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Sen. Bernie Sanders is criticizing Joe Biden, saying his campaign is funded by the corporate establishment. Joe Scarborough discusses how Biden won Super Tuesday based on momentum and reputation.

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In two thousand and three in December, Wesley Clark was winning the poles to be ruined would come on baby fear. Ok, I've been kids, the leading in the pause. After taking all the heads I go now. But he's hit me is out you all Not you editorially in a broad sense declare me dad and guess what I dead help. You're. Damn right about that words that you call political power. Joe law by known Super succeeds too, knows a nineteen and prove that this first weight gap when it came to his political prospects. It was nearly three so go and Joe Biden told the New York Times that I ain't scared morning and welcome too It is Thursday March Fifth, along with Joe willing and me, we have former Treasury fish. All morning, Joe Economic Analyse Steve Ratner, professor at Princeton,
firstly, an eagle, odd Junior and they aftershocks from the super Tuesday earthquake that rocks the race for the democratic process. Your nomination are still being this morning, Joe Biden added tenth state to his list. Super Tuesday victories after NBC. News declared him the apparent winner of why only race we haven't been able to call is California and BC. Deems that, where it is still too early to call senders Sanders holds a nine point led right now of the state's massive four hundred Fifteen delicate sanders has been awarded a hundred and sixty one so far Biden, one hundred the former, president still leaves the overall delicate count. Five, twenty seven, two thousand four: seventy five at different levels of fifty two Meanwhile, like Bloomberg decision yesterday to end his campaign means by now as the room to charge ahead in the moderate lane all by himself as the race.
Moves to next Tuesdays contests in Idaho, Michigan missed. Sipping Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington State, here's some of what both Biden Bloomberg had to say yesterday today, clear, died about our overriding objective, and that is victory in no. Amber not made or our campaign but victory for our country, If you remember I raised for the president to defeat Donald Trump and today, I'm leaving the race for the same reason to defeat Donald Trump, because staying in would make it more difficult to it,
leave that go always believe that then feeding Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it and after yesterday's vote is clear. That candidate is my friend and a great. I reckon Joe Biden. This is what we have to do to win This is what we have to unify the nation. That's why I entered the race in the first place to unify this country So we welcome all those who want to join us all those who want to join us and to build a movement. And this is a moment we are not visible. Need that movement to beat Donald Trump and a bill Future we all know is possible Willie The Michael Bloomberg in a minute day, his campaign and his concessions speech and his endorsement. Fine. But first, let's talk about Joe Biden. In the immortal words of money python. He was not dad in fact
merely of flesh wound. The turnaround still if you, if you look at it you see where he was Saturday afternoon how despondent many- and binds campaign were believing that he near the end, The turnaround over seventy two hours has been one of the most remarkable turnarounds in american political. His free and it continues. Yeah me we're out of another state overnight with me in that makes ten of the fourteen states on Super Tuesday. In the column for by this forty eight hours on Tuesday morning, as we sat here. No one, and I mean no one could have predicted that, including by the way people inside Joe Biden campaign but areas we talking about this week. African american voters darted away and it started the state of South Carolina move for to the south and it went into Texas and other places. White, suburban voters as well older voters he's got it.
I wonder now, on Tuesday, a place like Mississippi, that's gonna, look in terms of the voting base, a lot like those southern states, a stately, miss again we're Bernie Sanders has led it. Joe Biden wins state. It may be all she wrote their exactly. I think tat I asked I asked the question as we will Bringing this super, whether not Joe Biden would lose among the african american vote in a way that reflected South Carolina warned about that. He lost The afghan american low lackey lasted in South Carolina across the south an interesting thing that I would want to see that that I came to understand, watch The results because I was shot is at first. We have a lot of asking You just simply agree with job. I right we have Ask the Americans who see that getting trump out of office is the most important. Right, and we also see that that Bernie Sanders has to calibrate his his rhetoric with regards to race he's not very good at talking about race in relation to his agenda, and so all that played itself out on ensue produced it. Now.
