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Governors in the South including Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia have begun loosening restrictions put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus. Georgia's decision will apply to barbershops, gyms and other businesses that include close contact. The panel discusses.

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I've been working under doktor boxes and Admiral Gerard leadership over the past several weeks to help increase the supply of testing across the United States. We have focused on every piece of the supply chain that relates to testing. Were testing not necessarily where the more stringent tests, but with the temperatures to be able to make sure everybody's safe governors are continuing to expand testing and we assure them that we're going to continue to work in every way to support their efforts to do just the military and the Vienna has stepped up every one step of the way to provide support both in staying and care to do? There were no maximum yields There are some people don't want to do that. Much dusting! I don't want to do that much tat way bids wait. That's all That is all about everybody's, been talking about testing the governors and talked about testing
He owes have been talking about testing fidessa. Malta's his restaurant owners have been talking. Everybody's men talk about testing, Mr President, because until you get widespread testing, you can't really reopen the government safely. I guess it doesn't want testing. Want testing Euro excited some people. I know some people don't want to have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some people may say, sir. I don't by the way Willie the servers. I counted three or four serves yesterday in the press conference I didn't want to watch. I wonder if the guy legal walks out of is like walks through the helicopter and he sees a frog and against the frog said, Sir Sorry, you sure do all that is. Where does he get That's sirs fry me when he won't even say what is
Suddenly, the frog is talking in its aid to private smart enough to say certainly, but how would you like to be one of these lackeys better following Donald Trump because think about it? if you're a drop lackey and you ve got to follow everything. He says. First, you start by saying it's a hoax that its being blown and blown out of proportion. And I know there is a certain lackey that was it. Me, for using the one two million number and then of course, Donald Trump used. It like two days later felt really sorry for him, but just the last week or two from talks about. I have total authority, he does the full moon, silly right I greatly it's pretty pretty. More than an american president does a full Mussolini thing, but he does and then
Why is there? No? No! No! No you! U governors! You have all the power, you D say if you guys decide way and then of course, then ease Able, where I guess, liberate, Lever, Michigan Library, and so they does the liberal thing and then yesterday comes Kenny, said: hey, you know we got to be safe, it's a good thing. We were safe because if we weren't safe one to two million people where they died and he had Dr Burks going out saying we don't know who say symptomatic, we don't know who has underlined condition we don't know who's going to die from this. So yesterday we at the science view, with a lot of sirs too to Sir with scattered and there so you so now we got guts.
There is in Georgia going here. Let's have been jams and tat too parlours and massage parlours and let's try to get to get people is close together, is possible and then there looking up and Donald Trump Insane, you no one to two million people die from this. Is this is bad stuff it just he just keep going back and forth back and forth, I guess I don't know why, so he can ever be melt down by people, but the problem is just weakens his case every day. Yeah. He changes, obviously, from day to day his point of view from total authority to this is on a governess fault. Meanwhile, today Gunnar end, Europe reportedly will be at the White House for a meeting with the president. I did say, but to your point about those states Joe they had not
have not provided any evidence. You can start with governor Camp in the state of Georgia that they've met even the federal guidelines at the White House put out last week to say: okay, we are through the gating process. If they called in those guidelines. We are ready because data points, a b and c to open up those genes and those tat, two parlors into crowd people together on treadmills and everything else you do at a gym. I'm told So why did I was bored? I would now have a jumbo lucky there. Well, I thought that's what people say. Let me I what now, but Thank you watch here. We are right that they are following what they believe is the instinct of the present and, as you said, liberate, which is to open up yours. When you're ready it's time to get the country back to business. And that's exactly what Governor Camp of Georgia's said yesterday, he said I've gotta get my people back to work. We all agree with that, but you ve got to show some data that reveals that you are ready to get back to work
Well, and also, I think Joe you're bigger point- is follow this president with care, because twenty four hours later, he will leave you high and dry. Looking ridiculous opening, they also lawns and gems, and whatever else, because he will say well, a lot of people could dummy. He won't be there, for you, really dont know how many times the hand has to be put on the it tells us a lot of these Republicans, especially this. His entire exercises, a see why exercise and has been for does not get any, therefore year where he said you where he's for Solly doesn't want to get blamed for the stock market going down. Someone says this is a hoax. It's an exaggeration that media coverage is an exaggerated, hoax and assets, there's only fifth people. It's gonna go down to zero. He's told that he needs to do China Ban and the Europe Ban, he does a toothless China Ban as Jesse
does a water within president. She who he said is doing a great job refuses to do a European banned for six weeks, because he and managing don't want the stock markets to get hurt and then and then we go through this. I am Mussolini. Okay, I M not Mussolini, I am. I am Tom. I resumed their idea eyes and it's always again it's always to deflect blame to governors of forty four for it, staying for the economy for whatever it is, so all these governors, the second theirs Breakin Georgia from a germ or attack Parliament urge parlor Donald Trump, be the first to say: hey gave me the guidelines. You didn't follow what I can do your job for you so we'll get to this, but doktor parks. Last night basically said we don't know who is vulnerable. We don't know who could be struck down by this stay home thousand bottom line from the president's briefing. Yesterday, John Major
has done this a partisan pandemic because of the divide and how states have responded to it and we're seeing that play out now. As a handful of red state governors are taking steps to Rio, and their economies now Joe and well. I mentioned Georgia governor Brian Cowen well allow some non essential business is to begin reopening this Friday with limitations gems tent parlors bowling alleys, salons and barbershops can reopen as long as follows social, dusting, sing guidelines. You need to explain Maybe you can social distance in a lot of these places, because people come very close to you, the screen, employees for signs of a fever or rest victory illness, but they won't be able test them see. And dine in restaurants will be allowed to resume activity on Monday? By taking this measured action, we will.
