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As the U.S. nears 15,000 deaths from the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci praised the effectiveness of social distancing as a way to curb the virus. Yet as the pandemic deepens, the president is still looking for people to blame.

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The fullest ours have tested positive, are they gonna get Hydroxyl Chloric would be made available to personnel overseas. Remove the answer to that secretary my compel on whether the department will practice what the President preaches good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Thursday April. Ninth with Joe William may we have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Joe then Le Maire and then say news capital hell, correspondent in hosting Casey DC on em we see on Sunday, night Casey Hunt the. U S suffered another record day of deaths from corona virus. Yesterday, more than ninety hundred lives, as the total number of deaths now closes in on fifteen thousand patients epicenter New York State also recorded its highest number of debt
in a single day, seven hundred and seventy nine, and at one hundred and. One thousand confirmed cases. New York state alone now has more says than any other country, except of Stay United States. There is, however, a glimmer of hope, the number of hospital innovations in this state continues to decline, govern The total number of deaths now closes in Distancing measures are working, your slackening flattening the curve by what we are doing. If we stop what we are doing, you will see that curve change. That curve is pure a functioning of what we do day in and day out. It's not a time to get complaisance. It's not a time to anything different than where we have been doing.
We know now for sure that the mitigation that we have been doing is having a positive effect, but you don't see if until weeks later remember this past week in one we all of us got up from this podium and mention that this was going to be a really bad week. At the same, I am saying that we would hope we would start to see a little bit of a change in the daily hospitalizations intensive care and innovation. We need. Keep mitigating. We know that this is something that is strain on the american public, but it's just so thing that we have not only the only tool, it's the best to give you your back unless the doktor fouche you really throughout the entire process, he's been predicting. What was gonna happen? He predicted. I was going to be a bad weak bad couple weeks, possibly, but we might possibly start pending the curve. Still, I just think it put
that short again. That shows four hundred and thirty one thousand cases in the United it's right now, of course, you talk to any health care providers. From the beginning of this crisis, they certainly have been telling me and other people off line, you can not usually bull ply whatever numbers you see by seven, eight, nine and even ten tenfold. So if where we have four hundred and thirty one thousand cases in America actually where I think every scientist, every medical expert, that's been studying this. We will tell you that Moreover, a million cases easily, probably in the two Ray four million case range Jack said you can't look those numbers. You can't look at the debts. You look at where we are and not go back to Donald Trump, saying that the euro about. In January, that January, twenty second, that we only have one case from China. We ve taken care of
it's under control or later saying there are eleven cases are even at the end of February sing. I we have fifteen cases sooner it'll, be too the zero. Idea. I I don't think of a federal government. I don't think a White House has ever been is wrong. As this president and this White House, has been what it's not really fair to say this I now because we have I found out over the past week that whether was p a bar or whether was deputy and say pod, ensure there were other people who were why, frame from all a harsh warnings and CDC actually started getting information. Together last year on December thirty, first and but here We are, and yesterday, of course, the absolute worst day when it came president deaths this, Some signs is doctor. Vanity said sums,
because we hope that at least this first wave we may be flattening the curve in this first was yeah and you can add in the intelligence agencies of this country, which warned the White House and warmed public officials that this would happen in China, and it was coming to the United States, of course, those warnings largely or by the White House, unfortunately, and the Good NEWS We hear from doktor found. She is that that national death toll where he believes will be lower than the initially expected remember when they came out. He inductor works and said it could be between a hundred thousand and two hundred forty thousand Americans dead from Corona virus a kind of stop this on our tracks, but he says because of social distant. Because now we're doing the things that we should have been doing earlier. That number could be low. Same thing you're, seeing in New York City, where the number of hospital, nations is down the day the number is again staggering, seven hundred seventy nine does yesterday, but if
the governor, says we continue on this path. Of course, the dangerous people see those numbers and they see hospitalizations are down it's getting better. If they see behaving the way we ve been waiting for the last couple of weeks, which is responsibly and distancing socially, that it does That's the bottom line any doctor, you ass says this does work. Jonathan Le Maire. We talk a little bit yesterday about places the president has looked to us blame governors. They should have been ready with there ventilators the World Health organization. Now he has said this is bad and worse than he said it was to be and he's looking for people to play. It's really it's a deliberate strategy. We see this from this precedent that its accepting no responsibility and giving no inch, and we saw its a playbook he's used before most notably, of course, the round the events that led to his impeachment, where the phone call creating leader and what you pressured that foreign government to invest:
