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The Morning Joe panel scores the candidate performances from the debate held Tuesday night in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Blue dot com for more Missouri. My name mentioned a little bit. Tonight wonders why, first of all, let me go on. I think she was talking about my plan, not yours. I think we were talking about mass and it doesn't take two hours to do them about whose let's talk about what we now have a world vice President Biden Place. I guess the only way to do this is jumping to speak twice as long as you should. Bernie hasn't passed. Much of anything to fact is not out of time. You spoke over time and I will talk. Do I and the author of the bill to close a boyfriend loophole that says that domestic abusers can't get in eighteen? Forty seven, along with
You didn't write that the idea that a short time in order to Russia could honour the rules of the debate. Thank you centre clover, shot like to change topics. Well, that was your democratic presidential debate in Charleston South Carolina last night, really messy two hours kind of a slugfest that spun wild out of control, and it was really hard to even hear anyone talking good morning, and that was a mass of we talk, although each other years that we know a thing or two about it, but that was a wreck good morning come to morning Joe. It is Wednesday February Twenty sixth, along with Willie and me. We have MSNBC contributor MIKE Barnacle the host some besieged politics, nation and president of the National Action Network, Reverend L, sharpen and
some basic national Affairs analyse co host show times the circus and editor in chief of the recounts. John Harmon they're, both in Charleston South Carolina. Did you think any winners or yeah? I think so. Our political editor, who of courses lives with the Dalai Lama and Jason High rode up a list of winners and losers. Good side Arafat. We do, we have it winners and losers are organised, as you also okay, so said about Joe Biden, arrows turn. It is best performance and the election cycle even he's gonna homicides number was off by a hundred and fifty million. Let's get mail does cause, he did Marquis now written about debt debate. Always shows up usually good and one of the only
had at some stage not engaged in a wrestling match with the english language. You are rightly, it is always good. His answers are always on point. He never seems unhinged or thrown ever Bernie Sanders, surely screams, and you see we shaky last night. Probabilities still got the best shot of willingness what he's nomination, invitingly Greenwater saying the Nicaraguan National Anthem kit things said: the nieces style in Milwaukee What's true, too, I think, as these three for three Amy. This senator with solid unsteady, even moderators, forget shoes on stage from most of an eye the Indus Nigh they did ass. She was up. There was before for solid sort, the masters and senator repeated the same attacks week later against a guy with zero delegates warrants. Energy seems remains a riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside the hiring you far last night Mare Bloomberg. What do you say discuss what three terminal
mere looked, is confused at times is brick town when an acre man, and that was before centred horrid, unsheathed rhetorical eggs and with the word I like that was agreed to start go here, may end up funding, successful democratic campaigns, but not zounds tyres. Stars performance last night made clear that the businessman didn't belong on the big political analysts, easy walls yeah like what you have a very, very good. He he hangs elusive he's Oracle. Regular. Hangs whether to allow for that. I have. Are we dont pay rises for spiritual? You doesn't seek monetary reward, stop yelling laborious comes up world so anyway, the sums it up for raising. What do you think winners, losers era, Zaparos down what? While there is no question with a front runner, is they was Bernie Sanders? Obviously, and most of the fire was directed at him. I thought Joe Biden did
A good night. You real, as our reclusive analysed, said because obviously does make or break for him he's put all his chips into South Carolina. He is said through his struggles and eye when New Hampshire, yet wait for me in South Carolina watch how we do a lot of well said it was a most important native of political career ladder and he delivered he held up. He was much better last night that he's been in the past, And another headline I think, is Elizabeth, worn briefly at the beginning of the debate. Turning owing to Bernie Sanders in drawing some contrasts with how she's gonna pay for her Medicare for all plan, for example, but then for the rest of the debate going at Michael Bloomberg. So it's curious to What her strategy is exactly when Bernie Sanders is deferred, runner, but most of her attention is unbearable. With the same attacks that you use last week. Well, I am most clicked over to a cactus league baseball game. Given the chaos at the beginning in that debate, went to meet us I couldn't understand who was saying what they're all the element one another I had tried
