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Morning Joe 2/12/20: NH Primary results


The Morning Joe panel breaks down the results from Tuesday's Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

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I want to take the opportunity to express my appreciation and respect for all of the democratic candidates we ran against people to join the Club Drawer Elizabeth WAR and what I can tell you with absolute sir. And I know I speak for everyone of the dumper other candidates. Is that nobody who wins and we certainly hope it's gonna be ass. We, cutting hereby together. We are going to unite together and feed the modes address president in the modern history of this kind free
Bernie Sanders, claiming victory in New Hampshire with ninety percent. Ninety seven percent of the precincts reporting the vote Senator narrowly edged out peep Buddha judge by about four thousand votes? Twenty one, nine percent to twenty four point: four percent, a margin of one and a half percent Amy Clover shark finning, third, with twenty percent, followed by Elisabeth, worn at nine and Joe Biden at eight Sanderson the judge both one nine delegates, clover shower, took home six good morning and well, the morning Joe, it is Wednesday February twelve, along with Joe Willie, and me we have professor at Princeton diversity, Eddie, God Junior form a White House press secretary for President Obama, Robert Gibbs and White House report. For the Associated press. Joe then Le Maire, and the big question is what kind of government will be left for the next
and to inherit in another big story, a brazen and damaging move Donald Trump and his wing man in the Dutch Justice Department. Just remember luckily altered our democratic system. Yet again, a general William BAR is taking control of legal matters of personal injury to the president, Laying it all out in plain sight on Twitter, we will get in a minute another big story that is brewing this morning? It's a big story that will have for more lasting impact than what we're talking about what most everybody's can be. Talking this morning, because it does fundamentally alter the rule of law in this country. We have a president with a close associate he's been closely associated entire political life, adult political life. You have the president states weighing an pressuring the Justice Department, the altar right, mendacious made by Justice Department professionals with interest
I mean it's. This is we were all talking about our concerns about the starry night massacred during the mother investigation yeah. This is, I think the closest thing would lead to a Saturday night massacre since Nixon seventy three big. But let's talk about last night. First, they will get their that. I you know, I sort Robert Gibbs with you. I've always he's been surprised that candidates who one especially New Hampshire, didn't understand that really wise for all the talk it's gone on for two years. That's really the first time America focuses add on politics, arguing who we gonna a gonna, do ok, whose is this guy? That's an eye when so that they dont sees that mom. Three, their thinking, there there district three coordinator are their screaming are either acting on presidential
Bernie Sanders captured the moment perfectly with that club and under cut off The criticism of the burning rows of of the law I'm putting on Saturday night, like that? You know where he David said. Could I stop it my going fan and gave the most gracious introduction to his presidential run, that I think we ve seen in a way that was a unifying speech in Lahti. Democrats should take heart from that. It is wrong about a watch in those moments who speaks the room there speaking to write. As you said it, and I want to thank my neighbors daughter, who knocked on twelve doors right or the project beyond it. I think Bernie certainly sees that moment. I thought Amy Clover shark did that is well in introduce in herself. As you said, this is the first time people are there tuning. Their learning more about these people. They want to know where they come from. What are they going to do?
and Bernie sees that moment in a big way came out also, while they may repeat, was still speaking, always marked a step a little bit on that get. His and and capture that, because there is a lot that goes for this from being marathon. As everyone tells you hey, relax. The pace is kind of the same. It's a sprint now and Willie. You look at the board and I dont know if everybody The expectations are everybody. We would beneath its hard to figure out You look at the expectations game which at this point, so this is you gotta get on the phone and start calling four dollars, because is Robert said. The marathon now become too quick, Sprint you ll get Bernie is he won the state by what sixty percent last I'm over sixty percent o shocked. He only
carried it by one and a half point. So you could say he one he's in the pole position, but you could say he underperform. Everybody is talking about mere pay, now Amy took votes away from him, and now he I think here really good night by did Amy, This momentum down and stop it for a victory that he really needed to Phelim Tuna VAT in South Carolina could say that Amy did really well and well, Elizabeth and and Joe just nothing good for them too, to see out of there format suggests was really disappointing. I still I mean, actually more shocked by Elisabeth warrants single digit performance in the neighbouring state than even Joe lines. I think we will warning of that to three months ago that it could happen,
yeah I mean she, she needed a good night last night and she got even worse night. I think that people expect and can't coming in fourth place right there, and that thing to remember for Biden and Warren is that this festers now for a week and a half- Is there talking about Nevadas South Carolina, then that is a way from Saturday. South Carolina is two weeks from Saturday, so this story about them not running well, we'll fast. For a while out his Biden survived for two weeks. Slily he's gonna have to make the said, will see new polling, I'm sure the next few days that this the race begins. As he said with these it's that are more reflective of the country. Eddie, I'm Vienna, South Carolina, the alleged firewall we keep hearing about. There was a pupil that came out Suddenly they go wait a minute that firewalls going away the idea that african american voters will hang in come what may Joe Biden just isn't true
