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Joe Biden is now leading the president by eight points in new polling, and a majority think Biden would do a better job handling health care and women's rights. The panel discusses.

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I had a two week regiment of Dr Sattler again, and I take it it I think, just about two weeks. I think it's another day, I'm still here, I'm still air and I tested very positively. Today it is others itself is forty years. I tested positively Ford negative right, so I tested perfectly this morning, meaning reading I tested negative report, the negative good morning able Bodied gave them a negative right since he's their legs Friday, what I'll take you along with Joe willing in May. We start with the co founder and see you back see as Jim Van too high, but Joe
well, I suppose I could give you just say, though, also about that so stop the hydroxyl chloric. When and because he's here now is Willie he's cute with the latest medical trends. Here, word, is by memorial day. He will stop having the doctors apply. The leeches is well move it from the door again use Amerika now Jane did. I was sea ice still swear via still the eyes in there. As breast is baths there. Clear the system so coming up we're going to be talking about some developments, Joe pertaining to China, that don't bode well to our relations. China. Well, you know it's bad news for just about Ray body of course, is bad news for the people, Congo, or watching their democracy, not chipped away at bit by bit
she did yesterday was basically declare by fear, they can go in and crush pro democracy protest is that all the Mrs of ninety, ninety nine have been swept away and you know where, At your house is going to be with us in a few minutes, but what's so confounding here we go to a new Fox news Paul by the way on the present. Just one sort of talk about this topic is we're gonna be talking bout this much longer than we re talking about poles in the coming months to a year. But this is yes news for Hong Kong is very bad news for President Tromp, who has said very hide things about president. She through the years and desperately wants his I deal with present sheeta work but insults bad for China. Yesterday, they they for that time refuse to project for their gdp,
the next year. They have the worst economic downturn since a nineteen Seventies, car was a bright spot? As you know, we all know a global economic centre now, even that is risk and shape again. His totalitarian instincts have been wrong. Every step of the way, Please senses virus began now He uses the heavy hand once again stocks. Tumbled six percent overnight in Asia, and you need just wonder What Hong Kong's future is going to be as a global writing centre. If China is imposes its totalitarian rules there, then Hong Kong, goodbye as well we saw over the last year those inspiring pro democracy protests, those marches and by the millions to the streets in Hong Kong and what happened yesterday was
then she just came out publicly and explicitly and said no more. Adding new laws to go in, and cracked down he's worried about Hong Kong seceding. They are now go in and away they didn't. They were careful on the international stage not to go in and fight militarily against these protesters but pray and she said those days are over. He also said we ve put this virus behind as the one that originated in our country? We are re move on effectively. This is an American in the world's problem. Now we're pass the virus. Declared and now we're ready to step back into the fight against call him make sure it doesn't secede, injustice, minutes, Richard House is going to join us to dig deeper and this issue, but now the power to send Joe Biden leading President tromp by eight points in the latest Fox news. Paul Biden sits at forty eight percent. Six point since last month, trumps at forty, down to their is eight
twenty seven point gender gap between the two with Trump leaving by seven points among men, Biden is up twenty points among women biting off, was a city is sixty. Four point led among African America voters and tromp trails Biden by fifteen points. Among voters under forty five and by three among voters. Forty five. Barton is also up seventeen points among boat or sixty five, an older our group, the president, one by seven, since twenty. Sixteen. Now when voters as to who would do a better job handling the economy trump narrowly leads five and forty five to forty two percent. Finally the president on the question of who would better handle relations with China, the car the virus health care. And women's bright, yellow, germ Vander High. Look at all these numbers. First of all, this post. A little more in line with
things are than the queue Paul eight points instead of eleven points regardless and all of these poles. Of course, we look at trends. We don't look at individual points, rules are uncertain, the trend lines very bad for Donald Trump, very good for Joe Bind, but in this Paul, like yesterday's Paul to two things. Stick out three things actually stick out to make wine over sixty voters who went for Donald Trump, Joe Biden. Winning them in a landslide right now and again. This is all very predictable and we ve all been predicting it, because Donald Trump is basically dismissed health care concerns of senior citizens with a lot of his pronouncements. Also, you work the handling of the chronic virus. The most you know the AIDS be with us through the fall so that still going to be extraordinarily relevant, Donald Trump Gettin. Just about everything wrong on it, if you look at estate going back to January. Did Joe Biden has been right, but no,
