'll be right back. Some people learn the hard way New HBO film, bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR
long Island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie all Hugh huge, frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll from his assistant, superintended PAM Gluckman played by Alison Janni, their schools national recognition when astute reporter tracks. A paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of Green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast Klute. Re Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan film Vermeer Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges, streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly
MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America? In our latest episode we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called. Off. When people listen to music there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress, We would like the country to realise that as a nation, we can't be doing the kinds of things we were doing a few months ago that it does
matter, if you're in a state that has no This is a one case. You have the star taking seriously what you can do now that if and when the infections will come, and they were come sorry to say sad to say they will joining us now morning, Joe Chief Medical, corresponding Doktor Dave Campbell, Doktor Dave, obviously, a lot of dramatic developments in the past twenty four hours due to the corona virus we had not bad President transform our homeland Security Director Tom Boss sort said that hospitals are ten days away from being slammed do those concerns, and should people go to the hospital meeker that too on what we all do in the next week, starting today, so former director Basra said that the I did states will be slammed in ten days, implying that we need to
immediately and aggressively implementing those policies to mitigate this disease as it progresses. I will say what he said it now. Whenever for the United States, if it hopes to create keep the krona virus from burning out of control. So it is a bit concerned. And today is the day. Everyone can start, they can go to corona virus dot, Gov its it's full of information. It comes from doktor, algae and many others, but it really lays out the plan for the public so that we can keep our, elves and our friends and family neighbours safe starting today, from what we do at home. What we do at work, what we do at school, so That's what we have to do today, but unless I missed it I mean when we start getting these large numbers, one the tests finally come, which is something we need to talk about, because the
thing isn't, even it even the halfway where it needs to be, which is astounding, so you get people whore tested. Are they running to hospitals? What's the policy to try and mitigate to try and contain? We have we're Shell New York, Governor Cuomo, set up a one mile containment area in Europe Tell New York exactly what is that accomplishing the governor and that New Rochelle needs a special public health strategy. Here, really has put a lid around, we're shop so that movements and interactions in that area are kept to a minimum. He did that because it's the largest cluster in the United States right. Now, it's a hot spot. It started away could go with one positive test in one week? There are don't need positive tests as of yesterday and no reason to think there will be more today and so on.
They physicians and nurses across the board, as some of them having to make their own decisions. But you guys are the backbone of the healthcare system. How is this acting you in your patients and the way you do your job taking my lead from the surgeon general. We have heard yesterday that force capacity in hospitals and health care in general. We need people, we need equipment, We need space. So what I started two days ago is postponing elective spinal surgery, scheduling today, one my office, which we are busy clinic day, we're going to check people's temper. Before they become patients and if they are showing any signs that we should be concerned about, we will help them get somewhere else rather than in a busy waiting room next to other people TAT today Campbell. Thank you very much. Now, according to the New York Times in the early days of the outbreak, thousands of flu sample sat in Seattle as well
search or sought to test and flying them for the corona virus, but this it is, wouldn't allow it the times, notes, interviews and emails shall researchers began performing corona virus tests anyway, without government approval, and when results came back, they had a positive test from my local teenager with no recent travel history. The first case of unity. Transmission in the region, as the times puts at the failure to tap into the flu study was just one in a series of mist chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing during the early days. The outbreak when containment would have been easier. Instead, local, skills across the country, were left to work in the dark, as the crisis grew undetected and exponential. Let's bring an emergency position and public health, professor at George Washington, University, Doktor Lana. When
she previously served as Baltimores Health Commissioner, to one great to have you back on the show anyway, on one, there will be conclusive testing across the board so that the experts can get a handle on this crisis and work with real and nation to contain it- look you're right me, God, has been a major misstep by the federal government. We are where we are now because we just don't know what the situation is and the federal much has been promising that we're going to get these millions of tests. But I know that aliens in IRAN is full of people. Where do you think this is headed in the next week or ten days or people going to stop going to events were more events, be city, but we are where we are and we have to move forward, and I agree with what Doktor Dave just said that we to take this extremely seriously weakened to seem many hundreds, if not thousands, of cases in the next coming weeks, and this is the time
