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Officials at the World Health Organization have now said America could become the epicenter of the pandemic in the near future. Joe Scarborough explains why the president needs to act now.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America. The highly antics Peter Drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies. Women's rights movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands. Stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut. Sarah Paulson loser, Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu, dot, com, for we are doing very well with, I think, almost all of the governance. For the most part. It really has become something it's it's weird. Dealing almost every day was speaking to each other, whether its conference called usually we have fifty governors of the call at the same time now, We're doing very well, but you know it's a two way street. They have
We thus, while also they can say, oh gee- we should get this. We should get that present tromp on his relationship with a nation's governors, many of whom are pleading for help, and are you going to do so? You write off the top there that you win the press. The United States is saying that Governor Club, I shouldn't be asked, and I'm sure Republicans Democrats alike, especially that are watch. The and understand the humanitarian crisis. Unparalleled health crisis coming to New York City when they here the governor of that state begging, help for the residents. This is a war and again more people. Could die from this sit and died, and everywhere combined. According to a study, the White House was at least Are we concerned about last week and this is like a general under fire knowing The enemy is approaching
all sides and beg for help for the sake of american people. For the sake of seniors and the president's again- and in that moment seemed dismissive, almost continuous. That in mica make no mistake, We're gonna show some charts from Johns Hopkins and financial times. It show decreased is coming to. Amerika is going it's going to be. An unprecedented healthcare crisis and similar much worse and China? it's worse in ITALY. Much worse Spain much worse in France, you're going to beat the at the centre of this, and I hope you're in when going around saying it. Nothing to this because let me show you this is data. These are facts This is like a hurricane that's coming on shore and then hurricane keeps getting close
in closer and closer and closer and beat a floor I am very aware of people who, the warnings and ended up dad. You see her came Katrina, remember those school buses and Hurricane Katrina that were in the parking lot or people could have been. Vacuum native map towards and why did they evacuate there? although school buses, Republicans we're saying there's especially well that school buses are still in the parking lot. You, Madam president, who has been saying a hurricane wasn't coming hurricanes, not coming the press, scaring you about the hurricane coming! It's all a hoax had all this People are media, saying it was just a hope. Friends. Let me tell you something negotiate with a hurricane from Florida. I know that you cannot negotiate with a pandemic and while India and Great Britain, And the rest of the world see this hurricane coming and their shut
down, locking it down, and you know their locking it down because they so what happened in ITALY, politicians mocking This coming storm and now they're sing. People on the floor hallways of heart, petals gasping for breath, as they lie there dying alone and that's from ITALY to Spain. And friends is as much as I hate to say this. It's coming to the United States. The hurricane is coming in conference yesterday, where the present was talking about we're gonna have everything lifted by Easter. Now I mean I'm glad when the market slighted Clyde, the markets went up That's really great fear for. One case straight for the companies fantastic That's not gonna happen. It's not gonna be lifted by
but it's not now can be lifted by Easter, because We're going to be looking at scenes out of New York City hospitals, health care of this, tell me that are good, owing to look is horrid. Is what happened in ITALY. I talked to healthcare officials that, and state wide health systems outside of New York. And they all agree in New York is going to look like ITALY if this prize, doesn't recognise there. Storm off shore the recognised like India's leaders and Great Britain's leaders in the rest of the world's leaders that stuff it's coming. It's not a hoax. Its one person from China, like you said at the beginning of this crisis, is not fifteen people who have it and pretty soon that number is gonna, be down to zero. Show that lines it show we're. So
to be the most infected country on the planet. Because it's not infecting you now just causes impacting your neighborhood. Now what you did three weeks ago, it's going to tat. You do what you are doing today is going to impact. And your family and your community and your city three weeks from now so the storm is coming. Mr President, please, for the sake of senior citizens from Florida, the Arizona across Amerika in new What city for this second people struggling even now in New York City are doctors Nurses, on the front lines, miss president, please recognise Storm is coming and stop telling people gonna go out on their cell boats on with a cat forty five hurricane, warning on shore
As one say March, twenty fifth and with us we have Whitehouse Rapporteur for the Associated Press. Jonathan Le Maire hosted MSNBC politics, nation and president of the National Action network Reverend down. Opting NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent and host to have Casey DC on MSNBC on Sunday Night Casey, Hunt and historian author of so the soul of Amerika and Rogers, professor of the presidency, at Vanderbilt University, John Mitchum, he's We see news and MSNBC contributor, so leaders and the White House announced a massive deal early this morning. Trillion dollar piece of legislation aimed at helping rescue. The three following: U S, economy from the corona virus, we're gonna dig into that what it does for Americans in desperate need of help and his job mentioned. President Trump
continuous has pushed open the country back up for business now, putting an Easter Sunday target date for his hopes of an now make resurrection that, despite I or warnings from health officials on how dangerous that two and a half Ec schedule would be, and now we're getting New York City, daddy four timeframe for people in New York State, which is now surpass twenty six thousand as corona virus cases in the state devil every three days the state on this half of the nation wide infection numbers and as the death rate fair, can news to climb Governor Andrew warned yesterday that the fight to flattened the curve is far from over, we haven't tried curve and the love is actually increasing. The apex is higher than we thought and the apex is sooner than we thought that is
