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The 500 million respirator masks Trump said the federal government ordered could take up to 18 months to be delivered, according to reporting. The panel discusses the critical shortage of supplies for health care workers.

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there's a mutuality and there's a recognition of our interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct a state wide order for people to stay at home. That directive goes into force in effect this evening, and we were confident we are confident that the people of the State of California, well I'd buy California governor gave a new some announcing last night, a wide stay at home order. The first full state to do so saying that he expects more than here of his states, forty million residents will become infected with the corona virus, the number of firm to cases in the. U S, s now past. Fourteen thousand and the number of deaths more than two hundred state of New York has now reporting five times as many cases this California, more than fifty seven hundred the number of confirmed case.
Is exploding as more people get tested. New York is not yet ordering residents to stay home, but the governor has ordered seventy five percent of the workforce in non essential services to do so. Almost seventy percent of confirmed case as in New York. State are in need what city nearly four sent in the city allowing mayor build the blood, who will join us later this morning warns that cities. Hospitals are two to three weeks away running out of essential medical supplies in Pennsylvania. The governor warns. The state will be enforcing its new order to close all businesses that are not the to sustain life and then floor. The states largest county Miami, Dade and other towns have issued orders to close beaches. Governor Rhonda Santa's won't issuers state wide order, saying that local orders and Ban on large gatherings will suffice. We ve got a lotta get
good morning and welcome to morning chow, it is Friday March twenty as job will be back on Monday, but along with willing and me, we have White House or for the Associated Press, Jonathan, Le Maire, NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent in a host of Casey DC on em, We say Casey Hunt for surprise when income at or of the Washington, Post and Emerson BC, lesson BC. Political analysts, Eugene Robinson So we mentioned mayor buildup laws, Yos, warning that New York City hospitals are to the three weeks away from running out of essential medical supplies. That is the big concern across the country from cities to rural locations has more corona virus cases overwhelm already dwindling supplies of masks, surgical, gowns and I gear for workers to be able to do their job safer
and effectively, and many of those masks have a shelf life. You need to replace them. You can't use them all the time or hearing more stories of what's happening on the health front lines on hospital in Minnesota is concerned. Bring shutting its doors oversupply concerns in Illinois and intensive care nurse was told to make a single use mask last for five days: in LOS Angeles, doctors were forced to use, expired, masks to examine career, virus patients, but the alas, ban snapped when they tried to put the mine. Others are turning home made remedies to ease the burden cheers, Seattle or using items purchased at home depot and craft stores to create Brett Protective face shields well nurses in Boston, are gathering racquetball glasses to use in place of safety goggles. This is where we are and we are still at the first phase of this virus. All this happening as more health
Their workers catch corona virus which could drive way to limit the nations ability to combat the spreading disease at yesterday's Whitehouse briefing. Vice president, my pants and that supplies are available. Now with governors to make sure that that health care providers, the hospitals and clinics in their state our place Orders now that this tremendous increase in supply, particularly with industrial mass, is now there well we're gonna make sure they understand that the supply has greatly Expanded thanks to a bipartisan legislation and the accomplishment the president and the response. By these companies is making more mass available in order to make sure healthcare Ngos are purchasing. Those also make sure that our stockpiles properly reflect those increases as well.
