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As the president is set to announce Thursday his plans to reopen parts of the economy by May 1, Republicans including Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana are publicly discussing the need to reopen despite the consequences. The panel discusses.

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not stop the spread of the virus. Now slow, the spread of the virus, enormous cost but is still spread. When we were shut down. The virus is don't wash very fast, that's just a fact, and they merit People understand that republics John Kennedy of Hardy it Louisiana and states should reopen, despite acknowledging that what excel rate the spread of this widely virus is one of the dumbest sings of actually heard him say, and he said so many stupid things over the past year. It's hard to count, I mean he's he's from state that again everybody without Tom hard. He growled when three thousand Americans died at the hands of islamic islamic terrorism on nine eleven, where at the right time you can actually see where Spring Break spread yet a lot of people
What is the Mississippi River, but there's something I don't understand. You have people senator are again of other from supporters a lot of Americans Riley or worse offended and shocked and upset like, I was when three thousand Americans died at the hands, of islamic islamic Terrorism on nine eleven, whereas the right path so now wear it times that they cause Of chinese communist chinese government line and therein competence, the american people that lying his incompetence tenue, I made an end and it can t. Incompetence can it is a World health organization's incompetence. As I will say that Donald Trump baby wrong person to criticise, evaluate show, but others in Congress should attach strain
Finally, we should cut the funding for that as your age, but really I don't, this is a guy. I think he went to Oxford is a big job carry supporter a man and about town, obviously very very died or, however, they say that and Oxford, but he says he says he is corn palm made our backs in better than we do comes down, people still bad. He knows that without the Social distancing. He knows without the locked and Zena possess. He met me playing stew, but Don T may make the act. Like he's Damas dishwater on tv, but even those still without their social distancing. Instead of thirty thousand p,
that right now at every three hundred thousand people dead right now. We also have to know that if we reopen the government too quickly without the testing If we reopen the economy without widespread testing, I'm more people here- and I am here here comes Here- is Positron John Kennedy. You talk like that. Mr Oxford, the actually talks? I like shit our homes when he's behind closed doors and it's how city as a package and a top hat, and supply he knows waylay, that its do we know he knows it- is because that effectively, what he's this sound or is it you want now and make it so well that family businesses now in small restaurants and small bars- and in jobs they're, the ones who are gonna, be hurt the most. If we reopen the businesses and then they have to shut down again, has done
tromp still refuses to act. A strong manner on testing it's just stupid and short sighted and he knows it said, can, he knows everything you just said and the reason we know he knows it is because that effectively what he said in that interview last night he said we ve got opened up the economy, a bunch we're gonna get sick, but that's a tray, I'm willing to make him by the way. That is not exactly a fringe view among many republic Is the president effectively as saying that he wants to open the economy, knowing all the costs that come with that you had in Indiana congressmen putting two days ago? This way, it's the less. Of two evils: alot of older people may die, but younger people will have their. This is open, the economy can get restarted. This is not worth the trade off. We need to open the economy again. So what senator He said last night opened a lot of eyes, but it's not exactly something. We haven't heard all from the White House and that we're gonna here again today is the President announces that he's going to tell us
governors of some states. They he is deemed based on some data. He says he sees he's gonna tell them making and for business and, as Senator Kennedy said, a lot of people will get sick because of it. Well, The thing is really there's somebody who claims to be a quote newsman, whose anything, but who took great sit me several weeks ago saying that the republic it claims to be the party of life. If you're talking about the unborn, but if you're the born, my God watch out. If, if, if here especially in the greatest generation if you're a world war. Two veteran in your nineties, if you're, Vietnam, veteran in your sixty years out of date for John cattle feed, Anoura behaviour, if you're korean war veterans in your seventies are eighties well hell with you, because I can you're right.
