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During Wednesday's coronavirus press briefing, the president again worked to downplay concerns of a second wave of the virus in the fall, which his doctors refuted. The panel discusses.

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We're taking very special care of our nursing and are seniors other than me other than me. Nobody wants to take care of me but other than me. We're taking care of our seniors interim complaining twice yesterday that he's not receiving enough special care receiving gear yesterday was a do say good morning and welcome to morning there was a boy s ruins. Is you mean like nobody's taking care of you get like thousands of people? whose entire life is yet, but all I can say about the media him being taken care hates, but he also can't stay away from can't quit crowd it's Thursday or by its. We have really we're we're. Gonna slowdown, ok, but we have a lot to get you anything. We have three hours so much happened and sometimes
that cat like he wants you to focus on one thing. There was so much to focus on yesterday, a cat lasers goin on the wall singularly meaning credible statement by doktor bright and early. I e the spire. I think you would have preferred to spend your time during the Press conference away. I did make it was downstairs, again. I urge the drowning I just went upstairs task. I turned on rolling stones, very loud, makes was loud and ask is make it will put on every tv in the house. So I through smart, I went through exile. My favorite comes from exile remains. Let it play this game, so minorities favorite here was an eye lies here right now. And ended up with you to all that you can't leave behind in I end got to say at the end the one and a half to ours
in a better mood. You write the maker and its true, because I've got the twitter I knew everything he said in five minutes. Instead of having it so having door like sludge for two hours. I just feel bad for these people. When I signed a round him highly I commend watching it that way, as you can get the importance from the doctors later right. You can read through and pick out the importance that the facts of the doctors of designing, but that's a great night. I've been thinking a lot about the stones since that before they didn't Saturday night viable citizen was always been a fan, but when they can, together and zoom to play. You can always at what you want. I've been in every album too, and I can't believe you just might flip, though, Michael, let it believe one exile too. I know exile is viewed as perhaps the best outcome by the stones, but those are the two I dare you, pinpointed both gibbet by parliamentarians so I compartmentalize casino everybody wants us to talk about this. We gave our baseball, so we d rather was again. You know the b is obvious:
compartmentalize from sixty two to seventy that I'm sixty two two hundred and sixty nine six thousand two hundred and seventy but I always sort of put the stones in the Box of sixty four to seventy two. So are you now re exile and sticky fingers, but man, I will tell you where I ended with. Sounds last night girls from Seventy eight somewhere armies and as I was listening to it, I was thinking. Ok. Now you would expect the eels to write the album defined decadent allay in eighteen. Seventy five with hotel California, who guest these guys from Britain would it written really the album and producer What are the album and seventy eight really encapsulated paying New York City. They wish they did from miss you, too, shattered
just an extraordinary, much much better to listen to then, of course, the presents press conference. I think about longevity you're talking now about what sixty years they've been out, they were preparing for a tour this summer, again at seven thousand six hundred and seventy seven years old, and when they popped up on Saturday night at the global citizen mix sounded great. He's over there in a corner and doing whatever he's doing Charlie the Bang in his letter is it doesn't have the drums just? Should there so good and they hold up and every time you go see him. You cross your fingers, and you say I hope they still have it and man do that owns the long I didn't legit Lyman so used to sort of grading down for my rock heroes, and so I was actually walking through the house and I heard mix voice command and I called out to make. I go what's that recording I'm exam alleys lie that everything I ran up the wire. It was incredible.
