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Joe Biden won decisive victories in Florida, Illinois and Arizona on Tuesday as he marched closer to the Democratic presidential nomination amid coronavirus mayhem. The panel discusses Biden's win and the latest in the spread of the coronavirus.

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The grocery store cashier, the people restocking shells, to believe in one another. Because I'm sure you, when we do that when we say the best and each of us, we live nation up and we'll get through together, that's how we ve always done its job in addressing voters via live stream last night, which was another great night for his campaign for are you really Mick Mick AIDS? We ve said before we set over the last couple: Super Tuesdays the Democratic Party shut and push Bernie Sanders out until he's ready to go but I rather say it's me next to impossible for Bernie Sanders to catch up with job, the states ahead, so they're they're they're Joe Biden states where the over national pandemic. Bernie Sanders is needed in the Senate to frame a lot of oh said, are going to respond to this crisis. Right now there is
doubt that's where he could do his most positive work and the United States right now helping to shape these bills to to at present the values. Then the boy said he's had his entire career, not only campaign trail. This race is all but over three states yesterday Florida, Illinois and Arizona and bite and walked away with decisive victories in all of them in Florida. Yesterday, Biggest delegate prize fighting leads sanders by thirty nine points in Illinois, Biden this up by twenty three points, and Arizona Biden wins forty. Forty two point four percent The vote leading sanders by a little over twelve points for singly, make you despite corona virus spheres and warnings, vote turn out in yesterday's primary get this. This is unbelievable, surpass the number of votes in the same priorities in two thousand. Sixteen
It is now past the halfway mark to the one thousand nine hundred and ninety one delegates needed to secure that democratic nomination. Turning to NBC News, delicate count. The former vice president led Sanders by three hundred and fifteen delegates, one thousand one hundred and thirty two to eight hundred seventeen as former, campaign manager to President Obama's campaign, David Bluff put it Biden, is for all intents and purposes, the democratic nominee, but you're in stark times when a key primary night is almost an afterthought, as there are now can the cases of the corona virus in all fifty states- the reported you death. Toll from the virus has now passed, one hundred as the number of confirmed cases sword to more than sixty two hundred with new reports coming in by the hour, the number I've known cases in New York City alone jump to one hundred just yesterday to more than nine hundred
cases, and now there is confusion over whether the countries most people Belated city is considering a cell sheltering place. Order after mayor build a blog YO said it is being considered governor Andrew. My office put out a statement. Saying quote any blanket quarantine or sheltering place. Policy would require state action. And, as the governor has said, there is no consideration of that, for any quality at this time here the mayor responded to that last night. This is moving very fast. We should all be. Concern about how we find a way to slow down the trajectory of this virus dear of shelter and place has to be considered. Now it has to be done. Tween. In our case, the city and state working together respecting the states role, I was trying to say new Yorkers, as this is. The reality were facing now get ready for the possibility, because it's not so
sent an idea of this point even a week ago. I would have said no that's impossible, but not anymore and death, states are also tightening restriction. South Carolina is now limiting gatherings of fifty people or more has directed restaurants to stop. Dynamic services. Florida has close schools until at least April cancelled in person college clauses for the rest of the semester bars and night clubs limited beach. Gatherings too, No more than ten people and as mandated restaurants, can be no more than half full but are of Kansas, as schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. While California says it will likely do this Amazon. Meanwhile says it will stop accepting some items in its warehouses and will focus on necessities, meaning fewer Electra next and more home goods. Let's go and the editor in chief of the Atlantic magazine, Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic has been doing.