This is what happens. Movable knew no Eddie a couple of things that are so much to talk about a it's something that for Now- and I have been discussing for a year now about how black voters, I think alike, hispanic voters, often or stereotyped in generalised and try and put it one group by white, liberal, politicians and white conservative politicians, but now said, his mentor told him all the time the conservative voter, our black voters are conservative. Every area but race and obviously the progressive on race- and I guess you look at these I'll do look: what's happened over the past month month and a half of this campaign. When the history books are written, it will be black road
that will be seen as a moderating force on the democratic and, most and once and once again, once again, the most pragmatic voters who look at the field. Ok, who gives me the best chance to win famously we'd set in two thousand. Seven Morocco by we're running Michelle. Burma was talking the meagre in the fall you know come on, then you devote far spices Why wait show was you can win? First shows you can wait first and once again, black voters have banned the pragmatic force in the Democratic Party asking that question who's going to there are Joe, I find it. I was stung is ironic to me that black voters will be the fire wall to protect the moderate conservative wing of the Democratic Party. It three things that really come to mind to me. One
is, as I said earlier, black voters and more modern and conservative didn't than most people. Think too, I think we still have to kind of keep track of Brok Obama's affect maybe even distorting effect on the black electorate and three. We need that kind of think about this question of safety. This buying time is James. Baldwin say that you know it's a coal calculate risk when we vote to buy ourselves some time- and there is a sense in which a lot of black folk, though so there are some who support Joe Biden, but there's a lot of lax locally trust White America to vote for progressive, and so some ways? The idea of getting Trump out of office requires a kind of safe bet that personal right will this person will be trapped, but then there's this thing when I got back to the first, what really quickly as african american voters somewhere certain voters, I should say, consolidate around Joe Biden. We need to ask ourselves the question: will this be the Democratic Party that double down on triangulation This, be the Democratic Party that assumed, as we bank, away from that, the private
go into the general will they take advantage of africa- are take. Take for granted African America voters and move in a different direction and not pay attention, because is precisely that triangulation that led to the moors. Walking the way talked with Clinton's that led to the wealthy royal, we're being passed it led to crime, could climb bill being passed. So we need to ask heart policy questions as will talk about the black vote being this, to the heart of the democratic Party. We know what that is well, since the Clinton Revolution in some ways, level as been like vote, is the centre and the heart Craddock Party, something we ve been saying for months ear when lotta white People have been run around and I were New Hampshire talking about who the future of the Democratic Party was. Nobody can say who the future the Democratic Party is until black voters say who the future the Democratic Party is, and I dont know-
that black voters going on Super Tuesday were asking themselves about Dick Morrison triangulation are stop and frisk. I think they were asking question that a lot of other Democrats were asking what is arrogant, who has a better chance of beating Donald Trump. The guy you still running around defending Fidel Castro's programmes include his literacy programmes in Cuba, still defending the and a nuisance still defending the sound Talking about their glittering, a subway, because it is a thing about black. In the south. Very aware of in the south. They know the history of the south. There no the Republicans down eight, the south. And they know I'm, like liberals on the upper side of Manhattan or in Cambridge,
so choose it. They can take. Chances on esoteric theories, it's hard ball polish eggs and they gotta get the guy or the woman who can stop Donald Trump dead in there. I think, that's the calculation, I think, is a calculation Kleiber may and I think it's regulation. The black voters will continue to make throughout this process ass by their voices maker, stay united in South Carolina were remarkable and I gotta say Jim Kleiber still. Voice in the Democratic Party certainly make they made themselves clear. But here's how Senator Bernie Sanders framed Joe Biden Surge Joe Biden, there's somebody I have known for many.
If somebody I have known for many years, I like job, I think he's a very decent human did Joe and I have a very different voting record. A gentleman. I have a very different vision for the few Sure of this country and German. I are running very different campaigns and my hope is that in the coming months we will be able to debate and discuss the very significant differences. We have Joe is running a campaign which is obviously heavily supported by the corporate establishment. The establishment trying to feed Bernie Sanders. Mr vice President Santer.