a point of arrival. Joe Biden call it even made other Republicans queasy at the time. The present, of course, refer to hopefully it always as a perfect call and we're seeing the same thing here, we rode on that? I wrote on this for today, He has cycled furiously through scapegoats. Is to assign bland democratic governors, most notably, but also of after biting his tongue for quite some time about China, because he didn't want to offend asian paying, as they try to hammer out a trade deal here and turn broadsides towards Beijing, accuse them of holding back information, music is the Obama administration of not keeping the cupboard fall ass? He put it, which of course, was not factually correct. We have seen him acute attack, Joe Biden for being part of that effort and then the last couple of days. Of course, we saw him go after the world, how organization and it's a deliberate strategy, not from the White House, but from Trump Ally these are talking. Points have found out too, the are and to influential
ah begins to allies on the hill and, of course, to some members of the conservative media have happily picked up. We also now have lighthouse, citizenry, staffed, chief of staff, Mark meadows has has moved and he is changed the division and, on a quick note, the new press secretary, Kelly MAC aim any. I yesterday said that she was a Fox news contributor. It turns out you just simply a Fox news, frequent foxes, guess I wanted to get that right for the record, but they were seen onslaught here from this president. In all space, it all stems from the podium. Is where he has turned the James Brady Briefing Room, into a rally stage. He could be not could be while it could be like he's in Pennsylvania. It could be like he's North Carolina, where he is spinning, he's not trading with facts destroying with reporters and disseminating untruths. You see, the thing is it's not working I mean you can look at any series of Paul said have come out
Those briefings are actually hurting, because when people go to a Trump rally, they make that decision themselves and they Their stand. He's not gonna, be telling the truth. They understand their going in to to an arena and there going to be having their own special little thing where he plays the greatest heads cheer. They say make Amerika great again and every goes home happy here. He speak, do a general audience he's lying he's revealing himself every day to be incompetent he's too many quotes he's got too many actions is get too many things meagre that he's done over the past two or three months. That reveal him, and I was just laughing when Jonathan talked about is, is lackeys in in the media. Who online, who were trying to defend there's nothing to the fan. You you
there's nothing to defend their too many quotes there. Too many lies. There are too many Yes, miss truth. I said it a long time ago, like the pandemic doesn't stand the art of the deal. You can't be ass, a pandemic, can negotiate with a pandemic. He can't Bali a pandemic. You can't sort us the edges of the truth, with a pandemic is It has ended, what did I do well is not it is not susceptible to spending. For their Donald Trump are. His legions of lackeys can't negotiate and you can't spin death just can't do it new signs from the West Coast, give hope that new infections, maybe a levelling off several stay,
Its announced this week that they are sending ventilators to New York since there need is now less urgent a little. Or one thousand ventilators will be dispatched from California Oregon. Washington State and according to several reports, a field hospital in Seattle is being dismissed. Tal, ten will soon be returned to FEMA, so it can be deployed, to another state with more significant virus needs. Washington was the earliest and hardest hit states by the pandemic. Seeing overnight thousand confirmed covert. Nineteen cases and nearly four hundred Death, so I'm Willie, we're gonna be talking about how these expert projections are going to go down, but about a week ago I tweeted out looking at the death rate California, looking at the infection rate in California, specifically San Francisco, because beginning, I thought you knew your consent.
Cisco, we're gonna be the heart is tat. I think most people believe that, but the numbers just work coming out of California, so said, wait or we can really get to two hundred and forty thousand or even a hundred thousand gazes I want reasons. I I question that was because of what an credible job, the governor of California, has from the very beginning, the mayor of San Francisco governor J And thirdly, they all acted quickly. And so that's why I think it a large part, one of the reasons if we don't get them thousand two hundred and forty thousand by August, and again I must say this in the first wave because a pandemic to of nineteen eighteen head two way. But in the first wave in large part is because great leadership of those west governors in West Coast mares
I was texting with an emergency room doktor from Seattle. Just last night. It's funny you mentioned that he said our leaders to be applauded. This is not a political actor. He has no political skin in the game. These literally just running in and out of the e r every day, because remember at Washington, stated forget now was Sir the canary in the coal mine for the United States, one nursing home in Kirkland Washington when thirty seven people died, we said wait a minute. What's going on with her own of iron from that moment, Ford, Washington, state, this very seriously, and they now, as you pointed out our shipping their ventilators to other states they're, taking out a field hospital much the way that New York is building up hospital in Central park, see I had built one near that football in baseball, complex where the Seahawks in the mariners by their taken it down now, because they don't think they're going to need it, and that was because they took those early steps. One thing to look: though Joe is today we're going to see this jobless number again. Every Thursday we ve been getting this job.