I want to circle, is: me its health care This is a key issue, as you know that drivers in two thousand eighteen Donald Trump is talking about abolishing the afore more correct. He has nothing replace it. Health care especially in the age of a pandemic is so important and binding way easily in Paul after Paul after all health care, so you, ETA, healthcare, Corona, VI recent seniors man, it's a pretty big. He'll for Donald Trump to climb, even though we're only in May, it is also to put an astrakhan it that the binding campaign would say as I who cares, what a national polls show really matters is what's happening in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Georgia flow These states that are actually potentially winnable by either side it even there others problem
four Donald Trump. When you see places like Georgia in Texas in Florida being closer than they probably should Given the demographics of those AIDS and given economy heading into the corona virus. That's probably what should worry the trunk campaign the most and you nail it on the numbers. If I were him, be really worried about in health care sits under. That is the fact that people think you're a lousy job dealing with it on a virus which is this are the epic topic of our duration, like that's a killer for him, because you go back a month or two in most people had a favourable view of how he was handling it in the reason that matters is that's. Where swing voters, s words, but mom who voted from last time, where he could lose them. They feel like its hurting there, how they feel like its hurting their healthcare. That's where that there were people who voted for last time, Tipp against him. The other suburban moms, the higher educated voters, all the people
that really may have been split more in the suburbs and and other demographic grew. In two thousand. Sixteen now moving against Donald Trump aggressively in two thousand, seventeen in Virginia two thousand eighteen in the off here. Rational actions, two thousand nineteen and in governors races. We're Democrats are winning in the deep south and knew just giving states right now that if a trunk campaign petrified by Pennsylvania I'm sorry Joe Biden on the strength of of I mean I'm not saying it's over, but you look Scranton Wilkes spare media market, one of the bigger media markets. It's a republican media market, but man it's breaking hard for Joe Biden. You combined with the Phillies suburbs, I dont see Donald Trump when in Pennsylvania this year, I just don't see it happen. I saved the tape. I could be wrong. Michigan many people think that Michigan entrapped zone campaigning
fear that is close to being gone. It goes there yesterday. He can't do anything straight. He doesn't where mass our rights the guy's a running around with you know. Our You think he's really call all the suburban women higher educated people that voted republican before break that hurts there and then, look at the seniors floor, in Arizona those states pursue What about training so much better for binding? Then they should be at this point because a sixty five, an older so up North Pennsylvania and Michigan and the sun Florida in Arizona again, only may, but they not like this guy getting better by the day he keeps getting worse politically,
As you rightly said, it's a national that we voted a national referendum and it is only made anything. The last three months have taught us everything can change in a short period of time, but as of this week, this Fox news Paul. These two Lena, not so much anymore, tells us We have a president in trouble today. Here we are approaching, well, they weekends and another piece of What I thought was interested in the Fox NEWS polls. You mentioned the president reluctant to wear a mask. He did wear it briefly yesterday at that for plant shows that the people what carrying the hour fifteen's are small groups, something we know a protest in Michigan around the capital, because eighty four set of Americans in this Paul say they wear them. Sky there all the time or most of the time? Or usually it's a small? percentage, six percent six percent say they never wear them ass, eight percent say rarely they were the mass. So why do I bring that up? The reason He is leaning into a very small demographic that is
Fighting in saying I will never wear masks these people who show up in viral videos are not represented of where the country is on these questions, as you say, suburban boaters people across Michigan and whiskers in Pennsylvania who he desperately needs to win our still following the CDC rules there listening to people like doktor vouch for this policy is vastly more popular than Donald Trump in this country. Still, despite some of the protest, we see so trees in one place, and the President United States keeps drill down further into another place where the voters are smaller in numbers. I used to say that he was focusing too much on a third of the electorate. The thirty three percent of. Core. Thirty three percent: he really he moved that up do out forty percent through through economic success.