figure not what Tom style was doing on that stage with those people. I thought Joe I had a really good night, his best knight of all in the debates I too well wondered why other than ideological sympathy, why Elizabeth Warren didn't go after Bernie Sanders. Instead, she chose again to go after Might Bloomberg. I thought my google, had one highlight of the evening in bringing up on a virus and what he did Ya York City, somebody always as one it's alright seventeen minutes and by man he looked shaky last night at the beginning. He looked yes, it look nervous sort of. Are you running battle for the first time in these debates? Bernie was rather learning the first time in any of these journey was rattled for the first time, China Highland. What what's your take? Take of the of the knights events. Color, the rest, you guys are, I think it's right. I think the last thing set is,
is ultimately the most important thing is now. What in last night to try to get better. But a lot of the op, although we ve been hearing about over the last couple days, was deposited out there It was a messy, sloppy raggedy debate. The first stop segment before the break was sometimes more chaotic and pandemonium than anything we ve seen in the entire cycle. So far there was a period of time when they are literally scrutiny at each other in cross. Hocker was crushed shouting, for example, like forty five. Atkins each one of them was kind of flailing, her arms and legs, and you know I can really tell what's going on, but reality is sanders, did seem rattled animals the first time when there were not, as many we hit again centres is the word gets Bloomberg last week, but a lot of the although we ve been hearing about over the last couple days was deposited out there on the stage to see the whole field some work to do, but it's been laid out there in front of the large audience and I think you're gonna see a lot of people, tried to build on this debate
to be a kind of unbreakable momentum on standards is part will see now what these no again Think about Limburg. Last week it was like a clean kill in some ways right they just state if they they took him out in some respects and by the end of the debate, it was clear that Bloomberg had been like knocked down. It was a full knock out, That didn't happen to sailors last night, but I do think that now we have three days before the vote: on site on Saturday and there's a lot of stuff came up in this debate. That all services rivals now have some some work to do, but it's been laid out there. The large audience and I think, you're gonna, see. Lotta people tried to build on this debate. You know you for instance, show by last night go after centres on Question of whether he was for primary aim, Brok Obama, two thousand twelve, a question that potentially has real political consequence for Sanders, given up popular Barack Obama's here. Bernie Sanders is on tape. Calling for primary, and yet he continues to deny it publicly that ever did it. Even though we have the audio tape, I think Joe Biden, others are gonna, make something
that over the next three days. So I think that's the big question and I think I think the best that what what now happens- and I do think centres took it- you Know- got got- got gonna clicked last night it is the first time we ve seen it and I do think Joe Biden out a good night. I agree having by having good night politically river. Now, I think pretty remarkably, its first time, body, has stood in front of Bernie Sanders to slow down its momentum. In any these debates, he always gets to say what he wants to say. He gives dish where he wants to shout, he gets to point his fingers wherever he wants to point his fingers and Nobody stopping at last night Was the exception to that rule? What impact think it'll have? I think it will have some impact. The question is how much what was very effective by job I do not agree with those that have stated here that Joe Biden that is best debate.
I've been to all, but one of the debates, but a day when connected the fact that burn. Said, is it voted five Tanzania for against August Brady Bill and connected that to be white? premise, killing Charleston mother me and say, I'd say, is responsible for killing, but that the killer couldn't have gotten the guns had the Brady Bill Pass, that is, gonna, have an impact and it also has an impact on the fact that part Bernie Sanders brand has been is often then see authenticity and his consistency and for the first time Birdy Avenue to say he had to change on guns, which is not his brand side, thought that by not a very good night at the center was not knocked down, but it certainly was a shaken and blue bird did better.
