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Joe Biden has an 11 point lead over Donald Trump nationally, according to new numbers from Quinnipiac. The panel discusses.

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What was that of the world population and the outbreak We are facing Nothing if you take New York in New Jersey which were very hard hit. We, very, very low and in terms of morbid in terms of you look at the death, relatively speaking, we're at the lowest level, along with Germany, germs, ass. They could have been some smaller countries to perhaps so where in that category along with Germany is the lowest and I think that's great. Greater That is a rag according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the? U S, actually ranks ten highest in per capita death rates out of one hundred and forty countries. That's one hundred and thirty out of one hundred and forty countries he's completely upside down. Ok, so
What you are saying is where one hundred and thirty us, instead of first correct which are also saying as I can. Is your www? I think somebody. This is If I'm he's done this, he looks these Johns Hopkins charge. Can we put this up they're showing here is the ten worst. We, the Johns Hopkins charges that shows actually that yeah we're sitting at the night worst in the world Or number one, however, you want to look at it. I mean weird so sure where the president gets that information. It appears to be complete disinformation once again from the present in the United States good morning and welcome morning, geologists Thursday may twenty first along
Joe Willie, and me we have Whitehouse report for the Associated Press. Science and the mayor hosting Emerson, besieged politics, nation and present the national Action network, Reverend our sharpen and former chief of staff, the triple see in a former director of strategic can occasions for Hillary Clinton. Twenty sixteen presidential campaign in our sorry to have you here. Can you clear opposed charts? Is there's something that I'm missing there? This is the second time the Donald Trump is taken. One thirty while and said America was tied for first place. We missing something. It appears that matters the president's strong suit, Joe no, you're not missing anything. This is just more of the relentless sort of spin from the White House, this glass half full that distortion of of numbers and statistics from the president, to defend the job
he's done managing this pen But you are right. This is not the first time we ve heard him do this, where he seized upon data is interpreted in a different way to try to sell what ministration has done and try to ignore the numbers that, of course that most of us care most about which is more than ninety thousand well more than ninety thousand Americans have died. At this point, of course, that's a number that is still that is still rising, and then we will do so, hopefully not the potential dramatically if there are indeed a subsequent waves of this, which many health experts predict the president, though his focus instead on on other numbers and those numbers he's pull numbers. That's what led yesterday. His eyes: outcry against Michigan and Nevada the did outing mail. In voting. Of course, he had our facts wrong. I most of that but that was we're going from wasn't yeah. That's it wasn't a fox segment, which often does inspire, so the president's
out of nowhere. Outbursts of this, in fact, was more pointed. He saw his team still sees himself down in just about every battleground states knocked out by lot but consistently down. They know right now. If election was held, Joe Biden would win it. The present in part B for for that reason, is often Michigan, one of those very battleground states, although one his campaign feels that the worst bout of of those trio in the in the MID West Pennsylvania Michigan. Wisconsin machines, the one that his advisers have all that ruled out, then em up The present, who keep charting his case for reelection everyday yesterday, threatened to define the Michigan their age Does the because measuring about exactly what taxes did exactly what George exactly what a lot of other states did? Its actual, though we only brought up mission. And a vodka where he fears he's going to lose. So I guess absentee ballot application
ok and the state of taxes, but its vote of fraud and again it's bizarre. American see through their since one of the reasons is losing so badly in so many poles, but it really other than the present being really can Here is Georgia's lying through his teeth about where the United States stands per capita in the world on death rates and the fact that you get four point three percent of the world's population and yet thirty percent of the world's deaths as we move words one hundred thousand. He was ass yesterday what he would do different in this pandemic and he said nothing This is a guy said. It was only one person coming in from China on January twenty. Second, this is a guy. Was worn by Navarro a couple of days later that half a million people in America could die. If we didn't do something, and yet three for weeks roll on and he sang still it's eleven people
