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President Trump pushed aside his acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, because he was angry that lawmakers were briefed about Russia's plan to interfere in the 2020 election to help Trump, according to reports.

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The next one was five percent four percent, three percent, two percent- to preserve to preserve one percent, one percent and zero, three percent: five percent; three percent. Ninety percent five percent- elaborate preset fourteen for three to two point: eight two point: five for one point: seven for three: three: three: two one one one Let's get back to business now I feel What what? What was that those that was his most interesting part of his speech since he does have been bombed. The Monday mobile, apparently on Fox NEWS, criticized the presents Paul numbers which inspired that sweaty rant last night in Colorado, good morning way Wade is that where he was talking about the ring
call in Paul's it he rigged and that I guess Michael Cohen, said that he was working with other people. The rig back in twenty six, ten o this about how lousy didn't debates and then in regular balls, and so he said upset about the fact that people on Fox NEWS and everywhere saying he actually is horrible in debates, crazy, sing. There's a lot of other stuff going on. There might be best distracting him well got into mourning Joe. It is Friday February, twenty first, along with Willie and me. We have calmness tennis says it ever for the Washington Post did Ignatius and former chief the staff at the CIA and Department of Defense, NBC News, national security, analysed Jeremy bash good to have Well, you know we have a lot to talk about, of course, make it we ve got fall out still the LAS Vegas debate. I am great ratings for that debate and I will tell you people there
usually come after me, members, my family and others, and talk about. Political events were how the hell yeah typically wanted to tell you about my Bloomberg into why he could answer basic questions, so there is still valid that debate. We're gonna, be here you about that, for the next couple of days, of course, would get Nevadas going to the poles to vote tomorrow. We should know the results by around five pm eastern, so that's gonna be fascinating to see what happens in how let shapes the rays. I just there. I think this. Going to be the most significant Nevada Carcass ever we have Mulvaney once again reaffirming the meaning of a gap in Washington DC were somebody accidently tells the truth. Will Mick committed to gaffes. Walls speaking in Oxford, acts only admitting the Republicans are waging hypocrites when it comes to deficits and debt small government that they only care about
things when a Democrat and the White House, and then it made out loud what it re. Economists knows that for an economy to grow, for an economy to thrive. You me an emigrant workforce, he admitted that, and we very interesting to see what happens when he comes I come also, of course, sort of a shock fall out of Wisconsin a real wake up call for democratic while democrats are doing well and headed match up against Donald Trump for that twenty race and Pennsylvania and Michigan Donald Trump walking away with it right now in Wisconsin, you know what Wisconsin Win for Donald Trump. Does Wall Democrats when Michigan Pennsylvania it fleets in. Most scenarios to Donald Trump. Two hundred and seven he'll droll votes and Democrats
Two hundred and sixty eight electoral votes, so not a lot of work or fruit in there and finally make up the russian coming as they and their coming again for their main man. Donald J Trump our internal community actually did their job tall, the intelligence community that they have information. Once again, the Russians were trying to interfere with America's democratic process in twenty twenty and that their going to interfere with America's democratic process in twenty twenty for the benefit of one man, Donald Trump Donald Trump didn't like that: a media fired his acting director of National elegance and talk. Hiring and hired probably the least qualified person ever to occupy a spot in an important matter security role in the history of Washington DC and that saying quite allied, but disease, Exe
drawer ordinarily, incompetent, and it puts Eric as National Security risk, fortunately make. We also heard yesterday that that may be a temporary position. Well yeah, what let's just back up here and and lay it out. I will begin with that very big news on. Why the president forced out the nations top spy chief of former? and tell official, tells NBC News that acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, who under consideration to be permanent d, and I was pushed aside because the president was angry, that long make We were briefed on Russia's plans to help him get reelected news of the breathing, which was held last Thursday, was first reported by the New York Times sources tell both the times, and the Washington Post that the president interrupted at Maguire, the very stay concern. That Democrats would use
