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The president on Tuesday accused the WHO of 'severely mismanaging and covering up' the coronavirus crisis, specifically the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China and then announced he was halting funding. The panel discusses.

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Fifteen within a couple of days is gonna, be down to close to zero. That's a pretty good job. With w. I Joe willingly took China's assurances to face value and they took it just at face value and defend the actions of the chinese government, even praising China for its so called transparency there's just some some talk in China that did maybe the transparency is in everything that it's it's going to be. You trust that we're gonna know everything we need to know from China. I do I do have a good relationship with president. You, our countries are now experiencing you look over the world tremendous as an economic the station because those task with protecting us by me, truthful and transparent, fail to do so, and
prepared and we're doing a great job with it, and it will go away. You stay calm, cum, laude ass. We have said before with President tromp: it's either projection or confession. You know, Willie, I don't lecture P On talking too much because I know now its vital irish people on talking to my chair, we pay the pie, that's why it had all gladly kids call living, the glass house throwing rocks, is doing when Donald Trump darted this spill. Yesterday, era, Why did we have what John I M a southerner show some time ago that everything Tromp says is either confession. Our projection criticism we had of the W H. Oh, you can find to close that
he was just as bad or worse and unchecked I mean, as you showed their with comments that he had said. Yes, I believe in their transparency I mean these. These briefings that we're having every day at the White House are her sizes in rewriting history, as if we Don't have the tapes that were showing you every morning and the tweets that we read to every morning showing the positions the presidents had, and I know we'll get into a little bit more, but W H, which obviously has made mistakes and obviously has covered for China and obviously has not been perfect, as as public health officials will tell you He is now the person, the organization that's gonna, be pushed out in front of the bus to come for all those quotes and tweets that we ve been reading to every morning. That show where the president wasn't. All of this. On a high omens where this John confessed should our projection baby and when he started talking about China, I all I could think of
with that January, twenty fourth tweet. He said he talked to President chain and China is doing a great job and there being, so transparent, and we, the people of the United States, are so grateful to the people. Of China for what a great job then she has done and how transparent he's been others January. Twenty. Fourth at this in time all of us, It is in all of our doctors are begging China to tell us more, and this is of course, This is the exact tweet. Mr President, I don't know if you remember it. China's been working very hard to contain the corona virus. The United States, rightly appreciates their efforts and wait for it in, for it wait for it. Transparency all work out well in particular,
half of the american people I want to. Thank president. She there is nothing there is nothing this present his sad are written in this. Riddick lack of leadership that he shot over the past couple months, actually is more off base, then that weight, and these attacking W H show for trust. We cope with twitter again John Ireland, I'd like you to read it form If you're, what I don't know if you have a screen there, but but could you read? This arrests and, let's just let's, I wanna, hear it lie here only get, alas, alas, I do not. I do not ask for they do not yours, and I can only deal with redesigning ass. Aren't I thought I'd love to vary contain the Koran virus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well in particular
we have of the american people I want to thank President. Gee I'm going back to John High among, but but wherever now do you have returned where you or is there any chance? There's no return. You could read, you really believe that force and they only interesting as we made it Joe It says China has been working very hard to contain corona Virus United States. Great We appreciate the efforts and transparency it will all work out well in particular, the american people. I want to thank President Cheat. What is just tell me about that. Is this prayer Sunday Doktor Anthony, found she on pilot exposure. He's very. He told the White House in MID too late January. They ever made from China was wrong and that world facing a serious problem needed this was this was not some
put situation like he said late. It is with some night on politics nation. While she said that to my zeal was that he informed them, because he became a law made too late January, which is around the time of this tweet that the president sent out totally opposite of what Doktor Valley told us tat, Thou Willie, guys since Donald Trump must say that China and present she we're doing such an incredible job. At the same time, his own doc, and scientists were complaining. They were. Actually, not operating at all would send is no samples that we needed that that would help us create a vaccine start that process for start a process to testing. While the present can. The praise China and set everything we're going to work out well for United States, something that he said. My god he's, He said that in March
