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The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest details in the coronavirus.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America. The highly antics paid, a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis, flatly that forever shifted the political lands storing and award winning cast, including Kate, Blanchett, Sarah Paulson Loser, Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more You consider American to be on a wartime footing in terms of fighting and violence. I do I actually do I'm look at it that way, because you know if it got out of control. The big thing we did was a very early stoppage of people coming in, who could be very heavily infected. I was, I was a very good move and it was we early very very early when most people, including a lot of professionals, they didn't want us to do that.
Really saved a lot of lives and yeah. I look at it It is a year, in a sense, a wartime press, That's what we're a sir, it's easier, the very tough situation you you have to do things you have do you have to close parts of an economy? six weeks ago were were the best they ve ever been where the best economy we ve ever had and then one day you have to close it down in order to defeat this enemy and but we're doing it We're doing it well, and I thought the american people have an incredible for the most part. They ve been really incredible morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Thursday March nineteen, along with Willie and may we have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press. Jonathan Le Maire, former treasuries, shawl and mourning Joe Economic analysed, Steve Ratner is with us so
words of new cases of the corona virus in this country. Seem to becoming in by the minutes. There are now more than eighty nine hundred confirmed says here in the: U S and more than one hundred and fifty deaths. The number of case in the state of New York alone jumped forty four percent. Over the last twenty four hours Where is now close to twenty four hundred, that's more than double Washington state, which has the second highest number of confirmed cases, a top officials on the White House Corona by task force as the number of confirmed cases in the? U S is expected to dramatically Greece over the next few days at a white has briefing yesterday Doktor, Deborah Burke's Americans not to overreact, noting that the spike will occur as casting accelerates. There were individuals who had been tested, who hadn't have their specimen run because of the slow throughput it's now and
speed platform, so we will see the number of people diagnosis dramatically, increase over the next forty five days I know some of you will use that. To raise an alarm, that we are worse than ITALY because of our slope of our car, to every American out there. It will be five to six days worth of tests being run in twenty four to forty eight hours, so our curves one be stable until some time next week.
You know. Also, these numbers aren't gonna be stable for awhile Willie, because whatever the numbers are right now, because there isn't testing that a lot of health care officials say the numbers, probably six, seven, eight nine ten times the amount that it is if it if it sitting at eight thousand right now, chances are good. You anywhere between fifty two eighty thousand Americans who are actually carrying around the corona virus and of course, as we ve been saying for weeks now, we can't map them. We can track them. We can't make sure that communities are protected from there. Because we still don't have the testing yeah. That's what public health officials have been telling us on this show and elsewhere for weeks and weeks, which is that those numbers that you see on tv and read in the paper and the numbers that come out of this abc or not a reflection of how much disease there actually is in this country the reflection of how much testing there is in this country, of which, of course, there's not enough and we'll talk more about that. This more
The numbers that we have. We had an official from Columbia University on yesterday, saying they're, probably by a factor of ten higher, as you say, than the numbers that are put out and we are already seeing people who haven't been tested, flooding in the hospitals, the capacity are, restrained in New York, city and other places. So once these just come in and once we do get more testing is Doctor Burke say these numbers are gonna, go a way off from where they are right now, but Jonathan, all mayor again, the testing where we are still a long way off. We had some report yesterday of supply, running out that are needed for some of the tests gets again. This is it's a who also a botched effort by the federal government. We're gonna be talking about ventilators in a little bit the crisis there our over reliance on testing parts and and and other ports from China, and
and also how again we're not going to have what the demand this apply. That demand calls when these hospitals are overwhelmed by corona virus. Face There's a looming crisis here in terms of the medical supplies, masks ventilators and so on, where the demand is simply far far out strips than the production. At the moment. Madam president, the White House there trying to step up their tepid touting for public private partnerships to get companies too step up their their levels of production yesterday present invoked the Defence Protection ACT, which is a wearily use seventy year old measure where he can now marshal the private sector to get cheaper prices given to boost product. Demobilize them to this effort, and we played at the top there him describing himself as a warning. President and that's how there now viewing this. The people inside the White House have have like in this to war effort somewhat.