But now he's drilling down to the ten percent to ten percent who share doktor found Conspiracy theories on Facebook and how disgusting that Facebook, Thousands conspiracy theories to continue to turn right, how discussing there's an at New York Times a couple of days gangsterism going four sidebar here: how disgusting that Facebook Those lies to circulate and and have so many more people see those lies. Then then ceiling even New Taylor, swift videos just to talk about how big, the lies? Facebook allows Donald Trump to spread, and then they take down a commercial cause. It offends him why don't? They just put Trump twenty twenty on the front pages Facebook, truly disgusting, despicable stuff. That's happening and it's all on Zuckerberg and say,
Bergs Reza may that their allowing these lies. These vile lies to be spread, but anyway I digress. So the people, though that Donald Trump is going for the ten percent to twelve percent The guy's and they are fifteen's that go into the Michigan State Legislature, he's proud of that. Those people are wearing Trump side stood there. Attacking and insulting law enforcement officers screaming in their face business sing, but Donald Trump is looking at those people focusing on them, for some really bizarre reason way. Does it? What's he doing he's turning off so many voters. They said what away after loose twenty six, they lesson that and trump you may be right. What are you to lose ready during this pandemic, Donald Trump, his ship,
them day in and day out what they have done, in his Willie brought up yesterday in the four plant which we can talk about, the second, he did it again. He ain't. He showed you, don't think the rules apply to him. These can be is arrogant as he wants to be every doctor. Every epidemiologist every man, co professional in America says where a mask, if not to protect yourself, to protect others and when he doesn't do that because he doesn't think is manlier because he does what the press yeah. I guess he said he didn't want the pressing it a picture. Morning, a mask He sends a message Others in Michigan and across, country, I don't give a damn about you and Donald says he doesn't give a damn about any body
are the Secretary of state. My compare wearing a mask and I think I know that he likes to distractions with these small controversies, but this is actually a much bigger one. Then I think he's given credit for doesnt, where mask there are going to be people. There are going to be people even who are trompe. And Republicans who believe it. Important to wear a mask and president Trump is exposed to people all day long. The tests are taken, the White House sometimes don't work. There are gonna, be people who don't to be near him because he where a mask and therefore germs and his droplets could impact them and give them the corona virus. That, a real possibility that reality. Somebody pays himself into a corner pass by saying I won't where a mask I want. Where a mask. I won't where a mask will at some point he's gonna have to wear one at some point some one is not going to be around him here is
the mask the Ford people Bill, Ford personally asked him to wear one. He wore it privately and refuse to wear it publicly that really childish, like afraid, show less President wearing a mask as this weakness. No, no. This is actually present a term for the first time in his life being polite. Do you spanned keeping his droplets to himself? So this is the ship and this is not six feet, and this is the problem, but here we go. Let's move to China, which we had significant developments in the past four hours as China move to exert straw. Control over Hong Kong. Yesterday, imposing national security laws on the semi independent territory. After waiting nearly two decades for Hong Kong's government to enact them accordingly York Times, Hong Kong's pro democracy movement was taken by surprise as they question how to take
The Chinese Communist Party directly Bloomberg new frame, China, smooth as a direct challenge to President Trump, join. Now, as the president of the council on Foreign relations, Richard Hoss Is the author of the new book entitled the world a brief introduction also with us, for this NBC news corresponding currently live for us White House Richard the financial times. This warning call this the latest in a long series of setbacks for the rule of law and democratic development in the city. It's already dismal. Governments can only deteriorate further colleagues, constitutional framework, collapsed. What do you say when the british return part bondage in nineteen ninety seven. The idea with that was that for half a century fifty years, haha
to enjoy a special status, the whole team was point budgetary assistance and watch. When gradually airing, with increasing acceleration over the last few years is the special matters has been eroded and effectively now has disappeared. The interesting point Why and why now here in my own senses, a couple of things are driving this one The economy and China has slowed down dramatically and for decades the economy has the principal source of political legitimacy by the Communist Party there. So I think, they're nervous. There's criticism in China, sometimes open about sheep and kings handling of the corona virus outbreak, and what has conquered represent. Car represents fifty will that different bind the virus that the chinese authorities it's the it's the virus of liberal democracy, so my guess is that cracking down on this one
Fourthly, the United States in the world are distracted and then and states stages increasingly seen by many in China as having switched its policy to becoming much more hostile towards China? So my guess, the Chinese figured. This would send a shot across our bow where distracted might even send. Message that Taiwan should for any number of regions, I need of essentially grown and patient on hard and they are cracking down hard. So is so. What should Donald Trump do This point he has come located relationship with present she. Obviously he is praised him time. Again over the past several years. In January, he praised for his openness and transparency in the corona virus, Endemic, said the people, the United States thanked him, and then he would for a week.