Grave reporting on the pandemic Jeffrey good to have you on this morning, we're at a point where this is and all fifty states. One of the big Stories is testing, and you hear a bit of a shift among some exports or or members of the administration. Less focus on casting a now focus more on the limitation, but we're still confused as to whether not testing is ever going to get to the point where it is across the board? So we know exact, where we stand. What does the Atlantic looking at, the Atlantic is looking at. We ve been looking at from the very beginning that this testing questions. We were among the first to sort of ask the question: why is no one being tested the interesting question and I dont know if there the definitive answer to this there's dispute. Obviously even inside the government about this is testing is useful now, but the viruses here, and so this
liberalization that people talk about the flattening the curve by social isolation by quarantining by shelter and place, has become the more sailing more desperate topic, but on the other hand, if you listen to the scientists and we should be listening to the scientists- they say: thing is the only way to understand where pockets are our pockets of the disease are breaking out or are growing rapidly would allow governments to target specific regions civic cities and in isolate that I mean that's where We cannot do so, but again, that's thing is just part of a laggard slow government federal government funds. I shouldn't that government biggest state local governments have been doing more than the federal government until this week, Since everyone, I don't understand, is why first I'll, never understand why we said no to the World Health Organization test. I dont know
stand why states still cut weather still couldn't reach out and get some of those tests for our worst affected areas. You what's happening on the West Coast. What happened in Seattle, San Francisco, right? being now in New York City. It's not like there was a bye bye date on those words health organization tests, and it appears our government keeps ongoing around on these tat sight somebody last sight suggests were passed. The stage of tat not we're, not pass this stage of testing their or two hundred and fifty two hundred seventy five million Americans who don't know whether they have current the crew virus or not there are entire communities that need to be mapped out. Need to know where the viruses- and it is not so I dont understand, and maybe you have a better answer for I guess we why We got the World Health Organization, kids. Why don't we
I will give them if we can't get on with our government can produce and help us do basic mapping of how they d been that curve. I can answer question about the Trump Administration and its responses. To this I mean we We have talked done on this show for me, now about a slow response stutter, step response, you don't want one thought I've had about this and I think this there's tracks with previously viewer by by this, Duration, there, is a kind of recalcitrance to engaging with international organisations with idea of cross border, operation. And the idea that that we would have to rely on a world scale organization a, U N Type organization. To do that. Is is
the Mai to some people sort of almost emotionally. But the other point is is: is Israel simple until this week this was not taken, extremely seriously, as we know by the by the present it now, he said Just yesterday that he always knew it was a pandemic. He didn't know it was a pandemic. As my colleague Jan follows points out of the Atlantic, I mean there's a long track, long record going back a month and a half of him downplaying King diverting rather than actually grappling with this. So I when the histories of this period, a written, we're going too far. And now the decision points along the way where people on the ground, and said you know what we're not going to respond to what the World Health Organization is is telling us we're, not gonna research This phenomenon is wrong that, but this is we're and we are at the Atlantic we're trying to do this life history, my guide, but it's fast shifting. It is fast, let's bring in right now
NBC News is Kelly, O Donnell. She was at the press conference just saying in the White House. Kelly were asking, of course quest. Is about these tasks they, they continued their White House, try to answer some of the questions about the tests, but bottom line, did we get the World Health Organization tests? I understand that they sent oh, they dont reach our standards. Well, they certainly right. Read the south korean standards and help them banned that curve. Why can We get some of those to supplement or lack of testing. Why can't individual states do the same thing. What we're all learning Joe are some of the bureaucratic step. They were involved in this. We have asked for a couple of these briefings about the World Health Organization test and Fulsome answer we ve had so far came yesterday. The president stepped aside from the lectern. Any luck he let RO and Doktor Burke's to the experts on the front line of said, rose euro in charge of testing now and their aims to this- is that the World Health Organization provided an early
