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The president called a reporter a ‘rude person’ this week when he was asked about a plan to return Americans to work. The panel discusses.

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Mr President, why haven't you announced a plan to get thirty six million unemployed Americans back to work forcing historic economic despair. What were they play? I think we ve announced to plan were opening up our country just a rude person. You are we're opening up our country we're opening it up very fast. The plan is, each state is opening and its opening up a very effectively day you when you see the numbers, I think even you, we'll be impressed, which is pretty hard to impress you you're gonna die that's really that's interesting reaction yesterday. I understand the response she disaster. Question when the country was gonna, reopen embeds rooted sake relax and are yet and were seen a lot of that. You see this clip. It keeps coming back because he just so
so detached from reality looks a bit. It just seems so bizarre and it's sad, you feel, Sorry not only for the country's running, but for him when he ate or Alexander what I meant our so working is an American. Why do you say to Americans who were scared and he just speeches blurred south? It's like theirs. Disconnect between the question and the spots. I just dont undressed and what he would do. That was what's what's what's wrong with him. It's over I'm sure he's he's not getting any better. That's for sure yeah. It was from CBS reporter APOLLO Creed and last month, red press that present and on what his administration did in February as the corona virus? pandemic was spreading after Trump remember that campaign South Video corona virus breathing seemed to leave out an entire month that month will that exchange prompted Trump to tell them your post,
it wasn't data reed. I can tell you that Joe you, yeah. I mean, of course, dawn arrayed in it's a wonderful life with Jimmy Store, think greatest movie of all time at all had the diner red show in the fifties: Willie somebody who did do her husband's dishes and then eighteen fifty and I ve fifties, which Donald Trump thinks should still happen, and twenty twenty with Might pompiers Wifi gas. But yeah they're, these bizarre disk. And there they showing up in. Pain ass, sir, these weird things he sang off a calf, this again it so, It is so ironic that prompts campaign team actually go after Joe. By and for non sequiturs first stumbling forgetting lost half way through a sentence when or a divine that's what Donald Trump has been doing now in a very
look away for three and a half years he has I'll show you say it's a wonderful life. I say Paul Block mall cop, but we can have that debate about the greatest. That's her another show six other time. Zambia there yes Jack exactly it's, it's an age old debate, but you know what There are the real answer to your question. Is he doesn't have an answer to the question, so he attacks the source. So Paula reader, Peter Alexander, whoever the rapporteur is, has stuck before him like. What's the national plan to get everyone back to work, he goes after the source the minutes stumper from Peter Alexander, to redress the nation in what is a lay up to any politician. I'm sure you would have loved to have gotten that question Joe. What can you say to ease the fear? this country, and then he attacks beer and calls on the terrible report or so here- Why should he doesn't like? He doesn't like the tone of the question, or he cannot answer the substance of the question and he goes after the source
other than providing an answer that might shed some light, give some information to the public that is certainly waiting for cues from him and for the government about when this step. God into society. Well, see time and time again make a lot of it has to do with a gender. The women of the poor in his well. Women seem to be any impact. I can't handle it when a woman asks him to tat question Governor Whittemore in Michigan, whose enjoying extremely high, approve already right. I guess she's doing much much better than that as and remember he referred to her constantly. Is that woman that woman these attacks again, you know it, so it boosting aye aye. Eighteen, I hear every day. Somebody else hang out he's doing this and he's doing that, and it's not going to impact him at all of it. Who says who says it's not
do impact a man who is losing Wisconsin right down the poles, who is losing Pennsylvanian, the Poles and Pennsylvania School used being lost for good market down losing in Michigan right now, people inside the White House very fearful that they're about lose Michigan Arizona going in a bad direction. Deep concerns about Arizona floor going in the wrong direction. The latest Paul has him down by six points into getting crushed. Among senior citizens in the state of Florida. If you look back over the past month in Paul's, their expect the president to have two even go to Georgia. To have to go. Did taxes, because those rightly raises, while probably still go red suddenly competitive where they advertising they're, not advertising in the Phillies of upper the Philly suburbs, their advertise Grand Rapids Michigan right now in
