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Vice President Mike Pence says in a new interview that he welcomes the idea of bringing Michael Flynn back into government, yet in 2017 Pence said he knew Flynn lied to him. The panel discusses.

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But I can tell you I knew that you lied to me and and I know the president made the right decision with regard to him. The president has talked about bringing back into the administration. Is that fine with you? I think, General Michael Flanders, that American Patriot this country has great distinction in uniform. And now I believe, decision the Justice Department lays bare what was what was was clearly prostitute oral abuse for my part I'd be happy to see Microsoft again, because you like working with p. Girl? Who lie to you all that time? I guess, there is answering. I would like somebody to ask them presently United States, sometimes because the other, convincing themselves and olive trumps, Addy, Annie Tromp supporters, who
We'll desperately say anything they keep their subscription rates up are talking about how the FBI, Somehow did my wrong. Who lie to the FBI about meeting a russian contact. I wonder meagre what in the world? What what's my pencil excuse? Why Flynn fill the need delighted the vice president, who is at the FBI's, fall to when he didn't enough cream and sugar and discoveries at the FBI's fall to mean seriously. This is laughable. Do we have that clip? I want to see that my parents clip again at some point so we just role to the one that we roll. The of the first part of it were my pants said its painful lied. He lied to me any he lied to. The present Eddie lie there, be ion yes, yes, she he should be gone here. You take a look. This is
MIKE talking about a guy who is now celebrating coming back to the White House. But I can tell you that I knew that you lied to me and I know the president made the right decision With regard to him I can tell you is. I know we lie to me about talking the Russians, well get out again. I my pencil had plenty of experience working with people who don't tell him the truth. Over the past three years. So what's what's another, but we have a lot more to be concerned about this morning that you have inside the White House. We going to be getting to this and have a great group of people here to talk about it, but you ahead of the CDC Self Quarantine. Do now the head of the, FDA Self, quarantined, doktor vanity moderate self quarantine, you have the vice president's one of his top AIDS tested positive,
you have had Stephen Mellow now going to be working at home for quite some time. You of a frightened, the White House. Nobody was to wear masks. Nobody, nobody did social distancing. I mean the actual real crest of this was last week and the press it brought in nurses from around the country and have them in a circle and the oval office not six feet apart, like two feet. Apart masks how pathetic well it so you ve ever had and then, as now there's a picture of the vice presidents aid who is sitting or standing talking. The members to the press, everybody in the picture, had a mask on except her. She, of course, is the one who tested pause, but you have a white House who we have members who want. Yesterday. You admitted they're scared.
We working in and that environment scared to be going to the White House and working that environment. You have eighty thousand Americans dead. Now we process eighty thousand threshold, depression era, unemployment and wanted the present do again this weekend the president's went on rage did rage tweeting, just like you did last weekend: spewing out conspiracy theories spewing out attacks against members of the media spewing out it. I just attacks against all comers and end. He looked many people were commenting last night and I really Now, Macao Republicans in the union state Senate Republicans in the United States house down just admit the truth. This man is unmatched for this moment that he's on moored. All you have to do is look at his twitter feed again.