Dropping number, it's gonna be worse than last We remember, we saw ten million over the last two weeks. Unemployment claims this week is going to be worse now. Why do I bring that up? Because, as then let me and others have pointed out. The president is entertaining the idea of opening up portions of the accounts, He again what that means exactly. We don't know yet, but we know he wants to do that if he sees another massive unemployment number, which is going to see, there's gonna be increased pressure from people around him to say: hey we got to get the Let me start again we're cradling here. He may feel that pressure in that The danger, if you decide he does want to open up parts of the economy than we could see, Outbreak break all over again, you know Willie a levy so careful in any of your tongue, that Seattle, we could talk again about J uneasily in Washington state. We could talk a lot Gavin Newsome, taking early steps, but
The increased pressure from people around him to say, hey, we gotta get the economy started again we're crater in here. He may feel that pressure and that's the danger in New York City and they again indicate the importance of move early of acting early, because most of cases in New York or an awful lot of their cases. These studies are showing came from Europe and didn't come from China and The deputy national security adviser pot injure begging the in a situation and January. They cut off travel, coming from Europe, but Steve Malnutrition and Donald Trump as we learned out in the Washington Post article this past week and refused to do that, and they views to do that because they thought it would. The economy, and it would hurt the stock market while those
now. We know those or an extra two three. I think it might have been in a month. I've gotta check the exact date, but but because they didn't listen to them. Security and deputy national security adviser and continued haven't fights coming from ITALY and the rest of Europe is so much of what New York's dealing with now has to do with those european travellers. Yeah. That was an interesting bit of research. That was in the New York Times because we think so much about China, but a lot of this came from Europe you're right about that and the Good NEWS is doctors and public health officials will tell you is there's still time for these parts of the country who have been hit, if they had here too we'll distancing and all these things that doctor Fouche in Doktor Burke's, told us yesterday, our king and will bring down the death toll in this country. But you need the president to leave the top and then say hey. This is working working to continue this for a while, I know its painful, but in the long run it will be better than yeah. That was an interest
a thin I'd, ask you what kind of pressure the president is feeling about opening the economy. We know that's his instinct. He said they wanted to have an open by Easter, backed off of that around him? Saying hey? Mr President, this jobs number today is going to be bad, it's time to get this economy cranked up again, because I know he feels that pressure they probably feels it in his own got no questions. I think it's been almost under reported how close he was to reopening the economy at that eastern target. There is down sense, he's Clayton was war, operational date, but he had really fun. For the symbolism of an american economic or birth on Easter Sunday, which is this, of course, this coming Sunday and wanted to. The trigger out until he was talked out of it after being shown in a dramatic oval office meeting my doctor fancying doktor birch, as they spread maps across the resolute desk Saint just how bad the death toll could be the in that's even with the social distancing of guidelines in place for most the country
This is something that still with a significant debate within me within the west, weighing the president is pushing for a reopening of the economy in part because connected to we talked a few minutes his efforts to spend this is efforts to deflect claims have not worked. The Trump playbook of shifting of denying deflecting in blaming others has not played out in its were being reflected in the polls, shows a push here to change things there obviously they have one eye towards November towards re election, and if the economy continues to falter in their watch, these numbers Hopefully, there will be renewed push from the President Tripos and we're already, as I will say as a final point, seeing some chatter in the conservative media that may first may first should be the day Most of the nation goes back to work, even though a lot of the health exports have suggested. That is still far too well. Who are you where you and possible wanna get your information
from the pro Trump media because they have been so it s lot on accurate from the beginning of this process. So why listened a medical advisers? Please? Please get your health and rise from the trip programme, media and in watch. Another two hundred thousand Americans die now. That's it! We don't listen to the pro tromp media because they listen. His lies. They re circulate, his lies and the consequences tragic meagre. I was just checking the numbers on the european Travel so that the girl isn't the order to studies that have been made Sign I and then why you rule of medicine and they'd remarkably similar conclusions that when the corona virus started circulating around in February most of the genome point back to Europe. And not China and