combination of facts. New York is the canary in the coal mine, knew you is going first, we have the highest and the fastest rate of infection, happens to New York. Is wind up happening to California, Washington State in Illinois. It's just a matter of time. We are just a test case, and that's how the nation should look at it, look at today we are we are today You will be in three weeks or for weeks or five weeks or six weeks, we are your future During a convention centre turned field hospital in New York City, Governor Cuomo criticized He sees as a lack lustre federal response to that increasingly dire situation and said that the peak of infection is still too three weeks away
scenario our paces officials original projections and threatens to up- and they already trained healthcare system with as many as one forty thousand income. In cases right now only about fifty three thousand hospital beds are available and As we talked about at the top of the show, New York City officials are already feeling the effects of the crush of patients. The New York Times reports that women give. Birth at leading New York City hospitals networks are being told they must be in labour without spouses partners or do less by their side as they institute one of the most restrictive visit our policies in that country for women giving birth in the wrong stocks Lincoln. Medical and mental Health centre say they already only a few remaining ventilators for patients who need them to breathe in Brooklyn doctors. It kings County Hospital centre.
They are so low and supplies at their reusing masks for up to a weak slithering. There with hand sanitize or between shifts. One emergency room. Doktor told the paper quote. The most striking part is the speed with which it has wrapped up. It went from small trickle of patients to a deluge of patients and our departments and urgency worm nurse at the hospital and at a hospital in the Bronx, said that staff member her facility, like many in the city had been told to use their masks and other protective equipment. New York signals are already struggling to treat the surge of new patients while somehow trying to figure out how to keep their staff from getting ill with the corona virus and now White House health experts are calling on those who have passed city to self foreign teams are worrying. Or working days, to help stop the rapid spread of the disease.
Everybody who was in New York should be self quarantining for the next fourteen days to ensure that the virus doesn't spread to others. No matter are they have gone, whether its Florida, North Carolina or out too far our reaches of long island. What we are seeing now is that understood Doubly people want to get out of New York. My dear. If you look at the statistics, its disturbing about One per thousand of these individuals are infected. That's about eight to ten times more than in other areas, which means They go to another place for own safety, they ve gotta be careful much of themselves if they get sick, bring it to the attention of a physician, get tested. John meets, and let's try to sort through what we heard yesterday from the president, the conflicting messages that we ve been hearing the present says: he's a wartime president we heard from real
the most esteemed healthcare providers on the planet, but up to two point: two million Americans could die as we discuss repeatedly here, that, to put that in perspective, Americans watching those are more Americans killed by this pandemic that have been killed and every war since seventeen, seventy six and seventy want to continue this analogy. The present keeps talking about getting troops home from Afghanistan, more people have died in the past three weeks from this pandemic then died in Afghanistan. U S troops have died in Afghanistan over the past eight years. Let me say that one more time more people have died in the United States in the past three weeks from this pandemic then die. In the past, eight years in the
Afghanistan, war? U S troops, and yet John this president and some of his advisors are making their calculation, people are why did I economy is more important work. To ignore our healthcare officials and open things up knowing that? Well this, market, is more important than senior citizens in their mind. How do we put this? How do we even begin to put this perspective John, but I think we go back Margaret Mitchell, which she will appreciate. Remember the seed and gone with the wind, we're all confederates or at the barbecue and they're gonna go whip, the Yankees and two weeks and then be back and finish the party, and that was the beginning of four long years of what Lincoln the fiery trial in theirs, Disconnect between them. We support surprise what the
saying what he wants to do, and it's a sign yet again of a disconnect from from reality. This is Fortunately we have people in the administration. We should have people in the Congress who need to the case that you're making, because otherwise, you looking at an actor. Local number of deaths and infections, and far worse economic damage, down the road, a phrase from Saint Paul that we have to be patient and tribulation. This is the great task President Kennedy use that in his inaugural address talking about the cold war, we have to be paid in this tribulation, and if you as if you wanted Franklin, Roosevelt If you wanted Franklin Roosevelt to bring every body home by Washington's birthday after Pearl Harbor, almost literally that's what that means. It is, and that was that was the day-
nineteen, forty, two the hour said the news is gonna get worse and worse before it gets better and better and their merit people deserve to have it straight from the shoulder equality, Spain saying tyranny like hell is not easily conquered, and that's what's true here and nice pertaining. This is easy I'm not trying to score some kind of political points against the president. But John in New York. What you're saying in Washington State we seem to be saying in California: What you're saying in New York, what you're saying in Washington State we seem to be saying in california- is we're gonna Cuomo said is not some isolated, cakes, it's in the site, and tells us. This is gonna, be everybody's reality soon, and so why Can't we learn from that, and that should be what we're doing less learn from it and the pay now and move forward. Why spread the painter? and worse in it that defies lodge at one. This is
defies logic. It also is stored, merrily reckless with lives, especially seniors. Listen, there's nothing partisan about wanting to save the lives and and ease the suffering of milk. Of Americans. If, if that can be done, I want you damn do we have to have the charge of the? U S: infections, from Johns Hopkins University and, and it was in the financial times it shows that Jonathan were mere that our rates are skyrocketing. They're going straight. I want you to look at those lines at home and I will see country by country how the trajectories come Are you will see that the United States is at the top of that? The top of the list? within two days it's going to double meaning.
