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The president on Tuesday said he is taking unproven drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus. Joe Scarborough weighs in on the president's claims.

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The frontline workers. Many many are taken it. I happened to be taken it. I happened to be taken. Drugs trafficking and corruption? right now, a couple weeks, Started take it it gets her loving good stories, and if it's not I'll, tell you right, Dakota get hurt by it You are a risky population here in Europe making this as a preventive treatment, to ward off the virus or in a worst case scenario dealing with the virus and you in this vulnerable population, it will kill. You I cannot stress enough. This will kill you.
As far as at present is concerned, the are preserved president, and I would rather, he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and in his shall we say: wait group had that what is more broadly agrees to say so I am. I think that what is not a good idea. Good morning. You welcome the morning Joe. It's too day may the nineteenth and. I don't even know where to begin with yesterday often the president will say things and to distract them, Obviously we are passing a ninety thousand threshold, the of dead Americans and you have many say that actually it's it's far more than that you have a lot of scientists and doctors and nurses sank that from everything
they ve. Seen it is far more than that, but sometimes I tell you tat, bright, shiny objects that the president tries to get us to follow our talk about sex. Reading the signal from the ground noise, This certainly was thrown out as a distraction because I can always wants to distract from his failures certainly probably now wants to strike from the fact that the Secretary of State was being investigated and that the president was being that's negated saudi arms sales, and so they fight the investigator and that some course for this In so doing, they investigating the investigators because they ve been time and time again, but when the present, the United States Action he says, he's doing something which, let me assure you he is not doing. I assure you, the press in the United States is not taking Hydroxyl chloral coin,
and all the time that I knew him I only sat- for one meal with him and before that meal. He had a wipes like that, like miss high and we just go through the wife's also fully and wipe his hands sanitize his hands before eating anything, so he's not taking something that our administration has said will kill you that his own after a sad will kill you there. They ve a sad will, kill you and Fox NEWS is milk quotas set on Fox knows and I say this- the seniors who I'm so worried about, and I know we're all worried about you, because the presents been acting so reckless over the past several months.
Listen, the milk of Udo, it will kill you. This will kill you Fox NEWS is milk of sad and that's what doctors will say to the FDA said, take it a fear in the hospital are take it if you're in closely watched clinical trial, but don't don't take it unless you're under those two circumstances. And so the presence not taking it and yet in yeah he's telling Americans that they should take at its takes his research Stability, a whole new level Willie and get a say, This is a man who, from the very big others, administration has acted like he does wanna be re elected and I'm dead serious about that. He does things every day that all
cause more problems for himself and yesterday. Of course, gotta- be showing poles in Florida, we're going to be showing how he's losing seniors here's another great example, So are seniors going do, are they going? They gonna go out and start popping hydroxychlor another gonna talk to doctors, who can say don't do it, especially if you're like Donald Trump, and you have all these all these challenges? I mean he is old. He is overweight. He certainly does he's at least would fit into the he's category and those our real risks for four for having very bad reaction and cover nineteen, and so I'm just war this morning. There are some people who may have seen that yesterday and think They need to do it at my message today is: don't do adverse. Secondly, no the present, the United States, an x
ordinarily selfish man is not doing something that the trumpet restoration said will kill you going to talk to a series of doctors this morning to make that very clear, Doktor Van goop, to whose treating covered nineteen agents and has been for the last couple of months will tell us about the changes of hydroxide chloric when, as you pointed out the FDA, the FDA itself on April twenty, worth less than a month ago, issued a warning about hydroxide clerk when causing harm abnormalities in certain a virus patient. So, as you say, there's a lot of scepticism about whether the present is actually taking Hydroxyl clerk when or where that is changing the subject. Perhaps trolling Abed we'll talk to some doctors to explain in just a minute. You didn't see Yesterday President Trump said he's been taking a daily dose, a daily dose of Hydroxyl clerk when for about a week and half the president, previously
