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New reporting lays out when U.S. intelligence agencies issued warnings to the president about the coronavirus and how the president dealt with the intelligence. The panel discusses.

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This presents pattern of it have taken. This information is different than President bombers. I've done a little bit of historical reading, its different than President Clinton's as well think the reason he does it is because he finds value. That is where equal to convince them that the facts were delivering impact his capacity to perform his mission. I think the day that we can't think the day that we can deliver that bees it starts getting pushed off and other things begin to occupy. That I'm in space. That Then CIA, director, MIKE Pompiers, back in twenty eighteen talking about president trumps consumption of classified briefings, this morning there is new reporting that says president Tromp was warned repeatedly about the threat of corona virus in classified briefings back in January and February of this year, but clearly other things begin who occupy that time ends so really good morning.
See you weren't Donald from certain getting warned according to reports in early January in that light and wrote reactor he's about it by by road of peace in January later, on January, by the bye bye we January you had the state Department This is the State Department, the Pentagon, the National Security Council, the CDC, of course, H. H chess the concerns in early January throughout the Trump Administration, where their include we found out yesterday. Here of presidential daily briefings both written and oral throughout, January and February, and yet remarkably enough. This is a president who, at the end of that,
was saying it was just one case from China and it's nothing to worry about the end of February for almost a full two months. Since those briefings began, we had the present saying it's having fifteen cases soon will be down to zero. Nothing to worry about. In March still, comparing it to the flu saying, there's nothing to worry about and the here we are now going to pass the number of people that work kill them the Vietnam WAR. Today, the number of people who have died from this pandemic that the present kept saying months was going to magically go away. Yeah. We knew for a long time that the intelligence agencies had been warning. President Trump. While he changed the subject during the month. February and March and downplay the corona virus pandemic. But We know the specificity. We documentary evidence from the Washington Post that shows the presents daily brief, the PDP
see that's daily summary of intelligence threats from around the world and for internally in the United States was delivered to the president, more than dozen times even ass. He change the subject. The Washington post is reporting this morning on the president's missed, perhaps ignore warning signs of just how serious the run, a virus was getting current and former. U S, officials tell the Washington Post origins, agencies prepared warnings corona virus in more than that, as in the president's classified briefings, this in January February, when he was still downplaying that threat sources. Tell the paper that four weeks, the president's daily brief trace the spread of the virus around the World WAR, China was suppressing information and about the political and economic consequences and official with the office of the Director of national intelligence, which is responsible for the presidential daily brief tells the posts quote details of this story, not true, but declined to elaborate a reminder of
the president was saying about the virus around the time he would have been getting these daily briefings on January. Twenty second, he told CNBC these worried at all quote. We have it totally under control. It's going to be fine. Two days later, talking about China's efforts to contain the virus and talking about transparency. The present tweeted we'll all work out. Well, on February nineteenth, he told the Phoenix NEWS Asian. I think the numbers are going to get progressively better As we go along on February twenty six, he said from the White House we're going so Stanley down not up Daily he claimed the virus famously would disappear like a miracle. We know weeks later is one case of virus began to speak as the post points out. The Intel mornings did not register with president officials tell. The paper takes an oral summary of the Daily Breed press briefing, two or three times we can even shows little patience for that past presidents have received documents intended to be read.
Joe. This is obviously the president at the end of June, I put in that limited travel restrictions on China. He would say that's how he addressed this briefing, but my goodness look through more than a dozen instances of the intense This committee waving the flag and sounding the alarm well and as a matter of course, so Ban was too was four hundred. Thirty thousand people came to America from China from the beginning of the car a virus outbreak and, even after that, toothless span was put in place. Forty thousand where people came from China to America because had so many exceptions with John meets this bread and his always infamously been incapable of ingesting any information from his briefcase. They try keep it simple. We read one story after another, but how they had done the down. Keep it simple, try to keep a briefing some one page in than they found out. He could even maintain it. Jim, during that one page briefing unless they put his.
