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The president on Wednesday tried to ease growing fears over the spreading coronavirus, saying at the White House that his administration has the situation under control and is 'ready to adapt' if the virus spreads. The panel discusses.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America. The highly antics Peter drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin Shut, Sarah Paulson Loser Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu Doc, for more questions before we start to save time. Please answer by raising their hands. Does everyone understand great did everyone use the bathroom We still need to use the bathroom Ok, would anyone like to tell me your Bloomberg scruples
and who wanted the pastrami Rest caviar mayonnaise This sound with a communist, Mature Leslie is there anyone who knows they shouldn't be here? Ok then get warning and welcome. We need a little levity right. Welcome the morning Joe, it is Thursday worry twenty seventh, along with Joe Willie in may we have the president council on foreign relations and author of the forthcoming books worlds big Brief introduction Richard Ass, I like that also with US historians, author of the soul of Amerika and Rogers Professor
residency. I vendor about Universal John Major, he's NBC News and MSNBC contributor in his new book, like achieved to the hope. Glory reflections on the last words of Jesus from the cross is out today I'm to have you both. That's bigger has Yon cited to go with. Sort of a lesser known subject: those footnote his presidency was cut controversial, whether the last words last words. I was down the street here at Saint Thomas Super School church about six years ago. I did the three or service where you do get little sermon nature. Seven last words from the cross forms is amazing what and then evil scholar called the final sermon You can see the entire story of the Christians unfolding ass and what he said from father. Forgive them. They know what they
de it is finished, pretty fast dig into that a lot more in just a bit, but first, let's get to the Big NEWS of the morning. The CDC announced yesterday that a new case of the corona virus has been confirmed in nor in California, and it is believed to be the first instance of what the agency community spread, meaning the patient have any relevant travel history or expose to another known patient. So far, there have been at least two other person to person. Trend mission cases in the? U S, that those involved thousands of people who had travelled to China that A man comes as president Tromp held a news conference and the briefing room yesterday alongside TOP administer health officials. In the very thing the president accurately described the risk Americans as low, but still these assembling a task force which will be led by vice president. My pants.
We have a total of fifteen people and they are in the process of a recovery. With some already having fully recovered, whereas at that very low level Do we want to keep it that way, so we're at the low level as they get better? We take them off the list, so that were to be pretty soon at only five people there we could be it just one. Two people over the next short period of time and again, when you have fifteen people and fifteen within a couple of days is gonna be down to close to zero. That's a pretty job. We ve missed president as as we ve been briefed, while the threat to the American. Like remains love of the spread of the corona virus. You have directed this team to take off That's necessary to continue to ensure the health well being the american people for this country can be confident that, under your leadership, we
continue to bring the for resources of the federal government in coordination with our state and local partners to see. Health and well being and the effective response crown of here in the United States of America and just force in the last couple minutes. You have disputed some of what the officials there working your ministration behind. You have said about the risk of credit, iris and spread. Trust your health officials, to give you good information and restaurant instincts and another guy have they said it could be worse in nice, Could you do? I also know. I don't think you know that if I dont think its inevitable, I think we're doing a really job in terms of maintaining borders and turning terms of letting people and in terms of checking people and also What are the reasons are mere today getting the word out, so people can they'll know. How can a source million with the government's efforts tell busy news that there is internal tension within the administration on how to contain public concern about this
read of the virus, a rift that date back to last month's decision to implement, implement travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines allies of the poor. Then say that he wants to make sure his team is initiating the appropriate responses at the right times without creating mass panic? The reports that tromp has largely hinged his frustration on the centre for Disease control after they are now an outbreak was all but inevitable. Yet exports of past epidemics claim that true decision to downsize the White House. National security staff and eliminate jobs addressing global Pandemics is likely to hinder, the governments were and to the virus. Here is the president's response. Question yesterday about those budget and staff cuts.