President's most senior advisers have said it's gonna. Take a national movement. It and what we saw for war too. In order to do this, the president himself and vote that yesterday, although and we also of course now there's the political implications where the president thought as a few weeks ago, he be running for reelection on the back of astronomy economy. That economy is now gone and we are seen to be staring at a recession at any time. So instead, there try to rebranding they're trying to find the grab the moniker wartime president suggesting This is a national moment. They wanted to be judged on its performance here. One can argue that obviously be pretty feeling report card at the moment, but they're asking Americans to be patient to to sacrifice to understand that things are going to get worse before they get better make. I just want to sprinkle in here as we talk about the shortfall on products and in safety equipment. This is guidance from the CDC to healthcare providers that they sent around to hospitals in settings were face. Mass are not available healthcare providers.
He's homemade, mass e g bandanna scarf for care of patients, have covered nineteen as a last resort. In the United States of America, doctors are being asked to other use and Dan as scarfs, instead of mass, because we don't or to rip apart gown and so together their own homemade masks. That's where we are now in terms of protecting frame this framework as those you twice Joe those masks have been available if we had acted early December, when we knew this was coming our way when it was clear it was spreading around the world. We would have everything that We need maybe not complete on ventilators, but we were a lot more if we had had a jump start. If perhaps the pandemic office hadn't been completely cleaned out with everybody fired, because that's what they do for a living prepare
and the President got rid of those people. Why you you look at the masks, you look at the gloves. Will you look at the other protective equipment? Most of that is made in China where right, Of course, we ve been having a train war with China for quite some time we're battle at China. You do wonder how, in in the United states of America in twenty twenty he advanced country in the world, the most medically advanced country in the world that in our country we do not have the basic necessities to take care of the american people, because the government, debt and prepare we don't have the safety equipment. We don't have the respirator, we don't have the respirators, we don't have the ventilators. Have the end and you do we we keep concerning is that we keep the Is talk out at the White House about what they may do right, but you talk
about how the present vote this defence act yesterday that was established in nineteen fifty He later suggested that he would start moving and doing things if, if, if the situation got worse when it was need? Well, it's need. It is wise. Now this is a ship that turns very slowly and they're gonna be fine, since at least thousands of Americans who are going to die because and and medical professionals whose lives are going to be at risk, because we are acting like we're a third world actually telling our medical providers are best and our brightest people on the front lines to be performing tree eyes did tat to rip off a piece of their gown and use it as a protective mass yeah, that's what they're already doing some of them are being instructed to reuse. Those mask, of course, violates every protocol that medical and health care provider
if ever learned reuse them in your right to your point about the president when he did invoke the defence production production ACT here, tweeted out here. We only will use this in the worst case scenario, I hope we don't need to will, as you say, Firstly, we are there, we need to produce ventilators Anita produce respirators, we are there. So now also a stark warning for younger Americans. New data from the CDC shows all adults, not just the elderly, are being hospitalized with the virus and new report shows adults between twenty and fifty four years old, maid of thirty eight percent of hostile decisions here in the? U S, Doktor Deborah work said Lenny eels millennials are especially affected. There are concerning reports coming out of France and ITALY about some young, people getting seriously ill and very soon Leslie Ill in the icy years. We think This may be that people heeded early data coming out of China and coming
out of South Korea, that the elderly are those with pre. Existing medical conditions were at particular risk. It may have been that well generation declaration, our largest generation, our future generations that will carry us through for the next multiple decades. There may be disproportion. A number of infections among that group, so Joe. This immediately calls to mind those spring break scenes of the pact beaches in the state of Florida, which still have not been closed. These are, from a couple of days, but there's still out there yesterday? Some of the bars or closing the beaches, not though kids on spring break in fair, what's the messaging from the White House, in from others, even from the medical community was at this hit elderly people especially hard sixty and over those more vulnerable. But what Doctor Berks took pains yesterday to make the point that this is not just an infection. This is not just a disease that hits hits the elderly.