sir. In New York City, we passed the ten thousand dead more. In New York, city and of course well for twenty thousand in the union sakes after Donald Trump said everything's going to work out well in January. He said, don't about it's gonna magically go away in February gotta go away in April was saying that in February and and and She was still saying: don't worry, we ve got this all under control. Here we are in the middle of April, when the present said this was gonna magically go away, We had our most number of deaths in April. Deadliest day and now we're almost at thirty thousand. Swiftly yeah, By the way, I do have a monitor sum available for any reading that needs to come like the, but he s knees. The the number yesterday is something we talked about actually in New York City. Just yesterday, you and I were talking about how we
actually no, the number of dead and it's probably far greater than we think it is because there are at least than it has been reported, because people are dying at home they're not dying in hospitals, and we gotta look into some of those numbers yesterday, as eighty thousand deaths now have been recorded in the: U S, the number of new debt. Tripled within twenty four hours for more than fifteen hundred new debts. Monday torrents thousand yesterday in the state of New Jersey, where projections had shown signs of improvement. The death toll by more than three hundred fifty people that is needed, the largest single day increase since the outbreak began. Tat grim. Reality is similar now across the U S, including in California, which reported its deadliest twenty four hours Kovac night, that's gripping Washington D C Maryland in Virginia spanning sixty one des across that Metro area Louisa This fight against the virus and similar the growing hotspot now has become the fourth state to x,
one thousand her virus debts fatality rate there nearly doubled the span of just one day and, as I said in New York City S, death toll meagre exponentially shot up by more thirty seven hundred victims yesterday after officials, including those who never tested did it for the virus while they were alive. But now, I presume to have died from it's just that increase alone. Has boosted the total of death in the? U S: nearly seventeen percent our the virus epicenter of the World New York cities. Towering death toll has now cross ten thousand. Despite noting that decrease in total hospitalizations Governor Andrew Cuomo tallied and additional seven hundred seventy eight deaths to the state. Staggering. Number Governor Cuomo also vowed not to engage in a fight with present trump overwork to reopen New York state. Sometimes it's
takes more strange frankly to walk away from a fight, then engage in the past, it will have no fight with me, I will not engage I've said here every day for forty four years, asking new Yorkers to remain, that this is not about me it's about we. This is no time for politics. It is no time to fight I put my hand out in total partnership and cooperation with the present If you want to fight he's, not gonna, get it from me period We haven't talked a whole lot about politics genome, and during this time I mean we didn't even talk about the burning endorse. Joe Biden, which will get to later on today when they bear What's improve. Brok Obama yesterday will get to that as well, but just the politics of this for done,
proper, so bad, and it's not because of a pandemic and its even because of just all of the really stupid things he said from the very beginning the wishful thinking in the ante science things he said the and the pro China. Just those big kowtowing to China impressed she from the start and then the next calling at the wheel, hand, virus and the next day kowtowing to present She again forget all that it. The daily briefings scenario think them don't think of me they should run the daily briefings. But it's it's not that I'm afraid there helping Donald Trump. Just there, not news, but actually hurting Donald Trump Day in and day out, people see Cuomo even lifelong report. I can tell me they look at qualm there like there's a leader. Why? Can't, Donald Trump stop tweeting. Why can
he shot his mouth? Why can't he just do his job obviously those rhetorical questions? He can't do it, but really damaging is political standing by going out every and then aging and clownish behaviour, and that by the way, consort When that conservatives, you can't be conservative in support, Donald Trump, Twa pissed off even saying that now right, I mean You think about this way, Joe. You know you're you're onto something in a situation like this in criticising Donald Trump when the ground agrees with you, and you got some Wednesday gram who never as after the years when he used to criticise Trump ones, Tropical present was grand will never ever ever say anything to you the wrong side of Donald Trump. His job as sole purpose in life is to create favorite Donald Trump to pop up Donald Trump and
Inflate Donald Trump Ego and never say across word, even Lindsey, Graham, is on the record now with reporters trying to send that message. You know the ESA S message with the blinking. Bringing his eyes in the in the hostage. Video is trying to tell Donald Trump Overt ever get. You are screwing this up. These three things are not working for you. You have before you all of your addictions. One, the one to the two being in the kind, the constant spotlight, the fact that truck like who used to say way from that briefing room as if it was you know, as if it was the place. Contained the kryptonite. He just stayed. Never one that briefing room now wants you discovered some how we can go in there and command the stage for two hours a day. He's now is addicted to it, but either oil is a grey area and one is a grandma said you by larger that once a week, but even
it's not helping you. I guess, there's! No one cares no world in which these briefings are helping Donald Trump. I mean it says he could not help himself knew everyone around. I was telling him stop. Eddie jet just cannot resist the lure of those cameras, because one thing is right about a lot of people are watching the Mr President, I understand that the just attack that allow people are watching, doesn't mean that they're not watching and laughing at you were criticising you or angry turning away from you discussed there watching, but that's not they're watching, but that's not necessarily a winning hand. They watch they watch Rex, too, I read their harm, their horrified by the two and the kid the kids and Willie Wonka where they just keep eating and they keep blowing up, and the Democrats have to be like Jean Wilder and the first well. How about this bar? Where Jean? Why There is a running the doors and doing things are not supposed to be doing and blowing G2, while they're going now don't stop