Question, math re today, other available now they're, not there are not available, it not available now what the vice president just said and he's in charge of this corona virus task force at the present is put together ending. Next to the present I'd states. The vice president said something that was not true. So here we go Bloomberg. Reports that it could take up to eight months for hospitals to see supplies from companies making masks right now here is The president addressed the federal government's role in the nation, wide shortage of medical equipment. You a naval, they guess is probably the best way to proceed with its production yesterday for the treaty right now, because we are going to need it I appeal for the democratic leadership to pull the trigger right. Why? What's the rationale for not you? First of all, governors
doing a lot of this work, and they are doing a lot of this work. Federal government shot supposed to be. The buying vast amounts of items and then shipping in Okinawa shipping flock we're supposed to be, as with testing the governors about just supposed to be doing. It about how bad, wherever we can awaken by in volume. In some cases, great volume asks as an example which were really a problem. We have helped out and there millions of masks being made. This is really for the local governments, governors and people within the state, depending on the way they divided up and they'll. Do that and doing a very good job of it, where you have a problem with ventilators we're working very hard trying to find nobody in their wildest dreams would have ever thought that we need tens of thousands of ventilators. This is something the tour unique to this, so, added to a crisis that this country potentially has never seen in anyone's lifetime and the
That seems to be separate himself from saying we're, not the country's shipping clerk. He seems detached he's pudding, information that is not true will be telling you later about a drug that he says is approved. Ready to go, and minions on Fox, worse, echoing that fact, which is not a fact, is not true the virus. President now is getting caught up in the president's ending exercise, will a guy's name in companies that will making masks masks that are not available. Now. This is a crime in the leadership that is ultimately gonna have incredible modifications of for the american people. It's a crisis and leadership in its crisis in hospitals. Right now, if those mass were available, as vice Pedersen, pence claimed yesterday, we wouldn't be hearing from hospitals would be hearing from doctors. I wouldn't be getting frantic tax from doktor, saying down to our last mask war were already out of mass, and it's not just for the places that are taking corona virus patients. It's for other hostile,
we're being asked to give some of their mass to these critical centres. Places like cancer hospitals here in need city that are out of mass or have a weak supply lap. They have to get out. They have to move quickly. And here is where we are making to give you an idea. Group hospitals in Indiana is getting ahead of Mass sought shortage by asking the public to so Mass for the hospital. The deacon. This health system release this video, showing the public how does so a face mass along with a pdf of the pattern to follow a spoke and for the hospital group says its instructions meet CDC protocols and at the homemade masks, be sterilised alone, take the do one about fifteen to twenty minutes. Obviously, when you first start out probably closer to twenty minutes, as you make several you'll bill, faster G Robinson. I can't believe what I'm watching right there. That's a hostile
Evans Bill in Vienna, whose doing what it has to do to get through this year are pleading with the general public please at home. So what's the masks, if you re through the UN's action than they say give us a call. We will meet you in the park lot of one of our facilities. You can deliver them ass. We will then sterilised them in this. Country that in nineteen forty and one thousand nine hundred and forty one turned automobile factories in the airplane factories almost overnight, where The masks, where are the supply? Is our hospitals are dying out here? It's believe, oh boy yesterday, the CDC recommended that doctors who are working on corona via virus patients sorry use a or scarf Mobutu's. Didn't I thought the most amazing thing I had
and shocking thing? I've heard until you just boy that piece about the call made masks its unbelievable and for the present, the United States the sailor and say we are a shipping clerk into into absolve himself. Responsibility when, when the federal government has a unique ability to two boats to comedy the order of the production of a man in Kathmandu, those mass and get him to where they need to go. It's just that, it's incredible its the phrase failure of leadership. I think of one we're. We reviews the past few days, we're gonna use and a lot more, but While we are describing this this appalling situation. It has real world effects on on patients on medical care providers. It's just shocking
Jonathan LINEAR, I'm hearing from doctors who I know and doctors who have built relationships with more recently, as we ve gone through this crisis, who I know to be strong com people, I'm sensing pay. In their voice. Fear in their voices. They plea, we need this equipment, or else all of the doctors are going to get all the nurses are going to get sick, then they will be able to provide care for the people of flooding in the hospitals to get sick. Here's another opening number for you and h h S official Senate hearing earlier this month, set in the middle of a pandemic. This country would need three point: five billion masks billion with a b, can't even get mask and shells of these hospitals right now right, then, the wave of these cases like just starting to break the it's going to get so much worse. According to all health experts in the house, on the verge of being over. What we heard made, the Plaza in New York City yesterday say that there were two or three weeks from pure crisis and its Should there be, they will be a domino effect if these first responders, if he's healthcare workers, they get sick themselves,
then there are taken out of service and age. The every care for the patients just gets much slower and potentially ineffective and areas in and from the White House, we're still seen so much was entirely too much was made about the present trumps shift in tone at the beginning of the week, and that is obviously faded, as the week is gone on. Is that that's evaporate here hasn't been a lot of strong leadership to the frustration of some of his age and an end and Republicans Capitol Hill, who wanted to see more we're getting as over promising. The website that will you promised a week or so ago, has only just now come to life only strip. How a foreigner! It is not something that is naturally of proof the FDA had to put out a statement yesterday that up say these We don't know if I'm going to work and even if they do they're not available Do there not to be viable and by the way to the head of the FDA, was standing behind President Trump when he made that clear, which was false right and he did he sort of the moment