I've been listening to the South Koreans then unbeliever right. So we have a lot to get seal. The atlas fighting for a moment along with show willing, and may we have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Joe Then Lennox is a coincidence. He get out all of his parents, Como and warrants well slashed. Following my laid Le Maire, you were there. Good on Instagram live yesterday with job right also with us, NBC News, capital, oil, correspondent and Hosting Casey, you see on MSNBC on Sunday night love. The show Casey Hunt is with us It was another day of incredibly mixed messaging from the Trump administration of attention at the breathing was obvious and painful. The watch has the president try. Downplay the concerns of a second wave of the corona, risen, the fall president tromp made several claims during yesterday's press briefing that were immediately refuted by doctors around him, he tried to coax them
several times into saying the virus may return in another instant. The president claim the why, imposed misquoted the CDC director. This was at the beginning. He forced the city, see director to get up on stage to the podium and were few himself, even though he couldn't it was, it was incredible on you: think about the screaming and they arguing that must have happened during the day leading up to that moment with the president ordering the the CDC to try and change what he said to the wash imposed, even though but we want that to the Washington Post arose to give bad medical advice. This is how it was eight out of watches juncture. Rubber Redfield was totally misquoted and the media on a statement about they fall season anti virus, totally misquoted here, I'm accurately floated in the Washington Post why Doktor Entry a clue
Molly was asking for. Just like. We asked every American defiled the guidelines he saying please add that guidelines getting your flew, shot And they will not come, we got a small confined here that we put in a great thing is or will be able to find it earlier. This time there might not come back at all, you have. Not come back at all. He said about a worst case scenario. We have a big flew and you have some corona, but it's all possible is also possible. It doesn't come back we will have, the virus in the four I am convinced of that it will be corona virus and before I mean wow what time believable I can wrap my arms around. The fact that you have met works that screwed up months ago
saying this was going to be our hopes and then they screwed up like pushing false drugs and There is screwing up saying this might magically go away and you get a president who said he's going to magically go away. We only have fifteen people it's down to zero, like WWW when these people learn like Donald Trump's got, was there's gonna magically go away, February. This is going to magically go away. We got fifteen cases can go down to zero and April's going to magically go wife, we're going to have, probably by the end of next week, more people dead. In nineteen than died in the entire Viet NAM tragedy in the entirely now, more more Americans dead from Covet nineteen, this anxieties,
wouldn't magically gov away in April, then we have the present magically say this drug Y know nothing about this drug. My God just tells me just like it's got told them, it would magical go. Oh my god just tells me that this drug is going to great net. We find out it killed. Vets find out that actually is not working at five with. Out, but he actually fired somebody because they wouldn't promoted. Because what do you want no way the doktor fancy said from the beginning? We gotta do clinical trials, we don't know, there's gonna, kill people or whether, but he had a good feeling. He was warm his gun feeling now. Is that a second come back in the ball. Would in fact, as we sat a year for some time as I tweeted that's very even before I knew what there's going to be happening at the press conference yesterday, the flu pandemic of banking eight
was actually stronger in the fall. I think we said that yesterday on the show was stronger. Fall like the real truth They can vote over three months and the fall in the winter because it came when it for season bats. Whatever he's been warning about four miles. I had a guy that does it now about medicine. Warning me about this. Two months ago, I, Zeke Emanuel saying hey, it's gotta be worse than the fall Joe. He saw that back like in February. Whereas isn't the king, how could a rise of not learn from his mistakes and still ignored his doctors with every medical person, will tell you the pandemic the worst during flows,
reinforcing why my getting so riled up, because at present wasn't prepared before right. The president, the press, by in January administration everybody? This was administration This was coming. Even a varro warned in five hundred thousand people get back to President ignored it. He didn't prepare with fifty thousand people are dead now because of right. He didn't prepare. There should have been a lot less people dead. Most scientists will tell you I'd sure when this is all over that if we had prepared better, if it Chinese light through their teeth. Those two things taken together saved a lot alive, but here's my deal. Okay, this is not looking. Brazilian, for we have to prepare for the fall. I get children. I want to go to
and the fall? Not I make is great makers. Mother. I want her to be able to resume normal life, and I acknowledge the White House to prepare for the fall. They can't do it if Donald Trump is still acting like this is February where he says it's. Fifteen people in Gaza, agriculture Gov away. This is another tragedy. This is another disaster. Just like the news work now since then, the fifty pounds Americans tat, I know it's only the morning, I'm sorry, but you're not. I was asleep just to see what this is really fifty thousand p I was I was, recent events ago someone wrote a sixty. My friends for two thousand people dead
we're making these miscalculations just a month ago is still doing it. When will they ever learn? We will they ever learn and why doktor value has been saying this, not just in secret to the present out loud in public in interviews four months, that this is going to come back in the fall. It was something that those of us who learning most of us in the country about infectious disease at this scale, didn't real I say yes, he said it like. We will come back in the following. What you had yesterday was the director of the CDC quote accurately in the Washington Post, saying the winter is going to be and to organise a combination of Verona virus and the flu president puts attitude. Yesterday morning says, but this you see director was terribly misquoted by sea, and then he said it was actually the Washington post. He will be putting out a statement while Director Redfield Doktor Redfield did put out a statement yesterday at the hearing with the press that the briefing