panhandle of Florida, Northwest Florida please. I know a little bit about a few Republican and you haven't you money in Northwest Florida right now, a presidential race where you are can bad in Pennsylvania look in bad in Michigan you're, looking bad in Wisconsin you're, looking bad in Arizona you're, looking bad in Nevada, you're, looking bad in Colorado, you're, really competitive North Carolina spending money in Northwest Florida, you're spending money in grand Rapids who the look at your operation and see how you get in such bad shape and may or start looking yourself, asking why you keep inflicting damage on your own campaign. Insulting women is halting doctors insult the medical community, Donald
people, they conspiracy theories, they're, not working one other thing, Donal, one other thing I saw her eyes. Other citizen rises. Help was release. My guide like them, the most straightforward email ever everybody has a guy them up, Dunbar, Gub Gub. I know that freak shoe out Cosette something I ve, never told anybody you administration to go by the park might as well be speaking french right, it's a form, language. Do you hearing the citizen Rice hearing Barack Obama hearing people, the F B, I seen going about go by the book. Let's do this right is due this straight. I know that free chew out, because you don't understand anything about going by the book. But you fire people who go by the book you fire, I jeez who go by the book you fire FBI,
directors who go by the book, you fire people who actually play by the rules and play fair and now you attack scientists and medical researchers, even around administration. To tell you the truth, when you don't like the true, I know you don't like you need this, but I just can't even think your people. Haven't. I me for three years: oh wait and see how well Donald does with black voters, wait and see how great things go in twenty Twond. Fifteen, he may even get twenty percent with black voters. I sit there, of course, and I think
We were Publican politician in my life. It says I'm the one white guy I was out when black fighters and they end up with four percent, now shot at ten eleven twelve percent. That's pretty high for above against these here's, a problem, Donald you keep attacking Brok, Obama and let me tell you something you think I guess. When I was five years old, I had ideas to us going to build a rocket ship and flight at the moment. Be Neil Armstrong there, but you What are you? Seventy five? Seventy six, like you shouldn't, still be having fantasies. You think that attacking Barack Obama is going to help you in twenty twenty all we're doing
generating the voter turnout vote, the black vote for Joe Biden Right, voting was down. The lowest levels in twenty years four years ago, you're gonna, try to oppress black voting, trace black photos from going out and vote for Joe nor I mean adds about Joe Biden gas. Why Donald doesn't matter what you do toward black voters as long as you're attacking Barack Obama. You might want to check the approval ratings for Barack Obama, not only among black voters, but among Democrats? You are your entire campaign. I really do think that a democratic operative. I really think it democratic operative. His infiltrated
your campaign. I think you need a jug Brad's library. He may have some Bobby Kennedy books in their arms we Jared, who knows maybe maybe Jared love. You were to Humphrey, I know what's going on in your campaign, but you more in their democratic mall. Who say that a good idea, let's cut social sick, ready and met care a good idea. We wanted impressed the Black vowed led said CAC, Morocco my everyday seriously, who ever gave you that idea their work and for the other t it was him. I think it was him he gets his ideas right here. Really, that's what he says, John, and I must say, as you know, and people say this the time Morning
These guys are poor country lawyer. I I he fell off the turn of truck a couple days ago. There is still room for the latter hawks. Still things the beginning of every season. The Atlanta Falcons have a chance to win the Superbowl Josie Heed now to my sometimes so I don't. I don't understand this politics thing, but could you explain to me how Donald Trump attacking Morocco. By about I gotta get Barack Obama. I have- and I will again, but I'm not one of present United States, but could use why me our guy was running for president. The United States could attack Barack Obama
every single day make that this centre not only of his re election campaign but the centre of his presidency and how that wouldn't care any chances of him getting out of single digits among black voters want and tear that strategy to shreds I don't think I can do that. For each. I of think I can make that argument. I think that there is theirs. Read this moment in doll, drums political operation, There is so much panic over the erosion of the president's base I know you're, as you just pointed out, you know very much about politics in Europe, simple country, lawyers, I'm not one more thing: ok, wait when you're Our present, the United you run for re election, the that you run by the time you get
spring, if you're in it this position to win. You already so confident of your base about that you have got it. Locked down and walked away. You know that you have. The wind number that you need with the king of your electorate and with your and went with the right percentage. Republicans, for instance, Donald Trump needs to win ninety one. Ninety two percent of Republicans to get reelected in any sir area, so you got that locked in the Republican Party is with you and your bases with new and now by the spring you're thinking about how do you do so? where the other guy and build your own vote and in and go to stay that you didn't win last time and prove your margins with groups that you didn't do that. Well with last time. That's not the campaign that Our opposition to run right now to champion the running right now is a campaign. That's focused on the fact that their base is hemorrhaging, he's dead. With Non college. Whites against Joe Biden versus twin