the anti malaria drugs as a treatment for the corona virus, despite studies questioning its effectiveness, reading the virus and laying out its dangers, including us from his own vizier that actually found it increase in mortality with those who took the drug recovered eighteen and a warning from his own FDA about potentially deadly side effects president trumpet Reporters yesterday he does not. If he's been exposed to the virus, but he decided to take the drug consulting with the White House, physician the White Ass doktor recommend that you take. That is that why you're tail MIKE S dinner When I asked him, what do you think you said? Well, if you'd like it and said you I'd like it, I'd like to take a lot of people would take it. A lot of frontline workers are taken, hydroxide Chloric, what a lot of front door. I don't take it because people said Maybe he owns a company. No, I don't know the company, you know what I want the people of this nation to feel good,
waiting to see your eyes light up what I said this, but when I analysis, but you have taken for a ride We could have now and I'm still here. Still. He can you explain so, though you? What is the evidence that it has a preventive here? We are you ready, here's my evidence. I get a lot of positive calls about it. I get of tremendously positive news on the hydrography- and I say: hey You know the expression I've used John. What have to lose. Ok. What have to lose for about a week for about a week have every day at some point, you everyday take appeal everyday at some point Del Sab. What I'd like to do I'd like to have the cure and or the vaccine and that'll happen. I take version so house as usual, scrambling in behind something the President said, the White House, physician Sean Connally releases, met their reason, part after numerous discussions,
and I had for and against the use of Hydroxyl clerk when we concluded the potential benefit from treatment. Outweighed the relative risks. He added the present in very good health and has remained symptom free. A White House official, familiar with the president's decision, tells NBC News, president from started, taking the drug for his valet tested positive for corona virus. Earlier this month, Whitehouse AIDS were guard by President Trans decision to publicly disclose that he's been taking the drug the White House Facial said, only a small group of AIDS knew the president was taking it Joe there. Hell in there and in the president's scrambling beat about whether he was taking it where he said I but waiting. For your eyes to light up as elected members of the rise. In other words, I knew gonna be prudent, provocative. I knew it was going up to set a lot of people, and here it is in the present says. What are you the words swell your life. You can die from it.
Just Fox news telling you that that's also Donald Trump FDA, Donald Trump see a trumpet minutes. Nation as they please don't do this. It could kill. You Vs study showed that it increased the likelihood of people dying if they were taking it and so Gan. The question is: Why did the president do it? Rio, where I think, of course it was to distract. But at the same time, people that are listening when he asks that question. What do you have to lose? The Trump administration says your life. More about this with MSNBC contributor might Barnacle NBC News. Capitol hill corresponded host of Casey Deasey on MSNBC Casey Hunt will get today. In just a moment, but first paleontologist at an end. See news, medical contributor, Doktor Van Gupta, Doktor group. To get more
it's good to see you thank you for taking it a moment away, the work you ve been doing. You ve, been treating, as I said, covert nineteen patients on the West Coast, for some time right now. Just first. Let me ask about the president's assertion is claim that he is taking Hydroxyl clerk when Preventative Lee. We talked about the Danes of using it for treatment the f Has the ba has other studies have shown that those dangers, but have you heard of anyone taking preventative, led the way things work out in me I am actually in a nice you right now without ten coded patients, wiping away from me I've ass, Detroit their best, my eyes, you nurses and my fellow docks just an informal goal of thirty colleagues on the front lines. No one is doing here That's an end of thirty percent of men of one with the president that this is not
be clear. This is not an approved or even thought to be likely approve prophylactic drug for prevention of over nineteen. There is no data, none and for the president to go out there and trumpet he's been talk here. Taking it for ten days is essentially The same is hitting suggesting people were ass, but not doing it himself or suggest other interventions like disinfectants. That are out, there are horrified all of us. This is just part. This is a subtle way to continue his this information campaign and it's really a responsible and an acre, as all of us were carry patients, because people listen to the president, when he said this in March, to take hydroxyl consequence What are you gonna lose guess what prescriptions went up forty six times across the country that needs people. There's a segment of America
of America that listens to what he says and he measly responsible with that, need not take it for granted. So doktor from what you know this disease we talked about the VS study. We heard the warnings from the FDA. What are they doing, years of taking hydroxide clerk when for covert nineteen no really there's a litany of side effects, but the most concerning is that can cause coffee fatal cardiac. It read me a basic cause. Your heart really fast at the side effect. That's common with certain types of drugs that really rewired the electrical conduction system of the heart and put it as simply as I can, and I can cause people to die. We know out of Serbia and actually that each individuals in eighty that received hydroxyl clerk when in a study all of them had come in eighteen. Thirty, two, receive at eighty that did about ten percent of the individuals. I did had these really detrimental cardiac abnormalities. They have to be stopped and removed from the drugs.
