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The Morning Joe panel has the latest details in the fight against the coronavirus, the latest figures on the virus and D.C.'s effort to pass a stimulus bill.

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especially with all the money I could have made for the last three four years I get elected as a rich person, so it costs billions of dollars to be Did it and I am so happy. I did it because who cares? Who cares our at that as the President of the United States, talking about his net worth during this national crisis Morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Lundy March twenty third, so so make good sense. When you- and I had a different reaction to to yesterday's- can we we also, I mean. Obviously we ve been very concerned from the very beginning. We expressed our concerns, the president and the sword. In January. The Intel agencies warning him that a pandemic was coming. That can really be deadly, also very concerned about the President: get rallies that the press was whipping this
do a frenzy and to a hoax level. Concerned about people with cable, shows talking about how this was just a of the press was trying to get Donald Trump this a lot of things to be very concerned about the present saying. If you want to test you can get a test just we go, and so that not having that said, the undoing the strong way. You can. Let me now. Let me that We have our low expectations on what I call the ground noisome present talking about how much he's worth the president talking about Mitt Romney, They are reacting in a way that really is inappropriate when he finds out that Mitt Romney is isolated, but that sad, sorting through that ground noisome. Looking at the signal yesterday I saw actually the present trying,
by partisan towards the governors of the two most affected states I saw my kids come up and talk about I believe, as most important still other than everybody socially distancing, and that is the testing we have to be able to map. This disease is, we have them, there were positive that came out yesterday. I thought in Saturday's press conferences were I'll just say it absolutely frightening and the president worse went on to engines. He can't stay on scrip. He devotes pity and self pity a that is a very bad luck for our committee. The chief and the time of a crisis. Also I vote for the life of me. I don't understand why he's not using all the powers that he's using to really coordinate.
A national response. I get to your coordinated masses. In world war, two he still holding back. He still deferring the governors, psyche wants to blame governors. If things go badly, no Harry Truman said the buck stops here and in a pandemic the buck doesn't stop with the governor. The buck stops with the white ass. This was a mistake. George W Bush made during Katrina. And those of us who were on the ground in Louisiana Mississippi now the federal government was, They are because you're waiting for the state to come in and save the day the state didn't have the resources or the leadership to do it in a pandemic. It starts at the top still looks like Donald Trump. Doesn't understand that so, but you you looked at it completely different than ideology. I didn't see much difference between yesterday's update in any of the others. In fact, I thought it was a lot worse
there is no national mobilization, there's no triggering of the National Defence Mobilization ACT, we still don't have tests don't know where we are. The entire country is flying blind flying completely blind. As to whether or not they ve had it have it or are going to get it. That's why we are right now still and the president. Ok, about his salary. Making snarking comments, Bout Mitt Romney. This is a man who does not have the mentality to lead us through this crisis. Let's dive right into the latest as to what we know with corona virus spreading state and local leaders pleading for help laid off work is in need of immediate relief, Washington providing little assurance weary Americans over the weekend. The president rejected calls yesterday to use words Powers to address shortages are faced MAX Van telling and other critical equipment. The Senate also failed to advance a sweet
stimulus bill aimed at boosting american workers and the faltering economy that Sent stop futures tumbling once again, Mitch Mcconnell tried to set in vote for nine forty five this morning, fifteen minutes after the opening bell, hoping tanking markets, would put pressure on Democrat but Chucks humor said no to that idea. The vote is now scheduled for noon. The work of the and it was also was also complicated after Senator Rand. Paul, yesterday morning that he has tested positive for com. Virus after reportedly having onto the Senate Jim early that morning and attending a g open ten at lunch Friday. Ok, so that lent let let's s question really quickly, because I think most Americans are asking this if you are tested for the Corona VI This news is lower, tested to see if you have a pandemic or not.