down to zero. This is a guy in March, it told republican senators, don't worry, stay calm, you get nothing to worry about. He was asked by reporters. Are you worry? Is now I'm not worried at all and of course, now saying what would have happened if the President, and governor said, move faster, all the lives it I ve been saved, but the present as ass. Would you do anything different and he said nothing which Roma. To me of his sir. I don't take any responsibility for this wall statement from about a month ago. The owl just thinking of that same line, I take no responsibility at all. He later said, I give myself a ten out of ten on performance He is unable to show what he believes. Any weakness in reflecting on he's conducted himself and handle this crisis and what a strange framing to say, it's a great honour, its a great honour for gotta be completely wrong on the facts, as you vanishes laid out with that graphic, but even if you are correct
we're gonna hit a hundred thousand people dead from corona virus some time next week, great honour is not an odd way to talk about a pandemic and a crisis that killed a hundred thousand people has a million and a half case. More than that in this country. Right now, a great honor. It goes He said I wear these numbers like a badge of honor a couple days ago. Jared could Lastly, said this is a great success story, the way that this administration has handled this present from said we have prevailed on testing. We did the job it's time to turn the corner. As you say, this all fits into his concerns about re election, which we see in another Paul yesterday, he's worried. He's going to lose in November, so he's trying to create an alternate reality where everything, It's fine and he's done a great. Handling this pandemic yeah? There's? That he loves numbers, so will look at the numbers. Joe Biden has a double digit led nationally over President Trump and a new quintet back University pole,
Biden is up eleven points and a general election match up against Tromp fifty two thirty nine percent Biden, strong across all age groups, including a ten point led among voters? Sixty five, an older among african Americans, where's Biden leads tromp by seventy eight points. The press, leads among men over all forty eight forty one Biden has a twenty eight point led among women voters. Biden doing quite well Joe, I think at a time when he's not even able to get out there and campaign he's working from his basement bunker, which report tens may make fun of, but quite frankly, he is able to be steady and you know put out I said Jerry Day allowed how he has been warning this president about this pandemic, since January that he has been spot on understanding the magnitude
this crisis and I think you know when people are in human catastrophe watching it unfold before their eyes run. I think that prefer a steady hand well say said, handed he's following someone is not actually following the rules he's actually following the advice of Donald Trump own of medical advisers, Donald Trump, not he doesn't these? We, where a mask he refuses to follow. The White House guidelines at hand laid out himself so I so yeah, I think American, certainly retirement vandam they do want steady hand- and you know you have Bob Dylan, the basement tapes. You have Joe Biden in the basement. Pain? I think it's gonna work out pretty well for both of em, but now Willie it's early wherein may, but as well, when says elections
recent cycles have often been determined in April and May The way things are set up, certain candidates, as especially on the negative side that go down a lot about how in spring, and you certainly saw that Mitt Romney in twelve years that would Hillary Clinton and two thousand sixteen even though it is early, even though We were saying some poles a week out that showed Donald Trump losing by ten eleven point. If you're running the tramp campaign one of the things you have to be very cadence concerned about is not where they are today, but that the president's performance keeps getting worse every day that he gets more out of control on ward every single day with with wild can spare
see if there is. This really sad sat obsession with Burma Obama. This lies about Michigan attacking Michigan, again a state that Jonathan Romeo ports, it from campaigns concern. Thereby to lose and not get back here. Added again you say. So it's not so large he's down eleven points today. Is that here, keeps getting more erratic by the day, and there is nothing that that Brad can do controlling. But I know that is just drive and Brad crazy. Well, and how Joe Biden has opened up in eleven point led by doing almost nothing by doing virtual town calls from his living room, doing media interviews from his living room. He hasn't had the chance to go out even into any of these swing states and think about what President Trump is
he thought he was going to have a very solid economy to run on which he did about four months ago, and now that has collapsed we'll get more unemployment numbers telling that story at eight this morning, eastern time, so running on attacks against President Obama. Heating urging the Senate in getting some help to open hearings about Hunter Biden and re smart, he doesn't have economy to run on, he can't run on his record handling this pandemic, so he's going there, these rabbit trails and it's turning up in that Q Polwarth B, seven percent, say Joe Biden, is honest compared to thirty four percent, who say president trumpet fifty one percent say Biden has been leadership, skills, forty per say that of President Trump Sixty one percent Joe Biden cares about average Americans. Forty two percent say that of President Trump. More Americans believe the former vice president would do a better job than president from handling the corona virus by
