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As New York State edges closer to 200,000 cases of the coronavirus, the state is now recording over 10,000 deaths. The panel discusses.

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Nobody knows the system better than me. Which is why I love and can fix it and the powers of the president are very substantial and will not be questioned. Iran is a different place that, when I took over when I took over the United States, when I took over a military, we didn't have ammunition feeling somebody's the president of the United States. The authority is total and that's so it's gonna be. As I trust at an early date yesterday is March toward authoritarianism. Be tried, good morning and welcome to morning Jeremy that do more day he tried and the thing is he he's done this before and I know we we differ here. I know you very very concerned when he talks like that about the constitution
On the contrary, I am actually mainly concern for his mental health and also extraordinary. I feel very, very badly whenever speaks outweigh Willie for people, a pen, we have to walk around in shame every day that he graduated from their college, Knowing no more about history. Are the cards the tunisian or Madame Sony and democracy than he does is Getting any is just blathers for years. Article two gives me all the power I need and then you'll have tromp apologist going well. Let's not exactly what he meant to show our fire and he just keeps going back. The saying here ultimate power? present the United States, and he did it again. Yesterday now was such a perfect snapshot of the Trump years because you had pressed.
And from saying yes, authoritarian, something that was authoritarian. We're not surprised. He said that because we just laid out, he said, things like that over and over again, but the reason I say it's a perfect snapshot is a Republican. My pen a lifelong conservative step to that podium and was asked the same question. Do you agree with the president's view that his power is Adam The loot that when someone is presently United States, the authority is total. You could see swallow a bit and said: yes, the president's powers, our quota plenary, which means there such ambled a lot in this serpent way is that you had not only the president but the enabling from the vice President air, along with with Joe Willie in May. We have MSNBC National Affairs analysed co host shirt times. The circus, editor in chief of the recount John Harmon, Big NEWS in politics to talk about, and basing news correspondent Carol led joins us as well. We're gonna get to president drums
campaign rally, masks masked as a corona virus breathing just a moment and claims of having total authority after a month of say, The states bear all the response. I have responsibilities. Tattoo should look at the council's, usually get. I can't do it it's a constitution and then suddenly it so funny. Yesterday afternoon. You called me up, You said a Cuomo is holding a press conference for the other governors and trumps. Go crazy, gaudy mean said well since he's given them the power there taking the power and, of course, their goal. Figure out when the reopened there, their states Economic earnings gather to leave work together. The latter always gets till I'm, since he won't leave em them yesterday. He completely melted down and went out full Orban
and started yapping like an authoritarian, wanna, be somewhere else. I gotta be covering the devastating impact the corona virus is having on the core. Of the S S Rosa that sad story almost six hundred members of the five thousand station to Bore the Roosevelt, have tested positive for covered Tina now a sailor has died from corona virus related complications. We'll talk about that? and we're also following a huge story in the political world in Wisconsin, a liberal Challenger has defeated a republican incumbent for a seat on the risk nonsense. Supreme court of victory that will have in enormous implications for the November elections. We will explain that ahead as well, but we begin with the Koran virus death toll in New York State, which is now or past ten thousand people six
Britain, seventy one new Yorkers died on Sunday, which is about one hundred less than the day before this It continues to edge closer to two hundred thousand. Virus cases as the dizzying death rate and but trend downward. Governor Andrew most says, the worst of this nightmare might be over, but will never be forgotten. Twenty seven hundred lives were lost in nine eleven and nine eleven changed every new Yorker who was in a position to appreciate day what happened And the number of lives lost lives lost was horrific after nine eleven, then Grief was horrific. We are a ten thousand deaths. We can control the spread, feel good about that. The worst is over. If we then you'd be smart. Going forward
Please remember: we have the hand on the valve. U turn that bad, too fast you'll see number jump right back. What have we done? requirements in a little bit. This warning, but Willie these these counts wildly and accurate doktor got lab, tell Rachel, I worry that our numbers are just as an accurate as China's maybe less, because we done community wide testing, so the numbers or allow when you look at the infections, but from what I ve been talking to health care officials. Talking to you two new Yorkers talking the reporters on this story. They all say the same thing: the death count is also dramatically under undercut it because so many people are just dying our homes that never get to the hospital. They don't want to go into the house