In the middle of the worst crisis since World WAR too, and that is unfair at present. The United States this time. It's how Republicans could continue to sit back while the Deaf account goes from ten to twenty to forty two, fifty to sixty to eighty thousand as quickly as it cause. I continue to let this man. Right on encumbered? They have got to demand some at least some level of competence inside the White House with us. We have white as Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, Washington, anger Four BBC world knows America Caddy K host of Emma MRS Politics, nation and president of the National, action network, Reverend Del sharpen and National security, export, calmness, USA, today and author of the book, the death of expertise, town
Nicholas good to have you all on board this morning in this president tromp try to convince Americans that it's safe to return to work one of his own tat. Visor, says it's quote scary: to go to work at the White House. This comes after two people with access to the West Wing tested positive. Four corona virus in recent days. One of the president's snow valet's and vice president, my pants Press secretary the Miller, the wife of top from AIDS. Even Miller, tested positive. The positive results now have rate of members of the White House, corona virus task force in Self Quarantine, Doktor Anthony Fouche say they say Director Robert Redfield and empty Commissioner Stephen Hon, a senior ministration official told NBC News, the vice president laid low over the weekend, but his office now says he will not sell. Quarantine and does plan to be at the wheel,
Has today the Washington Post report that all White House staffers perceived a memo from the white management office on Friday. Encouraging employees to quote per this maximum tell of work and to work remotely if at all possible, but the paper reports quite safe, administration official said Whitehouse staffers weren't courage to come into the office by their supervisors, here is one of the president's senior economic advisers Kevin. Has it discussing concerns about working in the cramped West wing. It is scary to go to work. You know I was not part of the White House in March. I think that I'd be a lot safer. If I was sitting at home, then I would be going to the West Wing, but I think everybody knows that they're going to work you've been in the West wing. You know it is a small crowded place it it's. So it's a little bit risky both, but you have to do it because you have to serve your country
a lot of room there. Peter Baker and Michael Crowley pose this question in their report, for the New York Times quote it is so hard to maintain a healthy environment at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue, the most famous office rests in the world where staff members are, stage regularly summers often has every day every day that must be nice, then, How can business it's across the country without anywhere near as much access to the same resources establishes. If space for their workers since a good causing job mere somebody. These White House staff members are being tested everyday wow that link here over them, taking temperatures from office to office before they go the third meetings everybody's having their temperature taken? In short, they have safeguards that now Their business in America would have, and yet it's even a frightening experience, they say to go to work at the White House.
How is this complicate the president's efforts to try to reopen the government before so many. These states fail. They even meet his own White House guidelines. That's exactly the right framing here. First of all, the shows the incredible reach of this virus that has penetrated, though the West Wing, which has more busts were active testing than any other place in the country by large margin. This is now the presidential, the valet for the president last week was the first to get it. We know that the vice president's press secretary, now is tested, positive, her husband, Stephen Miller, is isolating. For that reason, we noted that the group of their reportedly that she was coffee, I've been in meetings. Last week, drawing subsystem looks from other advisers. We saw the photo there of her talking to the press. Reporters there wearing a mask and its atonement set from the top
we reported last week and the Associated Press about how President Trump and would refuse to where one in public that he's It sends the wrong message that it sends the did that the idea that he's too focused on the public health crisis or his own health rather than region can you call me rather than we opening the nation, which is what is advising believe he needs to do to try to win re election? We also report, of course he has told people around him. He doesn't like how he looks a mask. Afraid would end up in a negative campaign at and when that Tony said from the top and then other Supervising the White House fall. That model then staff, yes, they are going to feel pressure to keep coming into work, they're going to feel to not wear a mask when therein there and now we're seeing real concern among those working in the West wing about them
iris and, as you say, we all remember the tv show the western with his long walk in talks down these hallways investments. Pre small place. There aren't any garment spots to go where you can be distant from other people. You can have the necessary six feet. Yes, there temperature checks. Yes, people are being tested all the time, but clearly virus spread and it really complicates the president's mission. Here is relentless tone to say it is time for American go back to work, he's trying to downplay the public health risk. Now we ve gone to eighty thousand deaths and that still climbing the infection rates is rising throughout most of the country. He sang it safe, which go back to work, be it in office in his own home we are seeing positive cases, says absolutely not theirs. Now screwed surrounding a what's being done to keep the virus away from the president. Several security officials, with executive branch experience set in he's on Friday at the White House has taken a lax and risky approach.