In the briefing alive, then they try to get the oral brief It was the same thing, and so you know, historically and yes there's. The question did after you miss the warning signs about Pearl Harbor and nineteen forty. Why did George W Bush the warning signs about nine eleven in two thousand one well here? We are in two thousand and twenty and it was just one or two warning signs: the lights were blinking throughout the month of January, with even the virus, a writing, a memo doing saying the two were up to five hundred thousand people could die then in February he Stern done about how it can cause me of lives in trillions of dollars to our economy. This present in the coming months still remained oblivious to the threat.
Near where they analogy fails a course? Is Pearl harbor, nine, eleven, worse, singular attacks that took place at a particular, in time This was a is a rapidly. Moving adding phenomena that If you had an interest in the polls, enlightened world. If you were interested in what the scientific revolution had wrought. If you are interested in the inside of the American Revolution, which was that reason, would take a stand against passion in the arena of human affairs to try to allow us to our brains instead of our goods to actually, move the human story forward. If you had even and nodding interest in either, those three
neither those three things. Then you might have paid more attention, and it's it's a wilful thing. I do think that it it's it's childlike is that not that's unfair, to children. Its adolescent is its roof, a refusal to accept and an inconvenient fact and and we are all living with his incapacity to confront reality that may not to conform to the flattering mirror that he wishes to rights perpetually hold in front of them. So John ask your question, but we don't know the answer to it now. But how will historian sort through this ten years from now twenty years so now, a hundred years so now in assessing blame. Obviously, China was primarily responsible for this virus spreading across the globe, but Donald Trump,
administration started getting warnings at the end of December of two thousand nineteen at war everybody. You know the admittedly Asian started warning him. In January, you had again the sea say the FDA. The state department, the Pentagon, the National Security Council apartment of aid, hey Chaz when, when wind could finally talk to him on the eighteenth of January, he didn't want to talk but the corona virus. Instead, he wanted to talk about flavoured way, being an when Aser would allow it to be used again. In the be wary. He became enraged in February. Official said, this could be a pandemic and get hurt the economy and in, and so he didn't want to hear the truth in January and February. So here we are coming up on. Sixty thousand deaths,
Who knows where this is going to end? If we have an outbreak in the fall power, historians going to assess the blame of those deaths and white response. Stability? Will this president bear in histories eyes. There are only two ways two main ways where history is written in aid, in a way, this more surprising, then you're what your intuition We tell you right now so that those ways are one is the narrative changes? There is new information that suggests that the aid b to see chronology of what's unfolded has happened. Very likely. That could conceivably happen, big as we have his public statements, we the course of the virus. Those are two immutable facts, this
that way history can change is if the impact of a decision that was not popular in real time turns out to be right. True men and the cold war. Jordanian. Have you boy No, no axes pick your decision where something was in real time? But in the end, St Aside Ford and the Pardon decide We know that was the right thing and then the story changes that it bull fact is theirs about the press decisions that can change the fact that, as you pointed out, we will today pass the american casualty Fatality were numbers in the Vietnam WAR, so that its it is impossible to see, is very high, glad to see how this story changes of tromp being will fully obtuse and
now so narcissistic, fully engaged in his own drama. That he's fine. To do what Springer Spaniels, no, we should do which is launch a Marshall plan and for testing, to actually reopen the economy and regain the sense of an american ethos together, so overwhelmingly to me whether you re a ringer his area, we can get they enjoyed it. They enjoyed it well and in terms of that Vietnam WAR Marker Gene here that they daily briefings were cancelled away. They weren't that the present and held this So I put together breathing yesterday and couldn't away from measures. Yelled did not
One moment to really look at the magnitude of death and destruction that this virus has caused and to perhaps honor. That number those people as human beings who have passed away in the middle of this human catastrophe, But he read as follows: it is rather a few lines that some people wrote him. Obviously, but not my we'll get we'll get to that however, that was in just a moment the Washington Post has reported in the past about Trans than the Intel briefings back in twenty eighteen, three people from here with the matter told the posts that, during the first year of the trunk presidency, format of his intelligence briefings changed earlier administration, the President's public schedules showed. He received the traditional breed sometime between nine, ten thirty. I am within a few
on his intelligence advisers, began augmenting the sessions with maps, charts, pictures and videos, as well as quote, killer graphics as then Intel Chief MIKE on pale put it According to the post quote, several intelligence experts said that the president's aversion to diving deeper into written intelligence details the homework that past presidents done to familiarize themselves with foreign policy, and national security makes both him and the count a more vulnerable just like the wacky concept of disinfectant, that he grabbed onto his brain grabbed onto the concept right before the breathing Thursday, and he began to speak out. The american people joining us from White House, NBC News correspondent carefully Carol in terms of how the present processes, information, but more
finding, and that what we realised during the campaign is that this man does actually read he's not able to retain information that is from the written word yet meagre. I mean since the president took office. If talk to people who ve briefed had given him intelligence briefings as national members of his national security team, we're trying to walk him through, national security issues and he's it's too has a way of being distracted. He has been told people he did, that they want anything that's longer than a single page. They use bullet points to use visuals and, frankly, the one of the big differences between president drop in his his predecessors is: it's called the presidential presidential daily brief. Doesn't get it daily. He gets it MAX two or three times a week, which is already a break from how his predecessors have consumed intelligence. The other thing that we know from talking to people who ve brief the president on intelligence is that he tends to.