It comes for young people as well. Well, as we are learning, as were hearing from people who have a source offering right now from the corona virus. You can see that it impacts people very differently. And sometimes you can predict how will impact a person approach may seem healthy, but can really feel the symptom of corona virus, while another person might not and Joe the spike in testing result, that we are about to put out there. Tell us not to overreact. I actually think that information going to really make it real for the young people who are still congregated, when this is clear that the entire country needs to stay put and stay separate. The young people are the weak link here will theirs So, like everything, every number you see today is a lagging indicator. The numbers you see today are the people who got it. Three. We
The numbers you see today are the worst and dance I'll have it now from that person. From that one person who's been going around for three weeks who may not have been exhibiting signs of this? You have to multiply that now said still Ratner, you add those numbers up and again nobody rose. I don't know this do you see obviously doesn't know the government? Does it now, but medical professionals? I talk to say: if you look at a number like eighty nine hundred cases, chances are good that the real number is. Ninety thousand, if we were, if we were testing like South Korea, the number would be probably increased tenfold because those eighty nine hundred people I've been spreading it around for the past three weeks and because we don't have tests like the presence and we're gonna. If you want to test, you can have it as he said that several weeks ago
because we're not like South Korea was on. This testing then help officials now that members exponentially higher and it's going to keep spiking straight up, till we have the tests until we have the wherewithal to map this out and, quite frankly, until the government decides to tell everybody to go home and locked down. There's no question about that. Now that the number of cases is far higher than what you're seeing the reported results, and you hear stories all the time about people with symptoms who feel bad, who, whatever go to their hospital or turned away because they don't meet certain criteria for being tested. It does like they are slowly getting to a better place in terms of having some drive in testing and things like that
We are a lot closer to ITALY in our response to this than we are to South Korea in China, which have both been exceptionally effective. It really not just testing but fear, had had a lockdown people how to contain the disease, had a really Marshall, all the resources of their governments and get behind it, and we ve been one step behind at every step of this way. Now we have been asked to give you a couple of charge for us tat. Tat put the mark. Hemorrhaging into historical perspective and also we'll talk about how we respond. But what do you have?
first of all. I think every day that goes by the economists get more and more pessimistic about what we're looking at. We are now looking at a set of question where they were going to be in a recession, sought a question whether aren't recession. We aren't recession, seems to be unfolding s, a recession of really historic performances and a number that came out yesterday. I think that send a lot of us was a new forecast. We shape to Morgan in which there looking now a week ago, I think they re looking at three or four percent down GDP in the second quarter. They are now looking at fourteen percent annual rate decline in GDP,
fourteen in the fourth quarter. Second quarter out of that would be a historic record by any measure. We have never had a decline in quarterly GDP, at least since the depression of more than ten percent, and you can see the man whose that decline. If you look back over here at what happened in the great recession, which was about an eight percent decline in the worst quarter now, J P Morgan is projecting. That will have a big jump up and in the second and the third quarter, rather as people get back, to work and start spending the money they're, not spending that sort of presupposes that on July, one everything is back to normal and we're all out their spending money and doing stuff, which seems a little hard for me to imagine. But if this Stephen, in Europe for a second, these forecasts forecast have been overly optimistic every every day as you roll over the past several weeks we are hearing from the best and the brightest medical mines that actual it doesn't just go away. One day magically and daffodils come out, and people start jumping up, and
across meadows, throwing thousand dollar bills that consumers and end J P Morgan. This is this, is it's going to be? from what we hear it's going, be a rolling virus, so it may, we may hit a peak, it may go down. Then it can pop up again. Then it goes down. Then it comes back again. That's This is going to look like until we have a vaccine according to a lot of medical professionals who of course say this, is going to be a blizzard. This is going a long winter. That's an important point, in people in their heads, think well, if we just do social, distancing and maybe shelter in place for three weeks, life is going to be fine, but that's not at all at least not in. We spend a lot of time. Listen the public health experts, because we have to invest money based on what they say. It's not what you hear. What you here is this flattening of the curve which then