Just sixteen points. Fifty five to thirty nine Joe Biden also leads in health care, these seven to thirty, seven by twenty point in an instant article tie on the economy, forty eight to forty seven percent right, therefore Joe Biden so Reverend sharpen these numbers and a larger That shows Joe Biden with eleven point lead in this Paul and winning almost every demographic group tell the story of why President trumpet things like attacking mail in voting in the state of Michigan in this, given the vat and threatening to withhold federal funding to those places by the way Michigan a place that has history. Flooding right now and probably doesn't need a threat of not getting federal money, it shows the consistent and sensitivity of this present. Which is why the poles reflect how p revealing net. When you state that twenty four hours after they are hit. Would this damned burst debtors
literally flooding our places, and when you have us stay where you have the protesters trying to intimidate, legislature in lancing and you come and attack. The state saying I am thinking about. Withdrawing federal funds. I mean that This is no way to campaign for anything other than for your opponent and worry in Europe today. Really made Joe by these breast commercial. All Joe Biden to show is upwards. Probably by next week of one hundred, thousand families there morning. The law love one that they can even funeral lives by the way cause you can't have people congregate, overturn it can't even have humor rules, show these people that suffering. And what would you differently frame? I would do anything different and key. Back and forward showing him repetitively saying I would
any anything differently, we didn't do anything wrong. While we shoulda graphics of what has happened to America, that would be a binding campaign it and he doesn't have to come out of the basement in order to put that add out and we should mention korean Jean Pierre was announced yesterday is joining the Biden campaign is a senior adviser, Adrian L, rod. It appears Donald Trump provides proof every day that Joe Biden, understands the car. A virus we better than he does. How bad is that for Donald Trump even the sound bite. With that we rolled in Americans, I would think understand that he's just got it wrong I mean what is a disaster for dialogue to make out, and we see this play out every single day on television when Donald Trump literally steps it it, and you know this is not something. This is not some sort of self manufactured Christ that trumpets doing here. This is actually people's lives
down the line- and I think dad is one of the reasons why you are seeing these phone numbers trend- the way that they are, you can try side, of course, with the fact that people trust Joe Biden. They know that he's got the daddy leadership that we need right now in this country? And you know to the point well. I just made he's not even really doing that. I mean he's doing a lot, but he's not out there. Every day is not trying to be the counterpoint, Donald Trump. He is you know in basement doing a lot of a local media and our views. He is You know, raising money, he's doing a lot of virtual town halls constituencies and then exactly why and how he should be handling this sort. Now I want to say something really quickly about mail and voting that, of course, style trumpets trying to support Look, here's the bottom line- and I hope the viewers understand as male in voting it's very easy to do- is very
court, and that in states allow people, especially with this pandemic, to be able to have the option to vote, though by male. What Donald Trump is doing here knows that he cannot windows selection by simply turning out his bays. He asked to suppress everybody else in this way question jack. That is not going to work. Had been to the point that people are making? He is not legally allowed to withhold federal funding for medicine and ballot, so he's too to do this to scare people to make them think that voting is difficult by the way. I think it's kind of bizarre doing this in Michigan, be because the actually need some of his voters to turn out by voting by male voting? I wasn t buy, doesn't attacked if it is using to suppress the because he knows that's the only way that he got a shot and winning this election at this stage it games of five and six. This is how John Tavern framed. It looks brain that the right way, Donald Trump, has threatened to harm the citizens of Nevada and Michigan, because there
elected officials are making it easier for them to vote. It's it's also. What kind flailing that he showing, in light of the fact that he's botched responds to. Corona virus so badly in so many people's minds it almost shows that the only way to win Joe is, is to try and cheat to try and suppress the mail ballot voting system which from pieces himself and soda the military, exact and the thing is basic again not much you can try to cheat. It's not going to work. These states decide The individual supervisors of elections decide how they're going to run things states side how they're going to run things. There are a lot of two states. It voted for Donald Trump that are doing the same thing that Michigan stewing, saying things happening in the state of Texas. A federal.