Later responded to bindings comments. Twitting quote know Joe the establishment of this two billion areas who are funding your campaign and the corporate funded super packs, etc running millions on negative adds attacking may house majority whip James Kleiber, and also questioned Sanders description of Biden. Supporters in South Carolina as the establishment telling the daily beast quote. I find a very interesting that someone is referring to Africa. I can voters in South Carolina as the establishment understand how that vote can be just Are you really have to say that a guy that owns three houses? That's a millionaire, that's attacking a black in Orange Burg, South Carolina as the establishment, as the elites may missing the bigger plot. I wanted to Willie about Might Bloomberg, and you want to read thing that's in the
the New York Times, Charlie Word, so wrote it and end, of course, was mocking. Might Bloomberg yesterday, like I thought they might even not sure why you mark a man for spending tunnel money, with one goal in mind to stop Donald Trump. The time says, but look only to the number of states. One obscures Moreover, the Bloomberg experiment, in which name, recognition and unlimited war chest help elevated candidate pulling nationally less than three percent on the day to sixteen percent by the end of February. That allowed a lesson charismatic campaigner and stop and frisk non disclosure agreement baggage who skip the first four. Nominating states to still manage to crack ten percent of the vote in nearly all of the super Tuesday contests,
If there is a lesson draw from Mr Bloomberg media extravaganza, it seems to be as that Lennox Mackay carbons remarked how close it came to working, and you can Take out a few things, I think really, if MIKE, whew bargain to make his advice and that, as start with a lot of media. Our views, where he's really strong, immediate interviews, prepared yourself more for those debates or if, when you, Those debates, you didn't have one candidate Elizabeth, worn herself, ok, seemed to take you out of the race and explanation was very few people could survive that on the net. Stage, especially somebody who had just gone to the presidential race. Mackay pop in carbon compounds is right This may have actually worked yeah I mean and all the jokes about him spending half a billion dollars to win a few delegates in American somewhat. That's all true, but also at the claims of this
a vanity project fall flat when the guy Lambert for Super Tuesday, it didn't work out and then he just got out the next day. The valley project would have been in staying in and try to do something at the convention. It seems to me deep Ratner will say again that you manage. Might Bloomberg money he's a good friend of yours. It seems too He did exactly what he said. He was gonna, lose them to take a shot at Super Tuesday. It didn't gout analyses pledge yesterday he's going to take. That money and spend it on defeating Donald Trump, in support of Joe Biden in this case. Isn't that exact what he said. He was going to do it. The beginning, first of all, and secondary yesterday morning, if you can take us inside the meeting, did he had to be convinced, dig it out of the race or did he know it was time to go I agree with you. I think he did exactly what he said he was gonna. Do he devoted all of its resources to put together an extraordinary campaign organization? It absolutely no time did spend some time
folks and it was at, did a dinner remarkably good job. Obviously, debates we're not perfect in may well have been some kind of a turning point in this whole process. Mother, but, as you said, is show said, trot Well said he did elevate himself in a way they compare. This. For example, Tom STAR, who spent to my friend Tom STAR, because that is well spent shorter four million dollars and never got a single delegate, might did make an impact on this race, and I think my support and what will moreover, to the buying. Campaign will also will also be meaningful and all this self now, Michael, my so clearly he's as he is a data driven guy in the motto Bloomberg is, in God we trust all other spring data and so was very clear, eyed about it and he was also very clear, died about his It is the second sport by face thing, though, on senders attacks on binding. I think, before you start talking about the corporate billionaires and all the rest, the stuff supporting by there to at least two things. Three things you have to remember that more binding
money, so the idea that he was supported by corporate billionaires when he beat Sanders, was sort of harder. Urgent to no individual can give more than twenty eight hundred dollars. I don't think so and or Bernie Sanders or illegal out could be bought for twenty eight hundred dollars. I think that's ludicrous to say, and thirdly, the point that was made was, of course the people. Who elected him in South Carolina, but hardly the cormorant establishment, as we were talking about earlier, Eddie you're sort of shaking your head as we listen that that's been the case for Bernie Sanders, as in the case of his coat campaign. The argument for which is that we are representing working for which he has that's his platform and the other candidates are tools effectively. The corporate establishment That argument loses little steam. It seemed to me, after Super Tuesday, after the kind of voters who elected Joe Biden and although state It requires a little new wants, this hard to have new, wants and in our political conversation and dignity in the heat of a political battle, but he needs the a distinction between those who vote right and then the politically