and we will never now. He will take a task. We will never know how many people are dying and have died from this disease. Without question talk to any doctor in any city, and they will tell you exactly what you just said Joe, which is that Some all you and I both know people who had it, but we're didn't get tested either because they couldn't get a test. They didn't why waste a test on themselves when they knew seeing their homes that they had it and they just wrote it out. So we know without testing the numbers. Exe eventually higher and also, as you say, the number of deaths, people who have been told the hospital people can't go to the hospital because they weren't showing certain signs statehood. Died at home. We know that something that they're looking at New York until terms total number of deaths, and until we have testing nation wide testing. We will never know. We will never know how many people have this. We will never be
begin to get our arms around it and we are nowhere. Clothes is the president boasts about having the most raw number of tests in the world, the two million or so, but in a country of three hundred thirty. In people, we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the extent of this problem. So talking about going back to work when we have no, I We even has it in this country. Only the number of people who testing I've been there aren't any enough tests. That's enough won't be enough for a long time until we get testing. You know John A higher, but I dont know if, as a young child, you ever put your hand on a hot stuff, but I can tell you for young children who
who are these she'll do that perhaps, but I can already routinely routine went on my yeah. In fact, that's why you're in the kitchen right to get used to adjourn eggs just make himself feel alive, but anyway child sticks stove, most learn. That, apparently, is not the case some promised in the media who are trying to hawk their box or one people who are a member of the most extreme elements of the trunk called to go to their websites where, because a lot the mistakes that these trump apologists for me throughout January and February and March, saying that this was all overrated in. Coverage was a hoax or who is saying it Just like a flu. They stop saying that right
When suddenly people started dying the way they started in that vein, they took their hand the hard stove we ve been through renders two or three weeks now, some. Are starting to put their hands on the hard stove again, some of the very p I don't even mention their names because I don't I don't want to. I don't want to promote them, but they used to be Orton Voices on the right, some of them even worked in the Reagan administration. Now they're going back the whole yarn that oh, it's just a flu its. The blue. I wish all these White House people and all of the twelve people they say it's just a flu. I'd love them if they really feel that way to get all their family and all of their loved ones. Together, they can throw you poverty in a born. They can invite thousand other people and film it
if they really believe that, of course, they're not going to do that- and I dont want them to do that, because I actually care about whether Americans live or die from this corona irish room. What for me? After all, we ve been through, to listen, there's somebody that used to have a shred of respect on the right side, This is nothing more than the flu and they're going back to them now and there are starting to say, oh say: look, it's not two million deaths. It's not thousand, that's it sixty thousand bats. Well, of course, that's first wave, we don't know how many deaths will be, but this is not the flu twenty five people are dying here and veterans are getting wiped out there and six hundred, maybe shipmates on down the Roosevelt, have it this is a pan dimming
They keep going back for more, some of them on the same media outlets they get in trouble for lying. The old people to senior citizens to the infirmary first time around right. It's sick, pathological Joe and you know, we ve seen it all her tromp here, but the consequences were not as great as they are now, and I think it's one the things that we have to really be concerned about right now, a combination of things. One of them is that, if it is the haste that we end up with the estimates, turn out to be right that in this way at least that we only end up with only I say, only end up with sixty thousand deaths instead of honor thousands, so two thousand doubts that the missing there is that the reason that will have happened is because of the extreme social distancing, metric measures that were put in place and so that that's the the lesson is we shut the account
me down. We shut down most of the states in the country and it works to flattened the curve in those places, not that the virus wasn't as dangerous as we said, but that we were able to affected taking these dramatic actions, but instead some of the people you are talking about an apparently it looks increase. Like the present, the United States are going to say hey. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all, and now we can get back to get back to business and in that is going to be an incredibly dangerous scenario. We all agree that that that Donald Trump does not have the capacity to open or close out the states that those states within states it is, but the reality is present has enormous influence, especially with red state governors, those governors, her Donald Trump, say: hey it's Tom. It opened up for business they're, going to open up for business and that could put at risk the lives of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans, because of course we do know, we are all one country and they could hit those states harder, but it can factor-