I have consistently called for. As long as the CDC agent you ve lost. A lot of these professionals are critical necessary this experience because we can get money and weaken increased if we know all the people we know all the good people is a question. I asked the doctors before some of the people we caught, they haven't been, used for many many years and therefore they are. If we have a native weight get a very quickly, and rather spending the money and I'm a business person. I don't like having thousands people out when you don't need a boy tat that where it concerns me, We obviously do need them now. We also have the Democrats talking about sizeable budget to give this move so willing. You know it's interesting that I watched the press conference personalities very glad. He had a Prescott
the briefing one in the waiting room. I thought those very boring something: Robber GIB said it like known that he needed to do the president. In the briefing room with his team behind him, sends a very clear message: he is on alert. Now, listen people might say it's cuz. He cares more about the stock market than the a virus. I dont really care. Why he's in there? It's important rubber gives had once again, two days and the necessary time to bring the White House Briefing room. Please bring out all the public health experts, walking, through the response step by step, what comes next and what Americans do? Therefore, we need to hear it please and that's for them. Sport with the president, daddy brought his team together, he had the experts, come up and lay out the possibility, course we're grading on a lower scale and, of course, listen, the poor might pants, bow and scrape and talking. Our greatest gobbled up, wiser every three seconds, but again
that aside, it came out. Yet the message out ass. He was being overly optimistic, but there were several times. I believe during that press homes were so yes it. It could get worse and Hisself official said, that's why we need to prepare communities for- and this is what communities to do so yet I know I know, were a lot of people were slamming as for what he did. I work better if this morning, because he did what he did then, had he not gone out at all unease. That was handwriting. I thought I thought you know there are a couple of little cyborgs that he threw out there The wall and passing by ITALY is also asked about India at the very beginning, great wish. Your trip to India set up perfectly forms, and I really want to talk about that. Let's talk about the virus. Yes, grading on the lower scale, grating on the trumps go. I was very pleased
and actually comforted that the present United States brought the entire healthcare team now, and they talk to Americans about this very Wharton situation at present obviously has earned everyone's scepticism when he first starts. Talking he's told so many lies is protected, his own interests many times for the interests of the country, but he did what presents traditionally do in that moment, which is not to get into the nitty gritty of the science of of the whole thing, but to try to ease the country as a sense of it begins to set in around the world? He said the risk is very low than those You see. Officials came forward and said actually know we don't know where this is headed. Richer has to be carefully. We say the risk is low, so he did his job that the scientists did there's. There is always the case so now we ve heard the reporting that the press didn't want people who go out and talk about serious. It wasn't my hurt the markets which could have heard his his for reelection, that's always there, but how, evaluate his performance yesterday, first, but more importantly, where this is headed with We're on a virus
stances? We don't know what the risk is the numbers of those who have the disease are probably far larger than is publicly known in part, because lots of people are asymptomatic. The good news from that is the fatality rate is probably lower than the published right. I think you made one port move with establishing one person in charge of this union. The whole of government effort. You need one person who senior to the cabinet who can coordinate the cabinet, who can link the foreign and domestic aspects of that so actually think appointing the vice president is what was the right thing to do, but it was a show press conference in the sense that, while the president was leaning towards the lesson overreact. The danger is obviously under reaction, and I thought what the doctor found she said was quite so ring a bell at best it's a year to a year and a half before we have a vaccine around. In the meantime, this first wave, but there could be
other waves of the virus, and by the time we have the vaccine, the waves The virus might be different than the vaccine. That's created would be applicable to so. This is those things it's gonna play out over a lot of time, two serious virus, it's beginning to up in the United States and around what I think we ve got to work from the assumption it's going to spread, and I thought what what she said was right for the time being. This is a public health child. Well, we make an I heard from several people. Yes who run corporations large corporations they're sending them the job today to all of their employees we're severely limiting travel, get on planes only if you have Do that that's going be multiplied many times over and it is going to have white, an impact on the economy, but at the same time, will hopefully limit the spread of this fires, but you're right we don't know, I think the task for this presidency is is going to be in it.