This is why that's important for future leaders to understand the impasse and sent pandemics makes epidemics of moving quickly at the January. As I said, deputy mass security visor pod injure asked that all european travel be closed down and of January Donald Trump wasted. A might actually up to date is. Six weeks and actually because whose worry about the stock market helped kept open travel from. Italy travel from Europe until March the eleven. That's when the European Ban finally came into play so During all that time, you know we ve been asking all along with. Why was New York disproportionately head again without San Francisco go LOS Angeles Seattle, which had more common
full ties, China, let's say than the EAST coast, you think because of travel. But it was actually Europe that that that hit hardest. According to these two new studies that are out and it hit hardest when it circulating in MID February, in large part, probably can once again the advice of somebody other in the White House in any aware, even who was ignored so and jobs and Le Maire has been writing about the blame game and how this president has constantly everyday trying to shift the blame W H or this or that are or the liberal media, but there's some basic problems this time in two of this scandal. Verses all other tron scandals number one. If your child or your spouse or your parent is ill. Doctors speak. Your lifeline for information. Nobody else
matters you want so much for that person. They get better and this this scandal this this botched for this pandemic. This, has called for all Americans participation. Everybody's life has been approved children are not in school. People can't leave their homes, it is called for our participation and in respect. Some of the numbers are going down because of what Americans have done for themselves, and so, unlike the other trump scandal, because everybody's who invested in this, and everybody is so involved in making the moves to stop the spread. People are compelled to read about it. Paper are compelled to talk to their doctors, people are compelled to understand what happened here and when they look at the facts. The facts are not good for the way this White House did not pay, air and really truly just trump
maybe his son in law and a few other Trump inner circle members. There were people desperately trying to this president that this was coming, and it is clear when you look at the acts, and when you look at what the Americans are doing to save themselves, why didn't they order earlier. That's what they're going to ask my information. That's never ever going to be branded away by this president are easy: What am I going to say resolve this? Isn't just it's not a trump scandal. National is an international skates and it is a national tragedy. This is a national tragedy and at an we, we have to be more careful in our language and stop talking about the White House The entire Whitehouse arise again new had last year, you had your right h, H, Us Secretary, a saying what kept him up at night was the fear of a
trying to get on pandemic. You had CDC on December thirty. First of last year, starting to assemble information about this growing cry. This coming out of China, you the aids are the age Hs secretary January, the third getting the information about it. You had actually the internet Chauncey starting the one, the president and his daily presidential briefings and in in early January, about the coming crisis and an you, could go through the month of January and work on the eight From January, you had the h, H, US secretary, fine little, allowed to talk to the president about the pet, the coming pandemic and the president. You didn't like aids are, and so we are had trouble getting through to him. Stead of lists thing about the possibility of this kind.
Pandemic. Key instead was upset with aids are They didn't know when flavoured raping mature. We also be available again in the public, and then you go beyond that about a week later. That's when we get the Willy horse warning about tinder later really harsh warning from the Varro talking about how far hundred thousand Americans could die and at the White House was ill prepared, an ill suited for this crisis and they better get moving. But the present was still saying thing to see here only one percent. Only eleven people even laid in the February only fifteen but with this disease it'll all magically go away and EVA Sight of land the president of having a ship captain removed for try to save the sailors. There are two hundred sailors with corona virus on the: U S, s Roosevelt right now, and he has
person removed heatwave robs. When reporters ask him about this time line its mother dividing. It is it's. It's like the emperor's clothes just follow. Every day I is briefings should gap to, of course, again Donald Trump was able to ship blame and so assistant Secretary Navy was relieved result which should should have been so there there of these issues circulating around the Casey hot again so we need them if the present would just put it heat which robs when, job and stop trying to turn medical press since its like the emperor's clothes, just follow, up worrying about his ratings and start worrying about how many Americans are dying every day. Then this would all be. Can care of during the election, but he just can't do it, and now we get a clearer focus.