but they had to put on a strong statement later, because this is their there. This is my house right now that is still trying to win the pr battle, rather than actually It is still trying to win the pr battle rather than actually deliver that. Leaders and masks and services to the sick people in this country are needed. That is exactly case. That's what I'm saying completely that shift in tone by the way, Jonathan Le Maire, to say we all recognise that we talked about it, some of us loud it. I think that was hopeful. I think at this point every african, whether a journalist or a health care work or an american citizen is hoping for leadership at this point. Look at the White House right, You get a live. Look at the White House. There is usually the lights on six. In the morning, people are working lights around there's HANS behind them. The White house I wanna get hung excells, but you know what I'm saying is. This could be symbolic because you ve got american citizens doing social distancing. You ve got healthcare workers doing what they can to confront this crisis without
this applies. You ve got scientists desperately saying desperately saying that we are directly on track with ITALY. And yet the light seemed to be out completely in the White House this president seems to be unmatched and these putting out false, information by that date. The president also claim yesterday, HANS that an time malaria drugs would be available. Almost immediately late to help treat corona virus. That is not true facts, so clearly some steps we need to take place with court going to have it readily available to anyone that needs it as well as the I bought a drug that there's some promising results on just real quick. When you show up at your poet that shot of the White House, you do see the there's lights, on which I'm gonna betrayal little reporters secret. You always look up there to see which lights are on to see whether the there is up Gazette communication that will get we'll get some too its normally lot of life that we that shine on the White House come from these reporters here, the correspond
RO, where we throw a lot of lights Adam. They just asked us to turn but those down, so I can't say definitive then the whites of the White House are less on from the White House. This perspective, I know from our perspective, we were asked to try to turn some lights off early this morning, all the president really is facing three difficult decision this this morning. How do these are international front? How to deal with this internally internally, getting up day at eleven forty five and then crucially, and this is really more cases territory what to do on cabin with the size of the stimulus international. We know he's kind of pairing back. We have some reporting out way last night on this idea. You don't really want to. Antagonize are wrong in this critical moment. You really want to hunger down. We should get enough eight eleven Five, as you guys are enumerating there. Clearly some inconsistencies returns. Finally, and as well as just on what's happening on the ground at the White House hasn't clarified, and then we get to the idea.
Running package and how much stimulus thoroughgoing is going to be and again isn't working. See, but this doesn't feel I guess what the difference moment. This is a double the difference moment and I don't know can have sticker shock anymore, but this number is true: trending towards the two trillion number the other way around and had is remarkable to listen to centre. Republicans talk about that guy's here we ve got Casey high standing by we'll get to her in a minute on that on what what's happening on capital hell, we're summit action is. But I got a question for you: it's a serious one and may sound sarcastic on dead, serious present in tromp trots out parents who is now beginning to lie to the american public along with him and then scientists who are doing their best, doktor Fouche, doktor works and the other is all ending to close on the podium every day, so Michael didn't you is during times crisis oppressed and has an inner circle. An inner circle beyond
and the tsars, and the team that is set up to respond to a crisis Yahoo the president's inner circle. Please name the people who are the people who are round him all day, every day, helping and figure out how to make decisions. There too, their multiple interception, that's the so we jerk, It is clearly playing a key role on this. We saw that without Wednesday night speech, the address nation and so the cushion are sort of faction. We don't quite know how the market make mulvaney chief of staff role is playing in all this right meadows. Just getting stirred up he's the new chief of staff. You have mulvaney who is leaving he was out for large parts of the weak because he had been exposed. So he wasn't part of this so and then there's the president's outside advisers. That's always the problem. When you have a chief of staff. It isn't particularly strong or in this case, is in particular, who stood up is that so many people can get information into the present and, as we see with its president,
reliable and likely to say whatever the last person told him, so that may account for some of the responses from the present. But which is clearly playing a key role in this as well as that is the new chief of staff, but I think people are still. Feeling their way around this new environs, and remember it was just at the end of the month, beginning at last month. It, in the middle of all this, the president decided to change its chief of staff, HANS thanks, very much Casey Honey. Let's talk about what's happening on capital hell trying to get aid to the american people. Meagre we're waiting kind of minute by minute as these negotiations unfold- and I think the big question for the day today is- are the houses of Congress, are house representatives and our Senate going to be able to rise to this cohesion and do business differently than they have done. We ve got some strong signals that they may be willing to mean if you listen to a lot of the Republicans,
in the Senate. You'll be Stan. You may not recognize them based on what their advising, how much money we spend how many of them are angry that the current draft of the bill doesn't give more money to the neediest among us as its linked to how much come you may have had an inner previous year. As HANS pointed out, this is creeping too the two trillion dollar mark the same time. There haven't the kind of levels of conversations between Republicans and Democrats that this situation seems to demand and that's what I'm looking for today can may actually together in a room and rise, what this occasion is demanding of them- and you know only thing that I can hope at this point at- is bad They actually are capable of demonstrating, they can work and how many times have we, about in the show that function or lack thereof, of the? U Congress. I think a lot of Americans really didn't have much faith in.
