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The WH is expected to announce a new national advisory on Americans in coronavirus hot spots should wear masks. Meanwhile, economic analyst says the unemployment rate will shortly head into double digits and the country will likely still be looking at roughly 10 percent unemployment on Election Day.

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significantly, as your seen in other parts of the country, do you message for the other governors who have not taken these. These strong as there is an extreme measures. Should everyone be issuing these stay at borders. Our message is this: what are you waiting for? What more evidence do you need anything it's not gonna happen to you, you'll never regret over up and setting at the moment so that you are preparing people for meeting this moment? spots way and there's no greater intervention period full stop none! Then physical, distance, We talk about social distancing, but it's really physical, distancing, you they socially connected, but you need to be physically apart and Foundational and fundamentally, we know, can bend. The lives save lives and get people people back to work society back to some semblance of normalcy faster than any thing else. We can do
positive news from California Governor Gavin Newsome. Yesterday, two weeks ago, Newsome announced the first statewide stay at home order in the added states, it appears to be paying off good morning and welcome Two morning, Joe, it is Friday April. Thorough job back on Monday, along with Willie and me, we have editor in chief of the lanting magazine, Jeffrey Goldberg, former Treasury, special and mourning Joe Economic, Analyse, Steve, Ratner and Torreon and author of soul, the soul of America Rogers, professor of the presidency. It Vanderbilt University John Major. He is an NBC News and MSNBC contributor, dive right in the latest numbers. The cases of corona virus across the globe have now top one million the. U S added, almost thirty thousand new cases. Yesterday with that Tal now approaching, six thousand New York City it added more than nine thousand cases yesterday, totalling more than ninety two thousand
than half are in New York City. The death toll there, hundred and eighty eight last night to more than fifteen hundred total hospitals are stretched so thin that city paramedics have been told that adult patients adult patients who are in cardiac arrest and can't be revived in the field, should not be to the emergency room. You can imagine that Governor Andrew Cuomo said last night that he is he enough ventilators to last about six more days here. He is on MSNBC last night dress. Having home a proposed solution that he's been pushing for some time now. We want silver lining here is not every place in this country, gets hit at the same time right, there's going to be from curve for the disease in different areas dependent when it started, and those curves we'll have a leg,
why don't we devise a national strategy that moves with that rolling apex? If you will roughly thirty thousand ventilators, which I can get I only need thirty thousand ventilators for two or three weeks at the top of my curve. Let's be smart. Let's go helpless, place when this one, that town goes over its curve. Then we'll go to the next and we'll go to the next. Then we'll go to the next otherwise you're saying to every state: every locality, you must people, haired on your router to handle this. Where we are now fifty states all try, by the same equipment China. And then the federal government comes in with FEMA, which is trying to purchase the same equipment it. Not the way to do it and the simplicity is what makes it so tragic. Frankly, because we
have a piece of equipment someone's going to die, because we we don't have staff someone's, to die. How did we get this place in this? country one other sombre note. Funeral homes are also struggling to keep up. A Brooklyn owner tells the Associated Press that his company is equipped to handle sixty cases at a time, but he's now and when one hundred and eighty five saint quote, this is us eight of emergency. We need help Willie. Meanwhile a senior administration officials telling NBC News. The White House is expected to announce a new advisory and national advisory that Americans living in on a virus. Hotspots should wear cloth face mass officials say the expected move is aimed at reducing the risk that the virus could be spread by people who are infected, but
not show any symptoms. Initial CDC guidelines advised Americans against wearing masks unless they were health care, birds or if they were already infected during Today's Whitehouse briefing, president from said, the advisory would not be mandatory, going to becoming out with relations on and if people want to abide by and frankly, I don't think I don't think they'll be mandatory because some people that want to do that. But if people want As an example in the mouths of people wanted to wear them, they can, if people want to do you scarves, which they have. Many people have them. They can many cases the scarf is better sticker. I mean you can. If you pending in the material, its thicker, but they could do that if they want now commendations coming out we'll see what that recommendation is what I will say this, they can pretty much decide for them serves radio is the guy out and was in Windsor.