stage, tests that had not met FDA approval for quality and it was different methodology and they said flat out. There wasn't a ready test offered to the United States that was turned down now. We I have to do more work on this to find out some of the distinct there, and they are saying that there was never a time that they were given, something that was ready for use in the field that they turned down so will have we continue to ask those questions and point that out. When you allow jelly vets fascinating, because obviously it was good enough for South Korea. We ve got enough for these other countries. Singapore, hoot, I said it was ready for that and actually, whereas you united, really does not the United States on pharmaceutical and on testing does not allow what other nations do just as a matter of course I mean you know that from your time in office, Olaf
Of different pricing for over the counter drugs, as well as prescription grub, dry, So that's their answer. I don't. I can only tell you what they told us. Yes, so I understand it is its. I understand it is bizarre that they would think that in the middle of a pandemic- and of course s not for you to answer, but I understand that completely will, got sat around the table? Let me ask the next question then, when. Every american girl that needs to get tested when are they going to be able to get because we were promised that several weeks ago it hasn't happened. When does the White House a every American that wants to be tested, can be tested and don't have a clear answer on that and we ve been asking the USA. Saying that you need the task. One of the other lags is this notion of a website to help
people who can answer questions about what their symptoms are and can be directed to as recently as Friday, so today's Wednesday, and that the private laboratories that have now been given the go ahead, are doing their testing others test that they say exists. That was before this wave and about two million tests they say, will be made available with the carving out, of course, that their say not every American who wishes a test for screen purposes could have one it's about symptoms and a doctor saying that you need the task the other lags. Is this notion of a website to help funnel people who can answer questions out what their symptoms are and can be directed to locations that will have drive through testing. We don't have that yet test Joe is? Certainly one of the prime questions were asking each day because in rows of hi concern and it does help to shape where we understand the illness is in order try to also get compliance from me
kids on whether it is a stay at home policy. A limit, your contact, don't go to restaurants, all the things we ve been hearing and one of the questions ban. Can we trust the information we're getting some of that is, are they being truthful? Some of it is the bureaucracy that, in any crisis, has its hiccups and, in some cases, we're talking about new partnerships, new techniques, Jeanne New tests and tools at a time of shortages we have devised, president asking construction firms to do masks and- have all different manufacturer, saying we're ready to pluck up on a production. If we get, specific order. So there's a lot of struggle for the because we're trying to hold the administration to account as well as to give them a venue to talk about what message they have to the american people, and this is difficult stuff to weed through each day no doubt about it Kelly, but you do an incredible job. Thank you. So much for being with us this morning, it's really been for we appreciated Jeffrey
So you heard Kelly's reporting from the White House. We ve seen the press conferences every afternoon. The logic is apps, the extraordinary well, the heavyweight show test, doesn't reach our standards that site saying somebody in Europe who builds a rocket ship. It flies the moors. Does it meet our standards so we're going to build our own rocket ship which keeps blowing up on the launch, pad and worsen like going to ask for it for for those tasks and end? We still aren't good answers on when every American that wants to be tested can be tested. That's what this administration promised to several weeks ago, when again not bringing this up to be hey, I'm bringing this up because and we obviously we worry about our our selves and our and our families, but you know I would weaken listening to you talk to Kelly. I realise that there is something this virus is where it is not? Who has it? Who doesn't? Have it
now we're whistling in the dark were shutting down. The american economy were telling people to go which is all we can do because we're in the dark. Now This administration won't get tests, doctors, well, we all know, or we are suspect- that there are more people around us who infected. Then we know about, and we obviously we worry about our ourselves and our and our families. But you know: listening to you talk to Kelly. I realise that there is something even bigger issue underlying this, because this is one specific issue testing is a hugely important issue, but it's one in a basket of five or six or seven, seven different national just at the moment. The underlying issue here is trust. We don't when, when the White House at this point, says something we necessarily believe it and
and that is that's an under girding problem- and you know if you spend three years during away your credibility, you know we talked about this before this is the first external crisis of serious note that the trumpet ministries- has faced many of the crises before this, where self it self inflicted in a kind of way we spend so much time frittering away credibility of the executive. Then, when you, to come out and say that here the challenges here are the things we need to do here that things were not good yet, but here's what we're getting better you know. We in our profession and the and the typical american citizen look and say I don't know, I just don't know who did it? last year and that that that's I don't. I don't want to see the entertainment room lay up. I want you to build my foundation, that's where we all right now we get