sixteen, his down with men over all against Joe Biden versus twenty. Sixteen. He is there You just pointed out with seers drama actually like fade away if, if the elections were held today, doubtless senior citizens. So what's that, that is what the Obama station is about its about trust. Shore up his base and the cost of it everything you just said it is the cost of it is the supper the cost of it is educated voters. The board of all races and genders, and the cost of it is, of course any chance to even make small gains. African american voters, but that Position or inner right now there, position right now, we're their bases, not kneel down so that is the that's job one for Donald Trump right now, and for that to be job and for that to be job one for an incumbent president. In them the one. May a real election here
you are in some deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, tat, bad business, bad bad place to be and re election was on the president's mine yesterday when he held the nearly our long lunch with Senate Republicans focused not so much run a virus and the response, but on his pole, numbers on Joe Biden and those up, coming Senate races, president from also calling centres they needed tough, or they will lose in November. That's a coronet, multiple senators, giving the lunch with less than six months now until the election president from strategy involves pushing it in segregation into the Obama administration treatment of Michael Flynn. The investigation, isn't it have to undermine the findings of a probe into russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election and possible Luzhin with President trumps team with the Senate now and play in November Democrats for the first time since Republicans, one back the house and twenty ten could win control of the House, the Senate and
White House. Meanwhile, the hill reports, republican senators, who met with the present yesterday, we're not tested for corona virus. A head of that lunch will join now by Casey Hide case who want more, Tell us about this meeting. Pretty hastily called centres were told. The president was I went up to the hill and there really get together for lunch. I suspect they thought they were going to talk about. The next round of stimulus are what kind of bill they should put together for corona virus. Then the president and to read his pulse, that's right. Well, I this: all came together last minute yesterday morning and senators were notified that the buffeted at their lunch, be opening a little bit early, because the president was arriving. That we of course wondered why on earth all these people would eat from the buffeted turns out. The sandwiches were in fact box lunches but they are still all meeting in person and those senators weren't tested before they met with the president, but I
What are we heard from him yesterday and in what he told senators underscores exactly what I'm in war talking about. He is clearly worried about the state of his re election campaign any is focused on his basement. Why talk about Barack Obama is when the most popular, if not the most popular apology, and in the country- and this is an unusual for next president or anything like that- but Donald trumps- political rise was defined by you know the kind of nasty campaigning against Barack Obama that started with you know him talking about his birth certificate. I mean I'm old enough to remember that splits Green, when Trump was considering running in twenty twelve and his helicopter was New Hampshire, as Obama, was at the podium Sing his birth certificate that everybody had wondered about right, that kind of campaigning. You are seeing that strategy sighed again and twenty sixteen with Hillary Clinton- and this was this
how energy that he went into this meeting to say the Republicans, but they needed to get when he said. To them that they needed to toughen up. This is what he was talking about. He feels like they ve been slow, walking some of these instigations and some of the things are capable of doing to try and you know craft this. You know false narrative up Obama gate that he has been talking about. So much on Twitter is essentially said to them. You know you guys, two to step up. You need to toughen up. You need to do this for me or we're all gonna lose and John Kennedy? I talk to one of my he's on the way out of the lunch, the senator from Louisiana- and he said the present thinks you're a bunch of weeny is was the word. Used and he was pressed okay on one issue and he said well, you know what I'm talking about it's about Michael Flynn and cars, page in all those things. So that's where the it is right now and his re election strategy and campaign, and he doesn't think you know he's nervous about Senate Report it is getting on board and being able to stomach that kind of a race
by the way we need is a word. That's it. Kennedy learn in all of his ears at Oxford. Also, used in a lot, but who thousand four in Right, helping John Kerry in John, carries attempts to get elected present, the United aids its ensuring that he still uses those Oxford words and words he used when he was a liberal Democrat still today, Casey I'm curious. So what did the centre? as I Corey gardener, whose facing a lost because of Donald Trump, more Sally, whose facing the laws because of Donald Trump Susan, lenses facing a laws because Donald Trump, you can go to North Carolina Tom tell us who may be facing the laws because of Donald Trump, I'm curious. What what What did those senators get out of the present United States attacking them saying that they are not tough enough? It will. We
