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Most Republicans predicted the president would be chastened following his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial. Yet Trump's actions and remarks since show something different. The panel discusses.

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You think he has regret with what he did. I think he'll be instructed by what has occurred here. What lesson did you learn from impeachment that they Democrats are crooked, that he knows now that if he is trying to do certain things whether its ferreting out corruption there in Afghanistan, whatever it is, you need to go through the proper channels. The girdle crooked lunge growing. The vicious They should know brought impeachment if a call like that gets you in impeachment. I would thank you would think ICE before he did it again. All numbers are ten points higher, because a fake news like NBC, which report The news very inaccurately, probably more inaccurately than CNN. If that's possible, stay and see. I believe that the president has learned from this case the press on and has been in page that some pretty big glass then
Emma s head and if you take a look at em busy, I think there are among the most dishonest reporters of than his self. You didn't hear that last part, Senator least more Cowskin says no, trot, has not changed its behaviour. In fact, concerned more rider. Windsor man points out if the president did learn any lessons from his widow that as an is it's easier to commit. Hi crimes and misdemeanours in public view, to avoid all those annoying investigations. So now it's you Tromp has Carte Blanche to enact his revenge, remove those who testified with drawing nominations, attacking a judge, attacking prosecutors, attacking the FBI unleashing the iter, general to do his dirty work, good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Thursday February Thirteenth along
Joe willing and may we have Emerson BC Tributor MIKE Barnacle former aid to the door, W Bush, White House and state departments, Elise, Jordan, former senior As for the house, oversight in Government Reform Committee now morning, Joe contributor, Kurt Bardell and CO found and CEO of Access Jim Vandam I am Joe. He continues to make fools of Republicans every step of the way. Why me most then they knew he was going to hang around. Thereby amounts were there before, so there are liars trying to cover up for the fact that there are too afraid to do the right thing, because they may lose a couple of points for their approval. Writing, but really it is it is. This is so predictable don tromp goods pass smaller investigation right after Robert Mahler testifies. What happens when the next day he starts at on Ukraine and EAST. It's doing things it gets him impedes rightly impeached, and if he wants to call that a fake impeachment or if
his lackeys on television? Why would you call that a fake email they have to do is list the words of Republicans and the Senate? said. He asked what he did was terribly wrong. We just don't have the courage to actually lie to me and so what happens after this he's now just eat just full on once again challenging the dependence of the federal judiciary he's he is corrupting the Department of Justice and that we haven't seen since John Mitchell was was the attorney general for Richard Milhouse, an exit he's he's telling the military to investigate war hero simply because That war hero reported was the truth and we could go through laundry list of this, but, although it again and again to all Donald Trump is doing Harding himself fears that guy who can't stand success. A spate of poles have come
over the past several days it show, is approval ratings back in the low forties again, forty percent and the latest Reuters Ipsos among all Americans. Forty four percent with registered voters, another policy I'm sitting at forty three forty four percent. This is a guy again, he can stand success. Everybody was too but his approval ratings are forty nine percent. Now he has a full three percent resident and that's all he will ever be because he can handle it says he is. He acts too much like punks that we see on playground. They may be, the worst basketball players ever buy you played against. Am I made against them and pick up games, they score two points and they go down the court acting like their magic Johnson, injustice
My game pie was yet this is. This is Donald Trump Post impeachment this is they post impeachment trump? Most people expected to see as we, That many times we come to accept, This from him. We know who Donald Trump is it's the people around him who make all this possible. It's all those Senate, Republicans that you just showed their that continue to support president, as he tramples on the rule of law and its now, is attorney general and then, thank goodness for some of these federal prosecutors. Stepped aside from the Roger Stone CASE in protest, one who left the Justice Department. These are career people, we're taking a stand and saying you ve corrupted the Jew leave, give corrupted. The just wait a branch but you're not gonna, get to us in the judicial Brad. So let's lay out some of these concerns for the rule of law as president from cell rates. What many see as a blatant attack on this country's independence system of justice? It follows the Justice Department decision to.