I said it was perfectly fine for, for that to happen. For people who are afraid of this pandemic, they could get absentee ballot requests that way so Is it better? But again it's it's again. It's one conspiracy theory. After another. Yesterday it was a melon ballet conspiracy, theory he's doing other conspiracy theories. He Obama gate. We hear we here the masking was it wasn't this funny Willie we we ve been hearing What about Joe Mccarthy moment where they said why we have the list of all the people who asked until one man oh, my alibi, ease our general plans, name Joe by Isn't that who Joe Biden Zone that, like all my guy Joe by Roy Kono, going crazy by means of that, we must get to the bottom of it and then after all the sound and all the fury signal
fine, nothing! What do you find out yesterday that not one I masked general plans name because a name- was not masked about it and get it. One conspiracy theory after another, all over the they continue to tax on any body that does. I am again people all this. Drunk and get away with every now actually he's getting away with nothing the crazier he acts, but, worse he's doing in the polls. Yeah. He was counting. I'm going into his campaign for re election with four percent unemployed something like that today will learn that forty million Americans have lost their jobs in the last couple of months. He does not have an economy to run on. Of course, that's not in early, his fall them in the Cotonou economy
down for good reason here and that's the reason he wants an open it backed up so he's going around and saying do. I run on if I don't have the economy for not doing a very good job of handling. This pandemic of people are still getting sick and dying do I run on self Jonathan Romeo Are you guys at the AP, a writing about this this morning, which is that he's falling back at trying to anyway on that? thousand sixteen playbook. It's a little harder to run as an outsider. This time round, considering he has lived in the White House now for almost four years, but he's trying to reach back for conspirators stories about, in this case Barack Obama, previously, of course, about Hillary Clinton what he has when he doesn't have an economy. Really, and there is sort of desperation to the play that that's where the president is right? Now my colleagues ignored I granted story out this morning that once again the present it is trying to run as the outsider, though, of course that's far more difficult when you the incumbent he's. Try
to tap into the same sort of anti government and Taiwan she, ten popular Anger that he did successfully ride and in twenty sixteen he took no member the protests, that we saw some state capitals a few weeks back, liberate Michigan, liberate Virginia. That was the president's rallying Cry who cry on twitter feed, even though protests relatively small and frankly, widely condemned for potentially spreading the corona virus. There certainly worth keeping also social distancing a lot of people on all sides, brevet right by Republicans and Democrats, but a lot of people there, the majority of folks at these events here to be there will be rob friendly wearing Trump campaign or the make America Craig and so on of the present really seized upon. That is one sign that it was his but his phrasing, according to our reporting that the disaffected who
for between sixteen are the ones who are so anxious to get the economy running again and that's why he seized upon that. Moreover, he continues to breaking defy his federal regulations on health guidance. We know he's not wearing a mass. We know he took this, time malarial drug, even though most for its believe in doesn't do any good as a preventative to fighting covert. We know we ten used to undermine the federal government in many ways. Fiery inspector generals threatening to withhold federal funds to the state need them, as we just discussed about Michigan, so he's continue to play in that playbook and to try to suggest that he's the outsider and which will not now isn't his fault. The buying can't response that has been simple. You are the President: what has happened happened under your watch and their convinced that this play for the press, we'll be nearly a successful this time around as it was in point. Sixteen raw meat
the two most important numbers coming out of the corner. Pr Paul, which again right now, I think, is wire. But you look at the that why diverge on health CARE Biden, way ahead on health care, which you will be a way ahead on Healthcare, Uncas, Donald Trump Card, promising to get rid of the affordable care I can, of course, has been the case since you what would care act fast? Republicans have absolutely no alternative to that. Donald Trump has no working all it to abolishing health care so abolishing Obamacare and translating by twenty points. Ok, let's say but this is thirty schemes, three or four points off. Ok, fine, he's down sixteen point: four sponsor virus, the same thing, he's getting absolutely pounded in his response still, though, along the worst crisis. Since countries faced
since world war. Two I'd say it's three or four points off that still a double digit laws and end an end. Yet Adrian you look at the numbers and you look at the presence performance and you look at the fact that women, towards a hundred thousand people dying after said it was after you said it was just one person coming in from China, every scurry aided people in his administration who were warning him about this and yet some panicking every refused when the HIV Chess seemed to ban travel from Europe, refuse to gossip might spook the markets didn't do it for another month month and a half in New York City paid a horrific price for that failure he's out, still saying as we approach a hundred thousand deaths and These veterans are dying and all these seniors or dying, he saying