here any below back from the republican senators, whose own immediate Mitch com it's gonna, be run in a tough arrays than expected. Linz Why cant Lindsey Graham get out and say really stupid? Conspiracy theory minded things, cause Lindsey Grams, fighting a tougher raisins Caroline any Republican. Push back on this present, who has pushed the Republican Party majority, did the brink, actually having the audacity they go there and attacked them with. He's the one who is the author of all their miseries There have been many many times in the last year where I have stuck a microphone in the general direction of or a gardener or a certain collins or
Martha Mc Sally in particular, and try to ask him about President Trump and they usually run as quickly as possible the other direction, and I think too, that yesterday was no exception. Rules of reporting have changed Capitol Hill in a pandemic, but suffice to They were not rushing to the cameras that we have up there now. To offer their opinion about what was said in lunch, I mean that It is in many ways the worst case scenario for them. You know they collectively made this decision that they couldn't go against the president, because that would mean that in a Republican too had been steadfastly loyal to him this entire time through what seemed like absolutely every type of Nicole. You know many scandal or crisis or simply Our moment they stuck with him through all of that and so set it up We can said: well, ok, we're just gonna embraced ad and hope it's enough to get us across the finish line and without a pandemic keynote. Strategy might have been the right one because
got it incumbent Republican at the top of the ticket. If he can, you know get those folks out after the polls that puts you as down ballot in a stronger position. But now we have a pandemic and the President ratings approval ratings. You know people are watching what he's doing here's in Florida, watching what he's doing and are changing their minds, a lot of them, and that is a huge existential crisis for these people. In these states and so their stock community, they can't run torrent, care, run away from a meter. Yeah. You know the thing is if we are in the middle of a pandemic, but make up this pandemic that began with the press. And getting warnings from his own administration in early January by the end of my irish warnings by the end of that mine, I mean January twin. Second in Davos You said it was only one person coming in from China and it was going to be gone
mindful waiter Whim Norrington, whose own own people were panicking and the present was getting angry because were concerned a month later in February near the end of February, the president, was saying it was eleven people. It was fifteen people and soon you'll be down disease RO in March he told republican senators. Don't worry, don't worry about this It's all going to go away and he kept saying it was gonna, go away in April, when the weather warmed up. We, of course, all know that in April, more people died in April of the corona virus, he said was magically going away, and he said in March don't worry about it at all. In April, more people died of this they make than died in twenty years in Vietnam and the Vietnam WAR
Did he spent April spin April talking about injecting disinfectants into the body sticking lights in the body, doktor value warning, because he's right, Chances are very good. This pandemic could come back even stronger in the fall during flew season. The Breton saying it's not coming back in the fall and now in may be saying, he's taking hydro clock. Hydroxyl core something that guy who's old. In his mid seven, these, whose I dont know what is he he's to seven to seventy five to eight or yeah he's got he's got a lot of come or videos, and a guy like that who eats badly doesn't slate? No doctor is going to
and take a drug that his own administration, the Trump Administration has said, could cause heart problems in in in older patients with with co, morbidity ease, and he is the definition of that. So every american needs to hope that the present United. It is not taking that drug because of the warnings from the Ba because of the warnings from his own FDA because of the warnings from Doktor Falco, The warnings from the top administration- so let us hope, he's not doing that for his own sake. You never he should wear a mask as well. Still I had warning Joe New reporting says microphone. Pale is essential. By using taxpayers dollars to cultivate a donor and supporter base for his own policy. We'll ambitions and Missus Joseph Letterman help break the bats or any joins us next to explain it all. You're watching
ninja we'll be right back. Mainly posted into America. Apart from NBC News, MSNBC join me as we go. Into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work, and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart, just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives new episodes. Every Monday, Thursday, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC responded and hosted the pie cast into America in our latest episode. Join forces with NBC News, political reporter Alley, Vitaly to find out how it sexual assault allegation that gives Joe Biden is shaping his bid for president, it's the first presidential election the meat movement gain momentum in twenty seventeen with this allegation, heard by chances with women voters this November search for into America.