us to prepare and to do everything we can our daily lives, because our individual actions will make a big difference and we have to guard for these disruptions. As they happen, schools are going to close events are going to be cancelled and it will be hard for us, but we have to be ready for it, because literally lives are going to be at stake here in this country to a doctor, it's really guys. Let's talk specifically about what it means to be ready. The president said yesterday Corona virus it go away, just stay calm. I assume you don't share that view of of the approach to this virus, but you know we had two presidential candidates last night cancel big campaign. Events we have a giant basketball tournaments starting next week, the ensuing double eight March man, this term it with stadiums and arenas full of people? Where do you think this but muddled messaging? We need to be doing the right thing for our communities and the leadership. Zoos are becoming
state will school be cancelled. Should people stop going to work? Where are you on where this is headed? Right now, when South even where we were two weeks ago. Two weeks ago we had fifteen cases that were diagnosed in the: U S we now have over a thousand and that number going to escalate dramatically in the next two weeks. The responsible thing for us to do now is to cancel events is to practice these social distancing and do whatever we can. We- that it's going to be hard it'll, be hard when schools get cancelled, it'll be hard work, all of these large events get cancelled with huge business consequences, but if we don't do that, what's going to happen is that we have so many cases come up at the same time that we will overwhelm our ability and hospitals to treat patients, and then patients with Attacks and strokes and trauma are not going to get treated either and people are going to die. So it's up to all of us to
cancel events not go to large crowded events are solves and really take this extremely seriously, even if the federal government is putting out but muddle messaging, we need to be doing the right thing for community scandal, leadership seems to becoming from state governments, local governments, even schools, which are doing a good job trying to stay ahead of this. As you know, Doktor when South Korea attack this problem quickly. Call has done the same. China has done better in the last week. What can we do? from the experience of those nations, as we try to address it here, we can learn that it's not enough to be reacting to what's already happened. We have to intimidate, what's going to happen and not be afraid to take a grass of early action. If we had done more in weeks before we wouldn't be where we are now now we have to look forward and we have to do more, but that's why we cannot be afraid and it will be up to local instead
governments. The CDC provides guidance, but ultimately a lot of decisions are made at the local level and our local There have to be afraid to tell the truth, to communicate honestly and to do the right thing. So Doktor Lena. When I'm wondering I still doesn't stand, how hospitals figure into all of this, because I still it just appears from every that we know the science that you don't want, people with when a virus in a hospital so is there any move being made to put them somewhere where it can be contained now how you contain into the hospital. It's a really good question and the advice and also what we ve seen and other countries is that most people who get krona virus
of a nineteen will have mild symptoms. Eighty percent will have wild symptoms that do not require hospital care. Those people should recover at home and not even set foot in a hospital, and that's the so called worried well to people who may not have quota virus, but I'm worried about it. The key is: don't go to the art, don't go to the hospital if you are not going to already, if you're having trouble breathing. If you need hospital care, call your doctor in and go to the hospital, but otherwise stay at home and recover. Now. My fear is that, even if we have a moderate outbreak here in the: U S, we're going to need something like two hundred thousand intensive care beds, the? U S only has a hundred thousand intensive care beds at any point in time, so we could easily overwhelmed the healthcare systems. Don't go to the hospital unless you're really ill and we have to try to reduce the rate of infection so that, hopefully we can spread it out,
and not overwhelm the system all at the same time. We can even delay at long enough until we can have a vaccine or treatment which we don't have right now well Doktor Lena, when thank you so much for being on the show with us this morning, we'll see you zoom in time's up ad entitled proper, protect caregivers, corona virus national dimension, Workers alliance, founder Asian, who writes in part. This millions of Americans, rely on professional caregivers to look after their children and aging parents as the corona virus spreads, who will care for them overworked, underpaid and ignored domestic workers in caregivers are too often asked to put them of the families who employ them over there and those of their families? So when we think about the corona virus, whom we need to listen to whom we must protect and who will protect us. Remember
the domestic and direct care workers. The least we can do is care for them. They guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. It is forty nine ass. They are welcome back to morning Joe few things to fine president from more than his attempts to deflect criticism by projecting here weaknesses onto others. When he claims Russia would have preferred Hillary Clinton, as President he's projecting when he claims the while my administration mishandled a health crisis, he's projecting and Joe mentioned this withdrawn Fournier earlier in the show one is camp,
accuses Joe Biden of making gaps and, in a statement last night of being quote confused. Yes, he's projecting here's. The video evidence has put together by the daily shop no words, I have the best words in eighteen. Seventy present villages as grants that Beautiful Orion space gaps that combat infantry been badge our nation, as in my country a lot of work has been done, a lot or reverse. If you look at some of defensive measures, I miss you devotion What was that you will gain momentum? Parent, alone. If you look at the heroin epidemic at the federal government is good ducking and aggression investigation into the legitimate as bad it is. Is it meant something by.