It's an establishment that he's trying to refer to it makes to me to say that James Clive, when, as part of the political establishment, it makes sense to me to talk about the way in which global charred looted. Edge and and others and now Bloomberg of concern. Behind Joe Biden to begin to talk about them in a particular sort of way. But you can't can sleep that with voters the democratic process is messy. People will make choices at the polls if you are Democrats, small d, you want to give as much legitimacy to folk making decisions on buildings there on the voting day as you can- and you know, a super Tuesday, Bernie he's got his behindhand tour, he needs to go back and think why try to assess what happened to the kind of described all as this corporate establishment model, but there's two flat fully right to be more nuanced and let's get them sitting right if you're, really thinking about transport
the lives of everyday ordinary people and do so in a way that has faith in the democratic process. Well, you know really also Eddie makes him look ridiculous, because for three months We were talking about how Joe Biden had no money. Joe Biden was broke. Binds campaign could spend money in super tooth. States you take for, I think I may face a hundred thats intolerance in Virginia. I mean how how many millions did Bernie spend there. I mean Biden wine without any money he wine with hardly any polluted organization. He wine, my mom. Adam reputation, recognition. So Willie That is right when, when he's going around spouting these talking points about he's bought by corporate brilliant is one story? No, no, it was black voters in in
Burg, South Carolina in Petersburg Virginia in the Alabama all you know in Nashville Tennessee. These are states where Joe Biden didn't spend any money These are states. Were people made the decision on their own four burn he's sanders Vienna, one trick pony you're talking about Joe Biden bought known by corporate. Just it doesn't work on Biden cause. He was dead, broken for Tuesday and Bernie had millions and millions and millions of dollars in the bank, which is why he spat it? That's great, but money decide Super Tuesday, something much bigger this its super Tuesday and that something much bigger was the question of who do you trust
Who do you trust to beat Donald Trump and who do you trust the return? normalcy to the EU. It states of America's federal government who those does exit polls. Questions about what I do want to have Obama like policies. Wanna go even further laughed. Those exit polls wasn't clubs. They want their return to the normal see that they saw with Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House. Yeah and you can add a couple of other states. Were Joe Biden didn't play with less influence over the african american voters there, but more white, suburban votes and that's Minnesota and Massachusetts state next door to berries, There's homes, Data Vermont Biden, one those states as well in Bernie Sanders at that press briefing. Yesterday we just heard where he was against. The establishment also talked about low turn out he didn't turn out voters the way he thought he would. Young people didn't come out to vote for him and he,
obviously did not expand his base of support. He said that out loud, that's not just political analysis. He knows that, and he knows, if he's going to do better, coming up he's going to have to change that, it's just unclear how exact All of a sudden will be able to court african american voters example and away. He did not on Tuesday there what you know him turn out voters weaker, but you know who did Joe Biden here's a lead from the or times they were disaffected Republicans and a fluent Washington suburbs. They were shipyard employees in Norfolk, and there were a health care workers in Petersburg. They all together on Super Tuesday polls in ordinary surge to the polls and Virginia to lift Joe Biden to victory
We want to get an update now on the corona virus. We ve got now eleven. U S fatalities linked to the corona virus, as officials in Washington State yesterday said a tenth person died there, while California has announced its first death related to the infection. Official said the judge. These persons likely exposure occurred while travelling on a princess cruise ship last month. That sailed from San Francisco to Mexico and according to the Department of Homeland, thirty and an internal email obtained by NBC News, a medical professional who conducted some jerk screenings, at LOS Angeles International Airport, has tested positive for that on a virus. The persons asked shift. Ella acts was February twenty first more than a week before the appearance of symptoms, California, Governor Gavin. Some has declared a state of emergency over the outbreak in New York. Eleven people, including
nine members of two Westchester County families have tested positive according to the Wall Street Journal New York governor. Andrew Cuomo, said all, but one of the cases are tied to one another with the connection being a fifty year old lawyer from numerous shell, who was this in person in this day to contract the virus as a result about one thousand people What tend the man synagogue are? Being asked to self quarantine as a precaution, And, as a last night, NBC News confirmed more than one hundred and fifty cases of corona virus in the EU. Surround. Fifty of the cases are individuals evacuated from the rules on China or the diamond princess cruise ship, accordingly, World Health Organization over ninety five some cases have been reported globally with more than thirty two hundred deaths in any nine countries and we're gonna have much more We have a thousand. You are hundreds of thousands of people there.
