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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks or physically distance — whether indoors or outdoors in most circumstances.

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Our reopening. You know we're getting back to those things that we lost for so long hugging, the people we love, I mean how great will that be a mean? Haven't we miss that just most of all right to see literally nice to see you. I it right now. Oh my gosh good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Friday. May fourteen and Joe we started with this great news- and you can see the Jill Biden actually finally match your mask with her outfit. That's like my luck. I finally have matching masks, don't need them if you're vaccinated even indoors. It's amazing. Why is it really is such an important thing for the guy What say you know really for quite some time, there's been a question
of whether science was going to be matched by the government from the right over the past month or so a lot of people asking the Question from the latter will will Democrats catch up with the science was Democrats catch up with with with medical? the medical advice, and yesterday they did obviously they believe needed to be very cautious needed to be extra care. But yes finally, Americans got the word if you ve been vaccinated it's time, to go back to living the life you lived before, Covid wow, yeah. I'd like to point out, I never got the matching mask I just reached for whatever gross mask was in that basket by the doors I leave. The house every day, but that's a different story, you're right the cdc, came out and said what we've been waiting to hear for fourteen months now rolling back. Its guidelines on masks and social, distancing, federal health officials announcing a man
kids who are fully vaccinated, can stop wearing. Ass in most settings outdoors and indoors. If you are fully vaccinated, can start doing the things that you had stopped doing because the pandemic, we all longed. For this moment, where we can get back to stun sense of normalcy. I think it's a great milestone a great day for made possible by the extraordinary success we've had and vaccinating so many Americans so quickly. Today we ve given out too hundred and fifty million shots. One hundred and fourteen days, human food, vaccinated you know longer need to wear mask. Let me repeat: If you are fully vaccinated no longer need where mask, but if you have not been vaccinated or
you're getting a two shot: routine vaccine and you've. Not you only had your first shot, but not your second. Or you haven't waited for two weeks after second set you still need to wear a mask. Rule is very simple, yet vaccinated or where a mask on to you do. Some states reacted immediately to the new CDC guidelines, with at least eight governors already adjusting their states mandates bought the governors of New York, New Jersey Carolina and Virginia all Democrats said they are going to review the guidelines first, before making changes that something many retailers plan to do as well. Some saying they were caught off guard by the now so obviously this is all new, so states are going to take some time and figure out what works for them. Businesses who've had that sign. You have to wear a mask to come in, we'll have to decide whether or not they want to continue that policy. But the news is great,
quickly, great news from the CDC that now we can take this massive step to return back to normal life. Yet is great news and what have we learned, at least with the preliminary studies? We've learned that if you take the vaccine, chances overwhelmingly good that you're not going to get covid again. If you do get Covid, it's going to be most likely a we we've also learned that outside if you're outside just there is no need to wear a mask unless you really feel comfortable wearing that mass there there's just not there's no, medical reason to wear that mask I was up in Boston, couple of days ago, Willie doing what I usually do going up in and cursing the boss. Red Sox, because I've been to four games this year. The red Sox have lost all four. They would yes, that I know and thirteen write them and now, in fact,
last night in the first standing, barnacle texted me after the Red Sox Seven wrongs you said we have taken out among everybody understands and it was unanimous and you and your immediate family artist stay away from Fenway I'm gonna slipping. Bag? Over my head, like the old New Orleans saints and hopefully, hopefully or I can be like Bobby Valentines by the way running for mayor of Stamford again. How exciting is that go everywhere, must disguise, but where's hitting the stands? And you know why I actually talk to a couple of people that were involved with it came, and they said they had been following closely. What happened in Texas where they jammed. You're no capacity crowds ended in early to the early games and they so we just
We ve been looking closely and we just don't see. We don't see anything that that bet that came of that because it was outside. So I mean we're. Every day, were learning more and more about this virus, but certainly with a hundred and twenty five, Fifty million Americans getting their vaccines and with we're going to talk to Philip bump in a second the slowdown of vaccines itself has appeared to slow down and were setting off at two million a day we're moving getting the herd immunity, but man we're improving every day. It is so great to hear the gun and say what a lot of us starting to think you know come on. We get back in everybody were around guide vaccinated, wire
still wearing mass. Can you see some people wearing masks the sign the size of Massachusetts a few days ago and in public life in here? Like what are you doing, what are you doing? You ve been vaccinated, everybody around you, ve been vaccinated, let's get real and yesterday they did I'm still, whereupon planes, and in and Diana, I think, there's there's some value for them. We'll talk about that. There is still some problem: with some people getting corona virus, but worse still talk about the value of the vaccine. With that bring in White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, who was asked White House yesterday for President Biden's rose garden. Address also with us correspondent for the Washington Post, Philip bump with someone policies on how vaccinations are ramping up again and director? for the centre for infectious disease, research and policy and professor in the matter school at the University of Minnesota, Doktor Michael, I watched her home and Joe within. This
conversation. There is the vaccines. If they help. If people still get we're on a virus with the vaccines and then ultimately putting this Call me back together again for the people who have been locked out right Well, I'm so glad making you talked about planes, because you know I I I get a masters in broad generalities So let's be specific about this, if you're on airplanes, if you're on buses, if you're on public transportation where the mask you still are expected the error, the mask and actually for your own health. You should still where the mask, I have to say in the future, gotten the flu and a year white a? Why am I gonna start wearing a mask on a sop wearing ask on planes that just makes good common sense to a good idea. Let's bring it in doctor or home, who has gotten this thing right all the way through and so great to have you with this doctor Osama I'm curious about some more caveats to yesterday's general announcement.