Then we ve talked a lot about this show in terms of voyage in staffing at the State Department, we often talked about first of all, what exactly that looks like when you have, someone is basically urging or not filling jobs, basically weakening that institution and no less. Toward the president's tendencies which is too Strong man, if you dont, have people underneath you and people questioning you and you don't have jobs failed. There is a weakness if he has gotten rid of too many scientists. If he has gotten ready, rid of too many people at the Centre for Disease control. If we don't have the right people in place what he said the last sound by we ran it. I will just get him back, that's not so easy and it will be very interesting to see exactly who they can get
any other beyond who they put on stage Estralla to really deal with. As you know, if I'm, if I'm going in and I have have rain surgery, I dont care whether somebody like someone in jail or not right. I want the best brain surgeon, the the purge that Republicans are talking about, Donald Trump going through throughout the government right now, John, that we really heard about over the past week that perch works in official and says not. Is that a fact the person who will best make sure right that people and Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania North Carolina, in Florida and the rest of the country, do not die from this virus, or is this person who is going to be like my pants and kowtow to the president, every three sentences- men, when I'm hoping. This is a wake up call for the administration for the President, that in the law,
the positions. Loyalty to him doesn't after come first Firstly, if it's about science, if it's about infectious disease if it's about safety The push Paul in our history has been between political went to ease and more professional. I civil services can live a progressive instinct that you actually want government to be an instrument competent instrument and It seems to me that my My great anxiety, aside from the impact of virus itself is we're living in an age of xenophobia and it, is not impossible to imagine a scenario where blame his cast on some country or group of people. If this becomes to end in an and what? What about Tom caught in a guy that didn't Tom go to Harvard sentences.
Tat was a Harvard guy, very well educated Tom caught in a couple of days ago, spouting conspiracy theory that the chinese man virus eleven in a lab. You have rush Limbaugh, everyday presidential, metal, freedom, Vonder, etc. Say it is the most reckless thing he's ever done, but saying that Finally, this was just a conspiracy, and this was just made up to hurt Donald Trump said something yesterday. I can't even keep up whether, but every day is a new dangerous conspiracy theory. Maybe this is so serious stuff. Folks, don't worry betcha ratings for one week, don't don't try to don't try spool up of whoever was wearing ten tinfoil hats in your audience, but that's what's happening were still conspiracy. Your are still saying things that are going to be
fr ordinarily dangerous for this country. We need all, come together. The other thing this dangerous shares resource allocation, we ve been talking about the tat, the scientific talent, the others money. This is it in illustration, that is: cut money for the centre for Disease Control, for the national Institutes of help hadn't romance equally slash, you our support for the World Health Organization and through foreign aid to local health capabilities around the world, and this is a perfect example. Penny wise and pound foolish? This is because we have invested the infrastructure domestically and internationally on dealing with looks like this. We are far more vulnerable than we needed to be or want to be, and this is the thing well it when you start what, when you have Donald Trump spending the money that he spirits and cutting is that he's cutting, and then he gets to these parts of the world, and I know it's not him. It's just people meidel seagoing I will take ten percent of this will take. Time
enough of that, and it has to do with health and has to do with food safety. How to do with research and development for Alzheimer's or for diabetes or for making know Americans made known for diabetes. The incident of diabetes is is higher in Red State America that it is blue State America lot of this research that he slashing are heard. The very people that he would prefer to protect and those cuts outcome. Home to roost, eventually an and not people, regardless of political party? It's interesting to point out too that right at the press conference yesterday, the CDC announced a new case of grown virus and northern California. Reportedly from someone who hadn't trap to any of the affected countries, which raises a new question of how that's being transmitted Go to the White House joining us now, NBC News Whitehouse corresponded Jeff Bennett. Jeff morning, I really let's talk about the decision to appoint the vice president, my hence as the