In their view, reflected trumps, consistent efforts to minimize the threat from the virus. He and his top aids don't wear, masks and the president doesn't practice social distancing as it continues. To huddle for photo out. We saw that again with first responders They brought into the White House and force them into a position where they did not practise what day, He d practice to stay alive. What everybody needs to practice, Joe stay alive, Roger and the President's worry about the optics. The pandemic doesn't care about the Optics Tom Nick the and also you talk about the death of expertise suggests is just the celebration of stupidity, in the present, the United States talks about the vice president's press person getting covered now Tina, then sank, say I told you tests don't matter, even where all these tests you still got at every one of the stupid
things. I've ever heard because, of course, if they weren't taking tests inside the White House, we would probably find out next week that well out would probably a huge number of people inside the White House added. Instead, there was testing, obviously tracing isolation, treatment, this sort things that doctor value says we want to have nation wide, but we don't because of Donald Trump failures by now that the President himself, some now talking about this, strict regimen inside the White House that found some immediately cinema, this strict regiment inside the White House, somehow being a failure in proving that we don't need testing nationwide, explained that for me, if you will, I wish I could this isn't the death of expertise. This is like murder of expertise every day over and over. My favorite part of the president's comment
the new case. No. I knows he said she the negative and then for some reason. She tested positive, as though you know it's a mystery in August sheep. She she was negative and then for some reason, while of course for some reason she can Did the virus? That's what happens when people are put together when social distancing isn't observed when masks our warm when you know why things down you know joyfully, mere set its quarters in there, but also its people hate each other things all papers and working at work stations and setting a tables. I mean it tough place, any kind of workplace? That's why we ve all been sent home but it shows you again that nothing I mean you know be the problem with expertise is obvious, because expertise always conflicts with what the president wants in the present tries to make his own reality in some sense the president we are dealing with the pandemic, the whales,
children deal with high and seek work. They cover their eyes and they can't see you they think you can see there and that's what the press Storing by just pretend it's not there and then just act like it is not an issue, then it goes away because I don't wear, masks and you're, not then it nobody has to where mass, because then the virus doesn't exist. I mean this is really child, magical thinking, wall where, physically having the equivalent of a nine eleven every few days. Well. It is magical linking it again to the Republicans and the Senate. I just again, I wonder applicants in the Senate and the house. Where are you now? Where are you why why won't you talk to the present forcefully? This is sadly I crisis yet, where. Again when I then, but Robert Mauler, if you're fine, with obstruction of justice from oppression,
on your good on you pay for it at the polls. You already have an eighteen, your pay, poles and Twentys is well that's fine, if you're fine with, but the president did with the Ukraine call going on here near the one that's going to pay at the polls and twenty just like some new Republicans baited, but we're talking in this This is a pandemic. This is the worst healthcare crisis in a century this worse national crisis. We faced since world war. Two, and you're sitting on your hands, while the the United States continues to act recklessly from the beginning, as you know in January, you said it was just one person coming in from China, it was gonna, be fine. In February we in the February, you said it was just fifteen people is gonna, be down to zero. They did a great job. Remember a publican senator he told you in March there's nothing to worry about just stay calm, it's gonna, go away! Remember the magical
thinking when he told you that it was gonna magically go away in April, ended up more people died of of this virus. The present several measures and go away in April? Will people died in April of the chronic? Harrison died during the entire Vietnam war. His magical thinking continued with drugs that now we find out are unsafe. Use shoving those drugs, american people shoving those drugs and people in his own administration, shoving those drugs on on patients at the aid system, the magical thinking continued with injecting disinfectants and the bodies and trying to get his doctors to seriously look at that, as well as shoving lights inside of people. This is Republicans in others. This is not right. You know he's not well, people are dying. You know that the death count is now over
a thousand. It's gonna keep going higher and I you know they both he and all of its supporters in those crowds way back in February and a lot of its borders on tv and Marge were still calling this. The latest hoax, the press was making up to bring down the present the United States. That it was a really bad bad there. There is strong Europe, but Rob you have you have republican members of the Senate, you're responsible for the safety of people inside state along with a government is along with a mere you. You have Republicans Republican House members in the same position, and yet there not speaking out they're not even quietly go into the White House telling the present enough is enough. Don't tweet about Brien's dealt or a weekend, come on