The other states to absolute may well make a good not only put those people's lives risk, and it will it well and as we as we heard yesterday, not just on the coast, but in a Heartland America, where where for the money? pardon some world communities. People are all during their healthcare systems are not as good because they too has been got from Washington over the past five years, but Meeker also. The second part of that is economy, I'm scared to death for small business owners who were told. Ok. Now you can open up your store half in the second wave, classically heart descending hammered. I dont know if single doctor, the doesn't say some second wave is coming in the far right. We don't know, we don't know how big it's going to be could be very bad. We have to prepare well Are our governor set our working on filling the void and leadership that the president left for them? States on the country's EAST and West Coast are forming regional pacts to coordinate ray
winning society from the stay at home orders each has issued the first announcement yesterday on the EAST coast, where new year Governor Cuomo, said his state along New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode, island and such use, its each plan to name a public health and economic official to help with the reopening plan. Each governors chief of staff will also be a part of the group later in the day California, Washington in Oregon, also announced they would be joining forces to plan. Is stay at home restrictions. The group said they will study days. And research from other countries in order to come up with a consistent plan, well Private made their announcements just hours after president trumped declared on twitter that it is his to and to decide when to open up the states, wonder if he heard about these councils that are being set up and just felt very left
adding that he is working closely with the states and that a decision, would be made shortly then came the president's career. The virus press briefing. Wow, though, longest and most combative to date, where he lashed out at the press disputed reports that he was slow to respond to the pandemic and then defended. His call to have broad executive authority over the states. What program in the constitution gives the president the power to open our clothes stay economies in numerous provisions will give you any legal, Griffith Schools, constitution, states that have wondered businesslike rested at Essen because referred, I let that happen, but if I wanted to, I could The president of the United States has the authority to do what the President the authority, which is very powerful. The president of the United States calls the shots they
do anything without the approval of the president. When somebody's the president of the United States, the authority is total and that's so it's got. The authorities of total, when someone is present in the United States, their authority is total. That is not true, where to write up papers. On this issue gotta be necessary because the guy There is need us one way or the other, because ultimately it comes with it RO government, that being so we're getting along, very well with the governors, and I feel very certain that there will be probably a place you have the authority to decide when their stay You know why, because I don't have to enough place
wow there is a lot more melting down than we showed you they're, not if it had a lot of new information, editor and news value, there was actually let's zero votes, be. Let's we clear, no news coming from Nothing new much ass today, very you out of very outside out of himself side of himself and anger. He these payment orders. There was this strange little video, so bad on taxpayers Only all our the White House is time. Staff members actually edited today together a video, we're soundbites were taken out of context and graphics were made to attack the media. This is what the and you know what makes you got. Do you don't make money about Jonah virus time, this sweeping sort of orchestra in the background that you play during can pay watchin. Does that I'm gonna? Are you kidding me? This was Salazar taxpayers, Meda,
and pay mad for Donald Trump, the air, at this brief and then his top scientists were so they're watching video instead of do what they need to do to save lives. So, let's see you ve got. Yours scientists at your to our press conferences? You won't invoke the defence production act to actually cord it's something national, your power. You won't do that and then say, is all on the governor, so the governor step up they stay Bob and they try and help they step up to fills a void in leadership that you left wide open and that you told was on them and now you're free out. This is truly pathetic, but sad for Americans who are struggling through this. Need so much more from the present. Of the United States and the White House, the people in the White House who work for him carefully. Is there any
formation that you have heard as to what was behind this beyond the odds, as the governors out shining, the president of the United States, well part of it, is that what the President thing really fit, what he wanted agenda to be, which is to open, the economy. And what with though remarkable about yesterday, is that for weak. When we're not issuing stay at home orders for recrossed their state and everything. Third, and our call for the president to issue a national day at home. Mundane should not even an order, the pregnant with saying he didn't have the authority to tell the days what to do and yesterday- and this is just a week before his press ever thy asking this question and that all I dont ADA with the constitution that usually I can't do that and now is the only after day saying that he has absolute authority.