In the in the days ahead, we're currently working through passwords, taking the consultation by Cdcr top health experts and So you it's not a substitute for everything they were asking people to do them The important thing is a social distancing in washing their hands, and we don't want peace to get an artificial sense of protection, because there, behind a mask because of their touching things or your eyes are not in the mass. So of your touching things and touching your eyes are exposing ourselves in the same way we are mayor build the plaza yesterday by the way announced that he was recommending in his government was recommending that New York Do where a mask as well, following the lead of LOS Angeles, which had made that recommendation a couple days prior meanwhile present?
Tromp announced he is expanding. The defence production act to push companies to make protective mass and ventilators need to fight the corona virus outbreak. The order authorizes the headed FEMA to acquire as many and ninety five masts from the company three m as is deemed necessary. The act is expected also to help six manufacturers. G and med traffic. Secure supplies needed to make the lifesaving machines in a White House statement and from says, the order quote was lives by removing obstacles in the supply chain that threaten the rapid production of until later meagre and there are questions as to how the White House arrived at its projection this week, that up to two hundred and forty thousand Americans could die from the corona virus. According to the Washington Post war. Leading disease forecasters whose research they
destruction used to reach. Its conclusion said they dont challenge the numbers validity Liberty, Whitehouse officials have referred to explain how they generated the figure and they have not the underlying data, so others can assess its reliability or provide long term strategies that lower the death count three way some of president trumps top advisers have expressed doubts about the estimate and there have been fierce debates inside the White House about its accuracy. The posed reports that a task force meeting doktor a task force meeting this week there Anthony too people's at play in the pandemic to make the models reliable, saying quote, I've learned, most reliable. Saying quote: I've looked at the model, so I spent a lot of time on the models. They don't tell you anything. You can't really rely upon models that
They see director and the vice president's office have reportedly also voiced doubts about the projections accuracy accuracy, while I Columbia, university epidemiologist, whose models were cited by the White House tells the post that his own work on the pandemic. Doesn't go far enough into the future. To make predictions akin to White House Fatality forecast such every Goldberg, a couple of things as well. As everybody is looking for answers and we're trying to get numbers on masks and supplies getting to hospitals, hot spots around the country engage how many cases the bottom line here is that the one thing that works is the one thing that's being put upon the american people, and that is this physical distancing, social. Basing its being proven to have worked in California, the governor of California, clearly to top scientists. We know for a fact he was on the phone with top health policy experts and
I had to shut down the state and certain cities the earliest the numbers are bearing that out. We have these hotspots in these horrific Sid. Patients in places like new Ex ante right now and the only solution right now. The only solution that we on the horizon. Is social distancing? Isn't it issue right now, as the economy crumbles and America is being brought to its knees. What The timeline for real testing across the board and what is the timeline for a vaccine because those of the two things that could It is out of this and we have asked but we know answer so many weeks into this crisis. Well, you know its interest. Underlying the call for a social distancing underlying the call for handwashing, and everything else is a deeply sire and need for leadership, stable leadership. Three genius leadership. It doesn't stable leadership either to have.
To get a sense from the top that they have a plan I understand the needs across America not state by state a brass America and that and that day, executing what we're missing right now. A couple of things. One is a feeling that there were getting it straight problem The White House, I'm getting straining information even if it's a bad, unpleasant information at their talking straight The other is a sense of a unified plan if he just listen to Governor Cuomo at the top, showing and listen to president trap. I think you can see? I think it's this affair conclusion that they they project to convert, and leadership instability in very different ways, and so ultimately, This is me if it is true that this is a war, is Donald Trump argues that he's a wartime president we have to have the nose is able to predict the end of this, but you have to be. Able to tell the american people love.