well Democrats after you feel that way because make stuff? No, please stop because he's he's straw in his chance of getting real, acted by doing this every day at a meagre he goes out there and scared the hell out of voters every day by what he's doing and then, when you went out yesterday or the day before, I forget thing was the day before and he said, he's out there like Mussolini by saying the power of the president is complete and I have complete our total effect, which Lowery with them ass or review who price tries to play it down below. As much as he can is as a conservative sectors. Reckless thing any president has the likely ever said from the. Why, and that's the mass or review, and yet our way
You also have people. I bring him talking about how reckless thirsty and how stupid those statements are. You have a lot of people that have done their best to defend Donald Trump when they can defend a man attack liberals when he could attack them just fine giving up on How small you are you shouting by your words, you're, not obsessed These press conferences are bad for America, big they just are, but also their bad. Actually for your political standing here. Paul's aren't dropping because the asinine things you said and JANET. In February and March there not draw because a pandemic has come to Amerika there dropping, Mr President, because now you go on new show small, you are he by your words, you're not upset,
with Americans, who are dying and suffering in items, three making Eric, unsafe and letting return to work here himself, not with years without the loss of life in a way which is something that sorely nursing, why its units riotous damaging whom politically well and any talk about tat, trumpets sore. You know Lindsey or bred here, but I gotta, I gotta, think about the Trump supporter who works in a factory. That is closed, whose wife might be feeling like she might have symptoms to get a test and then they the president. Every nice thing we have more tests in any country in the world. We ve done three million tests, but yet when they call Aren't you get a test, there's no test and they're scared. And I don't know when the next paycheck is going to come in and their walk these are not feeling like it, A clown show their feeling angry there feeling forgotten. These are trumps people there,
and feel this they can see that lies for themselves and President continues to be eager to reopen the economy. Saying yesterday that plants are closed to being finalized, even as health experts worn he is, clay moving too fast. As Joe mentioned yesterday, we showed you his thirty day, evolution from its all up to this it's too. I have total authority. Why don't you? flexibility here all by letting the governors do in theirs. It's pretty much what they want. So you have to look at you have to look at it says you have to give a little bit of flexibility. We have a thing called the constitution, which I cherish number one. And as you know, I want the governors to be running things that the President of the United States has the authority to do what the president as yet which is very powerful, the president the United States calls the shots. They can't do anything.
That the approval of the president when somebody's the president of the United States, the authority is total and that's it the authorities to total God. Yes, he appeared to back away. From his total authority over the states claim saying he'll give them the authority that they, of course, already have. The day will be very close because certain states, as you know, our much different condition and much different place than other states. Going to be very, very close, maybe even or the date of May first so and for some states. Actually, there are over twenty. Better and streamline good shape, and We think we're gonna be able to get them open fairly quickly, and others will follow
we're all set. As I said, the governors are to be opening up this states. You gonna declare when they're gonna know when some can open very very shortly after that, Almost immediately will give a date, but the dates in the very near future. So we'll get it open. Did your stage one. The governors will be held accountable. If Need things will help them get those things, but we want them to do their testing. We want them because they are equipped to do and for some reason, things are happening that we're not gonna like, like the numbers, are heading in wrong direction will have to do so. That's very, very serious will have two may be closed them and start all over again You know he talks about testing. The problem is that testing is the failure on the testing front. It keeps getting worse by the day you look at it per capita clinic citizen there
thing. Is AIDS catastrophic you look again. We gotTa Donald Trump, some county, beach county, the testing is just absolutely that small there, it's abysmal across Middle America, its abysmal on both coasts, You know it's really interesting, doesn't use the GPA to national interesting reverent. Now you have you, have some of these promised talk. Talking about? Let's reopen the economy right now, some real sorry about its open economy. Let's get the economy open as fast as possible. The liberals want to keep it closed its actually. It's the medical providers, medical people, I want to keep it closed until it safe to reopen All of these people that are now, though, is sort of parenting. Larry Cutlass lie. People need to get back to work If they don't want to get back to work, it's cause they don't like working. I don't see these probed tromp media outlets
