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Morning Joe 2/5/20: SOTU analysis


The Morning Joe panel kicks off Wednesday's show by recapping the president's State of the Union address.

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Members of the Congress, I have a high privilege and the distinct honour of presenting to you the present of the United States, the high privilege current honour, the high privilege and the distinct honour, the high privilege, as it is Donner via privilege, of the distinct honourable members of Congress, the President of the United, dates, were these snubbed handshake, then that alter Intro, ending up with a ripped up speech. There was no I've lost last night between the President and the House Speaker morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Wednesday February this, along with a willing and may we have MSNBC contributor, my barnacle White House, for for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, former chief of staff to the DE triple sea and a former
director of strategic communications for Hillary Clinton. Twenty sixteen presidential campaign, drain. L rod and historian author of the soul of America and Rogers, professor of the presidency, at Vanderbilt University John ME, he's an NBC News and Emma Bessie contribute no job just to just an overview and their sing Willie. Interesting. There are some people ass night who were saying that well yet Donald Trump, this is, do you like it or not. This is it. This was a really great speech. Forty, I mean That's me giving a speech is warning the Red Sox nation saying: not only do we keep Muky bats Manning Machado he's gonna be coming in a couple of minds and Erin Judges decided to be a red sock by the way the Yankees aren't gonna be playing for a couple Emmett. So how are you qualify? Something is a good speech. If it's fed by lies in- and these are lies. Debtors
easy to uncover, The Google machine, whether its Donald Trump saying that Republicans are fighting for pre existing conditions when they are fighting kill, pre existing conditions for people, like my sign with type one diabetes and the jobs created. Make is gonna, be saying in a little bit. It's just absolute Lee preposterous Donald Trump suggests Had he not turn things around from Barack Obama? economy would be terrible shape When he's writing the Obama wave, it's an eleven year recovery, Barack Obama, creating far more jobs, over his last three years in office than Donald Trump created in its first three years. The lies: we're preposterous and for some reason the press keeps eating, ended this high that somehow his economy is so much better than former economy
It's a lie, while the lie he's been telling from the beginning is that he inherited a mess from President Obama loses objectively untrue, Steve Ratan, retired, a couple minutes with charged to show why that's not true by the way like Barnacle, bowed head when you mentioned Muky Betsy names are not going to go any further, pushing back. I'm sure we'll talk about that later, but the President Prodi the state of the union. Last night, like a tv show in some ways it was like an episode of Alan, where you had a nice military reunion. You add a fourth greater receiving a scholarship. He gave out the metal of freedom to rush limber, not just announcing that he was giving. It actually held the ceremony in the middle of this eight of the union, so it was very theatrical for my money, the all the no handshake, the not saying that you know the distinct period honour and privilege and then ripping up the script at the end is not what country needs. I know those will be viewed as sick.
MIKE drops or something in the far reaches of of each sides teams. But I don't think the country needs that kind of stuff right now by most accounts, it was a state of the union, unlike any other, we can at least say that within Impeach president addressing a better way, divided Congress, while also seeking reelection those too persons were on vivid, deploy display last night from president looking away from the house speakers outstretched hand while to Nancy Palazzo, ripping up the speech when he finished at times I felt more like a campaign, rather than a formal address, with republican law a curse chanting more years and Democrats jeering president for his remarks on the economy and trot. Showmanship was also one for display. Surprising and military fan lay by reuniting an army sergeant with his wife and kids, promoting
more choice by announcing a scholarship re, Pennsylvania student, and in an odd to his base, awarding rush limber with the presidential metal of freedom. Also notable the present did not mention impeachment. Once during his speech a little bit of a show of discipline they are John John. The present certainly showed discipline came to stage not now going on angry Rance bite. Again I guess we can handle the hamper for not losing his cool like EU he does not wandering often in into the fields rhetorical fields, but again, the lies about the economy, the lies about pre resting conditions, the lies about so much of what he set up there. Really there it was. It meant for them
can people it was meant for an alternative universe. His alternative universe of voters, it really was in a state of the union and, like you, I suspect here you know, more about states of the state of the union. They knew what I admit out in the world. Enjoy not only the spectacle but the idea In fact, this is a moment where the branches of government, are supposed to have a conversation both with each and with the rest of us about where we are and what we should do. This was not the union, and it was very much about trust- political state, and his folks and when the consuming the story of the last five years now he's never is never wanted movies
it too has ever been able to act on it. To reach beyond the people who already sent him and one many tragedies of the era is that he has used to learn from a presidential history. That suggests, evidence who are remembered for big ball things? Are residents who bring theirs porters along to play where the supporters didn't think they wanted to go and in China. Reg and the cold war Clinton. Then the new Democrats, you you had a you- have a history of surprising us was nothing surprising about last night, It was in some ways the apotheosis of what we ve been living through. To summon damn since the last five years, but the limb moments really interesting.