with the present standing at his side, saying I was quoted accurately by the Washington Post, so there you have Jonathan Libya. That was ex. He retreated it right now an extraordinary Jonathan Le Mere clip that we just played showing the journey of the President trying to coax in public in front of television cameras his own doctors into coming, they his gut feeling or his wishful thinking. Let's put it that way that this will not come back in the fall and the doktor after doctor, after doktor, three of them on that stage. Yesterday, in the White House, brief rooms at no no first of all like to Berkeley, we don't know then doctor fields that I was quoted accurately saying. The winter is gonna, be vat and then ultimately Doktor found she came out and just said no, Mr President, no american public, this I'll be back in the fall. That's why so critical that we prepare now relates exactly right. Every medical experts on that stage yesterday broke with the president
some more subtly than others. This is not a secret. This is not news. This virus we'll be back in the fall, as everyone has been preparing for that's what they wanted the public about. Four weeks and months, the point doktor found she was tried Is that its question of its not a question whether virus will be back its question? How we prepare for it will we have you no better methods in place where we have better treatment for those they receive catch covered nineteen. There will be a vaccine yet, but there could be to mitigate the spread, but it's going to be here and pointed the CDC director made the day before in the washing up. Switch than CNN and others did cover job us. The president saw was the idea that, when its combined with the flu season in particularly bad, it's gonna proof their strain on the medical Resources of this country. So yes, in many ways, things could be the worse, this fall and the president's simply didn't wanna hear it according to our reporting and fuse
As I see it all day yesterday after the report, because it flies in the face of this relentlessly rosy picture, he's trying to pin paint as prickly in the last few weeks as he's trying to the economy going again an encouraging sign smart slowly, reopening now he did have some more gesture where he he urged governor to slow down in some measure is too did not perhaps have the tattoo parlours and hair salons open, but he wants the economy to get This is not a surprise either and by duly did yesterday by publicly contradicting the health experts. Not only is that, politically unless it's a precarious protection to make. You know before from our approach who's gonna facing voters again. This fall voters who are going to see whether or not the virus comes back, but more than that, it could be its irresponsible and could be giving Americans a false sense of security can resume their normal lives. This fall and not get sick when the virus could be back in back with a vengeance.
So we have a series of balls and show a merry These are under the present. What concerns me as when he's does what he does yesterday, that further rattles the markets that further rattles no sound or small business owners who wonders, and he's lying he's. Just me, king things up and they're sitting there going. My god I gotta have a press there is always a bit away, multiple? Who knows what he's doing? Who will the scientists and the doctors and the experts move this country forward take care that our crisis, so I can get back to work, so I can reopen my small business because ok? Here's the deal we get away? We get a series of policies that are now confirming exactly what we are. We're saying last week, and that is the presents. Press conferences are hurting the press. Darting around left and right hurting him. You know the present April, the thirteen saying I have little authority than on April. Fifteen cent never mind. You guys have the total authority, then, on April seven
he's going liberate open up your states, then. Yesterday, on April, that Second, sanguine about dont thought up in your states, actually Georgie it the wrong way did freaks, voters out it's free so more kids out, it free accede, out and meagre. Let's go through these Paul's, its freaking, the voters out they stopped listening Donald you're too our Prescott, it's called vote diminishing returns. Now I read sports illustrated in the back of my econ one or one class at the University of Alabama, but I didn't learn about the law. Diminishing returns. You should look it up because you're too, our press conferences are now of diminishing returns, your damaging yourself, you're, making it less lie, Emma Jane yourself when you're making it less likely that people are going to be able to get to work on look at these Paul numbers, you'll see I'm right again, we'll start justice, just as credibility its it is causing pain for
credibility if it is causing pain for people who know someone who's suffering or knows someone on the front lines or aren't working they're hurting their people who are hurt who are extremely emotional right now and to see a leader refuting himself in real time about whether or not it's gotta come back in the fall about whether or not this thing is real or if it's gonna go away, it's unbelievable for people need information and our desperate on the way forward. They're, getting nothing. What except for liberate these states. Americans are listening Donald. They know that those are french protests. So the federal government stay at home guidelines expire next week and an overwhelming majority of Americans support the corona by protections already in place. According to the light success at a press Paul. Seventy six percent of Americans, they they support, closing bars and restaurants. People are scared, sixty eight percent