To tell the state what to do. Men really heed. What are you trying to do here is every bit as important, fanned the constitution you did as an excuse for what he wants to do, whatever that is before it was that even at the authority, now that it is that he has the absolute authority and what we ve seen as you know that talking about is that while he was saying he didn't have he couldn't come in and help take what he wasn't gonna as your recommendation, not even in order that they had. She said how mortars that Facebook, it upon themselves to basically caught him out any not part of that conversation, and now it is a situation where new staff for ITALY, one you some sort of economic opening beginning on May r, and he needs savage to do for him, but he, actually doesn't: have the authority to tell them to jail, because, though I determined to add some sort of economic opening on May first, because these worried frankly about what
you're gonna do this election in November There. There are a couple of things said speaking of November. There couple things actually upset the president and, of course, the New York Times call this past week in the list of of the dates all the receipts. All the president's screw up. There is a wash only days of dead, the ring. I forget the exact headline: what it was last week. Seventy days of dithering, I forget the exact headline when it was seventy days of dithering also Comments and Willie Mays no mistake. This is a present that fills the walls. Closing in Pennsylvania is Biden, contrary good luck and grant. Mr President, a good luck in the suburbs fillies I'm sure the suburbs of Pittsburgh also right now very concerned at Europe. For handling of this he's insulted the gum Michigan who is wildly popular their water.
Collar by your name and then was cards and we're gonna get to those elections and a second, but will he kept talking about what he did on on his toothless shy. A ban at the end of January, which was pathetic. Forty thousand people came and after that toothless ban, but just really quickly. I'm just gonna run down. These quotes really quickly. On February tat, he said at the White House, were in great shape. We have twelve cases eleven cases and many of them are in shape now on seven twenty third gamble, a month later, he said we have very much under control in this country on February. Twenty fourth Colonel viruses, very much under control you say on February twenty six, we're at a low level as they get better. We take them off the list. Prettiest
we're going to be down to only five people that was on February twenty six. Of course, we know now how many people have died in America February, twenty six, he goes and again when you have fifteen people, and the fifteen people within a couple days is going to be down close to zero. That's a pretty good job that we ve done close to zero, how many Americans have died of this now I mean really twenty two thousand twenty twenty two thousand February twenty six, he said we're going down, not up at a press conference February, twenty seven he's it's going to disappear one day: it's like a miracle. It will disappear. That's February, twenty! Seventh, that's like almost a month after he's, he claims that he's doing. All these great things with its toothless China Ban on March the seventh he says: I am not concerned at all. No, we do not agree.
I am not concerned it all on Mars, satanic. These had we're doing a great job with it It will go away, just stay calm, it will. Go away Willie, and that was and I was a march and yet willing more people have died since then, then died on nine. Eleven. The died in both rock wars, the died in the Afghanistan WAR and the present was saying laid in the February quote not concerned at all we can read those quotes all morning if you want to go back to late January and CNBC when the President United States, that we have it totally under control as one person in China on February the tenth when he said April, whether comes, is going to warm up and miraculously this thing will go away. There is no question that he downplay This for months and months, and we should have been ramping up- testing getting people in hospitals. That's just a fact:
and none of that was in the campaign video that he played in them If in Rome yesterday that left out effectively in the entire month of February with portions of March, in some of that late January, quota nations that I mention it. Wasn't. There that entire briefing was a refutation of that New York Times, peace at attempted reputation. Your time space tat made him so angry, here's an exchange with President Trump and at sea. As for poor, about all the quotes, you just read the ones I cited that were left out of that video did you do with a time in February? We? What about you? What do you do when you have no case at a whole United States? When you she's me, you reported it zero cases, zero deaths. On January. Seventy
you, I say one January and love life and in fact, will give you a list. What we did in fact, part of who is up there. We did a lot, you know, you're a fake. You know that you're holding work that what you covered his face make that's it president, does when there is no good answer to that question. You bark down at the reporter Paula, read their of of c, as there is no answer he put in that I will restrict in which has just said I was full of holes and let forty thousand people are so back into the Eu S. They did nothing February, and therein lies the problem fundamentally their guys when he says we had zero deaths. No problem. What would you have done? Well, the entire point of this is doctor, fetching doktor, Bert so it is to continue on that trajectory not to take your foot off the gas, the list those members who say: ok, we're good Lex problem. Nano you put in place,