to sort of ether, which is what you would pass the test. Let's not worried, you know why don't worry about the test phase Let's move onto the contained, let's move on to the mitigated move onto that now. That's me hiring a builders, and I need you to build me a house and there goes a game I'll do that. I realize doesn't know how to build the foundation then tell me, he's gonna start building the chimney. Now I don't want to see the chimney. I don't I don't. We, to see the entertainment room weigh up. I want you to my foundation that where we are right? Now we get people in San Francisco disposed to be locked down. They don't know where the I receive New York City is trying to figure out whether the law down all of New York City where, whether to close the bars whether to closer restaurants, I would say in an abundance of caution, if you don't know who, as the corona virus, because you don't have the testing your faced with
choice of locking things out, because we don't have the testing ridiculous. It is costing small businesses midst businesses large businesses, hundreds of billions of dollars, goes, they're just having to gas and they are having to make wisely the most extreme decision, which is we ve. Gotta, everybody celebrated. If you have the tests than you make smarter, more focused decisions that don't wreck. Lives of small business owner across Amerika Naturally, the testing is a massive fail, Anthony found she set at every step of the way, we're still in a big fail. Willie guys. My worry is, as we still try to deal with the testing and get testing to different parts of the country that might need it to understand where they are. But my worry is the next big mess When did we mobilization of horsemen,
rules that are separate from e hours and other hospitals, so these people can be treated with. Infecting other people and that's the concern of doctors in any city. You look at. I don't have a bunch of doctors in New York City reaching out to me to say we're already feeling this and we're in the early stages of this. It's going to get bad They're gonna need more beds, their mobilizing medical core people in reserves who can come up and help our doctors are being redeployed from their specialities work in emergency rooms. Some people learn the hard way in the new each film, bad Education Academy, award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR Long, island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie all Hugh Huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni,
their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine. This one Nathan, film premier, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges. Mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell
off when people listen to music there, feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress Meanwhile, on the economic side, it is the White House announced yesterday. It is pitching one trillion dollar economic package to combat the economic impact of the corona virus outbreak, two hundred, fifty billion of which would be used for direct had to Americans Treasury Secretary State Newton announced the effort, after speaking with Senate Republicans, in that close, Dorothy Peace Senate Lunch Secretary Newton and warn that have Congress does not act to pass the stimulus package. The unemployment rate,
skyrocket too, as high as twenty percent White House set of Congress acts quickly, checks could go, two Americans directly by late April, though, that rapid timing still could leave millions of risk, scrambling, of course, to make rent and other payments due at the beginning of the month. It's unclear exactly who would eligible at this point for those payments, let's bring an end. See new senior business, correspondent, MSNBC, egret, Stephanie, rural staff, when you get to see a corner of statements and talking about the potential for twenty percent unemployment. We have this idea of direct payments, something the presidency, would be open to let's get the money, the people quickly and then there is much larger idea bailing out entire industries as they suffer through this. That's we heard from the president and still reaching yesterday saying whether your company or an individual- this wasn't your fault, we're here to backstop you Well, we're going to see a whole lot of pushed back his nose corporate remember when it happened in two thousand eight. Would it didn't do when banks are?
companies, your bailed out, didn't trickled down to workers. If you think about the biggest shareholders in the airline industry, its Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett. So if there are going to be, any sort of bail out. We need to take a closer look should there be strings attached corporate by backs the airline. The street spent ninety six percent of their free cash flow, the money they could have as a cushion I'm by backs buyback is when the company buys their share backs. That's a great for the executives for the shareholders boost things up soon you are going to have some sort of bail out all employees can benefit or, if its the hotel industry or just yesterday, Mary? I followed tens. Thousands of workers if you are going to they'll. These industries out will basing strings attached where we know. Workers went to lose their jobs or those who stay are gonna get compensate.