information against him? A former official tell NBC News at the office of the Director of national intelligence is quote: nearing a meltdown over Maguire removal, the reason behind it, as our colleague scandal, Alien and Andrea Mitchell report. The episode has raised the spectre that tromp is pushing intelligence officials for providing accurate intelligence to members of Congress who are cleared too We see that this is how the system is supposed to work. We should also note that Maguire testimony back in September, when he told lawmakers at the whistle blower quote, did the right thing in the law every step of the way by reporting, concerns over the president's phone call with Ukraine's President Trump sense. Waves, through the intelligence community, when he announced Wednesday that one of his partisan allies, the you ambassador that Germany, Richard Grenelle, would replace Maguire
as acting dna despite, they know. Intelligent glory is actually a partisan he's, not a partisan ally. Everybody that surround him says he's a partisan hack and is ill equipped to hand. This position is way over his head he holds a job for one week are one day. However. Last night the president tweeted his intention to nominate someone else for the job quotes soon, perhaps responding to the push back well a car until it's brain NBC corresponded HANS Nicholls with more on this he's at the White House. Also NBC News, correspondent, covering NASH, security and intelligence, and the lady, can as making Genuine Andrea, spoke to several different sources for this story, because it looks pretty clear I'll. Let you fill in the blanks, but the deck director of nationally
elegance a representative for him. Mister Maguire went over talk to the House Intelligence Committee. Instead, the Russians are coming for the twenty twenty election. They want Donald Trump to win again Donald Trump catches, and of this briefing again DNA just doing its job, we're rates, Joe Maguire the acting director of national intelligence and on what Stay announces that he's out and Richard Grin oh, is in how did this No doubt Willie cells in sources are absolutely aghast over this? This is one of their worst nightmares, because what you are describing here is the behaviour of an autocrat. I mean it, until now? What we all know that Donald Trump has never been interested in this question of foreign election interference. Really chair meetings about it has not said anything publicly about it, but he has allowed his government to do some things and they have done some things. Not really a unified effort, but the FBI it s and the intelligence movie are taking steps to try to protect the twenty twenty election and one they did was they appointed
election securities are and the intelligence community, a woman named shall be Pearson, who had been a top official a battle over Russia matters at the DNA and her job is synthesize, all the intelligence, to look the threats and to brief lawmakers and that's exactly what she did last week, glory There is on the house intelligence me of both parties whose job is here this information as part of their oversight role there. Clearly here this information and she told them our sources- tell us that there evidence that Russia has developed a preference for Donald Trump, that Russia wants to see, Donald Trump Reelected and that Russia has continuing to meddle in our politics. Now she said that before she said that the Russians are back at it and we're not very, you're on exactly the classified details of what they think the Russians are up to. Specifically, although we are told that it's that really the same playbook from twenty. Sixteen particular that this information, social media manipulation, but here's what happened after Donald Trump heard about this briefing
Devon Nunez, his ally, the ranking Republican announced and tells me he hit the roof and Ex day in a meeting with DNA, Joe Maguire, he berated Maguire about why this breathing took place at all and why he has to hear about this from Nunez. Finally, why was he sharing this information about the rush, and with Adam Schiff, Troms, nemesis and he's tromp was worried that this can be used against them, so yeah. So the wires out now. So the spectre of intelligence officials speaking truth Our, which is their job and they are being punished for it. So again, the director national intelligence it offers goes in does its job briefs. The intelligence can make Devon Nunez the ranking Republican, and that committee calls the White House effectively Does the President their talent on you in this meeting and Adam if as in the room that upsets the present United States, he parades Joe wire, kicks him out of his job so HANS Nicholls. That raises the question: if, in fact, Richard Grenelle
a temporary higher. If he is data, placeholder, there's talk about who might take that position. Another trump defender colonies, calmer from Georgia. Also thinking about running for the centre to president last night on air force, one mentioned is thinking about Doug Collins for that possess should now. It's not final. He said that there are other names that he's considering, but the clock taking Here- and I don't mean to bore every one of them and called the vacancies ACT, and that really allows only would allow Richard are now to be acting some time through MID March unless that president, officially informally, nominates someone else, so the clock is ticking and if he does not someone else. Then you can have Richard and now stay there potentially longer. The Senate fights this all out for confirmation battle will person that we haven't heard from an all this, I think, is crucially important. Senator