favour postponing non essential medical care. Eighty percent support requiring Americans to stay at home unless they have to run essential Aaron's. These are people who are frightened and eighty two sent by the whatever limiting gathering those obligations, people, those are republicans. Those are Democrats both or independence If you go into the cross tabs of these Paul's you'll see that Republicans Democrats are just about at the same place on these issues there is no red state. America are blue. State America when it comes to the pandemic of areas just United States of America. Who says why? Don't we listen to the doctors and scientists instead of politicians who were are our darting about left and right on state the check into their own doctors? Ever all sixty one percent say the step taken by the government to prevent corona virus infections in their area are about right, twelve,
well percent say they go too far and over half of American say it will not be safe to lift corrections in the next few weeks. There right the science here and a majority of Florida voters said that the state should not lose them social distancing rules according to a new quantity university Paul seventy two percent to Florida, voter suppose loosening social distancing restrictions by the end of April. That includes seventy five percent of Florida voters over sixty five. Here's. How they're scared so listen, I'm really these numbers are so start. Eighty percent of Americans support stay at home, a guidelines right now, eighty percent eight and ten we haven't seen poles like that, since after nine eleven I mean eighty percent. Eighty seven percent of Americans believe
What the governments doing right now is hordes of state borders are either just about right are actually not strong enough eighty seven percent, almost nine and ten and seventeen percent of of Floridians white, what they stay at home orders and guidelines the same place and think that actually getting back, the beginning of May is too. You sound. So again, you know people can take what they want from from the from all that I have said. I think, if social distancing is allowed, people should be able to walk on beaches. People should be able to walk through public parks. People should be able walk through Paypal. Space and yes, so I may see, I may be a little more out there, then I think most Americans, but the overwhelming Georgie of Americans believe that need to stay locked down, at least in the May
yeah. We ve been talking about this Joe as a partisan pandemic. I think a term that John Medium COIN. I think that's true from the president's point of view. Perhaps from leaderships pointed but it's actually not according to the country, there is no there is no blue here, you talked about the cross. Tabs may break this out this AP people because they get fascinating among Democrats. You might expect this ninety five percent of democratically that the restrictions are about right or don't go too far. Ok, you might think that that makes sense to you about Republicans set The eight percent of Republicans believe the restrictions are about right or don't go far enough, seventy eight percent of Republicans when you put two together, so this is not Casey hung about republic running to the side of President Trump, I think it's a case of the press Miss reading the country. We now hear just television. We know he probably saw some protests on cable news where people were waving his flag. It turns out those were tiny protests. Astroturf protests put up by
one family, or a few guys who posted to Facebook and rallied some people in these cities. But it's not the country, and I am not just talking Democrats you don't like Donald Trump. It is not Republicans again. Seventy eight per Republican say these restrictions. About right or don't go far enough, and this is why Willie to chose point. What the president is doing in the briefing room every day is here, essentially using the same strategy that he has tried to use throughout. The course of his presidency. Which is to insist on his own version, of reality, but we are now seeing that, instead of having a group of Amerika, and that are willing to believe that and follow that, no matter what, in the face of whatever other set of information is coming at them from a different place. Instead of looking at that, a partisan lens there looking at it through
when's that the doctors, the experts, the head of the CDC Doktor Burke's doktor, fancy the way that they are putting it to them and if you dig into the trust numbers and this poles in these pulls that's freezingly obvious as well, people are saying they don't trust president Trump on this. They do trust the experts on this this is why this is such an overwhelming. Craig. It is for this president heading into befall absolutely And yes, yes, Donald Trump, your your people, maybe they're not watching morning, Joe and getting a different point of view, but they're talking to the doctors there looking around them there meeting about this because they are scared and everywhere they look refutes what you say and that's a very different. Position for president trying to navigate politically when you should be navigating scientifically and working on
being american lives, which he is not doing. That is not his number one priority. If you look at the way he lays out what he wants to instead the american people. He wants to message his brand. He wants to me That is so called strength he wants to brand. What has happened in the middle of a metal beginning of this pandemic and try and make it look like he was born He is worried about his optics and everyone can see it Fleetly are gonna, say yesterday, Willie from a highlights. I saw after listening to the sounds. He seemed more panic. They think he's can use is he's. He's completely losing control. I mean Oh he's seen all the numbers we're gonna get to the members from the state spake you don't we losing every really losing support among senior citizens, rarely losing support and.
You can really losing support in Wisconsin, really losing support in Pennsylvania, losing support in Florida, loosens board. These swings state. But again I said yesterday said of the day before we ve been saying for weeks. I don't understand Why he is not understood Betsy, Europe's citizens are not going to buy the snake oil senior citizens are gonna, talk to doctors, say been with four twenty thirty forty years ago, dark. I hear on tv that these drugs work informally ducks able whole. Although on that, ok Doc, I hear that she's gonna magically go away, can imagine, go now hey doc. There have those protests about liberating stage is all scam. The doktor now listen, you know and we ve got get some your friends and some of your loved ones who were most susceptible to this. I could end up dead. Let me let me show you then.