They see him losing and losing they're not going to hang in with them. Are they absolutely? I think I've been saying all along that no african American Motors and it's a complex constituent Zan Right are pragmatic and in I like the way they like to where we like to where's that really complicated. Now it's not really complicated, but we also know that if there is an increase in turn out, we ve been saying it. If there is an increase in turn in turn out, it's gonna be younger voters, we're gonna be showing up. That's gonna help Bernie Sanders. I also see that, among the supporters form for Joe Biden, there's some questions about whether that it could take it to the tape. We see some people are interested in my Bloomberg. I've been travelling around the country for Martin Luther king at what I hearing among particularly upper middle class. Black voters right is it Brian interest in my Bloomberg, which is kind of given the critique of Carmelo Harris as the prosecutor cop- and here you have this guy with from now why people and Robert, and, as has been, anybody else. It ain't about
ideology like we Republicans were running around two thousand seven talking about about how Barack Obama the second most liberal, senator in the union- state Senate it ain't about. Ideology, it's about who people think you're gonna leave, I'm in the future. The strongest take care of and take care of, their families take care that country and Vienna right now for allotted Democrats. It doesn't make sense to a lot of people I dropped. It makes sense to a lot of people for Republic but right now looks like might Bloomberg. There's a guy that knows how to punch tromp in the face he drives you crazy. Would you, when you show up in the present twitter feed as a democratic candidate? That can be a good thing and He certainly is the events of it. I think, would be interesting if there's no, the real estate changes right? We're too much much different terrain and if you look at that pupil, Willie that you talk about
Bernie Sanders was getting about nineteen percent of the african american boat collaboration. It's getting. Zero PETE was getting four percent. So you, if we're moving into a place where that african american vote that is spent voters really up for grabs in is different. Rain. We now know it's also really up for grabs and it will be interesting, the same kind of where that settles out over the course of the next and that's why it's a big question for people to judge and Amy Clover shower who both a great nights last night. You can take anything away from that great nights. The question is now: what are you going to place? we have not shown any support. Maybe that changes let's go to the Big Board. We find national political correspondent for see news, MSNBC still awake, I believe from last night, Steve Quacking Steve. How did they shake out for you? Last night, warrior surprises yeah couple a big surprise us here. Obviously, you ve been talking about the biggest theory that Amy Club a sharp moving up. Getting twenty percent coming within a few points.
GO judge their within six points of the lead Bernie Sanders. We saw pulling right after the ILO caucuses. Just over a week ago, we're clear Bashar was way back in mid single digits, and yet she ends up here. There was a moment. The when you're wondering. Could she actually win it talking? and I mean you're talking about this- is well Elizabeth. Warren and Joe Biden their support in New Hampshire over the closing few days in this campaign it just collapsed. Enclosure in the car A few days was the biggest single an official airy Buddha Judge also fitted earlier. In the week in we were showing some exit polls last night, half one half of the day, Riddick electorate here in New Hampshire said that final debate on the democratic side, Friday night that that final Mate was either a very important factor in their decision or the single most important factor, half of the democratic electorate. We have been talking all it seems that they have these debates they go on and on and on and on, and we say never
changes. Anything in these pause, it's like nobody's watching in New Hampshire. They were watching this debate on Friday night, those late designers, we saw they bring decisively towards Claw Bashar Buddha judge as well in both moved up late and again, I think you're. Talking about this. Can start to see it in some of these cities and towns. On the map here places We're sanders didn't do that. Well, they suburban to be little bit more upscale wake been higher income, that sort of thing white Collar bedroom, commute these things of that nature. The issue here for booted, judge and clover shouting lot of those places. They were splitting the vote, booty genuine when it by two points clear Bashar would win it by two point: and I think what one of them he did was to get some. Separation from the other two really sort of, thanks and vote in places like that. That's what might have been the machine to topple Sanders in this state, but yes Sanders able to win over off what saved him in New Hampshire. It wasn't really there suburbs I'm talking about. It was the cities in New Hampshire, the seven
he's cities in New Hampshire, we're Talkin Manchester National, conquered Dover Rochester Portsmouth in keen they all wrote to Bernie Sanders here, so Nashua come in late for him look Nashua that Navy Blue. You see how long the Mass New Hampshire line there that was Buddha Judge he was doing very well there, but does and I was able to hold them off a national, and I think that whisky, as you say, erase ghosts in the vat and now and then what we didn't have a huge hispanic, a black population in New Hampshire. You saw doing very well in pulling in Nevada. We haven't had need a month, they said real interesting test out there. So let me ask you see: what's look at the map really quickly did Elizabeth worn when a county No indeed, I should say they reported by city and terrorism we have shown, but we're not seen a mere wit, where you would have looked for it was this morning. We were kind of waiting on this. Let's go up here, hey over college terms. This is Dartmouth College. She got eighteen here she was close relatively speaking. She was eight points of Buddha Judge and then you look down
durham the University in New Hampshire. She got twelve percent. These are sort of this places, for, I think, interestingly, the mess Two sits candidates in New Hampshire. You would often look in places like this along the mass you here, your line, blood and medium seven percent right there, while Salem New Hampshire Tax, pretty sail in New Hampshire, six percent for Elizabeth Ward, folks, a lot of them are Boston, commuters reaction, whose its commuters mid single so our so, if I'm not mistaken Elizabeth Warranted and when single county in Iowa I didn't want to single township in New Hampshire. All right. I believe she ended up winning Johnson County Iowa by apply that's our city university via the next you see with war in is that support we're We have found it. It is so concentrated in places with a very large number of college degrees, white collar professionals, that sort of thing and you