leads to the same number of people be effected just over a long period of time. Before I get to the stock market. Let me try to translate this JD p into real numbers, because what you are starting to see are massive applications for job job shirts at around the various states. So give you a couple of statistics in Connecticut in the first three days of this week there were thirty thousand application. For unemployment insurance. They typically have three thousand in Massachusetts thing at nineteen thousand, eight hundred eighty four applications, for example, when insurance in the entire month of February, they had a little over. Seventeen and in Illinois they had forty one thousand applications on Tuesday alone for unemployment insurance they had normally have they have four thousand five hundred over two days in a normal period, I mean you're, looking in addition to GDP, which is a kind of amorphous concept for many Americans, you're looking massive declines and in
That's the increase unemployment, massive declines in the real industry. Car companies are shutting down, service industries, of course, are shut down all over America and and getting back to the question of how the virus and false Joe. This is not like us, which you have an intermission and then everybody comes back and finishes the play This is more like the tin man in the wizard of OZ witch gets caught in the rain against rusted, and he just sits there until somebody out of sticks him, and we can talk about the stock market reaction because yesterday was another bad day at, as it happens, yesterday brought the market, all the way back to where it was when Donald Trump was inaugurated, almost exactly back to. Where was when it was when it was inaugurated. We can all talk about trumps role in this and so on, but what this represents this is they steepest fastest decline and stock market history. Stab thirty two percent from
peak it has taken less than a month to get there to put that in historical perspective. For you, in the great recession it took a year for the stock market to fall as much as it has followed in this country in one month and I'm and without getting to political, I think there is a piece of this is certainly relates to leadership and you can track it literally to when the market feels like washing is on top of this. One from feels like he's, got his act together, market, okay, we can deal with this. Then he says it's out there, instead of stuff that that freak people out or they don't understand it- doesn't sound like he's taking it seriously, and it goes the other way. So you got a piece of real stuff going on here. You got a piece of leadership stuff going on here. Well, then, we also have again than exact we're just enact. One of this, too, is when the hospital starts to get jammed,
when our lack of supply of care professionals don't have, this implies a need to keep them safe. Then they go down and the possibility of very real possibility and amid certainly not saying this to serve any body. But this is the reality. We seem to be facing with healthcare professionals and don't have the this safety supplies they need. Then our health care factual's go down and then suddenly overtaxed emergency room and have overtaxed hospital and overtaxed healthcare system collapses, so this situation, let's hope the social distancing. Let's hope, governments shutting down interaction between people. Why? I hope that stops at emergency from coming, but again we're there's a three week lag on everything that's happening, so I think even if we shut the country down tomorrow are even if we shut the country down today
Three week lag is still going to hit us and it's gonna be felt most acutely in the hospital in the emergency room where we don't have basic equipment. Well, anti. Staves point: market is responding to the leadership, and you know if he seemed strong and seems like he knows what he's doing. Perhaps it will respond differently, but here's what the marking as look a market is looking at are we, depending on social, distancing, to solve this crisis? Do we really think all Americans, including the tens of thousands of young people that we say on the beaches, are going to be the ones that can pull us through this? So if not, it's gonna be leadership which has been proven to have so far botch this with the testing, which we still don't have, there's no testing and market can see that this is going to get worse before it gets better okay. So how is this president going to respond to this? Are we going to have what we need? Are we going to have supplies, he's moving military ships, it's gonna take weeks, he's gonna have venture
writers know is not they don't exist and ventilators or com located machines. It's not like you can just order an up and call on the private sector and have them just Well, you know their printers and it doesnt work life. I'm gonna be having Doktor Dave on very soon, who s really disturbing information about ventilators in and its it Graham its gram room situation will end and again I don't know why the president would be waiting to use the full power of his office and the full power of this defence act for an emergency to come. The emergency avi Caesar he declared. We need to get moving right now. What the worry is that he is moving and we're not ready, is just not possible to get things in place like some people learn the hard way in the new each be film, bad Education Academy, award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni STAR,
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MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell, off when people listen to music, there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them grown virus is keeping us home, but as you can stop the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits. We're in this situation and in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free? Where were you did your parkers? Let's go to Rome, and be sinews. Foreign correspondent map broadly, is they're, keeping in mind the number