Is an emblem of the reflection partisanship of the era to the point where we know when he was supporting talking favourably about that Buchanan back and nineteen Ninety two Buchanan, as we know, is really in many ways with George Wallace, the forerunner of of Trop aid he was be helped drive Buchanan to all beating George Bush in the rough sitting president and the New Hampshire primary, so sometimes in history. It's not that hard for of course you do this: if you want a moment, if you want a couple of days, that represents the extremes, and the polarities of this era are yet to do. Is right, last night while a zoom in on the content of what the president said last night here he is on pre existing conditions and the economy
he was be helped drive Buchanan to all those beating, George Bush in the bribe sitting president and the New Hampshire primary. So sometimes in history. It's not that hard for those of us who do this. If you want a moment, if you want a couple of days, that represents the extremes and the polarities of this era are yet to do. Is right about last night and we will always protect your medical care and we will always protect your social security. I am oil to report to you tonight that our economy is the best it has ever been. If we and reverse the sale. The economic policies of the previous illustration: the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success game and stay right here. Right now for us and charts in fact, checking I wanna do little fact checking of myself. I- and I put put it through
the morning, Joe supercomputer, the size of a city block, I tell you President saying he's going to protect pre existing conditions. My supercomputer spit back out the fact this is a lie. Republicans have been feverishly working to kill the pre existing condition. Protection, though be afforded to people like my son, with type one diabetes also stay Ratner, do other things: verse their economies, that has ever been. This is, but regularly mad and not because of president saying it and lie about it, not because Republicans in Congress are repeating that lie, but because the media and I've been complaining this for a couple years now the media parrots the
as well, it is one of the best economies have economic growth under Jimmy Carter was higher than it is under Donald Trump economic growth Jimmy Carter, in seventy nine the malaise year when things are supposed to be so bad ways about a third higher than it is under die drop in two thousand. Nineteen Donald Trump economy grew at two point: three percent set. That is a twelve slop that is weak, that is in make it. I know that everybody all three they're all love on it. Everybody the richer, getting really really rich, but three to two point: three percent growth is pathetic. Under Kennedy was five point: seven percent under Johnson five,
Why one percent, under Jimmy Carter, who Donald Trump, is trashed before three point two percent under Bill Clinton. Three point: eight, sat and the throb slob threw up the three year tromp slob puts it at two point: five percent and Land steer. After all, those tax cuts for Multi National Gore, Relations and the very richest Americans in the land, the economy only grew last year by two point: three percent save Ratner, it's hard, it's hard to sort through the lies from last night. I know a lot of people there will to admit it was great great. The themes we're great yes, great things if you're cool with the person speaking lying all the time but Donald Trump, say. If we had reverse the failed policies of the past,
Frazier would never have this great economy, we're in the middle of an eleven year Obama. Economic recovery in all the lines are going like this, whether its job growth, whether its GDP, it's ridiculous, Steve. We got you on, so you can fact check, show us your charts and, let's, let's pick import the wise the present said last night porters, because it makes me sad that he liked this way to people who support him and makes me sad that there are always present? So we must be tough there is but he's not he's lying up. Some people learn the hard way in the new Bio, film, bad education, Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR, long Island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie,
follows Hugh, Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Gluckman, played by Alison Janni their schools national recognition. When astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes, his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status, don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds, director Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green, utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast klute. Re, Romano and Geraldine This one Nathan, film, Vermeer's Saturday April twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly
MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell off when people listen to music there- feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits. We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free? Where were you did your progress. That was why didn't you when I was watching the beating you that speech I felt like I was living in a parallel universe like I was in some other countries, talkin about some other country, because everyone is saying maids