By sitting around and even going to work from home, go to work, girl sitting around and even going to work from home, go to work, but they get better. President son in credit to people who are self heal from corona by why go back to work, which is exactly why medical professionals are telling you not to do some people learn the hard way in the new speak, o film, bad Education Academy, award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni STAR, Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie follows Hugh Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank
prizes his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing, abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine. This, one Nathan film vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad, mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone? It's true, mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over. The internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell off when people listen to music there
feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. We have a report today, the global death rate at three point four percent and a report that the Olympics could be delayed reaction to that. Well, I take it point. Four percent is really false number. Now my hunch and but start a lot conversations with a lot of people to do this, because a lot of people will have this and its very mild I met a very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call it doctor. So we
thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better sitting around and even going to work from home, go to work, but they get better and then what do have a death like you in Washington, like you had one in California, but if you had one in New York, you know all of a sudden. It seems like three or four percent, which is a very high number, as opposed to a Zappos a fraction of one percent. Oh my god, a false number does present interim called the World Health organization. As late as global death rate of the Koran virus talked about having a hunch about what he thinks is going instead of the scientific numbers of the World Health Organization, he has a hunch Willie, though even more startling than that is a fact that the present eyes state is telling people that they're gonna get together.
Get better by sitting around end quote going back to work with the corona viruses, exactly is causing right now consternation up at noon. I'm sure where of Dartmouth Hospital Employ was told the self quarantine and instead went out that to a school of that and now who knows for it spread and you look at the New York case to see that one man has, in fact it is entire family infected the man who drove him to the hospital who then affected his family. This spreads quickly and ease We set for Donald Trump me saying you know you can sit around and get better, and you can even go back to work is about, is, listen. There's irresponsible sickening let's hope, the White House clarify
that later on today, it's totally reckless is not a time for Donald Trump hunches it's time for science is a time for doctors is not a time for download trying to be calling it a cable, shows and ripping things. He doesn't know anything about. It's not a time for him to tell people to go back work when every scientist every doctor has said just the opposite to time. The cdc it's time for the World Health Organization to be frightened centre explaining to the country what is how this pandemic is taking hold, and what am I we should do about it even went so far. Yesterday, Joe as to blame the Obama administration very vaguely? He said we to undo what decision. They did. That's why our response has been so slow, no ones to know exactly what he was talking about. There was no decision to be under joining us now from the White House, NBC News White House corresponded Jeff, Bennet Jeff Good Morning about the present calling and handed me last night and just ripping on a global pandemic? That doctor found cheated said
become a pandemic at some point is there any strategy. Is there anyone in the White House who could sated Donald Trump, but I know this is set to become a move. Question over the years, but is there anyone who can say hey? This is too important for you to be ripping off. The top of your head will look. If someone is telling the president that clear he's not listening Roma Rimmer last week, when we reported that the vice president's office was going to use a heavier and in controlling all of the corona virus messaging coming out of this White House, will then as it is now, it appears President Trump himself is the main ones spreading this information completely contradicting the information and the data put out by public health experts. The president disputing the three point: four percent data driven assessment of the overall corona virus
Three saying it's a false number, offering no evidence to back it up. Only saying it's, it's a hunch he's also completely discarding, as you rightly point out the advice from public health experts to people saying if you feel sick, stay at home president trumped saying that people have gone to work in somehow got better. He also said that there has been a death reported in New York. There have been no debts reported in New York from corona virus. There has been that ACE that Joe, that Joe mentioned so clearly, the present is trying to put a rosy sheen on things trying to reassure the public that the administration has it under control, but he's doing it in a way where he spreading this information. That said, the public health experts do say: the administration is doing a couple of things right in part. In naming Debbie Burke's the Obama appointee, the State Department ambassador at large, she brings third,
plus years of real life experience she has described to me as being someone who is serious, sober minded, a real professional. She is now coordinating data day Akerana virus response. I talk to people who say that they hope that she's fully empowered to do the job. You got my pants going to the three M headquarters today. This government has contracted with three m to make more of those masts, then later going ahead to Washington State, which has been grappling with the on a broad virus outbreak there too willing and MRS Jeff bet it at the White House Jeff. Thank you very much. I make it the point There are really good people working on this. They put some good people, some smart people and experience people in place, but when the president causing Cable news show that swamps all the facts and all the data and all the science that is there salute lay still. I had we're gonna make every you say this also make its also important. We act, We have don't say a road map tat. How we better contain