these policies that keep the number low you don't put in one toothless travel and walk away and care Lee. You have also, of course, its entry into CBS Report When was it a month ago, a month and a half ago, what CBS porter was talking to Kelly Conway about this and Kelly, Conway said its complete its contained in. Are you a doctor and started yelling at her and said it's contained? It's completely contain than us can exploded. The same time. Larry cod low said that the current events Whose contained them now twenty thousand deaths later here we and ourselves for the present wanting to pretend that the month of February didn't happen. Go and he's really just hung on to the China Ban and, as you pointed out, there were a number of whole and visit. Probably a man he initiated
in January and a new problem then, and when the present regulation that video yesterday the briefing room they, Maggie Haber men of the New York Times doing an interview I can say that talking about the effectiveness of the ban on China, what they cut out- and she was right about this- is that what she said was that the present in acting as if this was a mission accomplished Mahmoud, is really just be eroded on mad and completely ignored everything out. That could have been done and should have been done in the week after that info. Every time we are in these briefings any confronted with what you didn't do he always revert back to the ban on travel to China and, yes, it was important, but it wasn't the only thing He should have done and could have done end and a leader couldn't created in higher other video of all of the boat at you. You I'll just mention that would painted dramatically different,
picture and the present. What are you trying to do is what it always does when you feel back into a corner, and I think that it is whether that gonna work this time and it doesn't seem like it is. It definitely Charolais. Thank you so much. You definitely saw the the president backed into a corner yesterday, and you see what Hence I mean he just starts talking about all of us power next like a little baby to you His language, I just want to read a tweet before we go to break loose. Change, felt the need to tweet yesterday evening, the federal Government- does not have absolute power, and then she got it from there institution the powers not gala delegated to the nodded dates by the constitution nor prohibited to this day? so reserved to the states respectively or to the people, and I think the president really at this point- is gonna, find that he's
hit a wall. If he thinks that he's king of America heavenward, I wonder if Donald Trump, whose I built under that's a rhetorical question, whether that's a tenth amendment IKEA that hanging outside of my office at one twenty, seven Cannon House office buildings. Let's get to know that there is some Republicans who actually still believe still, I had on morning chose a governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo joins us, but first we reported on this was S Theodore, Roosevelt last week after commanding officer was fired for warning about the corona virus spreading on board his ship now a sailor is dead and some six hundred are second with the virus. We'll talk to retired forced our admiral James to read us next on morning, Joe it is being contained. And do nothing is being contained in a locker or what you said you said is not being contain. So are you a doctor,
When you say it's not being contained? That's of ours, which is not true here, you ve won its tremendous into American in our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet to see just how creative some people are getting to keep them easy going. What happened is how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs or cancelled clubs are closed and school concerts? Arkell off. When people listen to music, there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same You hear that can stop the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits up we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your pockets.
Welcome. Back till morning, Joe a sailor assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt has died from corona virus related complications. The Navy now That news yesterday, it is the first death of a sailor from the virus stricken carrier that was for the darkened Guam last month, the Navy said also. The first virus cause death of an active service member in all. Nearly six hundred members of the five thousand station to board the Roosevelt have tested positive for covert nineteen. All have been removed from the ship and are now living in isolated quarter. On Guam forward specialized over the weekend, but none in intensive care you'll. Remember the outbreak, led to the removal of Captain Brett Crozier. After his letter, demanding action from the Navy was leaked to the press shortly thereafter, acting secretary, Maybe Thomas Motley resign after he costs taxpayers, quarter of a million dollars to fly to the ship to insult Captain Crozier to his own crew
John now, former NATO Supreme, Allied Commander retired forced our Navy, Admiral James differ cs, chief, international security and diplomacy, analyse for NBC News and MSNBC Admiral surveillance is great to have you on. You have commanded a carrier strike group yourself. You know what it's like to lead. A group of men aboard ship like this. It seems to me that death we saw yesterday is exactly what Captain Crozier is worried about what he warned about and what he was fired for it's exactly right, Willie and let's first, why is this? Why do we have six hundred sailor sets ten percent of the crew. So I think that a just get nationally for you somewhere around thirty five million cases we ve United States had somewhere around thirty five million cases full of got about five hundred thousand, so the carrier is full of your nineteen. Why is that?