But when you start below zero, that's not difficult. All you have to do is still be on your feet. At the the debate could clearly at their job It was the one that had the most to lose in the debate: South Carolina and hit the gun and connected to the killer. At mother a me was a big winner and enter hit. The fan that we are looking at a man that one of the primary Barack Obama thing is, Japan, South Carolina as one that has been on that president just days debate. I know when someone, feels third ways, and I was a little surprised. Sanders was not MOSS, are prepared to answer strange causing you should have known, they will come and go there telling really all week all of them or at the ministers breadth that would do NASH Action network this one, I hope we can This wanna what an answer, because a lot of people that was the talk afterward on I didn't notice about Sanders, has responded
stuff. He didn't last night when you know that it John Island said its anti. He thinks saying that everybody else seem to agree with me. He was very much in it. He was being funny. He ever use this time, probably ask for more time. First time every insist on more time, ignored them so it is he he is going to have to come up with an answer for that that actually lines up with what's on tape or its and causing problems in South Carolina, Hardball, Chris Matthews left us his analysis after the debate from been room last night in Charleston. I join me come here in this in Rome about an hour after last night's debate, and I had to tell you it was by this big, I think I started saying that everybody else seem to agree with me. He was very much in it. He was being funny. He ever use this time probably as for more time. First time, every insist on more time ignored the moderator than a one party system, a catholic school kid
May the teacher I was pretty funny, I thought tat. He had the best nine clearly I thought, doubt. Elizabeth warring was very tough on on MIKE Mike Bloomberg. Varied I've got after one the NBA issue said he told a woman who was always pregnant to kill my. She repeated that again here, the words in this been room very strong stuff when, after one red line against Cetera, she decided to go that directions took others shots at Bernie, but also bearing centres, but also mainly there either Buddha Judge was very good and what the then I really quite with something different for the first time I guess it, because in the front runner, we all know that they will have Bernie Sanders the audience after him, there was some booing. I think some it was around Castro and his the words you said- pause about the Castro administration by education, for example, It was a lot of a lot of anger in the audience about booing. I thought so. It's almost
The debate has begun really in a comprehensive way and should have about ideology, philosophy, history, what you stood profiteers it got very serious tonight. So I thought it might wasn't a great night four Bernie Sanders. There's a great night, I think, are very good. Night were for Joe Biden, I think, was a good night from Buddha Judge. I think he was very tough. On centres, of course, as part of what's going on right now it maybe it turn. The road we'll see if Biden wins this Saturday, maybe there's still a fight here, we're going to see and do in the weeks ahead of special Super Tuesday Biden could pick out three or four others, We went here with a wise like populations in the deep south. It's all possible when I still think Bernie has got it in California in places like that would have been voting for weeks now. This is a race in which worries the leader, no doubt about it back to you, but I think everybody agrees Barneys, leading by that momentum.
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feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. So she fell back into focusing solely on light Bloomberg. Elizabeth warrant began her night with a direct Chow two Bernie Sanders over who is best to carry the progressive man to lend to the White House from. There are other candidates jumped in to take on senders on Russia, elect ability and guns. Bernie and I agree on a lot of things, but I think I would make a better president than burning and the region
for that is that getting a progressive agenda enacted is gone to be really hard, and it's gonna take someone who digs ended the details to make it happen. Bernie and I both want to do. Brain in Wall Street in two thousand and eight we both got our chance, but I dug in I fought the big banks. I built the coalitions and I one burning and I both want to see universal health care, but Bernice plan doesn't explain how to get. There doesn't show how we're gonna get enough allies into. It doesn't show enough about how we're gonna pay for it. I dug in. I did the work and then Bernice team trashed me for it progressives have got. One shot
I need to spend it with a leader who will get something done. Gladimir Putin things that Donald Trump is should be President knighted states, and that's why Russia is helping you get elected. So you look to him. Let me tell this abutin who interfered in the twenty? Sixteen election try to bring Americans against Americans, if I'm presidency, United States trust me you're not going to interfere any more american elections, what the Russians want. They don't have a political party. They want chaos and us is what is coming our way, I mean look if think the last four years has bitten, chaotic, divisive, toxic, exhausting. Imagine spending the better part of twenty twenty with Bernie Sand versus Donald Trump. We talk about progress. Let's talk about being progressive,
walking dishes, veers, mother Emmanuel, church, nine people shot dead by white supremacy, Bernie voted five times against the Brady Bill and waiting waited waited waiting period of twelve hours. Sand is responsible for the nine deaths, but that would not been able to get that weapon with waiting period had been well, I suggest, until you are clear, our ideals stuff John Ion its ensuring Elizabeth, worn started with perverse approach. Measured actual, went out through the guy who, as the best shot winning thing and then turn to Bloomberg at a guy who, I think, was himself without anybody else's help and am kept this for yes, and it really.