Georgians back no work safely without undermining the progress that we all have made in this battle against covered nineteen now we'll say that we are more people moving around we're prior gonna have could see our cases can new to go but where a lot better prepared, for that. Now that we were over a month ago, I can t I don't give a damn about politics right now,. Well yeah. That's a majority of Georgia and I don't give a damn about Georgia native by the way and that just watching that scare actually does, Family with immense pride, I think that's the same spied, that's Governor sat and said nobody ever told us this could be spread. Asymptomatic late now really know she everybody told you can be spread asymptomatic. Like everybody else, way. Just what Who's out there, whether
from the North and South EAST or the west. It's going to Hell, yeah he's really up in the government and guess what he's going against Donald Trump's own guidelines I don't know, is he liberating Georgia from the an grip of trumpets and make us I'll drop and always held the visuals, for the past. Several days have been saying: you need to make certain guidelines for you open up in this. I want to go. We have. I know we have a lot more to read, but I want to Jim Band. I really quickly every head, because jam and Reverend L Sharp and refer now the because Jim I heard you talk a little bit about this before talking about your concern. People's safety, because a partisan politics there I listen.
I don't give a damn whether somebody's republican or democratic did. I want them to be safe. I want their children to be safe. I want their parents and grandparents to be safe, but some people are making some really stupid decisions just based on on. I'd side of the aisle thereon the middle of a pandemic, where death star still spiking, were where'd forty to forty three thousand now will be fifty thousand dead by the end of the week and any end, and you gotta governor this opening up two parlours and massage parlours and jams I mean I understand state parks we were going walk and there's ventilation. I understand even beaches in Florida, some people walk six feet apart ventilation and a huge brains. Bowen do not understand these petrie dishes of of and am express being open, big meagre
in earlier that meets him called it a partisan pandemic. The truth is this. However, we have a there's something broken in our country in that we truly live in who parallel universes in this is always gonna, be the inevitable outcome like in the beginning. I think most people are looking at it through the lens of what's best for my family, what's best for me, unity and then now it's into the partisan phase. Where you had last night, the press United States on Twitter, saying that we're gonna lockdown all image action, including a green cards, and here you know, Republicans are gonna rally around that you have Southern you're saying you know the hell with it we're going to open up for business, and you know that other Republicans are going to follow suit and the truth is if you're, your average republic, and you just live in a different world right now, in that you would living in a state that likely has fewer cases in your consuming a lot of content. That's deeply sceptical about the threat of the corona virus were, if you're, a Democrat, you're much more likely to live in a big city you're much more like
you probably know, someone who sick or dying from the corona Virus- you're, watching coverage that has a much ominous tone about it in every single thing that happened in the last decade, even when it's a tragic thing that should unite people, it almost ins TINY, largely because of our consumption habits and largely because of our sort of political instincts instantly becomes red versus blue. If you stepped back, it's so asinine in a moment like this, because all that really matters is the science, your family and what decisions should you make? So I totally get the instinct. Southern governor any governor any mayor wanting to get your community back to work, and if you have the testing that you guys keep talking about, if you have the capacity, your hospitals with a flare up. If you have a sound plan for being able to deal with social distancing in these businesses at your reopening than the near me, you can do it, you can do it in a phased way. What I worry about is what you talked about. The testing talk, what a pursuit for second, like Michael founder,
I had the krona virus. Early on I got tested, and I guess I had some symptoms it took eleven before I got the results. Then I get the results thanks their negative and the doctor says by the way, there's a thirty percent chance. That is inaccurate. I have a family. Amber last night who asked to go to the hospital in scans in with who's in high risk category goes into Emergency Room, they wanted a task for the Krona, Barcelona, the testing for the flu, because he lay the uses swab that they're using for the flew to use for the corona virus testing. So the idea that could at state localities are ready for this. It just is it doesn't match the facts on the ground and that's where these mixed messages that the president of the event need sends it hurts because you need to have like than, to be based on science then makes a decision so that you can get back to work in a reasonable amount of time.