Of what that election. What the fall showed political showdown is going to be because Bernie yesterday decided TAT. They get out of the race, and it certainly makes Joe Biden Sort of democratic nominated shower, tell us how that came about and what we should expect. Sure. So I mean this. I think the pandemic is driving a lot of this Mean Bernie Sanders acknowledged when he talk to supporters yesterday that you know this is a desperate moment for our country, and this is the time where Democrats do all need to be on the same page. I think I've got some Due to get their onto the same page, I mean this. This was really out of character. I actually think for Bernie Sanders and it speaks to the gravity of the situation that we ve just been spending the last half an hour discussing. I think that's what's what's really driving this year could see a lot of this Mean Bernie Sanders acknowledged when he talked to supporters yesterday that here this is
ship a better relationship with Joe Biden than he did with Hillary Clinton. That could also help them going forward, but in a job, It still has a long way to go. There's a lot of challenges associated with running a campaign in this pandemic, but talking full days ago to a really smart Republican, who pointed out to me that the president's gonna be judged end of the day on how this comes out necessarily how it started, how it started. It's gonna be a huge part of that, but only because it's driving the end, all, and that means that the president's decisions day in and day out about whether to open the economy, for example, still stand to be the most important and critical decisions that he is making in the context of whether he is gonna win reelection and I think, one of the things that swayed the president- and it was in that Washington Post story that you mentioned Joe
through the memo from the republican pollster and it literally said that people were believing what president was saying about the corona virus, to the point that the president's supporters we're not taking steps to protect themselves and that for the president's for the president's Bays denial was actually, I'm gonna be a strategy for survival. It was that intense That's the debate that this president is going to continue to have to have, because if you listen to doctors, Bergson fancied on the other side. Yet we're not at the point where we can open the economy President is really putting the lives of his own supporters more than anyone else in the country on the line. If he makes the wrong decisions here. That's exactly why GEO people stirred Neil knew how said he We said that the You said it a little more subtly than this, but the president's lies the presence, presentation of alternative facts.
This GEO people's serves been around for a long time made widely respected in the Republican Party and certainly on Capitol Hill. But he said that Trump supporters if they believed what the president was set were actually putting themselves and their the ones, health and lives literally in danger- and that was a feeling by the way across care. The hell with republican members of the house in the Senate is well in nil. New houses memo to a Republican. Certainly, I think, had an impact, they were a lot of more already their meagre. They understood this was a pandemic. They understood that what the as was saying, was disconnected from reality. My thing like a lot of Americans. They were listening, step, two, what doktor fallacy and what Doktor Burke's were saying now and and what
top. Scientists are saying and is being echoed by other scientists whose life it is to understand the facts here: that worry eighteen months away, potentially eighteen months away from having a robust way. Training the virus with vaccine and antibody testing that could move up. It's not may first still morning jail from two of the hardest hit state senator cares to brand of New York, New York and new jobs. Governor, Phil Murphy, joined the conversation plus are in deal with. Lady Gaga on the new. Star studded benefit to fight the pandemic, but first the lockdown is left it and will harm the original episode of the corona virus crisis will talk to me can journalist in China on what's being done to prevent another way, of cases you're watching
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we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress? Ten Downing Street says british Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is quote improving after spending a third night in intensive care for corona virus complications. The country's Foreign minister said Johnson is now sitting, bad and quote engaging positively with the team at London's Saint Thomas Hospital Meanwhile, China lifted its locked out of war on, as we told you yesterday, the city of eleven million, where the corona virus first emerged, but after eight Seventy six day, quarantine of that city there are concerns of a resurgence in infections, is thousands leave that city Chinese, They announced new measures to contain a symptomatic carriers of the virus. Hospitals must report these patients within two hours of discovering a case and local
parties must identify all known contacts within twenty four hours. These aid domestic carriers will be corn together. Then, for fourteen days as well, there close contacts be quarantined. Going to local media around sixty five thousand people have left wing on trains and planes within where's that a down ending joining us now anchor for China Global Television network. Jonathan Betsy is based inside Beijing Jonathan Good Morning, it's good to have you with us today. What can you tell us about the impact of that lockdown being lifted, the place of course, where the World Health Organization on December thirty first of last year, first learned that there was an outbreak of corona virus. Yet. It is good news. I gotta tell you you're in China, we are slowly seen things return to normal. It's a bit of good news. After a very long
our drive a lot of people you're in China, but also to emphasise that things are definitely not back to normal here in Beijing, a lotta restrictions to remain in place. A lot of bars are still closed. Djinns movie theatres, Restaurants, two places that have reopened there are still a lot of rules in place like social distancing guidelines that are in full worst. We have to wear Basque everywhere temperature check to be where and This deal, I you know I cannot travel freely around the country we can around Beijing, but a lot of travel restrictions remain in place, though the fight is not over It definitely continuous you're in China trying to contain this covert. Nineteen. Jonathan, we in the United States observe locked to China as it as a precursor. What may come here to the United States was stopped along the way in Europe and around and other places like that, but what What does it look like to have this lockdown lifted? In other words, what were the search?