rushing their people back to work and then of the president that are saying we need to get back to work. People not rushing back to work. Many of them are but master gloves, hiding reckless irresponsible things in the press about quickly tell the government. The Wall Street Journal editorial page blamed. The law RO media. Keep things. Are you kidding me? Where is what Street journal editorial staff rushing into work. Today there is no than I class thing this go at? I'm sorry, you're going out, and none of the trunk stirs up. The big supporters of the breast then that are saying we need to get back to work there rushing back to work. Many of them are now at home homeward mask gloves on hiding under the bed while they travel everybody else to go back to work, and I think that the President
we saw demonstrated his fragile ego because some of the governor stepped forward and started doing what they supposed do governing he stand for. Anyone else take centre stage, so he Russia's out there in products It was easy go. The other part was a distraction, something you ve been saying on new show almost every morning did this Gee, as is to ignore full dying and ignore how they have not govern this right and less pick fight. So we are so you distracted in that thing. Andrew qualm, while Governor New York was break to say: I'm not gonna, give you afraid, I'm not going to give you a distraction when I was a youngster was very much Mohammed Ali, who did get to know, and he had a strategy, call rural put dope and that's what who Cuomo did to president drop it lean back. Instead, you punch yourself out, I'm not going to exert
the energy- I won't, let you punch yourself out and that's what we are seeing a rope dope at the White House. Some people learn the hard way in the new year. Bio, film, bad education, Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR, in his interview yesterday and enduring his own briefing after our use of you know what I mean I fight now too much work to do in the state. All Hugh Huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work- and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni, their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank, prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green.
Utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting Cast Klute Re Romano and Geraldine This one Nathan Film, Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad. Streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts. Arkell, off when people listen to music there. Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music the importance of music is to keep. Our spirits
we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress, the governor showed his frustration to us in his interview yesterday and enduring his own briefing There are issues of you know what I fight now too much work to do in the state of New York. Let's to the White House and be seen is corresponding HANS. Nicholls is standing by their four. Sounds good morning so made verse. The president said that he wants to open some parts of the economy whatever that means exactly. What will that look like? Is there a strategy there? Is that, just as a signal to some people who have been putting pressure on him to reopen pieces of the economy, Oh there's always signalling with President Tromp, where I think that's pretty clear need not just yes, favorite throughout the entire crisis, he's tried to send different messages to different people. What I heard today was it at least four parts of the country in April, and I tried to press the president that, if that
means he's really stopping in slow this bread, which is home to go through, May one he set out. We not only with, nobody actually saying- and that is the individual states- get to make these decisions in consultation with the federal government. Clearly, that president is back to being a federalist, you guys show those quips letting the statesmen. Decision presidencies, we suggest that certain states could be opening in the month of April and it's not just a handful one point said twenty another point. He came up to twenty nine so too Yesterday's breathing was more about what the president didn't do and that is he didn't try to wait. His future is fights with these governors. Remember tweet. We had midmorning about media underbody. Captain Blind didn't show up that pressure. You say that was dervish trying to be friendly president. Now there's a guy exception that, and that is going after
the debate show international how of organization in the time that there is an international health crisis. The president didn't articulate why he's punishing potentially millions even billions of people around the world that rely on. Show for bureaucratic errors at headquarters. He didn't articulate bad and inside the administration. They think that they can maybe funnel some money around and go directly. Some of these countries that may need it that's exceedingly the call in the middle of a pandemic. Will we mention right there, their clear problem, but the debate show. No one will deny that, but cutting off funding. We was really want to see the nuclear option, but it was the big option and at present It's gotta be reviewing it, but I can't imagine it how centres in clinics all across the globe are wondering what this means. For them in time the crisis and the President decide to go after them. So we'll see what follow up there is on that today, guys
Let me ask me: ask China president intact attacked debate, show for for being too close to China? I don't know if you've seen this before, but there's a tweet that the President tweet it out on January, the twenty fourth, of course, if you ve been watching our show, you ve seen it several times this morning already, but in this January twenty four, twenty there at the press, the United States said China has been working very hard to contain the corona virus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will work out well over twenty thousand deaths now in particular, half of the american people. I want to thank president. She you explain why the president, I states would write that we at the same time, that is Medical people were complaining bitterly
