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Morning Joe compares and contrasts Bill Clinton's public response to impeachment to the public remarks President Trump gave on Thursday. And, Joe Scarborough discusses President Trump's remarks at Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast and why he says Trump mocked the words of Jesus Christ and got away with it.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America. The highly antics Peter drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as. Explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands, stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin Shut, Sarah Paulson Loser, Duma and Elizabeth banks. Mrs America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more. Now that the Senate has fulfilled its constitutional responsibility, who evil it was corrupted was dirty cups. Bringing this process to a conclusion It was all, but I want to say again to the
can people have we went through hell unfairly did nothing wrong, did nothing wrong profoundly sorry, I am for what said and did to trigger. These events, I want I apologise to my family for having them have to go through a phoney rotten deal and the great burden have imposed on the Congress and on the american people better, they phone call that was a totally appropriate call and they brought me to the final stages of employee MT. I also am humbled and very grateful. It's called total acquittal for the supply, in the prayers I have received. From million Americans. When she said I prefer the president. I pray for the provision of prey she may pray, but you praise for the opposite. This can be, and this must be
A time of reconciliation Adam shifts vicious horrible person and renewal for America say loaded the people of Utah and tell him I'm sorry about Mitt Romney Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Every guy, I believe any person who ask for forgiveness has to be prepared to give it. So there we see now Donald Trump painting William Jefferson Clinton. Shades of humility, shades of dignity. And came hurrying shades of humanity. Looking for Eventually it was a master class yesterday in the difference between melody and hubris. So lines class and this
one who is classless it was. It was more It was a remarkable day as Donald getting when Donald Trump put on a freak show yesterday and showed exactly why this Raise will always be close. Even then, when thing we're going well Donald Trump and his supporters and his family members are at their very worse good morning and well. Come to morning Joe. We have fine like gotten to Friday, libraries, seventh and along with willing and me we have Donnie Deutsche with us, former chief of staff, to the DE triple see in former director of a teacher communications for Hillary Clinton, Twin sixteen presidential campaign Adrian L, rod and historian author of the soul of Amerika and Rogers or of the presidency at Vanderbilt University John,
Germany's and NBC News and MSNBC contributor great job where this morning, he really yesterday, the president did put on an absolute freak, show sighed the White House. He put on actually a blast Miss display inside some prayer breakfast actually mocking people who quoted the words of Jesus Christ, mocking people there. Say through actually follow the orders of Jesus Christ. In the sermon on the mouth. It was quite a display by President, who actually somehow managed this turf buffalo. First of all, the other victory too yesterday, after the acquittal intended included a day at the national prayer programmes, where he displayed again is complete lack of understanding of what it means to have faith I know, will play some of those clips and get into it later, but also the cliffs that we just played of him
Today I thought Joe was a perfect distillation of the Trump age in Washington because you had Donald Trump being who he is. We know who he is, but you also in front of his entire cabinet, the attorney general sitting there laughing and smiling and applauding while Donald Trump was Ripley Russia, investigation and ripping the Ukraine investigation and everything else. And then you had Republicans congressional Republicans, clapping and laughing along and wait for their names to be called, which sort of is the point of their jobs. Right now is to say, and do the thing that pleases, the boss, Yesterday. He one by one went down the line and called out members of Congress, we saw yesterday afterward they would tweet on social media, the clip of the moment where he said a nice thing about them. I thought there is the whole body yesterday right there in the White House. Yesterday Donald Trump was at his worse by the thing about this. We he is, it is assuring