stance is under which the chinese government said. Okay, we can slowly began to get back to life. The way it was before this outbreak started. Basically there looking at the does not looking at the number of locally transmitted infections and those are pretty much about China? Definitely as that under control, it seems, but the big concern right now is: better asymptomatic and people. They could bring the infection from it our country. So China is very concerned about that. It has moved mountains without question to try to bring this virus under control. Its worry that summit at work might be erased. If travel into the country or even within the country and re in fact, pockets of the country So that is a huge concern right now and they are really tightening the restrictions when it comes to travel, to try to make sure that people who do test positive are put into court
seen even those who are not addressing positive Anybody that arrives into be ashamed. That applies in they are put in to a two week. Team a government hotel, then that is pretty tightly. For so it in very, very severe restrictions. It shows you, I think, how seriously China is taken this and how badly, to bring that virus number down to zero. I Jonathan bet China, global television network, american journalist who's worked across the United States as well great to have you with us will check back in with you, as this goes on. Thank you, Jonathan, I'm Joe. Obviously, as we've said a million times on the show, there's not a grain of salt, big enough to take with the numbers that come out of China when they were poor. Four days ago. No new deaths. I don't think anyone actually believe that, but you can look at me
impact of their action, so when they end the locked down- and we have, for example- and you see all these people flooding out of the city- are they then taking that other places with them? So, yes, we can look to China. We have to be very wary of the data that comes out of China. Gotta, be very wary of the data. Gotta be very wary of the numbers, can't trust any of the numbers that come out of China, but again you're right. You, you can look the macro view of: what's happened, how long they were locked down and when they start to open up the restrictions, what's happening on there and make it points to something that you ve been talking about for a few days now, and that is when this first wave is over. Actually, the real challenge of leadership then coms, it's it's one thing for a present hour ago, or a say, we're shutting everything down its neither did try to figure out after the first wave is over and let's hope it will be
over by June, but after that first wave is over then we're going to find ourselves in a position that China's and where the first big wave is over, they flattened the curve, and now they ve got to figure out how to get people back to work. How to get the economy started again, even even and can small measures, because you look at Singapore. They have a second wave coming South Korea talking about concerned about a second wave coming China obviously when they open up their economy again, they will see second wave coming so the real challenge as we move. Over the next six months to a year to possibly here, the eighteen months, when we finally get that vaccine that that makes this concern. A little less immediate and will be amazing. The question is how Do we live with Corona Virus Day,
and they out that's where the real knowledge leadership coms in the coming six months, There have been challenges along the way and again the president's closed off closed off China closed off Europe. Well, unfortunately, the american people can see with their eyes and their losses that it is here with fourteen thousand people dead. So far. So if you don't read an and see that actually people still came in after his them He says he made you can see. I was here, the problem is again we're doing that Europe and how the president that listen to his own national security advisers when they asked him to shut travel from Europe at the end of January. He didn't do it again because he is worried about the stock market. He was worried about the economy, had allowed a lot of people from Europe to come over and in fact, especially a lot of New York? according to these two latest stuff
said the New York Times reporting on today, but by a bit again, though, even when he brag said he shut down China. He did There were so many exceptions, it forty thousand people even for the so called ban. It was such a toothless ban. Forty thousand people still I'm over from China after that, so called ban, and for Dron. Thirty thousand came over from the time that Corona virus epidemic first started to now, so we haven't shut down travel, its caused an awful lot. Problems and for those liberals that were saying that it's I don't whatever they were saying. You is a race. STAR Zena, Phobic, the shutdown travel and now that's science. I know there's a debate. Doktor fouche in others were saying well know. Maybe we should maybe we shouldn't come on. It just makes sense. It
going to slow down the rate of infection. Then you need to shut down the borders and you need to shut down travel and those are some issues also that we have to keep thinking about. We move forward coming up. It's our common factor across China, ITALY and the United States. Far more men are being hospitalized pork, virus. Then women, we'll talk to our chief medical correspond. That, and also some new numbers on deaths of younger Americans from the virus morning, Joe is coming right back. They guides Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow. Her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world get the podcast now for free, ever you download. Yours were putting in very heavy testing systems. We have the best testing systems and agenda