still see it elsewhere that remains. It still remains a big mystery to me just how quickly she fell also. We heard a lot about the young coming out. What how is young vote last night was it down. So the share of the electorate that it represented eighty to twenty nine. The share of the electorate last night I ended up twenty nine at twelve percent. I write that down. There wasn't spoke happen. The share of the electorate bits. Eighteen to twenty nine ended up at twelve percent, anything to try to write on the standing up at twelve per. I only get in trouble twelve percent- it was nineteen percent while we're years ago, so that share was down sanders. Did not going to say. Well, you see this big age gap with him all the time he cleans up among eighteen to twenty nine year olds. He struggles a little bit
their yosemites excreta. He struggled so little bit, sixty five plus you seeing it there. I think he did a little bit better than perhaps you are expecting in that older category, but the other thing is seeing a screen right there. When you talk about Biden, acting in the final? We look at their core Bashar number at the bottom of your screen. Those are the numbers I spent last nine months telling you we're Joe Biden numbers he was barely registering. He was in a single digits with younger voters. Vote really under forty five years old, and he was leading among the oldest voters, and you saw it right there that seeing profile that Fit Biden this entire campaign, it basically vanished in the final, he's in New Hampshire and moved amicably, what about what about over all turn out? How did overrule turnout compare to four years? yes, I can show you is. We are still waiting for a three percent in New Hampshire, so we all have a final answer, but what we know right now with three percent of the state left to come. They are significantly past twenty. Sixteen levels are twenty. Sixteen democratic primary. They are significantly past that level in
They are on pace right now to be about equal with the two thousand level. That was, the Obama more prudently may pass that in this final three percent. I, what was your? What was your biggest surprise last night Steve looking at the members, it was ably closer, look we got a little bit of a hint over the weekend after that debate. Let me, there was a last minute moving her direction, wasn't sure at all. It was real or if it was a momentary blip we saw those exit polls and when those numbers started coming it, it was the fact that Amy Closure was able to consolidate so much of that binding and I think, a little bit there that war and support a move up and and and get within contention year and again, like I'm saying so many these towns. Last night, I was looking at the results coming in in saying, for, if you're clover shower look, this you're saying why couldn't I have just a little bit more from booted judge if you're Buddha You say why couldn't I've got just a little bit more from club, a shark, because it's it's not hard to look at this map in seal the scenario for each one of them. Where things break a little differently, they could catch by despair,
about a judge- or I thank you so much Steve Corner. Can we really do appreciate? They know it's been a really long nine. So you know it's interesting Willie, you you! After the first debate, we had every Democrat on the stage accept Joe Biden attacking Barack Obama. Obamacare was a sell out wing sell out. Obama was the worst is mostly through created, say this, but they might well said his immigrants in policy was this cruel is Donald they were so far left. They were just that. It's like they had been nothing but study on Twitter for like three months and they were playing to the tender twitter com. And so here we are then, after that, is actually vote and they actually did what we said they were. Then they do they. They they put a progressive in first place, Biden yeah, you you look. It
me being the surprise out of New Hampshire in and, of course, no pay, and Add up those and Joe Biden. You suddenly have why sixty percent of the democratic majority being moderate Democrats, which is what the Poles have been saying for years. Yet, if you want another, the campaign trails, we did in New Hampshire. Last three days and you listen, the stump speech from Amy publish our aunt people to judge it went out of its way in for both of them to say we need option Medicare for all, but with an option. I want to take away your private health insurance, all those pot buttons about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WAR in that it concerns some voters we had. Well Bashar and Budapest guy on saying I'm not gonna. Do that stuff we ve got a global sharp, for example, said: yes, of course, there's a place in our party for people who are, life. What are we talking about here? Should, of course, there is so little B, Int people included, Judge enclosure, and you have one Bernie
closure, and you have one Bernie Sanders so how moderate voters vote. Will they go out but which are well. They go with the new judge. It remains to be seen, let's go to Le Maire, Jonathan? We were out in the campaign trail together we suck which are we saw Buddha judge as well. The prison I'd states. The man you cover every day was up. Tweeting was interests last night about this race as well. Yeah he's been, keenly watching the democratic field on unfold here and has tried to put some on the scale as best it can. We ve heard him repeatedly tried to take hey almost side with Bernie Sanders, there's no sense in the White House in his political Tina. That's who he wants to face this fall. I think that there is some pushed back in some quarters world suggesting that Bernie Sanders historic changes. Them would change the map general lecture map in a different way. Perhaps he could be competitive in those trio of of rust bout states that we know could decide the election this all that he always really play well there. In twenty
Sixteen. We know that the president has repeatedly going after my Bloomberg, who he, who people around him. Feel like is growing as as a threat, I am seize upon the audio tape about Mayor Bloomberg, defending the use of stopping frisk, rather than have but his campaign are trying to make inroads with african american voters when a little more support than last time round or at the very least, sort of depressed turn up suggesting there's not much of a difference between where the problem is. The Democrats are- and we of course in fact check that that sort of the strategy there, but it turns to take from this weekend. I mean it's, it's it's from New Hampshire, its remarks. It wasn't that long ago, the Joe Biden was the clear front runner. Shall you be the nominee and then Elizabeth warmest where the trend me pick that she was surging over the summer and earn the early fall words, she had a lot of momentum and she was gonna, be a force to be reckoned with here. The two them might even be considered co front runners and to have them fall. Like this, you draw such dramatic fashion, is going to real questions.
