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President Trump abruptly ended a Monday White House briefing on coronavirus response when a reporter asked him about virus testing. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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This judge is giving us unfair was now I say why. Well I want a bum building a wall. Ok and its orbit, Mexico, not another country, but he's he's not from exile opinions from India. He is his mix it and mexican heritage and he's very proud of it. Maybe that's should. You should ask China don't ask me: has China that question? Ok, when you ask them that question, you may get a very unusual answer. Yes, behind you, please What Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically, tromp and twice sixteen and yesterday from the White House howdy I'm good morning and well two morning Joe, it is Tuesday may twelfth what a moment that was, along with Joe Will and me we have forward surprise. Columnist had associate editor of the Washington. Stan MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson,
more on trumps. Twenty twenty version of his Judge Curio moment just add, but first, when the present wasn't brushing back reporter questions with extremely racist responses. He was telling more lies about a number of corona virus issues. He said that the numbers down very rapidly, all throughout the country by the way, but White House Data contradicts that will have the new numbers for you in a moment. They do not reflect what the president said. He has suggested repeatedly that children are in the clear yet So this is our findings prove otherwise. He said that Erica leads the world in testing false I and ITALY, Germany and Canada all test more per person any echoed his favorite, calls claim continuing to repeat his infamous March six statement. That anyone who wants a test can get one.
Anybody right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a teska Suteki there there they have to test and the test of beautiful anybody that these attest get supplies Get tested they get tested, we have the great capacity in the world, not even plus, if people want to get too did they get tested, but for the most part they should you wanna get tested. That's not true. This claim on the: U S: death rate from the virus was wildly off base. I think one of the things were most proud of. Is this: came out deaths per one hundred thousand people death. So for one hundred thousand people, Germany and the United States are at the lower wrong of that latter, meaning low is a positive. Not a negative
Germany. The United States are the two best in deaths per one hundred thousand people. Frankly to me: that's perhaps the most important number there is accepted. Ok, so I just wanna I want it can act on just the last thing. The president said here, He said that perhaps the most important step that we have- and I guess I agree with him he's only problem, as you said, were tied for. First, with Germany, close family at the close of your actual Johns Hopkins information. Here we are, These are the worst mortality rates in the world will be out of a hundred and forty countries a night math. Ok, I'm not a Harvard boy, not
with Alabama, but I think one hundred and forty minus nine bill is one hundred and thirty one so we're not First in the world are out of the one hundred and forty countries that Johns Hopkins universities following we rank one hundred and thirty one and mortality rates and combine that with He said about this, MR he s childhood illnesses as well, at least there all recovering his own test, director. I D say now, Mr President: that's wrong that you get what he said about testing and they had signed the best in the world where not we're still behind again me as me said we're like faith in the world on that making some progress, but still far behind you
all these claims. It was another afternoon press conference of another pack of lies from men who sold eighteen thousand lies and did so what's thing really that you have all of these anti anti tromp poseurs to pull out their fading cow is any time. Anybody in the media makes a mistake, and yet this having couches our night used me. Certainly don't worry about the presence eighteenth. Lies- or these lies during the worst crime- the United States is face since world war. Two, yes, today. Yesterday's an astounding blizzard applies from the present the United States. Yeah and easily demonstrable lies to the president. Yesterday showed he's living in a parallel universe or he's trying to wish away again a global pandemic. You can't do it. We have the numbers.