would have done nothing different. Is that not going to help him moving forward. Is it, no it's not any now he's doing this in front of the eyes of all of the american people were seeing this play out. We remove or when he said this is not going to be a big deal that you now maybe a couple so die and and we'll move on the corona virus wanting in this in the United States after few weeks! We have that we remember seeing it so we can't go back and say that he didn't say that she can't deny that he tried to downplay this this pandemic and then new couple that, with the fact that we want TIM mishandled this crisis, every single step of the way and to the point where the Jonathan were mere with making. You thought he was going to go into this election with a fork. What percent unemployment rate that is certainly not the king now and again, that is its to borrow turn in front
my friend Robbie Mercury and Hillary Clinton campaign- is captain obvious what he is doing right now, which is trying to turn out not his bays, suppress our base and n n n N try to do what he can to salvage. What's the last of his disastrous presidency, him, that's just not it's. Just not gonna work and you are right. He doesn't four percent unemployment, but reverent now he does have three percent with black nurse and this latest canopy act call. Of course we ve been for some time from the tromp cap that they expect to get fifteen. Maybe even twenty percent of the blue. Loud and of course, as we ve been saying for some time, attacking Och Obama every day coming up with conspiracy theories, making things creating this nebulous Obama gate can speak
see you. Will you at times think that there must be a democratic operator that is a spy inside the Trump campaign of you, you think there has to be a mall in their bridges. The last thing that Donald Trump and want to do, if you wanted to expand, is among the black folks would be to vilify Barack Obama, every single day. The last thing you would want to do would be to have his administration, figuring out how to cut social security and medical care and but all the pandemic, but they're trying to figure out how do that how if people get benefits from this chronic virus it will actually the money will be drained from their social Security and Medicare account, later in life? It says: This makes any pollution. No sense at all, which I guess suggests tells us,
actually way. Donald trumps political fortunes keep getting worse by the day as he gets more and more out of control with his wild conspiracy theories, is attacks on? Tacobama is his attacks on the state of Michigan, his attacks stayed in the matter, his attacks on the very people who should be trying to draw closer to it is a strange thing about blood voters, There will be very similar to other vote. You do for those that do for you and address your issues when you look at the fact that, even under the best economic circumstances of the last two and a half years. I do the unemployed and the president never addressed that never He is a plan for that when you look at the pandemic it is got even worse. He had given some verbal statement, arms
concerned when it was raised at oppress, covers only when it was question concerned about blacks are dying off found positive would be virus did whites. That's the last word from no plan for that. When we raise that black all businesses and other minority businesses or not guilty anywhere near what they should, that the package no plan for that. So what would he frank, bright borders are gonna. Do I'm surprised at three percent and that wasn't bad enough for him to attack Barack Obama cause. He sobbed says that Iraq has everything there would have wanted to be in life that he can't stand, that a man who happen also be black, has hit every mark that he could not make a bit rich Father to finance it, it just drives him crazy. Why, therefore, care actor aids streaming
pillar with american people, Barack Obama Popular with the american People- Donald Trump, not pop, with the american people. Those attacks are scared, as it tax again under undermine everything that a politician is supposed to do. He should be trying to expand his base right now and weak. He's not doing bad one other thing black voters say they understand that this pandemic has hit them disproportionately. Black Americans have paid a disproportionate. Price for this pandemic. It has been a nightmare, and so many black communities across Amerika just say it has been for some seniors of all races and when they you're Donald Trump say he would do nothing differently
they hear Donald Trump saying you look at the number of all those black people have died, all those white people that others Hispanics evade authorization Americans, if that you are only our aims of died, we're going towards a hundred thousand ranked one thirty one out of one hundred and forty countries according to Johns Hopkins, and he says it's a badge of honor Those numbers is really said earlier today. You know they hear that, and that has an impact on them and that has an impact on the way they vote I'll say to him and say that every day I don't understand and behaviour. Why? getting more out of control by the day unless he has simply no control over himself, because everything he's doing is driving his Paul numbers still, I had on morning, Joe last month, President Trump denied reports that he yelled at his campaign manager will save that holds
today, after the presidencies, the ad we're about to oh, you we'll talk to one another. Outages behind it requests and straight ahead, on morning, child hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC responded and host of the pack cast into America in our latest episode. Join forces with NBC News, political reporter Alley, Vitaly to find out how it sexual assault allegation that gives Joe Biden is shaping his bid for president, it's the first presidential election, the meat movement gain momentum in twenty seventeen. With this allegation, heard binds chances with women voters this November search for into America Where were you listening right now and subscribe I'm sure, mainly posted into America apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers? Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work, and in
away through. The importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart, asked about everyday people and a power that politics policy and a pandemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday, it there's day some Lincoln Project, a girl, but conservatives who are critical of president tromp is was a new ad taking aim at Trump campaign. Chief Brad, poor scowl take a look.