There's a growing list of republican senators, a publican congressmen and women White House officials in the Republican Party Fetters yeah sure senior citizens are gonna die, but what the hell we really gotta get Wall Street. Moving again, we really gotta get bow corporation moving again. We really gotta get these fortune. Five hundred companies moving and what's bring your job of them a mere caddy caddy, not even being sought all about it. They merit there now even being subtle, their basically saying yes, older people are gonna die. The great generation. A lot of people in the greatest generation are going to die yet these people who cheer up on June this year, every June, the sex about what happened it normally, but now because corporate it's for Boeing, another fortune, five hundred companies or are going down in the stock market struggling there's a way
they want to die yeah older than we know all the people are gonna die the greatest generation alot of people going to die, their lot of people are they die that are our roots are in war vats and Vietnam vats, but do you know what we gotta get? We gotta get Wall Street purring again, it's really it's an this damaging argument from the Quote Party of life, analysis. But what really saying is that your old play, going to die, but I'm gonna do all I can to protect my parents and my grandparents and I'll leave that from with you, I would Commend for anyone who has a few minutes this morning to go in, Angela Merkel Press conference on how she handles the corona virus in her press briefings that she gave today where she lays out very clearly why
we cannot afford to do exactly what they are suggesting, which has just let the older people die. It's not just about the people who might die it's about the pressure on the healthcare system. That will come if we open up the economy now and a society secrecy without a robust healthcare system under the kind of pressure has been under four. That last month is not a vote. Of all society and she laid out very clearly. We open up now and one person in fixed to people our health care system is shot by the time we get to September. They in fact one and our people it shot by the time we get to November is incredibly compelling argument that this is not just about the humanity that we as a site do not choose to. Let our old people die when we could save them in order to rescue the stock market and millionaires investments, but is also about saving a vital part of our society, which is the healthcare system. It just cause. Withstand us reopening right now,
had. There is going to be making a second wave. It's coming in the fall that we really need to prepare for right now, you're very answering caddy talked about how they say. They're saying: oh yeah, ourselves. It happens to older people, but enough older people, Take care of our animalism insulin. Go we're seeing a lot of senior citizens who are the United States Senate saying the hell with it. Let all people die, let seven up the economy, a lot of talk, senior citizens are saying the hell with it lets open up the economy. A lot of people on Pro trump cable news shows are saying the same thing. Lot of older people in the White House are saying it, but what saying, is yeah they're saying is you know, we're we're we're rich enough to take yourselves and the White House, we're rich enough on talk. Radiator pay higher ourselves, we're rich in the United States, Senator cloistered enough in the United States Senate to take care of ourselves, so
see us going out eating it. Restaurants, you're, not gonna, see going out with the economy started back up, but we're going to push the president people governors to put political pressure on ticket either people out there in yes, they're gonna die, but why can do they're, not in the one percent, that's their attitude inviting a thousand strange people than just kind of rummaging there. You know why, because they know that data, what their family members to die there get us but used to serve and other? ministrations people who to have good reputations people who talk radio people who are on cable news. There, they're they're, telling other old people you're gonna, have to die, get over it we gotta get Wall Street sorted again, but you're not going to them have family reunions. In a born in central
the by inviting a thousand strange people, and just the Roma issue there. You know why, because they know that they want their family members to die. They're gonna stay cloistered behind the gates of there. Jeff, bringing to say coy stirred in the United States, Senate, they're, gonna, say Cloister where they stay cloistered and say again. Their argument is make no mistake of it and it's a growing argument in Donald Trump Republic party. Yes, senior citizens are going to die, but you're, not bottom line more important well, for those actually trying to in a push this country through this and trying to decisions, here's the problem and it's a really really big problem. You heard doctor saying yesterday, at the briefing the only thing of value by the way that was revealed during the briefing you can't go out, please don't go out. It's too soon. It's not possible and here The reason why, as the present it talks about opening up the country about
opening businesses, we have thirty thousand dead and more dying, and we have a big problem. Testing is not even near where it needs to be. It's not even weeks is months to where it needs to be an here's. Their biggest problem is symptomatic carriers. This virus will be out there and if people don't listen to doktor works and they listen to the president, there will be more deaths. So reopening comes with more deaths because right now, the only thing that has done anything to control the virus is being closed and nobody wants to be closed and nobody wants their children out of school, noble their businesses dying, we all agree. We would like to see the in opening, but because you didn't prepare, because everything was bought from day one there isn't that jesting. That is needed right now. There isn't that the work that needed to be done and