Watch it, which it Americans take away from what I heard President Biden say, first lies incredibly good news and bad news. It rather surprised, from a science standpoint. We now have. Six studies was actually oh, that once you're vaccinated the likelihood of getting re infected and, more importantly serving as the person who might transmitter is very very low, so this was based on good science and I think, we're moving forward I think the challenge we have is the next step. The next step is, we still have forty. Two percent of the US adults have not been vaccinated. Four percent of only had one dose of the two doses they need and the channel she's gonna be in our worried that everyone's gonna say I've been vaccinated and everyone rob their male skin. So the next question is gonna, be as how we gonna know of people were vaccinated if you're in close to summit next to a man, a theatre. How are you going to know that there are not just kind of thirty five and a little bit
about whether they're vaccinated or not- and I think that's going to be the really next big question is: do we do these moon passports to a year ago. My balls and my fingerprints to clear get out and often aeroplanes. Sooner will people do that, so that you can feel confident that the Senor sitting next to without a mask is in fact vaccinated. Doktor owes to home, you think through this a little because we ve been talking about this, since this news came down yesterday exactly what you're saying about. How do you know if someone is vaccinated or not is in that the problem of the unvaccinated, in other words, if I'm vaccinated my risk of practically disease again is very low, and if I get it, the symptoms won't is bad here anyway, so isn't that a concern more for someone who's on vaccinated than someone who is in actual years, Europe actually right, but the problem when you have forty two percent of the? U S, adults not vaccinated at all, and you have sixty four percent only have one dose. We can still see substantial transfer of the virus in these
or groups cases of fifty sixty. Seventy people getting infected, so we want to make sure that they don't get infected too. So I fully support the administrations efforts to get more people vaccinated. I think they really deserve tremendous credit for what they ve done. In the last hundred and fourteen days in, I was on the Biden Harris Transition team uncovered eighteen and we debates back in November and December in should the President put out a million a dose of goal in the first hundred days, and he yes, and then the administration went to work with the industry did a remarkable job. Again is two hundred and fifty million doses out in one hundred and fourteen days. So I think, This has been great news. We just have to go the remainder of these. Vaccinated entry, look no further, look no further than the Seychelles, the most vaccinated country world
right now and grant to their vaccines may not be quite as effective but they're in a lockdown, as we speak this morning, just because of the fact that in that unvaccinated group we're still seeing real transmission issues, You know lee- or you were at the White House when the President made this address yesterday in the rose garden and there's been criticism along the way that perhaps the administration is too careful. Perhaps the CDC is behind the science and is holding on setting us free, but at the same time it does still confidence, because when they come out with an announcement like this, you know that all all the you know thing is in place, the science is perfectly alive With the policy- and it can be a moment that is truly celebrated- there is an issue of trust that I think this administration is trying to reinforce in everything they do their meagre. That's
and from the first moments of the princess president's term, they ve been very conscious of the messaging imagery being put forth about the present solving the White House staff and how They are conducting themselves remember on January twentieth when present, by not by me resolute destiny, Olaf's the first time besides there's Ecuador's, he was doing so wearing a mask, and yes, in recent weeks there had been through growing you pressure on them the push Say, like ok, people are being vaccinated, you'll win. When is the time to send a different signal. And they said all along were waiting for the CDC to take this step, and I was here yesterday when it came down in fact, president was was in the oval office, with a meeting with republican senators to talk about a potential infrastructure package when word was given the CDC had made. This announcement and present Biden and the sick senators all took off their masks right there. Of lawful nice symmetry to what we
are there in January twentieth, and it was the first time the president had been masters in the oval office, except when he's been alone or just around his immediate family, and then we for a short time later. He and the Vice President Bush to the rose garden. Big smiles, no mass So there was an exalted President Biden to be clear. He did still urge Americans look, we still need to be vaccinated through some concern among administrative officials about pockets of unvaccinated Americans who were perhaps a variant could spread that they, the vaccines, would not handle as well. They still trying to wrap up those efforts to be certain. However, Yesterday with the president and the vice president of the White House staff who have been vaccinated, they were that mass, the reporters were there who have been fully vaccinated. We all took off all our mass and the present was certainly using as a moment of triumph for the milestone moment and was quick, real running really contrary to his predecessor, shall we say, was not doing some chest something he was not a victory.