Others in the government were complaining bitterly that the Chinese we're not cooperating with us. They were lying about what was going on in their country. They were helping our scientists prepare for this. They come to the United States. I can't because its inconsistent right, I mean we can say, made a fresh didn't see those memos there's mixed reporting on that that's right. It's own response that January twenty. Fourth, that time stand on that time. Stamp is significant because it comes after the present cited is shut down the big thing that he claims, which is closing down travel from China even yesterday. Given the opportunity to say, look you're going after the debate show their retributions recriminations are just consequences for their veto. We use, somewhere on China, and that president fell back. This idea of it here a trade negotiation with China and that there can be buying billion dollars of agriculture, all kinds of equipment from the United
dates as well as goods and services. So throughout this he's been very dervish and very reluctant to criticise China with the one have. That is when he refers as that chinese virus are the rule on virus, but Joe I just its inconsistent right and I think it a certain. We know we're standing here. The white has long if the press there's one thing like he did on Monday that he has total power and doesn't say it the next day when she says yesterday- and this basically says he's gonna be cooperative and conciliatory, I think, did inconsistency. Tell us that there is tension, administration or be that prison changing his mind, dated eight based on the information feeds. He's come again. And as of yesterday as of yesterday morning, he was captain bill. I write he want to fight, he wandered raw but whip the governors and by the evening He, u, Eastern Lamb, is too strong, but he was pretty pretty conciliatory and saying he's gonna be doing a big conference call in working with under. So it's ink
That's that's my earlier he was very damaging as each day trader NBC, HANS Nicholls. I said that you thank you so much whether for we gotta break John Ohio since Han's. Obviously it's it's hard hard. Get an answer this, but I want to put this one more time, and maybe you can tell President tweeted when he dared and why he was generally twice yeah yeah January twenty four thesis. China has been working very hard to contain the corona virus, the United States Grey We appreciate their efforts and transparency. That's the communist chinese regime strands and say on January twenty. Fourth, It will all work out. Well, the present says: on January twenty four thirty thousand Americans have died since in ten thousand new Yorkers, more than died in one city than dial nine eleven. The tool
wars and Afghanistan were altogether invitation on behalf of the american people. I want to thank President. She, China, higher before we go to break what it We think the president is due when he toggles back and forth in here so much praise on present, she one day calls. The work on virus and next day, then China that it goes back to kowtowing to present the next day. What's going on there, I think Joe, you know you, you ve said many times that he's a day trader and I think it then that's, and that indicates a car like he willed chip this work if this rhetoric at any given moment to try to, score in now, right? He cares about short run, rather the long run. So that's that's analysis that I agree with, but beyond that it is also the case. The it's Still shift tactic way. Is that what
things as in his interest change a lot. So it's like it's not just these, then he's really change or on a moment's notice. It's that he doesn't have a fixed compass for what this political interest, and there has long been a school of thought behind Trump most loud. Propounded by someone like steel ban and that, ultimately, in Joe Politics that dashing China is in his biggest longterm favour, and I think there are times when he feels as though there it there's a deal would be made try that China, if there's something you can do in the short run economically, that will boost him with some important points Chauncey he will suck up to China, but once this Bob arrest took a turn for to the point where even compared to acknowledge the fact that it was going to be a catastrophe. He got very very quickly shifted back into the xenophobic Ray spade a kind of Donald Trump with the we have virus thought Kung flew the China virus, the constant labeling, and that was part of the broader shift right, which was, I think, what we re
history of this. We will start by talking about January, February you, the middle of March as the period of of happy talking of the period of of downplaying, and then from their forward. The last month has been the period of blame shifting. So there's the first with China. The second those was the governors specifically particular governors, whether chains, layer or or Whittemore or Cuomo, or governors in general that they were unprepared and now we have the debate shows a word were now in the middle of the period of a blame shifting the downplaying right work or now and blame shutting troubles, breakup that playing shifting- and that's all now in China is always, I think, to be among the primary targets of his blame, because China can really in a domestic. Ex fight back with him in the way that Andrew Cuomo can write. And the thing is making this is. This is why trumpets have been doing in the media who support him. They went from it