To a hundred thousand. That will mean that even early on in this crisis, with our top is two weeks ahead. We have more factions in ITALY will more infections in China. Will more infections in Spain to unite States continues to skyrocket, up and We haven't even got to the worst part of this crisis, the presence talking about bring to an end and we get well he's gotta shut the elephant, South Korea, s case May Jonathan. But if you put that back up, you seek South Korea. So why are they play two countries, that's had large outbreaks that was able to flattened the carbon. They did things that we could have done Which leads to a conversation about a void of experts in the White House, leading to a clock collapse and our ability to respond, but they took measures from the Gatt GO, acting quickly from the start: widespread fighting contact racing along with critical support from citizens from
ding citizens constantly forum messages and broadcasts to wear, masks and take part messrs they had mass to give those shored up for a second. I do it, because I want everybody to look at South Korea. You will notice that this korean line, while flattened united Korea, while the United States, where skyrocketing fastest infections in the world, you ll notice that closer to the the doubling every two days instead, even ITALY's on the other side of their infections, doubling three days, South Korea and wages. Lately flat lined now South Korea. And the United States both had their first reported in fact, and, on the same day, South real leader got together. Reuters article explains in the Bay of a train station and said
a crisis is coming, a storm is coming kids testing ready. This is only way will be able to stop the spread within a week. This within a test ready to go within a month. Three. The present the United States at the same time would saying that there is only one person from China but there was only one person from China. It was no problem. It was going wired all of his experts who fired all of his experts who fired the pandemic panel. A week later, a week later. The present was saying. We only have fifteen cases but it will soon be down to zero, while the president, telling you that truth, not a crisis. South Koreans were busily working ventilators, getting masks, get, has gloves and getting testing, and others have said here for the past two weeks.
Will judge the President what he did in the fall. Lotta people They like what the present soon right now- that's democracy, fantastic so, Will judge the President by what he does in the far right now going back? focusing on that It is not really helpful. That's why we're in a limited way, but Jonathan woman when he has that track record, and here put us in this position were now again too wait, two million Americans will die if we don't a work aggressively on this. According to the top health effects, it's in the world, the top scientists in the world, the top doctors in the world, and you have a as it. Now
trying to rush Americans back, won't locked down. The country like even India is doing even in ITALY, has done Spain has done even Boris. Johnson and Great Britain has done you You just sit here, any wonder what what's went through the president's mind right now. Some people learn the hard way in the new be: oh film, bad education, Academy, Award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni star. Long, island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie all Hugh Huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni, their schools national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and frank
prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of Green Utilizing abiding, humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast Klute, Re Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan, film premier, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges. Mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America? In our latest episode? We go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts. Arkell off when people listen to music, there
feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits, We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. I ask you that Jonathan you report on him with the stakes so high that more Americans could die then every worse in seventeen seventy six. It's not me. Robert Mauler saying that it's not Nancy What's he saying that, scientists to a republican scientists who are democrats. Scientists who are independent scientists who don't really give a damn about. Politics are saying that
and the White House hissing that studies you now they saw at last weekend and our two weakens you gonna scared, the hell out of them, I know cause, they told me scared, the hell out of them for Jonathan how do they go from that Internal how horrible there's gonna be last weekend to now have the present say this weekend and again yesterday, we're going to be open for this right is the storm crashes on shore urge. The United States cases that you pointed out is disturbing, and only growing moment, first about about city also hear university. Announced yesterday that medical students for theoretical students who are on track to graduate in a few months congrats now, if they have the credits working, they insurers and hospitals. Right now, new city is going to need that and see, of course, is the home of the show, New York city is going to need that near see. Of course,