this virus, but there are countries that have derived this. China of course dealt with it in a heavy handed away by a currently the numbers. Can he trusted the number of actions are going down, you see what's happened in Singapore, you see, what's happened with in Japan what's happening in ITALY, there is aggressiveness where, where people are being isolated, were schools are being closed down where, where stopping an epidemic thing from becoming a pandemic, at least at this point we don't know what's going to happen in the future, but we can learn by once already been going on in China. The mistakes at that we can learn by once already been going on in China The mistakes that they made in one of the mistakes they made was a lack of its baronetcy, they weren't straightforward
he kept trying to downplay the epidemic and because of it they are facing a crisis that could explode into a pandemic that can ravage their country. Look at around IRAN's having a terrible time greatest once again, the there the government simply cannot tell the truth to the public in IRAN. They are incapable of truth telling and because of it, you see that a causing a ravaging their leadership ranks in IRAN, the unit states of America should be able to learn the mistakes of China and IRAN we should be able to learn about the proper way to do it. I that Donald Trump is not capable of doing that, but for four love of guide. I am hopeful that vice president pants and other health, officials in that administration that people close to the present the United States can ask
At the very least, a back up and back of preserve a lot of conservatives. There are a lot of older Americans who voted for Donald Trump before and Vote for Donald Trump, a gag think out of his ral at yours who who will go to Israeli Sue, we will hear from their doctors and understand that what the so saying is reckless and false. And could put their lives in danger. So there's no political upside to lying about or downplaying this epidemic and the net result of that is turning an epidemic can be controlled into a pandemic. That race is out of control. Across the globe and kills Far too many Americans,
other citizens across the world. Great way of making that point. It hey guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. From he's been televising, his meetings on this lately had a round table with the ceos of the airlines yesterday, during which he presented the bright side. The corona virus airline visas,
What people are saying in our country and their shopping in using the hotels in this country himself? From that standpoint, I think probably there is a positive right. I guess who owns hotel swell smartest man in the World Hospital staff so really is just a clown show on is a deadly deadly topic joining us now, editor in chief of the Atlantic magazine Jeffrey Goldberg and contributor Time magazine, MSNBC political analysts and former aid to the George W Bush Whitehouse ends departments. Elise, Jordan will get to the election superfluous variations in the second, the perverse Jeffrey. The cover of the Atlantic is just two timely about Donald Trump swore on institution. Exports are on the wrong yesterday. Last night,
real news, he attacked the World Health Organization's estimates. The valley the corona virus, and it will certainly continue today. Unfortunately, for Donald Trump, a virus does really care about loyalty, oats, who you voted for four years ago, no that you're right did. George Packer cover stories is incredibly timely, though in anyway, it's been timely for three years, because experts have been on the run in this administration. For for three And Georgia's point I mean we focused on the Justice Department on the State Department. What is true, there is also true at any of the science oriented branches of government and and the thing to worry about. The most is is this: you have a lot of people. I live in Washington. I know some of these people. A lot of you who were hanging on in their jobs at places like, and I see, CDC and so on. Epa, Noah and thinking: ok, maybe
is going to be a change in November, if there's not a chain This is the ships to what George back across a permanent condition, you'll, see further exodus of further departure, mass departure of experts from governor agencies over the government of one of the huge employers of scientists and in the world, we rely on them for everything to you're saying the weather and climate to Ferralti now, she has a government employee. And you don't want to see any of these people driven out of government by President who has no relationship to empirical reality. And, of course, present new. Also in talking to these scientists doesn't look at direct we're, tease or health care I personally literally said their loyalty than one about a loyalty, as we have a director of age Hs that it would not let employees do their job would not let his top lieutenants do their jobs, because he was afraid that
would actually say something that would anger and ignorant president here we find ourselves. So or behind where the United States of America should be right now Anthony vouchers Just as an example is one of the world's leading scientists on this, if you were as an ordinary time, and this is what President Obama did Obviously, as you defer to spend his time studying infectious disease and where Wherever the facts led Anthony found. She is we're Anthony, sound and others. I want to just isolated on him they should be allowed to go. And when you're worried about angering the president by saying something That might affect the economy in an untoward way we're not getting the best. Nation and our scientists again going back to the central point, our scientists, you know what the private sector has a lot of opportunities for me and I'm not
going to eat this forever. No no Elise, Jordan, and this morning we ve been talking about Super Tuesday. Been talking about this several sized role and super two's. In helping shape where this democratic parties going yet At least you and I have grown up in the south hearing about how conservatism has impacted the Republican Party in the deep south. What we saw this past week was how conservative de moderate black voters in the southeast actually impacted the Democrats grace and prove once again and please all democratic candidates, please understand if you're running nationwide prove Once again that twitter is not consistent with, the mainstream of the democratic party.