Overall, its own prosecutors in what looks like an effort to help the as friend, Roger Stone, get a lesser prison sentence. The present denies intervening, but his tweet criticising the recommended sentence. Just before slashed and his tweaking. Actual the attorney general afterward obviously suggests but otherwise they treated Jabez stone very badly. They traded everybody very badly and if you look the mother investigation. It was a scam because it was illegal we set up it's a disgrace and frankly, they are due I chose to a lot of people whose lives Zeebrugge, and I want to thank the Justice Department for seeing this is hard, one thing I did you speak to him by the way just say you understand they said the horrible, those of a nine year sentence, but doing nothing murders and drug attics it'll get nine years, nine years for doing something that nobody even can define what he did:
Peters concerned about anything they undergo factors, learn because I'll tell you what the way they traded people. Nobody should during a lever. I want to say that yet, but I tell you what people were heard viciously and badly by these corrupt people. So all of that fund all of this. After impeachment, there is the dismissal of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander VIN men and the suggestion he should be prosecuted, the firing of Ambassador Gordon Sunlit, the withdrawal Treasury nomination of the former? U S attorney, who oversaw stuff prosecution in the false plain that Bob Mahler lied to Congress. Also, this morning the New York Times is Peter Baker. Reports that more axes are sure to fall. He right this quote a keen actual secure. Council official is said by colleagues, do face dismissal and the last, the dozens of career officials being transferred out of the White House may be gone
by the end of the week, so hurt Bardell of the press in United States is getting exactly what he hoped for, which is a government and not just the executive branch, but the legislator. Branch and now, potentially the judicial branch as the just Department, at least led by attorney general bar completely controlled by one man. Him I mean the just. Parliament now is basically his own personal law firm that he can use to inflict revenge. On his enemies and adversaries, and I think that what we are seeing is incredibly disturbing. We ve seen systematically here. First, it was a leading checks and balances with the legislative branch, ignoring their subpoenas not cooperate with their investigations. Instructing people not to cooperate with Congress at all. Now that he's been locked, off the hook by Senate Republicans, we're seeing him do the same thing to the Justice Department. Wishing him instruct the attorney general to effectively go he and his guys go after his adversaries and it's one of the most, dangerous things going on right now, it really sets estates for what we're up against and twenty twenty that this election and twenty two
so much more about whether your left, consort over or our liberal or whether you like health care, Control is so much deeper than that, because the entire states of our democracies at play, if this is Trump running for reelection. We're politician usually are at their best behaviour. Imagine what trouble gonna be like if it gets reelected, has nothing to run for ever again in our democracy. Functions on branches and then being staffed up and some of them thereof, This point dangerous. So thanks to those for fork or creating. This situation were finally hearing from former Whitehouse chief the chief of staff, John Kelly, sounding off on present in Tromp as the Atlantic reports, the retired general Expire, General explained in the clearest terms, yet behaviour regarding North Korea, immigration and Ukraine speaking last night at drew university. Last night always drew university Kelly said that Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Benjamin was training, following the training
aid received as a soldier quote, he did exactly what we teach them. Do from cradled a grave Kelly added, we teach don't follow when the legal order, if you ever one you will raise it with. Whoever gives it to you and then you tell your boss, Joe well, don't fall and the legal order, and thank you too, General Kelly for telling. Prove that's where we are now in twenty twenty we actually command, It in former officials for just telling that and telling Americans what we ve always now once what we once knew that office cars in the military should not follow illegal women being drunk out of the White House and being a bit recommended for profit accused by a committee
during chief who, by the way, decided a pardon war criminals that that that did did unspeakable things. In the name of the american military, but here we have a real hero, who does its twin we're to follow a who were a few to follow and their legal order, and Oh, it's so interesting that he he did that Elise, Jordan and you had applicants saying he was a hero, lids Cheney, talking about how Lieutenant Colonel Amendment should never be disparaged because he was an american hero. You had even Lindsey gram telling Donald Trump. He should get involved in the judicial process, the way he has in this Roger stone process. Of course, Donald Trump.
Listen of that remember when he was going to fire, Gordon Simon, you had all of these. Public and senators who had just voted to acquit Quick Donald Trump unimpeachable offence. Events, is it. He said that they said actually that he committed going and asking We don't fire sandwich. Donald Trump didn't listen. And so he's one over all of these senators, because the only on that is shown that he'll stand up and I actually act patriotic American means staring down. The present the United States has been bit Romney. The rest have just been shameful, and so we runs overcome and we find ourselves where we are right now, with judicial independence at risk. Its staggering that it's only been a week since Donald Trump was acquitted and you go through the litany of things.