The viability going for we know Joe Biden is paying a lot on Afro American voted in South Carolina fact. He fled New Hampshire yesterday afternoon the fly down to South Carolina to make that sort of statement which warns values stay in the race, but she's going to theirs an obvious state, unheard of pick up any time soon and look Bernie and is right now, that's a narrow win, maybe narrower than people thought, and certainly a small. When twenty sixteen, but he's here, Now, these two falada he he's and she's in front with Paypal. The judge not far behind Amy Clover Charter to win but she's gonna be able needs, is a fund raising to stay viable going for. We ve gotten cynical in these early weeks about first to states would centre to white. They they don't represent the Democratic party. Of course we know what happened in they will say there is still some magic in the snows of New Hampshire they cause is a state that still does not give a damn whether National Press says when three or four people start coming up to you,
on Saturday and Sunday go like Amy Gaming, I gave you soon pretty well, and you start getting phone calls might be aim. I don't know, and it s by the word, spreads some town now and under it ended, subterranean allotted times. National media doesn't pick it up like two thousand eight with Hillary Clinton, but there's still magic and I'll. Tell you what it what I love is, despite all of the Bee ass They- they get swirled around for two years. People in New Hampshire Watch that debate on Friday and if you are a Democrat and you are for president. You better be ready on the Friday night. It was yours on Friday or Saturday think it might have been on a that Friday night, that made all the difference for Hilary made a difference for Amy. I love the fact that
still watch those debates and its deal so different s, crazy, I'm Amy the Big story, the nights, I think, may repeat as well. Incredibly impressive. Some people learn the hard in the new HBO film Bad Education Academy, award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni, STAR long, island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie all Hugh Huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin, played by Alison Janni, their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes, his power and the illusion of a success- will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't
would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley, depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute, RE, Romano and Geraldine. This one Nathan, film, Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell off when people listen to music there,
feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress?. All for lawyers prosecuting longtime Trump Associate Roger Stone abruptly quit the case yesterday after the Just apartment announced its plans to reduce that recommended sentence for Roger Stone. The revised puzzled does not ask for a specific sentence, but it suggests it should be, It also urges the judge to take into account stones, advanced age, health, personal sarka.
Owns advanced age, health, personal circumstances and luck. Criminal minds in fashioning inappropriate Hunton SAM, his grooming wait a lowering of the decision to pull back on the request to sentence stone to set to nine years in prison. Shortly after President Trump blasted, the proposal on Twiddle Twitter calling it a quote miscarriage of justice. However, the deed J, says the decision to override the sentencing recommendation was made for the always the receipts. Roy com but then trot who spoke to reporters in the oval office yesterday and tat. He was not involved in the d, a Jays decision about stone. Silent, other than white way to where we were. We blindness- I don't play this. I don't need virus I don't know it's a lie. I don't wanna play it. Why would we put the press? Ok, here's the deal the present yesterday and said he had nothing to do with us, Way if the presence, tweeting
work together to do this and by the way, if the Roy tweeting, what His carriage of justice in your attorney general is Roy COM. What else to sail. Ask Michael Collen how the President telegraphs, what he wanted. People to do is SIRI Roy Code. We were attorney general, William BAR knew exactly what he was supposed to do now, and this is staggering, as it gets legal level, and so the president, of course getting what he wanted from his Roy cone went on twitter less. My you know, was lashing out at the forefront, figures, and it just take that down can really that's a lie to just now that he lied in his We last night ill at ease he's going crazy. Firing american heroes kicking amount of his White House he's asking for women. Who's in american hero.
Literally in american hero war hero to be prosecuted for telling the truth about what Donald Trump did write and why republican senator, said Donald Trump what are you thinking right now, so Collins, and now I like so Susan Collins, I'm care. I'm curious, a still think that Donald Trump, learned his lesson or if the lessons I'll drop, learned blind with letters like you giving him a blank cheque. He can do, whatever the hell he wants, then that's on you, Simon that's all you Rogers Stone Susan Islands that so new and more Alexander, its own EU and its own. Every Republican that taught Donald Trump. Once again, There are no consequences to his actions. So this is your fault. This is your countrymen.