it is calling that he is so predictable. What did he do? The day after Robert Mothers testimony he picked up the phone. He called you crying aided by Russia, said I'm holding up your weapons until you dig dirt on my political opponents thousand next day Donald Trump was that is worse when he actually should have been at his best when he should have been at his well most humane. He should play the advantages. Man this man doesn't know make a deal and politically he just as another. They would have been a wonderful time for him. Wonderful time for him. If he cared about ever get. The fifty percent to do with Bill Clinton. Yet a man who left office- actually, I think in the sixtys, but instead He Rick Wilson said instead Donald Trump. Yesterday, he bellowed like a third world,
warlord and a display of political performance. That was almost unbearably grotesque and it's a flight to american values It can law at America's collective sanity and, as will he said weaker the most grotesque It's not Donald Trump. We win, at a price that end aspect into the grotesque part where those people jam been there and the people jump into the prayer breakfast who were laughing along to this abhorrent barrier: This behaviour that cut against not only come institutional norms over the past several months and political norms. But more We certainly cultural norms Donald Trump shatters everyday and I will say as a as
who grew up in the evangelical church. Cut against basic norms that either angelic calls once claimed to believe wines. Held them cell s what's talked about inside the church, and inside prayer breakfasts, even though they are all centres, at least ascribe to fight. Oh the words of Jesus Christ, the best they could do yesterday. A present the United States was openly marking the words of Jesus Christ. I need the Franklin gram. Every Folwell Junior Robert Jefferies, Are any these other rules legislators put in quotes did did anything to actually tell their flocks Now, don't listen to the president,
listen to the words and Jesus Christ, we'll talk about all of this, a lot coming up by a shock as they like to say meagre. We got a new Hampshire last night. It will get to more of the president's day of rhetorical revenge in just a moment, but first that New Paul this morning with good NEWS for PETE booted, judge and bad news for Joe Biden in the Boston Globe. Daily tracking poll from New Hampshire, who did judge, is now closing in on Bernie Sanders who's in first place at twenty four percent. Go to judge is right behind. At twenty three percent, points since yesterday, whilst doors is down one Elizabeth WAR took the third place spot that Biden held yesterday. She is now a third in percent with Biden at eleven,
It appears that we have two wings, and now we have the top progressive and the top moderate, that's Bernie Sanders and PETE Buddha Judge tell it played out. Now, then we have the second tier progressive and the second tier moderate, and that of course, is Elizabeth Warren and joy buying and it looks like the possum pulses. Over the past couple days are bearing that out again as as it was an Iowa, so excited being a new Hampshire yeah. I mean, will see what happens on Tuesday, Joe the First M state, where people are actually voting, not cock, a saying in the democratic primary process, but you don't think think about this last, week during you a it's of the fiasco that was Monday night in Iowa. Gilbert call PETE, what out they pretty early on gave her, They reside speech, took advantage of the vacuum that existed in the nest.
Media, while all the cable, condemns all of us resort of talking about what's going on one of the results coming in. We had all this area to fail, May Mayor P went out they're pretty quickly and so the audience and sort of declared Victor Ear at least gave a very inspirational. You know I feel pretty good about where I am type of speech. I think that, really how TAT. You know he's been really been playing up here, Ireland Iowa, even though, of course, we still don't know in ITALY who the winner is obviously very close between him and burning centres. For the point, is he really capitalize on that moment and its continued to capitalize on that throughout the course of this week? I think that's been very helpful to him, because, even though again, we're still waiting for the final results around, but we're still waiting for the how relations may repeat when I hadn't said you know what really well in Iowa. I'm in a message is this effectively going into New Hampshire and one of the reasons why you're seeing him really get this balance out of a state that
it still is a kind of chaotic and we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened on Monday night done, that balances bigger even than our graphic, indicates that we put the pull up again. If you look at how far people are up and down that just over one day, this is a four day tracking pull over the four days mayor. Peat is a twelve points, so sort of the post, I, what is put these plus twelve Biden is down seven points since then Joe Biden was off the campaign trail yesterday, five days ahead of the vote back and Wilmington with this campaign is advisers figure out what they gotta. Do they better debate, tonight, at Saint Ancillary College, If you were in that room and Wilmington, what would you be saying that Joe Biden, I became Joe, is now or never Joe needs kind of a real break up performance tonight. You know it's interesting. It's no surprise there is buying goes down. Prejudge goes up, and it's kind of the Anti Bernie thing is. This does no else to go off the moderates that that there's no other there's. No, the flagrant town accept- and I brought this up- doesnt show whose looming it's Michael number. I mean