We can show you that we're not first in the world and death rate where a hundred and thirty first in death, he said on testing. We have met the moment and we have prevailed that doesn't say to you. I want to just turned the corner on this and pretend it's not happening. Nothing else does he's wrong, the facts. He was wrong and almost everything he said yesterday, including on testing, including on the death rates, adding building on the number of cases in this country, which I think is really important because he wants it to here by the words he expresses that this thing is going away that we ve gotta under control cases as well. Many times are down in coastal cities in places like New York City, but were showing new evidence from his own task force that shows its popping up across the country. Just as many people puts predicted again, data from his own task for showing that not us what Willie that's that's, is down in thing here. Is it that way
we talk about on their show. The need for America to Rio. But reopen safely, as I say, other than their mother tongue. Nancy pull. See standards that she put out there. I'm not talking about tax, the nation, the nation Gesine standards are not talking about. The young Marxists, who league of greater man hat and standards for reopening the government does not Donald, zone standards that Donald Trump set out a couple of weeks ago it's a zone standards were going by these numbers for most part are usually his own numbers and yet time time again he's why lay off base time and time again he's. And, as you say, time and time again he's wishing this away, it's it's. It's yellow. I wrote a column of the Washington
just a couple weeks, we are talking about the year of magical thinking borrowed that from a Joan Didion memoir. Well, continues this year of magical thinking, even saying that this isn't going to combat can the fall when in fact just about every person of I insist that every doctor that knows whether talking about healthcare exports as this all will likely be the worst wave and in some models the ball actually be worse than what we just endured. There's optimism, which you want from a leader what you want from a president and then there's lying about the data to try to project something: that's not there and that's the president was doing up there yesterday because the nations top infectious disease expert intends to work, the Senate that Americans with experience needless suffering and death. If the country opens up to quickly Doktor Anthony found she expected to make his first appearance before Congress. Since present
declared a national emergency in March, when he too, defies remotely at a high profile hearing before the Senate, health, education, labour and pensions committee. Today, according to the New York Times, doktor fancying TAT, the war in the Senate against extreme dangers, if the? U S, opens up too quickly, an email to a New York Times, report fancy previewed his there's two senators. It reads this way cope. If we skip over the checkpoint in the guidelines to open America. Again then we risk danger of multiple outbreaks throughout the country This will not only result in needless suffering and death, but would actually said Back on our quest to return to normal again, that is Doctor Anthony Falchi of the President White House Task force in this pandemic. Let's bring in former White House adviser for health policy, professor and vice provost, for global initiative. Universal Pennsylvania factor as equal a manual. He is an NBC News and MSNBC senior medical contributor, doktor manual.
To see if we can get in there. What doktor frowned he's gonna say today, but first what you heard from the president yesterday testing on a number of cases and on the death rate. What, make of his view of this pandemic. Well, in our thoughts, I think, as you guys accurately said it's not clear where he's getting his data, just some casting. I thank God. There are twenty five countries that have tested on a per capita basis more than we have do listed Madame Germany, Iceland, Israel, there just he's that action engaging with the data and any side even attempting to engage with the data. I mean if you get one of peace of data wrong, we understand. But when you it's a whole series of things, you just try to imagine something different then
Reality, in fact, about science, is you can't deny it comes back and will bite you because its reality? I would also say one thing: you know we now have thirty states that are opening up and almost all of them had fail. President trumps taskforce criteria for opening either their number of cases are going up rather than having the weak decline. This they required or their percentage of past of cases, are going off indicating that there actually find me or cases in the population, so these are, very bad indicators, and I think it's what is making Tommy thirteen very nervous about opening these states up because You have a few occasions and then we get into that exponential growth and it's the few cases you need attention to not wait for you you're exponential growth. Before you take action and, unfortunately I think
politicians are very eager to open up and not waiting for science. At the hearing. We beer exactly. Zig, you you have to weigh the president is the best example of this. How you need to focus on? you cases, because it was a president who still goes our yelling going I day was supposed to shut down the economy when There were no cases. There were no cases of no doubts. We assets, exact, When you see the storm coming, you prepare for it and enjoy Robinson Psych, wanna hurricanes, coming you'd I'll. Wait for the doubts on shore disorder planning, if you know that Hurricanes. Arming you start boarding up a week, had a time, and Donald Trump still doesn't understand this about the past they make no matter where they are wanting. Let me say this again because the opposite,
yours get out there fainting couches, when I said that everybody knew in early January. It's all. I said disease man will want on everybody frigate, I was a liar. I was a sociopath, the fading couches for the these tromp appalling, just in Russian it its invites all shocked, but in early January, the warnings began Rep through the top administration, the State Department cities say FDA Pinta guy, I'm the end community I can I can. I can I change Chaz why I could contain in early January and yet the present still claiming you shouldn't have done any thing. Because there were no deaths. The United States, you plan for the hurricane when its offshore not after everybody's dying on, but it out
during these lies one after another after another after another yesterday and again, where the fainting cow, just when people are upset about an added Jimmy J, Kimmel Video with They were shocked about their wages. Actually being dad. I was running round, saw retweeted it then I on retweeted and apologize for they were so shocked about that. That was the end of their public Lord, how Can't we survive with these lies from last night. I was thinking tweeted cable knows how? How can the report I guess you re Donald Trump lied repeatedly lied said lives at the most important matrix we have or the number of deaths per week. Hundred thousand in that we're number one except no Johns Hopkins, says
Where one hundred and thirty one out of one hundred forty- so that's the most important matrix Jane we do want to pretty bad job? I have one other thing and I now you're saying Joe has to have at least one more thing to say: will genial right. I God Our assured he's coming forward with guidelines today and he's coming forward with Donald two ops guidelines he's coming forward. What the hell's guidelines and we had Zeke talk about it. Let me let me just show real quickly, then I promise. The third football EU, unlike you, run as long as you want, but Doktor FAO Tree long his recommendations and among Donald Trump lecture. These are Donald Throbs recommendations by the way. Conspiracy theories out there, who think that doctor foul GI is, is somehow problem
Often these are bill. Gates is prompting off the beers and limb towards want to keep the governments that this Donald Throbs plans to reopen America and watch one of Donald Clubs, guidelines. Member states should have a downward trajectory of positive tests or a downward trajectory of death. Amended cases of corona virus over two weeks? as Donald Trump Wall conducting robust contact, tracing and sentinel surveillance testing says Donald Trump of asymptomatic people, Honourable populations, such as nursing homes, says Donald Trump, so limb tarred Donald Trump is the one.