Really in homage to see some semantics statistics ex coming out. Americans of all walks of life swells rose up assistant secretary here, you are urgent General Adams, large long and the liver transplant advising markers, but China is the air supplied, churn change. This rush. You're thing with Trump pie, hopefully now go and take a look at the oranges, the origins of the investigation of the beginnings and every single car out there, even really expensive ones, and we used to have radio Free Europe, radio for Europe, the Nazis, the invasion of Normandy and illiberal creation of Europe. A brilliant stars shone in these wise men, travel far really big, beneficience all state to be able anxious for criminal pursue shelter.
The members of our armed forces- and you understand that very well and the internet. Have you think about reached into the traditions of this convention. Patients in the house Mid term then return year way: Paul state taxes, despite these obsolete, skorn, central command, crisis response and crisis response. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Hurricane armor approaches. Why is that's what the United Nations is all about? will not be tolerated. Any law, Merry Christmas. There everybody we just have to say again: oh yes, said another shot, Rob saw their right to stop talking and Europe
is zooms straws ever foisted upon the american people, and there was no buys now see real by parties. Solutions made a pivotal really- and I mean this- was pivotal- real authorize, the nine elected eleven victims in April of twenty thousand fourteen per man, their brand, the ramparts, historic cop limit shades our embassies in Kenya in Tanzania, this great to be back in Missouri, Ghana, Guinea, Namibia, I thank them. Minneapolis police violence by Venezuela is so Venezuelans working to approve this country. A new government and God bless you Thank you very much like you are really The fact that the campaign
actually attacking Joe Biden Fur, I'm going around one one hundredth of the time, the Donald Trump does it by the way. We have more of that coming through this. Willie said the daily show actually has has brackets and for your favorite word get to say too much parents are stakes, stand, You were line for sanctuary. Yes, thanks I also really like slosh rocket far stock market. Really made that video framed a perfectly where the the dazed and confused phases. In the background, and I'm dazed and confused of course, every day, especially now that Donald Trump and campaign is actually attacking Joe Biden for messing up word here and there a as you suggest suddenly with that media, kits an argument that the term campaign once they have. The daily cell rule that out shut out of
by the way, a subtle note for those of us who are basket fans. They had one shining moment the great CBS song play during the sea devils, tournaments underneath the entire time, but yet sanctuary was my favorite were also a great outcome The problem in the late ninety sent ass deck neural, really wise might Monica was about to bring that up. But my again, every time so you ve got you get drop. You ve got supporters. You got the trunk campaign and you have useful idiots for Russia. Actually, Actually Donald Trump that people have been tweeting attacks on being concerned about his well being he slurs his words. Times. He doesn't have the clearest delivery. I must say that compared to Don Robin again. There are more of these coming over the next three hours. Just comparing binding Donald Trump,
when you look at that, just a wide range of Donald Trump, unsafe like buying, sounds, like Winston Churchill, during the battle of Britain compared to Donald Trump. You know US major watching that it was a genius piece of of tape put together by the daily show, no doubt about it. It was what's funnier about two months ago, I couldn't help thinking about the number of people waking up today watching that just now thinking to themselves. What have we done? and this going be a price to pay, as we said earlier for what he has not done. And you know, make them more? They go after buying on this front the more they projector problem back onto themselves, because it reminds people that is actually Donald Trump that people and concern people known him have been concerned about.
Well being for years now, hey, it's Christine's this week on my part, ass, wise, ass happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these Things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA, four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in both book. They principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe,
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