right now. Matt here in the United States, are on par with Rome with ITALY in terms of how this disease has progressed. What's the situation there well. We'd just passed a really really grim milestone. We had yesterday the largest, Greece in a single day in the number of deaths here in ITALY, and also we saw the largest increase in the number of new transmission of new cases in one day. This whole nation wide lockdown started about a week ago. Now that's a pretty terrible, symbolic step, but we're probably going to see another very grim milestone today. Now ITALY is probably going to surpass China in the number of deaths that have come from the corona Some will probably here that in the next couple of hours we don't know for sure, but we always get the statistics everyday you're in ITALY at about six p m and that's when we'll see very likely that ITALY will have surpassed China in terms of number of fatalities now
We also heard from the Prime Minister County last night. He told the italian media that this lockdown this unpressed indignation. Wide lockdown is going to be extended past April. Third, so that means that he probably saw those districts and was shocked by What is lacking out you, I just heard Joe mentioning that lag of three weeks. That's it we're seeing here we haven't seen despite this really really strict lockdown this across the entire country. We haven't seen that hang up in the numbers we haven't actually seen. The statistics reflect what is this impressive? I keep using this term unprecedented lockdown here in ITALY, because we have we know we haven't seen the effect in the statistics and that's probably because a lot of the deaths were people who got the disease before the lockdown started. But again,
the transmissions are also a problem. If we're not seeing that, that could be that they locked down, isn't really having much of an effect. That was one of the reasons that the Prime minister came out and said. He actually chastise. The public can tell them that we need to comply with these waters. They need to be staying in doors and that's He also is going to be restricting the amount of time that grocery stores, which is one thing you can still go here in ITALY. You can still go to the grocery store. You can still go to the pharmacy. Those where's of operation are going to be constricted because it seems like the government here is very frustrated with the lack of efficacy from this nation wide crackdown on walking. Even though the streets they seem pretty empty mad mad its Willie more looking and pictures is your speaking: makeshift hospitals in ITALY and Healthcare workers trying to attend to those who are sick. Of Americans have been looking at ITALY over the last couple of weeks is perhaps a preview of what's headed our way. As you say, a couple of weeks ahead of us what is
situation today inside the hospitals were already seeing over runs in New York City and other big cities of sick people. Yeah, I mean the situations I the hospitals is really dire. This is one of the most advanced health systems in the world, especially in lombardy in the north, where the vast majority of the cases here. Are you know that when you can't say that this is a backward health system, it is actually quite advanced, quite well and they're still really overly stretched. We heard from doktor Nurses have been saying that you know their parsing out these. Ventilators, they don't have enough to go around, and now they dont really have enough hospital bed. So Lombardy is going to start started, basically exporting cases to else in ITALY there having to transfer patients and here's a really MC sign of the times here. There actually kind of exporting corpses
they're not able to handle in all of the cemeteries and the morgues the number of corpses that they ve been getting again. You ve solved this massive increase in the number of deaths, so the bodies are going to have to be moved outside of the Lombardy region in northern ITALY to elsewhere, in ITALY, for burial and more cremation, unless because they just don't have the capacity only to handle the living people, but even the dead so mad? What what to health officials believe constitutes a reason for the big difference between the impact on the corona virus in northern ITALY versus Southern ITALY obviously northern hidden ITALY had the worst parts of southern ITALY, not feeling the effects. Yeah! Well, you know there was a lag and the amount of time in which they crackdown on people's movements in northern ITALY, and that's one of the reasons why this outbreak blossomed, the way it did in lombardy to the extent that
even is now surpassing the situation in China, but there was a locker in northern ITALY, that prevented the disease from spreading further south, and that's why here in Rome, which is obviously ITALY's law, the city by far there haven't really been that many cases, and so the government has stepped in and has restricted people's movements, and so it has been effective in this sense they have managed to. Even though this is a really dire situation in northern ITALY, they have managed to keep it from spreading to the rest of the country, its unclear, whether not going to stay. You know that the big question for a lot of Italians is even if we do comply with these very, very restrictive rules. Is it going to be effective? Has the damage already been done? because- and I made this point before once this disease insinuates itself- its unclear- whether or not even the most dramatic efforts will be able to halt the spread, and that's it seeing in Lombardy, but so far, as you mentioned, were not seeing them
in southern ITALY, where the health system is much much much weaker. So that has been one benefit of this. The the crackdown has geographically restricted to spread not Bradley thank you for your reporting and still I had on morning Joe one idea as to how how businesses, instead of government bailouts and as this pandemic, New York is being hit specially hard we'll talk with that States Governor Andrew Cromwell Senator Chuck Shimmer, with the view from Washington you're. Jim Morning, job will be right back to big eyes. Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world.