That horse gap tat the man Trump Headway without getting rich. How rich really read? Don't tell Donald wonder how Brad can afford so much two point: four billion dollar Waterfront House Import Lauderdale to Florida candidates were almost a million each. He even has his very own yeah gorgeous Ferrari Athlete Range Rover, Brad brags about using private jets. Oh my brother's star Y know. Every dollar just ask oh you know. Really. We ve been at funny Trinity Goldman Sachs to higher as four years I think sheep like barking up the wrong tree,
Why I mean this around? Our scale is a guy for people who don't know is running the twenty twenty re election campaign a few years ago, was doing webs Design and San Antonio for Trump properties and now a quarter to the Huffington posted others has accumulated. All of those assets while running the and pain. You know we're Donald Trump does not like this kind of stuff. I suspect that, Are the Lincoln Project is putting it on the air so that Donald Trump will see this Then Le Maire. He doesn't like me eclipsed by anyone. It isn't like perhaps be seen as being taken advantage of by Brad Pascal using the Trump name to accumulate and all this wealth? In the reports? what we ve got diamond trump denied, but obviously were true, as they are reported from people in the room was that Donald Trump was screaming at Brad, our scale about his campaign, numbers being so loaves of bread. Parts flew in sat in the White House with President Trump,
in some new numbers that showed a better story for the President people The president say two things more than just about anything else fury, eight Donald Trump One when an aid, when some a close to him, gets more attention the president himself, but secondly, a perhaps more importantly, we need like someone else- is making money off of his name. Is long and very sensitive to that when he feels like other people are profits, from their association with him in part, because it feels like that money perhaps should be going to him a break Elsie answered the latest person in in the present. Crosshairs for that alleged sin to refer The president has pushed back against reports that he's unhappy with our scale. We know that Brad is very close to Jared Cushion are so he certainly got some section there within the West Wing, but the reports are true. We will vote on this as well. The president did snapped at ports A few weeks ago, during that
annotation when the when pressed Carol and other senior advisor for the first time acknowledged the President hey, you're, losing this race right now, the same meaning when they try to talk amount of having those daily task force briefings. Threatened to sue Parson in that meeting and while that may or may not have been serious. What is certainly true is this that he has complained to people. The president has complained of people close to him, the personnel for for two years now we ve put bragging to him that he was assembling this death star like campaign raising a lot of money. That's true! Creating a big deal operation, that's true as well, but we invincible force right now that there was no way he could lose and that the Democrats would Joe Biden would be out gaunt and that, of course, it has not turned out that way. The pandemic, not bread, pastels fault, but the president perceiving the visit. His team wasn't ready for this, that they were ready for the unknown. They were ready to teach. You were dead,
from the fly encased. Things got bad, any, certainly agitating to get back out. There have rallies which you so he said Firstly, MRS, but he's having time right now he's having. A time you, betray himself as the outsider way, while trying to suggest the Joe Biden was the constant washing insider when right now, during this pandemic government experience, many. Real experience is exactly what you mean we'll see how we can make out about proper scale, but it certainly pushes, although once you're gonna try is running the country. Donald Trump is running America's response, pandemic, a response. It most Americans think veal. Look at every Paul is: resides the end. This whole idea that he can run against himself is again adjust. It makes. Since it's not going to help with voters, because he's running against the very tromp white Hair
guidelines that he put out. He talks taking a drug that the trumpet illustration, warned Americans not to take unless they were in the hospital heat ex about injecting disinfectants into Americans bodies the next day, the trumpet restoration, had to warn people against doing that. He said the pandemic. Witten come back in the fall most likely his own administration do warm Americans that it was going to come back in the fall in some form, and so you can't, against himself can try, but this outside your thing doesn't work he's on the inside and until he figures that out and figures out how to build upon the forty two percent that he has
Pat just hasn't, figured out how to do over the past three and a half years. That's why every alive since two thousand and seventeen It is an operation that seem to be a disaster for Donald Trump he's in bad shape, but eight Grenelle ride that's ok! I understand The commercial and and I'm sure Donald Trump is gonna, be upset about that poor Brad. What can poor bread do where the present that is minded vis, Well it's not Brad's fault that Donald said it was only one person coming in from China would go away, is not Brad's fault that can I was out administration was saying and late January half a million people could die. At the same time, Joe Biden was saying we are ready for this pandemic. Donald Trump is not ready for this pandemic Donald Trump em. Up There are still saying that fourteen fifteen p, coming and soon we go. He can't help that it seems to me that the Mai, bigger problem,