little sense it reminded me of meat from can fact check me on this. But I remind me the famous line attributed to marry Mccarthy about Lillian Helmont. Every word Rights is a lie, including the answer. The box Toto felt like that for the first ten or fifteen minutes that speech last night, Let me show you some charts and then we can go through some of the things he said in his speech. That are also quite incredible. Start with job growth and a lot about the job growth? But, as you can see here, but we're trying oh here, is that job growth under present in trouble, which has been significant, actually lower than job growth under President Obama over the same thirty five months, the end of a long term verse the beginning of trumps So the idea that there's something unprecedented happening here is or is ridiculous. We always wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait! All those! Second, I'm confused and you're telling me that the gray that world right. Now is job growth under Barack Obama, his last three years in office,
the red is job growth under Donald Trump, his last three years in office and actually Donald Prob it's doing worse than Barack Obama levy. Let's forget about why I'll drop lies. We know he lies white way. Doesn't media report this more? Why do they let Donald Trump keep going? This is media that is actually cooking the books for Donald Trump by looking at the DOW and looking at unemployment, which, by the way, I was going down in this direction under Barack Obama. Why do they keep spreading this one has a media spread. This lie that Donald Trump is somehow created the greatest economy. When he's doing worsen. Brok, Obama in job creation, where you have the media that, but what I can tell you, that under Obama there were two hundred twenty seven thousand jobs a month, create during this thirty five month period under the ninety one thousand to twenty seven, hundred anyone, tromp rags
logging, their employment rate by one point, two percent Obama the unemployment rate, five to full percentage points. So anyway, you slice it. This is at best. Continuation of the trunk of the Obama recovery and, at worst, a slower version of the economy. Mama covered we can turn it starts it. We can turn now. If you want, to wages, pussy a lot about wages last night and and indeed, it is having going up as you can see, by the blue line up at the top here, when you were just for inflation, which is a really important thing to do, is obviously what matters is what workers have in their pockets at the end of the day, which are these bottom here you can see in fact once again real wages after adjustment for inflation rose, slower under Trump than under a bomb under Obama, they they rose and an average of one point, one percent and others they rose at an average of zero point. Six percent, so you have
faster growth in wages, after adjusted for inflation under Obama you had under Trump so that's ally's, well, wages, adjusted for inflation. Are actually worse under Donald Trump than they were under Barack Obama, get not a surprise, just as some is that the media keeps letting Donald Trump get away with a sly, as they have for the past several years, insists lazy. They listen to what Donald Trump says: the wages are go now. It now and you know, look at Jd P. If you will, because that's you look at our echo, micro. That tells us not just how the richest of the rich are doing on Wall Street. That tells us how everybody is doing and so give us a story on GDP. So last night, Trump in his first or second paragraph said he wanted to talk about the incredible results and the economy that has achieved the incredible results amount to GDP going up by two point: five percent
during his watch again we're comparing the same thirty five months end of trump and of versus end of Tromp Obama was two point four percent so called statistically a tie, but essentially this is simply a continuation, as you said earlier Joe, when eleven year recovery and the growth rate under tromp is. No higher than under Obama. Job creation is actually, weaker than under than under Obama and and wages. And wages have actually been weaker under Obama as well. So we can you check the big boxes, that's what you get. There's so much out. There was so else in that speech that we're just a wise on top of lies and any claim, for example, that we that he made us independent in oil and gas production. Both of those things happened before he took office. Just you one thing: that's I've ever been Willie
It is incredible what this guy claimed again things that happened before get got into office. He Edith grab any good headlines from the past decade, so when a speech. So of course again, I just the media, need make sure they don't go around time, but what a great speech was is it really wasn't? It was packed with law, it was in the one about pre. Existing conditions is particularly galling. Considering the administration literally, is in court fighting to overturn the affordable care act- Jonathan, the mere so things do rather too said is true. He's got the charts to prove it, as he always does, but the president in that room last night with a new Paul behind them. They shone with forty nine percent approval in the Gallup Poll, forty two percent approval among independence and sixty three percent approval on the account so he probably could have just got in and said unemployment set fifty year low inflation is low. Consumer confidence is high without making up the law