And why are awaiting the results of the test? You go to a Senate jam you Ports were from colleagues that he went swimming the Senate Swimming Pool and then, on Friday, again on Friday again sadly Annetta Senate lunch on Friday. That's it reckless as you get. It goes against every guideline that every public professional has given here ran. Paul has now put the entire United States Senate actually in in a Global position over all doing at Americans are being to do this everyone's trying to day six to eight feet apart, everyone is wiping everything down. Everyone is too. To stop the spread. Everyone is drawing their best and yet ran Paul. Thinks he can walk around and go to the gym and have lunch with people and amended
even tell them, he had been tested. Not a good example bull, but also we need our Senate. We need our Congress. We need Washington to function at from some level. Ran. Paul is now in quarantine. As our senators Mitt Romney and my key after her come in close contact with Paul who has the virus while, as the number of cases spiked over the weekend now at nearly thirty five thousand more states in cities are announcing. Variations of lockdown orders Louisiana joins the MAX with a state wide stay at home mandate to take effect at five p m, o hypos starts at midnight and Where is tomorrow at eight I am let's bring in wider, rapporteur for the Associated Press, JIVE Le Maire, Jonathan. I guess what The plans moving forward in this White House having these briefings are not heartening to
worried Americans about exactly when we're going to contain this thing have a handle on it we have enough supplies to deal with it. Every press briefing keeps putting off anything there announcing even warships. On the way? Most so let let's go down the list? Jonathan and let's start first of all, with some areas for instance, are concerned, I think most Americans concerns are making sure american citizens can get tests. Making sure that hospital providers, doctors and nurses can get the masks and gloves and the protective equipment that they made and that sick Americans, whose life very life depends on being on a ventilator, can get the ventilators we need, from yesterday's press conference in from the press conferences over the past several days. What can you tell us about progress on all three of those fronts and what
The president and the White House is doing to move that forward, so I shall start with the idea of the time as you said, the vice president suggests that the Americans we caught up the backlog of tests should be in much better position by middle of this week, which is life what they said, but that is apparently some progress, of course, will have to see if they follow through but it's a different story with a mass of ventilators. In fact the head of FEMA on several. The Sunday talk shows yesterday, pressed by Ankara is to win these hospitals. These men workers will receive the masts that they need and he couldn't give a straight answer he couldn't live. Now is the moment working from the stock power. The stockpile were asking the private sector. So so, so let me ask you this Jonathan and I think every American me to be able to go to a website its corona virus dot Gov, go to a website and get straight answers about how many asks hospitals have how many asks or in production.
And when they are going to be delivered to hospitals, because the real prostration here is bad will hear the same thing over and over again, I really dont need my pants. Giving me just general nations about how the american people are great there. I know the american people are great. We don't need that. We don't need to be told that the pandemic, need to be told in the pandemic that churches are Jesus he's got that right. We need to know about man We need to know about masks. We need to know about testing gloves. We need to know about ventilator, so I haven't gotten us. A straight answer and I'm looking for it on test on ventilators. I keep hearing the present talking as I keep hearing the present talking about people who make liquor, who are you I mean is that every day I mean I we get that people that own distilleries
to make enough hand sanitize or the last half a day at the United States awesome, but is there any place where, We can go. To see what the federal government is doing and who their coordinating with this the numbers of masks and protective gear. That are being made for our diet theirs and nurses and technicians who will save Americans lives over the next three weeks? Is there a place where we can do to get that number? the answer is no and its cross great frustration from those the front lines, the mayors and governors across the nation- yesterday, as soon as I said, the FEMA head couldn't say how many mass you're being shipped the present has been reluctant to fully invoke the defence production ACT yesterday. He said it was because We don't nationalize business here that I had states who suggested he pointed to system works there. We look want to, socialism works there. We don't want
that here, which of course is so because there is a political calculation to this he's repainting demo it's a socialist for months and plans to again when the general election heats up so that what's held him back to a degree, even though governors after governor have irish and to do so? We heard Governor Cuomo yesterday plead with President fully enacted GPA. We masts. We need ventilators across his partner mirror the republican governor of Texas did the same. Yes, it will get ventilators in a second, but I want to go back and ask why Donald Trump, why cushioned or body in this government. Can I'd give us straight talk straight number straight information about many mask production. What are they expect this states, the hospitals, but nurses and doctors to
over the next three weeks when baby two million Americans are going to be infected. Maybe it's five hundred thousand, we don't know they. Do you big because he's briefings frustrating, I know a lot of people are starting. A lot of journalists are now saying we need to just stop the briefings, that's really going to be very hard to do for a lot of different reasons, regardless of how how bad the president can be at times during Briefings. Americans are also getting information, but why can vase come forward and tell as this have you got an answer from the White House? Why can't they tell us? What can we get oversight and see how many mask for being made, how meekly you're being made? What they need is what the goal is where we are, how long it will take in the present, because all they say three times making mask we'll get some of them might again talking about