This is what we're doing on ventilators. This is what we're doing on on surging, the material to hospitals, the zoo, we're doing X, Y and an end. We just what all day long, only languages website from different conclusion, a different conclusion with with strange sort preparations on whether the president is popular Facebook or not? It's not an ideal situations under girding. Everything is this. Is this leadership question. Hey John Major, my when asked about the state of Tennessee, where you live governor early yesterday, finally sign to stay at home order for Tennessee for going slowly: the states of Florida and Georgia in Mississippi, which came online yesterday with those kind of policies. What is your view and a snapshot of what it looks like in Tennessee right now? These are places, I think, perhaps over the last couple of months, thought that this, maybe in New York story and that it may not visit Nashville and Memphis he's Tennessee? What does it look? right now. There now
I think it mattered enormously. The dolly part and got involved honestly a million dollars, Vanderbilt and he's the real governor and that help, of the broader sleep, it sends a signal that this is serious and our vote friend draw is doing new daily songs from his living. People who have cultural influence are too it seriously, and I think that begins to Hell a climate of opinion that to go to Jeffreys Point you know we are in the midst of our thinking. At the beginning, this- I hope I don't have to say this, but in fact I do we have a artisan pandemic, and there are depends on where you live and which, and it was you watch whether you US certain facts and data and to allow Six hundred and ten sounds overly brand. I know, but I think it has the virtue of being
who is Henry Kissinger used to say the enlightened put on trial here, facts and data, shape human decisions because they are subject We true is is something that is now very much under assault, and I think it absolutely begins at the top The thing I hope to the beginning of this is that this would not become a they perpetual referenda or commentary on this particular president, but see previous point. It simply a fact. That he is not communicating coherently universally truthfully about what we face here is, it's very curious- has become this. Federalist figure from the eighteenth century righty, certainly no EU states rights. He loves The idea that somehow or another this the border between my
stayed in Kentucky and Mississippi, and Georgia and Alabama somehow or another. The virus is going to see of the border and say: oh wait, that's a republican governor, I'm not going there. Anything doesn't work that way, and so I think that I think people are hungry for direction. Hungary for coherent information. You can find it, God bless them, amendment the Atlantic has been doing fantastic job, the institutions, so many of us trust I've been doing a great job, but in a cry like this. You shouldn't have to free lance health. Information right You shouldn't outsource that to the citizens of so much sense is that anything that Burke, sore about her or device the anything that anyone can do too.
Stream of fact, amid the I reminders about what he did about China will, I think, serve the national interests best Well, let's, let's, let's talk about facts as it pertains to leadership, Jeffrey Goldberg, I'll, throw this one at you. We a former Obama official on the show yesterday said Harris who, besides said the prince and should resign that this has failed leadership. That has put us in a catastrophic position, pretty hard statement, but I'll. Ask that you debunks out, we have a government that has ordered up a hundred thousand body bags. At this point they won't stream the president will not streamline the dp too because on masks and ventilators getting directly to the people who need them he's leaving to the governor. So you have California, that's doing pretty well in leadership started early and the numbers are going down. But then you have places like Georgia, where the governor just figured out this week
that there are asymptomatic carriers. I mean the the stupidity level on the highest levels of leadership and states is shown itself during this crisis, and you have the governor of Florida shutting down the state late last night, just late last night, while we are considered to be Florida in Miami Ex, especially to be the next hot spot to have over one numbers through the roof. So the question is: how is that through the roof. So the question is: how is that comment not true? What facts has this president put out bring his nightly weekly briefings that give us some sense of hope that there is leadership, the top that is going to lead us out of this will let me just a glass half full Kyar guide for a minute. Uncharacteristically, and just say it The following:
It is true that the governor of Georgia doesn't have a deep sigh. Background. It is true that the Governor Florida has it. Name's been negligent in response, but there has been. Extraordinary leadership shown by governors across the country over the past couple of weeks, especially an end that has come about a because many of them are very, very good at leadership and be it's. It's come out, be because there's a vacuum: there's a vacuum of leadership. Common and whether the present trump resign or not. I mean this is not our. This is not surprising experience for us visa. Be this president. We ve been through three years of course seize the difference between those crises and this crisis is those were mainly self inflicted Those are things trunk did to himself and into the country This is a virus that doesn't care
all ratings or or or Facebook likes or whatever, but we're This is not a regulatory about about this present at the instant An american power right now would be something that one would have to consider and in seeking through that. But I'm saying it. Would have to consider in thinking through that. But all I'm saying is that still have on the federal level. Excellent public servants. And you have, and governors and mayors people even somewhere, but a little late. Firstly sees guy this and so the All is not lost in there in the in the sense of leadership across the country, but by John is exactly right. This is this about states it's about localities. It's about city states, its cry, it's great that we're back to the it, was a confederation period of american history, but that's where that's where we're out