That is putting these recommendations out. The doktor found she's going to talk about today that that trappist on their fading couches across Erica are freaking out about their Donald Troms on guidelines. What's it is the White House by America, you can almost without title. The former republic can make it almost here earlier we're Greenwood singing in the background of America a lovely degree which, by the way but Jane, presidents out guidelines that people are frank and taken taken, military style weapons, the stately just like others screaming and threatening an packing police officers yelling and their face
during their lives, because these states actually took the present. That is word and they're trying to follow the White House guidelines. I jean I talk of football, the EU. This is where a year of logical thinking. Continued. Isn't it is logical to me? it is continuing and so lets you talk about, presents on guidelines, but sought by the President's own house go the corona This has entered the president's old House kitty, learn by through them, pensive spokeswoman when the Prince personal byways and, and so it is of course necessary to keep the White House
functioning in this time of year, you know with the present themselves, is not function, Owen and lie the other companies have to keep a White House going, and so they have the engineer the way to do a bright day. Everybody is gonna, get tested every day and there, and you may have very quick, rapid contact- praise Some people were in contact with the Miller removed from vice president fences plain immediately and now the president is encouraging governors to open up workplaces across the planet We have no such security measures. Sunset demanded the hand where they don't have enough traits in testing enough contact, racing and
and so was asking us at present about that. Of course, he would you would probably just. Why? Am I like your hurricane metaphor, because what we have been doing so, do we did not the word up the windows before the hurricanes, and we should have the first during the wind. South Korea, for example, did born of the windows into tat of much better I'll come then, but week we didn't do it tat. We ve been warning of the windows, everything our model winds born a hundred miles an hour. That's what we ve been trying to do. And, as result, will be sustained a lot of damage and so so now, we're supposed to as the hurricane could deduced arrayed were both just stop. We finally
maybe started, maybe we're starting Burma curve some. Maybe he wicked wicked hope and then we're supposed to give it up and just you know from be blown off. I guess it's it's. Its astoundingly stupid, and asked doktor starts you to say it's gonna be the need, was death and suffering one. You know Willie continuing this wonderful hurricane metaphor. The president was This would be like the present. Now we, the game, is coming and the press was warned repeatedly, hurricanes government state support. Morning, Pentagon warned him. Then EL community Warning Hs director then somebody warning National Security Council warning, worn repeated worn through our January. I don't know,
this is not really but on January, twenty. Second, the present said in Davos, We only have one person came in from China and well, it's going away, we're gonna be fine. We gotta completely under control, then right after that, he doktor at our great praise She was, I don't know if you knew that, there's a lot of talk about China right now, the president, of course, making is this comment to an american reporter? Try somehow insult her because of our heritage is judged. Curio, though not if you knew this, he said this on the twenty seven but a couple days later, President Trump said we thank president. She sorted bend over backwards. In fact, thanking present she saying that we
that that he was completely transparent and China completely transparent is actually said. China has been working very hard to contain the corona virus. Donald Trump says the United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. Donald from said it will all work out well. Donald Trump said in particular on behalf of the american people. Donald Trump said I want to thank President she well. That did not happen at the same time, he was kowtowing to isn't she people on the sound administration we're trying to get president cheese government to work with the United States, so we can prepare for the oncoming hurricane. They refused to do it for us kept saying for another month. Nothing to worry it's only eleven cases. Zoom it'll be down to zero said that during the hurricane kept getting closer to shore and Margie said the republican centres. You got Often the worry about. He told african american leaders. This is
I go away like magic. Nothing to worry about, asked Marge about it. At the same time, people on another network, we're saying this- is the media's latest hoax to try to bring down Donald Trump Donald Trump would say at the same time, I'm not worried about it all. He said that March as the hurricane get closer and closer to Shore Willie and everybody was warning him that this hurricane was going to, and even borrows said five hundred thousand souls might be lost. I'm sure mainly posted into America apart, from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart
just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives. New episodes every Monday and Tuesday hey everyone. It's true, mainly Emerson, the corresponding and hosted the pie cast into America the day, of a more Aubrey became National NEWS when video this killing by too many georgics spread across social media. Look seventy four days before address remaining on the latest episode, I talked with the reverend our shorten about how a movement of public outrage took hold during this pandemic. What is disturbing is that the prosecutors had the video all along, so it wasn't that vase sorted video that made. The point is that we saw the video that made the search for into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe? Yeah