Richard Bird from North Carolina, remember last time and at present Nominate John Radcliffe another congressmen for this job. Before Maguire got the position. Bur made we know that he was an overly excited about this. You still need the set it on this and that we will see to what extent does Collins passes muster their guys think so my Johns Dave major, so this is a present, of course who in the past. Taken the word of Vladimir Putin Annex KGB Asian over his own intel community when it comes Russia's election interference by the EU back down under sure unease allowed the Intel community to continue to do their jobs and they reported duty. The Congress over the past several years. At the Russians are still trying to interfere with our elections, in fact, most of them, but the greatest threat to american democracy that we have, but with death We crossed the Rubicon this week, where the present fires
in the old chief and clearly disrupts in Dell Community Forest employee telling the truth. I remember. Reading column of years once back during the Obama administration, where you said the shock waves after an Obama speech through the entire community, was a candle car bomb going off in the parking lot. I would guess this would be something or more significant this week, show it gents officials? I talk to you. Yesterday we were shocked more to the point. They were worried about the implications of what President Tromp is done for for two reasons. First, the effect on work force in our intelligence agencies of watching as a fact We want acting directors, fired and replaced by somebody who's, so political, you can
most call on my commissar but it's the workforce, and increasingly I hear that people are reluctant to share products that maybe coughed controversial too issue- reports that may get them in trouble with the White House not to give any public briefing the sheer on their assessment of threats, dinners assessment of threats. Trop the United States for fear that President might take exception to China, they might say about. There's about China about other issues, is palpable sense of anxiety about their product, that the second thing that people worry about is what, hell, just services overseas, which are crucial partners wish for with our so web of of election. Surveillance that helps keep american safe, we'll think.
As they see these changes at the top of the Directorate of National Intelligence British. The French, the Austrians all services, rather and I think that there are increasingly anxious that present tromp is putting in political people and the professionalism of these MRS so a Jeremy as can reported in his peace. Her and be seen, is he quote? Oh dna is nearing a meltdown, that's a second official that they can and Andrew quote their story you work the intelligence agencies. You know a lot of people in and around this story. What is the state affairs. What's the impact of the president, I states putting this kind of pressure. He added. Dire concern and I've also tried to folks inside intelligence over the last twenty four hours in a couple of additional notes. First of all, only is Cornell in and Maguire out, but their cleaning house and Andrew Holman who's been serving. Effectively as the principal deputy dna a career, intelligence, professional who serve
see. I served as a pity briefer. He was also on the door and told that today would be his last day and in essence, you have the entire leadership of the director of national intelligence decapitated, and there is war de la there was word last night that aid, then Nunez Staff are potentially becoming over to take a leadership, in the DNA office, this really all an effort to squash any formation at all about it, sure cyber attack on our twenty twenty election, because if the rush, are attacking our election processes and are doing so to benefit Donald Trump, adding frankly doesn't welcomes it. He wants it. He doesn't want his intelligence community, defending us here I want, the intelligence cruelly warning against us. He surly doesn't Congress, understanding Heaven forbid? They might actually help protect our democracy against it attack. He welcomes it last time he requested it. He received that benefit. He reward
said from it, he welcomed it and he reward he reward Vladimir Putin. So this is nothing short of the present United States. Wanting wanting this attack to occur question about it. Cash Patel use Jeremy raise the name Cash Patel use it to congressmen, Devon Nunez Form raid. The definition is a National Security Council official. The work to discredit the Russia over the last couple of years now appears It will be working with Richard Grenelle as who will be DNA, at least for a while, but it is a court first of all was the ranking our staffer on House Intel work very closely with Devon, Nunez and actually travelled abroad to try to discredit the entire Russia investigation. He was front and centre and all that then he went for. The house sighed over here to National Security Committee and its there. We worked on counter terrorism from terrorism. Now he's going to be in some unspecified role: working for the Oda and I working with Richard do now.