For him or the administration. He has quick to praise the scientists, doctors, nurses, hospitals, healthcare workers who are administering the vaccines and most of all people for following the guidelines allowing the nation to get to this point Jonathan. That's great news any negative reaction? When you took off your mask people who had seen you in a year or two and sign up now actions than on other pointed that's very important, and I you but not the rest of Amerika. I know that you and the council of eight last night in a way. To ban my family. I can tell you little jack. Scarborough asks to lift the ban, live, want to go, see another red Sox game? Well, first of all, Joe I'll say that when my father first grew a beard, his sister said she liked it, because the beard broke up the monotony of his face
I think the map for the same things for me. So I think that is a concern. Now people's are reforming when they see me walking the hallways, as the Red Sox shows, I mean numbers speak for themselves and your decision to not be at last night's game certainly helped us turn things around. I think, if you a heartfelt appeal. Certainly your children, maybe little letters then, if their cheer stains on them, you will perhaps that will allow us to reconsider and allow you join us again. If well, you know is as Alex said, follow the science follow the math you just the numbers it does not bode well for us, infinity, so anyway, I felt Bob speed. Of numbers. Speaking of reversing the curse are ever were speaking about and most people aren't sure- and I don't think this point, even even I'm sure the Eu really fascinating article yesterday, in the time saying the vaccination slow down has slowed down. I'm like wait. A second. Is this a bit
they waited what double negative. What and I read it and not only did I see the Good NEWS it people are, Your work work steady now at two million today, but Ex even saw some numbers in there that republican vaccine hesitancy was going down. Pretty significant Anne and even the Republicans, and at least in this survey, we're saying yeah, I think I'm going to get this shot is not only The fact that all the Americans who want to get the vaccine are able to get it and on so forth we seems to have resolved itself, but the Americans, who didn't want to get it to work. You can do anything. They were unsure whether or not they want to get in Honduras since January, People say well. I want to wait and see, and now we've reached the point where okay you've had enough time to wait and see and we're seeing a lot of those folks are now actually getting vaccinated and the percentage of people who say that they're receiving the vaccine. His paws is increasing and to the point that you raised the number
Republicans, you say they aren't going to get. It is decreasing. They were a substantial part of the population said they weren't went and so we saw assumes that Johnson Johnson Pause went into effect. Essentially, we saw the number of daily vaccination started decline for the past two weeks or so that's actually hold fairly studied about two million a day which is which is good at which means the slowdown itself has actually stopped and looked we going to see that over the short term, now the kids are able to get tickets. Twelve twelve and are able to get the Pfizer vaccine that suggested they're still going to be in that audience where they can go and get the vaccine. As well, so we can probably displayed for the short term. This will continue that Eurostar home, When you look at the announcement yesterday, how much of it do you suspect, talking to other people, you know was about getting people to go, get the vaccine, I mean. Obviously there were many other factors involved in the CDC does believe it safe to go indoors. If, even vaccinated without a math, but do they expect do they hope now to
see a rush of people to go, get the vaccines that they too can participate in everything that we ve been doing. For most of our lives up to fourteen months ago, Surely we hope they will go get the vaccine. I think we recognize me we have work to do optically in and those individuals who don't lay the is real that in fact, the vaccine are necessary. We have some real work to do there, but surely this gives everyone, a major incentive, wider get vaccinated and I think We see more of the kids getting vaccinated, we're going to realise at family events now can be held. You know without worry, about getting infected. I think, by September we're going to see the recommendations. The two years of age to get vaccinated, so we surely should look at next fall for being a great school year, and so I think that this is the excitement we want to build on that excitement. To say this is not just a science issue. This is
an issue about how you live your life. You know we ve the die with this virus for the last eighteen months. Now we're too to figure out how to live with it answered first of all I want to ask you about these, so called breakthrough infections. That's people getting cove id even after they ve The vaccine we're hearing reports that bill has it a member of the Yankees leadership is, is the is the medical? Thinking that you get. Vaccine and if you still get covert, that vaccine is still protecting you or is there they concern around these cases will there earlier some concern. But let us just remember that a vaccine five and ninety percent of effective means that in fact not the just ten percent will get infected, but they're they're not, but there near perfect clearly a feud are vaccinated and you get re infected or you get infected for the first time after you in the vaccine, generally speaking the illnesses or milder some or not, but generally
we can their milder, but you know We're trying to do again is put our lives back together, remember Each year about thirty, eight thousand people in this country die from influenza. That's about a hundred if you average it across the entire year now we don't shut down businesses. We don't basically You know require mass, we don't clothes schools for that. We are now approaching those numbers Is it guard in this country how many people died from Covid, and so part of it is again we're coming back to trying to figure out how to live with this virus. That's not an excuse not to get vaccinated, that's not as to say that we couldn't have some real problems in the few. And actual Wednesday was very clear about that yesterday and so that these recommendations could change. If, in fact, we see there and emerge that comes up. Minimize, the impact of the vaccines or that we have these pockets,