Dream folk, was uncomfortable and might Bloomberg away again I'll raise up right that nobody that I've talked to nobody on Twitter. You're out. It makes no sense to keep attacking the guy with the oh delegates, whose performing so poorly in the debate do you have any inside. So we don't. While I think watch to Joe? She said in the middle of one of her attacks when she, when she went in on the thing that I think made people the most uncomfortable when she raised this allegation. That Bloomberg holding a female employ in the past that she should that she should have a pregnancy terminated when I suppose they used the words killer on which he denies when she told story. She you promised it by saying this is personal to me and if you look at the tape watch it again, you could tell us that you can Her Emotionalism arise when she says that she says this is personally mean that you tells a story about herself and then she read
Is that allegation? I thought it was cop slain, going on there, which was that angel I just said Elizabeth Warrant is an incredibly composed debater and she rarely seems the letter. Emotions get the better of her on the debate stage. At that moment it did like she was telling us the truth, which is that she feels personal approach. Animals towards Bloomberg on this front. She also mentioned in the not just that whole story about her life and there. In relation to this abortion question, She also told that you mentioned that Bloomberg at some point had back Scott out in the race in her Cyrus and It should be mentioned in passing that Bloomberg she was going through. Various republicans Limburg had backed up those are politically damaging the ex are allegation that allegations charges against Bluebird facts, but but those both those too was felt to me, like they were a key to understanding. What's gonna, what's going out of whatever they weren't Michael, I understand you see up a personal thing here we are, we
I think its strategic. I dont. We all have people who have tried to kill us politically. If you ever get into politics. I who tried to kill me politically and where the mass ceased to be during campaigns here. The first people I called out back to the camp AIDS were over when you see it time and again, we're p we are trying to be the other p, on this race or that raise just go again. This is it this is a second week in a row with said: she's gone after a guy who's. Going nowhere and if it's personal, whether God bless her but it but but if you want to win, you, don't after the guided get gonna zero delicate. So you go after the guy who is seems really unstoppable freight train. If it's just personal go added. Bitches way seeing a lot of time and are wasting time.
Effort if she wants to be the next president of the United States. While she does want to be the next week as you want, and they always addition want aware, will that's an interesting question. I've watched her for several years now since, prior to her becoming the candidate for the United States Senate again Scott Ground, is: it sets got branches, a skilful, highly disciplined debater, maybe the as debate, or certainly on that stage, people it s very good. That is highly discipline. Yet, in this case now twice with MIKE Bloomberg to her right both times her discipline disappears. It leaves her and I think it's her utter contempt. From my Bloomberg that causes me. I guess I disagree with you in John. I dont think at stage for a woman whose run is disciplined campaign. She is wrong. I don't think she just can't control I think she knows exactly what she's doing she has a strategy
she. She has a ways and she's doing this. I just can't figure it out. It's not like supplanted now strategy involving stumble into those early days. She comes load forbear to these debates and it's all toward might Buber. So here it is. This. Is this with one really going after Might Bloomberg in a truly personal way? She's take information. That is part of a law suit that he disputes and she's taking what's in that law suit as absolute truth, which it might be ended, its awkward. I can't tell if its audiences, whether what we're gonna show it and then and then we can comment here it is, me out by numerous visits do what I talk about as a side show. This is personal for me. When I was twenty one years old. I got my first job is special education, a teacher. I love that job and by the
If the first year I was visibly pregnant, the principal wish me luck and gay my job to someone else pregnancy Crimination, you bet I was twenty one years old. I didn't have a union to protect me. You didn't have any federal law on my side, so I packed my stuff and I went home at I didn't have a boss who said to me: kill it on our Bloomberg. Never ledge have said to one of my mind: pregnant employees right now, I'm sorry if she heard what she thought she heard whatever happened. I didn't take any pleasure in that and I never said why in MILAN, and maybe the record of shoes teacher in New York see she would never have had that problem war, and that is a very serious charges at EU level? The mayor, yes
a woman to get an abortion. What evidence do have of that her own words and merit Bloomberg? Could you respond to this never said it p It end of story. What categorically never said when it was accused. When I was accused of doing it, we couldn't figure out what what she was talking about, but right now, I'm sorry if she heard what she thought she heard or whatever happened. I didn't pleasure in that we join. I am what I never said come on. This allegation was made I and employee of Bloomberg p in Eu Law suit. Twenty three years ago that eventually saddled with admission of guilt. Bloomberg has denied making them over the years and according to the New York Times, is AIDS even have said that two thousand and one he passed a lie, detector test, but the results were not released. Last week the Washington Post quoted a former Bloomberg employees who said that
witness the conversation and that it was outrageous suggest should have been the debates to augment or now felt that their there talking were forced discrimination. She veers over into that, and the thing is again: Bloomberg could have very easy just tenders at people, and somebody ever lied about you, Elizabeth now. A lot of people say that it is right, and it's U story, that you're telling you keep changing the facts of the story. Lotta people are saying: that's not true of the way that you are presenting it The bulwark should have said that he didn't say that I'm just saying for her to go there Harry I'm. Due to what ever you see what I'm talking about. What's best for her campaign right, you heard the booze. I do. That was a good move for her campaign. Well, you know what I mean
Reverend conversation Rev beyond the strategy which we ve been when talking about here. I couldn't help but wonder as I watch that exchange our voters in Caroline it our voters in the country interested in that issue. Is anyone voting on that issue? Are they more interested, perhaps in corona virus Sir Climate change, our healthcare guns are some of the other topics they got to. Is that a winning issue to go into a twenty three year old lawsuit with the former mayor of New York City certainly is not a winning issue, would do concerns of people around the country or people South Carolina, let's not forget, Michael burgers, not on the ballot he ascended right. So what I would feel we were seeing. Would Elizabeth Warrant is two things that I don't. Out. It was not personal, but I think a political strategy, was one. She wanted to become again at least
perceived to be a candidate for women because she raised this issue that would make her not Amy the one that is the ban of how women are treated Miss treated at the workplace, and then she would stand up for them until she wanted to separate herself from Bernie by saying, I would make a better president and burn these figures don't count up, but at this, time. She wanted to freed red meat to the progressives by saying what, beat up one big, big mountain stage. Even know he's really irrelevant decided days. Election dog to anger, because I'm one of fighting and one want to fight Bernie, and I think that she is energy was to try to have the thread that needle of and as several herself from Bernie without looking Reggie, hit the mark in bed again went back through a strategy from last week again attacking guy who's. Not even.