Challenge what they're saying and will say things. I don't really believe that will. Why is that true and he'll come with us one set of facts at times, particularly on Russia and the people who are briefing him. Don't really know where he's getting that information then the other thing is you mention. Is it's not always clear to the people who are breathing the president that he's taking in what they're saying you sometimes can seem distracted? You know he'll go off on a tangent if there's that something that's mentioned, that Russia, for instance, and then it all kind of get off the rails, and so it's unclear exactly. Clearly. If he had does of more than a dozen briefings where the corona viruses and China were mentioned, you would presume that he would have taken that and it would have been a warning for him, but we don't know because of the way that he tends to consume information- and I have to say that this is all something that's going to be looked at very in depth by congress- eventually
you know Willie guys. This is something that of course was was we're a big story after her, secretary matters, sat down with State department, officials and others and gave the press the United States. The quick prime around everything that happened in the post war world from nineteen forty five for just stating the facts. About the United States had done in the past talking about its policies throughout the cold war and in obviously, the war against terrorism, starting in two thousand one and Donald Trump got up and was angry and was was basically attacking them for stating what had happened, history and Edith and, like them, Acted history didn't comport with his view of how the world should be sort of a more isolationist America first world and that, of course, the fact that he was in cable
of taking an fax variants, the generals. That was when Rex tellers and formerly the state Department got up and called him a certain kind of war on. This has been the prob with one briefer after another briefer after another briefer. If he doesn't like the truth, he just changes it, and in this case he just ignored it time and time again and now these six, fifty seven thousand Americans are dead. Well, as you know, the present leads to a self interests. That's his first instinct to appease hearing information that shows. Russia, for example, did put its thumb the scale, the two thousand sixteen election in his favor and plans to do it again in twenty twenty in his favor. He does want to hear that so he's going to push back. What's unclear We hear into a lot of people carefully. I think, in this case is if the present had got early in January, ahead of corona virus. If we're looking for
his lens of self interest. That only would have helped would have slowed. The disease obviously would have saved a bunch of lives, but if you think of it from his political point of view, it will, have helped him to not be mired in this for months and months not so why did he or this so aggressively, while dont know exit they really. But I've talked to people who are close to the present in revising the present who have said that there are times when the president just doesn't want something to be as it is and will either just not pay, pension to it or try to dismiss it, and if you look at what he was saying at this time during about China, for instance, you know he has specific agenda with China he's trying to accomplish certain policies with China has said that he has a great released job with President she and he's getting these regions
washing imposed and warnings about China and, at the same time, he's praising China's response to this, and so there is there. Is this this belief among people who work for the president that ETA If he's presented with something, for instance, now we're looking at the economy, the economy is my is not going to be doing well in the com weeks and months and he's almost trying to will it not to be that way. We ve seen that with his handling of corona virus and there's potentially sums for some reason that could potentially have played into what he was thinking at the time. While he is getting these many things. But you know, I would also add that that this that he was learning this information, then- and he was saying what he was saying at the time China really undermines, has effort now to try to put the blame. On China. If he knew back, then China was not being forthcoming about all this he's heard him say yesterday there thoroughgoing investigate every their investigating everything that
a new and when and what they withheld well of his intelligence officials flagging this for him. At the same time, he was saying that she was handling this group. The corona virus cry epidemic in a very good way and had it contained that raises a lot of questions. Certainly girls curly Thank you. So much and of course I talk about China. Whatever Donald Trump says. Moving forward about China, you, you always go back to what he said on January the twenty. Fourth, when China was not cooperating with Donald Trump own administration on sharing data on sharing samples on helping us prepare for this Donald Trump on January, twenty fourth tweeted that China was doing a great job handling this virus. He thanked president. She for his transparency and thanked present. She on behalf of the american people truly bath