Millions. It is crazy, you know, Willie, you ve got people that that heard all through February. January and February that this was a hoax. The that degree of of the pandemic was a hoax pushed by doctors and the media, and you have talk radio people saying it's nothing more than flow and then, of course, that chain when people started dying, left and right now that did actually social distancing has seemed to start to bend the curve. You once again have again cable radio, cable, tv hosts, talk, radio people say how it's nothing to do with anything and we saw the the maybe doctors get on talking about people have to die. You know it happens. People have to die
see them more. Let him die. I read it as I see it that way, but really read through it. We got the economy, open and, though, that those people there are going out there and doing everything, the doctors and telling them not to do. We call them the rows of parts of this generation, and it's just I I I worry for them, but be honest way, like jewels. My worry for my family and I worry for loved ones, because we have a couple of really high risk people living With us and around Us- and I don't know getting notices that like baseball season, maybe art it up sound by people who obviously are not listening to what doctors are saying and its raising like, don't get your information from talk rate
now don't get your information from cable news hosts, get your information from doctors from scientists from the people who know best, but my God Willie talk about the death of expertise leading to the death of over forty thousand Americans me that's where we are right now: dangerous, really dad's governor Governor Camp in Georgia. Yesterday we just heard that clip was served. Defiantly said I don't give a damn about politics right now. I don't give a damn about politics right now: care about the public health of your state and the health of vulnerable people in the state of Georgian across the country. And if you look at expertise, if you ask that to a leading doktor at Harvard two days ago said here's what this will look like if what he was talking about Michigan because of all the liberate in the protests there. He said for a couple of weeks and look for and they ll say, ok see, we were right about this and then what and as the cases will explode again and hospitals will be full,
then it will be right back where we started, so it may look ok for a couple of weeks, but you have to look down the road and I think doktor Fouch in Doktor Burke's would tell you exactly the same thing. One other point about Georgia. We talk using data and science you'd like to believe that this was a coordinated effort where the governor talked ever. But in hot spots in vulnerable places, we learned it NBC News last night that the mayor of Albany, Georgia, South Georgia, very very hard hit city had no idea about this here. We heard about it on tv he had done His aim. Is aid was watching television and came in and said Mr Mayer, their opening up the state to which the mayor said whoa whoa. What we are not ready for that they had a couple of funerals that lead to big problems in the city of Albany and they ve had a terrible outbreak down there so every sharp, and I would just ask you: we ve talked about Georgia. You could look it
Tennessee is another state South Carolina a lot of these Assisi EAST states? If you want to put it that way, talking about opening business to state a Tennessee says by May first the gun, or there will come. Weekly, lift the state water there. Yet we members of masturbation network in Albany that was just as outraged you're, more the mad there, the real, general raise is what Governor no George Tennessee. Any of these states that are announcing the reopening What do they know now that they did not know when close the state, the facts have not changed in fact we're getting the This situation intensify, terms of the need for testing and in terms of the escalating amount of debts they literally playing politics with the lives of their citizens and is atrocious and then we have these. In some cases,
is, demonstrations that are coming The least stay home Edith would know. These stay home even when no basis at all float were dying. I mean this is, is an absolute absurdity on its place and when we look at a germ say get worse Look at those Jim say that we are so diverse it is a country where we're not divided is with the pen. This virus does not check boxes, whether you Republican Democrat, black white, rich or poor, This virus is an all demographic, of disaster and web, I'm not. We gonna choose to live together. We will die together unless we solve this and stay home until we find out how we deal with this, This is not about which side you on this about I was us trying to stay above ground.