the president will not invoke the GPA and get it national ized and streamlined and happening as quickly as possible, with mass coordination from the government. So yes, you're stuck you open the country. You open your own political peril Because those asymptomatic carriers will come back to bite everybody, including whereas the president and the politicians who make that decision Jonathan a everybody I got everybody keeps going back to testing testing testing. Even see out and the people that Donald from Clay war on his reopening America panel, which a lot of people didn't even know that present was going to usernames, therefore, straight at the sea areas and frustrated according to the Wall Street Journal according to the Washington Post, because because they say they Do this without me,
robust testing, without more widespread testing, you get a test you gotta, trace by the way. You can't just wait magic wand is a ceo. Everybody come back to work that that's not gonna. Do it because workers who have me We parents or grandparents at home workers who may children with underlying health conditions are not going vacant, They're not gonna, be a cavalier about so life and of their loved ones as Donald Trump and John Kennedy, and talk radio hosts and Stephen more and where cattle are is it and has been fixated on? This may first date again. Let stress it will be the governors themselves who actually live,
stay at home waters who are the ones who are going to reopen the economies and their states, but obviously, if the president, says, as we expect today, guidelines for the fifty states that will give some government avatars feeling the cover they need to do so works. It will be in Kabul different categories. The president was expected to say that some states could go back, may first summit little sooner others that are still hot spots would need to go later or of recommendations not. Everyone is, of course expected to follow. We are anticipating some real tension, between the White House and some state house across the country. But you right you, the president held, has convened his second counts. We see that the task force headed by the vice president in and doktor found she and Doktor Berkshire on there, and they appear before the media most stay and now he's a tea set together. This economic council, the one it's meant to help steer him reopened
you're right when he announced some names of some of the participants from the rose garden. The other day that was news to some of those who were involved were learning for the first time when the president said their names allowed in front of the news. Cameras yesterday he convened a series of conference calls rather unwieldy calls with dozens and dozens, if not more than a hundred people on them. While there was, of course, is a ways we reported, we talk of some of the people involved. While there was, of course, the usual praise, president's handling of things which we we tend to hear and kept from cabinet means well, there is also a real concern and exactly what you said Joe will push back from some of these real leaders of industries on these real titans of american Capitalism, who say, of course, we want to go back to work, but we can't yet are going to be able to do so until there is widespread testing build a guarantee. Our workers safety is willing to make sure they feel cultural coming back to work. Their knock waste
Fred this disease among their own family members- and they stressed so for the native more personal protective gear, saying in certain industries. People are not going to feel safe to be able to come to work every day and that they urge the president to tell the brakes and to make sure this was really thought through before he really pushes to reopen the economy again, but it does in that he is ready to go at least with some parts of it. Any others see owes Joe are saying to the present its great open up the economy, but if consumers, feel comfortable and safe coming into the economy going into restaurants, going back into their offices, there's no point in opening the economy and as he talks about is targeted areas where there hasn't as much corona virus, sparsely populated. I think the state of South Dakota that's a good window into what could happen. The governor I didn't put into effect to stay at home order and they ve had an hour break at one port processing plant above cases in that state less than a million people population there, but so
governor known there in that state hasn't put that in place, and she says the rules that govern baker. Cities like some fall should apply to the sun, our towns could excuse me in the state and the of those small towns are saying: ok, but the closest has was thirty miles away. If everybody in my town get sick, that hospital is overwhelmed. So this is not. In New York city problem, and that is what you hear from public health officials is that if you lacks all the standards. If you relax the guidelines, even in a place where the sparse population you're setting yourself up for a problem made the global pandemic and record unemployment, President Trump is now threatening to shut down com. Ass. We showed you the president's claims on Monday that he has toe authority over the states. A quick reminder of that
provision in the constitution gives the president the power to open our clothes stay economies been numerous provisions will give you any legal. Griffith closed borders rules closed. It states that have wondered businesslike rested at Essen, because refers that I let that happen. But if I wanted to, I couldn't The president of the United States has the authority to do what the President, as yet already do, which is very powerful. The president of the It states calls the shots. They can't do anything without the opera. The president, when somebody's the president of the United States, the authority is total and that's so it's got the authorities to total. You said when someone is president of the United States. Their authority is total. That is, where to write up papers on this issue can be necessary because the gun