We it's not like. We just started saying this- that Donald Trump Studies show that there are boundaries. We said this Paul Ryan in the summer of two thousand sixteen, when he endorsed Donald Trump and get nothing in return for it. Republicans from that, went forward, have never held them accountable, and that's why we are our constitutional republic literally then the institutions in it literally are being challenged. Single day by this would be dictator. I've ever say that sense, tough, doesn't it You tell me what's. The word I must tell me: is this Donald Trump? Would Donald Trump not do whatever he could do? If you can get away with it, nurse, I figured arrest every journalist he didn't like we get arrest us tomorrow. Let me ask you: a question:
haven't you would arrest us tomorrow? You think you to rest the editor of the New York Times. The editor of the Washington Post Jeff Baisers, you think it arrests and the more on thrown in jail. The silent MIKE Eddie. You think they could. If you say he, wouldn't you just lying to yourself, he won't get with whatever he can get away with, and he did this yesterday, something stored, marry that hasn't been in our lifetime- he did it because republican senators, gave him a blank cheque. Congratulations, Susan Collins can grow regulations, Corti gardener claims, relations. Lindsey, congratulations, Martha mixed Sally can go regulations the guy in North Carolina with thirty one percent approval. Writing congratulations! Tommy boy, good job, Tommy boy! This is on your shoulders. Let's bring right
Former. U S, attorney MSNBC contributor, barbaric way and then be see. Those course the covering national security and intelligence Kinda Lamy and translate a stroke, warning is entitled bar takes control of eco matters. That's one way to put it of interested drop in including the stone sentencing we'll get the cannon? The second Barbara, as is, might be the dramatic, as I really hate being melodramatic at six thirty three in the morning, but is this happened in my lifetime, even back when I was playing T bordering Watergate has this happened before known, that I am aware of and Joe two things that I think people should be aware of number one. The regional sentence, that the prosecutors asked Seventy nine years is the centre guidelines sentence. That's the presumptive sentence: that's not a high number of those who those guidelines so here is warrant by going out of their way to get Rogers Stone. Those
the deal Jays on guidelines not even deal Joe, the! U S sentence in commission guidelines. They gather data from all over the country about cases they put aggravating. Just which are not mentioned in the second memo that was filed by Timothy Shea and than John Crab aggravating factors that occurred in this case, like Roger Stones behaviour during trial, like his actual obstruction, that prevented Congress from getting information like his to kill one of the witnesses. Those are the kinds of things that contributes to that calculus and that calculation was seventy nine years they were not asking for anything hire them. Those! U S! Sentencing guidelines provided the other thing, Joe, that I think people should know, is in a cage of this magnitude. No way did they show the: U S attorney and William BAR, not now what the number would be on Monday, when that sentencing memo was filed, the only thing that shit
between Monday and Tuesday, when the supplemental filing was made, was present trumps tweet and that's why, many of my colleagues and I are just outraged that the Justice Department did this about face changed its position. After seeking a guy, incentives, and the only thing that appears to have changed between those two events is president trumps tirade on Twitter. That suggests that the Department of Justice has been taken over by politics the four prosecutors, as you know, on the case, resigned immediately. One of them left the Justice Department altogether, Europe, former: U S attorney, how the ordinary: is that step? Have you seen that before and what would it take for? You resign from your career. What would be the sir stands at around a decision like that. It is extremely drastic measure. I think that those of us who work in the Justice Department today are seeing them as heroes for doing that. Not only with from the case, but one instance since, as you mentioned, leaving your job that USA was a particularly
would a USA. He was well known. He had been a Supreme Court clerk had done with work at the Justice Department. These are great jobs, p, work very hard to get them their highly competitive. They are considered. Plum jobs in the legal community to leave it. As this is a very significant sacrifice, even to choose to quit the case It is a very significant step. That's a big message! Kendall! Anyone can you talk about bars role in all of this and the implications will meagre we're we're reporting This is part of a pattern where bar and in his top AIDS, it looks like they are seeking to take control of every single case that job is concerned about. You know William Bards well known. He believes that the most Investigation was improperly founded that it was the result of a bunch of political hacks getting together
and trying to frame the president that it was over zealous, and so now you have not only in this Roger Stone case, but in the Might Flint sends a case where we were up The intention to the impeachment trial prosecutors filing New document, saying that they were ok with Flynn getting probation. That was a change from their prior position where they had been. Commending, pray, time, and what carefully- and I are reporting is that that came under pressure from bar and his top AIDS, and you don't look as Barbara was saying it's not common for senior officials of the just form to weighing on them. Debate about a sentencing guideline in your. They have an argument here that you know well Stone was convicted of way Intimidation, the witness he threatened Rennie credit GO is now saying I didn't really take it as a threat, so maybe you can have a disk the guidelines what's different here, as they filed a document with a court saying it's the position of the Justice Department that the guidelines-
seventy nine years and then the next day, the Justice Department BAR and his aids completely under cut the work and the work of those. Public services carry. This is in our positions. Of course they had to resign. They were there their home in time he was called into question and mine. Nobody has ever seen this before? I can prosecutors stepping out of a wee wee, no federal judges are very independent lie, and- and is it not likely- that this federal Judge lifetime appointment might look at the first recommend recommendation. And look at all the nonsense. Whirling around the presents twitter feed and look at just help Vatican. Obsequious Roy Count turning General Roy counts being and say a lot we have followed? The first recommendation this is this is in fact it would be.