Now and then oh by the way that was actually no benefit to proceed in the jungle. Firstly, so he is making light of something that is very serious and you do is impossible to predict who is at Skype who is not at risk for this fatal, potentially fatal, cardiac abnormality. Certainly, though, somebody like president who is, as you said, rules in for who, who never loved, voters and fast food, this is not the type of individual ass Americans regarding our political leanings or personal feelings towards him. We shouldn't one to take something that could harm had used the presence of the United States? We should all want him tat. We stay healthy, so this is inappropriate white house. Opposition is doing doktor calmly, doktor, calmly, in general. Anybody in here inner circle at the public. Export purports to be should be doing. What we're all talk do in this profession in that do no harm. That's not what Doktor Conway's doing
be putting his integrity and its medical licence. Above whatever personal agenda in the present may have rights really are Unfortunately, you look at what Ronnie Jackson did a guy who is respected by running the Obama administration. Now, actually, just Harrison himself everyday day out on the campaign trail disliking embarrassed himself with his physical of Donald Trump. For everybody knew he was lying down in my book. Oh, I'm sorry, but I got to believe that I'll drop is lying right now about taking this drug that his administration said surely can kill. You doesn't give you the of the positive effects and in fact, can does situations, especially in people that are older lie, commented that are obese like em and and can cause real health damage to those type of people. So it's bad for Donald
but more to the point, because I dont believe Donald Trump is taking this it since a week really dangerous message to people who follow him and follow blindly, it could be a lake listing Donald Trump. Yesterday. He'll be hazardous to America. Self Joe into your point. You know: doktor gutters initial statement, his initial response to Willie's initial question that could serve as Public service announcement. We don't know The president just said this defer the distort divide, the debate over whisk on with the virus. Got your I'd like to ask you mention of forty six percent or forty six times take up in prescriptions for hydroxyl work. We
three. What would do going to a doctor to description like a cat out, thereby dad I heard you correctly about what would happen if you went to a doctrine ass, prescription, drugs, o clock when no doctor, I've any repute? prescribe Hydroxyl Corrigan for propyl, active or treatment of cuban nineteen case close our eyes gazing out as a question Gacy yeah, I didn't Doktor looked out. What should Americans I mean, I think I've been part of that. Turn here too. As you know, the people are misinterpreting potentially, what President saying. Obviously, everybody wants to people are afraid. They want a solution. To this mean we all do
What exactly should they be taking away from the president when he, throws this out there? How just? What does your turbary wrecked message to the people: to hear this and say well, if the president's doing it, I want to do it to just to kind of underscore the point. I would say that the pretty clear now that the president and his top surrogates Peter Navarro, who made some pretty reprehensible comments of the began by president. And ran all have all been guilty of irresponsible behaviour. That suggest they don't happen there against best interests in mind when it comes to health, whether its asked whether, as disinfectants and now I dropped corkins or weirdly the all these GEO, be congressmen wanted to die on during the doktor bright testament You probably remember Casey that they kept going back, died
Cork and we're on a different topic, and we are talking about Hydroxyl Kirkland. Suddenly it makes- and it's really it's odd, first of all that it shows that there is a a coordinated effort. The GEO P, for whatever reason. Focus on this messaging listening that has no proven benefit, is actually harmful to people. So what's the conclusion pollution here is that they are trying to go against it in science, Nevada, essentially said. Medical doctors like myself, and others are crying Wolf and over reacting to cope in nineteen in the reaction and distancing, has caused more deaths in the virus itself. So what are they doing? Their basely attacking public help knowledge and the people that populate public health, so my message to Americans is: they do not have your best interests at heart, they're trying to win an election. That's three here, and there are trying to do it through this information Van Goober hosting
off the floor as I see you and offers to talk to us on an important morning, you're so grateful. Thank you very much. Doktor looped always good to see you Joe. We may, in doktor, calmly, the White House physician what are you doing here? If you read his letter, it actually read it. It's very brief. It's a hundred fourteen words. He never actually says that he paused cried the drug to the present. Nor does he actually say explicitly anyway, that the president is taking the drug. I dont know if he's doing that, to protect himself. This guy's, not quack served in the Navy, he was a doctor in Afghanistan, and ran a trauma you right there. But if you read the letter, Firstly, he doesn't actually say that he proscribed, but he just said that they agreed president that the potential benefit ray outweighs the relative risks is away. He put it. There are in prison. But in the gas, where six months away from an election about, I guess we ve seen