Of course, there is a new connection. You know one thing when you talk to people close that present, even his supporters people to want to see him succeed, one thing they worry about is what AIDS which associates that are close. The president can spare him up can get the air is grievances and act on his grievances, because the president very aggrieved and what we say- here in this in this instance, is Devon. Nunez spending that president up and you have a shown the door, and now you have Richard Grenelle who, by the way, is going to continue in his position as Ambassador Germany. He'll be dual: had it that's a heck of a commute, especially when you're thinking about what you have to do it Odeon I, which is over those set nineteen different intelligence skies are I Scottie Candle any and now you are in the court room for the sentencing of Rogers tone yesterday. Another big story that was playing out and the president hinting at maybe pardoning him tell us what happened,
dizzying couple of days a news media was actually outside in the cold, giving up dates to MSNBC viewers, but where happen was two things really significant. I thought the sentence was about what legal experts have expected. It sends to forty months in prison, three and thirty years, and a twenty thousand dollar fine, much less than the sort of maximum guidelines would have called for any of the various memos that were written. But what happened was prosecutor went into court and essentially repudiated that, Lena memo that attorney general, William BAR had required, be written to get rid of the first one for the seventy nine year, guidelines that lead for prosecutors haste to resign and want to quit the just Sparkman altogether so really raised the question of I bar even felt the need to do that, because the judges actually evaluated the case. Yes, she agreed. Some of these so called enhancements that Roger zones conduct was worse than
in the base level crimes they did apply. In fact, you know he threatened to witness and he should get Morton but then, on the other side of the equation she found you know, he's sixty seven years old and use a first offenders in a non violent events, so he gets the three and at their ears, and she made a pretty clear that would have been the result, regardless of what William BAR did to intervene in the is so it raises the question: why did he feel compelled to do this and bring all this his head? All this criticism about political interference in the Justice Department and perhaps the answer as he did it, because Donald Trump wanted it and then the second thing was that the what the judge said to the judge had a lengthy elocution about Roger its conduct, and she spoke to the larger issue and she seemed to be speaking the Donald Trump she made it clear that Roger Stone she said was not prosecuted for speaking up for Donald Trump. He was prosecuted for covering up for Donald Trump. He was convicted of lying the Congress to hide from,
Public and the Congress variant flaring behaviour by the Trump campaign to try to get those hacked emails from Wikileaks and she also indirect We repudiated the president for tweeting about the case and politicizing the case. She made a clear. This wasn't about politics, the jurors, the prosecutors, the judge, acting on the merits of what they thought was was happening here and that rogerson committed serious crimes and the justice was served so can somebody could read the headlines that we see that he get forty miles instead of the seventy nine years were recommended by those prosecutors who ended up quitting and might think that Donald Trump actually got his way that he did get do sentence by pressuring the judge explained the diverse hence between three and a half years seventy nine years that were recommended by the. U S attorneys
right show that people might think that and now would be an incorrect reading of the situation. But it's been this that impressions been cut, aided by all this political interference, I'd lines in this case were always seen by legal experts, including our own Chuck Rosenberg, as unduly harsh applicable to this particular case. But the prosecutors argued them because that's their job and in fact a policy of adjustment to Jeff sessions initiated that said, you should have you for the max unless there's a good reason not to do that, and so these prosecutors look at the facts of the case. The original prosecutors and said hey. These are really serious crimes, as is what Roger Stone did the federal guidelines call Seventy nine years now the judge always have the discretion to depart from that and every legal expert we talk to believe but he was never get seventy nine years in this case, and so the fact that William I chose to intervene and require that prosecutor file a second memo saying oh no, we don't really mean seventy nine years that was totally
necessary to achieve justice, and all it did was raised. Questions about political interference in the cap and now you're absolutely right. The public is gonna think that he got less because Trump put his thumb on the scale it's actually probably not what happened. His candle. Anyone. Thank you very much, and our thanks as well ABC's HANS Nicholls at the White House, all right so still ahead on morning, Joe breaking news, senior State Department official confirms that the? U s monetary and the Taliban will begin a reduction in violence starting tonight Afghanistan in one would lead to the signing of a political settlement later this month to end the war in Afghanistan, This will weigh in on that and how the rest of the world is preparing for. Or, more years of Trump morning. Joe will be right that some people learn the hard way in the new
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I welcome back the morning jail. Breaking news coming out of the state department. Might palm peo announcing that a major agreement, is banned, entered into our has been agreed to between the Taliban and the United AIDS dizzy. Evidently reduce violence in Afghanistan, of course, a country where, U S, troops have been now. For nineteen years, President Drop is is goal has long been to reduce. The number of forces are for quite some time, and they been Some negotiations that have stopped and started but day Ignatius? It appears that those negotiations actually moving more moving forward in a way that they have in the past white. Can you tell us about this breaking news A week ago we were on the edge of this deal. I was talking with our neighbours it offers.