the home of the show, and so many people who work here and appear on it. New York's, been through a lot of dark days. One September tool twenty years nearly twenty years ago, a particular miracle get through this by this is going to be hard and that's the one Governor Connally. Austria is that we have some very dark days ahead in the next couple weeks. And what was a plaintive cry to the White House for help one has largely followed, our fears, the White House did say: there's yesterday after Como appeared than other four thousand ventilators from the federal stockpile will come to New York State but much more is needed, and you saw that clip. You played the very top of the show how this works the president needs to flattered his aids have worn governors that they need to do that, but they need to play nice with him, they need to there's no suggestion yet have been united, that the government has deliberately withheld equipment from the states
fear among the states that they might so you're, seeing governors like former Newsome, who are usually rather Mystic to this White House, trying to flatter the president in television appearances to try you him along to try to press him into fully mobilizing and using the defence project, which this point has not happened. We talk yesterday job the president. Is impatient. He's angry he's willing to break with his health, we saw some subtle push back yesterday from Doktor ouch and others from the White House Polio, suggesting that that extra time was on realistic. It's probably going more than subtle pushed back to change the president. Now, of course the countries we go back to business entirely in a few weeks. It's gonna, be it looks like they ve current plan is obese and isolation. The hot spots, the New York's to carefully the Washington States, will largely stay lockdown. Of course, it's the governors who have the final say the president. Impose a locked on measures. He can't list them, but there's going to be a move, a trial
A lot of this country back to work in a few weeks will be passed at fifteen day window. That will come to an end in a few days but Easter, so apparently the target, even though by now we every measure every study, every health experts that is wildly premature. That is right. Premature Joe and could all to the spread to other places, other perhaps rural parts of this country, other parts Lots of senior citizens like Florida, like Arizona part of the country that don't have the health care system, that new as New Yorkers over well. Now, an identity plays a role in that, but other parts this country are going to be just as hard hit in a matter of weeks. Well sober. Well now, and The worst is yet to come from the next we are going to be horrible, especially for this. You are going to see scenes out of ITALY if governor com Please are not heard, and even if they are heard,
I think the windows already closed on New York City. The tragedies coming, the Gub United States government needs to pay warm tree eyes now and throw everything it has at New York, because, as Andrew Como said, they're, just the Tipp of the sphere This is going to happen all across the country and the coming is and weeks and months. You know John need some. This reminds me so much I wasn't needing to flattered reminds me of discussions we ve had about Intel Chiefs warning him about should this information warning him about right in trying to interfere with them. In democracy and the more. We are asking that question in Helsinki. If he was concerned- and you said no, and trust his own appointed
they'll chiefs in the United States. He trusted a former KGB officers word instead, and it was again it was the disregarding the expert advice of those closest to him, because it didn't line up with his pre existing reality. Forgive me for giving another example of this, but remember when James Madison, two thousand seventeen get entire secure national security team around him and gave him a history of post war world from nineteen forty five forward, the President called it B, S got up and it didn't. It didn't work up the facts do not line up with his pre existing prejudices. And so we said it was bs and that's when Rex till arson had had a certain name forum that that that operate in the here, we're not talking about Intel,
agencies we're not talking about the next election, we're talking about point. Two million Americans lives at risk and this president deciding what senior citizens lives he's going to save, what senior citizens he's going to let die stone, whether a governor from that state, flatters him or not. That is where we are. Now. There's the ancient actually back see from the major world that character is destiny and so, they can also be translated as fate in that sense, and in this is the character of the presidency is shaping the destiny and the fate of all of us. It's not so. Partisan, paintball issue its Not even about Ukraine? It's not about the second powers. It's about. The first
Incredibly important word in what Jefferson wrote in the country's mission statement is about. Life is so the hits business. What about liberty or the positive of it's about life? fundamental role of a government in the social contract. Is the protection of life and so it seems to me that this is in no way a partisan point. This is a key for science, for data for facts and if we're going to talk about it Easy Asko calendar, which I am all for, and I know you are let's talk about open by Ascension Day right, that's, only days after Easter. It's a lot. Time but eastern, be too soon. But do you know why there was, there are other moments here, and I say that from position where I can still do my job then Fully aware of that- and this is a word
be going through an extraordinary stress test of and worthy and reaching out and There is an instinct on the part of a lot of us to want to do that the president as well. We know it's not an easy job, We know that you know everything hits the accept locus ours as as binding as about the first days of of Obama, but even with that empathy for the president, He has a fundamental responsibility to protect. The lives of the life of the nation and the lives of Americans and there precious little evidence in his haste to shut this down, that he's going to fulfil, responsibility and if he does It does so quickly he's not going to right. The viruses, not on Sunday say.