except treatment with fifteen people living in it there packed in there are sailors are in these burning compartments, which turns heck in there are sailors, are in these burning compartments which turning into place, where corona virus simply multiplies. Captain Crozier knew that he saw that coming. I believe he first went to the chain of command. He didn't get sufficient action from all I can see, will have an investigation. That'll tell us exactly what happened, but then he did what I think commanding officer should do he put the wealthy and safety was true firms, because we are not at war. If we were at war, we would fight through it would fight with ten percent of the greek ill. We could do that we're not at war the it made the right called pushing the navy to take that ship off line. It is
gradually that that sailor died, but everything that has happened in my view, validates what Captain Crozier attempted to do admiral, I obviously he was making that plea. Captain Crozier when it went public out of desperation because you didn't think he was getting support. He needed up the chain of command, as you point out as you, back on it, should he have acted any differently at all- obviously acting secretary mildly, flew halfway around the world to board that ship and do what he thought. I think the president trumpet on him to do it turned out. He was wrong about that in trashing. That then, who was beloved by his crew, who was cheered as he left the ship after being relieved as its command did. Captain Crozier anything wrong? In your view, as someone who has commanded one of these ships yourself, I see the results of the investigation that tell us exactly what relief was offered to captain Crozier afore he'd launched that
Miss missile of a letter, and should he have kept that in classified an yes, I think you should have. Should he add a narrow distribution of that letter strictly to his chain of command. Yes, he should have in desperate, should, instead of a broadly release letter, he could have picked up the phone and called the chief, a new laptop and called the Secretary of the Navy in steady, took a very public push. He must have felt that that was what was required to keep his crew safe. So he would probably say. Look. I took those chances. I knew my career was at risk, but I did what I felt I had to do for my through, and you know when I see that video of hundreds, if thousands of his crew members cheering him ass. He left the ship. I think that that success, In our view, certain can walk off T our Roosevelt legacy of president. Roosevelt we just head held high.
Role now, six hundred sailors aboard that ship have a Joe and that one of them has died Joe. So our let's just look at the crisis. It we're facing. There's we see a lack of leadership. Come out of the White House. I ain't even many of Donald Trump Sound supporters. What agree with added it's just erratic frightening how lost well over a month in February, as as we ve gone through. The timeline every scientist every doctor says we can expect this to re emerge in the fall. You have been in charge of life in so many men and women even in charge of logistics. Why tell me RO. How would you handle this crisis strikes
today? Planning for not only to re open the country, but also to look forward to the fall and prepare for the second wave of this pandemic chills. First and foremost, I would emphasise what we ve all been talking about, which is in now snow level. Campaign of testing into weakened, in our eyes literally and see what's in front with some certainty, we're not gonna make the right choices, first and foremost is testing. Secondly, keep the foot upon the pedal of treatment so that we can have How motives that reopening the country is the testing. Regime, coupled with a treatment regime, then you put it in a rolling weighed, and it is like a military campaign, you have to have goals. You have time wines you're going to move ITALY and safely and then turned third and finally, I would
courage, leadership to be thinking about what kind of military doing this would seem just the edge that with comfort and mercy, some deployment so our national guard. As you know, there are one point: two million young men and women all volunteers predisposed to serve others in the military. Today there are eight hundred thousand reserved, It's an enormous force. If we were thinking now about that second way, we could think coherently How we can employ all adds that to help us in I think it's almost inevitably a second wave, but one that we will be vastly better prepared to deal with so I will. Finally, then obviously there are people who in several countries who consider themselves to be enemy. The United States of America are going to look, for. Weaknesses are going to look possibly do attackers and weeks When we are down. What's the greatest man,
security threat other than this pandemic that you would be telling the present to be prepared for another conventional in answer to that would be watch out for China which seems to have made the turn more swiftly than we have coming out of it. So there we can't really trust your numbers. Tell you what I would watch for. I would watch for cyber and cyber attack for reasons one is were constantly vulnerable in this song, but now is so many of our businesses are economic processes. Are military activities indeed are shifting over into the cyber sphere, as we put everything on line creates a new on your ability, it won't just be China. Russia is very
IRAN quite capable North Korea, not bad watch for cyber as a threat based on the wing were shifting the economy. At the moment I retired forced our admiral James to Britain thank you so much and coming up President Trump insists. He alone can reopen the country Eugene nonsense as a different group has the power we, the people, we have all read from genes new column, just had on the morning of talking about that Wisconsin result. Is me really shocked the White House? and people are obvious. Was ordered the twenty twenty election