keep saying that the more this kind of becomes a united. Five thirty eight has Bertie a fifty percent chance of getting the election. Getting denomination right now is more. Is that correct, used to happen. Bloomberg becomes aim, every viable option. These double down he's at twenty four hundred gross rating in which, if your tv viewer means that's all you see, it is I can t I will. I will confess that you will continue to see rise? There is real panic setting nowadays, while they should be. This was the worst we democracy. In my adult life, when you combine obviously quit all but the sky, everything is that dysfunction, I will gives Trump hand grenade from now till the election if he loses the election to say which we know, we always know what he was going to say- that this is not a fair election. He has that hand grenade in his built now and to me it was just devastated democracy, we're happy! I will, as we have with the equator,
a meagre agree. The sorry I was going to say make it clear to the Joe Biden knows that there is a problem, there's a reason he came out. The campaign travellers are trying to reset there and by the way, before gets to South Carolina which will keep talking about as his firewall, because it's a more diverse state is Nevada and they have moved a bunch add money from South Carolina in Nevada because they know we can't too poorly in Iowa New Hampshire, potentially Nevada and then still count on South Carolina saving a bad start. To say the least. So next block we're gonna, bring in Steve Cornet key to break this all down. But right now back to the president's victory, lapse today, which started at the national prior breakfast. Right before the rider and thought later. Arthur Brooks spoke right before the president about the teachings of Jesus, I love your enemies, a message. The president's added. He doesn't agree with. Ask God to give you the strength to do is hard thing to go against you.
Human nature to follow Jesus teaching, you believe, Jesus Teaching ACT like me to the love your enemies. Ask God to take political content, from your heart and sometimes when it's just too hard ass God they help you take it. Are there. I don't know if I agree with you. But I don't know about who's. Gonna like what I meant say. I don't like people who use their faith as justification. For doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say I pray for you when they know that. That's not so we did a prayer breakfast this morning, and I thought that was really didn't, I had Nancy. U policy, setting forth eats away, I'm saying things it lot of people. Would
said, but I met every. I met everywhere. A vicious and men vicious these people a vicious, Adam. Ship is a vicious horrible person now EU policy is a horrible person and she wanted to appeal some time ago when she said I prefer the president. I pray for the provision of bread. She may pray, but you praise for the opposite, but I doubt you, president, and these a vicious. You know evangelicals anyway, this grown up in a charge, evangelical charge catholic Church christian church. Stands the blasphemy there really do I hear you Donald Trump. First of all, saying I don't agree with you Arthur. Well, it was our third, he was disagreeing with was the word Jesus Christ, he was agreeing with but this is a man, and, frankly
You know this. This is a man that is said, he's never had. Who asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness before, This is a man who never read the book, who is entire life. I he handed me a bible of his one time of the early fall thousand fifteen. His mother gave in its obvious it had been. For forty years he talked about two Corinthians when somebody gave him a quote from second current, he could name a single book in the Bible. He couldn't tell you that in Spain. The new and the old testament Annie yesterday? He marked the words, Jesus Christ, now listen since Franklin Gram in jail. Farewell Junior Robert Jeffrey in all these other, so called religious leaders are not Those of you who warrant raised in the church, It was so grotesque for people at the national prayer, breakfast and others it has to be laughing it. Donald Trump
marking the words of Jesus Christ. Letty twice divorced, backs leaden Baptist. Tell you, But let let me read you the words that the president It states that a national prayer breakfast was mocking yesterday and Sad think about it. How said matters go evangelical later came out yesterday and stuff up for the words in the gospel of Jesus Christ,. Taken from the sermon on the mouth. These are footing. Notes from Nay Home take. From the sermon on the mouth, the centrepiece of the gas Oh Jesus said this. You have heard it said, love your friends and hate your enemies but I tell you love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you.