And you know who else said that yesterday for one brief shining moment in time, after he had long red state voters out to make these reckless proclamations. That's right, sir, dad, Sir Donald Trump dead. We already calling him, Sir, wherever he goes tests and that and Donald Trump and spoke. The truth admitted the truth admitted what scientists and doctors have been saying. For the truth admitted what is scientists and doctors have been saying for some time, and that is if these we the home orders had been ignored and if we reckless with these data mortars, millions of people could die. Take a look at Donald Trump and Doktor works from yesterday. Hey everyone, it's true,
only MSNBC, corresponding and host of the new pact cast into America in our latest episode NBC news, senior chinese reporter Gretchen organs in looks at the state of me. Street in America, small businesses have been struggling since two thousand eight financial crisis. Now the corona virus, pending has put millions more at risk. The federal it is trying to step in, but the need is overwhelming can mainly, survive this crisis subscribe for free. Where do you get your packets. If we didn't do it, you would have had a million people. A million alot a people, maybe two million people dead now we're going toward Fifty I'm hearing or sixty thousand people too many, I always said, too many, but we're going towards. Fifty or sixty thousand people, that's at the lower
As you know, the low number was supposed to be a hundred thousand people. We we could end up at fifty to sixty ok, tar. If we didn't do what we did, we would have had, I think, a million people, maybe million people, maybe more than that. This is a highly contagious virus and you don't know by looking at someone whether they have produced The conditions are not, and so on. Of us as far as protecting others must continue to do all of the recommendations to India, that, when we are in an asymptomatic state, we're not passing the virus to others. Ok did you hear that? Because that's that pleased to everybody. So by God, was to everybody does apply there. Everybody, Donald. Thank you again for your support. We appreciate it watching you and appreciate that
but of a pandemic. You actually have enough time to watch our show and then tweet about it. And yes, yes, this year, the ratings of even before this pandemic the best ever and we had a child with a treaty, and this is what Donald Trump just calling you ass. I got you watch is everyday by your ladies and gentlemen, while tens of thousands of people died and there is suffering across the board in but was in hot spots across the country and there is not testing that Americans need, and the president refuses do. What needs to be done to get testing across the board. He's doing this or whatever use tweeting. What's the first five minutes, read it morning. Psycho I M S day and see that's very original, is as nice as people are sexy. I it is as nice as people are. Actually I love this as he does, and everybody rounding tells me he watches. Every data
I like this just to see such hatred and can't I used to do his show all the time before the twenty. Sixteen election then cut him off, wasn't worth the effort, his mind a shot, and if you look right up above that he's is pinned a tweet where Brok Obama's face is, is actually superimposed on another half. Wherever now. A tweet it to save many people found the offensive would be an understatement here you have a guy he's in there. Of pandemic. We can't out of the mud again every tree. Tweets about us is, if usually filled with twenty or thirty lies candid about four or five, and that one there, but he can't get out of his own way. He can't he can do
the country's bedding. We were just showing clubs where he actually was responsible yesterday well I can't help himself can help himself any them of a pandemic. He puts up an ad we're Barack Obama's had is superimposed Other add that is beyond childish. I think a lot of people found it to be deeply offensive, as justice Republicans would have found Brok Obama doing that to George W Should he done that in his re election campaign, no absolutely when you look at when you look at when you have world leaders in history, the face crisis She'll live during world war. Two and Lincoln during the civil war you really think. Mr President, since you're, watching now because you saw the says with Jill Scarborough, that you can help it
since we have your attention may cause Joe. Would you Imagine Winston Churchill doing tweak about something as as ridiculous as you did, This whole luck all commercial about Joe Biden Learning, The deal would roaches superimposing Barack Obama's hid in the middle, What two? Would you really think Abe Lincoln would be doing? The kind of Adolescence nonsense: you did in the middle you doing in the middle of civil war people die due to head of state whether we supported you or not. This is your lap. This will go down in history in the Trump era and what going to say that you were tweeting that you away cable tv taken shots of people get you one says what, because you control or that you took charge of the state and you brought it to say
and you disproved all your doubtless by rising to the occasion and becoming great do you have that in you you one on trial, announcing you gonna in immigration at Eu Level, body in here and, as you will follow, was now saying this is at home. I mean S real consisted. Let's all. Out now to our partners and our massage problems for women, a blog everybody book from coming India, so we can just cause killing now cells by ourselves. That a whole lot of sense, Mr President, so the prince The president was showing his range guys, because this morning he's doing some criticism of cable tv last night, shutting down immigration to this country. He issued a tweet. Ass night, his previous tweet. That said, he intends to issue an executive order, suspending immigration to the United States, citing a virus and the quote need to protect the job. Of our great american citizens. The Washington Post reports, the announcement caught some homeland
purity officials off guard, while the senior administration official tells NBC News. The plan has been under consideration for some time, yet the move, maybe little too late. As you know, numerous health officials and allies of the President's own administration, as far back as January, had put president on similar restrictions, specifically the travel ban, and from Europe other officials in in his own deputy national security adviser, join the core. In calling for stricter travel measures just days later, yet wasn't it nearly a month and a half later on March, eleventh that the President shut down travel from Europe. Let's bring in senior Whitehouse Rapporteur for NBC News, digital chain and petty patient. It will get to you in just a moment, Joe my start when I read that tweet last night, as we are all the bed was the areas is here. I know this feels good, politically, perhaps jotted down immigration, to signal the people, but the virus doesn't know about the border number one and that cross the border some.