need us one way or the other, because ultimately it comes with a federal government that said we're getting along very well with the governors, and I feel very certain that they will be. Rather, we are pleased that you have the authority to decide when their state You know why, because I don't have to present, has enough place For me, just the authority of the present is total hold. I mean where other than list Cheney and a few other Republicans, where The following, where are they have a constitutional and they'll, have to live with that and their children and grandchildren will look at them? And history as those who followed him into a very bad direction. Question where it speaking like totalitarian leader, and they said nothing about it. Yesterday, the present
tried to fly about authoritarian impulse again this time wanting to force Congress into a recess he can use recess appointments to get his stalled nominees into senior positions and on the federal bench without Senate approval. Constitution, allows a precedent to adjourn Congress. It house and said later I can't agree on whether to adjourn, but that's not the case here and now president has ever use that power. We have a tremendous number of people that have to come into government are now more so than ever before because of the virus and the problem. We have to do it we have to do whatever we have to do really or last month you renewal, Gough has talked about. Now is not the time for partisanship. How will that act? Lower the partisanship in this town and could potentially hinder your ability to get something done? Uncrown of Irish? It is look, it's finished,
a partisan government long period of time, not just this administration, you can go back until last: two administrations, you ve, seen a lot of partisanship, but I have a virus If they don't approve it, that use that power, but we have way over a hundred people- that we very badly need in this administration that should have been approved a long time ago. And one of them is the head of Voice of America. If you look at what they are doing, They are saying about our country disgrace. The people that are running that we have somebody it's really good, really talented and that love a country, and I want to get these people up moved timeline for that, though, if Congress doesn't have a day, I d been warned and they ve been warned right down if they don't approve it, that we're gonna, go this rock and will probably be checked in court and will see who wins
you talk like that. During these briefings, Joe we're doktor works is sitting there freezing instead of working on the corona virus. You wonder what exactly is getting done in there. That is constructive. He uses the questions do that or to flout his lies. He never answers to questions during these briefings and than ever answer and we need those were questions going. That would require him to tell and uncomfortable truth. He just cuts off the reporter and runs over I doubt there's no names value to these press conferences. They're not really press conference yesterday was a party. Political rally, nothing worse than a mortal out into Burke sitting right. There wasting our time wasting wasting hours of our times and so much time way led spring in another guy who's time was wasted, yesterday's sitting through it and see new, corresponded HANS, nickels and see it that way, but but anyway, he
sign questioning the president, I just so. The irony is so thick that. This president is complaining about vacancies in his administration when he is purposefully, add more acting ECHO Terry's in any president, our lifetime and more vacancies, by design. I Jared and end the president at the beginning sick ministration, this I did they were going to have is met the vacancies as possible, because they were they run the have all power reside in the White House. So why did the present side yesterday to start complaining about vacancies, which is really been a champion of four and three now here.
Apparently the Voice of America, something to him off a broadcast in the Voice of America. The prisoner was unhappy with you didn't think you it's early. Finally more here and there I mean: do you always want be careful when you're talking proximate causes? in Donald Trump because you don't know who is to buy up if there's something else going on there, but he went out of his way at several points to attack. Before Amerika? He has a new director that he wants to put in and tied try to steer that in a different direction. You know he talked of the under second of agriculture, for food safety. But what s interesting to me? This is it. He chose time to really escalate the temperature, and watch in DC he's still needs Congress pull see a manoeuvre and are still working out trying to work out a deal on plus sing out the small business loans right. That's it to fish, are they going to need another two hundred and fifty billion so the same time, the president is all but
threatening to go to war with Congress. They still have they need Congress for so many different things. I all think it's notable that when you look at present Donald Trump image Mcconnell, there has been any day on so many issues, particularly with judges, theirs to be a yawning gap. When you look at what Mcconnell statement was on this, idea of having the presidency a different power. A different branch of government adjourn Congress there. Clearly, to be differences there. So it a lot, while this could be a fight between the present policy, which I mean it's hard to have a fight, if you're not actually talking the bigger you here could be between the president and dissent majority leader that he has been up to this point, walking in lockstep guys so on the opposite here when the president talked about Ray Meanwhile stir right. We immediately said the king He was just sending a message to business, said yeah
pushing back on his health advisers. He knew that weak are our economy fully by Easter? the same thing happening here with the May First state, with testing still as as pets, I guess it is. If you will gather that up, citizen array yeah, right, I wouldn't be so surprised, stray. I actually think the president is this time more serious about it, because they think the combination of diagnostic testing and surveillance, testing, sort of monitoring what's happening could be sufficient to open up. Parts of the country A regional basis, so past, it seems, like he's, been sorted winking at the markets trying to use the stock market, send a signal, to least those America's that you want to get back to work, which right. Let's be honest about this. There is a big debate in the country about when open up and in that way, ass Leeson listen with the Easter. It seems that the president was nodding this