Congress going into this, and now they have so much riding on whether or not they can actually work together, and I They still have a way to go to prove that they are right to take on this unbelievable at task in an additionally. Here's hoping that it's enough to make a difference, because crisis is spreading and enmity metastasized so quickly. I don't think Give us even really have our heads around that and you know I just hope it. If they do, they can get this goal together. It actually is something that can make a difference, because I think that's why expanding very quickly and there's some real questions about that. There are scientists who say in the coming days things are going to be really really different and well. I just Clare Mechanical tweeted that she has a daughter in law was a nurse and the hospital is actually setting up selling station surround the building to make mask
gowns Missus Ware, we're at the nurses themselves having to become seamstresses before they can put unmasked and treat patients unbelievable too, that large question. John Mitchell joins us now. Johnny appeal that story in you, which, I think is actually olive use of this work. Well, the some of democracy, which I mentioned before nineteen forty FDR makes that speech those automobile factories flip Yemen Ford very quickly from making automobiles to making be twenty four liberators, one in our at one point in the Ford factory, what kind of moment do we need here and what kind of a president do. We need here to inspire that to get this country making man we don't have to make a bomber just make a bunch of ass and gloves and gowns, and get them into these hospitals. Now I would say my incentives to say this is not a time for politics but
precisely a time for politics and its purest sense. Politics is about our common life. The root of the word is people city. A group of people brought together, and so the president who will get the job done. After your said in the nineteen thirties price thing try a method and if it fails admit it frankly and try another but above all, try something, and this is not building a bomber you're right and what I would say to everybody is We are in a war. We, please himself if you support the president. This has said this he's responders that nurses and think about this. The test first, responders the nurses, all the medical personnel, the testing people, They are the soldiers in this war. We're all part of it. Obviously, because we all be victims or carriers of it,
they are really the classic idea of a soldier just how you would feel if we were in a traditional shooting war and a command in chief, failed to put bullets in the rifles of our soldiers, that's where we are, and It's not even as complicated. I don't think as making a bullet. And so this is the I said Joe Biden likes to say this is the United States of America. We of defeat communist tyranny. We defeated Nazi Germany, we ve carried idea. They ve got the reality of equality throughout the world. In forty years- and we can't make masks really, but this concentration of wealth with this concentration of skill, we're gonna self I were isolate and watch these now, our in ten hour and fifteen minute episodes of this
from reality show that he does it midday witches I know it's reality show for him, but this is our reality, its unconscionable and I think that, as ever in America, by the way, the private sector The citizens need to step forward because at this point, We cannot rely on the president to be a good and effective actor in this time of crisis. That's my historically. Yeah who cannot rely that the leadership has failed from the Gatt go on this. We can't make masks think about that. It does take leadership to galvanise action to mobilise a mass production of products that we we needed time. We don't have it and at this point self isolation which we're gonna talk a lot more about, because people need to ramp up it's our one. It's our one weapon and this but virus to your point, John Major teeth,
the concern that you are expressing about how unconscious All this is our reality. Is this virus excludes nobody rich or poor? It doesn't work bond to branding, and it totally debunks lies and the like, Ship of this president is being exposed by this virus, which will talk more about because we're gonna need you to help from the american people and from the private sector at this point from We're saying and still I had on morning, Joe there are. Some profiles encourage happening right now. It took just one day for a thousand written Our doctors and nurses to answer mayor, build applause, use, call to join the city's medical reserve. Those in private actors have also volunteered credential medical students, federal medical workers and those from of state are also being recruited may applause. It will be our guest plus the word out, I is thrown around a lot these days, but this next story does fit the bill