Anything that we grant the eighty thousand threshold that's empty are in work or to or at the Pearl harbor. Is he gonna tweet about a media credit at the Cleveland Plain dealer, a guard You're kidding me last week he attacked. May I again and are you my god, you gotta be inside shape if you're focused on me and meddling with electric tweets and look at those areas? Is attacking sleepy eyes Chuck tied and then wow. This is it's like a conspiracy theories. He just blurted out Obama yeah the biggest medical crime and again night over how many wasn't how many giddy tweet out yesterday it was. I could just some insane member and river now
we are literally in the worst crisis since World WAR Ii. And again I don't look the Donald Trump and say why can't he help himself? Why can't he fix himself? Why can't he be at the least confident, because he has proven time and time again he just can't do it, even though that the beginning, we were begging him in pleading with him to do that. You ve got to look at enablers in the United States and eighty thousand people dead than doing nothing in it. The veto give a damn about. Americans lives. They should look at the polls cause Donald Trump is destroying their careers, destroying the Republicans majority and I say, destroying the Republicans chances one elections for a generation. They come and and they should lose the elections for a generation to come. If they do not have the moral backbone to stand up to this,
president, who is clearly not well to spend this weekend to spend the last few days with eighty thousand Americans did I mean, stop and think about detriment of eighty thousand when depression numbers in terms of the economy and spend it getting is obsession with you and others that would dare to critique, given the media, which happens to be your job, to guinea president, but his obsession with this he puts his political hell above the to help of american people and Cole signed by the Republicans in the Senate and in the house it is unbelievable, whereas someone Korea is over a very lives of the people that they ve been sworn to, protect and enhance, and I think that we are at a real point in this country, where we We have to decide. Why do we elect people? Do we elect them to preserve the life and
innovation of life of the american people, are we do, we can elect them for their own career development and enhancement such our lunch? take this as seriously as we all are at this point- and I ask you: what could the Republicans do at this point? Who are the Republicans? Who could make a difference and what that that they could do. Why are they so afraid? And of course the backdrop of this is If we all agree that, if something was said, as president if they were able to close in on him for some more lives, could be saved mom. You know people always talk about when Arizona conservative, icon, very Goldwater, went to the White House and actually told Richard Nixon it was time to leave. That's that's not. Why worry? asking here, though I believe America would be far better,
funds are EU citizens would be far safer and we can faces crisis far better. It Donald Trump did leave office, that's not gonna happen, but all you'd either we're not talking about fifty republicans. Here we're not talking about thirty Republicans, five republicans going, where there are saying, MRS, Mr President, we're not asking you to leave we're just asking you to do your job, where we have people suffering and our districts. We have people suffering in our states. We have to get people back to work, but your own doctors
been telling you for months now. That cannot happen without a robust testing regiment, where we can test and trace. Mr President, and you keep refusing to do that, you you're the only person in this government. They can have a national approach. Detesting to tracing did to treating to doing the sort of things that we need to do to re, open our economies to save our businesses are starting them? I did their fear their cataloguing about them at all. We began but caddy carry. This is the remarkable thing is that by doing nothing by letting the President be reckless tweeting, like some just deeply disturbed senior citizens, there they're just hurting themselves, even There's no surviving this. For so many of these republican senator
there were articles all weekend aware republican senators and republican rub republican consultants were saying that there are good they get washed away in a landslide, swept away tidal wave this far in the elections and yet they're doing nothing at sea, to me at least. Take a chance. Tell the present five Republicans A working majority here would love to work with you, but if you're going you just keep tweeting and wasting your time all weekend, we're going to get the work with Democrats and try to save lives. Yeah I mean you'd think there was an opportunity here for a group of Republicans from the states that are vulnerable hours owner to go to President Trump and say This is what it will mean for you. If we lose in our states if we lose the Senate majority. This is what it means.
Of your agenda going into a second term and we know that their worried and we know that they are expressing this too to each other, but they gotta get that message to the president if they want to hang onto the Senate and I've spoken to people who used to work, tromp administration. Who say that your target your message to trump around the key objectives that he has his key objective making sure that he was Michigan manual. He wins Wisconsin Pencil, They are hanging onto Florida, keeping Arizona, that's the way you talk to Trump, you put it in very transactional terms, he's a very transactional president networks. That way, so there's a transaction to be done here. We need to keep these Senate seats. You need to do this. Not do this not send out so many tweets in order. We do that and start with less ambivalence on testing and and though, the window that I dont know. Why, then, are doing it because otherwise, let usage of the said it looks like it's gonna go.