That he's done just that week then Sunland the Roger Stone case. He attacked FBI director He is so empowered. He had the best week he had ever had and then literally just goes on us. Borri are rampage, of tat. Came the norms and the boundaries of rule of law and imagine what is Doing behind the scenes and saving far deleted, calls that we don't even know, I guess now he is failing competent that he's banks. Joe Biden and got away with pursuing his banana republic aid for political intelligence trade, but we do we know the half of it at this point, that is for sure you MIKE my bonnet I do want to follow up on something readily said, because I agree: She said, but she talked about Donald
vanquishing Joe Biden then- and there was a little twitter back and forth yesterday when I congratulated the present for an effect getting himself impede stuff or a fifth place finish our new Hampshire. A lot said. Well, you know it's probably Donald Trump dead that cause Joe Biden D, so poorly in Iowa New Hampshire? I I actually brought up tweet that I set out on November, the first of last year reported what I had heard from buying fun razors that even in October, before all of this blew up they were concerned about Joe Biden having a fourth play. Finnish and Iowa in New Hampshire and being out of money by end of the year. Donald Trump didn't cause Joe by these problems and I were New Hampshire. They Cowan dad they produce mentally wide states. By
guy, whose most of his support comes. The base of his support comes from black boat or so That's all idea that some Donald Trump his cause, Joe Biden, poor, finishes. That's fantasy this guy bad on the fifth place, whore and I were New Hampshire and get himself impeached over it. Joe. Would the greedy would agree with you with that November tree, but clearly the impact the continued assaults on Hunter biden- charisma with Joe Biden, the former vice president linked to it, did damage to his candidacy, Joe, you could just picked up anecdotally, but to the larger point that you are talking about, we ve all been talking about. Transfer Behaviour over the past week, Kurt raised the issue. You imagine what he will be like a year from now. If he is reelected, he'll, be totally unbound than Jim
The high last night general these comments at the university. Where are you speaking? Here's the is one quote now agenda Vindelin was he was tantamount to hearing in a legal order and Kelly Pray still for doing what he did. He indicated on it, Our girl, the Navy seal, who Donald Trump basically pardoned was the wrong thing to do for the president and the team Kelly may have been able to change is mine if he Kelly John Kerry, was still in the chief of Staff office. That raises the question now The presence of the United States seemingly has narcotics size. The entire republican membership of the United they'd, send it to his behaviour in narcotics, sized huge elements of the country,
with this fire hose of stories each and every day, what an Democrats due to run against him. I think there is any question like there's two two parts to it like one any republic Kane who thought that Trump was gonna change, is either being dishonest or totally delusional. Talk to anyone around Trump and Jerry commissioner and others, and they feel more invincible than ever, and so what he's done this last week was totally predictable and you'll see more of it, not less than that they feel stronger than ever. The way you against and there is a weakness there. There is concern deep inside the White House at one is it when sixty five percent of people like the economy? Why when you have joblessness so low if he continues to pose. We're Joe sat around somewhere in the mid forties on paper, despite Democrats
he's is actually looks more readable, then you would say from these conversations with Democrats. National poles state poles in all of them, terms not doing well. He looks like a pretty weak incumbent president, so why do you say, while he's getting money cage? Why do you think that forty four percent, this movable seemingly unmovable forty four percent number? Why do you think that's the case because of that the Gallup poll rate, is highest number, which is forty nine percent. One per cent of people don't have an opinion on him. Like name a person in your life who doesn't have opinion item you either love him. Are you hate him and nobody is in the middle but love em is somewhere around forty four forty five percent, and it has it really budged up this is the fact that a lot of the things he said at least at the beginning of that state of the union speech in terms of the stat they were accurate. He is a million things you could point to that were there because of not going really well in the country, but he's not benefiting from that.