packing the media, the doctors, the scientists saying that once and the ability to build relationships, are sustain relationships with our friends the second they found out, that it wasn't a hoax and people were were or like flies and people were dying and if you had contact in the wrong situation. Chances are good that you could die, they mean ITALY shifted and started. Trying to find. For the blind and they put media after blaming the media for saturating it. They then try to find articles where the media would was magic enough insists, do pits its ranks. Stupidity because everybody's got the receipts but he's got. The transcripts is all watches out very well in the end for people who want to know what the actual truth is Donald jobs done the same thing and the problem. It's always extreme is either
that China is absolutely wonderful in transparent and the United States is so grateful calling it become flow. Theirs or a middle ground, which is saying yes list, and we have a lot of problems with the Chinese been doing we'll worry about that later. Let's be partners right now in Through this pandemic, we can do it together and then Walter. He can't do that he's incapable of of doing that he's incapable of showing any new wants diplomatically and he is dated trader, which of course, causes have not only in how we approach this pandemic. What he's called a war. What is a war against a pandemic? but also it explains why our diplomatic relations across the globe are in shambles, because the man completely lax once and the ability build relationships are sustain. Relationships with our friends
The deal with those who consider themselves or enemies are coming up. The press, and conduct is on the ballot, and there is a new ad aiming to hold him accountable its airing in places. Like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. We're gonna get a first look at that straight ahead. Plus house speaker. Nancy Pelosi is lasting. The thence handling of this pandemic in a new letter to House Democrats put simply a quote, poor later takes no responsibility a week, person blames others we're going to read through that straight ahead morning. I was back in a moment. Hey Guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free,
wherever you download yours, throwing away the masquerade awaited thrown away. I keep saying how is it possible to you so much billion mask across Amerika City, saying telling after station is banned or scar was, as a last resort. It's a war. There were fighting without the re equipment. I don't believe you need forty thousand thirty thousand ventilated scrambling to try to get a few. Additional leaders are lot of equipment being asked for that. I don't think there late priorities, USA, actions responsible for content. You know with New York City Donald Trump has been saying: they don't need the ventilators. There are hostile that were actually putting to patients one one ventilator, they were so desperate. They had to quit doing it because it didn't work doctors and nurses are falling, l and some are dying, will means there supposed without by them,
across the United States suppress talks about New York City. All the time but nurses in Florida are lying Mars, is in Bonn and are dying: nurses in she gonna dying nurses all across single Mirage Forthhere, Med students in Massachusetts because of the shortage and doktor and by the way, their dying in large part because they didn't have this safety the masks, the gloves, the gowns, which Donald Trump I'm saying they D made and when they ask for more, he accused get this Who cares? Nurses, doctors, hospitals of stealing masks and putting it on
black market. That's what the President of the United States did at the height of this crisis when they asked for supplies and there's a story of a floor to Florida nurse who again issues she's in authorities. Probably fifteen minutes for moral Largo, thirty three years She died and her family said she died because they didn't have the protective gear than she led. Shocking, lack of preparation and, and- and yet the president, while nurses are dying, is blaming. Are these blaming nurses he's blaming doctors, is blaming hospitals and claiming that they have the supplies, because the pudding on the black market, so that add, we just saw its by priorities: who s eye and their out with it today and playing it in Battleground states, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and pen
Albania, the chairman priorities. Usa, guys Cecil, joins us now, along with former chief of staff to the DE triple sea and a former director of strategic communications for Hillary Clinton, twenty sixteen presidential campaign. Dr El right good to have you both unwilling guys is with us and as your first question, Willie a guy how to speak to your ad and what you all are doing it priorities, USA in just a minute, but I also want to talk a little bit about the state of the Democratic Party now it's been the old valley, Shea and media gems. In disarray, that's been the story, but actually, if you look back over the last couple of months. The array has been pretty stark. You know when you had people to judge and Amy Closure and people who became clear. They couldn't win, they would step out of the race and offer their endorsement. Bernie Sanders did much quicker, obviously this time than he did with Hillary Clinton, and yesterday You had President Barack Obama and his to the list of endorsements
someone who has worked in the party for a long time? How are you feeling about the array rather than disarray of the Democratic Party? Will it's an exchange of face? I think it is a sign that democratic understand everything is at stake. Obama, who represents the more establishment moderate wing of the party endorsed in yesterday's these the two wings? The party coming together Unit you know? We had a rolling set of disasters perpetrated by this so the convention look. It is going to be a challenge to figure out exactly how to do it. As a virtual convention, estimates of the relationships that Joe Biden has built over really. The entirety of our party from Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama to the rest of the slate abandoned it. So we are united and we are focused on getting through what ahead of us the cold of eighteen, but also continuing to hold this president accountable.