First, we have known this for weeks. We ve said this four weeks. The president still doesn't get it and his numbers are collapsing. Cause he's still doesn't get it. One thing he can do. We know is read a pole and he's right pause and we'll talk about than that show in battleground states. He sliding because he's losing support among the people. You're talking about baby boomers. He can read Nepal to like when we just showed today. We know he watches from time to time. Maybe he saw those AP numbers that he can't just write this office. Rats not liking, Donald Trump. Seventy eight percent, seventy eight percent of Republicans, many of them, obviously Trump supported- are taking this seriously believe they ought to stay at home. They believe the state should be liberated and we haven't even taught them Governor Lamb of Georgia. No we'll get to that. The present doing a complete face on him. After telling these states,
liberate, saying I totally disagree with what Governor Lamb is doing in Georgia by opening his state. So if you're, a republican governor any governor and your land, the present for guidance and leadership. What do you do he's me: you're gonna end up under the box at the end of the day lay down like a way out for the prayers? He was a cyclist and he's here. Eighty urban bad, he listened to today. Drop and legislative measures on our left. Him Hank is again, and we ve been saying this to ok, listen, the justice, listen to us Ok now we know how this again for you, if you lifestyle, is in the Donald, it's a hot styled such a cake he's. Looking governors he's looking to blame you, he doesn't want to be blind. That's why Mussolini that goes on not Mussolini year, incomplete charge, you open it up and I said to liberate right after that, and then he came back Lee several women
listen to doctors and then he totally heartily. He gets cap He lives, Zuma, MIA froze along the truck a lower asks that dropped back up runs over again politically waves, this guy in the middle of the road and guess what He should have seen it coming. All the governments should see it coming. Donald trumps, freaked out right, now concerned about its own area. Him and he's look. The you governors throw you under the by. So what did you do this? Why don't you do the right thing? talk to your mayors lie, don't you talk to your mares tom? dear citizens, see what the people are saying: TAT. Listen, the doctors list the nurses hack, listen to your own doktor Leslie personal logger talk to them. He can't listen, presently more and he's free he's running around in circles. Right now
trying to pin the blame on oh, can blame the Rachel for some of them stags they made, which w h can blame the retail price the mistakes they. In which there are some of the same made, they both said they love China. They trusted China. Thank you, president. Jean Donald Trump said back in January verbatim, transparent now now they're, not so now, because a president kept telling us how great China was early on fighting the arms and transparent China was being because he said that Only one person from China was going to go away because he said it was. We were this up in a medical doctors were making creating a hoax out of all of this, he's now desperately trying to blame it on you so, whether you Republican or a Democrat, he doesn't care, take care of yourself. Take care of your family. Take care of you can once listen to them the doctors, ok, listen to the medical exports
Proceed safely awry Joe now one iota brain, do you need to go? Listen to the stones? Are you ok now would when we come, we get jobs. Later we got Casey. Oh yeah, courts. Have there is going to show you these zone Willie Guy, we're gonna go through these swing. State polls that show Donald Trump needs to find a newt Acta is I've been advising from the very beginning here: listen to your doctors. Follow your doctors, This is a medical crisis, not an economic crisis. The economic crisis goes away. When the medical crisis goes, Hokosa saving lives, focus on saving lives. Everything else will take care of it. They had a morning Joe a Navy. Our peoples and Ex CIA case officer who also has to be rising. Member of Congress will talk to a lane. Luria and Abigail spent Berger about their efforts to counter the Pandemic plus Steve Ratner. Often
walk says through some of the finer details of his charts. This one speaks for itself. Well, Hence the retail shut down next morning, Joe hey everyone, it's true, mainly amazingly the corresponding and hosted the new pact cast into America in our latest episode Envy news. Senior chinese reporter Gretchen organs in looks at the state of me, Street in America, small businesses have been struggling since two thousand eight financial crisis. Now the corona virus pending has put millions more at risk. The federal it is trying to step in, but the need is overwhelming can mainly survive this crisis subscribe for free. Where do you get your pack ass? A new job, less claims port will be released later this morning with another anticipated wave of Americans filing for unemployment benefits joining us our former Treasury official and mourning Joe Economic analysed, Steve, Ratner, Steve
I've been forgiven. This I just look for the choices that are being presented by people that you either have to be. Senior citizens dying. Or you have to play an end for the account Are you have to be four four people being healthy there? It's it's a false choice. It's a false choice, but there are p well they're bitter talking to the ten percent. On the radio show. Stiller TV shows you're, suggesting that we have to make a choice. The health of Americans and the health of our economy. You know there's some of us who actually give a damn about both there's some of us better dared about both, and we want to see us that that fit fear. This recklessness the Trump, why else is going to deepen the economic crisis? Is going to take it longer to come back?