So the question will come down to the question that Democrats are having, which is elected. Billowy, like socialist be trouble, I don't know. Maybe these Lisbon is in full panic because they think Sanders we'll below it, but in the other, Exe Acta is Bloomberg. Remember not only is he spending the money on himself? That's all I'm himself right now, but he has said that if you and get the nomination, which is probably more likely than not that he doesn't he's gonna put that money into defeating trump. If he, two billion into three or four billion dollars. That's a pretty decisive advantage for Democrats, all set their early start that Trump has gotten so I think this raises like much more fluid than democratic acts would suggest somewhere bandit. I think I'm gonna jump. Let me gaps are used. Follow up Jim Jim. I didn't, I agree with you more aid. There is banned As John Locke Hard said, a lot of bed wedding by Democrats over the past month or two and I
really understand where it's coming from only because you look at the numbers. You and who sits been in this business long enough time His is on the wrong side, his is, is on the wrong side of of of history: it's not a guy who wins a lot of elections you I remember, people asking leading up to the two thousand and ten election how's it going to go. Can the Democrats take over the house, so it's gonna go grey he's a forty forty one, forty two, forty three percent present this area, but the authors. Sending troops to the border and talking about leprosy Coming from he's, a forty to forty represent Guy cause of that, and it to look at New Hampshire it turned out that was better tools, ignite than in two Then I went berserk Obama, Hillary Clinton we're running for the nomination. This is nodded.
Democratic party that should be is, is provide essay all right now, if you just look at the numbers and the trend lines and This guy wine and two thousand six and when Jim, it's all my purse, the election could have been on ten night. He would have. Nine of em and but it just happened, evolve. On the one night: did he could be alike present United States throw into that. The fact that if you look at state poles in the swing states, even Bernie Anders does really well against him and people say. While people don't know about his policies, I think most people paying attention to politics and know that Bernie Sanders is a socialist. They know that he stands for Medicare for all. They know that stands for open borders. They know that he stands for wiping away education debt and that would we would lead to massive deficits in aerial economically, the quinces, and yet he still beats Trump in national pole
still does well against Trump in swing. States which suggests that doesn't mean Trump will lose. It just means it he's more vulnerable than he certainly should be giving the data around him and he's more vulnerable than to use your term that that wedding Democrats might think, and does it mean that through the nominees doesn't matter like I certainly get by the establishment Democrats are worried about Sanders, but the data does necessarily support their concern concerned. This is specifically about sand Jim. Thank you. So much and some people learn the hard way New HBO, film, bad education, Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR Long Island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal inspired by true events, the movie follows Hugh Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and, we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin, played by Alison Janni,
their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks a paper trail and embezzlement scheme unfolds and Frank? prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast. Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan film vermeer, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called,
off when people listen to music. There feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. Twenty five past the hour joining us now. The host of MSNBC politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Dal sharpen great to have you with us, wrapper snoop. Guess offering an apology to journalist, Gale King following backlash For his comments appearing to well, he did threatened the sea Yes this morning, anchor for asking questions about the late could be
I and two thousand three rape case in an interview with W Nba Star Lisa Leslie Gomer grower. So would there be a sea gale king? Recurrent you girl, preparatory based on emotions, may be a question of its rags. Although we ain't it should work differently than I was raised way back. So I would like to see for over a year? I will just be in this respect. I mean what do you like that? I would just expressing myself I wasn't a lot of people look up to research, and so on
how to fix this encoded manner percentage. Hopefully we can never be. Jerry you go first, so Listen, I, it was pretty straightforward, ology a complete apology. I thought apology- I know you do have a slightly different take on it, but I think I think we we all was screw up way, mess up there. We do need to step forward and apologize and the part part of that Apology, I mean he said he. I reacted, he apologized fully Hughes being disrespectful and he said They needed a quote man up and college. He did and I thought the best part of it was when you said that they needed to get together and talk privately, which I'm sure
in point. They will, though, I sure this is still very- very raw for gale she's been through Hell, the past week and I know she has to be disillusioned by people that she thought were friends who sat by inside absolutely nothing. I know she has sent disillusion. I know she has. A solution by newspapers like the New York Times and Others who claim to be such champions of of journalistic for domain and protecting journalists. They talk about protecting endless worldwide, but they don't even protect one down the street when her life is threatened. It's me Hence, to protect and defend a black female journalist, I found a black female journalist. I am ready to who passed snoop and what he said. I'm doing more focused on this complete dereliction of duty by opinion writers by media figures.