It's not it's not. Somebody is nine, it's not Robert Mahler right. It's right, trucks, rumour, it's not speaker, but it is a virus was it gets. Iris me he's not going to set the government down He also is not going to be able to tell everybody to go back to work on Easter, because that's when the storm comes on shore, so we have really is the worst case scenario we're in the middle ground. Is this guy that get elected by saying, you're fired in claiming that he The tough leader he's actually just opposite he's. Did the ring right now, while the store come on you, she trying to brand it his way, but he's afraid he's scared, to do what he needs to do. He scared to do what every health expert in the world has told him will actually bring this virus to a halt and well actually allow people to get back to work. He's scared right now and he needs to be in
courage days will be strengthened by everybody who supports some too. Save seniors lives to save. Millions of Americans live by adding that government down now making a hard decisions now the country and reaping the benefits several weeks from now several months from now after we shut down the country like every other major powers The numbers planet, World Health Organization says now that you, as has the potential to become the new episode, of the virus was nearly fifty five thousand Hey says more than ten thousand within the law. Twenty four hours can says the U. S now represents forty percent of all new cars. Worldwide, combined with Europe that stern world represents eighty five percent of all who cases worldwide jar with
very much to get to our next guest joins us now go away from the World Health organization. Dan. Am I correct two Bruce Edward joins us now says we're going to open up by Easter our top The president says we're going to open up by Easter are too. Giving pressure from the president- so should the United States lock down or what's the best guidance for the? U S at this point states lock down or what's the best guidance for the? U S at this point they will. What we look at is what what works and what have we seen work around the world and right now, there's very few countries that have actually been able to reverse this this epidemic and bring them sit down to very low level and in fact the only country that's done, that is China, and it did do fundamental. To achieve that. The first thing he did was it spaced, the people. You know through
shutdowns and locked downs, etc, reducing the amount of signing context it space, the people, but the second funding until saying that a death was tried to stop the change of transmission by testing every not suspected case by then isolating and making short, effective isolation of all the cases and then quarantining of their close contacts, and it was a combination that one piece or the other locked down slow down a virus like this, you ve got to find those transmission changed, cut them, actually stop it at that. Of infection that we're saying in the? U S: do you foresee the? U S being able to reduce restrictions and guidelines in the net, Few weeks, I I think, I think the data are gonna- tell us that at that as it on folds- and you know the: U S is a gigantic country, so very difficult to say something is going happened right across the whole country. You're going to see this evolve differently in each part of the country and again, if I just go back for a second time,
You had the war on experience, which was very, very unique, but you had thirty other provinces learn from bad, then moved very, very fast on the key functions that I just told you about and as a result, they had very, very different outbreaks and they were able to get function again much more rapidly than we seem to move from words. Its run of old were nearly three months in now before there before they're, letting it be about two and a half months between when it first here when it, but the first measures in place there when they actually lifted them. Doctor. I want to show you a short that we ve been showing our this morning, not sure if you can see it where you are, but this chart actually the Johns Hopkins numbers and an end that that the financial times, this puts in every day if we can zoom in guys like we did last time the United States, obviously above everybody else now above China above Spain, and we're actually
closer to the line where we double every two users and other chart. I'm not gonna show here that shows New York cities rate of infection going straight up, As you see the United States and Spain and ITALY wanted to ask how headway. If we separate an end and Americans get more aggressive on that. How long until that trend it starts to occur because we obviously going to zoom pass China and ITALY and Spain within three the next two days actually yet so that the critical thing when you ve got a rapidly increasing rate of increase of disease like there's a fabulous experts, it s, people in the world there in the? U S dieting others, people like Tonia, just a bird, but what you wanted
the first thing you gotta do is try to take the heat out of this thing, slow it down and you ve gotta, make it difficult for the virus, remember, this is a virus and, as other speakers have said, this survives people whose gotta get from one person to another person and every person in the U S has gotta make it more difficult for that virus, which means that physical distance people are talking about, which means the handwashing people are talking about, which means respiratory precautions. Because of you all of those things you make it hard on the virus. You slow it down. Now it takes a little to see the impact of those you can take as much as two weeks. Even if you do it extremely well, because remember assume you put those in place. You already. Have a lot of people have been exposed their incubating the disease and that can take one two weeks without an incubator disease. Let's say to manifest, so it could take a look, those measures. Did you get it? That's very difficult for a population is very fragile.