The thing about it is ours, and will it will it just to follow but on what was just said, something to about is may be taking the governors press conferences across the board law? and listening to what is actually happening in the states. I know we're working on exactly how to cover these presidential news conferences were dipping into. Like when the president's son in law gets up there or the president's starts ripping We do about trying to get facts about. This is really tough at the highest level, but I've been, Kinda governors news conferences all day long. I just pull them up, live from state to state and there are a lot of governors who are doing a great job who have real facts, real numbers and are really connecting with people in an emphasis way- and it does give us some hope, Willy nilly and, of course in Europe. Andrew Cromwell has been giving those addresses effectively, thus Q and a sessions in those updates every day that a lot of the national networks are taking because
The story is most acute and in the state of New York, but as we talk about listening to the doctors say again that Anthony Voucher yesterday, starting at seven o clock in the morning. In an interview today show and ending about ten o clock last night on CNN said effectively We should have a national shut down that the stay at home order should apply to the country. Now he said, I can't say that it's not my job. I understand that there are questions about states, rights and federalism and everything else, but if you're asking me, what would be the smartest thing to do stay at home across the country, but that's up to the present. That's listening to the doctors, as you say, let's talk about the financial side about this. That's taking incredible human tall. Staggering jobless claims number crossing yesterday during our show, as reported six point, six five million people claiming women. Just last week the week before that the Labour Department announced three point, two eight million claims bring the month of March Total,
more than ten million jobless claims, in fact the past two weeks all but eliminated the jobs created in the past five years, so Steve have a chart on where the unemployment rate is likely headed from here how bad DC get it sure whether we can talk about that look in in Beecham's honour. Let me be slightly chilean and say that we are really at the beginning of the beginning. Here, you're just see the leading, what's going to happen. There will be unemployment numbers tomorrow, but they will be relic we'd benign because there can there there during the middle of March for for most of the set. But if we look ahead, you can see where, where we're going from here, which is essentially into double digit unemployment. And so, if you look on the left the charge you can see that we ve been sitting at three point. Five percent first quarter will still be around three point: seven percent, because for the reasons I said and then what I'm going to go up like a rocket ship. These are Goldman. Sachs has projections, but if you look at most other major
economists you gonna see something very much like this, and so in this a quarter of this year, which just started the other yesterday before we go to thirteen point, two percent in the third quarter over the summer. There projector. We have fourteen points and were sad and just for reference. You can see the dotted red line across the middle. That's all thousand and I at ten percent. We're talking about an unemployment rate, fifty percent higher than where we got two during rain financial crisis and Do people say to themselves in this is going to be a v shape, recovery, we're going to bounce back as fast as we bounced down, because people go back to work. But if you look These projections show that's not what we're looking out we're looking at a long, slow recovery and jobs unemployed, re going down to nine point five percent at the end of this year, and then you can see some point, four quarter by quarter at the end of next year. Six point three still very high in two thousand twenty two five point: two percent: we don't
back to anything like where we are today until twenty twenty, three which is a very long time from now and then just one little political, footnote, Donald Trump will probably facing double digit unemployment on election day, small and all debate the consequences of that. So save a lot of those jobs obviously fallen small businesses that may have to shut their doors through this. They just don't have the money to keep running through this crisis. Let's talk a little bit about the PPP, which are the pay check, protection, program. That's the small business loans, three hundred fifty billion dollars in that two point, two trillion dollar stimulus package, their spouse, to go out today. We ve heard from big banks that there's chaos they don't know the rules. They don't know how to implement this programme. I heard from a head of a amidst its bank in the south there. Concern. They want to get the money to their customers, but they have no guidance at all from Treasury. What are you hearing how that programmes can a roll out
its rolling out slowly further for the as you imply, I woods in little but, as Jeffrey were saying to be to cite two handed about this- that these new programmes there very complicated the hard to implement? But that said It is rolling out very, very slowly, this enormous confusion among the small business community as to how to access and getting not a lot of response when they make phone calls ascended emails, and things like that, I would I would point out that there are three hundred seventy five billion for that programme in the legislation. Most people think that numbers way too small that prefer this is over. We're gonna need something like a trillion dollars and even then many small businesses are not going to know how to use this. It's not going to be enough. They're not gonna access it, and so you ve been a sea basin. This is part of what our saying that, for you than to see many many businesses simply shut down and not be able to open, and that is an enormous amount of destruction to the economy. That's going to be very hard to untangle cells.