By leaders, both black and white, refuse to step forward and speak truth our we have one of the few on this set who who have and that of course, now. So what do you think meagre? Well, I don't think so folks are off the hook, just because snoop deliberate this or not so called apology. I think it was an apology in some ways, but it wasn't in others and hears why first of all is quite a turnaround, ok from what he put out there and it took a week which is problematic when you on something wrong. You know it right away and you get right out there and you do not give any excuse. As for it, and his first line gave an excuse. Two wrongs do not make a right. Let me explain why what why that's problematic he? left gale hanging in an area. That's quite important to all of this, which will let the rap talk about two wrongs. Do not make a right now. That's It's not ok and that kind of under Hence the entire apology,
the other thing. Is you know you have to wonder why it took a week what what is it that him think for a week about this before coming out with this and what he did when he it divided down and threatened her with a profanity that tirade. Is he divided people up division? It's not was doing that. He knew he was ginning up to do it's a good Good luck at all I think he's going to need to do more. I think it's a good start, but a lot needs to happen before this really is, quite frankly, in a place of peace. Well, Sure, I'm sure gale fear feels the way you do right now. I'm sure she's still very wrong about this. I just I do know that we have a president who refuses to apologize at all times. Who refuses to ever admit he makes mistakes and, I think Rev, when you
somebody stepping forward in saying they need to quote man up and apologize and say that their They are sorry and they behaved poorly, but know. I think we need to accept that apology. Of course, it's up to Galileo leader personally, accept that apology. But you know what need to salute people who make mistakes. We ve all made terrible mistakes and you know what needs its at the day. It's all about grace in and hopefully snooping gale can do the gathering, and he can all four words to her and she can provide grace back down, but for now I'm just glad this exam all was sent out to the thirty forty million people that follows. Opponents instagram it poor, because it sets a cultural tone, tat you do not have to be engaged in threats and massage any thing be gale ensue.
Concern me was. The message was sending to a lot of people that listen to snoop and that impacted by, and I think that they got a real education, and I this is a teaching moment that Snoop were you to say they do it isn't, the manly thing. The noon call women out their name and threatened with and journalists for what they say if he had felt it was inappropriate or harmful to him. The way she conducted do to data view. Whether U. I agree with that and that he had the right to say that Do you mean use massaging, serves the threatened with my concern and It also means that the industry, just yesterday what I've got all this show and set up Gregg, stood up Gale, I said I didn't stare up for I stood up for my daughters. I stood up for people everywhere How does it need me to stand up for, but their young for all over the country and older people is well marked for that,
should not be called out the main and we act That's all right and I'm so happy it was validated and supported by snow and just like we took newborn, we ought to give it is perhaps a brazen for standing up and a whole. Fully uses as a teaching moment for many of his friends that Commander to really be a man and to be a man is not disrespect web yeah? I just I just want to follow up with what you said rather than talk about. We are what we from Karim Jean Pierre What we heard from the commission Elsinore too, very talented black. Professional women we are worried about the example that this was setting and oh I don't, maybe you can help, explain cause. I don't understand. Why me your media outlets. Why organizations why politicians? Why?
and black politicians remains silent, while a black female journalist- had our life threatened and was was was the victim of of Miss in his attacks simply for asking question which again you're right, we can have that Maybe we should have the debate. We are less away. Bring that up the morning free died? When we did Kobe coverage, we- maybe we would six months from now and we're talking about his legacy with somebody like MIKE Loop again, but we didn't do it. So you can have that debate, but I'm just talk the conspiracy of silence. Why? Why did people who all so fiercely speak out against it. Against a media, we're just silent and refuse to lift their heads out of the sand on this. I wish I could help you with that. It is inexcusable because dealing with a top rate. Journalists that was threatened
and that was the victim of a massage Agnes to tat, and they said nothing and I think that they have to really explain that to themselves. Are said to some of the people at National Action network of yesterday is tat. I ve been controversial. All my career in reserve right, you gonna, beat it! then do not say something if it was me, but Gale king I mean Gale king is like top tear a list. Journalists objective that controversial they're, not going to say anything about Gale king, but that's why you have women men's it algae BT, Q and civil rights movements. Have people like me because we speak
The people are silent and raw stem the say. So this is when you step up that's when you stepped up here. That's why we become controversial because we'll say with those same people won't say: that's right, hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free. Wherever you download yours re hundred million dollars in tv as several months, new knowledge base for gas every day What do you say? The Democrats who argue that you're trying to find a solution not trying to buy the election? We ve been at this ten weeks and the best way to communicate in ten exist through something like mass media through television and social media and the other