Pray for those who persecute you fit you these sons and daughters of your Father in Heaven. If you love those who love you. What will ward, will you get and do even evil. Man do that and if you great only your brother's, only your friends, What are you doing more than others do not even pagans. Do that be perfect, therefore, Arthur Brooks was saying yesterday as Heavenly Father is effective. Is these centerpiece John meets him? Well, You are a believer or not. It is the centre of the gospels of Jesus Christ too low Your enemies tube to forgive those who have persecuted you,
and to show mercy and kindness and meekness that should be you're going yesterday at something called the national prayer breakfast Donald Trump marked the words of Jesus Christ, and he get applause for it marking yesterday as a dark day, not only in the history of this country, but in they his of the modern evangelical movement because nobody, nobody that supported Donald Trump, and up for the words of Jesus Christ- and here I am like I said, a guy's been divorced twice, a guy who's, a backsliding, this I'm having to do this, where are the rules Just leaders of the day to do this are to talk about. The good Samaritan or to talk about
It is on Chrysolite, to put children in cages or to talk about why it on Christ like to reward, the richest of the rich, while hurting the poorest of the poor. Where are these men well, so at the top to stipulate judge not less YE judge, so I would be very careful here. Because, as you say, you're backsliding Baptista, imperfect Episcopalian, which is redundant. It so stipulate that yes, the family is, but your mother help. Why are you so. My father was there all the time I love Episcopalians, but go ahead at which we will take you and they're. Only six of us left so you'll help our so couple of things were
is what's going on and geological broadly for theological vision of the new testing your vision of the new testament which grew where's are the hebrew Bible and the story of salvation with the adopted tree. The temporal power I have decided that judges that acts to the halls of power that that is in fact, more important than the increase, the difficult hard work of the message. But in the message and action that you're talking about their violating a command. In the psalms to put not thy trust in princes The initial meaning of the wall of separation between church and state was now about initially protecting the state from the church, but the church from the State
the ancient thinkers worried about that's Roger Williams, founder of Rhode, island, worried about this Richard Hooker, the Anglican divine worried about this- that it wilderness of the world were allowed to encroach on the garden of the church that it would become corrupt. Well, guess what they were right if you're, looking for any more vivid All of that you will not find a morbid example that than in the EAST room of the White House yesterday Abigail, Adam she's, to anger, laundry in the EAST room, and I don't think we have made much progress given this the I think of the the central point of the religious role of religion and politics, I believe, as ban to be a dominant force. Put to me in informing one. That's when that, where the great in of the american experiment is that you can't banish religion from the public square, so
to manage it and martial it and our best political errors have done that, and I wonder I wonder this too. Really one is the culture that tromp embodies, and it now perpetuates is The reason we need more. The religious, religiously, inspired values in the public square, the religious inspired values of grace generosity humility. I may not have all the answers. What Reinhold Neber called said? The sad duty of politics is to establish justice citizen for world that was the epigram Jimmy Carter's. Why not the best Seventy six: it was the way started that campaign and remember forty years ago. Forty four. Now the evil
Gallagher. That word became prominent in american culture, not because of the right, but because of Jimmy Carter. He's the one who brought that as of help bring that as a force into the main stream to us after Watergate down The second thing on this, I think, is our best moment. Arguably, as a country from abolition forward was the nineteen sixties the sense of the Civil Rights ACT. The voting Rights ACT, the end of Jim Crow, crow would not have ended in common NATO region, Joe without the christian church, the christian church offered a critique. Love your enemies that found russian through the means of Gandhi, but central insight go look at stride towards freedom by Martin Luther King, Montgomery the story. It is run
the sermon on the mouth redeemed America sense I wonder if we don't need to with John Louis with the great rose of that movement. If we don't need recover. This idea of rid of a kind of she inspired resistance to will to power that has taken centre place in our politics him. Thank you so much all of that John Medium proving Willie guys once again that episcopalian homilies anymore, I thought and longer than fiery, Joe Quick, witted cranky Jews. In all this. I'm getting to you right now, is not guilty of everything started in Leviticus, of course, so so, daddy in nobody's asking Donald Trump drag
he's ascended into the public square right, and this isn't even about Donald Trump and Jesus. This is about the people. Laughing this president. While he is backing the gospel Jesus Christ and again they are free to do whatever they want to do more, nor I am working at the evangelical leaders who have yet to if not call him out gently, correct term for the guidance of our own followers and that is the spiritual. Let's talk about the temporal. Let's talk about the secular, let's talk about what happened inside of that White House that is a stain on american mark rosy. Again, I'm not being dramatic. It is