Do that in John race. She did this in, do and send a lot of praise and make some money Get a good fun raising raise had a good pole and national law. And then scored in the single digits, strategy didn't work for their. She repeated that strategy. I thought she was going to do follow through with what she did with the first answer, which I thought I thought totally was absolutely perfect and I brought you hit. The mark in your bed again went back to our strategy from last week. Attacking guy who's, not even going to be in the rain. In South Carolina. How do you played inside the room, especially is really was saying after four five minutes of going on and on about Michael Bloomberg and past charges past claims and pass this impasse that I think vote
a lot of voters were starting to say will ok, I can we talk about living wages, whether I can aren't a living wage, my kids education my kids going to be safe. When I said on the school in the morning, it again just seem sort of his are yeah. I think to your future, caution the middle there, Joe, I think, about the reaction in the hall last week, in in Vegas. One of the most striking things was how much the hall was against Bloomberg, and you could hear they laughed at the boot in aid they they took part in the dismembering the king of its main can, as we are referring to yesterday down that down the street last night, you heard the audience boo at one point, one Warren when in our next gonna kill it claim and it was the first time I've ever heard in either These two debates, in the only time where you heard like the audience, was with my Limburg. I think you know if, if you are right, my Bloomberg is that that is the way
moment the debate when the audience rallies to his defence. I think you can tell me we're on the wrong track strategically and tactically. In that case, this state, as we all know, is a state whereafter american boats dominate sixty percent of the electorate, or so on Saturday is gonna. Be african. American. To me the way I've filtering I'm watching this debate is whose connecting with the corridor. A constituency in this state, and it strikes me that you know as rub said is not just glimmered zero delegates to your point earlier, but is also his name's not of the ballot here and the idea that that set of attacks are going elbows with warrant here in South Carolina with african american average. Ordinary african american voters here strikes me as as absurd and misguided and- and I think, if she comes up with another format. On Saturday, where she comes in fourth or fifth place, you know she is back where she was before the vaguest debate, which is to say, you know what little rationale continue were candidacy and with
money situation very rapidly becoming precarious. Again, she too saw the tombarel. She has a thousand staffers in twenty one states. That is, your force, if you or if you are winning and the money, is coming if you are losing the money, is drawing up a thousand people and We want states is a giant problem in terms of Europe, the Germans, your cash berne, and you could sailors we're in come out of this state and a very, very, very precarious situation, with a lot of pressure on her to drop out of the race right, the audience is very active. In loud last night, big Blue came when Bernie Sanders defended again Castro's literacy programme. I M going to talk about that coming up, but I the Sanders campaign and his supporters think this is a fringe issue, but I can't overstay how much down is going to live all s. If Bernie Sanders is the nominee he's going to read from prisoners speeches that rallies all summer along the trunk campaign
of that there can giant owners and the voters. Also again, the suburban brought results are burning, does not expand and we talked of near times article yesterday, Bernie does not expand. The electorate just I am, and at least he hasn't through these first primary contest, and he will lose suburban voters, I'm just our he that if somebody shocked by this a bird, when voters who left Donald Trump, Whither back to Donald Trump or well just stay home where they'll will vote for a third third part My worry is that various shells and important issue, moderate Republicans. Where do they go with burn out of the democratic ticket and a lot of people saying this? It's not that every thing against Bernie Sanders like Bernie Sanders a lot. I die just do it's just Lot. People are really focus on defeating Donald Trump. I want to ask, quickly before we got a break about the tomato can in the room, there was some kicking up who can last night, but I'm
curious even with the punchline lines he paid far from from white night riders poorly naked cowboy you? May I and a few others in that that joke stumbled and said. I don't even know why you all showed up. I one so much well lies good week. Last week, I've just come on. We gotta ask and by the way I hate the lake everybody body and not friends, with me after four offers. No, like my cab, always I might have now good he's a good guy I like MIKE, but I'm sorry I under the guise of each of you demand empty tomato again yesterday that shouldn't be kicked around it. Ganz campaign over now,