Just also trying to map this out. Don't you need two important factors as you look into the future as to how bad this can I you the word depression will look like without really consistent, complete testing across Board, where you have rapid testing for the Krona virus as well as they antibody testing to know of somebody who has had it before. If you don't have that along with a vaccine. How can you see into this you're too far into it to see how bout this is gonna get how how important our those two factors there critically important, but first to go back a step, someone said this was not as this was not self inflicted it. That's actually the virus was not self inflicted, but if we move faster and more aggressively toward the social distancing towards all the policies that are now
slowly and and haltingly, as we were just talking about for the last fifteen minutes, come into place if we, move faster as chair, Ultimately did we would have seen, I think, better numbers on jobs. The more we are looking at here. Better numbers on the economy would be to get people back to work. So yes, from an economic point of view, what you have to be to Now- and we don't know- but you have to have a view about- is how quickly people back to work and that in turn, will narrow to some degree around how soon there of axioms available how soon there Andy body testing available how soon people feel is simply feel comfortable. Going back to work, I don't no economist would professed special insight into that public health people do but you know and as we all listen to them we really knows for sure so well depended on that on the public health side of this thing, working for the economy to work. If we cannot solve the public health side, get people to a place where there comfortable going back
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Utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan film, Premier Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges, streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America in our latest episode, we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell off when people listen to music there. Feeling, the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them grown virus is keeping us home, but as you can stop the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits
we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress and stuff the? U S Navy, announced it has relieve the captain who sounded the alarm about an outbreak of corona virus. Aboard the? U S S Theodore, Roosevelt and aircraft carrier with a crew of nearly five thousand captain. Brett Crozier raise the alarm this week, sending a strongly worded letter to Navy leadership detailing concerns about the spread of the virus on the carrier joint now, with her latest reporting, NBC News, national security and military corresponded. Courtney cubic in good morning. I know reporting out the story overnight. What why the justification for relieving this commander of his post well Willie. It was the letter that you mention. It was the fact that Captain Crozier wrote
letter, it wasn't so much just that he expressed his extreme and deep heart. Concern about the welfare of his true of the USS aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, but it was the man. And which he distributed. That letter that autumn got him relieved of his command, so he sent that that email really a memo foreign we don't know exactly who too we know he sent it to his direct chain of command, but he also on an unclassified server, two apparently dozens of other people, and timidly when the senior Navy leadership briefed us on their decision to relieve Captain Crozier late yesterday afternoon. They explain that that was really wanted. What, with and they decided to relieve him of this post. Is it they lost trust, and evidence in his judgment and is this I understand that under an on an unclassified server, now indeed a little bit of information, not the readiness of the ship, and that is that is generally a classified peace.