Back in January go by the way people were very, we don't why people coming here that may be infected. Think about if you're in another country, though, I mean I'm somebody told me three weeks ago our diplomats told me that other countries were scared to death of Americans going into their country, because we have where cases there anywhere in the world, and our testing is so dismal. People are scared to death of american coming into their country so again in that, The thing is that this is symbolic. What he did last night is symbolic just The China Ban was symbolic because he had already let four hundred m e foreigner. Thirty thousand people came from China to the United from the beginning of this, an additional forty thousand came to the United States from China, even for a so called ban and will, as you pointed out when he put that toothless,
China Ban again toothless, goes is afraid the markets may go down. He was bagged, his own health officials to shut down trade. From Europe at the end of January, but statements Donald Trump said no. They weren't going to ban travel from here at the end of January because again they didn't want. On the stock market and finally, did it again and Marge. But by that time all travel between Europe and New Yorkers. Actually caused massive out I can just, as you said, people Kay over here, nobody thought it was a big problem Donald Trump said it was not a big problem and then two weeks later, we start having these explosions these outbreaks in New York City and that's a real problem. But you're right that people are already Emmy here and that's why, when Donald Trump screaming at reporters. So look at me. I did this toothless China Ban, but it is true for China Bank,
for a single person. They died. That's like a cop Santa locked, the front door after you lead killers inside the house, little weight allied, let's let's go to Shannon Shannon Lotta things gone at the White House. The president's tweeting, of course, about his favorite television show He just can't quit quotas. We wish we could also he is is tweeting these craze from the White House at night, one day he says, he's Spartacus the next day he says, he's powerless and then what yesterday he's talking about one or two million people could have died. If we didn't have she'll distancing. This is a president who just can't seem to make up his mind while an yesterday he with tiny that open
down to immigration, but I will say this tree caught: Whitehouse officials off guard. This is something I had been talked about in the White House for quite a while, but the idea of the present treaty White House for quite a while, but the idea of the president last night surprise a lot of people look at me specific from anyone yet about what countries would be affected or how this would be implemented and also its uprising, because it we would have a lot of real world implications because for the most immigration is shut down. A non essential travel ban, Mexico on China on most countries in Europe, India. Where we get. A lot of immigration from is at a nationwide. Lockdown were obviously IKEA, alot of immigrants from there and These offices are closed and a lot of places, appointments interview to get a visa or have been cancelled. This is not a lot of immigration going on. On the other front, where this concerning is for farmers are the events,
as you have been talking about, trying to loosen restrictions on migrants workers during the pandemic to give them the documentation. They need to come over and work for the harvest season and a lot of farmers having the planning that they are not getting. The labour the farm Labour They need through legal immigration, so they ministration happen in the process of talking about to make it easier and let these restrictions on migrant labour, How will this affect, though, so not a lot of implications, a lot of questions, but I will say there is one way that this does make sense, and that is politically for the president. He wants conversation back onto immigration. This is the topic he always wanted to be talking about for his twenty reelection he made sure too the border, while yesterday, in the briefing when we had an army court engineers was there to talk about hospitals and building hospitals. The president made a thick way into top the wall and telling how many miles of the wall had been built. So he always wants Vittorio. Immigration is the number one issue for our Republicans
One issue for a lot of voters in those key swing state and with all the focus on the pandemic, as this is one way he can get there you're talking about immigration, which is where he thinks he has some strengthened his re election efforts NBC, Shannon, petty bees. Thank you very much and one of the sort of slight problems here, Joe is enduring. A pandemic like this with a virus that spreads like this, which you know, has different types of exposure, different Sometimes for people of different age groups are affected, you not afraid immigrants, you're afraid of everybody. Anybody everybody at this point. Until we have testing could be a predator. Real virus. Holding person that doesn't even know they're doing by the way also does not end. The process is well, it's reality that Sweden's everybody else say the same thing about immigrants. Now, as I said about Syria backwards, Rio was blowing up unless you can screen Syrians
coming several years ago with metal the civil war. Now we shouldn't let people that we should do with Germany dead, letting the Syrians. Man where they they couldn't. They had no idea whether they could figure out whether they are going to be safety risks or not. It's the same thing here, no, of course not we don't want people emigre, here, unless we can make sure that they are safe and that its head The enemy is not emigrants, its testing, we the enemy, we don't have it the enemy. Is this virus and how this virus sprats. So I'm going to say we should be making a political point by letting a lot of emigrants and right now to make us feel good about ourselves. Now no shut it down. It's just like I said with China shut it completely down shot the travel down, take care of what we have. We don't have enough testing for Americans, so it's ridiculous,