lying, and he continued to do that in the coming months. In between days when he decided well today, I'm going to try to attack China. Then it always go back, revert back to his praise form an and Willie it's interesting. You you had Carol king about how he tried to just wish things away in January. I do wish away the corona virus saying oh it's only one person going to go away in February It was going to magically disappear in and in April, when you get warm or is going to disappear at the end of February. This was a month of course, effort. Joe Biden was warning that the pandemic was going to be bad and Americans to prepare for it and Donald Trump and prepare for a month after Joe binds warning and late February, Donald Trump steadily
crowds? You know why it's only eleven people, it's only fifteen people soon's, can be down to zero it's going to disappear in March. He was still comparing it to the flu. He was pushing phony drugs, I am the FDA now says: could damage your heart in April, of course, in this month, This is now moved on from funny drug scams too funny disinfectant light scams again. It's sort of wherever He wants to go, and now it's moving on to the economy, where the president, I say, saying something that no conserved ever say. I built the greatest economy ever he's just darting all over the place and he's wrong on every count: Niger, gotta believe we can pulse I've just gotta. Believe that's why his numbers are dropping.
Yeah the numbers are dropping against show by, but also in terms of how the country trust what he says or believes what he says will get into that in just a minute, but I think you're, absolutely right Joe. He cannot plead you could have seen this coming. Nobody knew well, we ve known that isn't true, based on reporting height, but now we know, because of the wash boarding height, but now we know because of the Washington Post, new reporting of the president's daily briefings to January and February that he knew very explicit how bad it was it was. He knew very explicitly as he praise President she that China was suppressing information. And it's you should everybody should read this Washington Post story, because Corona virus was not a footnote in the penal, be it was at the core of what the intelligence community very worried about- even knowing that hearing that a dozen times the present still went out and downplayed then he put in that travel restrict into China. He spent a month and a half playing how serious this was going to be so on morning, job we're going to do about the baby. Yes
I'm just saying there wasn't just a political impact of that right. There is a public health care impact that people went out because they believed the president people didn't socially distance for share. There are still polls that show Even now, supporters of Donald Trump. Are less likely to social. Distant supporters of Donald Trump are as likely to stand. How serious this pandemic is. His words have had a negative impact on the public health of miracle. So it's not! This is not just a political matter. This is a public health matter and he's responsible, for it and we ask again on this day that he starts telling Americans the truth. He stopped for this parade of sea egos, he stops
other nonsense. He does the afternoon and let doktor foul and let Doktor Burke's speak I'm speak. Let them run these things and actually go to your briefings list. To the briefings. However, you can try and retain information is best Uganda. Unbelievably can't read if you don't read, because it doesn't work for you, because you never did then try and get the information it was on you to read those briefings back. January was on you tell us, the warnings and you didn't. We need that's. Why we're by the way. We need you to listen to the warnings. Now we need you to listen to briefly get things. We need you to listen to the doctors now, because guess why it's probably histories any guy Mr President, I know you said he's gonna magically go away and the fall may not even come back
in the fall probably won't even come back in the vote. Just like you lied in January and February to people and said this was going to match would go away in April and today more people died in one day in April than died during the entire nineteen year war in Afghanistan that you ve railed against on real or on what happened on your watch, where asking you now, as we ve been asking it for quite some time. Please prepare for the fall all right because you are done. Nurse and every medical adviser will tell you that if this heads bring the flu season and to still be around during the flu season it even worse than what we experienced this spring Willie and I think it's important to point out. The false choices being put out people will say what did you want the present to do when he heard these president's daily briefs? He wanted to shut down. Economy now with the intelligence community. What public health experts were telling him at the time
and what they wanted to do was to start what John meets him. This descry, which is a Marshall plan for testing the country, forgetting personal protective equipment into hospitals and ventilators in the hospital for preparing the country not shutting down the entire country at that point, but taking the threat, Syria and getting the country ready. So then, you know spend the month of March chasing what you didn't do in January and February still, I have on morning job we're going to show you that new polling in the presidential race, plus one, is a test. Not a test will play free of vice president my pencil rationale behind this promise. Four million corona virus tests by MID March that whole power These things are getting hard to watch the pants part and Republicans through a fit, President Obama said about people who own a business- you didn't build that so surely and went crazy there is. They went out now grace with President Tromp yesterday, giving himself