John from the mergers talked about the could occur, so I know we're not completely out of the woods yet on this recommendation, but we ve gotta, keep getting people vaccinated and knowing that, if you you have a breakthrough. Infections are gonna, be rare relative to the number of people get vaccinated and, generally speaking there much milder. Yeah rare and more mild doctor really really quickly for let you go. What are the numbers again. The latest advocacy numbers for change Madonna and Pfizer, or did you have those. Well in terms of efficacy? Remember that's, though, numbers are basically gotten in the studies that they do where they really hand picked the people to be in the study, the healthiest people we don't have a definitive. Regime on just what happens in everyday life, for example, there are twelve million people country who are immune, compromise or house deficiency that might put them at a higher risk of not being successfully vaccinated. That group is now
just being evaluated, but it's going to be in the high eighties low s. I mean it's going to be comparable to some of our very best vaccines, so It's been remarkable in terms of what is done with the other thing, we're looking very carefully how long the vaccines last and at this Why does the six month point of following a people that protection from the amount of antibody they have is very, very good, and the final piece of courses were always watching these variants. I've said from the beginning here that the very remind me of the song from the fifth dimension? This is the dawn in the age of Aquarius. Since November we ve been living with the dawn of the age of the variants, and we have to understand that tell you know that could still be a game changer down. The road will follow closely at this point. That evidence doesn't support that that is areas will overtake our vaccines. We gotta watch that one very carefully doktor Austrian before we let you go through all this celebration across the country. Yesterday, there were a lot of parents with kids under. Twelve years old, who said wait what about us
are we do I've got a kid who can't be vaccinated yeah? I may not be for some time. What is your ass, if to those families well, retailers very personal from because our five, my grandchildren under age, twelve, ok, so I get it completely. And let me just say that the Good NEWS is that the studies are ongoing right now, as I mentioned A moment ago I expected by September, we may have the data that would allow the FDA to approve. He's RNA vaccines. Clearly down to age, to which would be great, I really do believe we have the potential for next fall to get us back into schools. Daycare air and so forth, in a way that we did before the pandemic and in the in time we think they D messed up Doktor Ulster Home, since they have the kids have been vaccinated. They they surely can and should. I think the challenge we have, of course, with the kids is as you
mass gain, young children is a challenging itself getting young children do almost anything is a challenge, but masking in particular. So is clearly not an ideal situation where those who, though, that we want mass rewrite doktor, my Australia, home been such a great bellwether for us throughout allies, Appreciate you comments in this morning. He again good to see you Joe so Philip Bob I want to go back to you and talk about how more Americans are concerned, taking the vaccine and and also I want to reflect a little bit politically on some things that happened yesterday that actually siege We may have a coming together from the left and from the right on this on this issue on moving back to normal, see, even before the announcement from the CDC in the Biden Ministration, you had Randy wine garden with teachers, unions in we gotta get the kids back in school. Gotta be in school
days a week which I saw as a good sign, because local teachers unions, especially been dragging their feet. A lot of them on this issue, you are wrong. The sad as at the same time, of course, the sentence, has been aggressively out there I had the science for much of the last year, but but saying the same thing we ve got to go back to school. In the fall. Of course, that's nothing new for him. That's what he was saying. Last fall as well, but I thought it was a good moment when, when even political adversaries from different sides, we're finally saying the same thing uncovered, and then you even have Franklin. Graham a guy who, politely say at some of his statements. Stirring the Trump administration were disconnected from reality. When it came to politics yesterday Jeanne evangelicals to please get out and get the shot
did to take care of the health if God had given them did appears. We're slowly but surely entering towards can insists on on all of this, and I'm wondering if you have any more insight on why those Republicans where's your going up as well no it's a good question and honestly, when I looked at the poll numbers yesterday, it wasn't exactly something I was expecting to see. You know I've been becoming used to this pattern of seeing Republicans having this. This increased that was fairly stubborn and that was as of a couple of weeks ago, I looked at the same poll numbers. I didn't see the same sort of downward decline, so I honestly can't say what it is: that's changed up late. Obviously, it's good news: it doesn't appear to be something that that is a change in the pulling out in there was at the change in the question of Poland, but it doesn't seem to be related to that end. So it's hard to say, and perhaps it is that there we have over the course of the past six months or so. I've seen it
many people I mean we ve had a hundred and fifty million people get the vaccine like pretty. Clearly. If there is something substantial progress, he would have emerged by not really just simply by virtue of scale. So perhaps that's part of it in there. Is this this this idea that we're getting back to normal your seeing the case numbers decline, seemed ass decline and, of course you don't, even if we don't get too heard immunity were the things entirely stamp out through. The point has been made previous even just pushing those numbers. Lower is good news and gets us back to normal. Makes our kid sacred things along those lines citing all of that together may be having an effect. I think there will still be hold out over the long term. You know I mean there is a lot of energies put into end and casting doubt on the government over the course of the past twelve months, that'll be hard to turn around, but Firstly, the trajectory for announced it yet all right, the Washington Post, Philip bump. Thank you so much a maker it's funny yesterday when I tweeted something out about already wide guard