Yet when we look at cases I'm looking at some, I'm not going to insult anybody- I'm not going to wear Shelton and country, but I'm looking at countries that showing cases than assets testing were testing more than anybody and use you saw exponentially more than anybody by far and are testing become, I think, it'll end up being a big strength. In fact, the other countries other countries that the media talked about- are now calling us for Are we doing and how are we doing it so quickly and where are we these task, as our tests are really good. Now they ve been proven to be very accurate. I say literally is not like a gene liberally? Nobody in the world is asking you a question competition. What there asking. You see it from one leader after another. There are asking how the United States of America could be oh for behind in testing. How did we screw it up. He attacked the World Health Organization yesterday by the way, the world how
organization, I was in early February, send out two hundred fifty thousand tests. Two hundred fifty thousand tests to see turn the CDC Tdcj out ninety tests across the country? Guess what didn't work, those didn't work and Donald Trump Administration- did such a bad job with testing that by the end of February, the FDA had said to the CDC. If you were a private organisation, we would shut you down still to be a Van birthday Jan, had opened up testing to private industry, because the torpid menace Asian had failed, so battled. Another present also lies: I'm really stupid people and listen. Here's the deal if you're stupid, please don't admitted on Twitter. Ok, because that's You know that or not, but you, when you talk
me or somebody else, showing your stupidity. We cannot walk it's in the public and you see so when you say that we ve tested than anybody else. How can you be this information, outfit news, media Joe you see. We have three hundred twenty million people in this country and if you look at how we're doing per capita per person which really swap matter can you really even if you are stupid, yet on compare numbers and what California's doing do I doing really stupid? And maybe you are judging by some of the tweets it you said, but you look at per person per patient park. Better and we have been lagging on testing from the beginning. The administration has admitted it the update
does it matter that doctor foul G has it method. It would have been nice. It is what made a huge differences. Was a trillion dollar mistaken Donald Trump sport to not get in front of this, like they did in South Korea. We both had this about station. In fact, from the same day, the South Korea moved on it quickly. Within a week there that tests it worked. We continued bungling it while the continued saying and late and you're and February. Nothing to see here. It's all mass again go away. Doktor Berkshire stay talked about how what went like eighty percent Alex's at right. Eighty percent of some of these testing, chains are even being used. Artwork is that right, Alex now looking to get too yes a symbolic. So it must be true anyway, so start task things a mouse
flying about line about it like those to economic. It go away these facts, leisured numbers, more importantly, the mat Americans I make. It was a baby see from their own personal experience that they cannot in the test their living through this. Their suffering through this impasse Beach county, where the basically the presidents home counties so much time and more allow go. The test rates are, absolutely horrific for one of the largest counties in the state of Florida, with one of the oldest populations in the state of Florida. People can't get tat its. Why area stock right now? How many stuck in their home is children can't go to school? There's no map, there's no way out of this, without robust mass uniform testing something that hasn't happened term actual we
saying that a lot of you Billy Windsor, that for a very long time hate if you want to get back to work, if you want to get back to your life Did you call the White House today and talk about testing Willie everybody knows anything about. This has said from the beginning that if you want to get economy started, you gotta do robust testing this press Things you can get up at a press conference and why and that some are going to change the fact that, we're still miserable when it comes to testing. When you talk about per patient per person per American. But one indication of how bad it is Joe, is that the governors here and the Tri State area of New York, New Jersey in Connecticut, have somewhat quiet because I want to be diplomatic and dealing with the president, the need the help of the federal government are moving passed him on the question of testing now for a month or two, they said we're not gonna, get the testing help we need from the federal government. So there
looking locally, how do we, as governors of these three states very hard, my corona virus. How do we push testing for so that you have, whereas in some states- and it's not just here in the Tri State area, who are looking at the numbers in their own state, the same or not anywhere near where we need to be on testing? We have to take over this process again. They want to work with the federal but where they can, because they knew that help but they're looking pay. The President on rumor Obama said. If you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor and Republicans rightly called him out, and that with the president's big lie on testing was, I think it was March the six. It was early March, where the and does the CDC he's got his stupid had on stupid because president I'd states in the middle of a endemic shouldn't be wearing a campaign at, but it goes in their turn. What a great matter mighty has and then he lies, and he says if you want to test Any America wants, a test, can get at TAT stand and it says you're perfect test a great that will they weren't, perfect tat they warrant
test, and here we are a month later, an American still can't get a task that spring and right now morning, Joe Chief Medical corresponded Doktor Dave Campbell Day. We're still having a problem with testing at the briefing Doktor Burke said that their still was enough testing being performed because Some of the labs, the machines warned running. What did you mean by that job? we're not have an attesting problem, we're having it resting abomination- it is Unbelievably horrible, the lack of testing availability across the country. I've been Palm Beach county. You can forget about it. If you think you're going to drive robe a dry by urgent care center or a tent and be tested it not going to happen. Testing and physical, distancing