does a man that's a lot of masked, but is it five million masks that we're gonna probably need by the end of this crisis? Now it's not even close so the view and an answer as to why they continue to wallow in generalities instead of doing what any business would do instead of doing what any leader would do, and that is have the goal the number and production have the different points of contact who are making them asks what why aren't they doing anyway, What any leader would do there is straight answer. There are details the White House: there are still struggling to catch up to this up to the sky, severity of this crisis there playing country, and so let me ask you this. Let me ask you this and I'm dead, serious here? I think they are. I think there are struggling to catch up but I'm having to tell people every day who think
this present is intensely dragging its feet? using all the powers it. He can use that some areas still not taking this seriously enough. I he talks about giving Bruce lines that there are even based America because they want to dodge taxes he keeps talking about. In crews lines tax dollars. He keeps talking about That's just him! I ever yes, yes, his ease, unfit temperamental ie to be present. I get it, but the question is: is a try but the question is: is a trying his best? What do I tell people when they keep saying he still not taking it series and he still just not doing what is required to save
means of Americans. Jonathan would invoking the defence production ACT, increased, speed and focus on getting these products to the EU, it absolutely wood and governors mayors across the hearing or asking him to do so. There is a sin actions by some that he is not wanting to fully lean into this because he wants to be able to point the finger elsewhere. If the matter, if the efforts fail, if he doesn't fully enacted, he can t. We see him repeatedly shrubs shift the onus to the states to come up with these items that they need. We also know that part of what's happening this issue, Joe part of why there aren't the details partially. Why that he can't the It has no level with the american public. Isn't his advisors are times afraid to lever with him, for the president is looking through this still with a glass with rosy glass, still believing this will be over sooner than later, still dismissing some of the size and health experts and there's a succinct, sometimes in meetings, a corner, our reporting, when AIDS come to him and suggests like hey, this is dire. This is this: is it
we're trying to present to you a realistic sense of how long this can taken how bad it will get. He doesn't want to hear it here one who is whole life? History have asserted own sense of reality, he creates his. Truth that doesnt work in this patient and may work may have worked with page six. Some, the gossip pages it even more true degree during the campaign, is not going to work here What alarms so many people in Washington and across the nation and I ll just point to his tweet last night late last night. He tweeted. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself at the end of the fifteen day period make a decision as to which we will go, which lines up with a start. We're starting here around him is the belief that he feels that these draconian measures to restrict the economy may do more harm than good, even though that flies in the face of the health experts and he's gonna be looking to push return to a normal society. Far sooner than any health expert or doktor would want with me but see that won't work at loose
What work, because the virus doesn't care? What Donald Trump thinks a pandemic doesn't care, what a nation's gdps it- only cares about who we can in fact next I am it's. Time and time again over the past several months. In my way, I'll just say here, I'm shrink for him to get this right. I've got a lot of reasons. I've got a lot of family members who desperate I've got a lot of reasons. I've got a lot of family members who desperately need him to get this right, but after Being wrong so many times about this virus being wrong about the testing being wrong about the productive gear. Lids names that he still. Is not leaning all the weight into this and act. The love saying he's a wartime present here he's. Acting like this is just another day. I went what can you
You have any idea. Why he's not using the full powers of this presidency? Now I mean I think he has this way. Romantic notion that he can exhorts the private sector. Do they somehow in an ad hoc uncovered mated way. I think there is fusion within the White House about who is it, charge. Jared Kirshner is apparently ripped up the regional pandemic clan and his handed it to FEMA, but see my has absolutely no experience in ordering and securing the flow of medical equipment and medical supplies and the governance, as as you ve been hearing from Jonathan the governors of the inner early I'll get situation, whether essentially scrambling on the open market to get
share, a very scarce sources of supply. So I don't know I don't I don't have any special insight into why price then Trump thinks this is a good way of ramping up production quickly, because it's not working production really isn't being rammed quickly at miss. This applies This applies to test cases, while still your hearing very credible, I gotta go stories from all ever America, people who were either. Countries be getting tests. Down forgetting TAT S, and I dont know why price than Trump doesnt realize that it still very bad. Some people learn the hard way in the new HBO film, bad Education Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni, star as Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie
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MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America in our latest episode. We go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell Off when people listen to music there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress? You know the that the South Koreans, the South Koreans at the same time, we know Steve Ratner that they had a pandemic coming
This is the same this day. They had their first case and we had our first case within a week. They had a test that was in what like January. I think here we are at the end. Marge and we're still so far behind on testing and Stephen, I why I understand we need primarily so we can find out who SEC who's. Not Second needs to be isolated, who doesn't need to be isolated, but there's another part of this You need to know whether you have grown a virus. Museum percent of Americans are going to go through that. Without a lot of serious conditions and when their through that they're going to be healthy and immune from the virus in the future, so they can go on with their lives. They can go back to work. They can relieve those who are our are trying to keep businesses afloat.