it's not over he's got too much money for it to be over. I think no one outside the midtown radius of New York City knows who the naked cowboy is, that might it not have been the best joking right on the gate of rationalize it? On the Upper EAST side, they did between seventy second in separate it right in that sweetie. I know he's not finished, I mean he's gonna, wait and see what happens in South Carolina and he spend remember for months now the only person in many These super Tuesday states he's Build organization, he's been advertising he's gone word, but my does too performances people take note of that they had that can impact on sure they re so there's your last look. They get it might Bloomberg before Superinduced it is more than amazing to me that here's, a guy, might Bloomberg we're here in New York City, where the population during the work day, swells too, about fifteen million people. He whispered ash. Arguably, the most competent mare this city is ever had rebuilt, the sitting after September eleventh and yet onstage. He can't come up gap with a reply
to an attack from Elizabeth, worn or any of them. It's amazing how many there wasn't anything I over I'll sharpen is might bloom eggs. Canada see all, but over. My blueberry will probably continue all away. He has the money he mentioned last night. He has a hundred mares. I think he will continue. Those performance is certainly inspiring to say the least, but at what daisies succeeded, stoppin, frisk and other issues that really he would have alienated him more with these particular of is that what their last night we open a programme John Louis Jesse Jackson. New. Southerners will change voting. None of the issue That really would harm Michael Gruber were highly did last night, and I think that one in that regard, but he wants because of what they didn't go after it
an audience there would have responded more than his performance talkin about the naked cowboy. I think two million dollars of advertising across those sixteen states and territories. What does that get him on Super Tuesday, and I think they will then assess the state of the campaign. The combination of all that advertising and two to one very bad debate performance, one mediocre to pour debate performer, look, I don't. I agree with the agenda. I think the performance was poor. Was better than it was at last week, a little bit and to ravage point. I think that the places where could really been heard with african american voters were not largely focused on, so I you know like you, wanted to see how he doesn't super Tuesday, how much of that, how many boats, what kind of both share as those have those hundreds of millions Dodge of advertising across those sixteen states in territories? What does that get him on Super Tuesday and I think what then assess the state of the campaign. The combination of all that advertising in two to one
Ebay performance one mediocre to pour debate performance. What we're they stand after Super Tuesday and and what's their prospects in the rest of the March states. I find it hard to believe the Bluebird will get out of this race until after the March delegates have all been meted out and they ll be able to see where he stands. I make a judge you know you would have been much better, not qualifying for the debate. Actually just should have done a lot of many many and gotten all that stuff out in interviews. John Harmon River now shocked and thank you both another president. Back from India, he arrived at joint Base Andrews just moments ago. He's now headed backs the White House such check and quickly with Jeff Bennett live at the White House, especially that the President sort of interesting comments on the corona virus. He's got a lot of his plate this morning
Megan Joe you're you're right about that and look as the corona virus really worsens around the world. You have the CDC, the Centre for Disease Control, living up to its job description. Getting Americans frequent, accurate updates about what they should do to keep them selves safe, but that apparently, reportedly his agitated president trompe believes that those kind update is what is spooking the market, and that's one of the reasons why you've seen him try to a rosy sheen on things to say, but everything's under control very low. Has economic adviser was in the press briefing room yesterday and said that the corona virus that had been contain when, in fact, the CDC says that it's a matter of when not if the virus spreads here The? U S there already some fifty some diagnosed cases. Meantime, though, you ve got