through all this is the point person at least what will be sort of the chain of command. Is the White House looks at this pending crisis? Look if there was any news coming out of that news conference yesterday. I think that was it because all day, White House officials and our sources have been telling us that President Tromp was not going to name a zone, Alex AIDS helping Human Secretary Newman Services secretary. Had it all under control as Republicans on the other side of a pencil vainly avenue some of them are made the point that is our already runs one of the biggest government agencies and that this sort of response effort needed a point person who would report directly to President tromp, and so that's precisely what President Trump announced yesterday. Apparently blind, citing aser himself raise our amendment on the hill in some so committee hearings and untold various lawmakers that there would be no tsar. So here's what we understand we understand this text for this task force will continue to meet daily and that vice president, my pencil report
the President tromp Pence, have a lot of experience in handling this sort of inter agency work. Given his past experiences a governor of Indiana, although public health experts have pointed out that he was roundly criticised, for his own handling of an HIV outbreak back and twenty fifteen in his home state of Indiana Pence at the time refuse to accept really the hard science on on needle exchanges and and how that would be beneficial from a public health standpoint. I think that the next part of this, though, is fully funding their response effort you saw earlier in the week the White House requested two point: five billion dollars that was criticised by Democrats and Republicans Richard Shelby, the Senate appropriations Chair that. He thought the White House was low, bawling, it doctor. I have no doubt she at the end. I H said that two point five billion dollars would be, in effect a down payment
Chuck humor write his own bill for eight point: five billion dollars to sort of handle that response effort and President Trump yesterday said. Fine, that's what they want to give us. What will fully accept that What about a billion dollars of that will go to vaccine development and stockpiling equipment like masks and that sort of thing, and the government also has to fix and deploy its government designed test for, on a virus which I think would would go in large part to getting the numbers of detection up to a point where it might be more accurate to go to which it has this point earlier that so much of this is a symptom when it comes to prototypes subject. Let me ask you D, Emmy reporting on what move the present the United States to go from tweeting attack. Cable news channels in the morning in saying that they over hyping disk. Virus to giving, I think, pretty somber press conference the afternoon in delivering again. They sort of official
said the information that Robert Gibbs was dressing earlier in the day that he needed deliver. Wait, wait where we say on that point the day with the present understood that this is something you is going to have to talk to the american people about what we the early yesterday morning that the president was going to offer some sort of media availability and, throughout the day, it sort of evolved into being the press conference that we saw yesterday with the President himself really for the What third time in this entire administration walked into the press, briefing room, flanked by the vice president and members of that so called thrown a virus taskforce. The reason for that twofold, really one. He wanted to calm the markets that had been a major concern of his and he also wanted to serve, show them
How can people or try to show the american people that his administration was was fully prepared to handle the response and in control, even though that press conference at times devolved into the president offering parts of his stump speech where he used his favorite pejorative, nickname, which I will repeat for chuck humor? You talked about why he should be re elected blamed. The stock market slide on those democrats running for re election, but public health experts point out, as you pointed out, that there were a couple of things, he did write, he talked about the encouraged Americans to take steps to sort of slow the spread of this virus even acknowledge the fact that there could be quarantines if there is such an outbreak talked about the importance of of showing up their response efforts among state and local authorities that sort of thing If we suspect that someone has to disease- or we dig it when you know, we can't test them on the site and get something back to us, what we have to do is tell them. Send biological samples to places like Atlanta, with the centre for disease control