it's happened. Dorani, Jackson, a guy that was respected by all sides. He went in and then lied about the President's health time into began, lied about his way said he could live to be two hundred years of immediate need badly and now he's a political hack running for office, saying that just really just very sad things for for a doctor to be saying, and so you ve got with this White House physician understands that the Trump White House is going to end and what it ends he's got to keep his reputation. He's got to keep his medical licence. Food and Drug Administration has said: do not take this outside of a hospital. Do not take this outside of clinical trials you have the vs saying we did a study on this wasn't a huge study, but we did a study on this and it actually is,
Greece, a likelihood of death, any doktor, that's prescribing that for political purposes. Put, I say, puts himself or herself in a very difficult position, so I just don't believe the President's taking something that his own administration says, will kill em anyway outlets. Bring right now in disease from the White House, NBC correspondent, cheerily Carol, we just heard the doktor talk about, Americans need to understand that Donald Trump running for reelection, and so don't listen to this very Medical advice coming from him and others around him. The strain Thing is, is Paul, numbers keeps Bing with seniors is Paul. Numbers keep slipping in Florida. There is a pull out Friday that sound six points in the state of Florida in large part
of seniors, and that comes from this quack a colleague it he's keeps pushing and right now, let's just wants us look at the Trump Age sees that Donald Trump at war with the FDA on high clause. When the ba, so they don't like the Vienna that has to be news to a lot of people that are at the vizier This week, eddies Navarro out to attack the Department of Health and Human services and sit Navarro out too the CDC these. These are agencies at Donald Trump runs but he is now at war with all agencies that should be at the forefront of this battle and the fight against a pandemic that probably by the end of next week, will have
one hundred thousand Americans what's going on well look. I think they take away as the present wants to do something and he's going to do it. If you just look at the hydroxide work when the issue he is pushed this drug for weeks and despite his health advisers, giving warning warnings that this is then and not wanting into do that and saying this was not something that anybody should should do outside of a hospital setting, as you said, the FDA had said, but the president- you he's, Freeze previewed this April. Fourth, where he said that he was that he would take the drawer and he was going to talk to his doctor about it. And if you look at what the doctor said and what the president said, it's very clear that the president is one the driver's seat here he said he wanted to take it. He asked his doctor about it. They had, conversely, about it and so the doktor may that happen wait as official told us yesterday that they had people around him. We work for
I didn't know that this the EU is taking this drug, that they were surprised, when he announced that he would take the drug or scrambling, to try to put together a statement from the doktor, and you know that other take away. Is that if you remember back back when President valet tested positive for corona virus that we could make seventh, he said that was barely around him. He didn't really spent much time with him. He wasn't worried about it and we're told at that the reason why he's taking this struggle because he was potentially exposed, and so it it suggests that the president is for are more concerned about this correct contracting, Iris, then he's really lead on two different times, and there are some things that he said yesterday that I think you could see potentially coming back, to hurt him particularly paralytic One of them is, he said if it doesn't work quote you're not going to get sick, or die well, if that doesn't take
doesnt wind up being true for other people, then you know he could it that's that's something that could really. You could see it being in a political ad. This fall, and so you know there it look Joe there this. This is a president who very clearly just he wants to do. The this kind of playing. His own doktor here So here we are and he what. Really relish yesterday and announcing this to the press is enjoying seeing looks on everyone? Asia is, and so in large part you know he's just gonna He wants to do never used that if something happens to people that are taking this, if they get sacred, I they have already. The Trump administration, has already said: don't take this, you will get sick and and die so so that already happened it will continue. Being people. Unfortunately, listen to what the President says day,
Have you heard our head? Any importing at all to explain this obsession with this drug that the present hedgerow heatedly brought up and he stopped bringing it up, of course, when his own after said that kill you. When the vs said it will kill you around the same time. He then started talking about injecting disinfectants into the human body or shoving lights into the EU body, but he stopped talking about it Well now you come back to it and there has been this obsession about this drug. Any any connection, where the people who make that drug that been able to report out and that not asking about speculation as body, found anything hard and fast on why this path then there's so obsessed with pushing this drug that his own administration says will kill you well that key