Up to South Carolina. I just in the back of my mind, I didn't see large numbers of african american voters voters coming over to Bernie Sanders. I wondered with Joe Biden having such a slump. Who was going to be the front runner? I'd heard some talk of Bloomberg from different candidates from the south He was emerging as an attractive option, but then Bloomberg hat is bad debate, appearance, and then you know you look at what happened in it's such a reminder that the Democratic Party has stated so much ground in the south, because they are unwilling to make a pitch too moderate democratic voters who might be out of step with crash in urban areas. Or more cosmopolitan, and they might just be look for a more moderate choice, and so I think, when pose with Sanders verses, Joe Biden, we see
what happened, and I would like to see the Democratic Party trying to make more of a play more candidates, like Doug Jones, around the south, trying to appeal to voters who might not be ready for full blown democratic socialism, but array want to consider a shift from the Trump Republican Party Jeffrey. We raise these new cycle so quickly. It's worth pause. And thinking about where we are compared to where we were forty. Eight hours ago, a week ago, forty eight hours ago, of the race, endorsing Joe Biden pledging to spend whatever he's suspended feet, Donald Trump Mayor PETE. The judge Centre, Amy Clover shower airy red jumping on Board Michigan ahead on Tuesday, or we expect another endorsed, They show coming up shortly from the state of Michigan that may help Joe Biden in that state, where Bernie Sanders has been leading. Just your view.
Of where we are in this race right now. Oh I'm not going to predict anyway, But how do we learn that three hundred years have not looking back? We got we're right regret. Well what what what everything seems so obvious? Now right I mean how many hundreds of a bitch, whereas did we reinforce Joe Biden political career in the last month. You know, but but its injured, because the political physics seems to be working here in a way didn't work in the Republican when it turns out that there is an awful large number of regular Democrats, Quantum quote, who value name loyalty to the previous, very, very popular democratic president. Long terms, This sort of empathy that Joe Biden gives, I mean these things that that the professional class
this sort of observers and by the way, Jos right in what you read on Twitter. If you read Twitter, you think that Joe Biden couldn't run for Dog Catherine Wilmington? That's that's the impression that one got so I dont want to predict anything. I do. I just think we all have to be sort of humble about trying to predict where things are going because there's The reality shifts so quickly and what would seem so obvious today. Was so not obvious a week ago. I'm sure there are people who are saying that an abiding and come back, but we didn't very much so steed you're, looking at some of the numbers and the road ahead for Bernie Sanders as you try not to catch up to Joe Biden Sunday think he'd have to do forty eight hours ago really focus on the policies show made a reference earlier to the fact that as well as binding as done as much as five net contributors own success, when you look at those eggs, because you see the voters clearly preferred a more modern approach to the so called revolution,
democratic socialism. Sure motors completely understand what actually burning is for. So I want to give us some idea of what Bernice Fraud Foreign put some numbers around that arts charts. So if you look at it in its broadest perspective in terms or Bernie Sanders, would do the size of the government. He would literally while the size of the government from twenty two percent of GDP at the moment to forty three GDP under his plan over ten years forty three sense of every dollar that circulates through the american economy or pass through the hands that is higher than it was at the end of world two when we were in full warm mobilization effort, just to give you a sense of perspective, even Elizabeth Warren, who took obviously a lot of incoming for her positions on expansionary governed policies, would have all Greece, such a thirty four percent, and if you want some other contacts. Joe Biden is talking about a one and a half a percentage point increase in the size of government to twenty four percent
and that compares also to something like a half a percent that Hillary Clinton propose that John Kerry proposed that others. Asserting their campaigns aware to hold another world here. So if you look at why how we get there needless to say, or maybe, not surprisingly, to say, Medicare for all clocks in at the biggest piece of this. It's about half, thirty trillion dollars. Out of the fifty cent. Trillion dollars that Bernie Sanders wants to add the federal spending over them, years the green New deal clock, senator team trillion dollars, and then you, a whole array of smaller things, you'll remember his free conniston. For all. You will remember: Universal Childcare, Yolande, remember eliminating student debt and so oh, very worthy objectives, but all costing fifty seven trillion some summits even higher as much as a hundred trillion over Ex ten years. So where is the money going to come from? He's proposed a bunch taxes is proposed, raising individual taxes, including payroll taxes, partly in the theory. People won't have to spend as much on health care