In the same way that the executives well reverts and prominent rich people to use the term speak out against corporate buyback. Smart Cuban comes to mind yesterday he was out front centres. Ain't hey, wait, a minute. If we're gonna do these out, and maybe it's the right thing to do. We have to put in condition that says you cannot do stop by backs. This has to go to the workers. The entire pointed this isn't a get your crucial back in running to make the executives rich it to protect all those workers who work on the crucial anxious being financial financial engineering, but crucial show the perfect example they pay. Almost no corporate tax royal men they are domiciled in Liberia, norwegian fruit, norm. Liberia, Panama, Bermuda these companies paying huge amounts of corporate tax like most of us Companies are so cannot be another exercise in financial engineering. It is the people. Down the line who are suffering most just yesterday were
strong signals were meeting with President tromp. He was talking about it in a press conference. You didn't see, any independent restaurants, indignation was saying warmly. Will renew drivers really use the APS do you know any longer pop restaurants and have a drive through or an app on british? Jonah officials in the pan, that can't do that. So we're going to talk about individual businesses and people. Actually have then just a corporate bail out, that's not gonna second serve that what is actually and then to do Seventy, as you know it is, it is those independent owners. It is a small businesses that maybe Maybe they have a month's reserve in cash to carry him up they're the ones you're gonna need to help the most and They are right now and the crews lines which, of course, a void. U S. Taxes is, as you were saying, before long industry. This was early in the morning. You understand the airline industry that is going to get bail out. They gonna get tens of
lions of dollars from the Trump tax cuts and they bought spent so that the overwhelming majority, the money went right back into start by backs wasn't to help their workers. It wasn't to expand their businesses, it wasn't. The things we heard, so they Barnegat. Massive multi billion dollar bill at which they all used to help themselves and buyback stuff And here we are a year later and they're going? What get I mean? I m? Dan. I I I need the airlines to be operating to, but it's absolutely ridiculous if these people that gap multi billion dollar windfall before and didn't help workers We are now in line to get another, fifty billion or so Joe. We also have to take a close look at what businesses we need. We obviously Don't wanna, see millions of Americans lose their jobs, but the airline industry. One can say this is an essential industry for us, but are other
This is in travel and leisure and cruises. Do we need these businesses if we don't need them? Do they deserve a corporate bail out or should? government be looking at all of those Americans how we can support them, you're going to see millions of people in the retail industry possibly suffer and that's a really bad thing, but we knew before this happened that the in law was dying. So should the government step in and help these one federal government? Do they risk management going to say, they shouldn't exists in the same form that they are right. Now. What the crews lines, which, of course avoid U S taxes, so that is, as it were saying before. Let me skew the question about testing Jeffrey go? It was talking about how we don't like getting pharmacy. We don't like getting pharmaceuticals. We don't like getting certain medical devices for overseas I wanted to ask you about testing and
can you explain why our government an opportunity to get World Health organization tests and passed on. It can we explain why, and I just said: Somebody in a government that is worth in these say just tax me and and and and said it takes. Still seven days in Washington DC. They get testing in other parts of the world. It takes one to two days. This is an embarrassment even for people in the White House what what best obstacles are there from us getting World Health organization tests are getting other tests from across the globe. It's about real factor. Chosen not to do this is what makes no sense. Just last night Tom Friedman, the former head of the CDC, was on MSNBC talking about they cause. We I've had enough widespread testing. That's why we are now at this place, for we have city after sitting, possibly state facing lockdown. If we had
that testing, which we chose not to when the world how limitations and running to send these tests and fifty countries and the United States has? No thanks will want to look back in history from a crisis and risk management standpoint, because that is what the top levels of federal government do. They risk management going to say why on earth did this happen, it can joking and say: look at all the things up and it has set over the last six weeks and fine, how his stories don't line up, but that's history. Now we have to say are we actually doing enough where we are in a shutdowns across the board, show that is going to be publicly crippling and we need a single out from the bottom up, not the top down. However, to help the movement of people start speaking about and Willie really, you know absorb, another reason we're shutting down. Willie is because we don't have the test. As we know who sick we do so in a way says: let's move on from the testing, or we are not going to be clear answers on the testing. You have
of energy of senators of mayors, were making decisions to shut down their cities and cripple economies, because the administration still not delivering testing the tests so the bottom line and have been by the way from the beginning, if you don't know how many people have this, you don't know how to manage it. So what you're seeing now is preventative its containment shut down a city just in case everyone has it. You have to assume, as we heard last that you are carrying this infection is its its outrageous and it's a scandal that we can look into over the course of history. But I want to ask you about that bottom up, question which the one thousand. Our payments to every American at the president appeared to support yesterday, get one of those the door cover your rent this month. What we know Staff is that this could go on for months and months and months and months. So what do you do after that? First thousand dollar check, which obviously is helpful to so many people, say that the same issue we share over and over the last week when people say weren't, they shut the stock market down
we create a national holiday. I get that we did, that September eleventh, but went after September eleven tunic, closer markets. There was a technical issue. We knew that tons of necessary equipment was damage and they can say, there's a finite amount of time. We need to get there secure, and will be ok. This as much as the president wants to say. This is going to be like a v, we're going to face this health crisis and there were an upright back up. That's not the case. We don't know how long it's going to last and there's one of those things to think about which of our to the recession with sliding into people can end up changing of the hay. Let's say you and I night Friday, night love towards the movies loved. What our favorite restaurant. If we can't do that for three months, and about three months you may become a great and I may now- love Netflix, We were going to snap back into that old lifestyle. So to say, we're gonna come right back. What not necessarily so those thousand dollar checks concerning a whole lot more money pretty quickly there they make it. You do this month, theirs alone,