ethical samples to places like Atlanta, with the centre for Disease control their overwhelmed by it and it takes days. So one of the reasons you need a lot of money is to develop as quickly as possible a mechanism for testing and getting feedback within seconds of whether a person is infected with the disease. That's the reason speaking to end up in the money, the two and a half billion dollars that the administration s? For only about half of that was new money. A lot of it was reprogram. So there is a lot that needs to be very spent here. There's a lot that these three dawn, the President press conference yesterday, that an assured the markets, because futures fell s m p, futures fell. Europe is having another rough day, impart part of that so the news, as you mentioned after, which is that there was a new case, in California, from somebody who had not travel rights, and so that that puts it in a new game and again when you have the floor,
corporations in America, some of them, starting to pick up the phone and and deciding that they're going to severely restrict travel for all of their their staff because the corona virus people saying no overseas trips starting now people talking about limiting trips to the south Coast that suddenly has the priest never get impact, Addison Autonomy and on supply chains. At a time a lot more about this, and some people learn the hard way New HBO film Bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR. Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal inspired by true events, the movie, all Hugh huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll from his assistant, superintended PAM Gluckman played by Alison Janni
their schools, national recognition. When astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes his power and the illusion of a success, will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute, RE, Romano and Geraldine, this one Nathan film vermeer. Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges mainstreaming soon on HBO, MAX, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called
off when people listen to music there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. All right, it is twenty eight pass the hour, and we have some really big news for all of us here. I am happy to announce that no you're value is partnering with Forbes to come an amazing, powerful new platform entitled fifty over fifty celebrating the trailblazing women who achieve significant success after fifty and way beyond, and there are so many. The inaugural fifty over fifty list will have
I'd and celebrate the inspiring stories of fifty increased, women, all over the age of fifty. You have overcome formidable barriers in their lives. This new partners, will shine a light on all those women who are rewriting the rules of success and who in spire all of us as they shatter misconceptions about age and gender in the workplace, the cold- operation will also provide a template to empower women of all ages to become a better advocate for themselves. So, in addition, fifty over fifty will be a centrepiece of the first single topic issue Will Forbes magazine and three years, it's a powerful showing the most powerful women on the front lines of success and paying forward as well, so we're gonna have much more on this coming up a little bit later on morning, Joe when Forbes chief Content officer Randal Lane joins us to talk about how we're gonna roll out this
rejecting all the excitement, hearts really really exciting, but so some names out here I endless Nancy beyond Anthony my bark. We shall say we shall say knowledge of congratulation No it's interesting. The world advertisers are catching up to. That the key to forty. Nine may not be the demo that matters the most in this country that we're all possible income as and where some juices, is in the over fifty so ahead of the curve. The Bureau of Labour Statistics says that women over fifty five or the fastest growing agent gender workforce category, while men are actually declining. We have our church with its right to an end, and I want to know the pop culture tat South formation of that. This is not apply for this, but the bachelor is coming out with a sixty five plus.
For this, but the bachelor is coming out with a sixty five plus fashion. Ok, I fireflies nobody to show you where the power is getting inside, they could use. It only shows where power is in this country from a completely obviously different vantage point, but now it congratulations. Wearing families some neighbouring this site. Ok, I guess I'm as yet. We do obsess on youth culture. So much I thought, is fascinating for talking about ranks of book that my Joe you get me a year ago, and the idea was suddenly rate book. Did he get Not unbelief on level, it changes your mind really about everything how you move toward success. What's the most effective thing, and he talked about what I love you stalking about, how start ups so well,
yeah. We got four text on achieving a twenty year. Thirty now you need me to get beaten up and about twenty or thirty different things and started tech start up, and you like for early fifties, if you just go by the numbers. Attack start up that began with the ceo in their fifties, is something like two or three times is likely to succeed as a tech start up for somebody in their thirties and because, through weather, its Van Gogh or Einstein, or whether he talks about the multitude the failures each one of these we have poor Van Gogh was a colossal failure at everything to go into the ministry and and committed, is life to Christ and went out in and to the nether regions, and they didn't like fish