senator selling key stocks to beat the market plunge seemingly profiting of they knew about the impending corona virus outbreak you're watching running. Job will be right. Back some people learn the hard way in the new HBO film, bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie all Hugh, huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and We'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni
their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status, don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green. Utilizing, abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni, and supporting cast Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine. This one Nathan, film vermeer, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges, streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called,
off. When people listen to music there. Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress? while the backs of mourning jail coming up on six thirty in the morning here on the east coast to republican senators, are facing questions after new reporting reveals based pulled off significant amounts in stock weeks before Corona Virus Cause Wall Street to tank currently proposed blocker senator and Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Bird sold off between six hundred twenty eight thousand and one point, seven million dollars of his holdings on February thirteenth. The report points out that, as the head of the entire committee
of course, has access to the government's most highly classified information about threats to american security, and his committee received Daily Corona less briefings around the time of that sail and pr is reporting that a few weeks later on, beware: twenty seventh bird! is the alarms about corona virus, while speaking to a group of constituents, residents strand C really more generally binding. Eighty and eighty percent Bert tells NBC News. The stock sales were made several weeks before the. U S and financial market showed signs of volatility due to the growing corona virus outbreak. The daily beast. Also: reporting that Georgia Senator Kelly Leffler sold off seven figures worth of stock holdings in the days and weeks after a price that all senators meeting on the Corona virus Centre left the report of the first sale.
Stock jointly owned by her and her husband, January twenty. Fourth, the various Andy, the Senate Health Committee hosted a Senate briefing from administration officials, including the he director and Doktor Anthony Fouch Senator Leffler call the reporting a ridiculous and baseless on twitter overnight. Writing I do not investment decisions for my portfolio. Investment decisions are made by multiple third party advisers without I or my husband's knowledge or involvement. It is worth note that Centre Levellers husband is the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Meanwhile our times. Reports to other senators also sold major holdings around the same time, Senator bird it according to the disclosure records, fell Intel Committee member Democrat Diane, five Stein of California and James in half of Oklahoma. Ok Casey had a lot to digest there as you cover cap.
Hell. What's the bottom line here and what's the timeline here beginning with Senator Bert, I mean this: is the working people who are reading these stories right now just have to be beyond livid, as Congress is fighting over whether to send them. You know maybe they're going to be able to send them two thousand four hundred dollars per married couple, and you know the way that this looks is astonishing and you can, you can see and feel the anger I've had. A number of yours already writes me when this news first broke minutes. Theirs, no other way to get your head around it now both of them are doing with it by saying essential, attacking the media and saying that the stories are not valid, etc. I mean it. Laughter is the richest member of Congress before all the sun market volatility her and her husband's. That worth was estimated at half a billion dollars you know in, and they are our people out of these lawmakers. Frankly, you know who
access to things that a lot of regular Americans. Don't have as to and the reality, though Willie, and I think another thing that is making people angry as they digest. These stories is it this is technically illegal? obviously we can. We can talk about what it means and and whether or not its appropriate. I think those questions are pretty easy. To answer, but the reality is not against the law. Now who, flies members of Congress, so you know, I think, as we know, history is not going to remember things and John Medium could speak to this much better than than I can. But, but this is, this is a time of lasting for everyone, and I think we are starting to see whose character is is standing up well. He's is not so good Mere the defence from Senator bore himself from a spokesman was mostly about empires reporting. He called it a tabloid style hit peace, but didn't specifically himself defend the the sale of that stock dying.