They can restart reviving this economy again, but they can't do that if they don't take the test and they don't know, I saw a pagan thence tweet last night that she's taken a test and had symptoms for weeks and still does it now, whether whether she has a crown of Irish or not it's it's. It's really just remarkable. How and out do you know States of America still is compared to South Korea and other countries look you ve been talking about. We all know that the administration has been way behind the cur from the very beginning, and that does start at the top with them. Tromp in the sense that you went through this period of centralized denying it existed saying it was just a few cases saying it was going to go away by spring time and never They doing anything about it,
he's trying to do something about it, but he is not really a managers. We ve talked about many times on the show he was a real estate entrepreneur and trying to organise all of this and figure out how to lead it. Who's gonna do what has really been b. He's still sat in closer, we get eager. Does these briefings and they and and all these false hopes about drugs and about one it's gonna go away, and so on that are just unrealistic. Instead of focusing his time, because he wants you turn around and blame the damn brand. The Democrats, the socialist sings, exactly the at that threatening our country overhaul the damn brand. The Democrats, the socialist sings, exactly right and that's threatening our country over politics of all things. You know, John meet some Johns where this John, the press Keep saying that he's a wartime president, but he's
actually using wartime measures to protect Americans and, while we're talking about war in O one of the most prestige groups that have put out a study on the virus and what its impact. Maybe an Americans said that if we don't do this right, of the two million Americans could die, and we see these numbers doubling every day we wake up, we see them. Doubling you can look at the chart were actually moving ahead of ITALY, Very soon, on the number of cases we are going to be the most infected country on the planet. Because of for leadership and John it's interesting. So I unbelievably sobering that Two million number is also about. The number of Americans who died in every war
we have ever fight as a country since seventeen, seventy six ass. This is war. In fact, the death toll could be worse than easily be worse than any war we have ever find, including this civil war, whereas thousand Americans died unless we get this right, I can't we're still having trouble not getting this right. This is pure science. This is Madison. These are facts. A pandemic doesn't give a damn about the art of the deal. Could you know what a pandemic doesn't negotiate, it just kills until people separate and its killed. One of the tragedies where the many many tragedies is unfolding is criticized. The president, for
percent or more of the country sounds, is, though, we're all engaging in predictable, partisan paintball about something this is a serious as it gets fifty are said on this inaugural, the line we all remember is the only thing we have to fear spear itself, which is the ennobling sort needle in parallel line, the line that got the biggest that day. And Missus Roosevelt Road than she was chilled by this fact was when he said I might require war time like executive powers to govern as if we had been invaded by a foreign foe, the crowd roared because we're hungry for that kind of leadership. At a moment, when a quarter the population was out of work. There is a Saint Louis, FED official, who said ass night or over the weekend that we're probably looking at we may be looking at thirty percent unemployment
this year is out. So that is worse than March. Nineteen. Thirty three yeah, I'm I'm willing to grant and a lot of folks of not in the past. They dislike it when war time President's our friend Michael loss of mortals book about wartime leadership, and President's often overreach, but it take the best part of that. Take the clarity of war. Take the capacity cultural capacity of Americans to agree to the prince. Action of resources, the investment of what Churchill called blood, toil tears and sweat. Take that metaphor, but follow it through dont, declare war and then say, is up to Andrew Cuomo. Amid a lot of us were taken drew Cuomo now easily I'm not be I'm not saying it's more. Look here for once My sense is that you can just All this is greek tragedy. Rhyme
there isn't there's an inevitable result here, we know we're going to get to a national locked We know that what the experts are saying requires this stronger shore term pain to prevent law term genuine chaos, both in terms of health but poles on the economy in Far as there is an economy, it's gonna be shut if it's every, if we privileges now its harder and harder to started back up. You need clarity of mind. Calmness of purpose and a capacity the honest and admit when you ve been wrong. And I submit to you whether those three characteristics are present right now, the oval office we knew preventing you know. The thing is. The present the United States.