It's in November, Yesterday, I thought I'd make a guy heavily I'll, take it Adrian outlawed. It all appears to becoming together for Joe Biden or for the Democrats when you have Bernie under stepping out endorsing Biden and then, of course, the big endorsement by President Obama, that came yesterday, but there are some how ahead pensions, how exactly to carry them out not to get that wrong and and the challenge that the president seems to be facing toward the elections in general. What do you think I will make out, I completely agree with guy see thought he and I are both in working in democratic politics for a long time, and I can tell you that I have not seen the party more unified in my twenty five years of working in politics, and they are right now behind Joe Biden. You know you think about this, make a burn
Sanders you off the who represents the most progressive Wing Party endorsed Joe Biden overwhelmingly on Monday and then, of course, Barack Obama, who represents the more staff Psmith moderate wing of the party endorsed him yesterday, the two wings, the party coming together, unified behind Joe Biden six and a half months before the general election. When it comes to the convention. Look, it is going to be a challenge to figure out exactly how to do it. As a virtual convention, as it some sort of hybrid of I'm. You know a virtual convention slash some of their party business taking place in person. That will be a challenge that the challenges that Democrats faith far less than the challenges republican states, and you also look at where independent. Have gone in the past few weeks. You know just there. Weeks ago, Tromp was up plus five with independence and terms of the way they believe that he has handled the krona virus now
sing at twenty point Dep Mightest. Sixteen with independent vote, That is not a good place for trying to be right now, because he needs those voters and is moderate swing boaters needed in order to get reelected. As I mentioned a moment ago, there was a moment yesterday that a lot of Democrats have been waiting for when former President Barack Obama endorsed his vice president, Joe Biden. Let's watch. There's one thing we ve learned as a country from moments of great crisis. Is that the spirit of looking out for one another can't be restricted to our homes where our workplaces where our neighbourhood saw houses of worship. It also has to be reflected in our national governments. The cat leadership is guided by knowledge and experience on de and humility, empathy and grace I kind of leadership doesn't just belong in our state capitals and mayors offices.
In the White House. Why I'm so proud to endorse Joe Biden? for present the United States, other side has a massive war chest. The other side has a propaganda network with little regard for the truth. Then pandemics have a way of cutting through a lot of noise and spin. To remind us of what is real and what is important? This This has reminded us that government matters It reminded us that good government matters. Rather, you obviously cannot overstate them words and having Barack Obama was popular figure in the Democratic Party and perhaps in the country entering the
Tempe now on behalf of Vice President Joe Biden, a lot of people wonder why it didn't happen sooner, but the president had signal that he was going to wait until there was a nominee and then throw his support behind that nominee wants Bernie Sanders. Did it two days ago here comes to present. Next day, and there was another important moment I thought yesterday when they Sanders said in an interview with the Associated Press. That would be quote irresponsible for his supporters. Not to support job, That was an important signal from him and again signalling the unity of the Democratic Party. I think that it was very broad in terms of signalling the unity I also think it was important that the context in which President Obama made is endorsement. He put it in the context of what we are going through as a nation in the midst of this pandemics it wasn't like Joe Biden is my friend Joe Biden was my vice president, but that we are in the midst of a national,
emergency and we need this kind of mature. The lies in leadership. He spoke to what most Americans will be voting about and looking toward what they will be voting for and that someone that can guide us through this We view about our campaign, which says Joe Biden has been in this situation room when we face national crisis and when we face. Both a pandemic. He knows what to do, and you put that and you just a position that we are Donald Trump whose only been in the bargaining room of Troy the cell is real estate, are trying to deal with some other cut. Dealing cut deals would people. I think that the american people was shift that way, and I think when you kid Would Bernie Sanders says is important that those of US our progressive raise our points,
Yes, we want to see certain things represented in the platform, but do not kill, leave victory, do not damp and the ability to win and take out the most diverse. So and the most reactionary, a presidency we seen in our lifetime by trying to just when on points, don't play check as Democrats play chess. Guess what Obama said TAT? foreign. Yesterday and John I'm on central saying, oh Bernie, Sanders has always been criticised by establishment. Democrats were being obstructionist for being selfish Basically, the Larry David of democratic politics, and yet blue pass that endorsement and and we ve, seen with Bernie Sanders, certainly over the past several weeks over the past month has
guy who's actually politically been very selfless. He's he's, put the bigger the needs of the poor, the needs of the country and his mind I heard of his own Poland, Oh maids, I think it's been quite striking how he's spotted this crisis over the past several weeks, that's right showing look. You have you have it centres, I've seen it took a lot of criticism where stand on this issue. We took a lot of criticism back and twenty sixteen. When he decided to fight. On long past there was any chance of becoming the democratic domini. There was obviously discord in the party that hurt. The party in the long run. People didn't know what the council of that war until without the consequences would be into I'll drop one. I think I think that Bernie Sanders had a lot of time to reflect on and on his role needed to be this time around, and he you know he.