administration asking Congress for two point: five billion dollars and emergency funding to help deal with this issue. Democrats have said that this is too little too late. They ve been calling on the administration to make a more substantive request for weeks and now that they ve done it. You heard Chuck tumor, say it's really the drop in the bucket Gus, eyed and besieged Jeff Bennett. Thank you so much and we're going to have much more ahead on the administrations curious, Comments about its response, the virus. I listen to one of the reasons the stock market is crashing now lost. Almost two thousand points in a few days is because China has demanded they ve authoritarian leader, who was not up front at the beginning, so businesses cat the word uncertain whether the Chinese there is the uncertainty nursed. When are we going to be able to go back and whither the supply chain stores back up? Are we going to have to start building supply chains here we going but
uncertain certain the chinese leadership have to prove themselves to the rest of the world, especially business leaders that their work can be Sid, and now we have a president who is read the CDC for telling the the American cheat at it, and in saying oh, it's gonna be nice and spraying and don't worry about it or go away and and and then he's all try, it made a rosy scenario which will also make them It gets very nervous. I ve thinks that guinea, angry for his people telling Americans the truth about a possible coming pandemic. That's only going to spook the markets. More might well, I believe that we have coming up in the next segment clips of assented hearing yesterday, in which various United States senators for answers about the corona virus and where we stand in terms of dealing with and they didn't get,
remaining ass. Our I wouldn't have more on that and on the debate straight ahead. Also will show you some of Joe Biden Strong moments landslide and just a note guess where we're gonna beat a night, you can catch. Jos bear tonight at prohibition right here in my city, with a showcase off around seven thirty, it's gonna be so much fun Umbria and some friends you're watching jobs will be right back you, mayors, about the corona virus. Witches well under control in our country. This is a very. This is an unprecedented potential, severe health challenges. We ever do people with it. We expect to see more cases we that that, should we do
what people surprised if they see more cases here in the United States. That's an important part of transparency with the centrally closed borders, areas where we had a close, and we cannot hermetically sealed off the United States to anonymous, and we need to be realistic about that egg eyes. Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. Forty four pass, so here's that exchange on Capitol Hill yesterday that MIKE mentioned before the break acting homer, Security Secretary Chad, Wolfe was grilled by republican Senator John Kennedy about U S response to the corona virus outbreak with Kennedy, the wilderness by wolves, lack of specifics Amity? Are you in just a baby?
again we're working with H, H us to determine that how many you until we do anticipate the number will grow. I do I don't have an exact figure for you that you have an someone. Is someone modeling that you have anyway, I'm guessing again agent? through their medical professionals yard, but your head of farmland secures a new jobs to keep the safe. You can't tell us how many your models are anticipating no senator again, I would I would refer you to the health and human services for their society. A check on that we will about land security? How is it transmitted over we have different weights and around me what they are again. Human to human is what we ve primarily in the EU are now what's the mortality rate show for I believe, a worldwide worldwide. I believe it's under two percent, how much under two percent I'll get you in exile
figure. You're asking me a number of medical questions. The mask easy washed in Asia that could carry of our enlargement on of online secured and you're supposed to keep the safe. Yes, sir, and you need to know the answers to these questions,. And that's ok, I'm not scared at all. This is talking about rattling. The markets have Donald Trump angry for people he failed administration, preparing a crime, telling them the truth. Drop, saying, there's nothing to worry about here, move along just like the Chinese, when it it'll go away in April will be fine. You have Donald Trump hiring offers all firing just about everything but at first and his administration and hiring what acting secretary after another acting secretary, the these people, who are political dupes
who were loyal to Donald Trump, but that's the only thing they have going from its it's, the rich and Grenelle model. Oh, he knows nothing about it. And tell community he failed in his last shop? Might I committed a crime? He might have committed a crime but he'll be loyal to us. I'm telling you tell me this stuff is about to get real With a lot trump supporters is like how he speaks is my knees clean about washing no he's actually make in Washington, not only more swampy buddies, making Washington more stupid might with people who don't know what they're doing when it? Pandemic could combat an opportunity if a pandemic coms and incompetence killed, and it doesn't matter, whether it's killing people in blue states are in red states. The pandemic sweeps through an entire country and.