head of a steady rural, great incites, as always thanks, deaf egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free, whereas You download yours. Asia are coming up our morning jail where breaking through partisan politics to get a full picture of the corona virus outbreak too, vigorous one Democrat. One republican join our conversation, Michigan spread, grow in Whittemore and Marilyn's Larry, Hogan, plus two former cabinet secretaries under one underbrush Obama and the other under Donald Trump on the homeland Security J Johnson from the veteran affairs departed David Shokhin morning, Joe, is back in a moment. We have a totally under control, one person coming in from China
and we have under control. It's gonna, be just fine were going to be pretty soon at only five people, and we could be a just one or two people over the next short period of time. So we ve had Good luck, it's going to disappear one day, it's like a miracle it. What does appear now not concerned, so it could be right in that period of time, where it I say wash. It washes through other people. Don't like that term System, a collection of emergency doctors and nurses, ready Ac Moore's number yesterday by the Department of Health and Human services is also still waiting for orders per the times, even after Trump committed to supporting prompted party Was there a shift in tone? I didn't I mean I've seen that were people actually like tat, but I didn't feel Different I've? Always known this is it. This is a real. This is a pandemic I've.
It was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic. All you gotta do is look at other countries. I think now it's an almost two hundred and twenty Jesus all over the world? always yet it is very soon. There was no different yesterday from days before feel the tone is similar, but does some people said it wasn't? so even if first some Some reason he did know about this begs the question why why didn't he ordered the federal government to do more sooner specially on testing as then times now it's the mayor of Seattle wanted mass tents from the federal government to rapidly build shelter. To house people in quarantine by the way Every scientist we ve spoken too on the show and doktor says that is really important. Good idea, and it's not happening. The state of New York pleaded for help for army core of engineers to quickly build hospital organs. Governor repeatedly press that
movement of Health and human services for hundreds of thousands of respirators, gowns and gloves face shield goggles. Anything hospital ships remain at port, the Department of Veterans Ferris legally designated as the backup healthcare system in national emergencies, awaits requests for help national disaster medical system, a collection of emergency doctors and nurses, ready to be deployed by the Department of Health. Human services also still waiting for orders per the times, even after Trump committed to sport. States on Tuesday, the army were of engineers says it's still had not received direction from the admins creation and even the Defence Department to over one million active duty troops and aids billion and military infrastructure that has made planning for now
sure emergencies, almost an art form has yet to be deployed to its fullest capabilities, Joe the bottom line here is. There are things that can be: on to mitigate disaster, run to mitigate hundreds of people infecting thousands of people in our health care system run triggers have been pulled right. You know It's great that they're having the press conferences everyday, it's great that they're they're doing what they think they should do. To date, Americans every day on our response, but have such a long way to go again. I agree with it would Stephanie? Ok if we don't want to talk, once been done in the past. Let's talk about what's happening right, now needs to do that and not rewrite history in these press conferences, and this is not about him for once and for all right for once and for all. This president needs to face the facts, and I dont know who can get through to him, but this
is not about him well, so what this is about? is we ve got over three hundred million Americans that that don't know whether they have colonel virus or not do not know how the pandemic is going to impact them are their communities and we are, as One of an ambassador who is an ally to the United States, told me you all, are flying blind. You don't know what Jeffrey. I think that still the grave concern. We still really haven't gotten a straight answer and I will go back to the foundational question about the testing are I just don't know how to map this out a mathematician. Don't know how to map this out, and you have again all of these agencies that are waiting to be deployed. But yet you look at the Home Department of homeland. Security, for instance, and it's been gathered, for the past three and a half years because
globally. Large number of positions have not been filled right. Well, look a couple a couple of points here. The first is that if the President thought it was a pandemic. Before we were using the word pandemic. We would not be here right now talking this way and looking at the problem that we have right now period, end of story, I mean, if the press, United States are this seriously and understood what it meant to be a pandemic three two weeks ago, we wouldn't be here, you know, and this is it in here. This is it. This is what history is important, because you'd, like a president you'd, like a chief executive to study past The disease spreads Bola H1N1 Sars right? You would like the president to study the inadequate government response to natural disasters like Katrina and so so talking about,
and holding him responsible for this is very important, but here this is a basic question that but like a present, a United States to wake up every morning and ask how many people are sick. How many people are being too today right, I mean that's a question that could have been asked a month ago, even Then, if he hadn't believed ass, he now says that it was a pandemic right. It's most basic question about what our art showing us. Where is the spread? What governed what mayors have to work with today? Where do I search supplies to have had how do I use the full force of the? U S? Government and yes, your point is actually right on right on point you know it's harder to move the vast apparatus. Federal government, when so many jobs are empty, but again that's just another aspect of a governance, on that we have right now and so holding that occur. People are not letting him get away with saying. Oh, I always knew it was a pandemic. That's part of Europe.