seems more serious, The testing I'm in here to talk about the sort of the overall confidence issue, the power. Presidency is limited and the rhetorical power are limited and even if the President says, there is no guarantee, and this is what he heard his job and was mentioning the call with businesses. This is what he heard is it there might not be the public confidence, and I dont want do sports metaphors years in part because there's no sports to watch, but confidence is a tricky. Thing to instil, and I don't know the president at further half the country or more than half, we can have a debate, but doesn't really listen to him how he's, gonna inspire people to let them know that it's safe to go out and resume living their lives skies. Well, the president's most, let's just say, the swedish state that has been most port of present past. A recent poll showed that fifty seven percent of Floridians don't try the president when he's talking about the corona virus, so it is,
hard for indeed still that confidence it. Thank you. So much for being we're right, greatly appreciated Willie Wiki you'll have to reopen we're gonna have to reopen this economy at some point It's gonna be made the first or not, but again the question that I know a lot of employees, including people who work with us, people who work in our friends more businesses, they're going to I know that when they go back to work but they're, not going be bringing home the corona virus a pandemic to their parents. Our grandparents are loved ones. Yeah, and that's the balance that we have to strike here and nobody is discounting. The impact that this The corona virus has had on small businesses in the cascading effects of that on families and employment obviously really get another bad unemployment where today we all have free
We all have family members, some people living our own houses who are struggling through this with small businesses right now trying to save employee he's trying to keep them paid. No one I mean no one is discounting how important it is to get people back to work. But if you get people back to work too, and set a million times people gets. Again, you gotta closer business is again it backfires on you, president has to walk that line, but I suspect he made up his mind. He's gonna have new guidelines for certain states that will here today and he's going to tell them all guys. I think the coast is clear: and we'll see what the elect that has on those states in those towns, those communities and those businesses yeah. By the way We have a morning Jos special reports coming an our a day and now will be focusing on two key themes. The nations leading health experts answer your questions about the pandemic, throwing down on how the decisions our leaders make today will affect, a country long into the future, our special,
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MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell off when people listen to music. There Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. W Joe pushed China's Submiss information about the virus, even praising China for its so called trance
and see, I don't think so far. As the United States said, China has been working very hard to contain the Koran virus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. We have a tremendous relationship with China. I think they're doing a very professional job in their working very very hard in the sense that everything under control, the rotating presidency is extremely capable and he's working very hard on this concerns tremendous problem with W H. Your willingly took China's assurances to face you and they took it just at face value. Had the w H showed done its job to call China's lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been detained at its source, almost like the people that were writing, that sky
four Donald Trump to read in May we badly. Its almost as if they were flown em on Iraq and shipped from our. Is never really heard what Donald Trump was saying about China. In January February and March, because we don't jump saying that China, he praise of transparency. He said the United States fairly United States thank China for the transparency of their great work. You heard is words. January twenty four thank you present shape, and then, in February they added under control and when asked, if he trusted data coming out of chinese city ass president. She, what does he say present, she's doing a great job. He loves the people on it on and on so again, Donald Trump acts as a video doesn't exist
and as if video was not going to be played every time you he'd be much better? I Donald, Mr President, please listen a much better job, not humiliating yourself in these press conferences in the afternoons, said keeping your head down getting to work, Why go radio silence not gonna happen cells Oman obsess on getting the testing done, not just for the summer but for the second wave that is coming in the fall because it's coming in the fall and when it comes in the fall, we have to be able to do this sort of thing. We should be doing right now, but we aren't, because you failed before testing praising being able to treat those that that
the virus being able to isolate those were learning more and more every day. It does really say. If you look at a Boston study of the home It really does seem the asymptomatic spread of the corona virus. It spreads, like wildfire that Why is it so important? You can't just task the p, well, who are going into the hospital sick, because eighty percent of people most likely eighty percent or asymptomatic, so I need testing. That is by the way that montage was courtesy of John Harmon Folks area. You count we're gonna have more from them coming up so joining us now, professor of history, at two line university, Walter Isaacson and best selling author, professor of history, at Rice University and a present, Joe historian Douglas Brinkley his book American Moon shot John F Kennedy.