By the way, my just screwing up testing maker, but one thing after another set White House guidelines working with his doctor, setting up White House guidelines and the next day undercutting those White House guidelines firing for political reasons a guy who's and working in the government for years getting ready for this pandemic. Dimity dig at the vaccine ready firing him because he didn't like the fact that big I didn't kowtow tilling. Maybe again you just one thing out other every it's. The present acting more and more reckless and every day is the Republicans deeper under the ground. Is there and every day it's war, and more Americans dying again we're over eighty thousand over eighty thousand dead, and it's not
going down. Still I had on warning Joe. The republican governor of Ohio MIKE to wine is our guest plus Richard houses. Brief introduction to the world his new work has finally here and talk about timing, we'll take a deep dive on that The challenges are increasingly playing out here at home, also, as a tops I d just a mayor, PETE List Smith spent months, trying to beat Joe Biden now that by Is the apparent Domini she's got a plan to help him win and show explained I just ahead I'll be right back as an insurance market place. Our sponsor policy genius talks a lot about how unpredictable the future is. That's why insurance this in the first place right now there are enough brands telling you how we're all in this together. Instead policy is wants to share some unpredictably positive things from the month of April, one thousands of dog
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Into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices. I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through. The importance of music is to keep our spirits into America. Apart just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives, new episodes every Monday and Tuesday come back joining a cell, the president of the council on Foreign relations, Richard Hoss, he's the author new book out this week, entitled the world a brief introduction and what time for this poor creature richer. Thank you so much. I remember being taken aback slightly by the title of when it first came out, because you usually or for more specific, why did you sent back and I sort of a thirty thousand foot overview of the topic that you ve been so
in your entire life will show the world matters we needed it painful, cautiously demonstration other were living fluid? Are some cases were dying through right now? Nothing is local or doesnt stay local for for long. What began a real didn't stay there, but it seemed to That too many Americans in particular, were unprepared for this. Well, it turns out, given graduating best universities in this country, without having even taken a course? it was on the world at nine. Why it matters the same is obviously true. I schools. Most Americans are obviously too busy, they making ends me to spend a lot of time. Thinking about it, my messages you ve gotta, get more prepared. We ve gotta get up to speed the navigate the the world figure. You you're, obviously talking a lot about the election well now, due to vote for how do they know of a candidate or an elected person, says, tariffs are good, but we should get out of it.
Damage. How are they meant to navigate that make to make an informed choice, so I decided to try to help build this gap to give people in one simple. She the volume the foundation they need to navigate all that's coming up. So there's you talk about globalization here is something that this country has been coming to grips with. Now for decades, many could say the new world began actually and make his home and nineteen seventy nine when there there is Opening to China with the United States, the age of globalization began? So while we look at the past of globalization. You all right this pandemic that his just shattered the world economically and also health, wise. It's it's done, sir. It's come from
a town in China that very few people know about and settle expression. If, if I guess needs is the world catches are called in this case. It was chosen on that sneezed and now the rest of the world is The pandemic. There obviously are great challenges with obligation that we ve yet to even contemplate you're exactly right, but think about. It was a bunch of people who got train that up I wish them because nine, eleven and three thousand innocent men, women and children die that day climate. Is a slow motion prices and it's the cumulative effect of what happens everywhere, so the terrible fires and storms, and all these things will change sing about them as they are predictable in general and they're. Not one off This should mean our coping with over nineteen, but in a couple of years we're gonna be coping with covert. Twenty three
maybe with antibiotic resistant bacteria? This is, this is part and parcel of life positions? Ancient reality, we can't deny If you deny it, we become the proverbial ass bridge. We stick our head in the sand with that Can a man and wash us away? What we can do is response we can prepare for. We can protect ourselves, we can build resilience. That's were obviously comes in. Phoebe sees Catechise Witherspoon Ass, a question Richer, congratulations and thank you. I received my coffee Conway to read it. That seem to be two theories the case coming out of the pandemic, that either the world has a moment that it can seek to cooperate and act together, not just on this, but then subsequently another. Things like China, climate change, for example, always a rise in what was happening already, which is an increase of nationalism? People more polarized, we say a bipolar world, but how, how do you see the covert
is changing the world in ways. Perhaps that were unexpected, that we had not seen as we went into this pandemic. We are jointly right of your framing. The world has not. Trinity become together, but I'm afraid so far at least we're not seeing it was happening. Every country feel so overwhelm their printing money focusing on domestic needs and if anything, they gonna turn your back on the world just at a time they glow. Challenges are getting worse ass. The great irony this is the quintessential global Cowan you were saying exactly the sort of looking inwards the actual we're gonna spend all over protective equipment we're going to focus on Maxine the fact that the United States Join the European led efforts to try to produce a back I'll. Join Tom Nicholson question time
Richard. It seems to me that, at the beginning of this crisis there were people arguing that this is the beginning of the end of globalization. Which struck me always is kind of strange, because in fact the world, as you pointed out, is reacting to this is a global crisis. You think this actually strengthens or weakens the processes of ovation just an even just in the near future or further out. I think it me strengthen the process of what people like me and others are calling de globalization. We see that for some time we seen it and push back against free. Trade, and this is going to strengthen the hand of those who say we can't be dependent on food and suppliers we ve gotta, be more self reliant. You see people even more. Building barriers against immigration. You you so I yet this is going to strengthen the globalization. The problems. We do in some ways at our peril immigrants.