Ray along about the war on virus, then the next week he would start praising president. She again here in to actually have a positive relationship. He's had a positive relationship with him over the past, its turn a hostile of late. What's the next step for the President, what's the next step for the United States, why do we need to do? Is a country or publicly we need to be critical of China on the two themes. One is obviously what they're doing to human rights and political rights for the other is that this raises fundamental questions. About China's willingness to keep its international agreements, why should we expect them to keep their agreements on trade and by the way they often don't if they do that? Congress will also a cry of joy,
the special economic and trade status. The whole idea is that we have unique eyes the high costs, because it is independent, but we separate from China a distinction, but if that distinction has been removed, I think you'll see the speaker, Nancy Policy, very play moved to end Hong Kong Special economic status, which is not just an impact on Hong Kong What is true. The mainland since high Congress is an important gateway to the two too. West of the country and then what I would do if I were advising, as I would say, we need to take a step back to use a phrase by a previous secretary of state fifty or sixty years ago have something of an agonising reappraisal of our policy. China and basically say we're going to assess the trade relationship, we're going to look at military and arms control, questions and so forth. But I would not do though, and I'd be a little bit powerful. Is I wouldn't use I wouldn't over?
in the sense of causing an all out prices. Enjoying our relations say what I'll with Taiwan, I would be forced but I would still be measured. I guess it's the way. I would put it merrily at the White House. The present, of course, bent over backwards in the early months of this pandemic. To praise present. She talked about it, transparency a law. In China, for the way we handle this he's too obviously in the last month or so, and blame, put the blame squarely on China, which obviously deserves quite a bit of blame for what's happening around the world. How does the prey now grapple with these new announcements from president. She, this new posture out of China, He had a rather muted responds to this. Yes re Willie, he was asked about it and he said, will see what happens, which is a typical line that he throws out and eleven us, a statement at the appropriate time, but last night Rapporteur Brian the National Security adviser, was here at the White House in speaking to reporters.
Ask him about this, and he said that if China moves forward with this than men I will respond- and not only just America, but in concert with you, our eyes now he didn't go into detail on exactly what that would mean He had a stronger position on this than the president. So far, the this one thing that her In my conversations with administration officials over the last couple of months is this concern that the. U S is focused so intently on corona virus that amount His adversaries, like Russia and others like China, would try to take advantage of that time, and and do things like this- and this is clearly a shot across the bows. This also comes against the backdrop of the president silhouette, threatening to retaliate in some way against China for its handling of the corona virus and at the same time, he wants to Oh, she ate and arms Control treaty. With China. So it's going to be really tricky thing for
to try to navigate, and we ve seen in the last time when it went Hong Kong was protesting. He was really not. You didn't want to lean on that as harshly than and bees are critical of China because he was trying to trade, deal at that time, so he's he's, try once in arms treaty. He wants to quit eyes. China, particularly on a campaign trail for its handling of corona virus, and shift the blame there, and now he has this. Contend with, and I even guarantee he'll be asked about this again today, Carol. His singular session has seen to be over there several months getting that trade deal with China, he sees that as a rule panacea for all things related to China is a feeling among Whitehouse advisers. Eddie may go easier on she and that in fact here
praise she before during the krona virus outbreak, but cause of the trade deal here and what you heard it Joe this week from the present is that the church, the trade deals not working out of the way that he wanted it to he's unhappy studies unhappy with the way China's behaving, he's not doesnt have as much confidence in that trade deal. And so you know, I think, the way that the president is so back and forth. In terms of where he's public position, is on China, where there's embracing China slap in China around and At the same time, what we see is that his advisers will be much more consistent and take a sort of different approach than he does and put forward a policy sometimes even even undermine. So what I'm looking for is whether the national sphere,
council and actual security advisers, what they say what stage apartment says and then what the President says there's a lot of times. As you say, he will praise China and at times when his administration is not and Is it a situation where we haven't seen him really want to hit China on Hong Kong in the past carefully house? Thank you so much, and I therefore wish you, the trunk campaign team have desk we tried to use. They were talking about a hundred buying a couple months ago, that does that was indeed appeared to be a desperate swing. It still way. As now there, to go after Barack Obama? That's not gonna helping you with black voters a lot of other motors and China, maybe they ve talked about China but again in society, is suggesting that
and his old and doddering me, you bring China and they're all of these quotes and all of these tweets where Donald Trump is ahead of prison. She's, fan club. So you look at that, Nepal are you will get the this foxes Paul and when you China. Joe Biden is leading just about every category he's got his comfortable six point margin in Relations with China. It done is concerned about the trade deal, how aggressive Does he go after China over Hong Kong? always been tortured on this, because internally, most people around him fear China and want to fight China, and I think that's you were. His instinct is, but he also loves his relationship with the head of China, so it's always been contradictory. Cause he's worried about the economic consequences. The truth is what Richard has said before
This is our life for the next twenty years. There's probably no bigger top like, maybe you could arbour argue, global warming might be, but China will dominate our lives for the next twenty years. They are real fast. Asked rising power economic and then the reach around the world, and this is not a one off like they have been mischievous on many fronts for many years, whether it's trying to steal our technologies. Bully. U S. Companies have trade, deals that favour and not us take military. Reaction that is meant to provoke so others Biden or Trump This is a real deal and the consequences are super high because of the population size because of the reach because of the size of the economy, and you talk to a lot of people who spend a lot of time in China and then come back here. They fear that you're like a stagnating world power or even somewhat argue, declining world power. China, even with the recent setbacks- is but rising in. So I do think this will define the next generation the waste
if our showdown with Russia to find a lot of sort of my childhood and in my early adulthood. So I dont know what Trump will in the short term. I think Trump knows what Trump will do in the or turn, but look what happened with the stock prices overnight. Look at how european allies are reacting. This is like that. This is a real and really big story. I thank you so much Jim Band. I greatly appreciated Richard Hoss. Let's wait China, a couple weeks ago- and let's just let's just say, back this morning The reality is that that, whether we are friends or whether we are in a me these are whether it's a little bit of both China and the EU and states are going to share the global stage together and rule the global stage together. Dominate not rule dominate the global. Age, together, economically and militarily for the next thirty to forty years.