For a population and is really the hard for the people of the leaders who have to guide a population through these kinds of measures, doctor stay with you, I'm gonna thank John meets him for being with us, as we continue talking. Thank you so much John Doctor, Look at the next. You look at the charred and what's workable to me is how EAST does not meet West. The difference between countries in the east and countries and the western civilization and yes we could say that China, of course, impose restrictions that we can in a democracy by Japan is a democracy. South Korea, democracy, and you see that South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, these for asian, countries. Are city states were able to flattened the curve
extraordinarily well talk about the difference between what's happened in Asia and one as you may have may now. I actually spent two weeks in China as you may have may now. I actually spend two weeks in China as an really the peak and just pass the peak of the crisis there, and what I saw was an extraordinary effort, isles and all the self dream itself. Greens, gyp, Japanese, Singapore, folks, all with us actually in that in that mission to China, where we really examined what was actually happening there. What was taking the heat out of this thing, and you too was most striking. For me was the asian society. It wasn't what I was being told the terms of the measures being imposed by government. It was the passionate The diligence, the sense of responsibility, the seriousness of the average needs, and I want to use that term very carefully because they weren't,
reserve extraordinary people, but they were driven by a sense of collective responsibility for their elderly for their population and they then, just now an extraordinary understanding of the disease and a commitment to do what was ever necessary might the data lockdown came, and she was therefore a month at that point, and I asked for a while. This must be really difficult shit I saw her cell phone and who is a pitcher to gorgeous little kids on my said, I, I guess I said wow. This must be really difficult kids on it, and I guess there here with you, though, and she said no a thousand kilometers away, but this is my duty. This is our position to do it's, it's not about, these individual about us- and you know that was what enabled China, and then South Korea, Japan, etc. Very similar, they're, all doing the same thing they are putting shut down someplace place where necessary to slow it down, but then they are mobilizing their whole population to help with the identification test
in a situation and then quarantine and supporting people who are currently in. So it's a real movement in these countries to apply not just to big shutdowns cousin, just slow down, but also those other fundamental pieces which take a massive mobilization of people to effectively. You know in it as your seeing their now. That's the big difference. It's the second piece of this, which is so important, you're population, with you to be able to implement well course in in unfortunately the state of Florida. While we keep this chart up, we ve been seeing pictures spring break we ve seen pictures of of of Roger hundreds of students on the honor on sand. Bore. I had one person who took their boat pass that sandbar telling me that he's lived here, entire life and it was a most crowded. The sand, moreover, was that's while why wall are right,
is still going up golf courses across Florida, newer, alas, they can't actually tee times, are more jammed. The golf courses are more urgent than ever. There's a sounds that way, you saw in Asia. We are not seeing here. I want to show you the next chart, a doctor, and this is a bit of cities- and regions that are. An impact it and, of course, you see will on Bosnia, Madrid, and Washington, London, but you look out way to the left. My guide- New York, city, actually Club to the line where the deaths will double every day. Talk about them, this trend lines in New York, city and It is true what I heard from a health officials yesterday that York is actually going to end up his bad is ITALY are perhaps worse? Is it too late too work. That disaster
I strongly believe you always fight your word for word right and you are where you are and I'm in in terms of the situation in New York and then are there, any measures that are being put in place are absolutely gonna be needed as we go forward. You know this effort to create man if isolation capacity to be able to get sick people out of houses out of cramped areas where they may be, can do here, you don't contributing to the disease. Theirs, ass of efforts to help people understand their role in transmission and to really slow this down, because If you want to save lives in a crisis like this part of it treating the said yes, but the other thing is, you have to reduce the number of sick so that we're health facilities. You know your fabulous doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, videos in New York can do lifesaving work, but you gotta take some of them drain awesome by taking some of the heat out of this. They fight early, isolating the mild cases well making sure every
who has called it? No, they have it because one the dangers with this disease. You know they call it a mild illness, but the reality is people will get the virus they make. Better a couple of days later and then they think. Well, now, I'm fine. I can wander back out into society, but those healthy people who mild disease can still shed that virus for fourteen days, which means they could go back out and start All over again Joe. You know you have got to address, All of those pieces, if you want that trend line in New York to change, cannot change absolutely, but that requires all of the people of New York. Working with the commission are working with the mayor too. You get the measures that they know they that they're saying the right things. I understand this disease doctor.