presents been dawdling from minds. There is no doubt if he had started working earlier. If you'd listen to his experts earlier, if an early, and you worry when he was warned by the CDC see when he was won by the H, H, ass. We was large one by the Intel communities when it started showing up in his presidential breed. In early January if he listened to that it sends a very young age age ass on January, the eighty than a phone call instead of bitching about flavoured, raping mad being available on the market, we will be further along. So listen Why should we be concerned wire american, so concern cause? He still still hasn't gotten it. We're coming to the end of April in this present is EL, like in the year of magical thinking. The court Joan Daddy this a year of magical thinking. He said just going to magically go away. Really
it was gonna magically go away, and then this hydroxyl chloral quite was magically going to hear things. So I don't think he's just my died. We find out in the vague those people and and now he's magically saying it's not going to come back in the fall was not all points. Americans, health at risk it all I'll put millions and millions of jobs at risk because, economic crisis will, be solved in Americans feel like they can proud, and what I'm so sick and tired, I'm so sorry can tired of seeing more time, millionaires getting onto we say argument we need to reopen the economy. Workers need to go back to God, law back to work. Going back to the office. I know
guys a friend I can't say his name. You makes like twenty five million dollars a year, this guy Wild shot about. We really need to get the people back back. Do it like you get them to go back to mark when they gotta son with Asthma, when they got it whose diabetic through not going through it so we need real leadership. Take care of the healthcare crisis, the economic crisis, less room follow Willie, but God bless America. Why can't you figure that out big example, of what you're talking about right there was yesterday, the mayor of LAS Vegas, made a very public plea and intervene to reopen the casinos to let the world flood back into LAS Vegas hitting the union that represents a lot of those workers came on less than immediately set. Are you out of your mind, we're not sending our workers back into blackjack tables in restaurants and all those job we have people flying,
in from around the world. I just wanted to add in as you talk about that false choice, congressmen done Collins Republican Obviously, during impeachment had that choice put to him in an interview a few minutes ago, and he said no, he said no. We put him in an interview a few minutes ago, and he said now, he said as an issue for a lot of people. Dont Collins could not have been a bigger defender of the president. I did so partisan issue for a lot of people, dont Collins, could not have been in the suburbs of Atlantis saying we don't want to go back to work. When I read you go back to work for all getting sick again, and we start the clock again on this issue forms of Atlantis, saying we don't want to go back to work. When I read you go back to work for all getting sick again and we start the clock again on this entire process. Steve Ratner, you ve, got new charts, putting the deep economic impact of the virus into perspective laid out for US
first of all. Jail is, of course, exactly right when he talks about the fact that, had we been better prepared, how we re moving with more alacrity now to get the testing out there to get contact Racing out there we might be reopened the economy sooner just a the disconnect. If you well between what you, and I mean people on the show believe about reopening the government at the car country, verses. What you hear from your wealth in size is the fact that these wildly these are all looking over the abbess in their see what's going on and economy. So if you take a look, for example, every day sounds like Charlie, you sure, just before the break its lead I got off a cliff footfall trunk news is measured, people actually going stores. Ninety eight percent over the past month, and so you have stores clause right, lap, bankruptcies, beginning meaning This, which you mention the SAR J C pennies headed for bankruptcy. Macy's has its that's. How you ve got malls and stores. We never better reopen because
People are not in the stores, and I shall start by differently come effort when they come back to work and south, for we italian amount, which was already challenged by online by Amazon in places like is literally now Stewart s mind I'm not coming back you can look at as how it how far this economy has fallen. Is there a traffic we know the plans are flying. Much like to put in perspective, take a look at the size this doubt, sir, about almost sixty five Percent drop in your eye. Ass fat, ass God of my at the bottom and then Your body received its last recessions, rebel what happened. Nine eleven, which is pretty tough for airlines operate as well, but you can see is barely shows that idea compared what's happening now, and then you can look at the great financial crisis surviving rain, but what's also inching see as if he looked out over the rain. We have too many projectionist like this. We need
National air traffic, the sort of cattle association doesn't sea travel outside the coming back Anything like normal until the end of the year, I might say time alone, normal also other recession. Whereas come back much more quickly. The point is that, even without a second wave, even before you start talking about horrible possibilities like that, looking at a very, very small recoveries things like air travel which are central to our ADI. We should obviously also word in fiscal policy, now. Money is not the issue. But he mentioned yesterday on the show the impact on the budget deficit sources market, what we're talking about there, talking about. There is a deficit that, with the new package that was and is about to be passive. The day by Congress. We will be looking at a three point: eight, four times what we thought we were going to have before as you can also brought back times what we thought we were. We have before us
You can also brought back off again, as this emerges Spending works, is right for the system, but was still looking a deficit of closer trillion half dollars as far as the US as the eye. As far as the I can see this into a contacts and probably every view on this person or not can relate to? It means that for every dollar, Washington collection taxes at the moment it is spending two dollars. On all these various programmes, including the emergency rescue programmes, so save you and I differ on and on some political issues. I have always been a small govern conservative, but we have for years been worried about deficits. We for years been worried about the dead. You actually report of, I think, fix that part of an organisation that talked about it and it's gonna Why now? Where are we?