go back to January. The president was closing his eyes and wishing this away, and he still doing it as of last night as of yesterday, at that press briefing, he also by the way was left the Obama administration written in two thousand, sixteen playbook for what to do when they hit based on their experience with each one and one in others. Despite what Mitch Mcconnell said yesterday, there was in fact a play book so that when the first signs came from China and South Korea, the gun We know where to begin. Man meanwhile, new data shows carogne of irish infection rates are spiking, two new highs and several metropolitan areas and smaller com these across the country, that's according to undo, data from the White this pandemic task force that its using two track rates of infection, and which NBC News now has obtained. The numbers contradict president drop, who claim Yesterday infection rates are coming down rapidly nationwide. According to last week's report, the heartland,
boarded surges of nearly seventy five percent over a seven day period compared to the previous week. Cities on that list include Nashville, Doin, Iowa, Amarillo Texas and, on top of it With a six hundred, fifty percent increase central city Kentucky Johnny, from the White House, senior Whitehouse Rapporteur for NBC News, Digital Shannon GDP shed any you watch that briefing yesterday outside building behind you very closely. I now the president again wishes. Away way with statistics that are not based in reality and in fact, as we just showed their contradict the data from here OWN White House taskforce, not outside data, not some model that he can push to decide, but the White House data that shows cases are spiking across the kind you're not going away as he said yesterday, but when I asked the president briefing yesterday. What are you going to do to start getting cases down to get deaths down and again he said
here, they are going down. We had one of our best weekends. Yet and of course you know, oftentimes, you see numbers go down over the. We can only to come back up during the week when reporting picks up. Now the brig development at the White House yesterday that conflicts. This message that the President is trying to give us a country. That's to reopen of a crisis that is moving behind us is the fact that the White House is now requiring all staffers to wear masks when they enter the westward, We were told that a memo was sent out to employees yesterday afternoon telling them first, you stay home if they don't have to come into the White House to conduct business and if they do come in but they are now required to wear a mass when they can't socially distance. We will see if the president, who is not a staffer, is going to follow that recommendation that so to be seen, we have seen in any public meetings or any travel yet so I hope we will get a sense of that later on this week, but you know of many Americans
I have already been wearing mass, but this will be of a change in the West Wing, because, despite how cramped the quarters are their narrow, hallways and small working spaces, very few staffers have been wearing masks so far that definitely change. Yesterday and in the rose garden every staffer I saw including jerk Kirshner and the head of h h us we're all wearing mask yesterday So what is the level of concern? There's been some reporting that people at the White House some people are scared to go into work because vice president pants as spokesperson contracting, the virus a military ballet for President Trump contracting the virus. What is the level of concern? Obviously, the President believe he's projecting string. By not wearing a mask, but what about everyone else? Well Kevin hath at his own echo, like adviser, was one of those people who said he was essentially scared to come into the office. He so that over the weekend, once after I talk to you yesterday, they said that things are just really quiet around the White House, and you know what,
people running around with their hair on fire like it is sometimes at the White House, but just very quiet and and kind. Somber and that the US, the irony was, fell tat. They were now in the White House grappling with this issue as there trying to tell the country that this is something we can move past and and something behind us, but a lot of or are going to continue to come into work. Here I am told because access is power here in an idea was once ever told me a long time ago here, the President yell you're, not in the inner circle. So in order for people to run in your Ference to make sure that their issues in their agenda stand the front burner they're going to continue coming into this White House, even if they may be are concerned, or even if they they have questions about the safety and the level of cleanliness that's going on, but they, but they had ministration has stepped up cleaning. I will say that as well. Our action and petty peace outside the White House foreshadowed. Thank you so much doktor manual. So we here today from Doktor grouchy over teleconference at the Senate. Hearing that he's
concerned about America, skipping over the White House, his own guidelines and moving too quickly and leading to an outbreak across the country that we then may have to go back and shut things down again. So as you want, this play out. You mentioned some thirty states are going to be opening in some form slowly most of them. What is a safe way? What number should we be looking at, where we can start to say right? Yes, it is safe to open up what would doktor fact you say about that, but the White House guidelines I have regaining criteria, the major criteria that everyone's look, that is the number of new cases better having going down over a two week period or the percentage of people tested declining We ve been having very high percentage, which indicates that were omitted. Seeing the most severe real people. And you want to see that the guy you also honesty, hospital capacity so that you can deal with a surge if you get into the exponential