and RON Desantis in the same tweet I knew would be triggering for people on both sides, but this is like Horton hears. Here's when you hear anything any common ground, even if people are coming from wildly, divert at the moment they cross over. Yet our seas on that and and my guy Let's hope that we can find more of that in the days and weeks moving forward, because obviously we want body everybody to be healthy. We want everybody to be so Even we really what everybody's life to return to normal. It looks like we're getting their organs. There I think, in the days weeks, moving forward will also be having a lot of conversations about bringing people back into the workplace. How does that happen? What affairs, agreement about that within and the changing workplace and also Kids are going back to school, I think, will be looking at sort of where we all stand on mental health level in terms of really the impact that is in
we challenging year or so has had on young people and on families. Some later in the show Doktor Anthony found. She will be our guest coming up at seven o clock eastern time right here in mourning Joe to continue the converse. About the science behind this decision. The cove back scenes are making a difference in beating the virus. The CDC says that if more people get vaccinated, we can get past his pandemic and get back to normal and now vaccine eligibility has expanded to everyone over the age of sixteen, no matter which do you live in. So it's time to roll up our sleeves and make a plan to get your vaccine, though, to plan your vaccine, dot, com and you'll find a state by state guide, with everything me to prepare, including vaccination sites in your area. What to bring to your appointment and more this.
Has real time up dates so that you always had the up to date. Information you need to make a plan plan. Your vaccine, dot com is powered by NBC News and Comcast NBC Universal roll up their sleeves make a plan and visit plan. Your vaccine dotcom today now to developments in the Middle EAST, where thousands of israeli troops are gathered at the Gaza border today, preparing A possible ground invasion of the Hamas we'll territory, the violence reached. New level this morning with is carrying out its most intense attacks. Yet in response to palestinian militants, firing hundreds of Rockets, into Israel since Wednesday night is really tat. And artillery fired at Gaza on the ground, while air strikes and rocket attacks continued from above In a statement yesterday, a Hamas spokespeople and said bombing Israel was quote easier for us. Then drinking water is rarely
Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu also addressed the violence saying Israel would quote act with full force against its this at least one hundred and nineteen Palestinians and seven Israelis have been killed in this. This conflict, the victims include children, israeli troops, not entered Gaza with force since a two month war back in twenty fourteen. And joining us now, former NATO Supreme alive, Commander retired forced our Navy, Admiral James to free does he is chief international security in diplomacy, analysed for NBC News and MSNBC. All with us long time foreign correspondent. Martin Fletcher, who is reporting or NBC News in TEL Aviv Martin will start with you and give the very latest, it's good to see you upon very terrible news. Making everybody else. Yeah, it's been a terrible night here. They,
two hundred missiles fired from Gaza into Israel. At the same time, Israel has been attacked bombarding Gaza. Fifty airline, airflow fighter, plane, attacks, bombing attacks on targets inside Gaza they ve been attacking. This is the fifth strayed Dave. Very. Very severe. Fighting those targets so far have been mostly her mass targets, things like mass police. Agents military facilities facility. Where the Palestinians are making those long range druggist that their hitting Asia with, but there was a new development last night that did that Israel's target targeted what they called the ground city of Gaza, there's a whole network, very sophisticated, complex warn of tunnels underneath the city of Gaza. Must have been building it. In order to for these for these kind of moments they have there operational control centers there. It's where they store weapons is where they, where their fight can move around the city at will underground
obstructed by Israel at the same time as is happening? Israel, is building up its troops on the border is too infantry one mechanized brigade at the board, offense waiting for the to go into Gaza. I dont think that this point anyone really thinks that's gonna happen, but with those with that war of words that you mentioned the day, the hostility between the hammer spokesman and the Prime Minister Netanyahu, basically saying We're gonna go on with this fighting as long as we need to everyone's issue, going to go in at least until the middle of next week and same time, of course you can forget the fighting inside Israel, which is also fairly new, said the word rainy Jews inside the towns inside the towns of Israel. So this is a development that is new very frightening for Israelis, and even when the fight in Gaza ends as well, because after all, this is about the fifth or sixth round of fighting between. A massive measure, it always ends up a few days. This is new Jews.
Fighting in israeli cities? That's gonna be tough to get that junior back in the bottle. And Slovenia is what else is new, according to our good friend, David Ignatius is just how fragile the clinic, situation is on both sides. Let me read from David's column, it's in the Washington Post this morning. What feels Different this time is the fragility of israeli and palestinian politics, the israeli military as powerful as ever, but the country's political family. Fraid during recent years of electoral impasse, an interim government, the palestinian political mass, is even worse The palestinian Authority is corrupt and feeble powerfully. Even more to Hamas militants whose military strategy is to terrorize israeli civilians in this is, if you, if you dare talk about both sides in any way, of course, you get you get absolutely villain eyes by political factions on both sides.