Donald Trump of spending money recklessly along with the Republicans and washing than before, we're gonna have a trillion dollar deficit at national debt. That was over twenty to twenty three percent. I mean: can you even start get your arms around with em. Act of all of the simple by the way I'm worried about, my children getting back to, I'm worried about my cousins, I'm worried about my my dear friends and Pensacola Florida and my relatives in Georgia. I want them be ok, that's my foot concern, but I'm all so concerned about people getting back to work because we get get this economy going, because this debt bomb is gone to explode in our face. Can you even curve and begin the ground Can economists even begin to grasp the impact of this deficit spending? I'm I understand we had to do it, but just because you gotta amputate a leg in surgery doesn't mean there
I'm going to be a massive them back from from from that nets surgery. So can you even began to turn to lay out for us the dangers of these deficits and and the national that a spiralling up to twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven trillion dollars, The dangers are future soldier to one of your earlier quiets Donald Trump and heard the deficit a bit less than five hundred billion dollars. Heed and by his tax cuts in by spending increases. The hearing Congress agree to they actually double that so went into this crisis about as badly prepared and she could possibly be for crisis with a deficit that was are gonna, be trillion dollars now at it, because the four trillion dollars, and so we So that is a basis for this problem. Look, it's gonna Edward sure that we all knew that our national debt was had its one hundred percent of the size of our economy. It has now been ahead there even faster than we
and reach it even faster than we thought, and the consequence of that is that we are going to have to do things in the future. That is gonna, be painful in terms of prevention, hopefully getting spending not one additions that raising taxes? including potentially now fast because so this is gonna have to be dealt with and he's gonna come high cost to the Americans were then in the working world pay their taxes, it he's gonna come at a high price to pay. Receiving benefits because they cannot be addressed in so. Yes, we do what we are doing and should do what we have today, right now who attacked this virus, but nobody should kill themselves of. But I'm not a huge cost too. Are we going forward economic growth to the tax? Is people answered the services they receive them. I'd steamer. Thank you. So much so
of news recently greatly prefecture, but really I just want to say. Is we end this there's block? You know we're about these its people that that are tweeting and getting on radio and tv saying our workers need to fly back into work, we're all blast All of us here are blessed on this show when I made because of our winnings at the dog track, but all of us are blessed But I know you are concerned about year the year we always go along right Paul Revere. A dog right here is, namely full review arousing the rest of the song later. But but but you know I do. I worry about me. Friends intrinsic call. I worry about my my elder kids and like what's: what's, though, I worry about their friends. What's the word, I worry about makers, daughters, what's up We're all going to look like. What's the economy, gonna look like who worry about my husbands in Georgia and and might my cousins
cross the state of Florida and friends in Mississippi this is going to be bad and we Need leadership. We may they get. This account we started, we just gotta get its ordered safely and that's why no one is pretending. This is an easy decision for any of these governors for any business owner for the present, the United States. Of course, it's not easy of people in my family fighting for their small Business is trying not to lay off these people who work with them and for them who been there only for so long. I hear from friends like you do all over the country who desperately trying to get that ppp checks. Are they survive to more months and maybe get through this. This very real. No one is discounting that pain, but what the doctors are telling us is. If you go back to soon. The pain will be twofold or worse. If you flood people back into LAS Vegas, if you send people back into restaurants, more people will get sick and will be right back where we started or in a worse position than when we started. So we hear and feel
Leave me first hand a lot of that pain, that's happening with the economy Absolutely we are blast. We don't discount that at all, but he can't do a tooth That's not me saying that that's the doktor saying it absolutely next we're gonna, show you those poles from he Battleground dates that showed Joe Biden ahead of the president overall.