Greece are so you want to see here the number of people in the hospital with covered going down again over a two week period, we are saying is that most states that are opening actually dont have meet these criteria and is only a A handful of states- I think God are you- mention in overseeing a decline in New York, but there are other places that you just listen at that are actually having rapid increases in states that are planning to reopen, are actually case lie whenever really shut down. So these are all indications that people actually are adhering to the president's. Guidelines and you are getting. It the victory message. The president, on the one hand, issue this plan to reopen America with strict dating criteria and then him himself encouraging opening to a number of economists. I might add about reopened because they too wanna open
China me up and get it going, no one muttered terrible recession or depression and to a person they say that the main intervention to opening up the economy, public health measures, because that's the only way that's gonna give the american consumer confidence that they can go out shop and not get check, and if you don't you feel like you might get second might die by going out and shopping you're, not gonna. Do it And we see that in the data before post places, issue chow Replace orders Americans were cutting back, shall I think, there's a lot of contradictory talking coming out of the White House in it's hard for people to sort it through. Doctors, they kill a manual. Thank you very much for being on this morning and a final note from this crazy news conference with, as you pointed out Joe, the blizzard of lies put out by the president, he seemed to sort meltdown and lose his bearing upon questioning by two women
Rapporteur, HU, I happened to be limiting rattle yeah supermodel than hats kind of this weird racist responds to a CBS reporter waging ask China look straight out or and she's like, what's wrong with you seriously Why would you ask me that? Because he said in such a leering away nasty way, and then he accused or being nasty and then Caitlin once tried to ask her a question and heat. Their only laughed and retreated back into the White House. He likes seem to crumble under it all. He didn't like the way was going so is stormed off, I mean he focuses on women reporters a lot raising our great reporters, their strong. There find the question is: what's going on with him, because we're talking about Libya, there is suffering and there's death across the country and the press didn't seem so consumed with how
and apparently frame how he looks to the american public. God he's. The sort of lose it boy in real time. It's Harry, you sure, very disturbing its freaking nazi, should we also, of course, I mean where they went out and racist responds to a CBS reporter. I think she's West Virginia from not mistaken, but fact check on bad. If you will Alex, I dont want biddy fading couches to write, be trotted out. Certain protein crop anti Anti Trump website So maybe she Virginia learn investors and lastly, but I wonder if you can find out, we decided that Virginia West Virginia bordered ears, because I don't want anybody freak out because of course are not going to talk about Olive Donald Trump. Slides yesterday, which actually have an impact on the health Americans, but Jane Robinson I could help. But when I heard him say as China,
Guph was so weird CBS News report, as it might have, so my head of Judge Curio, please try some useful Maxie right now. He's Indiana parents. With Mexico, but he was an american right but Jane here's. What so interesting, when Donald Trump made, what Paul Ryan call the epitome of array, comment about, Judge Curio. You actually had, of course endorse endorsing beforehand. I guess, but. You had Republicans, speaking out against racist comments. So let us all know the Republican Party has gone in the last three and a half years and the reason why Republicans right now look like you're going get trounce in the Senate in there zone
Laredo in Montana in May in North Carolina in a lot of other states, Republican should win is because no body is saying anything now they trumps. Racism is, Thou begged hinder the cake for these republican senators, and none of them spoke out yesterday. We can check and see. If they did, I loved the now I dont again don't want the anti eighty trappers to go finding countenance here. If I get that one wrong, but not the protests that we heard on Judge Curio, which shows again just how used to the racism, the republican parties gotten you have. A party is completely on board, train. I mean if it really is shocking, we do. We can become a new to this level, a brace of Kemal rub the brotherly United States, it's just its blatant it's right out there and any kids
bring it over and over and over again excluded, where he really drinks, and now it clearly what the Republican Party takes reimbursing the Republican Party gets the the trouncing that tolls to guess it's gonna get November. Evil people be so richly deserve because it is basically advocated any sort of sense of responsibility. Lee and sense of community any any sense of duty to try to download from terrorism which is which is a toxic political philosophy. You can call it that I and the an interest deserves to be beaten in the submitted at the balls.