stay, Madame Donald Trompe, as already stated he forever state. It is a stain on those men and women who sat in their knowing that what Mitt Romney said was right knowing that half of what Lamar Alexander said was right. Knowing that way, the present the United States did was long and instead they stood there. Lakes scared little children, just hoping The president would call their name out and isn't that Cuba is it they enjoyed yesterday because it was a very day, not only for the Republican Party, but for this constitutional republic. Jello reminded me of the the equal pathetic day in the in the in the overall, we have also warehouse when they went to a cabinet. Re went around the room and they all kind of their heads today to their fearless leader. If it's it's so IRAN,
Don trumped junior. Hers is just such a vulgar human being used Gary this. This work this year this week to further Mitt Romney, whose american hero- and he might have one point that word at those people in that room by the way daddy just to let you know it's the same word we're not going to say on the air, the same word that Donald Trump years access they would when he's you- can grab Yemen, innocent and deadlines, and that led do it because you were famous I'm sorry gone junior use. Same word. Yes, what that's a class act I stay, it is one of the great wonders I always thought I understood people for living. I unites gonna. Try to plugging the baby, I don't and them to look in the mirror and take tat even broader, as we see in the Gallup poll self that allows them to look in the mirror and take that even broader. As we see in the gas, well now that forty nine percent of this country, half this country takes trumps, do a good job. We have
start looking in the mirrors a country we can't. We can no longer just point at that guy. There is there's really play right now, the soul of who we are. We can't make it about him now it's about us now. It is about us the soul of the man, you might say to just a really underscore the point you made about the event: Jellicoe leaders and Ben. How wrote a great book about this he's in even jellicoe himself about the immoral majority, how exactly what John just described these leader trading power for christian values? on Sunday after the Superbowl Franklin Grim, rode along Facebook Post, where he was very, very upset about J low shaking her and he was upset about the loss of decency in this country. Yesterday, after the national Prayer Breakfast on Twitter, on social media. He heaped praise on Donald Trump and thanked him for protecting Christians in this country.
So there is, the hypocrisy. Have right in front of. You is very worried about the loss of decency with J low, but not with Donald Trump. Had celebrates maker a man, an answer. Raids actually being in the programme while the man is a man. Echoing the words of Jesus and undercutting one of the central tenants of Jesus Ministry, there you go. Some people learn the hard way in the new. B o film bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR long, island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal inspired by true events, the movie, follows Hugh, Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni,
their schools national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds, director Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of Green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast. Klute, Re Romano and Geraldine, this one Nathan, film, Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell,
off when people listen to music there, feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits. We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. Thirty three pass the hour: it's been a bruising week for the democratic presidential candidates and other starch. First there was Carcass chaos in Iowa we're both hey, Sanderson, PETE Buddha Judge are in a dead heat with both sides claiming victory this as the head of the Democratic National commit called what happened in Iowa. A major league Failure and now wants a quote: surgical Rick
Canvas. Meanwhile, seven of the Democrats presidential candidates will take to the stage night in Manchester New Hampshire for the parties. Second debate of the year, the weekend will be filled with candidates, criss crossing the state. Make the closing arguments to voters before tuesdays, bows, I want to go right now quickly, Donnie Deutsche, because we talk to last last segment about, of course, try the majestic atrocities of the freak show that took place in Washington Dc Knowledge Talk pure power politics not about what should be, but about what is, and let's talk about what an absolutely whore will they put an absolutely horrible week. This has been politically for the Democratic Party of Doll. Tromp he's been acquitted, he's sitting it nine percent on the Gallup Poll, I think that's an outlier, especially probably Eve Eve, that close to forty nine, it's going down after yesterday, reminding everybody of his worst trades, but
regardless in that he they will these preparations, and, while all this was going on, the Democratic Party who is a short as this is the most important election of our lifetimes, that this is what, matters most- that the resist starts now, but this is when we go after Donald Trump and bring him down and save democracy. They can't even one a cock, soon, So what forgetting? What we're all saying inside the bubble? Daddy Americans are saying, I think, But we saying right now on your way to say- and I saw that The state of the union is a little crazy but things are going well. My business going really well. I had demo some want to replace him and they can even a wine carcasses, and I How bad is that for the dinner Pray and right now bad weak, impotent.