Information, but it wasn't just that there may have been some information on their be sensitive and their the may be Navy, wouldn't necessarily want in the hands of an adversary, but it was the fact that the information Guy to the media and the fact that he's he made such a public E Navy leader said will that broke trust and confidence the sailors on the ship and it caused undue harm, Alarm among their families, we actually heard in a relatively rare way. We don't usually here from Navy leaderships about their decisions to release someone a captain of a ship, but we heard from the acting sector Navy, Thomas, mostly in the briefing MR, where he explained exactly why it is that he decided to relieve Captain Crozier this decision. Is not one of retribution. It is about confidence it is not an indictment of character, but rather of judgment,
by not sending a letter to and through his chain of command and to people outside the chain of command by not protect the sensitive nature of the infant information contained within the letter appropriately? And lastly, reaching out to me directly divorce, This concerns after that avenue had been clearly provided to him through my team. That was acceptable to me. So the reality really. This feels very political in the timing of it, and there are a lot of questions now about. Why do this when sailors who are still being taken off that ship. They don't know if they have run a virus or not. They worried about the fate of the Fellow sailors is this the correct time to take away their beloved Captain Willie so we are their signals that Captain Crozier had alerted
authorities alert to his boss as previously that there was a problem on the ship, because this little sounded like when you get it out and Britain release it to a newspaper and active desperation. Like I've, gotta get this out to the public knows, and maybe the me some pressure to help us with corona virus on the ship. In other words, with is the first time he had spoken up about it or perhaps the last time so Greece office. We know that he had spoken with his chief of staff before he released this letter. This man we know that he had spoken with his chief of staff before he released this letter. This memo and told them about this many of the issue, but we don't it good sense of exactly what kind of response he got they weren't. Actively moving to move the sailors off that ship. That was the real and of contention here concern was that, with with more than four eight hundred sailors on that ship. They needed
start getting them off in mass, so that, though, the quarantine and end quarantine them on shore, so that the virus wouldn't continue to spread and affect more and more sailors. It's very tight quarters if you're anywhere near one another. The outbreak is going to multiply and it's gonna multiply quickly. That was his big concern, but the acting so Jerry Thomas mostly said that he had spoken with him about his concerns and he wasn't raising alarm bells, as strongly and his emotionally as. In that letter Willie I envy sees Courtney Coolby covering the Pentagon Forest corny thanks so much as always. We appreciated maker coming up one of the top medical centres in the world says it has enough supply as for now, but not in a way.
Case scenario the president and see how the Cleveland Clinic joins us next on morning. Chow egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cast now for free wherever you download you The states, you know how many ventilators than their states and by the way, some governors, you speak to your senators and they no what's in their state of some governors else be too and they'll know too but how many ventilators Abner state. That's the first thing of good manager will do don't ask us for when you know that you, when you do, what you have in your own state, just because you're scared. You asked your medical medical professionals and they don't know you dick inventory of what you have in your own state and then you have It will show that there is a real need. Terror. Kirshner,
not that I'm looking here. No medical experience, no experience in government accepted that job and the public health experience, but he's apparently questioning some states quote real need for lifesaving ventilators great. Linda Ohio, is preparing for a surge of covert nineteen patients by converting a local, and health campus into a temporary hospital joining us now, ceo president of the Cleveland Clinic Doktor Tom Michalek, Bitch, Doktor, Macaulay of it Thank you very much for being on I'd like to start with the preparation at the Cleveland Planet itself. You guys been planning for several months to prepare for this? What prompted the really sort of ordering of supplies and and getting everything in place good morning, Thank you for having me
yes. We hear the Cleveland clearly have started our preparations and the beginning of January. Is we started noticing the this pandemic, spread from China and we started to model and predict what would be the absolute the largest number of patients, they would be declaring our care here to Cleveland Clinic in accordance with the model in predicting modeling did we have develop. We started to well planned the allocation of all of our resources, people, space and technology, so document higher that back in January, I think the president was still sort of paralleling this to the flu, called it a hoax. What what prompted you what information did you have that he didn't have that? Had you getting very well prepared? Well, you just came to read the at the beginning of may
making and China and away they were handling ended became clear that if this were to come into the United States the delights of healthcare systems like ours have to start to think about how they would react to the pandemic doctor. Willie guys. Thank you for coming on this morning. Can you talk talk to us all that about testing and why that's so critical, just didn't know how big the problem is to understand the scope of the problem before you can begin to treat the problem well, I have to say that develop a lot to develop a large scale testing. They will serve all Americans in a relatively short period of time, from the beginning of the pandemic until now is a formidable challenge on the the circumstances what I'm done here, the Cleveland clinically have developed an ability to test in house and by