And among senior citizens that and much more you write a hand. One can see hide and Jonathan Meares take on that when we return on morning job, they guys Willie, guys to your reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed were inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down pod,
asked get it for free wherever you download yours, Joe Biden has an eight point lead over the president and the battleground states of Michigan and Pennsylvania and a four point lead in Florida Pennsylvania Voters Biden leads President tromp fifty two forty two percent in a new Fox news ball that includes seven points among Pennsylvania's baby boomers in Michigan five is up a points overall against tromp forty nine to forty one, including up by ten points among baby boomers in that state and in a new country. Paul of Florida Voters Biden leads president. I'm forty six to forty two percent, and that includes a ten point lead over tromp with voters,
sixty five and older and Casey Hunt. You know a lot of voters who are looking at this situation seriously, which is most at this point that they can see. There's there's clarity with I'd and they may not agree with everything is say in a lot of the binding adds so that you may not agree with everything he says what you know where he stands and you know he's a good man and and and you can point to the that early on Biden made clear and stark warning this is in a peace than USA. Today, he's got a real tragedy. Wrangler you actually partake pertains to this pen, actually do that in January the end of January Casey, you said things are going to get worse. This is the present free, later saying: there's gonna magically go away, it's a hoax, since hyping it up, obviously in the present may think you can kill people, on Fifth avenue and its supporters won't care. They do care that
if he does things that threaten their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Joe. We have talked about that. Many times the president's seemed basically bulletproof with the people that we're supporting him the most. But this crisis is something that has drawn on literally every American into the political debate those who are sick, it, the good chunk of the middle of the country, who had tuned it all out. There and age. They are watching every single day and what do we all need? More than anything right now we need a competent functional government. That's at the federal level. That's at state level. That's at the local level. Every body need the government to function, what is the argument that Joe Biden has been making all the way along? He has been saying, return to a more normal, more functional time. That has been, said she has been sending to voters this entire time.
In a very consistent way and before this crisis, When you have people on the left and on the right as the most aged groups in this tree, you know that message. Maybe it didn't excite the left. Maybe there were progressives who thought that that was milk, toast and bland, but when the entire country, starts to become engaged in this conversation and literally has their own lives at stake in the competent of our government, and I think we can. You know we have walked through. The ways in which our government has failed us over the course of the last for some months This has been going on suddenly Joe such talk a lot better and that that put those pull numbers are bearing that out. You just again you, let's look at the clouds you match up with Joe. In the March, will not just don't forget the steady, not steady, like em, don't like him out the rapporteur has already in the
There's that, ideally, like Joe Biden, was right at the end of January. At the end of January, he said the present needs to start, listen do as doctors and scientists at the end of January. He said this is going listen do as doctors and scientists at the end of January. He said this is going get worse before it gets better Donald Trump spent all of February sang. This was magically going to go away in April? Stop right there more than forty five thousand. People have died away here than forty five thousand people present sat. We never read it again at the present time and again said it's one person, it's eleven people, it's fifty people sooner. We don't zero, but here's the thing. The mere so the president. Out. He saw the study that set up to two point: two million people die if we just relied on a herd immunity and that serious supposedly got serious but
appears in the university for it always said, you should have seen that Common understand is this has been obviously my professor in towards professor appears in India. See, always it. You should as saying that common Joe, like a freight train out of the mist, Donald Trump Should I see these look at these numbers in the swing states? He wine because older. Why do broke his way in Pennsylvania in Michigan, and with constant but he's losing now, of course, in Pennsylvania by points he's worth using again and exertion. Badly in Michigan by a point, and you look at the senior break down he's losing in Florida. You look at the seeing a break up by the way who could have ever guess that we're senior citizens in Florida I saw that calming but Jonathan whereas you they're just recommends around why I've asked you this others
So again, please help me, understand. Why doesn't Donald I understand this most basic problem, local reality Joe. He always a search his own version of reality. It is a private citizen needed. Is the candidate he's done. It has a president. He is, he leaves through sheer force of will? He can. Change the narrative and that he believes that his voters, his loyal base, will stay with them and we're seeing with this crisis for the first time that starting to slip away and his campaign is very nervous. We have talked about this about baby Where's about older Americans, defecting from the president particularly those key battleground states, Joe Biden is pulling better among older Americans and Hillary Clinton did four years ago. There is real concern the Trump campaigning people, I've talked to or not quite right off Michigan, but I've already put Michigan and category
very difficult for him to keep this time around, particularly in the wake of this view with the governor there, you if he loses Michigan, while he's got ahold penned, one of of, air was content, but he'd have to hold both if Joe Biden is able talk away, Arizona, another state a lot of older Americans were Biden, is trending well, and you said it. Of course, Florida is the ballgame for the president. If he loses Florida, virtually has no path to victory are right. Next, to avoid a pandemic. Patriot ACT David Ignatius joins us with this new must reach I in the Washington Post, plus, you might have heard, say at a few hundred times without more tests. America cannot reopen and to make matters worse. Doctors, Ache Emmanuel says we testing the wrong people great. He the next morning job we're back in two minutes: hey it's crazy!
We go my podcast. Why is is happening while we talk with my friend Heather Magee about the book she's writing about how american racism ends up hurting us all societies that has it public health system that is highly functioning, well coordinated and well resourced. Are obviously going to do better in a public health crisis and we resisted that in the richest country on the planet in large part for the past one hundred years because of racism that this week, and why is this happening? search, for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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