And those around him were told two weeks ago, two weeks ago, think about this. Mr President, you have to lock this country down if you do not like this country. Down, Americans will die and the economy will be ravaged. Here we are too ex later still sleep? Well, going through history still doing a half measures still on a national lockdown. This weekend in Florida, people were still on beaches this weekend in Florida. People were still gathered and say bars jammed together on boats in Florida college students tested positive for the corona virus, who had been
Spring Break Miami Harold Editorial Board, corona viruses killing us in Florida, governor De Santas. Please act like you give a damn. People in Florida are begging for leadership from governor from the mayor. Some of them are doing it and from the president that that's just the same wrong. The saddest proves that you can't trust fifty governors to do this right. I want to say this proves that he's been more concerned about allowing thousands of spring breakers, they keep partying on, because business interests are pressuring him to let spring breakers Party on Benny on doing what's best for their health and the well being of senior citizens all across Florida. I've talked to doctors and scientists to have said this is the worst case scenario, where you have a lot of young people that may have the corona
iris that maybe a asymptomatic that are going to come in touch. A lot of senior citizens in the oldest stayed in America and their night. Doing rather sad as is not doing what he needed two weeks ago to protect flaw the seniors, Why did he not shut down Florida? He kept spring break open we're starting to see Louisiana. The effects of Morty grow. The effect these mass gatherings, they Louisiana is being hit hard by people who demography and then, this virus All this is happening because again we're not even a halfway in one badly this virus people are still applying. They can take thirty pieces of silver here and thirty pieces of silver there, an hoarded before them and really heads and the IMF
of course, as the economy gets ravaged state for more I've said it for weeks now. Mr President, say it again. This is not an economic crisis. This is a health care costs says if you will do everything that's required to take care of their health care crisis than the economic crisis will go away, but these half measures are going to keep. This economic crisis going on through the summer and into the fall. If you don't act decisively This is not going to be over in fifteen days or fourteen days you can put a number on it. You need to lock the country down, you need it. Everybody testing you. To be on war footing. You need to do everything that you can do right now to be on war footing. Sign that a fair
Don't sign use regular the production act for testing first, but then for medical supplies and predictive gear and ventilators. Isn't working twenty four hours a day. These factories should be work twenty four hours a day, just like Roosevelt, What are late? Forty one and forty two cat american industry working twenty four hours a day to produce bombers to produce weapons to produce thanks, we beat the Nazis and we need the japanese because what I d are dead and yes, half a million Americans died and that law for your war two million Americans could die in this war in the next six months. If you don't do this endless on top of that, you have the Senate that can't come to it
what that's going to do for markets in America. Nine, when, when the markets open up my god, I'm I'm fearful that it is going to be more bloodletting on Wall Street today. What's happening in that way that bill the ballots kind have still born. This clearly and gap at the moment between the democratic sided, mention of colonel alone deepening in this five hundred billion dollars in corporate bailout funds, with very very few conditions attached ignore my discretion for the Treasury to select companies with very, very weak strings attached to them for bailout, whilst at the same time having pretty weak, protect since for workers losing their jobs, are being filed, he's getting,
thing with his unpalatable denouncing fallacy. Iran has unpalatable to Jacques Chirac, so we, where I am Looking at another day of my guess, a game of chicken We must work on all the democratic leaders. It is it's a bell sales tomorrow since from two thousand and eight. The idea that you can get credit companies and cruise liners and hotel groups, some of which- and by the first time you have America receiving funds, discretionary funds, with minimal oversight is, I think, a sort of spectacular misreading of water Public reaction to this would be a better like those needs, a lot of aid going out to states to governors to matters as well as the direct checks to re Americans, it needs enormous resources going into the medical sector first and foremost, to fighting as well
is by building up capacity and hospitals and amongst medical professionals across country. Doesn't really do that. The eight produces a bit number one point: eight trillion dollars, but too much of the breakdown of that number is sport like specialities railway industries that are necessary at the front line. So I can understand why this has been voted down by Democrats, but something new is not in its place and the markets together, the fact it cumbersome still focusing on the crews lines the fact that there are still focusing on private jet companies the we think there still focusing on this five hundred billion dollar slush fund only Mitch Mcconnell multinational corporations, the this crisis that it made sense. They give the large Multinational corporations that already.