Bruce outward, thank you very much for being here with us this morning thanking glaring year, absolute expertise, big eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free were Are you download yours? So we ve got a lot to talk to you. Gonna get to Casey hung about they. Truly station that was passed, I know you want to get Reverend sharpen really quickly reverend that and here is we're in the middle of a crisis humanitarian crisis. In its canvas, was coming on shore York City and our after Hurricane Katrina Churches, my church,
other churches? We would drive over the Mississippi Louisiana every day and we can help we can. We can give people, water, give mothers diapers for their babies, give them food give them the necessity. Is a government wasn't helping here you saw in the New York Times this morning that even a kind act of delivering groceries to a neighbour is dangerous. And could spread the virus? I would guess this for four spiritual community for those who usually reach out and of these crises. Not even allowed to do that. This is a very unique humanity. In crisis There is just a lot of people who usually step in and help during these times are
to be sidelined, because they would just make things worse. It is a very strange kind of situation because as stating what could train or other disasters, We knew what to do with this theirs. All kinds of precautions and caution that prevent that, in our innovation action action that we been working with the World Kitchen organization giving out who did our headquarters quarters? We had to do many different types of precautions to prevent. Those that would come and get them. That would have to be socially distant. And I haven't is a they work. There would give it out and we done several thousand already, but we ve had to do it. The most unusual circumstance the problem Joe, was as you ve been saying, is New York has become the epic centre and not even near the peak, and if gonna use the biblical language, as that approach
say yesterday these two special bit him. Will you did not a whole Easter story. You can not get too Easter Sunday without first gone through so fiction on Friday, a crucifix in precedes the resurrection, Mr President, and we have not even got up calvaries Mountain yet to the crucifixion regions the cross on our back. We are going to go through a real crucifixion. A real height in this pandemic in New York and as governor most says: one did we'll go around the country before we can get a resurrection Sunday, a pre, mature resurrection. Will you will lead to a disaster, and we need to understand that deal with it head on, all right, there's also a relief for Americans and business owners. Small and large two trillion dollar legislation, the White House calling the single largest
in straight assistant, in assistance programme in the history of United States, hasty hunt, talk about the laundry list here that they got through twelve hundred there's two most adults: five hundred for each child, four months of unemployment, instead of three more than hundred billion for hospitals, three hundred and fifty billion for small business and five hundred billion, for corporations how's it going to work and work where the main sticking points? A Democrat said that at this point there just gonna take it up as it is can I, before you answer that Casey? Can we just some breaking news here than a mere tweeted this year, palace says heir to the throne Prince Charles tests, positive the corona virus, BBC News also prince of Wales, suddenly one test positive when grown a virus,
and as mild symptoms are in case. You got an answer that will follow this story: yeah yeah, pretty remarkable South South isolate in Scotland. That really underscores the fact that this is something that that obviously spares no one. I do think America should be relieved that the steel came to be overnight. Democrats had asked. They said that they were given a line in the sand they weren't going to. Let me panels procedural vote scope. While they demanded more money for hospitals more money, Actually I think I think the thing that people should focus. The most honest is the expansion of unemployment insurance. It's not going to be for four months democrats consider that to be a big win and fur people at home. You know that's a little bit of an extra cushion, because I do think that you're lying reality that we ve all been talking about this morning, is that Easter is an increase, Billy unrealistic Timeline for this to be and you know you don't
Liz Cheney tweeted yesterday, there there's no way we're to have an economy that open and running if we did yesterday there with people dying, is simply not going to happen even Senator Lindsey Ground, who I know, has been on a long street. Simply not going to happen even said the opposite. Yesterday he said you know. This is not what we need to be doing. We need to be changing our behaviour because mean this said you know this is not what we need be doing. We need to be changing our behaviour because mean this this. What congresses doing we were forty five minutes into the show. We are still in the thick of this pandemic. Vat The main focus of the story and Congress is about to spend too trillion dollars. It is on precedent it and I think that the way that we're covering the story shows that it's only beginning and we
some very real challenges in terms of whether or not we are actually going to be able to get it to work. You know if this president doesn't take the actions he needs to take This is going to have to keep trying to help make it better. For time, but at a certain point when does it all potentially become ineffective? I think you know they have scrambling to try to make sure they get this together and that's the question hanging over everybody. The one other point I will add: this is that pigs, we them to pass this in the Senate today, but to get it through. The house, without bringing our whole Congress back into the same room at me, Joe. You ve, been on a house floor and good luck, social this evening with four hundred and are, in my view, glared green and those passing is completely so unrealistic. But that means that every single member of the house has to agree to move this pact forward- and just in my shoe, as you know, one of the original tea party members of the car
most other now he's left the Republican Party over Donald Trump already tweeting sizing this bill so he's somebody to watch mean it only takes one to potentially ran all of this for breaching the american people and Casey or so right. It is so jammed on that floor. It is so jammed in the cloak, said so jammed and the hearing rooms it is. It is a way case in hurry, wonderful hunter, I'm seven years and I walked under the house floor and I just thought good. There are a lot of people in this room. It is just pack, it's like its unfortunately insight times square couple things your Jonathan Wellmere. First of all, I just wee wee. We we talked about the coming storm. I ever bit of of Steve NEWS far. New York City in the summer, not not minister, but this is from financial times that scientists actually found that I
and humidity actually temperature and a high relative humidity significantly reduce transmission of covet nineteen at something bad scientists that have been looking at what time in China for some time I have been hopeful, but there is starting to get more data that perhaps in New York can the northeast by June by July, by August the humidity goes up it will in fact evidently lessen the impact of of cover nineteen? Let's, let's, let's talk more, This deal last night, Jonathan, how it came together, the present again talking about by port since ship on line on its press conferences, but at night hurling attacks against the Democrats.