Who, in in Munich meeting with other. U S, vessels that commanding General General Miller came from car Also two brief officials assessed what we're gonna have is an introductory seven, the period in which there will be a reduction of violence and careful efforts to measure that reduction metrics did help official. Decide whether if sufficient across the country, and then it's expected to be February, twenty nine. There will be the signing of this deal between the: U S and the Taliban. The series of secret annexes that provide additional details explaining how they re will be carried out and then talks between Taliban and the afghan government of President Ashraf Ghani will begin. That's the key part, your question here is whether the Taliban is is So they want. U S, troops out, which is part of the deal. Are they really ready to begin working with the afghan government towards
common effort to stabilize the country over this period of iter interact can talk. There will be significant. U S! True productions. They'll come down from about thirteen thousand today to about a thousand six hundred in that hundred thirty day period will have a real sense too to test whether the Taliban is willing to and can deliver the reduction and violence that the primacy of here's? The final key point Electioneer election present from one. Deliver on his promise to get yours troops out of the law war in american history, and now God bless them for that, but but Is he going to rush for the exits when Afghans and is not stable one one that when the government is is in danger of collapse in one there is a real risk that civil war wars resume. That's the question that the military commanders I talk to
senior politicians really are focused on their surprising agreement between Democrats and Republicans that we ought to be sure but things are stable and Afghanistan for we move to the exit Jeremy. Any talk of peace is welcome, of course, but after eighteen and a half years of war and many are sceptical that there will be peace, Afghanistan because of the Taliban because of our presence there to This is something different should people look to. This is something on the horizon. This is maybe this work could wind up somewhere in the near future, I miss to rush for the exits, but we ve been talking to the Taliban for about ten promise to rush for the exits. Look, we ve been talking to the Taliban top ten years going back to all the way. Two thousand and ten. When Richard Holbrooke kicked off this process, the Taliban have been part of the political dialogue visa v, the future of vice Ganda. So they were going to be coming into the government. They ve been be playing a political role under any scenario? I think
eighty five hundred troops in Afghanistan is is a good number. It's it's not to lose that we cannot support the afghan government and keep stable. That's not too high words draining resources from other commitments. My concern as if the present goes lower? If he says I want only two thousand troops there or token force or security Force around our embassy, and I worry that that's going to be his instinct. I hope that over the coming, weeks and months folks on Capitol Hill, talked to the present and talk to our national security leaders about I think peace. Dialogue diplomacy is the only future for Afghanistan, but we have to maintain some presence there to keep the peace. Our right german bash. Thank you very much. Dave Ignatius want to turn to your column and how the rest of the world is preparing for four more years of Donald Trump. Tell us about it. Well, I was trying to think of Our leaders around the world
sing on Wednesday night debate. Are reacting. Certainly, I heard a wad last weekend in Munich of Commerce suggested that people are getting ready for the possibility that the Democrats simply won't be able to unify around a candidate that can be done drop in that they have the world has to get ready for the prospect of a former years, you already beginning to get get a sense that a curate in commerce that people people make sense of United States. Moving away from US traditional positions not likely to come back any time soon. You see people hedging their beds, I see that among european countries. I see it with the Saudis and the emiratis in the Gulf beginning to talk more to Moscow. Didn't talk, talk more to China to get ready for a different world. You could sense at present macro thinking, gosh what the Americans leaving and every likelihood that tropical the present another term had a wide