Here is admiral that Benjamin NEA who is fighting for his political life. He has absolutely no political incentive to bring this a peaceful conclusion- and you can say the same about Hamas who took control then were revealed to be horrible even running basic government services and were corrupt and, in so doing have no incentive to Baghdad hey there. Instead, they have incentive to say that we can throw missiles is rarely civilian side. What did they like drinking water or something I got so you have? You have political situation on both sides were, neither side has incentive to actually protect the civilians. Indeed Joe, and just to put it in perspective for an american audience in these numbers, sound small to us, you know like a hundred and twenty people, a hundred and fifty people killed remember
Total population here between Israelis and Palestinians is just over ten million, so this is already a nine eleven level of event in this, in this country and in this territory. So two hundred million People in America would be headed to bomb shelters based on com. Ever since of population, so this is a very significant up to in violence in your absolute direction, right now so for Netanyahu he wants maintain his grip on power, and he can look strong, sending the military forward for the Hamas, they are seeking to that the fact and in the West Bank are, as you say, career then incompetent what's gonna happen
Martin is right. It's unlikely we're going to see an actual incursion of significant ground forces into Gaza. This is one of the damned sis places on the earth, the you marines toughest of fighting forces, will tell you there nothing worse than what they called the three block war fighting in very intense situations. There is an underground network of tunnels, as Martin informed us. I'm all of that mitigates against an actual invasion, so bottom line. What should the? U S, be doing at this point, I think Administration got it about right, which is number one to appreciate. The importance of this in terms of local impact number two is to push hard for mediation. Perhaps getting the Egyptians, the Jordanians are close air allies into that game.
And also trying to play at relatively, even handedly, but recognising. There are two thousand missiles that came out of Gaza against israeli targets. They're not gonna, simply sit back and let that occur dark days ahead. Unfortunately, Martin you've been. Covering this conflict. For many years you ve seen at all what strike sue beyond the fighting internally inside of Israel among Arabs and Jews. What strikes who is different in terms of the conditions around this, and where do you see this heading? Well, you know it's unclear words heading the did the difference this time. Is that the israeli Arabs have been radicalized incense by the israeli political rhetoric don't forget now heading now, heading maybe to its to elections, four elections for two in two years, incident Yahoo is basically remained in power by whipping up the right wing.
To vote for him and the Arabs other upon the whipping the whipping boys, the baby, the errors have been radicalizing, they haven't got jobs, many of them they young, they just don't forget their emerging a year and a half of covert isolation there's a lot of excitement. All of this all of the mobs that are attacking is radius Use our young people and all those jewish mobster attacking is palestinian israeli Arabs, they're also young people. So this is a of truth. If you like for the for the fabric of israeli society, the end. This has always been this in this very difficult, divided country, to bring together whose and Arabs, and to live together in peace and its falling apart right now, the mayor of blood which is one of the of the arab israeli arab jewish citizens NEA Tel Aviv said we're approaching civil war. That is what that what most terrifies is raised. I'd like to say one thing: this is a success for how much I mean her masses needed in this fighting to divide
Lady Julia, now that's a major success, and I think that what you are talking Another major success here on the other side is for private, as Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was in great danger of being thrown by an antenna to Yahoo coalition that was beginning to form the dependent on AIR party support for the government. They wouldn't be part of the government that they would vote for it in parliament to support it now, that's fallen apart and the right An element of that of that co, antidumping coalition has said, will not go in that direction. We want to the ship, when Netanyahu and with liquid. So this is major Prime Minister, that yeah, I don't think it be underlined and not. The winners here are Hamas. The winners here are in that year, who was again just as a reality who was for after all of these draws electoral draws appear to be having pushed out of power by a
that no longer exists because of what's happened over the past week or so so Martin, could you just for our viewers as a service to our viewers, who obviously The following news over here we ve been following american Domestic NEWS, Liz Cheney, Cheney Republicans been following gas, gas hi? I'm a lot of things have been going on over the past week or so, can you explain how this began with EAST Jerusalem, settlements and eviction and then how that led to a court case before the court case was moving rocket started. Fired into Israel, and it just seems seems like every. He just well did even away for the court they were. They were just leaping at the chance to start this, this battle,
actually you you pretty much, summed it all up just now. That's an audio description of what happened is exactly right and the issue now is to what extent will it and how will it? How did you stop it? How do you can't have you continue? Have you return to a peaceful society? inside Israel, the weight of as I mentioned earlier, was that palestinian or is Alias whatever you want to call them, are frustrated angry. Had they been marginalized increasingly by their political rhetoric in Israel or dimensional Netanyahu, whipping up the people against arab in order to gain rightwing votes to stay in power, That is real, but it nevertheless it all came as a complete surprise, has been a shop for Israel that the that that the society fell apart so quickly but I should emphasise that as It is if the young people it isn't it