Dysfunctional and say what you want about Trump to your point, Joe ease up their pounding his chest and it benefits booted. Urgent and dumb bloomer, because there the to outsiders, if you will you idiot The almost you can't run against the democratic party. The gotta run against Trump what their that too, because they, not been in the public discussion in the national discussion as candidates, until now and to judge last year for the last few months, so they have the ability to step outside of say. This is a new path. This is a new beginning, the ones who were the more traditional established. We candidates can't do that, but I we'll tell you something what but- and I will say it Again- was just as bad as now current aiding a monarch in the White House with what we did with an acquittal, because Donald Trump is a door with a bone. He will not Let go of this. Our national elections are now in play is questionable. Institution, and that is the last bastion it was devastating. What happened?
you know really so Donald Trump Brand is all strength everything he does I have said before the new, this guy and Why how he was behind closed doors, how he was personally, at least so. A lot of people who knew him in Manhattan far That is how we was publicly when he got behind even if it made him a bad human being and in fact the campaign his campaign, their running a bad human being, and in fact, I'm paying his campaign. Their running commercials. It say in effect, Guess Donald Trump is a bad man, don't need a good man right now. We need a strong man and all campaigns are about contrast or good campaigns. About contrast, this week has brought
Did the stark is contrast. Donald Trump could ever hope for strength on the aside against just ineptitude. It reminds me of the old Simpsons: the old citizens show where they went through the dim Riddick National Convention, and they held up big sign. That said we can run. Anything that was a banner for the conflicts and this just Donald Trump and that gonna be saying this week. He had not just the big to that they want to run the country with some of these candidates want to take over the health care system. If you like, the iolcus, we already see or healthcare. That's the argument, your hearing from Republicans, but you talk to people around the president, people, the White House? They are gleeful about this week. They got acquitted of them You saw that celebration that bizarre celebration by the present yesterday, he gave what they thought. Was a good and strong state of the union speech. Despite all the lies that we're inside it and on the
their side. They watch the chaos in Iowa an slippage of Joe Biden, the candidate they feared the most going in. How do we know? fear him, the most he got impeached for what he did to try to vaporize Joe Biden can see let's look inside those numbers in. I were national political, corresponding NBC News and MSNBC author, the red and blue steep pornography is over it bored so steep. We are waking up now. Fourth, the morning without clarity, What exactly happened in I, what we have a hundred percent of the vote in, but we don't quite know what happened because, as you reported NBC, reporting. There are inaccuracies in these numbers. The reality of this is we may ever know with a hundred percent clarity who won the Iowa Caucasus in twenty twenty and the democratic side. What we can tell you is with what the eye of a democratic party the US is, all of them, recorded. It is a two state delegate, equivalent we'd for people.
Judge over Bernie Sanders. That is one tenth of one point. To put that in some perspective for ago at this time member this week, all night or in Iowa. I came on day- and I said folks, we just had the closest Iowa democratic caucuses ever Bernie It is lost Hillary Clinton by four state delegate, equivalence that was shockingly close. It's even closer this year. So the margin right now the I would Democratic Party is telling us is to the issue, though, as you said, our decision desk some other news organizations have gone and look. The irish State Democratic Party has made a lot of documentation a lot of tat. We sheets that they use these precincts at these carries fool for these Caucasus has made them available. They have taken a look at them. A lot of them. Been circulated online. Our decision Deaf says there are laws. Of errors. There are clearly population errors that at there in a race, this close that that fact cast doubt on.