a bigger impact in a Europe that looking for leader, so something's are all these changes in motion obviously were early in the election campaign. We don't know the Democrats or packets to early to bake judge was. I just want to know the rest of the world is already beginning to think about this meagre and beginning to make decisions. Hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
What the real winner in the debate last night was Donald Trump, because I worry that we may very well be on the way to nominating somebody who cannot win in November and if we choose a candidate who appeals to a small base like some of the sand, as it will be a fatal error. I get real stuff done. I have rock solid values, and I can't stuff done. I get hard stuff done. I fought for the consumer Financial Protection Bureau got that thing enacted and set it up over this. Face of year, I can work across the aisle when I need to on a big hearing a bill that I got through I'll Donald Trump was president got through on a bipartisan basis, and next year people going to be able to buy hearing AIDS over the counter save millions of dollars. I don't wanna, be president just a yell of people. I wanna be president to change things, a rare,
I bet Bernie Sanders from Elizabeth Warren when asked by Lawrence to draw difference between her and the Vermont. Senator joining us now for LAS Vegas and BC. News correspondent, MIKE memory, also puts prize winning calmness. I sit editor for the wash imposed in MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson joins us, and the co founder of Access MIKE Alan is with us. So my memory will start with. You said that for us out in Nevada a day before the carcass their meagre for Joe Biden. This is really getting close to make or break in terms of his candidacy. He needs a strong finish, you're one or two to set up an even stronger performance he has when, in his firewall of South Carolina, so we ve seen Biden over the last week, really apple I one key issue in taking on Bernie Sanders, and that is a gun safety. He started the weak with new tv as touting work as both a senator advice.
Is on issues like the Brady check. Brady background check bill also on Gun Liability shield, forgone, manufacture, We heard him at a debate yesterday raise the anti, especially with regard to Bernie Sanders, talking about the fact that he's a cowardice among politicians in Washington and included Bernie Sanders among that list is what has loud, the other eight to gain influence at ease, and he also carry that fight into a scene in town hall last night was ticklish. But guess what the only industry in America that is not a to be so other God. Manufacturers now Bernie talks about my record price. Appropriate is not or not be me here, voted to exempt gun manufacturers. Liability zero. Happy soon
a line of attack that Hillary Clinton try to raise against Bernie Sanders in twenty. Sixteen, it didn't gained much traction, then for Joe Biden. No, this is something he hopes can resuscitate his candidacy with an eye towards getting some momentum back before Super Tuesday. When might Bloomberg, is gonna be finally on the ballot against them as well I like MIKE, thank you very much a week from tomorrow. It is South Carolina Turn and Joe Biden seemingly insurmountable, lead in that state has dwindled after dropping thirteen point since September, a new pole from Winthrop University finds the former vice president still topping the field in South Carolina with twenty four percent Bernie Sanders and Tom style are statistically tied for second with nineteen percent and fifteen percent respectively. What people to judge Elizabeth, worn and Amy closure all statistically tied for fourth within the margin of error when it comes to block voters nest.
Bite and holds the league with thirty one percent. Despite dropping fifteen points in September, tombstone and Bernie Sanders Arenas, statistical tie for second with eighteen percent in seventeen percent Elizabeth, worn and people to judge are also statistically tied and forthwith five percent and one percent respectively. Surging Robinson. Let's talk about you or your home state, Joe Biden still holding up well enough there, but you must get the sense. Vodka is Ordinarily important, because of of Carolina. The Joe Biden can't afford another third or fourth place vanish, because oh bleed additional support, especially from black letters there who are the base. Entire campaign, but by you get. A crazy thing is in new talked about this.