Become a real our real sources of National, Alan and Economic strength. We close our borders climate change. We bearing close our borders, the disease, the real driver of this he's now is his social integration. Is it immigration trip and also bring us all sorts, export, the job export related jobs. So my concern is we're gonna, throw the baby out with the bathwater the yes, there are parts of globalization we need to beware. About, but the real thing again is: how do we make ourselves more resilient? We can, we can be. This disease on China Tom. But the answer is things we should have done and still should do from testing to equipment, or we can blame everything on imports really need to do is train our workers, but they are ready new jobs that technology will bring. The baby answered globalization is not be globalization, its resilience, Richard Ass thinking,
How much are we going to see you all week as we dig into the important themes of your new book, the world? A brief introduction, thank you very much and coming up, Is Florida under counting its covered cases. We're gonna talk about the spread of career virus across that state and how the governor is dealing with it. That is straight ahead on morning, show hey come back the morning. Joe obviously would like a little Richard who passed away this weekend. To the remembrances extraordinarily room remembrances by parliament, Who said he learned so much from little, which of course, Little Richard spent his telling the World farmer chronicler What
The rolling sounds, of course, Mick Jagger along statement. He helped actually get one of their sex to tourism are struggling. Today and help help move them. Milan and Bob who said that his inspiration to new music came all from little Richard Fishermen died at eighty seven. I've heard this story from John High omen. Reverend now about how to do great rock our real gram introduced France nl. I stadium the early nineteen eighties he's a warm up back for prince and it in prince was roundly booed off the stage, because people were ready for him and which I the stories re ironic, because Little Richard
was basically there and what prince was went back in the nineteen fifties back at a time when to do he did was absolutely fear. Was the man more. Anybody else really created rock and roll, no doubt about it, the little red, It was the first superstar Rock n roll fats downright and might have perceived him, but he brought it really to wear. It was a cross over seventy really far reaching the music of that and he was as boisterous embolden flamboyant info as he was in public, the new. Because of dear Sir James roused and in fact little Richard introduce Jane, round as a cue to his first manager start doing so. Sit down relationship, but I got to Know- and he was just as frantic onstage
was a private desolately. Was he didn't care are care how people felt he was too following he wouldn't care of you. Considered too loud and above what was approved. Then he redefined everything by now carry because he did what he felt and people felt an end develop a whole new level of matter play music stage, crap how one girl, either in the business of music, so the world in the world in general, also lack Tamil rich in yours by the way Joe you could understand is had these ongoing conflict between his being devout Pentecostal minister because the left show business a couple of times and went back into the managed restarted as a Pentecostal God and his secular performing, and it was always this battle,
He would have that when I would run in them. We sit and talk about, and it was this dual d that he always dealt with it. I think some of his magic was trying to balance that out right, and so many the rock and roll artist, so many jazz art, as so many soul. Artists are envy artists from the deep south, we're on a familiar journey. I've I've long thought that it was at pushing pole made, so many of them great and and Anika what we also lost get the news before we came on of another Passing yes, Ben Sellers, dad Jerry Stellar died at the age of ninety two He was an incredible stage: actor, perhaps best known, for all that was Frank stands on Seinfeld, then stellar
saying, I am sad to say, my father, Jerry Seller, passed away from natural causes was a great doubting grandfather, the most dedicated husband and for about sixty two years. He will be greatly missed. Love you dad will for those of us who are a little bit older, we long before anybody? You been sellers name long before Seinfeld HE and his his wife and were more cracking us, for decades and extraordinary comedy team. He will be missed.
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