proposed a wealth tax and there is well on the corporate side raising court, rates again, all kinds of financial transactions tax and so on, half of his savings. But the biggest thing is that he does not pay for half of his plan so but has fifty seven trillion dollars is unpaid for watch me that ends up in the budget deficit, which means up and it ends up in the federal jet, which means that the that today, which is roughly eighty percent of GDP for her forty percent of GDP under his plan more than twice trillion dollars of new debt. You know Eddie Smog. Every concerns like myself are concerned about that growing debt concerned about trumps mass of deficits allotted Democrats. Art is concerned. I think it's safe to say, By what I've heard over the past several days from democratic voters has been, Much like what people are saying
Britain, several months ago, Jeremy Corbett was running That is the disbelief. And in these promises were were never going to get. This he's promised Zella. Pie in the sky things, and we understand in America not free no way he's going to be able to deliver so why should I waste my vote and so why I felt that it should because the hearing for several months of Bernie Sanders is not Jeremy carbon that we can draw a parallel between those men, but I would say, This morning is really back on the wreckage of Bernie Sanders. Last week, I think that's exist actually where we can go. Then numbers just doubt add up well joy that we can debate that particular analogy, but I want to say this that one of the more more insidious features of our contemporary political environment. The all out assault on our imaginations and what I mean by
That is that we seem to imagine that the only thing that is available to us is that which is right in front of us that we can't seem to think outside of Cardenio ideological box. It's I understand what Steve is putting forward, but the scale of the crisis that we face think about the green new deal. We have to think about that proposal in light of the fact that the car the crisis is that its other at pitch height. But we think about free student of relieving student debt, think about how our generation is in some ways buried. So why don't we do this? Why don't we have politicians and actually think put together a plan, that actually is realistic. That can be paid for or even without your taxes, yes even say say: we have to raise taxes, we gotta cut the defence budget by a hundred billion dollars. Why we have leaders come forward with plans that actually can add a United States Senate instead of just shoot set of just shooting out these pie in the sky, ideas that will never
state Senate instead of shooting out these pie in the sky, ideas that will never pass the Senate you're right. I'm just saying we don't need to look at things right in front of us, but come on it is not an either or you can. You can find somebody who actually has fought full approaches. The dog caused fit Your sixty trillion dollars, which we don't have white so Duke have? You could actually do that think about what happened to Elizabeth WAR at the moment in which put forward a plan to pay for her Medicare for all opposition, and we heard that the folks, the Lahti liberals like steel, right, but I'm just getting copper decide, not reassignment Radner, simply attack hermetically for all players, because so the number is added value, and I learned something else, this railway and all the thing is that we have actually what we say we don't have. I think we do because if we go up baby, you know that is he issue goes? Oh, it's gonna cost thirty trillion dollars and guess what we're not going away
taxes on middle class, voters, that's just alike, and everybody knows that so lie. So if I'm going to go, why would I for her. If she says she's going to raise to spend thirty trillion dollars, but taxes are- to be raised on middle class Americans? You know, that's not true, and I know that such right. Our planet suggested that she couldn't you wouldn't raise it, but I think. Absolutely right. We need to be honest with the american people about the scale of the sacrifices that we have to make in order change the course of the years, but we have to break the cycle. Ok, but we also have to be honest about what this plan is. This is democratic socialism. This is taking the government to be forty five percent of the entire economy, Steve Guy.
Yeah and what I think you are more important to think about this in terms of an extension of what new deal Democrats actually actually took themselves digital so far, bigger than that, we took the so far a new deal. If we took what fifty are trying to do in them in his period and try to apply it in terms of real dollars today, it will probably they would probably even more expensive. That's up What state? I'm just trying to say what you I'm trying to say to you the scale of the problem that we vitamins, brightens Response Clinton's response carries response is not sufficient. That means just not sufficient. I dont disagree with that, but let's come up with a plan that makes sense that we can pay for. We can afford and will keep the economy going because it the course of doing all this. We bring it we doubt that doesn't solve any problems either. Ok, I know who we can talk to you about this, We continue the conversation. Hey it's critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Coral Burg strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these
things get out there and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really. They. Often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago that switch flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book, they principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for, why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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