it is on and on and on he try, try, drawing and see. This is absolutely the worse drawing everything he did. He was a colossal failure, but all of those came together and saw this extraordinary thunder storm out I'd and ran covered himself and just started, throwing paint on the canvas all these years of failure and what he saw in five minutes was way, my god this is. This is What I'm? So you could start? We hire you dont know if there's any successful person, I know the first thing: they talk about his failure and objection and the things that they tried in and trial and error and things that haven't gone well for them that brought them to the place for everybody- and this is a male centric response, but Franklin, Roosevelt and Polio, and thirty nine Churchill in
the boy leaves. The government goes to the front in World war, one the age of forty Dante There are no comments because he's lost his way in the middle of the journey Reagan divorced and loses his career everybody's form. At that point, who is in the main political world has had some cataclysm about that point and they either you're either Flintshire. You go on Got me the two greatest examples, Lincoln and Churchill time again one loss after another loss after another laws to be a simple celebrating the women who have had success rather than lost, something which we do have failures as well, and when we talk about them as well a lot in the no you value can be energy. I think this is a great space. For women in the know, your value community to really talk about the successes. After fifty and these women are their painting the trail for all of our daughters and
There are so many more of them, so that too, I think this list is so important. Thank you all very much so stay stay with us every Wednesday, place. We have Jean Robinson live in suffering Lynette coming up did you hear were burning, is going to be campaigning on Friday and Saturday wow. Slightly arrives at sea is going to have another thing, Elizabeth WAR and was we nice to exert a debate stage go and early well rigorously, recoil semantic Clodagh, Copley, Daisy Arsenal and, and and Rick said you know, and its causes learning I he goes, you can feed the alligator. Fried chicken for I got it. Can you why, at the end, the alligator each you stand, the alligator like that is good the Massachusetts on Friday, and Saturday, instead of campaigning in South Carolina, we're gonna talk about what that means. First of all, other than just Bernie
to Finish Elizabeth campaign off once and for all also what it means about, maybe by maybe he thinks I can't catch by South Carolina, it is our right, Jean Robinson, live in South Carolina when we come back. Hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast. Now for free wherever you download yours, I can figure known.
With the ten integrity, no one more committed to the fundamental principles to make this country, but it is the market friend my maid wise, wait friend Jabez. Nor do we know Joe. But most importantly Jill knows us now add was a powerful endorsement, whether now from it, Earl since South Carolina Pulitzer Prize Winning columnist and assessed, editor of the Washington Post, an MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Hence the surgery we now Bernie Sanders is leaving South Carolina early mean
I've always told politicians. It tell me about the indoors Instead, they have a vague endorsements. You gotta go, I will tell you there to notable exceptions as far as I'm concerned, what is Jim Kleiber acts? in South Carolina. The other is Harry, read in their vat, because those two guys have their states wired like the old prose used to have their states. Why this Kleiber endorsement pretty huge? Isn't it yeah? It's it's the best thing. Possibly have happened to Joe Turbines campaign here and in South Carolina, Jim Clayburn HEP, Head head been non committal as to whether he would endorse at all and he waited until you know just a moment. I think, for four Biden after burdens but stronger performance in the debate. The other night boom here comes the endorsement of the
most important political figure in in the state, certainly in terms of the Democratic Party, The guy and two was Missouri, and here the men went home to aren't very talked a lot of people yesterday, just heard a lot about Joe Biden, and and and also talked to a lot of people who are looking at this race like we have. We have somehow bread, an entire nation of Pandit, so so the so everybody was calculating. Well, I think that Kleiber endorphin will make people more likely to vote for him. It was hard to get people to talk about, actually who they were going to vote for, but but it came down to most people. I talk to you. It's really got a sense. This is this. Is this? Is the problem with your buddy last week of the camphor you'll do well on Saturday, you know so Willie.