David Ignatius this morning. Peace, saying a move away from China means a move towards Russia, but look at GDP D- look at trade. You look at the economy you're now connected with China in such a way that a separation from China. Not only damages China economically insignificant ways, it damages the United States economically. So what are we laughed with this morning? You're you're, exactly right with China is now an ice and times the population of Russia It is a global that Army China is arising country, Russia's none of those things, so Russia, the twentieth century, our Recent Russia is still significant. Now quite honestly, was because of its nuclear weapons. Literary force, cyber things is all they can do. That's negative
China is a major feature in Asia in the world in your right. This is dead finding relationship of this year. Our ability to do with the north korean nuclear capability with clay a change with future pandemics. All of this John China and the challenge for both Chinese and make Murchen figures How are we gonna, basically manager competition, which is inevitable overhung over any Other issues how manage competition and away that's allows us selectively to cooperate where in our mutual interest, is to twenty four century will not simply be. This bilateral amputation, it's also going about dealing with global challenges and regional balances and the ability These two countries to work it out. It's gonna be essential, I think, with administration have to learn as you can.
Succeed just by personalizing. The policy is not simply about this present and this chinese leader. It's about these two countries with he didn't two different systems with different values and goals. This is the farm policy challenge in some ways: the Devil Magic, a challenge of our ear and right now go what's worrying is neither neither side seems up to me. This challenge to deal with one another. Well, last here, didn't Donald Trump, somewhat if not a sure and promised China silence on, Kong is trade. Talks stalled, didn't Donald Trump suggests that he would be muted, united, it has been muted on high kindly in part, because we ve been muted about them. I foresee human rights everywhere and anywhere in the world. It hasn't figured
this administrations, foreign policy? This is a thought of foreign policy for the Trump Administration the more than anything is about trade and about narrow economic interests, but what seems to have but listen carefully was saying before. Is that the illustration that no longer emphasise the economic record, so I think it's look for other issues to essentially explain itself on justify itself. So it's quite ass, but now we are going to see a pivot of much rougher policy towards China across the board. Because the kind of trade relationship which is really quite a relevant right now in the american economy, ass? Thank you so much we can get out of bed this morning. We really appreciate you coming on the show this morning to talk about this. I have a great weekend and again, the book is the world a brief introduction,
just out we're we're going to be spending our memorial day. We carry on doing it for the fourth time. Actually, I'm Book Richard thank you still, I had on morning, Joe, we will check in with former FDA commissioner Doktor Scott Godly about where the country stands. As states reopen for business and why states, The opening might give a little help to the crippled economies. Dave Ratner give little help to the economy a or no help at all, Steve Ratner is going to tell us the most important factor. That's not in the government hands Europe morning, Joe we'll be right back, one. It's true mainly MSNBC responded and hosted the pie into America in our latest episode? join forces with NBC News, political reporter Alley, Vitaly to find out how, sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden is shaping his bid for president, it's the first presidential election
the ME movement gain momentum in twenty seventeen with this allegation heard by chances with women voters this November search for into America Where were you listening right now and subscribe? I'm sure mainly posted into America apart. From NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America apart. Asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives, new episodes every Monday and there's first weaken office. I withdrew from the job wrecking transpacific partnership, which would have done the auto industry I don't know I didn't average about that bill. I mean, I think you agree. Oh you do. Would you please stand up and just not that you agree that.