Someone that's part of of how we stop this happening, the next time was a Willie? Here's where we are right now? it is a pandemic. The present it's a pandemic, all the press men are the president's women. Now it's a pandemic, so the questions that we too ask this morning are what what what's going to be done today? it's going to be done, so you really can actually in a few months and over the course of history will how will this country, the United, I didn't states of America as rich in developing innovative, as it is be able six or seven days task to that I know or somebody, Reaching out there has a mother or father or a grandmother or a grandfather who may have the chrome vice, worse, yak not worse, yet, but just as dangerous. If somebody, their teens or twenties, may have the corona virus and we want
make sure they do not, in fact people where contact kills? we find that out and then beyond that how do we start actually using the power of the federal government to do all things that it's not doing right. That's what I listen we're going to debate. What the that new and we knew it. This fall and the election right now. I can't say this strongly enough: we still have a chance to bin the curve. We still have a chance to avoid the fate of ITALY, so every day is a brand new who did and a brand new opportunity to get this right. I mean we a lot of mistakes and yes, Americans are paying for those mistakes, but How do we avoid the grave tragedy How do we avoid that ITALY model Willie and and that's that but I think this White House
We need to do a better job, just assuring Americans that they get it and they're gonna, deploy full power, the federal government and if they need to get tests from the World Health Organization, so science, can map this, and we can keep our family safe than they do today. Maybe the biggest question that will be asked among the many questions, as we have time to look back on this in a few months and over the course of history will how will, country, the United States of America as rich and develop an innovative as it is not being able to read. Out tests or have the task to be ready for this to begin with and the answer be somewhere within the federal government. The president of the United States now having to lean on the private sector. These public private partnerships are good because they move things along. Why were those established earlier? Why don't we have the test, so we can at least know where we are again. We even know where we are most doctors will tell you that number
of cases that we put up on the screen every day that we report to you is not remotely reflect on how many cases there actually are in this country are state or your city. It's exponentially larger and that's why, see hospitals across this country, break for a surge in patients and new study by Harvard paints, a potentially grim picture of beds over run well past, their capacity even in the best case scenario with twenty percent corona escaped to spread out over eighteen months. This study estimates hospital beds would be about ninety five percent fall in some areas. That number includes already occupied beds and if national ones are not added. If the infection rate proves too much higher over a shorter time span. The study found hospitals will be inundated with figures as high as two hundred percent overcapacity limits, York. Governor Andrew Cuomo has called on President Trump to enlist the army core of engineers to step in, but so far spokesperson says they quote
not been assigned a mission: the Pentagon, It will give five million respirators and two thousand ventilators to health and human services for virus response. Vice president, my pants, on construction workers now to donate mass to hospitals. As report surface, that staff are, forced to reuse, dwindling supplies, that's bringing the director of the climate and helpful I'm at Columbia, universities, mailmen, school of public health, professor. Jeffrey shaman, he lectures on how to forecast the growth and spread of infectious disease outbreaks. She's, the co author of a new Eddie that shows unconfirmed corona virus cases are mostly behind the rapid spread of the virus. He was recently quoted the New York Times saying. If we have thirty five hundred confirmed cases of run virus in the U S, he might be looking at thirty, five thousand in Re the professor good morning good to have you with us. So talk
that number that you laid out in the New York Times peace. I think that open the lot of people's eyes in terms of how much exponentially greater this in Action rate really is wearing You see it right now and where do you see the gap between what's reported in? What's real. I think it's around a factor of ten. I think for or every confer case, we have, you can say that we probably have about ten times as many unconfirmed cases in the United States. We did. Our study that we did recently was for China, where we built medical model and combined with data Movement Data interaction, data we were able to an estimated that only one in seven people in China was actually being documented in the rest of them are most likely people who the disease, but they only exists, its mild symptoms,