those two things are connected, because if you are tested and no, whether or not you have the virus in you that will help you determine what you're going to do that day. So What I'm hearing about testing isn't registering with me because it is, available. You have to be sick in a hospital to be tested how many times your Casey, if we heard this story that that you you don't get tested their people, that Duncan has did they stay at home? They are not they are not able to get the test until it's too late Then they go into the hospital when they have real extreme symptoms and then are finally task that some people actually stay at home and die and never get tested. I mean the reality Joe is. I think I certainly know people who are having symptoms and who can't go to the hospital get tested are being told to stay at home are being told the tests
available. I have a feeling that most Americans probably know people and time, this epidemic is over we'll know, people that have struggled with getting these and the reality is until this problem is fixed, we're not gonna, be able to fix the broader problem of the item aiming antibody testing is obviously an important piece of that in the long run, but when we're dealing with the matter research of this epidemic in the fall, where we don't know where diseases until we can know and aggressively trace every single contact of every single person who tests positive. Not gonna, be able to really put this behind us, and some in this wasn't just mean this wasn't incredible failure, and I thought of that that comparison that you made with what Obama said that, if you have that plane, you can keep. It won't talk about the campaign you have a test, you can get a test and you still can't get a test in November. I that is just going to underscore so tensely, the failures of this of our government
administration to deal with this on the front end. Well, it's kind of horrific to watch the stupidity when the president talks about this incredible accomplishment at no other country has achieved with all. Stands and Americans watching or listening to him, who can't get tests are thinking What are you saying that you know that you're lying to me? This isn't just like saying it because you know for some reason, we like facts, Americans who are worried about their lives. And their children's lives and their parents lives in trying to figure out whether or not they have the virus. They care about the facts to, and they know Oh, when someone is lying to that more, you know. This is a basic. This isn't like Robert Mauler, you can say what you want about Robert Mama's per year, whatever they don't, Robert Mahler, they don't know about Ukraine, they know about their children's health. They know
their parents, whether they can get a time. They know whether they can get a test for their loved ones, are for themselves or not, and they can't most Americans can't right now, so there's no need for the present. For about the facts to, and they know when someone is lying to that more. You know. This is a basic. This isn't like Robert Mauler. You can say what you wanted, analyze, where, by the Washington Post, seven hundred and fifty nine people under the age of fifty died and for. People under the age of twenty, a death eggs extremely rare, but Dave those numbers keep going up. Can you, King give us some insight as to why it seems that I can Europe and from what we heard at least China, but unlike in Europe, and especially ITALY, we heard one pandemic was coming to the United States that it was just a disease
for senior citizens and not younger Americans that not actually how its playing out here, what why any insights I have a few one of them is that it is indeed still decade by decade, more likely to cause death, and more serious illness so the order you are the more pre existing problem, or hard or long problems. You have that's worse. If you're obese, it's worse, black Americans have a higher death rate, but what I have not heard anything bout. Is the incidence of raping one in four high school students right now are raping- and I don't know- but I will bet you that more are doing that now- that they're out of school and home vapor creates a long injury EC creates inflammation smoking. Does the same thing. What I would suggest is that we consider
aping and smoking as one of those chronic pre existing conditions? If we do that, and look at that data through that Linz we may find an explanation in part for why younger people or having the illness and even dying. There are some Gina kiss that are at play, that people are investigating the Sierra, their different genetics and younger people, but they being is tearing out us right now in the face just in time and what about mascara? Yet what why do men seem fair? Worse with the corona virus and women it may be. There are some social factors, the smoking rates across the world, our higher and men the potential that There are some genetic different. We know there are united differences, obviously men and women. They haven't figured out why they just
No that men are more likely to die of the corona virus, then women, just as black Americans, African Americans and Hispanics, have a tougher time with it. Also I tat tat today. Thank you very much. Here's pay its critias this week in my pocket. Wisest happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Ekstrom, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really They often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago, that switch flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in both book. They principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it.
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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