running I've been doing it for the last couple years. So maybe they don't need to do it it's a ways for me to get out to this whole country. Campaign trail yesterday, former New York City, mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was pressed on the recently released audio clip from twenty fifteen that appear to show him defending Cities stop and frisk policy by singling out blackened luck, no communities. He has sent apologize for the powers they, but not for his blood words about minorities. He was asked these comments multiple times that a Bloomberg campaign event in Chad the Tennessee yesterday there. Why didn't you say what you said in that twenty fifteen speech? dont. Think those words reflect thought how I led the most diverse city in the nation,
and apologised for the practice. In the past in that it caused you say it was served five years ago and just not the way that I thank and it does not. The way doesn't reflect what I who, every day back to that the twenty four team comment, so you up apologize for using and pro. The policy of stopping frisk, but those comments on that audio. You know they're there more than just talking about stop, and I mean they're, pretty derogatory comments about African Americans and the neighborhoods. Live in. So beyond how I see you weren't others marched reflect the way that I've governed or the way that I run my company or the way that I live and I have led the most diverse city in the country and the public, their real elected me and elected me to other times, so I think they're pretty
We would do you apologize for saying those worries verse. Sir, your comments made gear performance with African Americans. I do not think so. I think people look at it and they say that those words doesn't dont reflects Michael Bloomberg way he governed in New York City. The way runs as company the way his philanthropy works. Are its autonomy in just a moment. Meanwhile, a newly rediscovered video appears to show Bloomberg at the height of the two thousand, eight economical, some blaming the down turn on the end of it scrimmage Tory housing practice known as lining we started back when there was a lot, pressure on banks to make loans to everyone. Red lining. If you remember, was the term where banks took hold neighbourhoods and said people in the
neighbourhoods of poor and I'm not gonna be able to pay off their mortgages. Tell him what the salesman don't go into those areas, and then Congress got involved as local elected officials as well and said: oh, that's, not fair! These people should be able to get credit, and once you started pushing in that direction, bank started making more and more loans where of the person buying the house wasn't as good as you would like. Limburg present, your campaign has refuted the context of the conversation claiming he was instead quote saying that something bad the financial crime this followed. Something good, which is the fight against red line and that he was part of as mayor the campaigns. That Bloomberg, was attacking predatory lending, Joe Rethink Well, I guess we're we'll get one of these a day. I don't know how much they going to have an impact on the the certainly, certainly, though, the rival
panes that are sending amount will talk about it and awful. I pay you since thing to me is that this will not have. This is actually knew. You write yesterday that view, they came out yesterday. That's exactly what he said about about targeting neighborhoods talked about data? He said there too two areas in New York City, where the preponderance of murder takes place and if we're going to protect the people in those neighborhoods where we need to put more of our police force and add he ate the part of the Bronx in a part of Brooklyn, does it was very clear about it very straightforward and said this is why we did it in you like it it's it's usually black mails from the ages and then he D listed the ages that again data showed shouted the bay of course, to attach humanity did data? He did. He did
do that enough. While he was aware of New York, especially when it came to certain policing policies rev but the that, as it may vats how the data guy looked at the problem and wanted to I've crime down on housing he said. I don't know whether you say said it in artfully or not, but what he said there about housing is something that most people said after the end of crisis, not focusing on black neighborhoods or what neighborhoods or hispanic neighborhoods or asian american neighborhoods. But just saying there was a big from Congress? Is bizarre legally people, like Barney Frank for banks to prove, mortgages to a lot of men. Hence, who could not afford to pay those mortgages regardless of race? Are gender are ethnic background,
It led to a lot of mortgages being devolved upon. Bigger crisis and again these are things that we're all discussed in two thousand eight two thousand and nine. Is so it's not that much of a surprise that we're finding clips and Bloomberg saying it now It clearly is that I think that you know were now Michael Bloomberg went to the church, in Brooklyn and apologize stop and first he got into current we are not told, was gonna take more than one so No one speech to get there didn't want apology, and I was at the forefront of the aunt I stop and for his movement didn't you, except an apology for the apology you got would the agreed millions of people? What impact is seven hundred thousand people pulled over the symbols, ninety percent of them for no reason and based on a racial profiling strategy, he needs to go
through now plan I apologize. This is what I am willing to do to really show by real efforts to repair the damage, and show how we all have to learn from this and end be applauded better I'm not talking about giving such donations to people and bind all support that every care pay does dog talking about real institutional commitments to say this was wrong and we must do is to correct it in of the whole question of red line, people what damage, because they were got involved in bodies they couldn't afford. Everybody was, doubt but bill? We deal with the victims of that predatory lending that never would bailed out there would never repay it? Can piece of institutional ways to say an apology is beginning, but is not it