Year industry Bell would have been destroyed had that deal going through. Not only yours by the way, but other countries would have been very happy. So now I don't know, How the hell is unions aren't endorsing Trump instead of the Standard Democrat, a at that doesn't even know where he is That's no worries. He knows where he is. He's lays percentage points of view in a fox news. Pollys way ahead of you with senior, citizens see you behind him. You know. You know that that is what has happened is boiling water. Forget visiting so The problem for the trump campaign- and I say it's a real problem if he'd I used to say something like that that bind us and I worry, is well. There are hours of a video clips of Donald
walking around confused right just just wandering around looking every bad is baffle is can and confuses Joe Biden on his worst days. If Well, what do I know that is a response to the corona virus as completely bath I mean the thing is: if you want to talk about the Krona virus at the same time. Work Donald Trump was saying, was just one person coming in from China, go away, Joe Biden was writing. Beds in the USA today. Sand me, when we are not prepared for this Donald Trump is not prepared for this pandemic he means to listen to his doctors. He needs listen to his scientists. He needs a, let them speak and help us in this crisis, Donald Trump I want the later was saying it's only eleven people soon will be down to zero we're moving towards one hundred thousand. So we can only talk about jobs,
now lorries and then we're we're bringing up China here and there. Some people that have maybe we're gonna say that by this to soften China, here's a guy then yeah- I just I just saw this tweet Donald Trump repeated fulsome praise of MR she, as a quote brilliant leader, and I quote Great man came in two thousand and ten and two thousand Eighteen, of course, in two thousand and twenty. In January. Around the same time, Joe Biden was saying we prepared for the coming pandemic? That's I'll drop was praising president. She saying what a great job he D been doing, handling this. Run a virus and the for the United States thanked him for his quote, its parents so again another proof
we're going to have to find another tact other than the doddering tax, because that goes back at them. I can't take him on China, because that goes back on him. They're gonna have to Yes, I work a little harder cause. He's poles won't get better if he doesn't figure out a better way. Dick. On trust himself with the democratic candidate, because genes are all about. Contrasts me can't contrast on. On being done. Dotterine guy in the seventies, it doesn't work for Donald Trump, too many clips out there and they happen every day, can't can't actually use it on China either we'll talk about not knowing where he is that what you just saw was president tromp during his speech yesterday at afford plant in Michigan, slamming the United brazilian for its endorsement of Joe Biden last month, W Board, announced its endorsement of the former vice president joining us now forward.
Your official morning, Joe Economic analysed, Steve Ratner good to have you words. Dave sewing thanks, so much what he out for us today I have I have some news about: what's happening, it really opening states like Georgia, which we talk, a lot but on the show. What's interesting. There is notwithstanding the fact that the governor has opened the state the right of infections is not actually increase, does not actually increase are interesting. Reason, which is Georgians have decided that they are not all that interested in going out. They want to stay home and space, financial, economic implications that we'll talk about, but first this trial you're looking at here shows what's happened to Georgia and the country in terms of time spent away from home since beginning of here, and you can see that from a baseline of zero, the time that both Georgians and Americans cross country have sped away from home dropper
but especially after the virus started got down. Almost thirty percent below normal and all The years in charge of Fatah similar pattern lay in Georgia. Ouch to reopen on twenty four April, and people are star a little bit, but here's the really in point on this chart the patterns Georgians and patterns of Americans in charge on how much time they sped away from home change all that much Georgian, down about sixteen percent of the! U down by eighteen percent and so regardless of what the governor says. Georgian stout simple wanna go out until it safe as you know, the location where economically unfair pots- and you can These five was interrupted by the United States, all the states we gotta I am sorry, let me on the one side and then move onto the next short. What? fascinating about that short. Is it show? Georgians are real, acting in a way similar to how Floridians reacted at the beginning of this crisis
in writing. De Satis was still being recklessly governor when it refusing to the clothes. They stayed when we saw those those pictures of spring breakers when we saw that other end and run dissenters, refuse to move there This studies have shown that Floridians took, upon themselves to shelter in place, took it upon themselves. Loves to socially distance, they may the decision, even though by overwhelming number, they believe, governor, was acting recklessly the same They now is happening on the other end of the the first phase of this crisis in Georgia for I really listen to their governor. There listen to their doctors, their listing, tat, medical, eyes, ears and they're doing what they think is best to protect themselves. Go ahead. I'm sorry. Now, I'm sorry to hear now, let's go
right, that's exactly right. Georgians have decided that in some way, what size to leave their homes and resume their eyes. They are not going to you can see lesson and all kinds of data. If you look at this next chart, you see in terms of spending that the EU then there was an enormous drop off in spending across the country in early, early to make a march when this really hear it dropped as low as possible? thirty percent drop in spending from where it had been before the crisis. According to data we, the bottom or not. The bottom was exactly when the tall hundred dollar stimulus check started go out, and so America, and began to spend more money on Georgia's began to spend more money, but again almost exactly the same rate and so by mid. May Georgians were spreading about fifty percent. Less than I had been in beginning of the year, the? U S, events running about sixty percent, but the important point about is that until Economy recovers until Georgia, far out it's very very hard for the economy