that he inherited a mess from President Obama, which of course he did not that's right The speech certainly is worthy of a robust fact. Chicken and Steve did a great job there. There are many falsehoods in the president's from our he came into this and his advisedly lady came this with the wind. It is back. The pull numbers is calling for gas So is the highest of administration today? Of course he is, would you be acquitted in the Senate for his patron trial, which will draw that chapter of his ministry? to a close, and I think that what we saw last night is adopted trumpet Republicans and Republicans wish they would see. More of he was the show it was a reality. Be started, went through it, the scourge of the student, the the present Medal of freedom to Russian Bobby, very divisive conservative figure, the of course true for a union of the, you're coming home to see his family. He stuck to the script. He we did not go on tangents attacking, the mass the democratic mess in Iowa. He did that on twitter earlier, but stayed away from that during the speech. Last night, he also did
mention the word impeachment once following model set by Bill Clinton. Ninety ninety nine, when he also did not talk about his impeachment trial, there so he was able to release restrain himself for the time being, although of course it must be noted. Has shown moments of discipline before they tend not to last. Very long so I think we will hear from them on those subjects that are today. In fact, there's some talk from the White House, the present mighty making remarks later the impeachment matter, and yes, we saw last night So just the street partisan rank or that is involved trumps. Washington, since he got here in January of twenty seventeen the moment snubbed handshake without speaker at the beginning, the chances for more years from Republicans, while Democrats sat on their hands and boot him when the present did lie about the economy here inherited from President Obama and, of course, the moment at the we're how speaker policy towards the speech in front of the president continuing through her If, as is now the second or third viral moment, she's created from these speeches,
and then she told reporters later that it was. It was the appropriate thing to do ass. She was sort of changing the frustration and anger from Democrats after a speech did she believes says, and we can fast track as well. It was full of lies so my barnacle yesterday wasn't a particularly good day of our democratic, the past twenty four forty eight hours, not particularly good too, your feared for Democrats and vague some good are: you were the worst you do have the present and one Paul at forty, nine percent you you have them about the beat impeachment, because a lot republican centre to say what he did was outrageous and terrible and impenetrable, but they're not going to vote to impeach him. And let you, let's just pile the mess up high on top of that, what you were smart, not to go to Iowa, because it ended up the mean new results
who is going to believe the results when they finally come out. Things are so chaotic right now and they still event given a seventy one percent of the returns, it we're couple days, em they're not communicating their, not transparent, How that their first they told us it was nothing wrong with the Epp and ends up. It was a bigger problem. How can we for us that, when we saw in real time in a row, time on Monday night, the rule being broken them going through a first round and then asking people who did qualified the fifteen percent threshold. Owing to the Oda working to find more people to stay in its. It was now hey eyes It was a mess and it reflects terribly on this democratic party. They don't have their act together. Why well Joe? The good news is that will never have to pay attention to the IRA carcass again
it has always been so now part of the american cap history, as far as nice people out there in a manner that is truly, representative of the rest of the country and to the larger points. In making about last night. I think what a lot of people go away from last night, if, indeed, they watch should pay attention to. It is at this stage is mutual contempt. One party for the other party that's never good sigh and you had a prison The United States stand up there We ve gone through just a glimmer of the myth of the untruths that he told, but this man his will and prosper all of his life off of wise, and Adrian out there in the country where you still are you're out there in Iowa. I think there was so much in that speech that was offensive in terms of solving the truth,