otherwise is unacceptable, because it is not really an apology. The idea that poor communities a color where they were responsible for the financial grasses outrageous. Obviously, but if you listen to the mayor's tire comment from two thousand and eight, what are you saying is in fact that it wasn't there? dozens he's talking about Congress, pushing these loans at on the banks enforcing effectively banks to make those loans? So when you put together the totality Rev of the stop and fresh comments that we ve heard the last couple is the red line in common. They came out yesterday. What is that impact of all that because he does seem to be picking up. Some african american Sporty got three more members of the congressional black caucus on his yesterday he's getting endorse, for mayors across the country. Is this going to add up to hurt Mayor Bloomberg. I think that it, and heard him and in many ways will hurt, but at the same time, I think he has ask himself who he really is. Does he want to be his legacy, even if
success or do you want to be successful and you were doing these things that were bias? Do you want legacy to be there. I've made some mistakes and I corrected and tried to drive in an institutional way. Another way- and I think that the victims? It was not the Congress on banks, autocrat, the victims were people the victims innocently preyed upon because it ecology the in some of us. The victims were people. Discussion were innocently preyed upon because of the color of their skin in some of us have not led to discussion get past. What about the victims? Don't talk to use me, don't just it. Does it try to deal with the plight that was caused by some of the decision you may whether they went tended than that you? by some of the decisions you may, whether they went Yesterday you made us mayor Bloomberg Winston across the south for now is in Tennessee yesterday and join us now from Winston sale. North Carolina or mayor boom
continues to campaign. Today, national political report for NBC News, Josh, Letterman Josh, said good morning. Take us inside those events that mere Bloomberg held yesterday. One in Chad anew the one in Nashville. I think a lot of people work, surprised by the size of the crowds area in a lot of people both event what was it like inside the room? The eleven hundred people at that last events. Last night in Tennessee Williams, look you know your rivals are taking you seriously when the attack start coming as well as the opposition dumps, and they are now fast and furious. Pretty much. Every day now we ve been talking with voters at these events that yesterday in Tennessee, as well as here in North Carolina this morning, as they ve been filling in for this event, starting here shortly in Winston Salem, so
but we haven't heard a lot about. Voters express a lot of concern about these remarks. There seems to be a similarity to the Biden situation where people have known MIKE Bloomberg for a long time are, they feel like they have a sense of who he is, and so they're not dramatically changing their opinion in an instant based on some of these new trouble and comments that have come to life. The Bloomberg campaign mean, while trying to mount a real show of force, support for the mayor, including from his african american sport, as he was introduced by women yesterday in Tennessee, who said MIKE Bloomberg, is absolutely not a racist that that's not who he is, and the campaign also rolling out endorsements, as you just mentioned three from the congressional black caucus just yesterday on quitting Lucy Macbeth from nature in neighbouring Georgia, whose son was killed by the gun, violence. Obviously an issue that is very near and dear to the Bloomberg campaign, so judge the people
the eleven other people who show up in the state of tennessee- and you ask- why is mere Bloomberg in these states that both Super Tuesday Tennessee North Carolina are they face of Mayor Bloomberg- are they just curious about his candidacy, from which you can tell a lot of them our fans of Mayor Bloomer and there are saying that they are planning to support him, and I think one of the reasons is he's kind of the only game in town right now you dont have Bernie Sanders an effort in states that the other candidates have yet to pay attention to, and they look at that very favourably. As far as the role that the rest of the country has to play in shaping the process of selecting a democratic, not many very interesting dress, Letterman Winston Salem North Carolina Josh thanks. So much he's right MIKE the Bloomberg as the only game in town for eleven he's been in these primary states. These Super Tuesdays Dave interesting Hampshire, Letterman Winston Salem North Carolina sitting thanks. So much he's right, drawing pretty because the only game in town for a lotta he's been in its primary states. These super Tuesday state level.
But an eye one New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina. He just said setting up shop and or I'm pretty big crowds in Tennessee Williams, and even they have more up or down sugar and have more questions about stop and frisk would have more questions about red lining the people behind Josh. Let him in that, People who were there last night are not there for any of those reasons there there. For one reason one reason only can might Bloomberg beat Donald Trump. Ok,. Rubber now shark and thank you so much for being on this morning. Coming out. Hey it's critias this week in my pocket. Wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these, things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version
which is known as Brando in his book, they cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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