for that for Donald Trump, even tweet bad. It was symbolic and surprised his own people and the White House last night, but he has to do it because he thinks somehow that can help himself Having goes Willie New Paul, just just came across from from the West Legion post. It's a post, you University of Maryland Paul it finds most rate trumps grown a virus spots negatively and expect crowds will be unsafe until summer. Fifty four percent rate his performance as poor in this pandemic of four seventy two Those say that their governors are doing a great job and only twenty six percent say there. Owners are doing a poor job, so we Donald Trump can the wizard of OZ routine. All he wants it's just not working, because people who are fighting this pandemic
see what they see and know what they now and they're, not watch and protests some cable news and go India, hey, I wanna go out and now, with a lot of people in and entire confined spaces there's no doctors and nurses, data loved ones who have been impacted by this pandemic and they want to keep their family safe, of course, and now why impose Paul reflects what the NBC poll showed, which is that people are happy with the job their governors are doing by and large, and they are concerned, vast majorities about going back to work too soon they want to go to bed, go back to work, they need the jobs, but they don't want to go back of its budget and a risk. The clock on this and forces to shut down again, I just quickly before we when you go back to Shannon's reporting and think about what she said, used to this over three and a half years, but it's worth pausing in thinking that the presidency it states, according to the reporting surprise
used his own White House surprised. Homeland security surprised, in other words, all the people who would need to know all the people who fear radically would get gathering aroun make this decision by stopping immigration to this country This isn't a monumental as shutting down immigration in the United States. It appears was made by president sitting with his phone, probably watching cable news, and send out a tweet without consultation and then when ass a running behind him right and rationalize and justify this big decision. But you know it's just like that I am Mussolini me or I am Spartacus Edith, says it for a fact right I mean, it's my arriving as hell, and we we all to be on notice about that, but he just does it for a fact and then there's just never any followed through its always for a fact. He's a day trader he changes. Its position is changed its position several times this week and
Jim Band. I it's again it's it's! It's frightening to American! So you'll, look at these Paul numbers there not ready for their states to open Yet it reminds me that'll Ronald Reagan, saying worry, said a recession. An epidemic is when your neighbour and his family, your her family, gets sick. A pandemic is when somebody in Europe your family and his family. Is her family gets sick, a pandemic there somebody in your family gets sick are is affected by a man. There are millions and millions and millions of Americans who have family members who have either been impacted by this underlying health concerns and they're scared to death and want to protect their family and all the political bs. All that. Radio bs, all the cable news, be as all the other press conference be as in the world is not going to change that fact. One of the complexities and covering Donald Trump is he often speak
or tweets in these bright booming colors, but then governs in gray and what mean by that is, I don't even know what their treatment. Last night we have very few immigrants coming into the nation. Most of our borders are blocked, we ve? We stop the Scr the process because you're trying to keep people, so I dont know if he actually means that we're going to have some kind of prolong immigration by what be any different from now, so that people not about it internally probably have about as good information as well governor in the nation what to do. Despite what the constitution says the next day, he says, I'm on it, he's going to say. Yes, I have the authority to tell every governor in the nation what to do. Despite what the constitution says the next day, he says I wanted to refer to them in word. For word frustratingly, mixed messages it has. Even the people who can and want to be educated are starting to my brother about this yesterday, who isn't a trump supporter and he's. I will wait a second it does seem like everything's being over hype into my we'll, just listen to the president himself he's the one who said that a million or two million-
but would die if we don't take these precautions, but then the next they help tweet something that stands in stark contrast to them and that? That's probably why people look at their governors and say I'm very supportive of the governors and they look at Donald Trump and their frustrated, because governors just have to deal with the facts on the ground that have to be very clinical but the decisions are making that have to be very science based very, very. Based on the sort of the facts on the ground, and I think that's one of the casualties of these press conferences. It's two and a half hours of things that are often huh, define that consistency in so that ten work from a common set of facts. Jim Thank you very much. Italy, France, Germany and the UK all recorded their lowest daily death tolls, and week, in a sign that the curve of corona, cases as flattening in Europe. I'm old boy, that's good governments across the continent are cautiously lifting locked down with some shops, and workplace is opening up for business joining us from Rome and busy
Is foreign correspondent, Matt, Bradley and in Jane and busy news responded, Janice, Mackey, Frere Mammal start with. Around the world were seeing spots of unrest growing amid the those locked downs, what trends you noticing the economic a week. Could we can say that there are echoes of the same protests that we're seeing in the states, but throughout the world there? Actually, quite a bit more violent you saw some protests in Paris on the outskirts of Paris and the ban on here. This was just yesterday. These are necessarily tied directly to the corona virus and its effects, but it is part of that there's poverty is, is gonna, be increasingly seen from the United Nations as many as half a million people throughout the world could slide into poverty as a result of these lockdown seeing riots in Lebanon in Iraq's Baghdad's Solder city. We for them.