Where were you listening right now and subscribe? Look A high quality person MIKE is may I he's very brilliant guy and now I have you telling me about dog walking washing dishes, and you know what I'd rather have him on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes because may be his wife. Isn't there or his kids are the you what telling maids terrible so stupid. You know that sounds to the world unbelievable, yet buddy President Trump on Monday, saying the claims that this DR stayed potentially misused. Government resources are overblown but would be acceptable. Even if true, earlier this week, Secretary of State might Bumpo said that his request for the removal of the departments Inspector general, couldn't be retaliatory because he was unaware that he was being investigated too.
That appears not to be true. The New York Times reports pump declined an interview with Inspector General Steve Clinic over whether the administration act illegally in selling arms to Saudi Arabia, without congressional approval, according to three people with knowledge of the payers. Since and pale answered written, genes and set of instead indicating His awareness of Lennox Investigation into the matter and roll in the arm. Steel Willie, meanwhile, and NBC. News investigation, raising new questions about a series of gatherings held by Secretary of State Palm pale for an elite group of you never see oh Supreme Court Justices Political heavyweight, an ambassador since he took over on the job, two thousand eighteen, let's bring in the lead. Rapporteur on that story. National political report over NBC News, Josh and just good morning they deceive. So these are called Madison dinners, as I
C, o celebrities, media figures and even Supreme Court justices invited to have dinner with the Secretary of State at the State Department. Number one. How unusual are these? It's not the first time they ve been held and number two. What is the problem that some people have with them? here, what you might wonder, Willie what Reba Mcintyre Neil Gore sits, and the head of chick fillet have in common is that they ve all been in to these matters in dinners that Secretary Palm Pale started in twenty eighteen and has been holding some two dozen of them all on the taxpayer. Dime, none of them disclosed on his paw look schedule and yes, as you point out so Terry's have certainly held functions before where they brought together. Different types people, but we know that State department officials have raised concerns internally that they were essentially being tasked with building Secretary of Pompiers Future donor role.
Ask for potential campaign because all of the detailed contact information any details about all of the people being invited we're being sent back to his wife, MRS Pompiers Personal gmail address. No. We speak to the State Department who says this Bateson dinner, did serve illegitimate diplomatic purpose, but we really crunch tat numbers on a master file that NBC News obtained of all of the people have been invited to these dinners. Over the last couple of years, we found out only fourteen percent of the invitees were actually foreign officials or diplomats who you might exe, backed the majority of them were either business people, major republican donors or government types. Like members of Congress, all report, members of Congress and the Senate, who were invited and this coming Willie, as you point out amid this growing scrutiny of secretary pon pale the way he's here.