Tsar for him not to since these go along with the regular guidelines, so the judge can still followed the first, the first recommendations in what you say it be even more likely than not that he or she would it's just Amy, Berman, Jackson and no famously there was insane. We're Roger Stone posted a photo, of her in the crosshairs. I was part of that conduct now using it during the trial so Absolutely I showed this. Maybe this may turn out to be bad for Roger Stone. This whole controversy, because the judge it doesn't have to follow the guidelines. In fact, there I've talked to many Legal observers who said, look there's no way stone. First offender senior citizens was nine years, in this case, that's not happening, but now she's she's gotta are about what happened. What one of my sources predicted that she will call interim yours attorney Timothy shape to do that. Roman demand, an explanation for why one day
Does this parliament said seventy nine years and the next day they completely chain actually knows these prosecutors withdrew. I mean we all watching it was incredibly so what you were watching the website or the federal court system pacer and refreshing the die and one by one. These letters came in from the four prosecutors resigning from case and in one case, Jonathan Kravis quitting all day, the just for me was deputy chief of the fraud and public corruption section of the U S, journeys offers an important job as barbarous eddied worked for two Supreme court. Justice is a public servant about of impeccable integrity signing the department in protest. We ve never seen anything like this Barbara to ask the same question view about the likelihood that the judge we followed the first recommendation unmet I've. Never I certain never been around, never known, never, projects for a federal judge specially north Florida, my God, if you trade forthwith Florida, the federal judge, regardless of who appointed
would come down hard on. Whoever was standing. Brought. I am representing the government levied. Isn't it just is likely that this actually backfires on stone? Well, I think, if you judge, Amy Berman Jackson, two things one is: you said Joe Judges famously independent, and so she is going to decide what she thinks. The right sends recommendations are just that and then she eggs her own decision about what that sentence should be, and I think the other thing that's important, as does Google is Roger Stone is that she should not take. On him, the misconduct what's going on within the Department of Justice, so that's a distraction that she's gone the set aside, but I agree with, can if Amy Berman Jackson. I would call in this department and say what is going on here, which is your actual recommendation, why did happen, and so it wouldn't surprise me to see her. All intimately shea? Who is the? U S attorney made, even these for lawyers who have withdrawn The case to ask what happened here, why
is this: why did you reckon You can change and what is the actual position of the Department of Justice, and I think that I'm sorry guard barbaric invasion. Do that before the sentencing hearing, so as not to make it about Roger Stone and to make it about what happened here at the Justice Department to find out. What is that the true recommendation and what caused them to change their minds? And, of course, you don't want it to be taken out on on any depth, defended the actions of body else. At the same time, it yet The recommendation was: seventy, nine, those are they guidelines, it's not turning mitigating factors going and Roger Stones Bay Way he acted horribly for an during his trial time and time again, he showed absolutely no respect. He show contempt for the judicial system. So any argument from the OJ suggesting that this guy is odor break her eye,
again. I I'd be shocked if that didn't fall on deaf ears of any federal and just have to back up its shock and every day with this presidency and it's very easy to get data desensitized, but this president influencing the judicial system to help out of body trying to this is not America. Well, when that but with this he's trying to, let me stay with America's America. Is for that matter, checks and balances, and there are still three branches- guess what he can. He can do what he wants to do in the second branch, the first branches Fleetly capitulated, at least on the Senate side, we'll see if the judges continue to live by the US face water when they took that long term unemployment, because for the most part they have the past three years they have held farm.