the sole credit for building or begun and the greatest economy I've got the greatest economy is through the world. Donald Trump said yesterday that selective outrageous ahead- and you know what arrogance you know what I can. You said that not knowing no conservative says right. And senator rejection or will be our guests were back in a moment. It's true mainly MSNBC, corresponding and host of the new pact cast into America in earliest episode. Envy. News, senior chinese reporter Gretchen Wilkinson, looks at the state of me. Street. In America, small businesses have been struggling since two thousand eight financial crisis. Now the corona virus pending has put millions more at risk. The federal It is trying to step in, but the need is overwhelming can mainly survive. This crisis subscribe for free where you get your packets,
I must ask you about the papers protection plan. Ppp, bring help small businesses, juvenile lotta concerned today with the website, I'm just not working factor saying that they are deeply frustrated. Tell our american tax will not be able to help struggling small businesses. Will I just came out, and I hadn't heard I heard there was a delay we'll find out whether or not that so certainly did work out very well. For the original amount of this is the second, my mouse and I'll find out about that will find, where relying on the banks to go out into an accurate job right that was presented, yesterday, shifting blame to major: U S, banks after demand for them pay check protection programme overwhelmed and crashed. The small is this administration on the site, always ships flying the hidden. Thou Brok Obama to shift the blame on it
In fact, they blame them for things that, of course, he's addled far more work, save and blaming foregoing out golfing sighing on by Donald Trump Yellow. He blames China. Then he praises China. He He blames everybody now now he's, of course blaming banks, because his programme still is not. Joining us now and be seen news senior business correspond in internet must then be sea anchor. Stephanie rule less president aside for a second Stephanie how Europe? What are you hearing about? How people are being able to get the money that they're trying to to have to get through this? How bad is this problem? How big was this glitch It wasn't just a glitch. This situation is disastrous. Now everyone has the best of intentions, but there are trying to get out hundreds. Billions of dollars to the thirty million small businesses in this country, many of whom are complete
shut down right now. So, first off its extraordinary for the president to say not really up to speed, I heard there was a glitch we're talking about three hundred and ten billion dollars and that after the first portion of the carers act p He, where we now only one desperately important at ten thirty. Yesterday morning the portal open back up and it went thirty. Yesterday morning the portal open back up and it went down all day long. Proved ready to go that total of one hundred billion dollars five largest lenders one million loans that they already approved, ready to go. That totals one hundred billion dollars and they couldn't even get it in the SBA is system I wouldn't say The SBA stinks by any means, but there are governed agency. This is like asking the Department of motor vehicles to execute the ground. It is not happening. The Treasury department has not given
additional resources bodies. Effort in any way to the SBA soon to hear the presidency I heard there was a glitch make it. We have a small business in this country, go out of business, every single a minute and one more point to make about it, even ppp, if it all worked out beautifully, it's two months worth payroll? We all know that from a health perspective, we're looking at this for a year, we with social distancing. Things are going to be completely different. Work only addressing this economically for businesses for two months? This is an economic, devastating situation for this country that the president is still not enough Jane? He said here we are, with the best Rita see Ios out here. Did you notice all the mosquitoes he brought only involved in businesses that are allowed to build right now? There are thriving because of the knee
the goods and services they provide because of corona. He made no mention of all that's happening really in retail, when you ve got to billion dollars in retail rent do month, and so many those business They are suffering the gap. They might not be pay the rent staff its well you're right these retailers, even the states that are opening aggressively and early like taxes on May. The first says you can only have twenty five percent capacity in your store eagerly of twenty five percent capacity in your restaurant. Well, that's top to survive you're a small business? I noted that the LOS Angeles Lakers yesterday returned alone that they got through PPP four point: six million dollars: that's a team of the valuation of four point: four billion dollars, so we can put that off for a second, but it gets the point of who exactly is getting this money. So how can a little dry cleaning a diner be still sitting didn't money in the first wave still way.