Here. We have once again, politics going in the direction that nobody can predict and the law of unintended consequences might Bloomberg. Decided he had to get into this race when before I moved in the first place, Bernie Sanders was not far behind. Same time that a lot of Joe Biden, people were concerned, news going to finish and forth in Iowa and New Hampshire. That's why he did it was it he had told everybody throughout the summer, I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it, I'm not doing it and then what looked like he- was facing either adamant
nominee who was sanders or war, and he said I have to do it so here we find ourselves at the end of February and the law of unintended consequences. Have it, that of Joe Biden has a great night on Saturday. Night is still Michael Bloomberg, go Stop Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. He needs to drop out early, Sunday morning, because if does not take a look at this Texas Paul. If he does not, he is actually helping Bernie Sanders when the nomination, this billion air will be helping Bernie This is the twenty twenty democratic nomination pulling out taxes Biden in
Sanders are tied at twenty four with Bloomberg at seventeen. This is but it would look like if Bloomberg get out of the race easily winds, he's out. The margin and you go ahead and put that across another twenty or thirty states I mean I know with it. That would be extraordinarily tougher. Bloomberg D do, but you know what they're forty five the way through the game after Super Tuesday he doesn't it he might Bloomberg if Biden does well, and Bloomberg stays in the race will be the guy remembered as the politician, the billionaire who got Bernie Sanders Elect, well. Michael blower is not going to get up before Super Tuesday, because the entire rationale for his campaign is that I can put all those resources into those states and that's when the campaign begins. For me, though,
Why now you got into the race to be the alternative to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Worn is turning out to be an alternative to Joe Biden for a lot of voters, so on Saturday, Danny. It looks all the signal. Are the Joe Biden. Gonna do well. There. Bernie Sanders wouldn't be going to Massachusetts tomorrow and having a rally and then on Saturday, the day of the boat in South Carolina. He wouldn't massive rally on Boston Common, not Colombia, South Carolina, if he didn't see where this was headed for Joe Biden. So what happened If we wake up on Sunday morning, Joe Biden has led, he's one the state of South Carolina? He looks a little bit like his campaigns been revitalized. What does MIKE where do with that. First, by Bloomberg. You know this was actually perfect storm in a positive way for everybody's this week after the Bay performance. But I do think you'll win fairly substantially. That changes a lot. You know there is everybody's, been kind of already anointing in certain ways Bernie and then there's almost an overreaction. If somebody else has a good moment able today- and I think they will be an overreaction,
my guy, we have our anti Bernie to that point. Might Bloomberg wants to be an american hero. He would that ain't? I'm I've been saying all along bluebooks got a great opportunity. I think these first two debates, I don't think the right stuff is there and if he came out there, next day. It's none of my getting out I'm getting behind by and by we're making. My secretary of state that would change dynamics in this race in a dramatic way. I dont know if it's gonna happen, but might Bloomberg it's you chance to be a patriot here. The way John, this always happens as politicians always make the right decision about two weeks like these presidential contests, the damage has already been done there, that twenty poor Kyle pile up is all over the road and then they get out of their car, and so you know if you'd be best, if I just give you the car, keys and I'll just walk home,
in this case. There is no doubt that, if Biden has a big night more needs to get out of the race immediately before before Super Tuesday and and and weak given it gets Ando a very specific example of how Bloomberg could possibly take from by Jim Kleiber last week, all of my sources were telling me that Kleiber moving towards a Bloomberg endorsement, but he going to watch the debate. He decided whether was going to go back to that He originally wanted to be with Joe Biden. Joe Biden had a great debate. I think, Kleiber who's going to endorsing by that point anyway, Bloomberg it had a week first debate, but that's it great example of how might Bloomberg is that hurting Bernie Sanders might Bloomberg is now
Joe by absolutely with the mayor presumably is say: I got into this race to make is more moving Lord Moderate, to make a more sensible nominee possible will reach the broad american public. My work is done. It is clear that the vote vice president, or vice president, has a path here. And I will devote all my resources to this. But, as you say, you know that's what people would say the Kennedy school oh right around the table morning? Job every night? It's a region's hotel breakfasts, exactly what happens instead, it just keep driving on the icy row say: get off the road you gonna, kill some people war and run. It would have been president if, if, if its interests had their way on everything, so you know