And they say, candle annual Delaney in and Barbara Quaid. Thank you both for joining us this morning. They guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. Forty eight pass the hour a scratchy recording of former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has been circulating on social media since Tuesday appear To show the billionaire presidential candidate defending the city. Stop and frisk policy in starkly ray. We'll terms here is an excerpt from that recording murders. Murderers
What are you had they May I say faster and Sender supporter Benjamin Dixon on Twitter and was taken from Bloomberg. I've podcast her in supporter Benjamin Dixon on Twitter and was taken from Bloomberg comments at the Aspen Institute back and twenty fifteen Bloomberg went on to say quote: we put the cops and minority neighborhoods. Yes, that's true, why did we do it because that's where all the crimes, on Tuesday morning Bloomberg issued a statement apologizing saying in part. I inherited the police practice of stop and frisk and as part of our effort to stop gun violence, it was used. I regret that, and I have apologised, sometimes taken responsibility for taking too long to understand the impact it has on black and latino communities,
and we see news- has learnt that the lumber campaign was aware of the twenty fifteen reporting and had prepared a plan for responding. One of came out just now the host of MSNBC politics nation in present into the national action network, Reverend Del sharpen and in Chad. Tennessee where Bloomberg is campaigning? Today, national, political, reporter NBC News, Josh, Letterman, so so rob this is a very surprising for a lot of people, but for those- and I can't we talk to this before you and I for those that have followed Bloomberg career. He actually gave an interview in New York magazine or at the same exact thing. You said our comes down to data. Yes, there are places in in Brooklyn and in the Bronx This is where the majority of murders occur. You can put a circle around it. You can look at it Mcgrath actually look at data, and he said,
in this New York magazine interview exactly what he said there: defending stop and frisk where for putting the police were the Krajina. What's the difference This too, is where he says: minority communities is directly racial and those of us that at protest to step in had said all along it was raised base, we will call all kinds of names same. We're trying to make something racial that was, in fact a crime fighting they. He says you. Do a xerox company bees are the ones doing the crime which is really profile. Now he is its apologized and walked back to the palace he was re space and for the present of the United States to put out get that. Blue bird was racism. I supported this policy and went to Chicago last year. We ought to have stopped and for its nationally is laughable did so
real downside for Bloomberg politically is this? Is racial language coming out of his mouth, the opposite, is that every candidate in Israel has a raise problems you have globally. I was really were accused of a race case when she was a prosecutor in her instead of men. Assorted issues has got to explain now. Does she the top three you have border checks would police problems. So I think that if anything, it's time for everybody to come to the altar and repair of the racial sins. Try convince the public and black voters in particular that they are really seeing the arab their ways, but they can act like they did not do what they do and say what they said so for MIKE Bloomberg. I He'S- got a really talk about this- you can't just profess. I'm sorry, I think it's gotta be a conversation outside of his comfort zone, and because this is a policy read that he over
four years I I learned and that this was a problem jury the time. What am I missing, because not only was it race based, but an on the lives of thousands of Americans Malian do authorities through the whole of the horse, therein lines and court houses because of little you know, tickets right and left I mean This is what I did I'm involving problem. They give me to understand the zeal of your mother. Can you imagine the anxiety families at every day, kids, eighteen to twenty four graveside say I hope my child is not while this did language, they did not turn against the wall added. We have shown the police killing at all. I mean the whole.
Really with Lily on, do see where any less. While you were much why community and you did that kid- you find partner. Pockets indeed put him in jail tell, but it only happened to blacken exec, that's what is designed for the immense or we would say, and we much people we member of the uneasy pre imagination at work. We had one tens of thousands went to his house, it wasn't like saying we're not raising these. How does he deal with this? This is much deeper than he's. Gonna have to come out of his conduct zone and have a real conversation with real people are trying to deal with a job but set of constitutional rights your civil liberty, all the people that were dealing with you can't just. I know he had a meeting yesterday with some black menaces. Those who are very good. But you can't just talk to people that work DE. I can give the order and he's got a really re interviews, and you have to be honest and how you jump into the debate he's right factually in the statement he released in response to the video, but he
just simply inherit the inherit the practice yet overcome between two thousand to two thousand and eleven stop and frisk increased Sevenfold under undermine brew humbugs mayor ship and the New York Times FAT checked this. So you can't just simply tried to Fledgeby he's gonna have to address this shoe head on and directly if there issue here, particularly in the context of black lives matter, he has to sergeant Whitley, as was even before black lives matter slogan, I think the thing he's got to deal with is when you talk about the dead. There were more in the black community it. These? Would it make arrest warrant a black and we, of course, there's gotta be more arrest you? Why
movement away community. So let me get this right. I'm gonna put all my focus Zone Willie, I'm gonna ignore Joe, and then I would say that they really was the one causing trouble, because I asked why I was making the folk isn't as well as making me rest. It was patently unfair a deal would he has adopted by the way you remember from nine was right, as I always do it and Rev he's got to do it. He's gotta, come back to New York City, exert and talk about the families at or impacted by talk to the people who were impact there, but he can't just pick out at a time of administration but a minister here, Minister there in a carefully crafted situation where he's in a bubble like he's been and above all, these play it safe that's his joy note. Above all, as I hear he's, gotta come to New York level is over and again he has got to talk about a New York clover just to deal with the issue in Minnesota, Aboot again
it has to deal with it as he has itself been set Those who did vote for the crab bill is about the only one who is at least strongly came out about. Well, he was wrong, but me over them raised now you're way out recently. These democratic candidates who have problems with african american voters, potentially might Bloomberg going to manage the dagger. I've used the cylinder and few except we go again. We see that bullies doing well with african american voters nationally better than he was anyway but read. Let me ask you what could make Limburg say too if he did come in and sit down the heat. Here's what he said basically said. First, the first couple months varies, and nobody has asked me about it. Will they have asked him about? His is the first time, a chance to say thing. What I would say is I'm very sorry I apologize. Those communities? I didn't realize how bad it was. So he said that what else could it, say to convince you that he actually believes that the policy was based daddy's gotta a not deal with just me. He's gotta come in and deal with this whole city and the whole country,
arms of showing that he understands the the injury that was the right this. This is not just something that I can make a difference: Should I used to be for this act now. Put this to the injury. This disrupt did people where there was databases, data rate. This is all he does. It say that exact I data doesn't take into context, humanity and reality where you will focus our job is to secondary opportunities. The mayor, Blue, we saw this policy for twelve years. People like Reverend sharpen pro as against he could have apologised for it. Then he could have had come to Jesus and set in realise how disruptive this was so does it care, any way doesn't mean anything for him to say that now that he's running for president say all now, I see that it was bad. What not know, though It has to come with concrete policy initiatives right so the way
she's talking about the Greenwood initiative. What is the content of those policies? How will speak not only to the king? here in Europe. But how will we speak to black communities across the country must be very clear way. White America commits itself to racist, policies and then comes to have come to Jesus moment in says. Oh, my god, I didn't think how bad it was a black America. It doesn't mean that Black America suddenly is ok with the years of races, politics. We still have to deal with the pain we still have to do with. The fact that we are children walked around and were thrown up against walls. We still have to do with the fact that our children, caught up in dragonettes and thrown into the criminal justice system is that, like we just forgot it because you had to come the Jesus mom. So what he has to do is lay out. A specific legal basis was interesting, Let me quote was shot before everybody. Tar talking about ethical She hasn't even put out a plan. We haven't least Douglas plan from from both a judge we ve had.