said yesterday and that he had no person. There was nothing use when a personally benefit from pushing this drug is something it's a great question at something I know folks are looking into where you also know that some I pay people around the president, his allies out the generally outside the White House, have have pushed this idea and on top of that, we know that this is a president who really just wants to turn the page on corona virus, want. Some sort of for four weeks has I need some sort of cure, all some kind of miracle to come through, so that the country could move beyond this and he's really latched onto Hydroxyl clerk when as potential for achieving that goal? And now you know you ve seen him take it to the next level, where he saying that he's taking it himself, stay with his carol. We have more to get to next block, but but Willie
think about it. We're we're sitting here at ninety thousand over ninety thousand deaths were moving towards a hundred thousand deaths we're trying to move towards reopening the economy as soon as we can safely. Hopefully, states will open the economy and they'll. Do it by far The White House guidelines, but we are at ninety thousand american doubts in the pandemic to them hasn't said was just one person coming in from China in January, was gonna hurt, is ignored. All the warning surreal January and February said it was fifteen people the zero in March. He said, I'm not worried about this at all go away in April. In April, more people died of this pandemic and died. Vietnam WAR here we are in May and in may the middle of this crisis. When we're trying to move forward safely to reopening the present. States who is at war with doktor faculty. We have his own FDA
with his own cdc with his own report, health and Human services with his own the eight basically any body that provides medical facts, anybody that puts scientific facts in front of him. Anyone who puts data in front now considered by Donald Trump to be their enemy, but it doesn't line up with his own deadly mad go thinking that he's been engaged in since January and his ass his tens of millions of followers and the people who voted for him and admire him too. Send to his hunches and not all of those organizations and all of those scientists and all of those doctors that you just mentioned. Are you don't really need to wear a mask? I don't wear a mask: you'll, see me in public, I'm not wearing the mask, I'm taking
Clark when, despite what the FDA said, despite the VS study and what does he spent his, I'm overnight doing he's attacking the one person Fox NEWS, Neeoka Udo, whose sounded the alarm to Fox news. Viewers. Saying don't do this, it could kill you his last six tweet have been about Neil Caboodle retweeting inside said human Saying Fox NEWS: just isn't the same anymore. So that's where the president's head is over you're, not gonna. Well, I ll be back in the morning. I think, as data we again, I hate to keep repeating myself. Is it true somewhere to keep repeating myself, Ok, we're tweeting about Robert Mahler, telling the truth about Robert Mauler. The people accidents. We ok yeah Mahler, I don't know he's F B. I don't know if I like him or not. If outta was talking about Ukraine in the press. All the president's lies about Ukraine, the present trying to get a foreign power to interfere in american democracy.
People there. That's well that sounds bad. Come on you as a good economy, as regards angrily, giving this is a medical crisis and met crises senior citizens, especially, but also like you and me that have children that want to protect our kids, they want to protect our ones that want to protect parents. Grandparents, We're gonna hear what here from the present on the television. And we're gonna. Second, there you go get a second opinion from a medical doctor and that's when seniors are doing all of Oliver America, he's tweeting attacking mill Commodo here, might as well be yelling crashing waves because its hand No! A fat years is thirty five percent. We need good or a bad guy, but every
he's coming voting. This fall will ask their doktor. Is this safe doc? The doktor was a no no Donald Trump administration is set, it'll kill, you don't take it unless you're in the hospital and a doctor supervising you and tell, Should it take it while you're in LA spittle or a clinical trial. The Vienna says that it's more like they'll kill you maybe he'll you, which is why, of course, I know Donald Trump not taken this drug, insist nonsense but really is it acts on anybody. Nokia, video, whatever, doesn't detract from the fact that seniors now that he's been giving them bad facts, bad information, bad advice from the beginning of this ban I make in january- and nine thousand Americans are dead now and, as you say, there are primary care doctors who are standing between the president's advice and people getting this drug if they don't need it. One person,
not yet gone after on Twitter. I expect will hear from him this morning. Nancy Pelosi, the Spirit in those comments about his weight. Late last night still had a morning Joe mean new details about the firing of the state department. Inspector general turns out. He was looking into Secretary of state, might palm pails role and selling arms to Saudi Arabia, against the will of Congress plus the topic in democratic in the United States Senate. Chuck shoe joins our conversation, but first we on a personal Michel Nigh are grateful to the entire Bush family for or guidance and their example during on transition. George. I will always remember the gallery hosted for all the living former presidents before I took office your kind words of encouragement, plus you also. Let me a really good tv sports package the marketing of that kind of message. This time around carefully will join us again with her new report on the latest casualty political divide.