A spirited campaign. We all know got out at a reasonable time, did not try to fight all the way to the the last primary there were people in his coalition who urging him to continue to do that, even in the shadow of this pandemic. You people and in the Sanders wing of the party, were That's Anderson, stay and all the way to the end he did not do. Not only do not do that, but very quickly moved into this endorsement space, and I think it comes down to it. Couple things when you are garlic, various Bernie Sanders you're realizing you know this is now these decisions are decisions about your legacy and about History will remember you and I think, there's if there's one thing that is clear is that democratic We stripe across the ideological spectrum from the most moderate, the most progressive, all stand that, but that beating Donald Trump is an exit, ensure did that the stakes existential for the party in twenty twenty and add to the extent that they thought that, prior to the to the pandemic, they think that time, and now at sea
what the consequences, the real the consequences for real lives of having downtrodden the white ass. If you're a Democrat, it couldn't be more clear- and I think at this moment it just for a variety of reasons both in terms of a set of legacy, but also in terms of the clear and present danger that someone like Bernie Sanders feels he had the clarity of the moment like others, not autonomous around here and play around with trying to influence the platform, or did you have for each of the convention is tied to get. This daughter bring the party together. You talk about Democrats saying this. I think Americans independence, anybody who concerned about their health and well being and that of their loved ones, do you have a present who said we only have five people who have this and soon it will be down to zero. We only at fifteen, soon will be down to zero. Here we are a month or two later and their thirty thousand people who were dead, from this this pandemic that the present said: don't worry, bout it it's going to magically go away. So I think that
having MPEG now away, we gotta go, but Guy Cecil and Adrian. I have quickly asked both of you to comment on whiskey and in the judges race. I know Guy Human Focus Non Canal, just like everybody's, been focusing on Canosa. It sort of the month County of the twenty first century. I guess Mccone counties tell them become county of the twenty first century, but can ocean is an important area. You look at the judges, race and man the liberal judge. Just absolutely pounded, Wisconsin Republicans choice for conservative Supreme Court justice getting staying on the bench. Tell us what you got a guy for you. First guy What did that was constant election me before it's? Why? They is also important to know, that she won, despite the fact that Republicans tried to use the legislature and the court room to suppress the vote
in just about every way possible, but the Wisconsin Supreme Court raised was in many ways a map for the Democratic party name. We sought huge increases in the democratic base. We focused on turn out in places like Milwaukee and Madison. We contested the suburbs- and me sure that we are continuing to expand our low and then finally, we saw play like the notion, but also other parts of the state that, when from two three four point, advantages or trump to two or three points Anna Jews for governor even to now double digit me, and so this. He is a road map for the party. Let's make sure we're focused on churn out now we're talking to our base that were spent. Resources now and turning out the vote, and then, let's build the biggest broadest. Abolition of fair minded people, independence, some fair minded Republican, that are willing and have shown a willingness to
change your mind about Trump or the amount for the first time, because they understand what is it Let me just say: I know that we showed, or at the beginning I also just want to say that so we can talk about ideology. We can talk about the fate of the poverty which are important, but we have a president that at the very heart of it doesn't value doesn't allow you being direct with the american people, and it's gonna continued a firefly that I just want to say a big thanks to our people. My cousin Molly, who works in a hospital in Chicago to all the medical professionals out there who, under horror circumstances made worse by this administration? Detain you show up the work every day sure that lives are saved and people are comforted as they face the last days of their life.
Cecil. Thank you. So much Adrian stay with us. We're gonna get to your answer. Neck, hey! It's crusades this week in my pocket. Why is this happening I'll be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once they Things get out there and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA, four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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