Einstein. James in hop also did the same. The defence seems to be from all of them that I dont make these decisions: a third already makes them or in the case of Senator fine sign, a blind trust makes ISA. Lessons about my investment, but my God, if you look at the time, A senator goes into a meeting is told just how bad this is going to be, and then it should time later. Those stocks that relate to this hotels, things like that are dumped, case with Senator Leffler. Others are purchased that might thrive, and this pandemic right emperor. There is a third party are blind trust, although it must be noted at the birds defence. There really focuses The timing and the timing is saying that the sale we're done before the market got bad, not suggesting that they were then they were not done after he had received a briefing so this was clearly information he had received before this house. And in an whether, as two cases point whether this is illegal- or not I mean it is. It is a moral outrage, and I think that
is this is Americans who work and Abbe ass to take just a thousand dollar two thousand hours Americans who are trapped in their homes, Americans, whose whose jobs are disappearing? Americans who hooks favorite restaurant is already closed. This sort of thing that is going to just fill them with with rage, and it must be pointed out no this, because we know these things. We have good reporting and because of Senate financial disclosure forms, you is not disclose the trunk family. That's very present. Tromp and his family have not done any sort of these disclosures. So there's no way right now, the american public to know perhaps- and this is not suggesting anyone- Has- did anyone, but if the Trump family were to do the same thing, we would know about it: really worth looking into and making you know where this isn't playing well, once again, as things change, Fox NEWS, Tucker, Karlsson, Ellie against centre, richer borough. Last night saying if this looks it, this is what it appears to be that he had to resign immediately. Ab
Thirdly, at this point, I think a lot of people are looking this virus the same way it's bad and nobody should be profiting off it, and at this point, what we need is leadership, Casey Hunt. Thank you so much for being on way. We look forward to talking with you more next week and our next ass says the corona virus is here to stay. So what happens? Next former Obama health policy visor doctors, Zeke Emmanuel, joins next son morning, Joe Egg Eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
At yesterday's Whitehouse briefing, there was a lot of confusion, president from stated that an anti malaria drugs would be available almost immediately to help treat corona virus a drug old pork when in some people would have do it. I drug she. I drugs, you closely. Clause win Or hydroxide thoroughgoing now there's a common malaria drugs. Shown very encouraging, very, very encouraging early results, and to be able to make their drug available almost immediately and that's where they have has been so great just minutes later, the FDA commissioner, cautioned that the drug has not been approved for use against the virus and, as such,
being tested. I have great hope. How are going to come out of this situation, which also important is not to provide false hope. The FDA is committed to continuing to provide regulatory flexibility But let me make one thing clear: have to users: on stability to the american people is to ensure that products are safe and effective way. Make sure that these are the sea of new treatments will get the right drug to the right patient at the right dosage. At the right time. As an example, we may have the right drug, but may not be in the appropriate, such form right now, and that made you more harm than good so the FDA also put out a statement after that breathing reading. In part, one there are no FDA, approved, therapeutics or drugs to treat cure or prevent covered. Nineteen. There are
several FDA approve treatments that may help ease the symptoms from a supportive care perspective. That is not what the and it was saying: let's bring in mourning Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave, Campbell, Doktor Dave, the president was used, words like almost immediately incredible. This results will be unthinkable, fantastic, rapid, quick so fast, and he was talking about two specific drugs that will be used to treat. Can can you tell us about those, send the reality that they will be able to do anything to stem the curve of this crisis. Absolutely meagre the one that really is the excited, and is out there and is in clinical trials. Right now is rim DES severe. It's an antiviral
my source here and South Florida, Doktor Leslie DE as the chair of infection control at a local hospital is, is optimistic about room disappear and and in China is being used right now in the? U S is being used in clinical trials, the other one core quinn or Hydro when the time malarial drug, You actually have some concern about immune deficiency link that would be counter productive and the FDA has been very clear in my opinions, Their job is to make sure that drugs are safe and effective for the particular condition that they are being asked to be used for so with court couldn't we really have to be cautious, but optimistic ok, so Doktor day. That's great! That's all great! We got the real. It doesn't help us, though, if we're weeks away, just like these wars. Some weeks away. Just like