hey Guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours Last week the Republican led Wisconsin legislature, backed by conservative majority courts, forced the state, hold an election in the middle of a national health emergency, a pandemic Dubai ended up winning the state over Bernie Sanders that democratic primary, but it's the result other raised that is, most notable. Liberal challenger Jill Karate defeated republican incumbent, Daniel Kelly for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Despite president terms, The horseman of Calais, with ninety percent of the returns counted Carrasco
I was to a four three: the conservative majority on the non partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court with the next day. To a four three, the conservative majority. And the non partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court with the next sate up for election in twenty twenty three, the core, expected soon to decide a case that seeks to purge more than two hundred thousand people from with nonsense voter roles, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued to stay yesterday saying they are disappointed in Kelly's laws and accuse Democrats of attempting to rig like what I dare say I'm sorry, China, home and you staring John John. You know in the immortal words of forest Gump stupid is as dies and in this case stupid. That would be the woods constant republican Party force people to go out and vote
the middle of a pandemic, believing that it would lower turn out and would allow rags a republic so they could purge roles now with one concern the voting with the two, Liberals in that three three three deadlock case: now we have that ramification that that voting rights case actually may favour the voters, and maybe there won't be that massive voter purged Republicans in Wisconsin wanted to do, but also man, you look at Canosa, you ve timorous, it we're alive did say: twenty twenty is about. Was concept, was constantly carts and more specifically, Canosa commotion, oh sure, can now show with big for the democratic candidates. Yeah, I mean Joe, I say not just stupid is a stupid does, but stoop
Or does the is stupider does and in this case stupider was Donald Trump. I think you may remember, on the Friday, before scheduled Wisconsin election doll trouble. The Daily Whitehouse briefing, the show that we look at every day he got up and that the reason that the governor wanted to cancel or post the election was because he Donald Trump had that day. First in a very strong way, Kelly, the Republican who was in that Supreme Court election for the for the chief justice and Trump of course made the totally implausible that day that he had endorsed him that morning, and that is, pull numbers had already shot through the roof over the course of the subsequent three or four hours, since he issued the endorsement another totally inanity from Donald Trump, but tat was his position. I endorse this today. His pole number shot through the room for now. The governor wants to shut down the selection. Well, it turns out that the governor did in fact trial
This probably election on grounds of public health. The Wisconsin Republicans but in the state legislature and in the Supreme Court role? for that that order from governor even worse, they held the election and low the whole look: what happened? Donald Trump endorsement didn't turn out to keep that that Supreme Court's he didn't republican hands In fact, the opposite thing has happened and, as you just pointed out with this new democratic Jill Karasowski on the core, and the one conservative justice siding with liberals on this motor purge question, you now have a functional for three majority. To not do the purge at that purge two hundred thousand names, what role started at stake in that purge. That could be the difference between Republic since they Donald Trump. Let's be specific, that could be the difference between I'll drop willing Scots and this November and losing in Wisconsin this November, probably the most important state in the should this November. This could turn out to be the decisive thing that keeps republican
for being able to steal this election and Wisconsin. We now have a chance to not have that border purge, take place and have something then approximates affair. Election in Wisconsin. It's a huge moment right now. This thing backfired in the most dramatic way possible, not just not Republicans, but on Donald Trump himself, so journalists about November we know in two thousand. Sixteen the spread was less than twenty three thousand votes that gave that state to Donald Trump Overhead Clinton. If you look at turn out last week, and we get the results in last night that we saw that the new justice headed for Your turn to the Supreme Court, the progressive justice unseating? I took out Walker appointed President Trump back conservative justice there, but what about turn on they're in Milwaukee, for example, one hundred appalling places were taken, that two five polling places people lined up forty hours in the rain in the cold during a pandemic to vote. What does the turn out in,
primary, tell you about what we may see in that critical state in November While I mean look where it's gonna be impossible, really to judge anything on the basis of that that Prime given the unusual circumstances, so many voters who decided to stay away the poles for reasons their health, but even in those in that environment, even in that environment, you saw this overwhelming democratic turn out in the state of Wisconsin, relatively speed the turnout was not as high as that would be better for us and for the back it was taking place a pandemic. But the fact that Democrats robot all these these these that for Democrats, have won a judicial election to that's pretty court in a long time, and it's it's the case that that what if you can't help it look at the fact that so many different That's given this unpalatable choice between protecting their there. Their personal safety and public health in exercising their to vote and they decided to go out and do it anyway, and you saw a lopsided victory in that