Age of Donald Trump you're watching I'll, be right back. Mainly posted into America apart. From NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives, new episodes every Monday and Tuesday hey everyone- it's true, mainly MSNBC course in hosting package into America the name airlines are in the fight of their lives. They ve lost more than ninety percent of their passengers and our once rectilinear tens of billions of dollars in revenue this year,
all because of corona virus daughters Oftener Vanderbilt University was one of the top infectious disease experts in that country said you should not lie, That's a bottom line because It is, in his words the exact kind of environment that the corona virus wants to spread. Still many people need want to fly. So today we talked He sees errand space expert Tom Costello about the look for the airlines and would flying could look like even after the worst is over search for into America. Where This thing right now, it's Grab Mr President, you you didn't this nation strong respected abroad. Because of your leadership? American
The tall then stands tall now Nancy dont failed to take a look there. There sure different than in a lot of those cartoons we had to put a rate years. It was clear that Bill Clinton loved the job of the presidency. He filled house with energy, enjoy this programme have mixed feelings coming here today. Only confirmed by all those kind of generous things. You said made me feel like? I was a pickle stepping into history, Michel, and I are grateful to the entire Bush family for guidance and their example during on transition. George, I will always remember the gathering hosted for all the living former presidents before I took Now your kind words of encouragement. It has been a White house tradition for decades, a president hosting
his immediate predecessor in the EAST room to unveil the portrait of the former president hang in the halls of the White House Journey is once again, the White House, NBC News, corresponding Carol Lee with her new forty and whether President Trop may uphold this tradition with President Carol. I suspect that's a question that answers itself. It shared, as you know, and as you said, this is something that has been kind of a rich or write a passage for a former president whose just left this is the first one that seems to have been formally taken Place- goes back nineteen. Eighty, where then, President Jimmy Carter, hosted Gerald Ford, who had just defeated in action four years ago and they got together with the first ladies and unveil their portraits end
This is really a symbol of our has been a symbol of how the institution of the presidencies, which transcends the everyday politics that combative nature of that that some different present. Say have engaged in and what were untold is that this is not happening. While President Trump is in office that President Obama has now entered in doing it, I will president trumpets here and present I'm really does in mind. You know letting go of another White House presidential tradition like this, and so it's kind of I think history will look back at this is a snapshot of the party political climate in twenty twenty and how bitter it was. Obviously, president Tromp has accused President Obama When I made unfounded claims about him committing an unspecified crime, President Obama's, then we can painting aggressively for Joe Biden against President Trump
but even in an election year which the last to events in the EAST room have been for the failings of portraits have and while the sitting present is campaigning for reelection, usually that's that's able to be set aside and they can come together and have this event its rhetoric that we're just in the last ten days alone, it's hard to see this ever happening indices carefully Carol. Thank you very much, Joe you know where we place is thirty, three percent again thirty, five percent, that may All we have to do is say: Obama CARE, o r talk about I'm a gate or whatever he calls it and thirty five sent of Americans will we get whipped into a frenzy, but other overwhelming. Georgie of Americans want again a really bad political play. There actually helps politicians when they're saying being able to be dead
human beings, to somebody who was a predecessor, tell my again you think he's doing just bad politics. Doesn't gimme sense for a president who desperately needs a pick up to three percentage What's in most swing states to have any shot of of of, the election and right now, things are going very badly for him and he's only making matters worse. Speaking of of worse Willie, I'm wondering how can I barnacle sound get any worse and it is already too. We need to take it up. A collection for barnacles SIRI, say I think What are you a ninety? Ninety five technology I'm going to try this new thing. They just told me about the internet and then try
is now something like high fire. Why fire? When the old says, The dialogue, the old AOL dial up Joe you talking about what a surprise would anyone be surprised, if one January twentieth twenty twenty one job by has beaten. Donald Trump and Donald Trump refuses to go to the inauguration of the incoming pray. I would not be surprised that no nodded not at all. I it's yellow! It's it's really unfortunate again, not only bad for America, I I just again ethically selfishly this a behavior is bad for Donald Trump. He thinks that this when he sixteen fighting the last political war he's not against Hillary Clinton, who republicans attacks endlessly for twenty five thirty years he's Ronnie and Joe Biden and all
there are attacks are for hang on deaf ears. They think that they're gonna be able to take Joe Biden down by demonizing in its not working they ve spent. Hundreds of millions of dollars. They have focused attacks on Biden. None of it is getting Casey nine, none of those attacks our having any impact. Donald Trump is wasted, so much money people who can maybe they do is campaign and its having having no impact hold still feel pretty good about Joe Biden. Joe Biden- and you know my particle- knows this so well. How is that? I bet you see in in front of the camera the one that comes across, as a decent family man whose dealt with a lot of tragedy in his own life and stepped above it and and risen, despite it, the guy that is, that politics
public as that same person in private, and there isn't I don't think a general sense among Americans that you know they're not getting. What their seeing from the former vice president in an that's, What the president and his allies are trying to do. They are essentially running the playbook that they used against Hillary Clinton. Remember Kevin Mccarthy, said the quiet part out loud at one point. In said, the Benghazi investigation in all of this was aimed at historically Paul Numbers, trying to do so more say in the Senate. Right now. I'm in there are these investigations into a breeze, mind and Hunter Biden and Republicans are kind of indulging that either some news out yesterday that Linsey grow may try to haul out of these former Obama officials in front of the judicial committee to talk about Michael Flynn and these things, but I think you're overall point in part of why the pole where's are what they are. As you know, there there's
political image and there's the person themselves and when those two things line up it in a way that that people support it's a lot harder to me, those kinds of political attacks- and I mean well seats. We still got six months laughed, but you know we ve said you know a thousand times and it was the kid this great washing upholstery over the weekend that the best way for free I'm trying to win the election is to do the job that he was elected to do, which is to get American safely to the other side of this pandemic, and you know, I still think if he fails to do that and good luck attacking Joe Biden in Lessing I'll say Joe too. As you know, they think they portray this camp is a death star there make sort of embrace this mean like did, did any over there actually watch star wars like there was a lot of death and destruction but like at the end of the day. The deaths started not come out the other side of the movie. So are you know that particular analogy confuses me they deal with famous too. Are you really they they need? It actually get out a little bit more
so yeah John Ohio man, who's gonna, be with us at the top, the our talks, how elections use We want our for Labour day and they did when I was younger growing up. You traditionally had the camp in starting date. The day after Labour Day now election seem to be won or lost. If you look back at history except for two thousand, sixteen in May in April in May and June and I've just, yeah no, I haven't believed, and I've said it for some time even though I believe in two thousand, sixteen Donald Trump could win I believe that, because he's a forty percent of these are forty to forty three percent president. But I'll tell you I'm believing more and more that he's blocking himself out of a White House victory right now, and may I think stories, and they look back.