How did this come together and is the president pleased with this bill is it an approach to this was, as it often is a little bit scatter shot. You write in most of his public forms. He was preaching the need for my part and ship, but yet onto it. Swinging errors are Democrats, him. The White House is desperate to sort of get this done, came together after one in the mornings is treasure diminution. The lead on this others and white ass to include actual state of affairs, in fact, to actually The deal where there are the capital quite late not heard the president way in this morning. But I think there is a sense that than he does to push this through ass. In this case, he was suggesting that there's gonna be a need for me, this is a historic and massive at age its is bigger than the. U S: government, I believe, spends a year most of the time she's gonna, be something that they need. They're gonna have to revisit, because in the coming weeks as the effects of this, despite the president's
to reopen the nation for business or an easterly, some of it. This is going help for a long while time is as we as, though the markets are pleased with this there's still an were staring into recession, if not potentially depression Casey. Let me you're a follow up. There's a lot of discussion. The last couple of days about the fate of this five hundred dollar five hundred billion our slush fund for corporations with Democrats really pushing for a lot of some sort of oversight and needed. I believe a deal was struck on that. Could you walk through what the agreements. Sure, Jonathan and the idea is to essentially put an inspector general in place to oversee these deals, and Democrats were also focus on some provisions that would have kept secret big companies that benefiting from this and they were able to make some adjustments to that. But I think one of the most critical piece is here, and one thing I'm hearing underscored from Democrats is that,
did add a provision to prevent businesses that are related to the the president emanate bait outline the offices, but in this case its its president, tromp members of Congress and people who hold executive cabinet positions Will not be eligible to receive this aid, so there was a lot of cash, and frustration on the hill, especially for the president. Comments over the weekend where he said it cost him a lot of money to be present in the United States that they were going to pass this and it was simply going to enrich the president and the family business that he has made some moves towards distancing himself from, but that is his oldest son- still runs, and we know how focus he has been on that generally. They obviously been pretty hard hit by this, because all a lot of their clubs golf courses for had to closed, but in this bill they will not be able to tap into aid that many other businesses in companies to rely on in the coming months, all right
Thank you so much reverent. Now we greatly appreciate you being in as well and make yesterday there became the recognition that despite a lot of business leaders that they were confident that this bill was to pass because Donald Trump had to close down his hotels his resorts moral logo and as said for three and a half years on foreign policy. If there's ever foreign policy, move that doesn't make sense to you follow the money it benefits and financial. I follow the money and it's not follow the money as it pertains to campaign contribution follow the money as it pertains to him. Firstly, whether its having a close relationship with the Philippines, where He has of course their properties there are hours are the Saudis when the
so the world is shutting the Saudis, well Donald Trump brag about the Saudis and paying hundreds of millions of dollars during the campaign they liked. His quote: toys- and here we have again a lot of business leaders and a lot of people Wall Street, making the calculation yesterday that Donald Trump was gone make sure that they were going to pay Ford to reopen business because his own properties and his own business was hurting. Someone that's their Timor following breaking news. This sky news is reporting that the heir to the throne Prince Charles is testing positive for corona virus he's in isolation with Camilla Parker Balls, but she is testing negative. He is playing mild symptoms, but they said Otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home. But again, the Prince of Wales has tested positive four corona virus, seventy one years old, so obviously real risk still.
Morning Joe. If the president won't invoke the defence production act, can Congress force in hand is and we're gonna to the leader of a bipartisan efforts aimed at forcing the White House to get medical supplies to their health, workers who need them Congress unless a slot can join the conversation plus one of this as you will be voting today on that massive stimulus plan, democratic Christmas they will be our guest, also Andrew Cuomo, being called America's governor, we'll talk about his leadership on the national stage plus former Senator Clare Mechanical. On the two trillion dollars stimulus deal. There were no public hearings or no review. So what exists, what is in store for the american people morning. Joe is coming right, back pay its creative this week on my part, ass wise is happening. All be talking with computational biologist Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do,
and don't know about the corona virus once these things get out there- and this is quite a sort of a key aspect of misinformation- and just information is the once they're out there- they will take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago- that switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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