For the second wave and these big fortune. Five hundred companies are getting money. These publicly trading companies are getting money through people He, how does this system work and wise it failing small businesses I ask you this Willie, whether you tiny, business or big business. Your suffering right now, and if the government creates a program that says here is good it's for you that you do not have to pay back and you can use it to help pay for your employees. You would use that programme now, their fear. Yes and bigger companies, and why on earth, would you take this money from the little guy? Will the government created a program or they put all of these businesses in the same bucket? Yes, they designated some money now to smaller lenders, but you ve still got The same amount of business as worthy of one person, one five hundred people vying for the same money. Now the government is urging bigger businesses- if you dont need it, don't take it
can you really blame a business when the government says here a programme that's available Would you like the money? Is it the problem? It is the fault of the government or the fault of the person taking. And this Stephanie rule. Thank you so much for coming on we'll see you again soon and Joe Biden leads Then tromp and the latest National general election match up again to a new. U S head, it is Suffolk University. Paul Biden tops Trump by ten point, fifty two forty percent Trump uses Biden has led to six points. Thirty, eight to forty four percent of a third party It also runs when voters were ass, if Trumpet Biden, our strong leader Trump narrowly leads forty five to forty three forty seven percent. Found binding to be honest and trustworthy compared to thirty one send to set the same about tromp. Can we stop right there? So, let's keep this up John Medium,
We we commented on this before the election in two thousand. Fixing that Donald Trump's, honest untrustworthy numbers were very low and if there be devastating for any candidate running for president, for the fact he was running against Hillary Clinton and, of course, Hillary Clinton and Clinton's borders would say that, The numbers were as low as Donald Trump and honest and trust trustworthy category, because Republicans had been attacking her nonstop for thirty years I decided I just want to note as well these honest untrustworthy numbers that the reason why, right now can't really compare the numbers between them?
tromp and his democratic challenger at this stage of the race, like you did four years ago, is because these numbers right here Donald Trump, was running against a candidate who again had a lot of years, baggage had been in political war. Biden is for thirty years. You don't see that with Joe Biden is honest and trustworthy numbers. Obviously, sixteen points better Trump, Donald and on the one issue that Donald Trump cares about the most things seen as strong the it's basically a draw yeah and I think that right now seems to Mammy, even if we were in normal times which were not. This would be what April early may still credible early to try to figure out exactly where the horse races. I think they shorter and pay helps Biden its This is actually more like, and you spend a lot of time. Thinking about this. This
be more like and british parliamentary campaign to some extent than anything I can think of in american history. There's going to be a consuming issue is conveyed. Reaction to public health crises and its economic fall out. Their economic fallout it'll be fairly intense. I suspect, twelve to sixteen weeks where people are paying attention and the I suspect, there's gonna be loaded down ballot tail in either case. So we're gonna see something we haven't seen in America in a long time, if ever, which is a much more focused campaign on the specifics of how a particular candidate or president would act in a crisis and it won't be conditional and trumps case. I went asked who cares about me like themselves, Biden, leagues, fifty.