doing so we have been able to provide our patience with the timely information about whether their infected or not doubt turnaround time is eight hours, although I I have to say that our ability to test this finite, just like everything else, and Frankly, we are doing about thirteen hundred tests a day at going clinic. It is certainly there came home. Yes, please go ahead. Well, the other is so that's me. I understand what you're doing it your hospital, you do what you can there on a now snow level now, because there has been so much talk that The numbers that are put out every day in terms of cases are exponent the higher than we actually know, because we don't have enough testing to understand the scope of the problem and therefore how to treat it and what will need and how long this will last and everything that follows from that. So how do we
scale up? I guess a program like yours so that we can have enough testing in this country to understand the problem. There several components do it. First of all, we have to allow all laboratories in a large healthcare organizations that are capable of doing this testing to scale up their own ability. Dead is wait will be able to multiply the testing to number of different sides so that we can serve patients in real time and did we have to have a strategic strategic. Which do the necessary components of testing, meaning. Technology and the reagents the chemicals that we need in order to do the sort doktor Jeffrey golf from the Atlantic. Has a question Jeffrey. Thank you. Meagre I'm curious you re a leader in american medicine. I would love to get your honest, blunt assessment of american government response today, and there is
of the Ohio leaders. Can you give us that, yes, I think be our federal government is obviously started to be more and more responsive with time and I visited we'd with several healthcare leaders White House several weeks ago, and I have to say that a response from CMS and if FDA has been very very good, there's Dave, listen to us and they have taken our suggestions into account and they were implemented, in short order here in Ohio started very very early hour governor has been very proactive measures, measures of the social distancing where implemented early. What I can share, we do at least over the last four or five days. As you know, as you can imagine, we met a whim measure, the number of patients who are infected and track it on a daily basis
we are seeing some encouraging signs, meaning that the number of patients who infected here in Ohio seem be relatively stable or it's growing at a relatively slow pace. We certainly hope that this trend, continue by this is still too early to tell will need another week or so to see whether we are flattening, effectively or not so doctor for you go given that you run this renowned hospital- and you also this coming in January and began preparing I'd like to ask you a little bit about the guidance that we're getting from the top level of the government, the fifteen is too slow. The spread has been moved to thirty days to slow. The spread is that realistic, given what you know about this virus. We'll be. The answer to that. Is it really depends about how effective our measures of social distancing are going to be dead will be in
on one side dependent upon aware when are they implemented, and the debate God known is how far his disease spread with snowing before so the least thing was put in place so the time line is really challenging. Modeling their actions are telling us that if we are able to flattened the curve to some extent, We are expecting the peak of this disease, at least here in our home state of our higher to occur, sometimes between mid may and the June with the gradual. The decline in the number of cases stores midst. Did you lie. This the worst case scenario. Case scenario MID July see president of the Cleveland Clinic Doktor Tom Mahal know how a bitch thank you so much for being on the show. This,
learning. Let's turn now to morning Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave Campbell, Doktor Dave. Where are we let's go down the list here? Where are we with the shortage of ventilators? What have you found world? The United States overall has enough ventilators Today, but the it concerns in the next few weeks developing a need that cannot be kept up with so this week. The president has again invoke the defence production act as it relates. Two ventilators and Admiral Paloma check on told us some of the timeline for that there, anticipating a hunter, thousand ventilators being produced, but in the end stop this month in April. It will be several thousands in It will be several thousands and then there's going to be a bit number that start to get produced by June and whether that is quickly impulse
or how their spread out. I guess we will see soon so if they have a judge what our hospitals plan to do cause. I would assume that this is hard to gauge. It isn't The rolling wave of Need Governor Cuomo pointed this out very well this week as hot spots, cool back off and their need for ventilators, which is still ramping up in New York City there, not at the apex yet and ventilators once used. Tint several weeks, so what's a patient goes on a ventilator there, often on several weeks so that the tailing off, need for ventilators is a little hard to predict. So Take Miami as the example: they have a lot of ventilators right now and they have scaled down. The use of the hospital for elected procedures there ready for this wave to hit them
the question will be as that wave tapers back away and other parts of the country needs ventilators. Can they be purpose from areas like New York, maybe they'll be tapering off later. Spring and in the summer that's the hoped for everybody, Doktor Dave Campbell thing you very much? I will see you again on Monday and still ahead. It is a striking cover in the new republic. How President's Trump and G set. The stage for that Rona virus pandemic will talk to the author of that peace just ahead on morning. Job hey! It's crises this week in my pocket, wise, is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strum. But what we do and do know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago that
switch flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book, they cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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