Its Bernie Sanders is running away with this. This nomination fight right now in the early stages, and body on the debate stage seem to notice that the other night, no, we didn't they all went after much Bloomberg and they re beat him up. They beat him up pretty good, but meanwhile Bernie Sanders got away based clearly unscathed domain Vienna Bloomberg didn't hit him for having we houses and then they then there would be no big item. They they credit a couple of issues on medical for all, but they, but he was not the focus, the attack, ex coming from war and in booted, judging by men. Sure, and I'm I'm, I'm wondering why not, because I'm not picking a horse and in this I understand that the issue I'd seems to me. You want to try to take down
guy who threatening to run away with this. With this domination, everybody can reach the poles and the polls show or predict that Bernie Sanders could emerge from Super Tuesday with substantial elegantly added the kind of delicately that it will be very, very difficult for anybody to claw back in the successive is including article Bloomberg with, as with all his billions it it just just look at them, as we know it works and in in the democratic rights where everything is proportional. If you get a big league It's really hard from for anybody else to catch you. So I just want to buy more fire, wasn't trained against the guy who's who is threatening to to run away, and I Oh really, Nicole, Wallace S Van Russia was talking about
have him these terrible flatfish bags and two thousand sixteen is was just like the report. We'll get nomination fighting two thousand sixteen year. Donald Trump who is obviously the person everybody needed to worry about budget. I echo and job going after each other, yet Chris Christie attacking Margo. You had TED crew. Going after jab remember. There is a long period of time Had crews refuse to attack Donald Trump, and it was until they were to be the last people in the field that they finally said to do that. But you look at the state of play. It came out yesterday and instead not too I California there's a California bothered showed. I do then Burke and Sanders bunched up near the top you added taxes, pull that came out that showed about same thing, Missus Sanders more comfortably. Had there been Biden still getting some points in taxes
the same thing it was. It was a closer match up and Caroline, is still pretty tired. So there's still a window for all these, candidates and challenge Bernie Sanders, but Elizabeth Worn, especially doesn't seem to want to take him on its just all all the fire is aimed at moderates in the moderates are shooting at each others. Well, yeah does feel little like two thousand sixteen Nicole's right. We have people trying to vanquish each other thinking, they'll be the one to get to that one on one match up with Donald Trump or in this case, with Bernie Sanders, and time you vanquished everybody who is not Bernie Sanders for anything as the nominees. So I also wish look very closely the african american vote Jean. I would ask about that too. There's a new NBC Wall Street Journal pull out this morning. That shows effect we then Bernie Sanders nationally has caught Joe Biden,
alone. Blackfriars remember that spread was thirty points at some point of last year and when you are looking for, that South Carolina poll Joad and make it just read that number he's creeping up there too, those voters in South Carolina are watching what's happening, as many people knew would take place. They weren't gonna be static, rotors for Joe Biden. They watch New Hampshire, They watched I or they're watching the vat, and they say I don't want to back a losing horse, and so you ve seen Bernie Sanders now climb steadily among those all important african american voters as well roof sort of predictable Mfa is this seen from african American Motors and after a and elsewhere work. Lady, I mean it. I think I think they're being very shortly manic and and technical strategic about this election. They want that Democratic Party too many somebody who can beat Donald Trump, and
Joe Biden, orphanages and then in the first couple primaries and some of its poor debate, says he was much better the other night, but by these had some pretty awful ones and and Anna people just started taking it. Look round and then you ve got Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, there is a generational divide among our african american voters, and you have a lot of the young African Americans. Just like one young people in general, who are Bernie Sanders supporters they are a win win, win, look way ahead to the fall of one of the problems. Is there not necessarily the most reliable voters? Data then come out in in such large numbers and Bernie Sanders claim to two radically. In large, the electorate by bringing all these young and first time, voters out as the way he's gonna beat Donald Trump. We
seen that in the numbers, Yad Band, and so that's gonna, be worrying for the Democratic Party is old theory of the case. So far, I don't have a lot of evidence to show that it'll work. So my girl and lives begin with here, where we always need to begin. You lead it happening. Fraga. Their debts We agree that we haven't we those formality. What really glad it is the right one, Friday, so so Michael talk about Bloomberg Wigan. We talk in Jeremy and a little bit of Germany or are the New York Times. You reported on the fact something that you ve been talking about as well. It Bloomberg staple prepared him for this debate. He just didn't execute, they were really rattled by how poorly he performed