forest spinning goes is not what bread has put in his pocket hundreds of millions of dollars that they have spent on digital ads and other for and other campaign infrastructure. More money they span, though, hours. They get in the polls, suppose numbers are? That seems to me to be a real reason. The panic like a disaster for anything any campaign manager to have to deal with the fact that you're spending millions and millions of dollars to try to persuade independent, Moderate letters to go your way that you're trying to persuade your base to stick with you and then its faltering than that now that nothing that you ever wish on a campaign manager, I mean obviously I'm working on it and totally different side and broad car scout. I mean a couple things, Joe first of oh, I think, any time a campaign manager is making a lot of money out of a campaign that never again
sign that shows where that person's priorities are You know I will say that. It's a mention Robbie mark. He was really cheek. I'm none of us made any money on Hillary Clinton campaign that that was a good thing. Because our priorities were in the right place. We are focused on being an honor campaign for the right reasons, so there's that ensue Lee you know when it comes back to this Donald Trump trying to paint himself outsider tactic that Bill Gloomier wrote about. I look at everything at the stage of the game. Five in half out through the lens add how does this play to pursue and the whole voters. How do these tactics acts Tele attract or do they attract that three to four percent of the electorate is going to make up election and it doesn't work because Donald Trump or the creature of Washington he's been, Washington for a while he's use this system
The levers of government to pat his own pocket he's been corrupted every step of the way in the American. People, see that in certainly most importantly, that three to forty percent of the electorate that is going to ultimately decide this election. So that's why I can't really understand this populist ton, sometimes because again he is not. Owing to its barriers playing it. Yours base means not doing anything to attract the voters who needs to attract get over that thirty five to thirty. Six percent of the electorate is strongly with him that he can actually try to get reelected Adrian outlawed. Thank you very much for coming on this morning, see as soon and coming up. We talked on Tuesday about the chances of getting sick, a board, a plane, getting the virus, but most America please don't fly to work. They take buses and mass transit. So what is that SK their morning, Joe is back in a moment.
Joining us now, epidemiologist and professor at Boston Colleges, Conall, school of nursing, doktor. Now well as I'm very good to have you back on the show doctor and he's gonna, ask you questions that I think people want or now, because I want to know about public transportation. Example? If you need to go to work, you use public tramp trends station a bus or a subway. You wipe your It down you wipe your hands, you wear a mask or you safe. Yes, of course, these are always that individuals can protect themselves. I think people need to understand that enclosed spaces bases that are enclosed inside carry a greater risk of transmission. Minced beef is better outdoor. Fresh air moving through them? I'm so, of course you can protect yourself by wearing a man who can protect yourself by wiping down your sea and, of course, you thing hansard
or washing your hand after I'm, you get off the bus possible. There are always that you can protect yourself on the canoe, And isn't the issue keeping your hands clean and, and is there are different, between using hand, senator and sanitize or as a paint, as opposed to like a bleach wipe which are think would be stronger, but how much does that matter right? So I mean it's really important to note that you can simply wash your hands with warm water, and so, as has been said before for twenty seconds, and that will be just as effective as using Anthony Pye either I'm usually we would recommend using those leech wipes on surfaces as opposed to hand, but obviously they do with them. Thing of killing bacteria viruses- and in this case, if the virus, though that's what we would hope that it would kill. But of course the other thing that's really important
is also about how you handle the mask so that something that people need to consider as well. It's really important to remember that you should only put the mask on an from the ear handles, as opposed to touching the friends of the mask and that's something that I'm not sure a lot of people. Now, doktor, whereas I'm Willie really great greater on this morning. When asking about Georgia in Florida, there were obviously dire predictions and grave concerns. When George in Florida and to reopen, allow people into retail outlets. But a beaches and things like that, the worst, Sanctions have not been borne out what read into the cases of those two states that people are watching very closely as they considered how to read. In their own states shore I think it's really important to remember that the death count will always lag behind a number of new infection. So when we're thinking about
How we're going to measure how effective or ineffective lockdown was or how effective or ineffective opening up is. There's always Can it be that too weak lag to be infection numbers and then further lag to the to the death numbers, and so one possibility is we're not actually at the point yet of Spain. The effects of reopening in these contacts I think another thing to consider is whether or not our people actually using the protective measures that we ve been suggesting. So our people want are going to store? Is Are they wearing math? Are they making sure to wash their hands? There are ways to protect yourself even as we open up. But I think the important thing also to note is: are we testing Are we actually knowing you do? We actually know how many new cases have occurred in its context without sufficient sufficient testing programme and each of these,