Spend all their money with the Trump tax cut on stock by backs Mitch. Mcconnell would think that a five hundred billion dollar corporate slush fund was worth holding up Help two working Americans in Kentucky and across the country- it's it's inexplicably, I think make it makes sense to get Nancy Policy, Stephen urgent together. They have worked through some things in the past. I think that's what the press It is going to have to insist on because right now Mitch Mcconnell is not. Making this seriously, he still thinking that the american people are going to turn over at five hundred billion dollars, I half a trillion dollars to is administration so vacant. South Slush fund money to their key supporters, smack into But are we got many more markets are going to crash if Mitch Mcconnell
doesn't figure that out very lowering vat as well. Still I had a morning Joe. This is how we can beat the corona virus to leading doctors. Explain the U S can still avoid the worst outcomes of the outbreak, but only if we act now plus president of the American Medical Association, who had a simple word to describe the vast shortages of protective gear for medical professionals on the front kinds of treating corona virus unacceptable and Florida congressman Debbie Marcel POW Powell on her pushed to get all the beaches and her state club, this, and we can also get back to Steve. Ran, are talking about the markets today overnight. The markets crashed Ask him what all these things were talking about, including the Senate bill. What impact there? we too have on your retirement, finds later
and they shall I'll be right back, hey guys, Willie guys here. This week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free. Wherever you download yours, So before way to break, we were talking about Miss Mc Connell's, bizarre five huh billion dollar slush fund for multinational corporations, You see, that's not going to pass the United States Senate. Why way, the time they they didn't get the majority for that, and it is certainly the idea a five hundred billion dollars slush fund to give to private jet companies at five hundred billion dollar slush finder gift. A cruise lines that avoid a mare can taxes by setting there there there there
this headquarters, offshore, giving five hundred billion dollars. This slush fund take to give Donald Trumps, hotels, it. It's not gonna pay since so it's working class Americans, who are going to be suffering Steve Ratner, I fear when the stock market opens up going to be all Americans with for a one case with retirement plans that are going to take a rather hard hit, because this Five hundred billion dollars slush fund for multinational corporations, has killed this Senate bill and will now actually are with markets to collapse? Even more talk about what they we? Looking at our sons are with the bill and also your concern. About the markets today. What are we looking at Let me start with the bill because the bill is central to the markets and the markets are going to react very heavily, if not exclusively, based on other developments around what happens with this bill and
go back a little bit in history Joe and talk about two thousand and eight, because what happened in two thousand and eight, as you may remember, is the bushes Bush administration in September, two thousand and eight came up with a bill a little bit, this that would have provided a seven hundred billion dollar fund to be used. The Treasury to save bang settled. Maybe it was used several companies, the house voted it down the markets collapse. Six or seven days later, hang Paulson famously went up on its needed Nancy Plus. You said we need this and she agreed the past. What became the tart bill, Chris. Everything about it was perfect, but the tar bill was would save the economy. So I don't like that, Like many elements of this bill, I don't like the special treatment for airlines and for other industries that have gotten Mitch Mcdonald's ear likes but the fact that they are actually reopening a loophole or to that was closed in the two thousand and seventeen tax bill on alike. There's a lot. I don't like about this, but it's not practical for the car.