In in tenure as many people have died, of coded nineteen as have been killed by police who are enforcing the law down related to covered nineteen. So when we around and we talk about how economic effects and how these governors are gonna, be in the United it's our- are blocking this, the president's orders and and and trying to lift the law down when they shouldn't. We do have to remember that throughout the world, especially in places India, where there were police, were clashing with migrant workers who are unable to return home. There are billions and billions of peoples who who's whose livelihoods are gonna, be effected in a way that they wouldn't in America, who will slip from from being just poor to being absolutely destitute, and for them this isn't just about the virus. You know people here in ITALY, there is a major imbalance in the north of ITALY. We have seen a lot more cases, the actual virus and that's a much wealthier place, in the south. There isn't it Many there aren't many cases, and so for people there. They are
actually feeling the economic impact much much much worse, because it was so poor. So there is this feeling in some parts of the world that this is a rich persons, disease and that's part of the problem as part of the perception and one of the reasons why you're starting to see unrest, paroxysms of violence throughout the entire world, guys So, let's go to Janis where, where she is generous, there are certain areas that there are resurgence. Is the virus popping back up? What does it look like Can we learn from what they are saying there? you look a couple months out down the timeline of this disease. There are some red flags that that our popping up cases continue to dog countries across Asia. Take Singapore, for example.
For the past couple of months, they have the numbers under control they put in a system of testing, they had a system where they could track infections in order to give the appearance of calling it until they weren't controlling it. There are now thousands of cases being reported in Singapore over fourteen hundred Yesterday alone, a lot of are being linked to these large community, and that's why, in places like Hong Kong, even though their reporting no new cases, their expanding their social even though their reporting no new cases, their expanding their social distancing rules in South Korea burnt down to single digits for new cases every day, but there's still keeping restrictions in place, so they can avoid a new outbreak, and here in China, even though parts of the economy are coming back on track. There are still a lot of restrictions in place here and aging anybody coming, the city, whether it's from outside of the country or some
else in China. You have to do fourteen days of quarantine, they have system in place here, where even to get into the grocery store to do, go to start about soon to show your health code to prove that you are virus free and these restrictions are expected to stay in place for a while because they don't want to have this fear. Second way. I talk to one expert who said that this is what we can expect this cycle of suppression and lived, possibly for the next eighteen months, till there is a vaccine. So what that means for the? U S is that even when, and if the curve does flattened the will not that's immediate rebounds or revival of the way things were at least not anytime, soon, generous MAX. Air in Beijing and MAC Bradley in Rome. Thank you both and coming up new risk it shows the outbreak in LOS Angeles County is likely farm
widespread than previously thought it's connected to those anybody tests we ve been hearing about our chief medical correspondent. Doktor Dave Campbell explains that next morning, Joe, they guys Willie guys to your reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed for inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for free wherever you download you The problem is that these tests that need to be validated and calibrated, and many of the test out there don't do that so, even though we hear about company saint flooding the market, with these Annie
it s. A lot of them are not validated, is an assumption. A reasonable assumption, when you have an antibiotic that you are protected against re infection, but that is been proven for this particular virus that Doktor Anthony vouches, take on an antibody testing as more states spring for it as a lifeline to reopen the country. For more on this, let's bring in mourning Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave, Campbell and Doktor Dave tell us about testing because it it certainly has, but everybody wants testing and we do understand its cause. What can it and there are different levels of testing, so this fool, proof and helping us find a way forward? body testing is part of overall strategy to get people out of the house back to work back to school, we ve talked for months now about the Nasal swathed viral.