but I strongly suspect that, most of it a lot of people now, their heads and liked what they saw and heard yeah MIKE, and I think what you just said exactly why it so important this morning that all of you are going through a very intensive fact check because sheriff out there in America he turned into the state of the union. You listen to Donald Trump, deliver this view We read meet heavy speech, delivering a strong message to US base not doing frankly much to attract independence, but during a strong speech to his base than you might think o this everything's going great this president is sounding. You know astounding ino, astounding great, and this is something I want to support, but I don't think he did a whole lot to attract independent certainly didn't. Do anything to you know bring in any sort of modern democratic, rather than from have much luck with them anyway. Again. Why it so important that we are talking about that checking this speech, because
if you turn them as an average American, you might think. Oh gosh everything so rosy, but a little bit of digging into this speech reminds us that this president used in trying to reverse Obamacare. Since it came into the office, I'm he's dead nothing is seem just mention really to raise wages, a lot of Americans. We may have low income We may have a lot of Americans are not feeling the economic benefits. That many other Americans are failing, because they haven't had a reason along time or their working, the job that has been needs them our job, that they don't want it. So it that's why things importantly, we're doing this, and you know we gotta hold this private president accountable Joe to the point Adrian just raised at Steve, brought out very importantly a few moments ago, and you ve been talking about real wages for real people challenge you or anyone to go to Ireland watch these candidates perform to go to New Hampshire and watch these candidates perform
Racine one of them stand up and talk about the average weekly pay check that normal working Americans get and point out that they haven't received. A per capita per cent legitimate pay point that I just know that Steve a decade I ago know, but they don't talk about more people's lives out there. They just don't know down: it's it's crazy. I I understand why real wages are, as, as Steve said, they are flat. They there, where they were the last three years. The Obama administration is not doing better. Gdp it's going along about the saying, but my gosh at two point: three percent: when you look store ITALY, where the United States, as and when you look at what Donald Trump promised when he was running for for present when he had massive multi national tax caught for multinational corporations and America's,
his billionaires. He promised four percent five percent. Six percent you said the economy was gonna grow will based on those standards last year was a slob. The trump slop brought it in two point: three percent makeup it there's no is no polishing. This for Donald Trump. He can go out. We can lie. The media lets him continue to lie and they don't out the fact that actually Brok Obama the last three years- the Obama economy, where in many ways stronger than the first three years and Donald Trump Economy, maybe gets away with it, but by last night It shows Adrian everybody else set in the words all Simon he's a one trick party one year, one tricks Ali notes. He plays hard to his base. He's gonna a base election like pushed it in two thousand for and Democrats if they ever get their act together. Rights need to figure
how to play to the middle pull over independence and I'll beat that sky run elections egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for free, wherever you download, horse, while the back the morning job. He just waking up hoping for the final results from, I am sorry to say, we still don't have the full results. From Monday nights, democratic caucus in Iowa, we ve got seventy hey guys Willie guys here. In the end, a mayor, PETE Buddha Judge, holds a slim lead over Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Elizabeth Warranties and, thirdly, can see their followed by former vice President Joe Biden. Of course, these positions, could change once the remaining twenty nine percent of the vote comes in. The eye with democratic Party is blaming the delay on what it causes
holding issue with a new app that was meant to help speed. The reporting of carcass rose The UN's each year, time harass released statement yesterday that reads in part. We have staff working around the clock to assist the I would Democratic Party to ensure. All votes are counted. It is clear that the EP in question did not function adequately as frustrating is alive. Twenty four hours have been. Let us not lose sight of our ultimate goal, to defeat Donald Trump, to take back our democracy and to improve the lot of millions by electing Democrats up and down the ballot. Adrian. Obviously this is beyond frustrating for a lot of people. We can't even characterize the race is too early to call, because we don't know what that twenty nine percent of the vote looks like for now. Whatever happens, whether people to judge ends up one or two. It's remains at ordinary two nights ago now for him. What's the deal you're in De Moyne where's, the twenty nine percent