the history of this campaign is written, I suspect. Gonna be is a democrat Socialist who copies the party, the nominating and he will run against a man who, five years ago was not a republic and that tell something about the strength in quotes american Party system, I heard seventy really on Twitter actually wrote I turn away. Ok hold on me at this rate, this race is going to come down to a billion air running as a Democrat, who used to be a public billion air is present, states who spend his adult life as a Democrat, giving money to do crises running as a republic if he has a billion and a socialist review to join the Democratic Party right. No, no thanks, married May Democratic and Jean Robinson, it bloom
that has always said for in the campaign starts and Super Tuesday. He spent a half a billion dollars, but I would like to polling, which shows he is at best plateau in most of those soup, Tuesday states and in some of them gone down quite a bit manage. Why so going into Super Tuesday. Looking at these numbers, despite having port half a billion dollars into those states and he's not get winning those states he's not gonna win delegates in those states. Is there chance. You believe he does take a look at in say. Maybe I need to pull back if the idea here is to first Bernie Sanders and then to defeat Donald Trump, maybe Joe by is the guy. I dont see it personally. I wonder what you think I know the guy and now, all of a sudden you gotta go wait. Wait! Wait on that to you know that's like trying to turn and ocean line or on a dime right if we Ford hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars into telling people.
You know, I'm the guy Bloomberg a guy, and now all of a sudden you gotta go wait. Wait, wait! I'm not the guy! This veto guidance, a guide and and look at a state like California, okay, so Bernie Sanders is clearly going to be above, threshold in California of the nightmare scenario. For those who want to stop Bernie is that he's above the threat and a bunch of other candidates don't reach the fifteen percent threshold and reaps. The lion's share, those four hundred delegates in California and gets it gets a hugely and that's that's it conceivable. Mary Ann and keep in mind. That may be a third of the California vote has already in so A lot of this is got a baked in to the to the biggest and most important state in in super super Tuesday.
Beginning only if it boomers gonna make. This is the sort of dramatic move and throw it all behind by me better. Do it like in five minutes, because it gives it its it's awfully laid already raised here- is an assumption that just might gloomily has to make this kind of a decision shall say me closely. Charm people judge neither one of them is going to be the democratic candidate conceived One of them could be the vice presidential, courageously centre, clover, jar and that's an admin Yeah, that's probably in another ten or fifteen percent exact, and that could have a tremendous impact on the two leading people and the moderate track? Obviously, vice President Biden, as well as my moment, but they're gonna, have to, I think, also make a decision very quickly if they are. If there's What is going to be relevant to actually, I know everybody gets up in talks about what an existential threat trump is any. Is this his game time in these candidates. The candidates, you mantra, bluebird, really have the car look in the mirror and say to I want to be a part of sir?
Bernie Sanders up, who, I think, has zero chance of beating Donald Trump. You know this is weird among in time. Imagine trump former years, imagined God forbid, Bernie on the ticket and they take the house. It's over, we'll ask so all that sort of the rational political view, but the human rights reality is- and I truly this to President Kennedy in my head- but it just suspected comes from somebody else. Is it when you to the Senate. You look around, for couple days you say, while how did I get here for the rest of your career thinking Jesus. How did the rest of these people get here? I think that must be true on the debate stage right and the left institutionalized solaces of a presidential campaign right, you are being yourself for years You only see your own name when they hold up a sigh, right. What are you see when you look back? actually see other people ideally would. But what you see is there here. For me, that's just
the human reality or in your world that still stole possibility our eyes again Thank you so much. Your latest fees for the Washington Post is entitled. Centres is leading something rare and unpredictable in. U S power everyone, take a red and pay its crises this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bertram, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once they things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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