A lot of these options that the present was talking about in terms of supplies are not weeks away. They don't exist at this point, so I want to ask you about information that does exist and that's the science around this we were talking the phone last night we're going to get to young people. This questionable ISA sent to us. The science is telling us that we're on poor with ITALY at this point, are there any reasons to believe that we're not and also what is the medical community? What is that? care community going to look like one week, two weeks, three weeks from now in your estimate from data that you're looking at. I am frightened that the hospitals across the country will be running out of supplies over run with patients that our testing positive to corona virus, covert nineteen disease and that we will be
in short, a ventilators and perhaps most importantly, the personnel that will be required to treat the patients at are sick, that health care workers will themselves infected periodically and then they will need to stay away from other patients, for they will get sick enough day in a hospital bed. So we we. This conundrum. That is going make us look like ITALY if we don't all across the country socially distance and if there is even time to do that, but it is better to do that, the not so I'm I'm quite sir and make it that in the next two to four weeks, we will be having different discussions. I doktor Dave we'll be talking more about this. I know you are very concerned about young people. Smoking veiling, raping at this point, as I know anything that make your lungs weaker it we're on our own and want to stay out of a hospital. There are things that we can
our selves at this point to untold the government and the private sector catches up if they can doktor Dave Campbell. Thank you very much Willie, it's free and now former White House Advisor for health policy under President Obama, doctors, equal, a manual he's vice provosts of global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania in his It's not bad in the New York Times is entitled. The corona virus is here to stay. So what happens next doctor and your good to see you. I want to get to that big picture. Thirty thousand foot view of Things are and where their headed, but one ask you specifically as a medical doctor about the implications of this lack of supply in hospitals. This. Lack of mass and gloves and gowns. What does that mean? Exactly for the future of this outbreak shall
Me tell you: I got contacted by a emergency room doctor, I know in Denver, and he was telling me that I asked him what the situation is, so they don't have enough protective equipment and they described to me how a woman came in who needed to be intubated. There was no may ask no gown, but he just in debate it well. If she has corona virus the chance that he gets Corrado virus is gonna be very by these are exactly the kind of situation is going to the back of a thorough going into the lungs with a tube in an area where it is a problem and it'll back out a lot of people, as has been pointed out by some people about ninety percent of the people in ITALY who gotten infected, have been healthcare workers. You Nakata healthcare workers there out at least fourteen, maybe twenty one. Twenty eight days there are not doing their job
we're all talking about their only about seventy six thousand in this country. They can us, in our staff, a hospital for three ships. Each one can overlook. You know four five, six bent the leaders, you don't have a lot of excess capacity of care for all the patients in the country, and you know if we don't have enough care for all the patients in the country, and you know if we don't have enough stuff, we don't have enough people and we don't have enough beds. We're gonna have a serious, serious in this country. So what do you see as a policy matter changing that trajectory, because right now it's slow to get any of that equipment. They're talking about retro, fitting shuddered automobile plants and the state of Michigan to make ventilators. That's gonna take a lot of time, a noble effort, but it will take time. How do we stop what discussing right now what you're explaining could happen very soon. How do we stop that from happening? Show? There are two things. First, we obviously need to ramp up production, and I mean
we're talking Hugh, truly wartime production in just the mask its estimated. We need free point, five billion masks and the country I talk to you. I must get your day about making by the later. He thinks it something like eight to ten weeks before his plant can get on line, but it's it's in our hands is: make us head social distancing, staying away from people staying away from droplets. That is going to be the key here that try to them down the number of people who get her out of virus, the number of people who need hospitals, asian and the number of people who need ventilators. Do you care and doktor care, and unless we damp found those numbers, you know we are going to have some serious problems. What I see is that some states are serious. You know, oh hi, I wonder of my fear, wider republican Governor California, Washington under J Insulate, New York and many
their state, and then you got sites like Florida that are still parting, as if it were normal times. This just makes no sense so Doktor Johnson, the mirror, we fought on that exact point. What sort of guidelines do you think average American should be in terms of their behaviour in terms of social distancing and end, though who are just sort of your coming to grips with this. Their life has changed so dramatically in this last week, your ten days as our stay doors are not going to work that children are going to school. How long should we all anticipate that happening and what would some extreme cases as to how long this to have the last word? Let's deal with it, look at China when they closed down you Bay Province from that mom two, when it really came down, look to be about eight to twelve weeks. So I think that's what we're looking out for the next social distancing episode, eight to twelve weeks. That's three months! Basically for people