Let me just wondering what happens if Michael Bloomberg is certainly not the great have to. Let hope that many Democrats, modern Democratic He was going to be what happens if he'd just can't produce joker exactly right and a great debate, performance and ok debate performance. The one thing he couldn't by he could buy. The preppy could buy the advisers, you can buy the air cover, but he had to go loud and deliver now they have a plan for South Carolina coming up fast. This Tuesday that debate their recovery, a plan is doing well in that debate, but Joe window that you were talking about where lots of peace see a chance is, exact reason. The Bertie Sand, is more likely to be the nominee and here's why people are not going to get There is no sign of people getting out even people who don't
what in any normal year, would be a clear path of nomination. So the headline then we have the top of actual right Now- is boosting Bernie that's the irony of what Bloomberg is done. Got in to stop Sanders out in because he didn't think that Biden was gonna last he got in to stop democratic. She. But now you have a situation where so many Democrats say don't see how you stop Sanders now and that's some people staying in and exactly what the Boomer Camp had forecast that you keep splitting it and after soup produce, did you get that insurmountable? elegantly definite. Ignatius I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Bloomberg in the debate the other night, so I thought Bloomberg under perform even given fairly low expectations is rusty debater, not luxury, you'd, be a good debate and the best situation is
a good manager. He's gonna have to have answers to the questions that the people put to him or he just gonna, sank, lower and lower. The Joe that I'm peering about about Bernie Sanders is, is so some word it to two thousand. Sixteen M republican side that Voters are angry that that an insurgents unconventional them. Look like any politician and who shout you justice has got a certain Kirk charisma and keeps rolling through this field is now emerging, as is the program Donald Trump did to everybody's astonishment. People found there's no way, that's that's gonna happen, but it did so maybe That's the Bernie! Sarah, just one more point, I'm hearing a little bit in the last twenty four hours is people react that debate and what we call the circular firing squad.
People wondering. Is there some way that people in the wings who might unite the Democrats? Might roll over tromp just be such strong candidates that they could they could do? The thing people want to imagine lumber could is still a way for them to get involved in this? On hearing more that, so I think that The point is this: race is still fluid, will see after Super Tuesday as Bernie got it If, if Bloomberg managed to hold on terms of his boat tunnel, it still pretty wide open to us, David. What he you talking about If they move towards contested convention, we do now have, for instance, I've heard, like John Kerry people, keep talking about the possibility of John Kerry jumping into the I so John carries an obvious possibility. Just imagine conventions is tied up in. I Bernie can't get it and other people competing, but there is not really coalesce surround them that those
situations in the past, where a figure like de Eisenhower. Military commanders somebody's got that certain national stature suddenly. Looks like a very attractive candidate on hearing little bit of that, their various people, you think of who might be appropriate for that problem. The problem of the generals, who have some ability in their democratic party but merely point zero. Brokered convention scenario, who can say how about my play: and my gallant allows Taliban warehouse. Real, it is lenses. Follow. Put on David said about a democratic can Who is yelling all the time? I watch burning, onstage the other night. His volume actually increase did was louder than he always yelling onstage barriers is strange magnetism he he's a shouter he's a socialist
he had a heart attack a couple of months ago and he's running away with this race right now in the early stages it boys, certainly does reminder two thousand. Sixteen does network Donald Trump on the republican sigh. It really does. And here two reasons why one is his consistency. People know what they're getting it isn't substantive and the smile when has heard that it was the war and bite where she said I dont want to become to shout people is biting as she has been without giving his name, but here's the here's, the other reason it's so reminiscent of twenty sixteen and why it could be such a powerful general
election overseeing. There is Bernie Sanders as a cultural phenomenon, just as DOM Trump isn't really a Republican took over the Republican Party, the hostile takeover that you ve talked about. Bernie Sanders, not technically a democratic, but also this incredible for cultural phenomenon for people who don't trust the system. Don't trust us don't try being access a m this morning. Thank you. So much and happy Friday we were Eugene Robinson will be running your column in the Washington Post, of course, and pay its crises this week in my pocket. Why is this happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Forum, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is going to sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is they want, things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation. And just information is the once they're out there they really they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago, that
switch flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet. Of course, there's more recent version which is known as Brando in both book, they principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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