Podcast now for free wherever you download yours and when we have thousands of ventilators. It sounds like a lot, but this is about unforeseen nobody ever thought of these numbers swinging in more than later. Why did it take along new depends? It depends on how it goes worst case absolutely best case, not not at all, so we're gonna have to see what girls, but we are ordering thousands and thousands of regulators Hospitals are supposed to have ventilators to joining us now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave, Campbell and Doktor Vanessa care is in countries with limited healthcare resources. Great to have you both on this doctors and nurses in countries with limited healthcare resources great to have you both
Russia is Vanessa. You ve heard reports at large is being told, actually tear off parts of their there. There there gown you wrap, use it as a makeshift mask to bring bandanas from home. Could you ever imagine this would be happy in the United States of America at one of our most trying times now. Couldn't at all, and I think that the reality is that we are in we're facing an existential threat that we have not experienced in generations and arguably that we have never experience because of globalization, the size of our population in the world. But the truth is this is really a crisis of several proportions, one, the fear that we are going to get sick- it is a crisis of the Preparedness that we have here is an economic crisis, its an information and misinformation crisis, but is most fundamentally crisis of leadership, and that I think
people are feeling the most and what is fomenting so much the panic occluding among my colleagues at Mass General Hospital and elsewhere, who are going to be on the front lines by day and that greater than the level of our administration today I want to be very careful here- I'm not going to mention any names, but we had a common safe last night. You have a call that you known for for three decades now fixed extremely respected professional who got it from one of his colleagues and ITALY, asking for any help in getting ventilators over to ITALY he placed it called is somebody that he knew who worked for a company that mass produced ventilators and that company had been told. I guess in early February that they are going to be sick, all their orders to China and that
whole mass collection of ventilators that the chinese government had called up. And several by all of your ventilators through jail without revealing any of these names we his were working. The story right now tell us about that and tell us what you learned by talking to the person involved in this about just how difficult it is to ass, produce, ventilators and why you are now so sceptical of the government's claims. Thanks Joe This is a story of China being first to the plate in the development and need for ventilator so in MID February, this company receive in order for one thousand ventilators from China, they had twenty two thirty in stock. They supply those
The order then went in to manufacture one hundred ventilators per week over the next ten weeks. If that's a thousand ventilators, if you were to call this major company today asked to order ventilators for a company or hospital or medical center and the United States or ITALY, which is what happened, there's no supply until June. So it it's not a condemnation of China asking these ventilators they needed them. They need, them now. They just need them two months before the United States and ITALY that yeah and but again this is this company is a major Multinational Corporation and one of the best, not american companies, that there are, but again they are not going to be producing venom. It is for the United States and for american patients, through June
they're going to be working in effect for China and ass. My flesh out this story will see just how complicated it is. It's not just you don't just deliver ventilators and make them they have parts they parts may be replaced constantly. This is a crisis that could have been slightly averted and instead we are caught flat footed. It's going to be the next big mess. First was testing, which we still I don't have. The second is gonna, be hospital space supplies, ventilators and masks, and its y ever These uncertain, especially the markets doktor, carry see global health and doctors into third world areas to train people in those third world countries to try and over their own health care. Do you envision medical students? point being mobilized, because we have a health care workforce that right now is blatantly being exposed to the corona virus? I think this is what's really com
Kate. It is that were asking healthcare workers. Like my colleagues, my how soon when I have to go to hospital, but we're going to be working in a situation where we don't have the protective equipment we need, and I think that that's kind of euro problems what's gonna happen is as we get infected and we get pulled from health care work. Worse, you probably won't see medical students, but you will see potentially your dermatologists, a colleague of mine, who is a german tall. Just recently said I feel like I need to brush up my pulmonary critical care. Where do I go to look at it, and I think that that is the reality of what we're gonna see unless we take some unprecedented actions and we embrace it as a community as a country that We can buckle down and rise to this moment. We can help mitigate how long we have to live in that reality, We are going to be in this for a while. We have to accept that, but for how long is up to our actions today- and I do
The actions of this administration to make testing rapid much more widely available. They held a press conference a week ago saying that we wouldn't be scaling up tests immediately. We still don't have those it takes two days till I mean at least to turn around the test. We still have. We eat over eight thousand cases in America over a hundred and fifty deaths. Now almost nine thousand cases a hundred fifty deaths and we are still testing out about you know. I think it's something like five hundred Americans for every million people. South Korea was testing at five thousand for every hundred for every million it's just we will not get control Without more information and end, without better leadership to guide us, Doktor carry its Willie guys. We can give thanks big enough to you and all of your colleagues in the health care worker community, for what you're doing right now on the front, I know you're about to go in yourself in terms of equipment and in terms of things you need gloves, masks, respirator,
ventilators. I guess the question for a lot of Americans is: why don't we have enough of those things? I understand This is a huge ask that would the Pentagon can release what it can release, but a lot of those reserves or for something targeted of big event. New York City and they suddenly need a thousand ventilators they're, not for every hospital across the country. So what can happen as of this morning? What could the federal government do as of this morning to get at least the gloves and the mass and that protective equipment that you need into your hands? You can get to but there's a couple things I think one I think releasing the you know releasing. The supplies is going to be critically important about the stopgap right. We are going to need milk of masks. Millions of gloves and what we have just been released is only going to get a fraction. Thus they my us a little bit of time but the reality.