In November. It really does its stunning and we should we should. We should not just sort of black pass these moments when the when the quiet part get said out loud. So, let's take a look right now at that moment. That we were talking about here is the President many times Is that the? U S is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing this Why does that matter? Why is this a global competition to you if every day, Americans are still losing their lives and we are still seeing more cases every day, they're losing their lives everywhere in the world. Then maybe it's a question. You should ask China don't ask me: has China that question? Ok, when you ask them that question, you may get a very unusual answer. Yes, behind you please,
what, sir, why are you saying that to me specifically George surrogate specifically Daddy Buddy, I'm saying it any better risk, a nasty question I sat and ass. You please go ahead. Why is it ok? anybody else please go ahead. The back place, it's ok, you're lying to me. I have two questions is reaction. Next was that you didn't you called on me I did and you didn't respond and I'm calling on site the young lady in the back place. I just wanted to let my colleague ass thick ass. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much appreciated, thank you very much related Jody staff, the chaise doff bye, bye, bye, to reporters Caitlin Collins, actually asked me a question. Ran away like a loop, as you would say, like a little birdie ran away like a little baby. Unbelievable, but didn't like how this going. But but let's again I just
Oh, I know Donald you watch the shell alive at the lodge and right now for thing I keep asking to see why should we stop what it would really help? You help me out of nowhere pressure out please going way, so I've been asking for years is best for America don't watch our show. Please leave us alone gay, please stop, but but again It was just such an automatic thing to say, because a reporter was born in China came when she was who emigrated here just like tunnel trumps family emigrated from Germany? Donald Trump mom emigrated here when she regime whichever reply from West Virginia and American and Donald Trump is going after her and saying why don't you ask China again it's and judged here a moment and that one one.
But consider that I now while yet please let me know if that changes spoken out on their side unlawfully republican House members have we have to check and see, but let's get this clip again and see where the republic party has gotten and then we'll kind to figure out why asian Can you use alike? Voting Republican have moved so quickly away from Donald Trump over the past several years, and because of this and other things, gonna keep moving away from Donald Trump What let's take a look at this racist clip again running away? It is by the way, the present, the United Lazy, the present the United States. Republicans said this visit your president: does your party you're taking him in two November with you? many times that the? U S is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing this.
Does that matter. Why is this a global competition to you if every day, Americans are still losing their lives and we are still seeing more cases every day with during their lives everywhere in the world. Then maybe the question you should ask China: don't ask me: has China that question? Ok, when you ask them that question, you may get a very unusual answer. Yes behind you, please What Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically on Georgia? sorry surrogate specifically to anybody. I'm saying a daddy, better risk, a nasty question I sat and ass. You please go ahead. Why is it ok anybody else please go ahead- the back place. I've clouds, ok, you're, lying to me. I have two questions. This inaction next was that you didn't. You call me I did and you didn't respond and I'm calling on site
a young lady, in the back place. I just wanted to let my colleague ass thick ass. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much appreciated. Thank you very much. What are we weak man such weak said, never run off running us now and they say NEWS Capitol Hill, correspondent hosting CDC on MSNBC. On Sunday night Casey Hunt and you say today, opinion columnist and former senior advisor for the House oversight and met Reform Committee Court Bardell. Ah, he is morning, Joe contributor, it's good to have full symbol. Soak is their Casey high. The moose just keeps getting worse for Sinnott Report, can somehow Republicans to see there members are going down the drain, certainly no longer the case that raises in Arizona Colorado in Montana, in Maine ignore Carolina states across the country. I mean it began, two races in Georgia were Donald Trump right now is tied, but Joe Biden same with taxes tied with Joe Biden, taxes and
Dallas morning, news Paul I saw- and here comes a present- comes out yesterday, halting and asian american reporter an American, an American and says she could should ask China by the way was a non secretary that that had nothing to do with the question she asked anyway just hurled out something that it Send it to be a racist, insult adverse while fact check me at any rate Weakens come out and condemn the president, like they did with Judge Curio with his races, Judge Curio comments or are they all staying silent, but so far I haven't seen anything. I mean I've spoken all five hundred and thirty five members of Congress this yet, but you know nothing has stood out. I mean. Would you be surprised? to learn that they didn't say much. I mean the sort of me I'm up for most of them.
What what surprises me, though Casey, is their bleeding support across the board. We seen one story after another. We ve seen internal all say even at the White House, it show is waiting supporting thinking about firing his campaign manager. According to some reports he's is angry inside the. Why does but hearing the same on Capitol Hill that these Republicans are starting. The really worry that they're going to go down the drain with downloading the question is why John, they separate themselves from a president who proved to be toxic in two thousand eighteen and new, obviously, is going to be toxic and two thousand twenty. Why I dont understand a hold up? Still some of these people are in past their primaries yeah. I saw that report to and one of the things that sort of paints. My interest is the the White House that that report suggests the White House is concerned that they might lose this kind of universal support that they had from Senate Republicans.