you and I normally have during the winter. When we get a cold. When I took some cold medicine, we might take some ibuprofen, but we go about our day. You go out and use public transportation. You go to work, you go shopping, you go to the movies. You go to restaurants. And in doing that, your act spreading these viruses, these common respiratory viruses around the community. Unfortunately, this pandemic virus the right combination of stealth its mission, where there are a lot of undocumented mild infections, were still contagious and can spread the virus and that's why so quickly from place to place and same time. It has this age group of people got a fat tail, whether certain people were having critical complications associated with the infection and there's a high mortality rate. It's got a really combination that makes it the most difficult Andy. You're a virus that we don't worry since. Ninety professor, Study, these things for a living. You study this kind of
the environmental question. Can you help? the day had said, is going to take some time to develop. The corona virus vaccine were not as adept at it as we offer influenza back in two thousand and nine. It was about little over five months from the identification of the virus to the roll out of a clinically, too, you guys have been talking about a lot of the points that I think you can speak better to it that I have because I haven't been following the governance and the policy that's been put in place as closely as you have Clearly, some some needs have been dropped the CDC needed to get some of this out faster. I work with colleagues in the CDC all the time and I know they're doing their best, but the idea that we needed to have clear and consistent messaging about how grave and difficult virus was a month ago, if not six or eight weeks ago is leave would have been paramount and we need to have more of these tests distributed. I would say that honours. The? U S is not the only country in this circumstance its variable from country to country, but there are other countries
there are also not testing at the rate that we need to in order to document this infection. No It isn't have a better sense of just how many cases there are and how much this wave of growth going to overwhelm or hospital systems. As you said, this virus thrives on people mingling and meeting each other. You said we need to keep people apart. I'll, ask you a question we put other experts over. A couple of days do. You believe, I should at this point be a national quarantine. In other words, everybody just stays home until further notice. Actually be very effective, but obviously that's gonna have a normal economic cycle Google and emotional consequences, because we don't know the end game of this, equally, when you resort to social, distancing, isolation in quarantine, school closures, things of that nature you trying to buy time you're, often by trying to buy time so that you can develop vaccines as did he growled cheated irregular? That idea has said is limited in time to develop a corona virus vaccine were not as adept at it as we are
influenza back in two thousand and nine. It was about little over five months from the if of the virus, to the roll out of a clinically tested FDA approve vaccine that was effective for corona virus. We don't have that template, it's a very different virus. We don't know how That's what will be in our endeavours, so we're looking at That may be more like a year and a half is that some of the experts according to you, so how. Can we maintain this? How do we go about actually restricting contact, because that is fundamental in key. We have to reduce the number of contacts between people so that we can flattened the curve, as ever, he's been saying, and we don't see, hospitals overrun and just two I would like to add on so I got a good you know problem with hospitals over is not merely that it deteriorates patient care for those with the infection. It has deleterious effect, downstream,
cause you no longer able to give the patient services that you need to everybody or everyone else. The routine services, childbirth, back scenes, dialysis chemotherapy. Emergency services for accidents all those scrapped in some cases there not available and the quality of care roads for everyone. So it's incredibly important that we don't see hospital systems overwhelm the way they all have been in ITALY and China earlier as well and you're right, that's already having some doctors in those specialties used to describe her being enlisted out to me to the emergency room, Doktor Jeffrey same shame in Columbia, University, school of Environmental Health sciences, reshaping this morning. Thank you, hey! It's crusades this week on my part, ass wise, is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Birds Drum, but what we do and don't know about that, run a virus once these things get out there- and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there, they really They often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago. That
switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet. Of course, there's more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so. We definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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