Donald Trump, only worried about the stock market, collapsing, Donald Trump and competence, and him bring it up everything's fine move along reform to only going to further panic the market. If you just read just read the news accounts of this epidemic globally, it's enough to obviously become concerned and scared. You also way down and the stories in throughout other stories. You realise that there is a purge going within the trumpet administration, to your point where people who are skilled What I've been doing for years and various departments are being purge thrown out of their jobs because they not loyal to Donald Trump and then in the case, the economy. I believe you had a few days ago, Larry Cutler! So don't matter! We make an item. I hear you're not blindly loyal to Donald Trump to bring perch. Because of that, and in this case they could be purge causing you're telling the truth
and Donald Trump does so khazar latvians- oh well, shouldn't president somebody's oil to yes, but if telling the truth is a sign of disloyalty, which Donald Trump sees. It is kind of disloyalty downward chats where we are case in point, the director of national Intelligence Annul, Joe Maguire out told you don't like bad news. We don't like the truth out Larry COD low. I believe a few days ago indicated that what's happening to the stock market was a great time too by low. That was his response. Look, I think, I saw what a lot of guy said, you're dealing with a different kind of administration that what were used to, and I think that, if this works so George, W Bush or Barack Obama, we will be there play such remembering the ball crisis Obama, which everyone got anywhere near here, feeble Obama immediately appointed abominable as our enclave is extremely capable, guy, the whole administration kind of came together and a cry this was at a panic, were averted and contrast that what this another way, Donald Trump, is also trying to cut
budget of the CDC Ryan, which I think at the moment, we probably all appreciate, should be augmented, not cut by the way, this is a great example for people to say government should do anything. This is when people want government to do something. This is what food, say I mean you can go down the list with food safety, water safety, air safety. All of that but see I am wondering I talked to the This later late last night, who has a global business- and he said you know this- this could change the landscape. Of the world economy depending on how far this expands he's it. There are huge freighters, just floating in in in the water in China, either their production. Mines are chain of supply lines are being shattered. This could start a recession. He actually thought a recession in the start. Out of this, and any said,
this could change the way the world operates depending on how badly. This is because China could be turned into a ghost town, where the one One thing that needs to be understood, as is very different from saw the world is a different place than it was when we had Sars. The world is a far more integrated place. Global trade is far more integrated. Ply lines are far more important to production around the world. China is a huge source of demand and, yes, goes on. It could have a single China will have negative gdp in the first quarter of this year. For all the obvious reasons, if this goes on like this It could well disrupt the account The world in a very substantial way, that's why the stock market is reacting in addition to the feeling that nobody really in charge here well and that the president has a daily had a habit of lying in their tracked by the Washington Post and Trump supporters think ok says what it thinks it doesn't matter if realise they're going to care There are not he's lying about this and we're not going to know if he's telling the truth
and if all the scientists have been fired, weren't a bad place about this. This could this actually could korean out of control some money. I don't I I don't know who was see what happens and he says don't know who can get the presence here, because he listen to anybody around anymore, but if somebody could they did, they would need to tell him. Mr President, the more you try to tear down the reality of the possibility of panic. Sweeping the globe in coming to America. The more you part the stock markets and sets the only thing you care about you need it transparent. This is a great a great example MIKE of how authoritarian states who think they can tap down on information. We think they can. Down on the truth and things like tat in this case Donald Trump, its angry unpeopled other how they, just in the end, a hurt. Their own cause
China had been straightforward and from the very beginning, if they had spoken asset honestly about this from the very beginning, move aggressively against it. This crisis wouldn't be where it is now, and now we have Donald Trump returning home actually to copy the worse traits of China from the early stages of this crisis. You know, Steve mentioned, run claying highly competent guy, who worked in the Obama administration and the above all across which was handled nearly perfectly when it arose it's not a stretch to think that the way this is going with, we just showed a you, not one member of the Trumpet administration, with no answers. It's not a stretch to think that this election could turn on the issue of competence. Tromp administration so far has been incompetent and so many different levels, but when you're incompetent, when as a threat, people's health. When you're wondering about, could you for you
child get there on a virus. What would really affects be? What would the percentages be for? His survival is ur survival when people start worrying about com hence in dealing with a health issue nationwide. This could turn something the way, I think I think it's starting right now, I'm John Kennedy, a guy who is likely, followed Donald Trump over the past several months under wait a second, this could be a a lot of people in the state of Louisiana. If we don't get ahead of any administration would have put together a taskforce be meeting every day. It would be his somebody in charge of this thing that the public would be aware of the present. It would only be a national television not under the helicopter, blades whirring, making making comments, but what I got on television that here's? What we're doing here? This is tough, we are fighting it and I think, That would have made a difference not just to the stock market but to the public's confidence and leadership are at
money, isn't everything, but in politics, at sure, can make a difference. Steve Ratner has to look at twenty twenty money, race and Bloomberg and style aside how the democratic candidates are due ahead of South Carolina and Super Tuesday morning, Joe I'll, be right back pay. Its crises this week on my part, ass wise, is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Durham, but what we do and don't oh about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this has got it sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in both they cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it
so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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