race, which was so important, and you saw it across the state. So you know, I think, that If you're Republicans looking at the state, affairs coming out of this truncated, democratic primaries? what we ve seen in January February March now into April as most of primary elections and elections have now been postponed in other states. There's nothing! So, Marge, since the end of citizens February in March and April, there's nothing, you can look at it, you're a Republican in the way the democratic primers played out and now be nervous about the fact that Democrats are incredibly energized incredibly fired up, and you can't help but think that president trumps performance in this pandemic is only going to raise the stakes on this election and drive democratic. Engagement even higher So we ve been saying for some time now those those presidential briefings everyday, actually damage. Donald Trump brand damages is Paul number and and if you're in
spurred fear in the suburbs of Philly and you're. Worried about your parents are grandparents getting this. If, if your in Florida from Florida, where there so many senior citizens and you're worried about your mom and dad getting theirs your grandparents getting this and use that that force- going on in the White House yesterday for over two hours, a president who doesn't whites talk about his concern for the sick, his concern for the dying, but instead just of course talks about himself. It is in it. It's going to be devastating for Paul numbers and make a you can look at what happened was consonant who knows what's going on
in the fall, but I admit, but look at what happened was constant. Look. What's happened, two thousand nineteen special elections look at their historic landslide in the house in two thousand, eight teen look at what happened in two thousand and seven Donald Trump has, it seems, is laws just about every critical raise that he could lose an end even one Republicans when they seem to be underperforming in dramatic, sometimes historic fashion. That happened again yesterday, as we ve been saying for a very long time, Donald Trump is toxic to the republican branding. Look it! I know we have to. But I'm sorry John higher minute, Alex it's going to yell at me, but I just I have to bring this up. I was reading the banger newspaper yesterday and saw that
Susan Collins, a sitting, whether thirty seven percent approval rating and main fifty four percent disapproval and main this is top- is just now so loudly destroying Chance is whether you will get from from main the Arizona this guy is toxic. Yes, I mean look Joe. You just made the point. The reality is that, whatever you think that the strength of items- and everything that we talk about in terms of how he's been able to maintain the loyalty of the core group that support him. The reality is that in twenty seventy twenty eighty, two nineteen and now in the twenty twenty every time, voters have had a chance to try to send it to the vote in plenary. The contents which, what all these are now every election, is about Donald Trump and in every instance. The bullying, the electorate, basically saying we want to cast our vote again, startled trop at and measured in every possible way. Empirically you ve seen it now
we too happy years. It's the new, often say on the show that people say, while Trump doesn't pay a price for all of his is lies in all of his remiss government and all the things we say that he does wrong, but he has paid a price public money, is paid a price consistently now for three and a half years, and I think it's you know it's just if Otmar Republican right now, I'm looking at this Thursday bargain I may what trouble and I'm thinking to myself Susan colleagues must be, oh, my God, the the piper is about come to get paid here and November it it's gonna, be a potentially could be very, very ugly again. A hobby, tromp scandals, John, how meant that the proof was rejected. Rebranded didn't really touched, the american people or his people. But now. The proof is in the suffering that people are feeling today. The proof is, Damn home and you can't hide that John Harmon. Thank you very much. By the way you could approve every days in the testing that
Millions and millions of Americans get em I'll get, and yet they see the president of the United States. Buying every day sang member, more sex, As I said, if you wanted tat, you can get a test sets the same day by why Kelly and Conway said this was contained more sixth also same day that Larry I'd. Love said this was contained, but that's when the present had is his campaign had on any said. If you want to test, you can get a test here. We are in the middle of April. Millions and millions of Americans still cannot get and take you say it for themselves. So, coming up we're gonna have Doktor Dave Campbell joining us he's. Taking a look What's going on in nursing homes across the country also ahead, the pre exist condition in the oval office, how the trump administrations war on science.
The nation vulnerable to this public health crisis. Hey it's critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Birds from, but what we do and don't know about the corona virus. Once these things get out there, and this is going to sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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