Government resources during his time in office and what the inspector general was looking into at the time that he was removed. Lay last week, are called Madison dinners, because James Madison, when he was secretary of state, would hold these kind of salons for thinkers to talk about the ideas and to talk about the world, it sounds like they come though Josh Knowledge you explain it here, is that not only are taxpayer dollars being used, but there being used, perhaps so that might be How can build a list of contacts and information for his own political interests? That's right! The quest Here is what legitimate diplomatic purpose does this serve if most of the people that are there are not people who are even remotely involved in the world of diplomacy, and is it proper to use these are what's called K fund resources there appropriations the State Department that they have some discretion to use
but certainly are not to use for political purposes and the questions here about whether there is some personal or political benefit that palm pale may have been, receiving as a result of being able to convene these very lavish dinners with cocktail hours tours of the diplomat in reception room. We saw a checklist that said that for everyone, dinner's this was to bring in a harpist. This was to get a photographer to do. Photo around the fire so a lot of whining and dining and not a whole lot of sense of where those taxpayer doors are going. As far as promoting? U S national interests and foreign policy I don't see it case. Hunt had go back to the firing of the idea and whether or not it was retaliatory or do you hearing from Congress meagre there is bipartisan interest in getting some answers on this, starting with Senator truck rashly, who has been focused on issues like this and has considered this kind of
count ability that inspectors general represent to be an important project throughout his long career, but that's You know this is a pattern for the Trump administration. This is not the first inspector general that they have sidelined and they have basically ignored what few require since there are for the administration, when they do something like this they're supposed to explain themselves to Congress, they didn't do that in the case of Michael Horowitz, the instead Intelligence community Atkinson, I'm sorry I've situation and, in others, some questions about whether they're going to do it in this case and Congress isn't really have a lot of other teeth that they can apply you know we'll see again, is an election year have been talking about how Republicans are reluctant to go against. Tromp so we'll see, I do have a question for Josh, though, because you know the things that is going on here. Josh. I realise its implicit and everything you ve said, but let's make it explicit, which will complement, trying to
Vincent IRAN for Senator for the Senate in Kansas, because their worried about holding onto that seed remarkably in this landscape. But frankly, you out, like you're, rich to me, like somebody who wants to turn around and run for president, he is already said: no, I'm not running for Senate, but that's what this feels like to meet now. Absolutely in it fits a broader pattern, as you point out of what critics have said, are attempts by upon pay or to use the trappings of the office promote those future political ambitions. We know, for example, that Senator man end as the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations panel had raised concerns about whether there were had checked by patients going on through the secretaries, frequent travel on the government dime back to Kansas, where he would do a lot of local radio and media interviews not totally clear what trips to Kansas landlocked state have to do with the
of diplomacy, and so there have been these questions about whether a lot of what pompiers has done in the name of the Office of Secretary of State has actually been about trying to build up its prospects for future office, either send it see or, of course, the White House raise in twenty twenty four, whereupon pale has also been mentioned quite frequently just futterman thank very much for your reporting and John how men you know, there's all this talk about draining the swamp. The question is: will will this type of thing stick with voters respond I want to run for or will it impact twenty twenty. But first of all make I'd I'd when I heard Josh talking about the fact that All these parties are maybe we'll he was talking about all these parties. There are always harpist involved. I am, I ll, ask,
seen harpist some Willie's parties in the past, so much of what we have to complain about and purpose or your car park. This target, of course, read our railways as a harpist ever done. That's what we're dinner Party saw them I do not think that what further for the voters that matter in this twenty twenty election in the middle a pandemic depression, and I think that the behaviour palm PEO what's goin on. This all feels very distant to a lot of voters and they're. Not it's really not. I think, in a matter that much a pattern of corruption. Part of Donald Trump, as you point out, guy who promised to drain the swamp, and that was a powerful part of why he was able to appeal to a lotta disenfranchised voters in twenty. Sixteen that power of corruption, and not draining the swan? Quite the opposite, refilling filling up the swamps. What swap here that has ever been before? I think can be one of the central driving messages that by this campaign is gonna push into twenty eight and in the key precincts