If he loses the election. They'll say you know what he lost it in April and may, when he was talking about disinfectants when he was talking about sticking lights inside of stomachs when he was talking about Hydroxyl core, acquaint talking about taking it when was at war with the health and Human Services department that he was. Charge when he was at war with centres. Disease control that he's in charge when he was at war with the food and Drug Administration that he's in China japanese war, with the veterans of Fair Committee that the aid that the Veterans Administration He's in charge up when he was a war with doktor, Algae, who works in his administration when he put himself at war with every doctor, Our every scientist are every person who had spent entire life.
Planning for this moment when it came to vaccines, the present decided, Do we assign that person during the middle of a once, this century pandemic that will kill, hundred thousand Americans in the coming weeks. Will cross at one hundred thousand threshold Americans ago I historians? Americans are gonna, look back to these months and design. This is when Donald Trump did were damaged doors campaign than any Democrat ever could, anyway fresh air, the washing machine, roms and says that the president's attempts to smear Barack Obama could fire spectacularly well with the swaying voters that are going to sign this election and yes, there still are two three four percent of Americans who are independent, we're swing. Voters who decide elections this issue
on all drum is is chasing off with all of these points no attack since promises to get rid of Obama CARE, which she's a hell of a lot more popular than Donald. Of himself to joins us straight ahead hey guys, Willie Guy steer this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with one of Hollywood, funniest stars, Tiffany Hanish, you can get it now for free wherever you download your pot guests. A lot of our people kept the Obama Inspector general, and I think, generally speaking, that's not a good thing to do, but they ve kept him. But I them, for, three years I said anybody wants to get rid of their inspector journals because they were appointed by present Obama, I think you should do so. Some of em didn't, but now they doing couple of em are doing it. Now. The state department, inspector General first thought to be fired,
for investigating the Secretary of State for assigning personal tasks to a department staffer. Also was investigating the approval of an arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Without congressional approval officials from different congressional committee, told NBC News. They believe inspector general Steve Linux was fired in part for investigating saudi arms sales. The Congress had previously rejected House Foreign Affairs Committee Elliot angle of New York confirm that investigation by Linux late Monday lawmakers on both sides of the ILO, demanding a more complete explanation for Linux firing according to the hill Senator Chuck Grass labour. Look at him. I was sent a letter to the president on Monday. Senator grass, they reminded president from the law requires detailed explanation. For dismissing departmental watchdog to ensure that inspectors general are not removed for political reasons. President Trump said the Queen secretary of state potentially misuse government resources are overblown and seeing it.