Still looking for the virus itself, that's the then nucleic acid test. Now we're talking to the antibody testing, which is looking for the proteins made in response to having been infected, and The problem we have in the very short term is a lot of the tests on the market have not been assessed by death. Felt says validated. Validated means assessed for action see assessed to see that the test, when it says there antibodies is really correct or when it says there are not antibodies, its correct. Imagine a pregnancy test where you're, not really sure, if that ass is real or not, and you run home and tell your your parents that, near your spouse, it you're pregnant. The tests have to be accurate, the overall strategy to getting back to work is important, yet
That's that's. One of the problems is even even yesterday. Doktor Burke's was talking about how these tests are. One hundred percent accurate in fact there There are a lot of false positives. Your lot of false and algorithms is well and day it seems like for every answer. We think we're going to get from testing. We we get even more questions, because the way this was rolled out, the The CDC failed to do this problem. We dedicate grasps from the World Health organization. We refuse that and then we, through open, do a lot of different companies and and I really one report after another that a lot of test, results may be an accurate. So what do we do route? We believe what we moving forward, we're moving forward with more the viral, swap testing we're moving forward with having more Anna
Eddie tests validated and calibrated to tell us, Deanna bodies are in there. So as I see it, states are going to be opening up soon. Georgia has already before a lot of them. Hello live. There are comfortable, so we as individuals will have to develop our own strategy. If we are now called upon to go back to work or kids are called upon to go back to school before you, So all of these pieces of the puzzle will be important. Looting social distancing, including insisting on people around you found with the rules, so, if you're at Work- and you dont want to be there in system, people around you following the rules of social distancing, nor I today's gamma ray doesn't ring where this really really quickly we're doing my job. Your time that tendency return, but these other states, where they're getting way ahead of even the present they're, getting way ahead of doktor works and the recommendations and getting it they're getting I had at the time when we still have a lot more
actions, and we do answers about this. We don't know which testing reliable. We don't know about. Antibody testing is doctor found she just. There. We don't even know if the existence of an bodies in our blood he's going to stop us from getting this virus again There are still so many questions out there over forty thousand Americans dead It seems to me this situation. The fire the expression, fools do you know now, Governor Camp of Georgia today Reverend set at well earlier in the show when he said what do you know now, Governor Camp of Georgia today You didn't know two weeks ago, when you shut the state down what has changed in those two weeks, you suddenly is there some x or you're, aware of, why is the coasts clear for people, go and gems and tat too parlours and massage parlours and the places that he's going open up in an answer to that question is he does have anything any was asked about yesterday and all
say, as I'm not gonna play politics right now. We ve got to get our people back to work, which again we all agree with? We have friends whose business has shut down their having to fire their friends who work for them forever. It's a terrible time. It's a terrible time. All these people out of work many than we know some of them. We live with the are going through this, so it's not about man, it's about. Is it safe go back so that when they go back three weeks or now, you don't have an explosion again in a lan, our Albany or somewhere in Georgia or somewhere in EAST Tennessee or inside. Carolina where you're dealing with this all over again and, as I said, resetting the clock and having a shudder down again, that's the men of you. That's what Doktor Burke's would say: that's what doktor fouche you would say somehow of these governors have gone with their guts and said we're ready to go back again before we really now, and of course we all want the economy started up as quickly as possible. We all have
children. We all have family members. We have loved ones we're, working and and and and a lot of people who have lost jobs. You need need the fine job That only happens when the economy reopens but, as we said from the beginning, but reopens and their clubs is again man, you talk about a great depression, that'll be ugly, hey, rather at this hour, I wanted to talk to you about a book that you have come rise up can be running, reactionary right now, the cross roads and calls you can pre order it, but talk about your bark and this country. That really does, I think most Americans would agree with you. This country is at the crossroads, nor I think we're at the crossroads when it comes to the basic things the country has to stop for. I think we have to choose which way we're gonna go. Are we going to be a country that pursues real accuracy. Real voting rights will respect for people, regardless of their gender,
a raise their economic standing all going to go back to a country that really believes believe that it is only set for certain gender. Certain race and a certain economic stand and are, we concerned, are finished it in the middle of this pandemic. Are we concerned more about profit? Then we are people and urging people whether their Republic Democrat break away. We the rise up for what we believe in, and you will find that We have our lives it you did not know because you stood up, everybody can lead a march run for workers, but I tell them practical ways: they can rise up. I have you a book drug talk about you and I warn opposite sides of american politics and were able to come together. Common things without giving up what we fundamentally bleed then- and I also put in a book- because I want to make sure the President read it because anything withdrawal scarborough- he will pick up, but
talk about my relationship with the president, good and bad down through the years in some things about President Obama, but the objective is to say I'm your way. Good bye, bye, bye, wailings aboard from evil, and now you ve had a good relationship with the present before was present meek and I had a good working relationship with him before he was present United States and you still talk. From time to time? You talk to him some time ago about the problem of inmates and your concern and now we find out the biggest hot spots and Ohio and its in these prisons. Just what you were talking to him about need took a phone call now he we're new Yorkers visa, tough guy. I think he's challenge when he has guys like me. They are criticising the real stand up to us, but I think that is not question understanding standing up to? Of course, rising above our own personal self,
aggrandisement dies goes with how we, how to gonna look to how the country's gonna look and what do we do to contribute, and that is what the books about. That's, why? I don't stop talking to people, even though I may disagree with them, as I do the present, Wherever now sharp- and thank you very much- you can pre order rise up now, coming up how aboard guns and church clothings made corona virus, a culture war, the New York Times Army Peters explains how flattening the curve is. Now one of the most contentious shoes in politics plus its question. We ask ourselves: he'll everyday journalist, our task with reporting the truth so what to do when tromp lies you, Robinson tackles that straight ahead periods. Crusades
We got my podcast wisest happening while we talk you with my friend Heather Maggie about the book she's writing about how american racism ends up, hurting us all societies that has it public health system that is highly functioning, well coordinated and well resourced. Are obviously going to do better in a public health crisis and we resisted that in the richest country on the planet in large part. For the past one hundred years because of racism that this week- and why is this happening search for. Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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