No I'm gonna believe it. When I see it, there are in the same position they ve been all the way along, which is their damned. If they do damned. If they don't, you know they can't win with him. It doesn't seem, but also they can't win, without him, and no more that you know these questions around whether you wear a mask or not, and these protests that we're seeing these cultural divisions getting more and more intense, more and more partisan, more questions about whether you support the prayer or you don't, the more phenomenon is going to continue to be the case. Because you know the base of the Republican Party still remains with Donald and in a Republicans problem is that this pandemic has the entire country across the board engaged and concerned and war, about the decisions that their leaders are making every day they can no longer afford to ignore what has been a partisan and difficult period for
our country, if they had to this out they no longer have that luxury because they are losing members of their faith ways- and this is a real dilemma for Republicans on the helm in there was, if you had told, in a few months ago. Obviously many things have happened. In the light of this pandemic, but- Publicans we're not signify we concerned about losing control of the Senate. Mitch. Mcconnell was not concern about losing his job as nor are, as majority leader becoming the minority leader, and he was probably less worried about his own reelection chances in Kentucky back home and that reality is completely different. Now there is a real chance that we wake up on election day and not only doing a potentially have a different president, but we potentially have a different majority party. In the Senate, and you know that really is is saying a lot because you know a lot of these races and these are not. These are not states that are in a parachute, States, Arizona mean
ten or you would think it normally that incumbents in those states would be relatively safe especially when you have an uncommon president of your own party on the back So I think it says a lot that that's not the case anymore. It does. The present keeps making it worse. It's not the pandemic. It's the president's terrible response to the pink pandemic per day, Kurt Sl Asian American voters use actually like voting for the report body there, one demographic group out of white other than white people who light voting for applicants in in some areas, actually reliable Republican, both in two thousand fourteen forty nine percent of asian american voters back democratic House candidates,
majority. After two years of Donald Trump Presidency, that number jumped up to seventy seven percent after yesterday's display, I wonder how much higher it goes Kurt. This is This is a self inflicted wound by Republicans that is going to have just terrible consequences for them across the country. Well Joe, I see one of those republican Asian Americans who bought a Republican, and I certainly am not anymore you something that republic parties missing the American community is the fastest growing racial group in America. Two thousand and two thousand and fifteen: they grew by seventy two percent and then the fact in any pointed this out. You guessed it with Republican, by letting this happened, not speaking out about it, not condemning Donald Trump,
this is something cowardice they're leaving the Asian Urban Vinnie, along with all people of color. No, alternative, but about democratic there was no motivation. No reason no a realistic way that any minority voter in this country couldn't good launches a vote for Donald Trump. Anybody with our next to their name, who, in their silence, condones this type of system. They are complicit in it by not standing up and say this is wrong. When you don't you you're saying you agree with it. You supported an ill we get closer to November and as Joe Joe Biden, Poland, continue to grow and Donald Trump looks worse and worse. I think we saw last yesterday and in the end the rose is getting just be fodder for what earnest going forward from Donald Trump, their bugging parties. The only message they have right now is blame and fear. They can't talk about successes. They can talk about accomplishment, they came up
anything as polarizes and as they are pure incompetence, makes this point make even worse, the only thing they can do is resort to play, but the day trying to twenty sixteen of blame and fear of using racial divisions and prejudice. And xenophobia. She tried to distract away from their unbelief we'll failures and are causing people lives, and I don't think it's going to work in twenty twenty Donald Trump? Let's talk so much about twenty six in election, you never hear of Tom the twenty teen election when forty Republic lost their seats to democratic and voting population came out in record numbers and people of color and minorities in the Asian of urban community when, as you pointed out so far for the Democratic Party that as they keep this up we have put themselves in a permanent minority status so, as we spent the last hours so fact checking the charade of oppression Yesterday, the president was wrong about cases about death rates and about testing top of mine for
president right now he's up tweeting about bill, mom as rating saying quote, show socks present still awaiting about Mars ratings and what he thinks of that particular show. You see me while Doktor Anthony Voucher, who again sit next to the president and the task force. He is the White House taskforce. Doktor is going to be testifying before a Senate Committee Viet teleconference today about his concerns about reopening the economy, so within the space of about twelve eight, In our view of the president, giving that press conference getting bad informed? shouldn't say we can open up it's time to open again we ve turned the corner. We have prevailed on testing and once again This pattern we ve seen where doctors Doktor found she has been a slap on the brakes and say not so fast, while unwilling the reason that doctor fetching wasn't