And the great space race is out now in paper, So anyway, you know Walter feel free. If you want to talk about Donald Trump can talk about Donald Trump. I'd rather talk about something else with you, because you ve studied completely study the lives of Fuel Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, the girl, thinkers of our times great scientist of our times, one The few silver linings of of of this horrible pandemic is a fact that scientists or come together and away they ve never come together before working for a while in gaol like what can you tell us about that? They're moving in the bridge because, as you said, over and over again correctly, massive failure of testing in this country has caused this enormous problems and will continue to
try to reopen without having testing facilities. So I am at the Broad Institute of Harvard MIT down my university, a two lane, and especially at likely now the people we're running the biology departments who are studying Jean additive converted their lab. Like Jennifer down there. You have on the screen right now, converting their laboratories and take we're just going to step into the breach. Now you think that would be easy, but the government hasn't even made it easy. They now have clear reporting requirements they dump have ways of gathering the data properly. The emergency authorization use in order to do a lab was held for such a long time. But now we're seeing out on the road institute to lie the University of Washington started. Now Berkeley there. Doing it again, I also have to get to next generation tat. We can just
Do it and I go to a drugstore just like you. What a pregnancy tat have a strip of paper, the straight Paypal will tell you in five to ten minute. Had been exposed to have you got the virus certain was Brinkley. I'm just wondering if there is any moment in history that would call for even more than the opposite of what this president is doing it it feels like here decisions could be found? oh for Americans is lack of preparation, could be fatal for Americans John is: will it be fatal politically? For him will look you we're doing? to assist talking outside sooner in nineteen sixty when Jack Kennedy Ramp, resident in one scientists were time: magazines, persons of the year data, seventy five percent approval rating and everybody believes scientists. We're gonna, have medical Merrick DNA at cop been discovered in the nineteen
these new types of antibiotics by the end of the sixties, early. Seventy scientists lost some of their lustre and with Donald Trump we ve had a president who has been denouncing scientific experts since day, one total com denial saying that ninety nine percent of the scientists to wrong about climate change, treating it as if that some kind of hoax? So this is a and that's been, having a war against sciences, entire ministration. He got it these sea? He got rid of the pandemic. Experts near him in the White House, so he was caught deeply flat. And so you have. If you go back in history, what's a president that this is the worst president, you can imagine for a pandemic it. What president dealt with Well well, Bill Clinton and then t nineties had read Richard precedents was one the cobra fact and the other so any when met with Preston pulled together team of pandemic experts,
TAT, the? U S stockpile in the nineties, really those the cupboard Bear that Donald Trump keeps referring to was not bear when Bill Clinton was president, because he had taken Give bioterrorist attack in a pandemic varies. Firstly, I think in this future. Now a crisis like these boats opportune Do we need to have a brand new public works health projects, we're going to need a secretary of Nero Pandemics, and bio terror. We're going to need to cry. Continued work in it new ways with the universities fortune. Five hundred companies in the government than one good thing that's come out at this is all of the all of the governors by Large, have been doing a pretty good job. They dug it well you're new Book American Moon shot.