I'll Willie Party officials do think that they will get the results out, probably in totality in the next twenty four hours. You know their crunching number, making sure that every single batch of results they put out his accurate and their double triple checking the accuracy of what they put out, but look This has been a disaster. This has been a mass, a colossal mass from damn pointed Eyelid Democratic party and from the standpoint of the overall primary process. You know, look I think it's. I hope I find the ocean and maybe crew. In trying to you now created technological, been offended advantage by creating an app that can process results more efficiently, as opposed to cod leaders having to call in those results in and what not, but this failed. I mean it was inexcusable the fact that There were nine died, tripled checks on this act to make sure you know. In the weeks before the Caucasus,
there were no law that there were no sit in a systematic failures that came for me at this was a really major major setback, but for the ILO Democratic Party and, frankly, a major setback for the Caucasus system, Look we wash in real time on Monday evening, even before that we are talking about results coming in how the carcass process works and, I think out of Americans out there were thinking. You know I'm Surely this is the way that I would want to show my support for candidate that the way, one of the reasons why the Democratic Party National Democratic Party has been so focused reducing the number of carcasses, we now only have twelve states in the nation that caucus and I what we saw in many nigh is one of the reasons why carcasses are so antiquated outdated and we should move to a full on primary system. Now that there really are antiquated and outdated and anyhow preposterous. We are
day and a half after these carcasses, and we still don't know the results. We still don't know whose is one and as far as getting an app to pass a law, information to the eye with democratic party. Instead of use your phone use. Google spreadsheet, like you, use, use your your ear texted, it's just so Papa's make up. I don't know where to begin, especially consider how much was riding on this election. Much was riding iron and it seemed like even in the process of covering it, you could see that they didn't understand the process. There are trying to pull new people and reporters didn't understand the process. They were sort of covering something that wasn't working the right way. It seemed like a mess from the get go just. Looking at all, go down and its turned out to be a cold
also disaster and embarrassment. The democratic party does not need right now and a real sort of real bump and the democratic raised to the nomination. That Democrats did not need right now. So John Major, this was a wonderfully quaint idea. Nineteen, seventy six Jimmy Carter comes in second binding, but I'd uncommitted, but Large, SAM and watched his presidential campaign. Got into the White House. But the last three we talk been talking about this for a couple days, the last three alive where there were Santorum and wrongly whether was Hilary and Bernie whether this year that dangerous haven't kept up with the times and we ve had three go, which is now in the last three presidential carcasses there,
This is almost like an inadvertent historical re, enactment drama, because this is the way elections were for about a hundred and fifty years. You know what they would start voting sometime in October and you'd find out by December. So in that sense it is a return to something you know, Churchill, was often quarters at me, said: democracy is the best form, the worst foreign government, except for all the others, but you know even sure who can be wrong, said some point common sense of a primary election where you go when you vote and they counted and the net result is reported. Perhaps the old ways is the best way. Ass, I think, might is right. I suspect that we will be safe. Alternative strategies going forward. There is the right Don't ask that question obviously,
and there are a lot of states who are going to present them saying hey, we know how to count, send us in yeah it it's inexcusable maker. You realize that over the past three years we ve been talking about election security. We ve been talking a loss of confidence and institutions. We ve been, talking about a loss of confidence in election results, and now you have the Democrats show their face. It's okay to America and in the first step words putting somebody up to challenge Donald Trump and really because botched the way they did the only real winner out of this, probably, is a guy. You too then go to Ireland. That's Michael Bloomberg line Donald Trump Donald Trump YA, go out on the democratic choice. Hey it's critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and don't
about the corona virus once these things get out there- and this is going to serve a key aspect of misinformation and just information- is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA. Years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet. Of course, there's a more recent version which is known as Branda leanings, both day symmetry principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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