As we never expected. We never thought that we could be vulnerable to pandemic of this sides with the work that I do receive. Global health has always believed that health securities national security in its critically important to invest in health systems around the world, because we're only as strong as its weakest link. We never thought that could be that weakest link, but the reality is that now that we're there, what we have to do is to scale up production and also some of my car, These are some of the most for most public health professionals have identified massive sources of mass and people.
Saleable in China now, as they have finally reported no cases of yesterday, for the first time, no new cases that are available, but we have treated. You know, tariffs in and bans that are in place that aren't making it possible that equipment available. That is irresponsible in this moment of crisis. Right now we need to be creative. We need to be bold, and I think that I am very hopeful that we can get ourselves there sooner rather than later, so that we are not dealing with this, for you know in two years that we're dealing with this, hopefully only into the summer, at an end, in a place where we can start to catch her breath a little bit before we ve actually get us. Wave in the fall. This is here to stay, though. The question is how bad and for how long so dark today. This is here to stay. That's for sure, I'm hearing everything from different ways of this to shut down becoming a part of life for several years. We don't know what's to come.
This is clearly here and the numbers are beginning to double and certain localities. As we get testing the president has deployed to Navy wartime ships to service hospitals, but the understanding is that that will take other patients that can't it into hospitals anymore, due to the influx of corona virus patients. And they won't be ready for a few weeks and then there's the the act that he passed, that allows them to direct industry to produce critical equipment to confront this ISIS. None of this seems like it's happening right now. It still feels like we're. Weak potentially months off from being up to speed, confronting this crisis years. Meeker, the the there a few solutions, none of them very good. But one doktor, carry me. This to scale up production, scaling up production of ventilators
in the United States can happen, but Every ventilator used in every hospital in this country is under the after yea regulation they'd. Nobody may factors and uses ventilator here, that's not tightly regulated by the FDA special options to allow some of the older ventilators that there are still safe. We utilise or manufactured may help Also, we heard that there are ten thousand there's a massive stockpile event: leaders and equipment. That is perhaps. More a virtual stockpile My sources tell me that there is not a single warehouse somewhere with ten thousand middle ventilators, their spread out over storage rooms in places hospitals, many of them older, so we really have to closely at how to expand and scale of the use of existing.
Safe ventilators the manufacture and collection of it. Hey ventilators from wherever they are to see. If we can catch up, we we have about two weeks. We have some time, but beyond that doctor carry may agree, the two weeks we really dont know where this country will be What people you know we need to do. We need people who know how to use ventilators too and that's a secular pieces and that's all of educating doctors, maybe young doktor medical assistance, because we're gonna lose people at the rate we're going. The numbers are doubling every few days doctrine. The Washington Post Bob Constant joins us with what he calls coming plus a sea change for Republicans, sleeps, be told Our gamble for reelection plus will the city that never sleeps be told to shelter in place. One trillion dollar gamble for reelection plus? Will the city that never sleep we told to shelter in Place New York, governor, Andrew
I'm a ways and on that, but first senior senator Chuck Shimmering, who says that where's will almost certainly see a recession due to the pandemic. That's next on morning, job, hey, it's critias this week in my pocket, wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and do know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago, that switch flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet. Of course, there's more recent version which is known as Brando in his book? They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It.
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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