Do you know the Buddha judges really? First. Do you know that centres is really second, when it's that close? The other thing we talked all yesterday morning remedies satellite carcasses. It's basically like absentee voting. They had a few of these throughout the state on caucus day for folks who couldn't go. At night is a real question about whether the State Democratic Party used the correct formula to calculate the delegate, from the satellite carcasses and again that has direct bearing on centres that could be a difference of three or four of these state delegated quiver, we're centres, so the reality is by the way the campaigns have until this afternoon to say if they want to have a recast, The reality is, though, this is probably the best estimate we're going to have and if you want to call it dead heat, I think that's fair Bernie Sanders, told Morgan read for Heerd NBC News in every Esther. I won because I got the most votes so he's looking at the vote total. This is measured of poorest by state delegate, equivalence which, as of now, we think mayor people to judge
and stable ass. We were quick about that glow. W busy, Suffolk, pull out of New Hampshire the four day tracking, a big bomb for people to judge a big slide for Vice President Biden yeah and you can see what that is its not coming this book Judge game from Saint or standards has been stable all week, so you ve got outta here they are getting separation from the rest. One group in particular that stands in terms of leaving Biden and flooding to pee the judge seniors. Sixty five plus we ve talked so much about buying stuff among the old. Is demographic Conner police Anders strength among the youngest, the all this damage. I think in the New Hampshire pulling in this tracking ports now is moving rapidly away from Biden into PETE Buddha judge. So, the question is: can booted judge continue to consolidate? Could he passed Sanders he's sanders. Is there an opportunity here for sanders to grow further conditions
If there is one other polar came out yesterday, that might be a little interesting. They narrowed the choices to four for people to these four cannons. To see only of your voters would responding to check out what you found there in that situation again rejection Sanders now, a mere thirty percent they had by war and a little further down. But again you seeing separation between Buddha. Judging centres we have seen candidates like Buddha Judge, come in from Iowa with out of steam move up rapidly. Sometimes they just keep going Gary Heart did that nineteen, eighty four one by double digit. Sometimes they stall, Marco, Ruby stalled famously in twenty? Sixteen on the Republicans, I got that debate tonight. Let's see if that is.
The impact, certainly didn't toy sixty with Rubia Joe Biden I'll be back from Delaware back on the campaign trail and, as you said it debate again tonight. Steep reaction has been that board literally every moment of this week, thanks so much Asia, hey Guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. Tonight, the top democratic contenders will debate each other in New Hampshire just days before that states primary and if you think that what happens tonight likely How much of an impact on the race consider what happened back and nineteen eighty. When the republic Race that ear turned on a single debate moment here is
and we news covered the story. Forty years ago this the people of Nashua came early for the debate. Looking perhaps for some political excitement, but not expecting the drama which was developing inside about two thousand people feel the high school gymnasium. The hall were three tables for George Bush Ronald Reagan in the moderator, but since this afternoon Reagan trying to enlarge the debate with all the republic candidates, the sponsor the encounter the National Telegraph refused Reagan, claim that, since he had paid for that, translation, he had the right to change the ground rules for our debate was supposed to start. George Bush entered the hall a moment later, Angry Ronald Reagan, strode onto the platform him didn't come along We planned as a one on one between Reagan, enforce the other Republicans failed in their attempt to get themselves included
originally planned as a one on one between Reagan enforce the other Republicans fail. The maritime protect themselves included after coming to the debate. Creating at the end of the debate We will allow these for people to make statements. Then the moderator, John Brain and editor of the paper set the rules for the debate when Ronnie. You can try to protest brain attempted to have his microphone cut off. This man place during Mr Evans, my God for the moment. Did you know my mind that wine echoed the nineteen forty, a classic film state of the union?
hey broadcast. I was perfectly willing to say that if we could not all debate that, then I would not debate, and yet People have to tell me that it would be unfair to all of you if we did not continue with the debate, but I want you to know that circumstances without Reagan, a the for candidates, the edge of the stage as they left a gesture of protest against the newspaper and George Bush rule. This war said nothing I'm here. To do so by editor of rain. I have been in I did hear as a guest If the national newspaper I will by their rules. They free to make any real play one on it. I am their guests and I'm very glad to be here. Thank you very, very much wish we have blown it merely by sticking with the two men for men leggings. What does managers etc? Would do come here and fight? A pro Bush newspaper with bushes help Wendell anybody, but Ronald Reagan to debate with Bush and the other Republicans are furious.