April May June, we're talking somewhere in Vienna may fifteen July. First we're gonna, then hopefully be able to he's up on these social restrictions, but we ve gotta be very clear about it. The virus is gonna, come it's not like it's going away, then so we're gonna have this roller coaster social restrictions, then we're gonna have eating up social research easing up that try to smooth out the demand on the health care system and look it's a very big position, I've everyone. I will tell you in all our guy who likes to throw dinner parties. We can eat with anyone else, and this is how I find that very problematic, not talking to friends, and this is just a Syria serious change in our life. It is a matter of vital importance. Want to save people, that Imperial College estimate that if we don't do this two point, two million people die. Let me put that in tat context for your viewers
Two point: seven million people die every year. That's like doubling the total death rate in the United States. I don't think that's accessible. It's a horrible caught the idea. And we're starting to hear more of these individual story seek while any outbreak Has its share of harrowing stories? They sort of help illustrate how real the car sequences of this pandemic has become an how important that very difficult social distancing has become it's. Not they. Elderly is not just a rare currents here are just free, Hartford Connecticut, for hard for police officers are recovering. After testing positive, how many more cops in Hartford habit just an example of how law enforcement is feeling the strain as they take on additional roles at court. Times during this outbreak. Consider that many local forces are now having to conduct wellness checks for children, I'm stuck at home alone, while their parents or at work in New Jersey
a single family has lost for members to the corona virus. For from one family? Ninety, the members of that family, that same family from spouses to children have been tested. Are now under quarantine? Incur A forerunner of thirty, four, old man who tested positive for the corona virus after visiting? as they world and travelling through LOS Angeles, international airport. He was a day they world in Florida as well as universal yesterday at a hospital in Pasadena on March, seventh, the man developed a cough. Less than two weeks later, he was dead, I think these stories are getting closer to us. People were crammed in
this new world in Florida just last week, yeah. So first of all that case illustrates young people can get it and they can have very bad system, while the death rate may be low point. Two percent is what we're estimating based on chinese data. That doesn't mean it zero, and that does mean that some people will have well unfortunately die from this, and we, you know, most of us are feeling well, but we the realize you know, feeling. Well, does that mean you're not infected or you can become infected and there can be, as you point out, dire circumstances. If we don't take this seriously and just because young people feel invincible doesn't mean they are in or and parting in Florida with all those older people around. That is a recipe for all of Florida becoming one ouch cruise ships, I do not intend dream
and soon is, is anybody? Does anybody have any idea what the factors are that that sort of determine who gets very sick from this virus and who walks around with the virus did totally. Symptomatic it seems to me. I know that that age Basically, a man. Respiratory conditions are a factor by it it seems you know you have a big example of the thirty four year old person who died there. I want to thirty four year old, presumably were walking around with the corona viruses. There is there some components, something about peace. That makes them more vulnerable. Do we know anything about that? Yet we don't know anything about that. So you know there are two factors and I think Jane you you ve identified. One of them is our something maybe a particular gene that we certain people have, that makes them more susceptible. We don't now. People are
working on that right now. I know people at the University of Pennsylvania. This is a top priority. The other question is: is somehow the virus as it moves China to ITALY, to I ran up to the United States more very and more lethal, and that is something you can't rule out. These viruses do mutate, while they often you take it easier and therefore not as problem they can you take it become more legal, and that would be A serious, serious worrisome problem to everyone I doctors, Zeke Emmanuel. Thank you so much for all your guidance through this, and we want to mention you new book, the trillion dollar revolution how they affordable care act, transform politics, law and health care. In America and Jean Robinson we'll be reading your piece about how to stay together when you can't be together
Next actors got tested, so did politicians and athletes the well connected have found easy access to corona virus tests, while other Americans, including frontline healthcare workers, have been shut out, we'll talk to them should impose rapporteur whose digging into that before the virus spread Sean Washington State was good zero hospitals. There are still sounding the alarm all but begging for badly needed applies. We'll get an update on the struggle to treat patients and protect workers, next morning. Job- hey, it's crusades this week on my part, ass wise, is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Birds from, but what we do and dont know. The corona virus, once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really They often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago that
switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book. They principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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