They know it doesn't widespread among our society that the entire country is rising against the Jews is not that bad. It's mobs on both sides jewish mobs and Alan and arab mobs against each other. This is wonderful. On development to this one in the main, the lining is at the end In Jordan is today is right. Now, that's ok! then of Jordanians approaching the israeli border to express this. for Israeli, so the fear, of course, would be wild at the moment is between is radios and israeli Jews. Will it spread we see the hope is not and there's a lot of international pressure now on Israel and Hamas to stop the fighting. Major league led by America led by Egypt and another and other arab countries, but you know the rhetoric as we genetic from the leaders, is they want to keep fighting. They want to keep going and they have every shows. Every sign of this will go
for a few more days, at least all right martins, sure. Thank you so much. We greatly appreciated admiral, before before we go there been many people living for I think the Benjamin Accords this week, I think that's that silly whenever you get a chance to get is rarely leaders and arab leaders together. I think that significant and they get sick. I think it significant for law term peace throughout the Middle EAST. But we do see we do see the blind spots and that here because that strategy? Was isolating the Palestinians that strategy was making peace with everybody around, but not the Palestinians? Here we find ourselves in a position where we need somebody they can talk to palestinian leadership: figure out a way to bring both sides to the table and we
Just don't have it after the last five ten years at right in? The other looming tower in this situation is IRAN, which supports Hezbollah, which has three, five thousand rockets just north of Israel, howard- they gonna, play in the whole idea. The Abraham Accords course was to bring Arabs his railways together. This is putting a spy in the middle of that in some of the nations, like the you he and others who signed up for the Abraham accords are having a little bit of buyers remorse watching what happening unfold? So this really complicates the politics include IRAN so we have a whole other issue to talk to you about your analysis with the latest on the cyber attack on the major fuel pipelines of admiral, could stay with us. We would greatly appreciate it still.
Had on morning Joe as we mention Doktor Anthony Fouche. You will join the conversation heels of new mass, squaring guidance from the CDC plus President. I met with a group of republican senators at the White House yesterday in an effort to each a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. Senator Roger Wicker was in the room and will be our gas we're looking or to that Joe. The item Great talking to Roger we came together in, I was at night. Sixty four four that all nineteen ninety four it'll, be really grow. Incidents, important sea how those talks are moving along and obviously I need it get his name right. I had Benjamin not that now who, on my mind- and I called it- the Benjamin Accords, its eyebrow cords and I oh, my gosh yeah you're, like Ben, The core: why did they do things like the ABC? Is it going to be the chalk words are now in
towards its way better At the same time it is, it is so. They talk about again. You look at this globally. You look at the fact that we have move towards getting more air states talking with Israel and and that's a positive, but right now we need to figure out how to talk to them, Palestinians, and that is one thing that the Abraham Accords doesn't speak too and that's as as annual said, that's our next looming tower and this challenge will be right: be following. This looking for more dateline mysteries, peacocks on the cakes with a new streaming channel, dateline, twenty four seven true crime stories from the true crime original, go to pico tv dot com and sign up for free
Colonial pipeline paid nearly five million dollars in ransom to the hackers that caused the company to shut down operations this week and NBC News source has confirmed a Bloomberg report that the company paid using Cryptocurrency Bloomberg report that the payment was made last Friday just hours after the attack began in museums, confirm the timing of the ransom payment, but we can confirm that it was just under five million dollars, CNBC's Brian Sullivan, joins us with more sally good morning. What else can you tell us about this. Are you not, as the most amazing part of this story? Willie is not only that they paid the ransom according to numerous reports, but that they paint it away. Remember. We only heard about this last Friday. Night really the news didn't start to hit? till Sunday, night or Monday morning. People thinking what is the colonial pipeline, and why do I care where we now learn why we care it is the most important energy
Artery in the United States by far, but forty five percent of all the in the South EAST up to New York comes through this or flows? This actually the ransom was paid on Friday. Still the company had to shut the pipeline. We still really don't know why they had to shut it down. What was the threat? What power Did the hackers actually have over the pipeline these pipelines? they're all automated they're controlled by software? Could they reverse the flow? Could they cause us bill or worse are the way the? U S. Government has encouraged companies Willie creasy. We are under attack from these, so called Red somewhere attacks, basically worded control, your system. Give us money and then we'll free systems from our hack, the? U S What does not encourage companies to pay for much less say that they paid for to your reporting and and others. The colonial pipeline did not say,
It has been uncovered through numerous reports, New York Times, embassy news, etc, but truly are couple story, given that a week on, we say have gas shortages, half the gas station in Virginia and more than half North Carolina? Have approximately gallons gallons of gas to sell so Sally this one's filled out in the open because of everything you just said because of gas flowing gas station shut down. There were long lines to get gas But what does your sense? As you talk to business leaders about how often this is actually happening in ways, we never see or hear. It happens a lot and Willie. It happens a lot more than you know. My colleague Ayman Javert, fantastic rapporteur on this very subject. Nearly once a week Willie, he is on CNBC talking about either a US company. Or a global companies, because this is not a u s issue. This is a glow global, issue the majority, the hackers, it is widely believed either come