Or they say they are the wrong political deal I have been through and fifteen years about it I'll, never understand Russia's attitude. As long as I live, they step does that's what they did. They stepped us George Bush's, accusing his double republican candidates of game. Upon him or have any effect on the party, its politics. We were set up by Reagan. What actually happened there tonight was George Bush. The man was possible for this or where the other candidates plain along with Reagan, in an effort to hurt Bush out to get Bush. I don't started out that way, but I think Bush gonna get caught in the middle of something that he thought he could take advantage of, and it turned out that he couldn't George Bush but want to people thought of I have just said: hey look, I know these guys. We ve been debating all their country get for more chairs up here. Let's sit down and do it, but he didn't Reagan was still campaigning in New Hampshire, today continuing to deny that Part of any plan to gang up one George Bush Reagan, people thoroughly thing he won the night, oh by the way that debate
not televised. So all New Hampshire voters saw that was the news coverage that followed that moment. Bush never work worded of recovered in that campaign rag and beat him to Taiwan in New Hampshire. Went on to win the nomination, no hard feelings, though he made by he's, running mate and the rest as they say in those during the rest. Is history John need some, though it it seemed like an inside deal between judges of cannabis. Port The Nashua newspaper, the presidencies of northeast hot We have always said. Kenneth bond port really is nothing more than northern new Hampshire now, and so there was a home cooking go in there, but that moment were Reagan, grabbed the MIKE and said for grain and set of brain for that microphone. Same is what are they? defining moments in modern american politics. It was
talk to President Bush about that a good bit because it was so uncharacteristic for him as best broke asset in real time. There George Bush's ordinary instinct, would have been come on. Let's all just do this, he angry because gourd Free, who was a very very conservative, senator add, can rendered him right before he came out. And though she had been put back on his heels a bit He also said President Bush admitted he said not my finest hour when he sat there and stared straight ahead these amazing when you think about it: the political talent on that stage that think about you that two american President's Howard Baker, Bob Dull John Anderson, Phil, crane ad,
The other thing that thought girl said that night to Jim Baker was will. I'm clean this up for the morning we'll get you oh you'll, hear about this and Why one nice thing about america- and all this is remember how dull, said farewell to George W Bush. Remember he was lifted out of your share in the capital, wrote Dissolute George Bush, that was that was an era where you go from that kind of divisiveness too. Salute and calm rotary beautiful moment and Adrian now, right get adjusted Looking back at that at that moment, it made perfect sense for George AIDS, W Bush. Who is she? dragon, and I was just a week before we had momentum going. And a new Hampshire to war, the one on one shot with a front runner and
cluttered with all these other people on stage. If you're the pursuit just pulled off the ups the man. You wanted to be you against the political at the time and end one on one battle make perfect sense for him: yeah, that's right, Jake, that is a reminder that, still to this day optics our every thing, it's how you method your campaign and that sort of goes that's what we're hang about Mayor PETE earlier he declared essentially declared he won Iowa or did very well in Iowa before there is, we're, tally. You'll, you may recall, and twenty sixteen Joe, that Hillary Clinton campaign our kids and the same thing before the results were how it all that we knew that, based on pretty precincts and in what we were telling on our campaign that we thought the weakened, declare, victory and move forward. So it's The object is how you message this and I think so far what you ve seen from peanut butter judges campaign where he might have had a deficit to an extent in the polls, his talented campaigns,
made up for that and really you know, took it. And seize the moment just like you saw back. There are nineteen eighty one more thing about new here, What I think is very fascinating about Mayor PETE's rise in the polls. New Hampshire voters tend to favour, somebody from a neighbouring state right, you look back at twenty. Sixteen Bernie Sanders, winning like somebody from a neighbouring state. The fact- and I is doing so well there and its surged significantly over the past ten days or so bodes very well for him and campaign Adrian our on John May. Thank you both for being on this morning. Water Hey it's crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA
four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book. They principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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