The term moon shot, which was at that time? A literal moonshine since has become sort of a metaphor shorthand for a big project where the country marshals its resources in its mines in its power to do something big, think when corona virus it a lot of Americans were perhaps surprise, definitely disappointed that the country wasn't better prepared. Seems at the moon shot at the moment is to get testing, as Walter says, into the country, and there doesn't seem to be from the president's point of view and national movement to do. That is left to the governors, its left for good well to New York City is now making its own tests outsourcing to Compass in Indiana. Why has the from an in this moment, been able to better Marshall energy for a moon shot to fix this problem, because president Europe is reelection mode and he likes to do led by chaos in division, and he can't get that out of this system. Theirs opportunity here to really rally the american people when in the
in shopping, not just the vaccine, which might come in a year a year and a half, and not just the testing, but to really get the american public concern. How we can rebuild a health infrastructure. He doesn't like that because he had put off ships on building the wall with Mexico. He stuck on that his big one off project when Kennedy did the APOLLO program sort of one off something that you would get known for or theatre is about with conservation. Trump is all about really getting reelected right now, so, alas, the universe, world needs is a earth shod with been treating the world shabbily and pandemics will occur. Hurricanes fires. Are you can't burn the australian forests in Brazil. Burning California burn every year without paying health cost so You ve got a kind of reorient ourselves now and not about going to the moon or Mars, but about thinking about earth in the
Now is, is how can we contain future pandemics once we get over this which, its probably not can be really over till twenty twenty one, Catty Kay Walter, I'm interested in what you say about the science that when it comes to testing, because the other part of us getting out this in getting out of lockdown is gonna, be contact tracing, and some estimates suggest that we're gonna need something like three hundred thousand content: traces people who are trained and the moment there are none that doesn't seem to be a federal programme to get them up and ran p. I think this a nonprofit in Massachusetts. That's her! five hundred of them we need three hundred thousand, so could science step in there we ve seen apps in Singapore. We seen absent Korea play some kind, a role, but they may be a civil liberties concern here in the United States than in some other countries a you hearing anything from the scientists that your speaking too about what they could do about the contact tracing
celebrate that. Absolutely, I you need to contact tracing and you need the data that comes from that and we are a country, as you just said, captain that get on clearly when people are tracing us in keeping I dad somehow another. We dont quite worrying when Google and Facebook or Apple is tracings and knows where we are with the notion that that day would be used away at used in Singapore. The way adduced in China so of causes us to get a bit queasy. I would thank you need p. You can trust? Obviously the federal government right now hasn't earn trust. Nor, for that matter, has Facebook probably but it would be good if people like Francis Collins who lives in national institutes of thousand Anthony voucher. You worked with em out there. That came up the system. Is that what you have very soon denies tat. We ve a standardized reporting procedures- going to have consistent
and maybe die generation job. If you don't mind me drawn myself in with you, now have the sense of privacy that uses your location data and you can opt out of it, didn't? I particularly worried that Amazon, this national after you have to say, I'm going to allow both my phone and my fit bit and all the things I collect data on me to know we're I've been who have been in contact with and in what does she want to opt out? It becomes part of a way to tracings. I think that's be hard for the american people, but you need people who engender trust. They say we do this in a way that but tax your anonymity, except for when it comes to the Health issues are meanwhile, How funny is it that Google Apple, you name it faced? Everybody follows everybody. People
sign up for an app tik, Tok everyone by isn't like run by the Chinese. That closure runs IDA, but about people. I sure yes, all agree to their dance. What at whatever it takes to get the app I'll? Let out? Let him follow us while we know, but people will be freaked out if we're using it to actually sought the spread of a pandemic. Guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for wherever you download yours, we don't. I teach see eye to eye and call the digital revolution from ADA to Zuckerberg and engine mark Zuckerberg social media, and maybe it's our generation job? If you don't mind me drawn myself in with you, have the sense of
see and checking things out a bit students are particularly well, then Amazon Bilbil know where they are and they are not particularly fixated on price When I say do you want to turn off your location data? Would you mind that all the crime cameras in New Orleans now have facial recognition and can know when you go into bars? Or would you mind, having travelled in your phone whacker, Jan, which cells. Dollars? You go to all that traced There's a little bit less of a worry about that in the generation of people in college. I hate privacy, you can get over, it doesn't exist and here's the big thing, I in Verona virus may further road a battle for worse, at my mind, boggling worse, but other people better
well. This notion that we're all entitled to absolute anonymity when we catch viruses and wander around Walter Isaacson. Thank you much Douglas Brinkley. Thank you as well and check out his book. Arrogant regulation on energy and the great space race out in paper back now. Next, if the headlines. Struggling businesses want to read right now: aid try as programme fails to reach hardest hit, and these Stephanie Rule explains what is going on with the government's plan. Axed on morning, Joe a check protection programme is onset to exhaust its three hundred and fifty billion dollar funding from Congress. This morning, Democrats and Republicans