recover and Solemn Arkansas I'm not trying to go out on it's not safe? I am simply saying that as people fall of their public health instincts in their public health guides a significant economic impact? And if you look at the last chart, you can see again what's happened to you in Georgia, so this tracks job brings in the. U S verses job openings in Georgia see this. Pattern you're out of a high level in the early part of the year. It drops off precipitously and there has been really no increase in the number of jobs postings enjoy in. Or the United States, down about thirty six percent again because Georgians are staying home and so the right one learn from this. What we learn from this is that to get the economy back is not simple harsher governor, saying I'm gonna reopen restaurant It is that to get the economy back, we have to solve, public health crisis in a way that people feel comfortable and safely leaving our homes, and this is the fundamental tasks you we're dealing with we're facing a huge he can
downturn and we ve got find a way if we want that to be reversed, to get Americans comfortable to resume their previous lives in some former fashion, stay what impact or you seeing of the government stimulus that's been poured in here. We throw these numbers around, but three trillion dollars so far and Democrats last Friday past three trillion more dollars. That will make it out of the Senate, but me massive amounts of government stimulus into the economy. Are you seeing any impact of that? Is that just helping some small business a sort of ride this out until the economy can fully reopen again. I think it is you're having a notice. What you saw in my second charge that the body will certainly are not of the side of the down for spending was exactly when anybody. We won the stimulus, checks, first, worn out and Spending as outcome part way back to where it was before, I think people do feel more com more having some money in their pockets, I think
The liquidity this been put into the economy has helped to tell businesses get credit. It's up there, does require. Employees is actually help, but I don't want it in any way suggests that that some substitute for me fundamental return to work return to normal in order to get the economy? back all. This is a bit like putting a little bit of antiseptic in a band aid on a cot when She needs such as really more fundamental help. As you know, the debate washer at the moment is: should there be a phase for yes, of course, we should be the one who seemed to completely understand that, but we have to keep do more. If we want this economy to fully recover, stave Ratner, thank you very much will be talking to again very soon and as the U S continues to reopen Virus spots are raised king in the south, according to Doctors and Montgomery Alabama hospitals are feeling the strain and
to run low on intensive care beds? L dot com reports Four counties making up the metro area have seen a combined seven Twenty one new confirmed corona virus cases since may force an increase of one hundred and ten percent, meanwhile cases and huge not projected to increase over the next month according to new research that uses cell phone data to track how well people are shall distancing the Texas City. One of several southern areas, which could see spikes encoded. Nineteen cases, as well frictions our eased. The report by policy, but children's Hospital of Philadelphia found that traffic non essential businesses has jumped, especially taxes and Florida which have moved to growth late to reopen joining us now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave Campbell and Doktor Dave. I guess if you could first comment on that, especially what's going on in these
hot spots. Florida as well. Are they are they called hotspots at this point or We just concerned they may become hot spots, there there certainly a ramping up of the numbers in, and we now know that the importance of aggressively acting on. Such data comes from The studies that came out of Columbia University, where they proved the medical model that if we had shut down and started, Social distancing, even though earlier in March that we would have saved thirty's, thousand deaths in the United States, so I think we can take that in nation and learn from it go now into May and June and realize we can lead by example. As individuals as doctors as dentists as people who are out in the public by
Mary aggressively and even individually, using Social, still seeing and physical distancing and face masts and gloves and handwashing and start you the CDC metrics guidelines. Out there, so that we don't become a hot spot south Florida. I mean that right now, other parts of the country we don't want to overwhelm the of care system. We almost did it already. We want to respect the fact that this virus highly transmissible and is not gone, and now the entire country covered in individuals that have been symptoms worry symptomatic still be infected are still infected, can transmit this disease to everybody else. So the CDC released report this week regarding the way covetous spread and were learning. Can you get it from surfaces? Can how does it
actually transmit. We can't talk about it enough. Because knowing this will help people protect themselves. I think this is at least a glimmer of good hope information that came out. We ve always known that person to person transmission is the way this particular new krona virus lights. To spread. We ve thought for a while that Virus can be spread on surfaces and be a source of transmission. Also, apparently, that's not quite as important I mean you, should Willy nilly touch things and touch her face. In touch your eyes, but we now know that where face mask wash your hands. Keeping your distance from other people is critical. Important more so than worrying about the door non or the surface. But you can't let your gun, Now, neither maker all of those things are important and as this summer comes and we all start thing
that it's warm out at all! the myths we have about the virus dying in the summer. We, U K, assume that you can't let that drive your behaviors. We all across the country have to be. A heightened alert so that we don't start seeing second waves and outbreaks and hot spots maker, all right, Doktor Dave Campbell. Thank you very, very much Willie, also Our conversation, section chief of infectious diseases at Providence, regional medical center in every Washington Doktor George De Ass Doktor D, has helped to treat the first confirm. Corona virus patient in the? U S, Doktor DS, thanks for being with us we're going back now. In your case, January to MID January. Obviously we first, most Americans heard about corona virus was when there was an hour, taken that long term care facility in Kirkland Washington. What can you tell us about that case, and you are in a unique position to look at the long.