We need AIDS business as well as the people if we don't save these but he's not gonna, be any jobs and many these companies are so we're going to run out of money, and so we to come up with a mechanism to do that. Cairo. Obviously can't sit there and decide longer to learn this much to this guy that much that guy it does have to delegate this authority. Problem, you're having and wash at the moment. I've talked a lot of people in watching over the weekend. The problem I'm a martian moment is there's no trust. The Democrats, as you said, This is a slush fund. They don't trust the administration to implemented or executed the alternative no alternative, because, as I said, Congress can't sit there and allocate owns one by one to every medium sized business around the country that needs it, and so that the latter trust. This exists on the hill for the last several years since from railway and even in late, Obama has essentially brought us to a place where are deadlocked, and based on that,
It's gonna roll over the futures were down limit cut by members, this is hard to compare. George W motion and Barack Obama, because a fact we're working on this together, because this happened at the end of George W Bush is term at the beginning, Barack Obama's term, he can't compare them Us Donald Trump and Stephen. An ocean because nobody's going for us, Donald Trump and Stephen Urchin their past, money out based on aid. Donald Trump has made it very clear over the past three and a half years, he rewards his political friends polishes is political. Me so again. He keeps talking about crews lines. He's going, bailout. Crews lines did even american companies that take american dollars, but then go off shore, so they don't have to pay american taxes me there there is, sometimes there's
trust because of a toxic political culture, sometimes There's no trust because the parties that are asking for trust have shown over burdened by their past conduct. They are not worthy of trust and government, and I didn't People in Washington would suggest that tunnel Robin Steve. Malirchen are worthy of trust can be handed a fight hundred billion dollar check and say you guys go do what do you think is best for America that doesn't end well for anybody We grew the job, but the american people are looking to Washington to solve this problem, and if we failed us, This problem, because you ve got these two sides. There don't agree- and I Magruder, I don't trust, Donald Trump and Stephen Merchant, either given their performance, we're going to drain the swamp except they felt swamp. So we we need to look for. Creative solutions is talk about having a special master independent person. Look over. Let's talk about delegating this authority to the Federal Reserve, but we gotta go
but the solution there's got to be in addition to helping ordinary Americans Disney, states. In addition to providing money hospitals, all the things you were talking about. If we don't find a way to provide the millions of american businesses, what's happened in the stock market, far what's happening. The economy so far would be nothing compared to what would happen What's this money, this five hundred billion dollars could be transferred to the first for its discretion or have done. You can have Donald Trump. Or an Nancy Pelosi Select Especial Master and those two people maker, would be the ones who would make the decision on who was maybe getting the money. I mean we ve done it before in other areas we can with this too, but this is a non starter. Having Stephen Newton have all the power an authority over half the trillion dollars.
It's never going to pass? We have a new peace in the Atlantic magazine, which explains how we can beat the corona virus joining us. Now we have the two co authors, professor of pediatrics, at Indiana University, school of medicine and irregular contributor to the New York Times, Doktor, Aaron Carroll and Director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. Doctor a sheet joy. He as a practising physician and also professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, also with morning Joe chief medical correspondent, doktor days, doktor girl, how do we beat the grow virus? We have to do two things and the shore we have to really engage and strong mitigation. That's the slowing down the number of cases that are showing up fast and we do that by a lot of the time, The body done social distancing, staying in the house thing away from each other. Creating a lot of the equipment that we're gonna need to handle the massive surge of sick people, but that's the short game
the long games gotta be suppression. We gotta squash this thing and we do that by testing lots people think now who's this those who are well they might be living. Whilst we have to think about that at least in really give up for the following. This could get really really bad. The suppression involves testing. We don't have it so right now, you're you're, talking about something that we can't do now little, after I mean we know that we have to, and so we have to stop saying things like this happen soon or its right around the clock: or you know we're gonna haven't any second out. We have to start really doing it their countries have its clearly possible. He have the resources and the money. We really do to get our act together and start doing it protesting is only part of it
messerli the most important part right now. What we really need to be doing right now is making the equipment and resources that we need to protect our healthcare workers and get them what they need to care for the people who are going to get sick, cuz they're going to get sick. It's come So make it this is like in December AIDS, nineteen, forty one when everybody woke up and said we need bombers right every week. We we can't just say what what's going to happen. It's going to happen testing remains the most critical thing for our long term health, and we still aren't doing it right. I hope this week maker, the president, the president tell us how we Ford, untasted doctors. How do we actually get amass mobilization of supplies? Is it the president actually using the defence production act so good morning? Guys look? First of all on testing we tested about forty thousand people. Yes, that's progress, so good news is. We're not abysmal, now we're just inadequate.
So that's progress. We testing three to four times as many people is that right, so we still have a long way to go. We have hospitals now filling up doctors and nurses taking care of people without adequate supplies. That is a Travis because when those guys get sick, when the doctors and nurses get sick, no these out of the hospital to take care of you when you gets so we ve gotta sad right away. Every city, in states trying to figure out how to do this on their own. We need the president out and use the dpa or whatever powers he's got to say this is priority already number one. We have the real forces the ingenuity we're going to take this on. I haven't heard that I've mostly heard hey, we go it is common, don't worry, I'm worried, we don't have it. We gotta get it.