both want to add another two hundred and fifty billion to that emergency, the runner by responding, but have yet to come to agreement. On whether to add restrictions to loans are not joining US this new senior business, correspondent, Annan, MSNBC anchor Stephanie rule so. This is a big issue right now because of the potential for abuse stuff, It's a huge issue and an you ve talked to us about this, but I'm gonna friends and Pensacola Florida. I friends and South Florida there businesses that depend on a lot of people coming in this time of year, people that have France, around spring training facilities and they're, not getting any mommy vera not getting help. And yet you told us stories like it: but he has a yacht, owns a yard and decides that they're going to charter yacht
six seven times a year. Those people can get money. Small business owners are having trouble. Getting money themselves. This sounds like two thousand eight all over again, where the rich get richer and the poor get crushed. We'll Joe, that's the exact risk here and remember, and two thousand eight when things were put in place, they put a potent place with bad intentions after the subprime crisis when on the plane or a yard or private club. They don't need that and this all worked out for them in the end, but people still lost their homes. The dreamer angry people were, they were angry, saying money is going to then you and I are going to be sitting in these eggs to jail because technically they didn't break the law, these people took the money in an dues, publicly, shame them, but that nail salon in that restaurant look at the language. What is going to happen and what is happening is that the silliest will and the neediest will lose
so you're giving a really important and good example, but that's the way it is program works. Yes, they're trying to get in two hundred and fifty billion dollars, but I promise you there's going to be the trillions when it comes to demand because of your restaurant and Pensacola. Just like you said your comply We shut down right now, you ve zero income and to get this loan, you basically get to get tuna times payroll for the next two months, but you gotta. Everybody back on Everybody back- and you don't know you might open again in two and a half months, it's a huge risk and that small restaurant and have a great relationship and the banks, and they were able to get an early. Now, let's go to the reverse. This is perfectly suited for a private country club, a law firm and investment firms. Just like you, said somebody who, literally on the yacht or a private plain walk through. That example, can it's important to show people fund a yard or plain and said three times a year. I'm going to charter it out we'll channel
I lost those charters because people aren't travelling, but I've got a captain and crew. So. Business manager would say hey seventy years. You can apply for PPP because technically Joe I am eligible. I am going to lose that income, but you We both know that person that owns a plane or a yacht or private club they don't need that and money is going to run out and if Congress doesn't look at this right now and say, let's HU. This money is going to then gonna be sitting in these exact seats six months now doing a financial autopsy going hold on a second. These people took the money will be able to use publicly shame them, but that salon in that restaurant they'll be long out of business. This is an opportunity for Congress to if we look at where this is money going. We really have to pull the strings Attached to this to make sure This isn't two thousand eight all over again Stephanie rule. Thank you so much we're gonna, say
we're gonna see you were right after our special this morning, but also would love for you to come back tomorrow and talk about this more cause. It is such an important issue. Thank you so much Jonathan old, mere it lets follow upon whites. For these sad you tellers year of small business owners who restaurants, whether its restaurants they'll salons, whether it's a builder, whether it's a real Turk, they're, getting crushed right now and yet there there are. Samples? Accessories said where it is? Sometimes it's getting to people who aren't them. Disadvantage it's getting the people who could get by without the funding while a lot of people that small businesses who are paying still tell me, they're not able to get support. There's no question Joe, that has become a rather why,
spread and sad story across the nation right now, these small businesses that that that have tried to keep going that have tried to keep their workers employed. Have tribe say, as a restaurant at transformative take out business to do to remain a part of the community They ve been in for so long in inner or in, are so beloved in a really struggling and have ever have a hard time receiving the necessary federal support it, and we are still at the very beginning of the end of this crisis. Financial The government is going to have to cope with, far more money to try to stabilize this economy even after. Even if President, is able to your coat, reopen things as May. First, the things have certainly cool the talks. Phase for theirs. Vincent no discussions with the speaker policy. This speech, over infrastructure, and yesterday the President, the president's primary concerns whether or not his name appeared on the checks that America
were receiving which, according to reporting, has even delayed their delivery to those that need them most right we're gonna get more on the political angle of this when it bases hazy hot joins us where the latest from capital held for about an hour away from our morning. Jos special report, isolation nation in which we speak, live with the apparent democratic nominee for President Joe Biden doktor, Joe Biden, oil as well. Lady Gaga stem still. He did. A judge warning tat was coming right. Back, hey it's crochet this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Birds from, but what we do and do about the corona virus. Once these things get out there- and this is going to serve a key aspect of misinformation- and this information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA
four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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