it needs to win is a message that cut. So I think that might pompiers about a sideshow here in respect of the electoral calculus. I do think that Casey, is, is, is speaking the truth. I think that there was this this. This discussed about pale and its future in Kansas, and, I think not like pop pale. Guy who's ambitions and self regard are extraordinarily high. I think Kansas, whether even o K Senate see seems a little too small for my pompiers point of view about himself, but I his and much more at twenty twenty four twenty two, eight as a presidential candidate more than he is foreigners, racer a Senate race in the relatively small state of Kansas, and I do think that we're should be thinking about my campaign was. He tries to elbows way to the front of the pact and the republican for some years to come, not hands Sunday more coming. You wouldn't, on a company to speed through testing on something like a seat belt or a parachute. What about a vaccine? We
to medical voices on that next. On morning Joe, I drug sheep lurk whim as used by thousands and thousands of frontline workers, so that Hopefully they don't catch this horrible disease or whatever. You want to call it it is a terrible virus it's a terrible thing and a lot of you Take a little out of doctors had taken it a lot of people's whereby the one thing that is true one the other, whether you like it or not, it's been around for seventy years unbelievers, effective for malaria and for Lupus and probably effective for arthritis and what has been determined is it doesn't harm you very powerful drug guess, but it doesn't harm you drive, doctor in the White House. I said what do you think
Just a line of defense, I'm just talkin about as a line of defense, I'm dealing with a lot of people, look at all the people in the room. You know I'm the president and I'm dealing with a lot of people. I think it's worth it as a line of defense and I'll stay on it for a little while longer, I'm just very curious, myself, I trust the court when should not use outside of a hospital setting or no that's not. What I want to know There was a false study done where they gave it: a very sick people, extremely sick people, people there were ready to die It was given by obviously not friends of the administration and the study came out. The people ready to die every body Oswald had bed problems with hard. Diabetes and everything else you can imagine so they gave it so, as me Thirdly, when it came out, they gave a lot of false information
where to begin so many false claims and concerning a claims president Trump defending his claim that he is taking a daily of the anti Malaria drug Hydroxyl Chloric when, as a preventive measure, here again scrawny virus. Don't do that? Don't do with the press, says he's doing. Obviously, but We must say it accordingly American Medical Association? There is no knowledge of frontline workers taking preventative really. That was also a view misleading claims, it appears Willie wow. This is a whole new level and I think the and might be putting american lives in danger unfortunately, its the same level. It's the same thing he's been saying, and it still wrong every time he says it denies that the FDA. Mountain says that you should not take it when he talks about This study this where they went into vs hospitals, veterans, hospitals, and
says it was a enemy statement. A Trump enemy state needs talking about a study he so see the world not threw himself. In other words, everyone He's news he views through the prism of his own fortunes, believes that a study conducted in a visa hospital which are now a conspiracy, an enemy statement, to go out and get him because he had been speaking in touting hydroxyl clause when so he's wrong on the facts. We know that, and now he seeing some conspiracy in medical studies that they are out to get him, well joining as now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave Campbell and clinical assistant, professor, at the end, why you Grossman School of Medicines, department of Popular Hell, relation health doktor lippy Raw, she is an NBC News, medical contributor, darker Dave. I gotta talk to you about that shit. Actual in just a moment but Doktor Roy, the President taking Hydroxyl Chloric. We
Is there any scenario in which you think that would be a good idea? You would have asian. Do that or you would have doctors administer it. Preventative Lee or Frontline workers to frontline workers good morning, and this is why a key point that I want to make sure your viewers understand, there's two addressing a point that the present made wishes it doesn't harm you. So that's that's actually false statement, theirs thing that we do in the field of medicine. That's completely benign. Even a sea dominican commissioners Tylenol has which you can do commercially or over the counter, headaches and fevers can is also the leading cause of acute liver failure hydroxyl, work when is known to have harmed, potentially harmful side effects, including cardiac rhythm, is so to answer quest. No there's no evidence to suggest that hydroxide clerk was effective prophylactically.