And from from Sanders we got the Greenwood Initiative from Bloomberg, what was your hasn't even talked about where they do not to have a plan and the only good news for their bids. Donald Trump was so bad, Issues would blacks You know he said if you shut, someone when the food Avenue its people still vote for, if he here somebody in the middle of fifth blacks would vote for me, so he is so bad today. Find a way without a real look. Now take this take maize, everybody say wait a minute. We really Wanna. Nobody alternatives really are. In a rare moment, self Awareness President Trump Card Bloomberg Racist on Twitter and deleted the tweets that that's why I have somebody might have reminded him. We supported the policy areas still does the that he's calling graces so Josh Letterman. You are covering Mare, Bloomberg, your with intent to see today how big a problem today
view this as an what's their approach today to put out the statement yesterday, as those tapes rolled out where they can do today was making mentioned earlier. The lubricant in new. This tape was out there according to campaign officials that I've been speaking do so they knew that this was going to become an issue at some point. There. Theory of this is that this is kind of baked into the way that voters are likely to view MIKE Bloomberg because look at if you live somewhere, other than New York City, and you ve heard about one thing that happened in New York City government during the Bloomberg years. It's probably stop in France, because that was a pretty prominent thing. What they didn't anticipate was that the president was gonna so quickly give them an opening to take this out of the context of the democratic primary and make it about trump verses. Bloomberg adds the president's latest attack on MIKE Bloomberg, which is a real gift to the bumper campaign because of the president's on record on sovereign risk and his support for it. As you were justice,
so we expect the Bloomberg campaign, as he's campaigning here in Tennessee today, to really make this about Trump, as opposed to about my. Moves on personal record on this. I wanna get Jonathan Le Maire, and here he's got the trunk trump angle on this. What's the dynamic between Trump and Bloomberg, on stopping frisk, we'll John, fortune said already. The president has supported sovereign frisky still supports Dobbin Press. He pushed it for a national policy nets. Chicago, and back and twenty thirteen he put out a tweet finding the use of stop. First in New York City, defending re Kelly than the police, pressure for Michael Blue there is certainly a degree of hypocrisy there, but the trump. Why US campaigns. Trying to do is this with with Bloomberg who they they view as a arising threat and lets note this audio comes out just after them whole the show that Bloomberg was having increased support from. Where the voters really chipping into Joe Biden, Lee
they're in the democratic primary field and the present EU tweeted out did the bipolar was racist. He then later delete that Tweedy talked about it yesterday. Why money between ITALY, the tweet says because he thought it was too offensive and is trying to bring the country together, which is, of course, which is always and then his more days that not, but the campaign is trying to do this there. There try to feel like today there's a window there to try to build some african american support. We know that there really tat in their criminal justice reform the sentencing act. That was the subjects of their Superbowl add the biopsy highly watch you pull out from a few weeks ago about prison reform, and they think that they have attacked by doing that and touting some economic growth in the african working community. They can work not a lot, but some voters, or at the very least, suggest that there isn't much of a difference between report policies and democratic policy is not an immediate, obviously told me. They think what most Republicans are. Second, eight or nine percent people very
high up there tell him you they think they can get fifteen sixteen eighteen. Twenty percent of the black Yet this sort of a split thinking in that trunk campaign about that jarred cushioned who was behind some the cruel, just reform does believe that the trunk campaign make really inroads with a black boat and he's play a large role in the campaign tragic there. Others think it's perhaps it is realistic, but they feel like they can wars more voters or at least deep depressed among black voters who like go for Democrats and twenty twenty sort of again suggesting that we saw that the pragmatic turnout dipped in twenty six as well for Hillary Clinton than in some of these states were the margins are going to be so slim that might be enough to capture place, like Pennsylvania, Michigan and was constant again doesn't Le Maire, and this is just Letterman. Thank you. Both hey. It's crusades this week on my part, ass, wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bird Strong, but what we do and dont know about
run a virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there, they really They often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago, that Switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet. Of course, there's more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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