Kay for Doktor, Caroline job? If you can prepare what this looks like in a week or two from now? If we don't get it together? Meanwhile, Doktor Dave Campbell ran Paul, tested, positive. Couple of concerns about that story, of course, were concerned about his health, but what Their issues has his case, raised Paul is a senator and physician anymore. Cons right now are looking to leaders to follow their example, so it must be clear that Senator Paul needed the test because he had done and it was positive, but he was a symptomatic, so he is proven in one single person the importance of testing people who are asymptomatic, who are having reason to believe they were exposed to the virus. Only Nepal knows how intimate his
osier was that caused him to test positive. It must have been intimate because these positive The part it is exceedingly hard for me to comprehend and even accept is it won T. Knew he was likely to be needing a test and got it. Then he went out and exposed to others. He went to a lot. She went to a gem. He went to a pool as it physician that part. It doesn't make sense to me at all and dared not practising worked. The president, even his preaching Dave Campbell one more for you. Will the New York and California being hit hard New York's of hospital is already overrun. What is the next hotspot for the corona virus? Leave it's going to be Florida, or at least likely to be Florida. We have all the spring breakers that have come down here overrun our beaches overrun our sandbars. They have now lock that down, but we
the senior citizens, the older people that are sick, that are ill, that the nursing homes that's perfect storm with spring breakers and old people. I can't think of a worse nation. My guess is this week will see Lord and number spike, particularly deaths and older people doctor. This is in this underlines. The bigger problem ran Paul and them eggs that were made by Florida, Governor Rhonda Satis, allowing spring breakers to continue on spring break. Why guess forty? Fifty per cent of people under eighteen or a symptomatic This is based on an article I read, We can correct me if I'm wrong, so you can, if you cat test people who came in contact with somebody current virus, but aren't showing symptoms. Then we really are just flying blind reigned at the sight of a mountain, aren't way we're still flying blind,
and is really hard to find, a battle like the corona virus? Until we have clear site on how bad the cases are, many people are infected where there are infected, they are in fact dang. None of that is doable until we get Bro, testing, which is why, right now and last week, when I was on morning Joe, I said we need, ash and pause. We gotta get our arms around this thing. Once we have arms are on this thing. We can mix our decisions about. Can we left places, relax a little bit. What kind of things can we do? We can't make it Those decisions, unless you have data and testing is what gives us data all right then giants the mayor. I mean at this point what these two doctors Carolyn jar talking about is what we can do to stave this off. The images of what this Look like a week or two from now from what I've heard from different doctors that we ve been talking to and scientists could be really bad. That's right!
and the mayor, Blasio was on meat. The press yesterday saying that New York City was about a week. Two away from running out of equipment and therefore devastating effects so Doktor Carr. Let me ask you that let's talk a little worst case scenario for a moment your nearest is there merge sort of his the hot spot for this. The cases I believe went from like three hundred to nine thousand and the span of a week. What do we look here. It shows. How do you expect the numbers to spread in New York and how dark could it be, if No government doesn't step up with any the equipment. So far, We recognise that, even with good protection, a lotta infections were seen worthy baked into the cake they happen. Last week before people started distancing, and so the numbers of people continued on the pathway they they've been, which is a doubling about every three days. That's horrific, but it's gonna continue probably for a little while, even if we do a good job with this, the consequences for physicians and healthcare workers and hospitals are incredibly dire because their running out of equipment that they need to protect themselves, which means
as they get sick. It's gonna be harder, provide care for Americans clusters and only so many broadband leaders and ran beds that are available. We need to start ramping up. There is not yet the real commitment actual numbers and dates of delivery that we need to be seeing so that places like You are no they're gonna be prepared. It's important to stay. Again. This is just a short. I'm game. We ve got the fall, all to worry about in the long term game all those numbers of millions coming, that's still to come. It is still a good doctor, Aaron Campbell. Thank you for being where this doctrine Dave. Thank you, as always in Doktor John. You can see with its just one minute. I have a quick question for you at the top of the hour, I too very much our thanks to Doktor Aaron Carolus well, coming up, president Tromp has had to deal with several current crises in his business career and his personal life now trying to use his familiar strategy of bluster and bravado to combat global pen,
I'm at the New York Times. Peter Baker joins us next, with his latest reporting plus Michigan horsewoman Hayley Stevens on how to mobile. Public health crisis morning. Job will be right, back hey it's sprightly need in this public health crisis morning, Joe we'll be right, back pay its critias this week in my pocket. Wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Coral Burg strong, but what we do indeed know about the corona virus, once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago that switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book, they cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it.
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe.
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