Consider them acceptable. Even if they are true look he's. Quality person MIKE, Very high quality is very brilliant. Guy and now I have you telling me about dog walking washing dishes. And you know what I'd rather have him on the phone. With some world leader than have him wash dishes because may be his wife, isn't there or his kids are the pillow? What, telling maids terrible so stupid. You know that sounds to the world unbelievable and a wash dishes, because wife wasn't there. The present also confirm Monday that Secretary of State Powell Pale requested the dismissal by G Linux, but did not directly raised the issue of retaliation. Their present, isn't there at least it appeared. The conflict of interests of secretary upon Pale, is
can you to fire inspector general? I don't think so. I think maybe you think she's being treated unfairly again. He wanted to. He asked me if that would be passive. Bison I'll. Do that you're. I think it yet not a long time ago. Frankly- and this demand that has had some controversy, this inspector general, but So again, I don't know anything. I haven't even read much about him. I see that little bit of a story, much of a strikers. Everybody agrees that I have the absolute right to fire the inspector general secretary. A later dismiss the idea that his request for the firing was in retaliation for Linux investigations into arms deals. And those errands saying quote, because I simply
No, I'm not briefed on it. I usually see these investigations and final draft for twenty four hours. Forty eight hours before the idea is prepared to release them. So it's not simply not possible for this to be an act of retaliation, end of story, says secretary, compare the state department under second for management, told the posts they concern over Linux had grown because of a cold pattern of unauthorized disclosures or leaks to the news media about investigations that work early draft form he added officials had no evidence limit, was personally responsible for the leak, so crazy had there's a lot, Unpack there, let's go back to the arms sale, though this was a year ago in May, when the president and sectarian pale declared an emergency, bypassing Congress to sell, by eight billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia and the, U N e and it, condemnation by the way from Republicans not just from Democrats, but there was a bipartisan
Condemnation of this move, and now it appears that the inspectors was looking into that declaration of emergency Yes, that's what NBC News learned lay yesterday, when Chairman angle confirmed that this investigation was going on they that they were angry that essentially he had the president and pay or try to circumvent Congress on this arms sales question this was so that you know there are a lot of Republicans, as you point out, who are very invested. Going on in that particular situation in who oppose this move by the administration but Willie. Let's not forget to put off the firing of this Inspector general in too can have a broader context, and pattern that we're seeing going on here. This is not the first time something like this has happened. The administration- has already ignored the rule that they are supposed to follow when something like this happens in the case of Michael, consent and the intelligence community by not explaining to Congress within thirty
is that why they did it, and so I think, there's a question here as to whether the administration will do it in the case of the state department. Has been something that has drawn, as you pointed out, viper in condemnation truck gradually, the senator from Iowa has been particularly focused on this, but the reality is Congress is relatively toothless. In this regard. You know they can make these demands asking for more information. But the laws are not necessarily written in a position that strong enough to let them make a real difference here, and you know what were left with is kind of a government that is increasingly not being held accountable. You know how that lines up with the president's campaign promised to drain the swamp. I won't let our view where's decide, but they seem to be at odds. Donald Trump talked about incredibly stupid thing sounded at his press conference and I agree: Casey
I want you to listen to this clip one more time and let's focus on the part where Donald says that he doesn't want my palm. Hey I'm doing dishes of his wife. Isn't there take take a look? Look. He's a high quality person MIKE Very high quality is very brilliant. Guy and now I have you telling me about dog, walking, washing dishes and you know what I'd rather have him on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes, because maybe his wife isn't there or his kids are the pillow. What telling maids terrible so stupid. You know that sounds to the world. Unbelievable, quoting the present a United States. Do you know, Mr President, how stupid
sounds to the world that in twenty twenty you say, he needs state department officials to wash his dishes in case his wife isn't, their Casey. I I I don't even know where to go with it. Why are willing, and then barnacle still with us can we bring everyone, because bark barnacles on dial up he's on sixty four k. Now, instead of thirty gay, just move from, say he gave it they are but go ahead. So so my question for, for all of you, lovely gentlemen, is what wonder response in your households be. If new all of your dishes in the sink and proceeded to look at your wife, she came downstairs and said. What is this nonsense and use that word? here. You weren't you're. So obviously the dishes are in the sink. I mean really how back Oliver
I shut. It is really I shuddered yeah shot. While I shudder to think give me MIKE: it's not really fair, to ask a question. Might because an doesn't trust MIKE with China he gets paper plates MIKE what, if you told arrant she's a smart? What what did we do not have one of you old and the new, hey, listen, honey, I gather important call, you need to come back from your trip, so you can watch the dishes years ago, when I had very little, and I was working to Jobs- are used to sleep in the car. Sometimes I think I would be permanently sleep in a car if I ever indicated that to my wife today so I believe it does show don't show Willie the clue in as clue business of this president and Why he really he just he needs a speaking. He needs to read the script,
He means the move move forward and an just quit rambling. These press conferences are never good for him. Women across the suburbs of Amerika started moving away from him in two thousand and seventeen I suspect things like that. Will only expedite that abandonment, it hey it's crusades this week in my pocket. Why is this happening I'll, be talking with New York Times education reporter Dana Goldstein about what it means for country when fifty five million children her home from school, we started looking at us at the time right off the bat. It became clear that an sun city is like Cleveland Ohio, like Eyeglass Angelus? There was about fifteen to twenty percent of kids that were lost rules and what I mean by that is its not just that they were on signing on to these video chat with teachers or lessons not submitting work were actually not in contact at all, so the teachers in the
Ministrator and sometimes social workers or bilingual support staff. That can speak that families on language are trying to reach out They cannot find where these kids are that's this weekend, eyes is happening. Search for wise is happening. Where were you right now and subscribe.
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