from Russia or from a former should Eastern Bloc nation do they have the tacit support of Vladimir Putin do they operate under sort of a state sponsorship or just independently? These are huge questions that President Biden Anthony Blake and others are going to have to address in fact dark side which is the with a the hacker coalition, which did this reportedly has said, Dorothy, Other companies, one in Scotland, a couple of other nations that they have targeted for these types of attacks and they want to be paid in crypto currencies. Your audience. Here's a lot about Bitcoin All the reports suggest that five million dollars in Ransom Willie was paid in Bitcoin. How come well, it's fungible. It is France Non Transparent, it's very easy to keep secret and well. It's also being up in price? But these ransomware attacks have become more common The new cold war problem
It better be ships and playing and missiles. It's going to be hackers. And servers and computers and its a bit deal because a lot of your viewers privately Nation has been compromised over the last few years and now corporate America in under attack and by the way, these companies. U S, companies have no obligation to report any of this to the federal government? president signing an executive order. Yesterday, trying to change that. Try to bridge the gap between maybe some of the government agencies it s, FBI, TIA etc and the pipeline by the way, you know, overseas pipelines, we're security. Willie, who did what government agency to think is, is the boss of pipeline cyber security tat little it's the t say the same folks, a check or ideas at the airport and there's a lot of pushed back right now in Capitol Hill about why
the TSA overseeing cyber security for the pipelines, so that will be the next leg of that debate that may change Brian Brian Sullivan Brian thanks so much so much admiral Caritas, even as we ve come on the air this morning, there's a new report. Ireland's health authority says Friday. It is shut down. Computer systems after experiencing a significant ransom ware attack. So imagine admiral you're, a hacker sitting somewhere in Russia, setting some in Eastern Europe and you're. Watching this play out and you're saying this group dark side, into the colonial pipeline disrupted the of fuel in America on the EAST coast for an entire week and got five million bucks out of the deal. How do we once this. How do we stop this? How do we hardener defences against this? Well? First, him I'll tell you when I was Supreme allied commander. This is what kept me awake at night. You know I had to worry about Afghanistan, Libya, the Balkan Syria, piracy
really worried. Me was exactly this. We are vulnerable. It is a significant concern, particularly for critical infrastructure, look at what Russia did in this was Russia going in to Ukraine and dropping half their electric grid. This is a very real set of threat. So what should we do about it? I think the administration It's taken some steps with this new executive order. Your correspondent mentioned a moment ago. It's based on something called the salary and commission which look very broad in every aspect of cyber security. Number two: we need a cabinet official ve got somebody in the pipeline to move into that slander. Air force Brigadier General and Cyber expert Chris English, and then? Thirdly, we ve gotta, look The international aspects of this you mention Ireland, with our allies partners and friends to focus on this are closed by saying
This is an old model that glad a mere Putin is using Queen Elizabeth in sixteen hundreds had letters of Mark issued to what we would call pirates, but they were given a cover the queen here, you see Vladimir Putin providing protection, we're going to have to go after these firms directly with our offensive cyber and VE got to address it very directly, in my view, with President Putin all. I wanted to ask you about offensive cyber, because we obviously are always reporting on defensive measures that we have to take, do we have the capability? North Korea does something to impact port of infrastructure to shut their electrical grid down to How are our do? We have because you know it so interesting. We we spend our I'll hood. Watching the news and listen to people counting nuclear missiles on our side and the soviet side.
We're, always looking at where the United States stands with other countries when it comes to conventional and nuclear weapons. But what about Cyber weapons. Do we have the ability to make other countries heart. Do we have them we need a shot. Other countries down does so chaos and confusion. If they don't back off, you're on the right analogy, which is nuclear weapons? The short answer to your question is: yes, so does Russia So does China to a lesser degree, nations like North Korea, IRAN Israel was very capable in this regard. So these weapons if they come in and shut down in electric read of a nation if they shut down a pipeline, as we see if they take out our radars for air traffic control, if they go out for a fine Financial systems systems, the chaos, the destruction is very real and yes, we have it, but therefore,
what we need are deterrent regimes. Of saying, the russian China don't use those tools b. As we can and will respond. That's why we never use nuclear weapons in the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union that's the direction we need to move thinking about. Effectively arms limitation talks about cyber it's hard, because it's more difficult to tribute you can see a nuclear weapon coming, but is something we have to do. Yeah, it's mutually assured destruction. I mean we it in nuclear regime, and we need to have it for cyber regime. They exist in that an end of China, Russia and and The United States are all the same page there than we don't see these sort of things happening the future. Thank you so much admiral great,
appreciate it all. As always, you being your mica, everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now, I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text podcast to six thousand six hundred and eighty six six and will text you a link to a short survey again text, the word podcast to six thousand six hundred and eighty six six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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