The thirty nine and taking a look at their support by gender trumpet it's by eleven points among men, vine, the whole day, twenty three point led among women among african fighting, holds a commanding sixteen over the president, though his support among that demographic has fallen. Sixteen points in this. What since December jointly, yet really I am looking at these numbers and what something that I've been told entire adult life from from pollsters is when Win you look at campaigns. One of the key issues that always comes up is cares about people like me, you look at these numbers Joe Biden with a double digit led almost twenty point laid over Donald Trump. It really does look at this point. And they still very, very early. We don't know how this is going to end up, but if these numbers are
inconsistent night. Don't really see Donald Trump scientists and trustworthy numbers going up really don't see. The cares about people like me, numbers going up, people know him. It's baked in the cake. It sure looks like Donald Trump starts this race in late April against his bosom. Democratic now be in a position where he's going to thread the political needle, the when you're Donald Trump ever gonna win empathy contest with jobs and in those numbers bear that out as John rightly points out we're still six months away in these numbers in this country? Will change a hundred different ways between now and then, but it is true. As you have said, many times, that on Russia or even Ukraine, despite the fact, the facts were very clear there. People who support the present or something Making their minds might say that Democrats were just out to get this president. They were bitter about the twenty sixteen election, which the Democrats one the popular vote, but Lawsy Electoral College. They thought Hillary Clinton should have been present, etc, etc.
It would take the president's side there. But in this case there is no bogeyman, it's a disease. It's a virus that spreading around the world and its clear as that Washington Post peace points out again this morning and very detailed terms that the present, just with done this, that he missed the boat for two three months when he could have been taking aggressive action. The people Republicans and Democrats alike, see her own a virus in their lives they seat in their families. They sit in their communities and they know it's not somebody's fault and they She'd been handling and more seriously from the beginning, including today, are coming. The CDC adds new symptoms that could be signs of the corona virus will tell you what they are and what edition of those symptoms means plus it's one of the biggest questions looming. Where the outbreak right now can antibody tests help end the run a virus pandemic. Our chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave Campbell
calls that straight ahead. They guys Willie guys to your reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed were inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for. Free wherever you download yours, the centre for Disease Control and prevention, added six new symptoms of the corona virus to its list and ended, nation that health experts are learning more about the ways this. The virus is affecting. Patients across the country that new symptoms include shells repeated shaking with chills, muscle, pain, headache.
Sore throat and new loss of taste or smell previously the cities, only lasted three known symptoms, which were shortness of breath, cough and fever accord to the CDC these new symptoms could appear anywhere from two to fourteen days after exposed to the virus and as Anybody testing for the krona virus becomes more widespread. One question still remains: does a positive test for antibodies mean that a person developed immunity to the virus joining us now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave can Dr Great, to have you with us. First of all, let's talk really briefly before we get to the antibody testing about advances with the Oxford research teams, sounds like they're moving forward at lightning speed in and possibly even beginning tests trials in September for a corona virus
back. That is extraordinary. The timing, is it not its extraordinary. And it's also very optimistic Joe. So my understanding is that they are met. So ahead of where other groups that are developing vaccines and they hope that by September they could have a Maxine available for human use. Broadly but in the meantime they will need to wrap up their manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the hope that, in fact, by September, there vaccine is found to be safe and effective. Now let us area antibody casting get very optimistic livestock. And a body testing bow I thoroughly confused, at every article I read seems to say, is something different: is it going to help? as trade is going to help us in people back into the workplace. What right now,
How is the consensus among medical experts among scientists about the state of add a body testing will provide us a road map to get this economy kick started its road map? It just isn't a perfect hundred percent certainty that if you have develop the disease that you are going to have natural immunity. We know that you develop antibodies after you have been infected and survive Kovac. Nineteen The World Health organization came out Friday and in created a little bit of confusion because they said on Friday correctly. There is no scientific evidence or proof that the Disease and antibodies create immunity. They backtracked on Sunday and made it more clear that the general scientific community thinks that it's like You have some immunity, but there's no evidence of the degree of
de the duration of immunity and unfortunately Joe we know with certainty that there's any immunity, but everybody thinks there probably is. Or I thank you. So much Doktor Dave Campbell really appreciate your coming on to talk about is so very important topic and in John Medium, what was that chill said about the old Soviet Union, that it was a mystery wrapped in an Enigma wrapped in is a riddle. Riddle mystery, I think, was somewhere wrapped in an Enigma we have with the krona virus and especially about this testing. The same right now Everybody is a sort of lurching in the dark trying to find vaccines also trying to figure out exactly what is going to mean if you have an bodies and right now, they're just doesn't seem to be a clear answer.