we actually may not even know whether or not there is an increase in the burden of kroner virus after opening up. So there are a number of different uses that would go into my info rotation of how how severe the cases are after opening up well doktor Samuel. You just brought us into our next gas. So why don't you stay for this conversation? cause. He says that until a vaccine is developed, the simplest and safest path to recovery is testing. Everyone in the? U s once two weeks, but we can't do that. Now joining us now, professor New York, University and a twenty eighteen Nobel laureate in Economics, and someone has a big dog. I love it. I wonder if that's in german shepherd Palm Roma vs talking. I love it. That's fine, we worry about it. We want to hear what you have to say, and it is so, as you heard duck
a browser, I'm talking about testing that is really the key to the economy. Have a successful reopening. Can you explain to us that what the to the key Reducing the number of people who get infected each day or each week is to isolate people who are currently in fact and to keep them from interacting the problems we dont know whose infected so we're trying to isolate everybody, and that this huge costs on ninety eight ninety nine percent of the population that aren't infectious, so we could just use tests to figure out whose infected isolate them for a few weeks, then we could suppress this virus more effectively and we wouldn't have to bear the kind of costs that were suffering right now, so the leaving that holding us back is that we have not invested enough being the kind of testing. But we know how to do so. I went I would
but you can confirm or correct me that using the defence auction act to do it. Ass mobilization have nationalized testing as soon as possible would be the faster fastest way there. If you're, using your deduction to reopen the economy That would certainly help there Stick manufacturers who could produce more of the equipped that used in blobs right now, but we have this huge untapped resource in the United States, which are the we're tories on our university campuses. Every state. The university system, with a very good researchers with very sophisticated equipment for reading rna and dna sequences. Those labs could be more lies by governors if they understood and agreed that they don't, have to listen to the FDA. The governors
and the state university laboratories can move ahead, figure out ways faster ways to do the testing and don't they don't have to wait for direction from Washington to do this, it's really guys you'd say a hundred billion dollars would allow us to test Ray American. Obviously that's a big number, but we're talking about trillions and trillions of dollars, three trillion already and stimulus three trillion in this new proposal. From Democrats, do you believe number one that every american needs to be tested, because most people don't think the test every American and two why? We ve been so slow on this problem, which every public health experts says. It is the key it's getting arms around this, which is testing in this country. To first, is suppose. I think we need twenty three billion the capacity it has. Twenty three million people a day
right now about four hundred thousand so way below were to be, but suppose you got just one million tonnes per day you wouldn't just and test everybody just pick. People at random protesting, thereby to places where we know the prevalence is higher to start by testing. Prevalence, is high tested. Holmes. Testa staff in hospitals has the transit workers testament baseball players who want to go back and play, there's lots of places where you could Eustace. My point was that Even if your testing, just at random, you get about tat, times are high hundred times as much value from a test as it cost you so You can use the tests even more sophisticated, more targeted ways, they're worth even more than a hundred times the cost, but even at a hundred the costs two hundred to one pay back, that's a prick, the rate of return aren't many places you can spend that kind of money. So we should be doing a lot more investment in testing and using them first,
priority areas. Then I continuing to the point where everybody can know have I been tested recently. Have the people around me been tested recently. Be reassured that their safe neon presto doktor of well. What are you hearing from frontline workers in terms of how they are handling this crisis, where they are with supplies and test for themselves, and I think that that is very important do. Are we actually testing our frontline workers who are going to be the most exposed to this virus? I'm still hearing reports of shortages and easier crossed the country. I am not sure that we fixed our people eat them I changed quite yet, and I'm still hearing that you know frontline workers are meeting tests in many places. I'm so Was it that we're going to ensure the test? I also just wants to follow up on that last point about food, a test. I think this comes back to this idea that we need also be having us deficient tracing programme. We need to be able
to not only detect cases but then also trace all of the context of those cases, and that requires that a key to testing- and this is a really significant public health programme that needs to be invested in at this point in the epidemic Doctor not yet well as an and professor Paul Ruhmer the work you dont thanking both for being on the show this morning and hey it's crises this week on my part cast. Why is this happening I'll be talking with New York Times education, reporter Dena Goldstein, about what it for a country when fifty five million children are home from school. We started looking entered as if the times right off the bat. It became clear that an sun city is like Cleveland Ohio, like LOS Angelus there was about fifteen to twenty percent of kids that were lost. Rules, and what I mean by that is its not just that they were signing on to these video chat with teachers or lessons not submitting work
were actually not in contact at all, so the teachers in the ministrator and sometimes social workers or bilingual support staff. That can speak that families on language are trying to reach out They cannot find where these kids are. That's this weekend eyes is happening. Search for wise is happening. Where were you right now and subscribe
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