Are now over the last five months or four months. Has ended up, are you surprised, gotten as bad as it has, and what do you make of the response nationally till it boy would wish a lot of changes since the first case that we had in the? U S with our patient we, treated him western desert here, which was our mental agents to treat comment because he got pneumonia. He thickly recovered and over the last few months we seen bits of data come out from your age as little as Galea, indicating that it would appear to be at least activity in maybe effective and treating this disease and quite a bit over the last couple of months, the here and now authorized right a use, and we ve been using it with our health system, a thousand for number and we ve seen improvements in our hands, and so that's been sort of a good piece of this sort.
We appear to have some treatments and an american targeting access and would run out the response. This is, we will be expected in terms the spread of the disease was a novel Myerst. No one has immediately to it, and so we expected that there would be asserted patients which we saw our selves and later Moraine early March, thankfully, with it we had a pretty robust response was respect. The sort of distancing enclosing This is an essential services. That's really help what the criminal area I think it was our area. We ve seen the effects of this policy by the governor of our state, as we ok, we're watching very carefully that we see an increase in cases and so far we haven't. In our area so that we were great news. Depends on how people in the public social, distance, wear, masks, wiser hand will be critical report, move forward.
Since you tree that first patient activity, as we now have one point, six million cases in the United States pushing toward a hundred thousand dead just for months since you treated the first patient as you look at national response right Now- and you see states now, all fifty of them in some manner begin to re open for business in some way with rules. In fact, as you mentioned, social distancing, mass and things like that, do you, We are in the right place in terms of government response. Is it ok How to send people back out into society overall. I think it is, but I would say that we really were line or local state government too, to make sure that they are following, but see see, guidelines as well as recommendations from infectious is a set of market, because I think that Recommendations that we're seeing from those two bodies are really sound in terms of scientific data, and so I think that, hopefully, the things
governor are following those recommendations in terms of contact, tracing and testing that woman The difference in making sure that their got is essential in some cases nationwide where governors may not be following those that advice care we are those areas may see higher cases in other parts of the country. Section chief of infectious diseases at Providence, regional medical center in every Washington who, as we said, triggered the first american patient with Corona Virus Doktor George DS, Doktor DS thanks for time this morning. We appreciate it all right. Still I had few people, know more about medicines than one of our next gasps former FDA, commissioner Doktor, Scott God. Labour, When's ass was his take on the timeline for finding a vaccine plus resident trump is looking for a new fall guy to look to blame for his it responds to the pandemic. The latest target,
Zone Intel Community, we'll talk to us Merci, I official about that and how the Michael Flynn on me asking bombshell only put on masking in quotes seems to be more of a dad, we're back and ninety seconds Harry its crochet this week on my podcast. Why is this happening I'll be talking with New York Times? Educational border Dena Goldstein about what it means for a country when fifty five million children her home from school, we started looking entered as at the time right off the bat. It became clear that an sun city is like Cleveland Ohio, like Eyeglass Angelus. There was about fifteen to twenty percent of kids that were lost. Rules and what I mean by that is its not just that they were signing on to these video chat with teachers or lessons not submitting work. Were actually not in contact at all, so the teachers in the
ministrator and sometimes social workers or bilingual support staff. That can speak that families on language are trying to reach out they cannot find where these kids are. That's this weekend eyes is happening. Search for wise is happening. Where were you right now and subscribe
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