There doesn't, and I certainly don't have one what what I continue to find puzzling I think this is puzzling in real time. Italy puzzling in retrospect is from the if we are going to reopen if we are going to avoid a depression if we are going to continue with if we are going to reopen if we are going to avoid a depression. If we are going to Jane you with this journey towards a more perfect union, we're gonna need testing and we focused on in the president with his incapacity? focus on anything for longer than than a few seconds has fixed a couple of problems or of global problems have been fixed by and large, but this one is is been hanging out there and they something we were just talking about, one of them
stories of the age to me at chilean level. Mystery is there are these things that would be of benefit to him to address, don't call it. The Marshall plan, don't call the Manhattan project, call it the truth plan call it the Trump project whenever you want to do that, we dont care this point. We want testing so that we can establish a public health regime that where the country can can scan on old until, if an until there's a vaccine and so What's the what What am I missing? It's a great I voted for the life of me. It is a mystery. I've got it I put it right up there with Donald Trump relationship with Vladimir Putin. That is a mystery. Sunday will know the basis that relationship and why Donald Trump kowtowing to Vladimir Putin and has for years, but this is also a mystery wise,
Donald Trump been so weak, wise, even so afraid to take control of this testing regiment and Willie yesterday, I found out there is a new standard for testing and I wish- But I had this this this standard imposed on me when I was in college or law school because As you know, I wasn't a great student all my friends, Wada, graduated, soon Lahti, but his Shorty Ward would say I graduated oh la and that was useless, laugh theirs. The ideas of southern thing sobered, but anyway we. For my pinch yesterday that you don't have to u, dont have actually complete the tests. You just have to hand the tears cell. When What are you guaranteed that a certain number of tests would be would be given? He was just talking about handing out the tests, not actually getting the test results
pleaded which of course, is the biggest nonsense. I've ever heard my life, because if you don't have the data, if you don't have any Mason individual patients, just pointing out tests does no good. That was an extraordinary moment yesterday. They got lost in some of the presidential other comments, but you're right, the vice president added states went out there and say yes, we delivered on the promise I made a month and a half ago saying we have four million new test in a couple of weeks. He said, though, was it- was passed into a semantic argument effectively where he said what we sent four million tasks. We didn't say that we would have conducted a gun billion tests. We didn't say that those four million tat would be ready even to conduct, We just did our job and sent those out go talk to the states about the rest of the problem. You know that the present is boring into this issue of testing it again and again, it says we tested more than anybody in the world again as a right.
Amber that's true on a per capita basis. It's not even close to true were way down the list, and it's not getting better Nikko. That testing the way we should and as John said, ad nauseam at this point, it has almost become a cliche, but every public health official says testing, testing, testing. Why? Because we are aware of where people have it, we have to know who can go back to work when we can go back to school, but vice president pets. Yesterday, after looking at the present at the beginning and say thanks to your boy leadership. We are on a path to test. I got an idea. I lose, as is the worst out, and I just said ethically we didn't do our job we sent em out. We don't know what happened after that. Yeah. Look it up. For you. We don't ridable RO low point for my pants who we are now just brought himself to new debts. One of many also ahead, in the words of Jean Robinson, it's time to ask once again in all seriousness whether the press
and they need states is of sound, my no more going to read from his new column when just nine says I certainly is not up to you certainly way that, as there are two find any, even even Republicans now he's not up to this german guys and resident gets ass to an american president loses more Americans over the course of six weeks. Then, in the entirety of the Vietnam WAR, does he deserved to be re elected his answer to that question ahead on morning. Job hey it's crusades this week, go my podcast wise is happening. While we talk you with my friend Heather Magee about the book, she's writing about how american racism ends up, hurting us all societies that has it public health system. That is highly functioning, well coordinated and well resourced. Are obviously going to do better in a public health crisis, and we
resisted that in the richest country on the planet in large part for the past one hundred years because of racism that this week- and why is this happening search for. Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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