available to be in the rose garden is because the White House hasn't been following the same set of precautions that they have been too In the rest of America to follow, I mean profound she and his colleagues Doktor Redfield others are are not going to be able to appear in person, because They are in a form and each one slightly different situation, but their basically self quarantining, so they're going. Peer via video conference as will the chairman of the Help committee, because one of his aids are also tested positive. So the message that the president was sending from the podium yesterday to Americans is very far from the reality that even being experienced inside the West wing This is not doktor vouches, first rodeo, by the way he has testified before Congress dozens of times and
He has a reputation for not being provocative toward his bosses in the administration. But for being very straightforward, and I think you know he emailed Cheryl Gay Strawberry, the rapporteur at the New York Times directly to kind of say this was going to be his message. That kind of tells you. I use to operating in this kind of an environment doktor found she is, and I think the question is gonna, be Americans going to be turning into this hearing to listen to that advice, because you know that's where they have to go for a right now, not getting it. From the White House, and I think you know for these senators who are having to answer for their constituents were fielding calls from hospitals that are short on p p, who are from across the trade in these places. Where you know the death of the rates of infection are going up. The deaths are going up there, the curve is going in the wrong direction. You know there's so much at stake and- and I think that thou cheese in a very brief,
Email really underscored without being sharply critical of the president without engaging in politics. Really underscored the health realities here, he's gotten good at that kind of diplomacy, directly criticising the present president, but making implicit in what he says so curb our value and inside a bunch of these congressional hearings he prepared for a bunch of these congressional hearings. What kind of questioning do expect not just from Democrats, but from Republicans on the Senate Committee of Doktor FAO to give expect them to push him and say: wait a minute yes ah to reopen, as the president says, wanting That report is going to try to make ever case they can't it's not an enviable position frankly, but that's a charter back up with presents been saying trying to find encouraging data points, I suggest things are getting better and the president's Congo leadership is the result of that for Democrats outside the doktor thought he has been doing. I think a very good job of that diplomatic balance, yet
may. But if I were democratic senators out, my strategy would be to read. Direct quote from president dropped: ass, doktor Patchy, yes Mr President, right or wrong yes or no is presently being truthful when he says X, Y Rosy, the president, hell so many wise on a daily basis, especially during these so called birth briefings that it just creates. Army of information, but democratic, Sir, It will have to be other just replay and repeat his own words and dare the experts doctor, gee that headed the CDC, the headed appear to to others by those statements or say that they are true, and I think it very possible the end of this hearing, a lot that headlines are gonna beat on prevention contradicts tromp, which rightly might mean that body- and we talked about you- might not have a job with a doll from operates. Well, the thing is right by awake, Republicans need to be careful about is, is that before they started packing the Lib towards start attacking with conspiracy theories, doktor value, because
of of his testimony. They need to understand this that the White House Plan Quote opening up America state should quote, have a downward trajectory of positive tests or a downward trajectory of documented cases of corona virus, over two weeks: war conducting the robust contact, tracing and sentinel surveillance testing of any symptomatic people asymptomatic people about what Donald Trump said. Yesterday asymptomatic people laudable populations such as nursing homes and again it was the Lib tarred who is the Lib tarred that were up these guidelines then approve these guidelines Analyses guidelines to America, Donald J drop the guided chased out stage
Women were borders and when he gets upset, makes racist comments to american reporters who grew up and West Virginia a collapse in our current. Thank you very much for what we did. You just worried about you, Joe he just tweed about your psycho, Joe Scarborough Donald, I'm gonna go as one more time. If you could, if you could Donald, please leave us alone. As you know, is this visit you're off for your sake? Is I've been saying for years? Donald, for your sake and for the sake of Amerika, you need a sub watching or show. Ok, it's not good for you. I think that might be why you a wound and, as you like, your distract your tweeting so much, you should actually maybe read that Hopkins Study on deaths per one hundred zero. Then, because Donald. You said yourself,
Was the most important matrix while the among the most important measure, you said it's the most important measurement and see how your doing well courting Johns Hopkins you, you read it wrong actual. You read that short wrong, Johns Hopkins says where one hundred and thirty one out of one hundred and forty countries measured Not tied with Germany for first. Where one hundred and thirty one out of one hundred forty countries in deaths per one hundred thousand the matrix measurement that you say is the most support measures are so why dont stop tweeting. Why don't you turn off the television? Why don't you start working? Ok, you do. Your job will do are.
America will be much better off for that just come to turn off the tv. He can't do it turn it come on. We'll be right back.
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