Prevent cover nineteen or as a treatment to treat or cure covered. Ninety so my my clear statement to the public, including my own patients, is theirs no evidence to take Hydroxyl Chloric went to treat this covered nineteen infection. How would you characterize the statements that we just heard from the President as a medical profession professional whose especial interested in in overall populations, health thanks for asking that make of the statement that I always make us just in general, Speaking try to get your medical information from medical professionals. I knew TAT sells it common sense, but you know what you're somebody who's up a political figure at a very powerful one. People will listen to you
and frankly, when you make statements that are not based in science or evidence, its harmful to the public, and that's what I'm really concerned about. Let's talk about vaccines, Doktor Dave the drug maker there now reported a small number of people who were tested with the vaccine that they have an immune response against the virus in phase one of the clinical trial. What is face one mean. What's next, This means that we are moving along quite nicely maker, this cup, Madeira taxi is linked initially in the phase one trial to the debate. Of the government that doctor felt she runs the in HIV, so their phase one trial is following up on some work done through the end. What saw very recently is that the first group of people who had received the vaccine mail
at an immune response, similar to what you would get if you had natural infection from covert nineteen, That's very good news. It's not the end of the story is the beginning of the story they have now been granted face. To trial approval that will be June. That's a much larger group of people, that'll be actually six hundred volunteers, we'll get the injection Then, in July phase three which is the gigantic trial, where they bring in all types of volunteers, to look at the same further safety ineffective They mostly proven that this is a safe vaccine. Now it had some very minor reactions with redness on injection and on doesn t they found that the systemic The action was bothersome for a few people, so there their narrowing down the dough, seeing that there to use when they finally get to phase three trials this summer. It's the big thing
we don't know, and they don't know when will they get to the point where they can generally release the virus? I mean the vaccine against the virus and aspirational early, it's the end of the year. Realistically, it's gonna be in twenty twenty one. If you just listen to most of the experts, including doktor flashy maker, it doctor ray. We obviously all want that vaccine as quickly as we possibly can get it. I think you would agree as a public health expert Do it an under a year would be unprecedented. Do you have? it concerns about rushing this quickly to a vaccine. Despite the fact we all want it tomorrow. Do you worry at all about what kind of vaccine we will end up with? We know that some of the testing that was rushed out now we know, is sort of not always I will give a false negatives and other problems. Any can from you on the pace of this vaccine pursuit yeah. Well you
the really great question every year at and you're absolutely right. I also want a vaccine. I wanna be able to protect myself, my family, my loved ones, but you know week we know if you look at history the fastest we ve ever been to successfully deliver a vaccine into patients directly in the patient's has been like forty five years no bad said that doesn't mean that we can get something sooner and what's really promising and exciting. Right now is that we have so many companies and active medical centres globally, working together on this. Maxine development. But honestly, it's it's too to think that we're going to have one at the end of twenty twenty four I think it's just really unrealistic to doktor Campbells point, but the real limiting step really is the is the but the clinical trials right. It's it's apart when you're looking at human beings, looking at all the different clinical manifestations and side effects on law,
scale. That's what takes a long time, and they're just certain things in vaccine in metal and medication development. You just can't rush. So twenty twenty one is more realistic and even then that's really pushing it. When you look at history so and Doktor Day, the issue there, as you really want to get a vaccine straight to the elderly population but of course its weaker physically in was a vulnerabilities and other preexisting condition, and so those side effects could be even worse. I mean you'd, think he'd one. Yet the vaccine right to ban might take longer, though, that's import, S. Older people have less robust immune systems. We all know that bones artists, straw, muscles, aren't a strong in your immune response is not a strong, so the concern that we will have, and that will be addressed in the face three trials, is how all this is it that you become with difficulty
in making these antibodies. When you're, given the vaccine- and it's really the older people, with underlying health conditions that need it. The most we wanted the older people They really need it, because if they get sick, the potential to die much much higher than those that are younger maker, Doktor Dave Campbells. Thank very much and the people. I thank you very much for being on this morning, really appreciate it, and still I had not that long ago, kids were clamouring. Get out of school now they want to go back. We'll talk about a college campuses are planning to try and reopen keeper here on morning job. Hey it's crusades this week on my podcast wise is happening I'll, be talking with New York Times education reporter Dana Goldstein about what it
for a country when fifty five million children are home from school. We started looking entered as if the times right off the bat. It became clear that an sun city is like. Cleveland Ohio, like Eyeglass Angelus. There was about fifteen to twenty percent of kids that were lost. Rules and what I mean by that is its not just that they were on signing on to these video chat with teachers or lessons not submitting work They were actually not in contact at all, so the teachers and the demonstrators, and sometimes social workers or bilingual support staff. That can speak that families on language are trying to reach out they cannot find where these kids are that's this weekend, eyes is happening. Search for wise is happening. Where were you right now and subscribe
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