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In new reporting, the Washington Post details the president's 'desperate' attempts to reopen the country as the coronavirus pandemic raged. The panel discusses.

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Let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat In the final analysis, we are not part combating where human beings equally marble and equally wonderful and the sight of God we rise or fall together, and we Determined arise, God bless you all a really moving video, at least over the weekend by President George, W Bush, beautiful calling for Americans to put aside partisanship in the face of the corona virus, the posts to royal president trumpet dad. He responded on Twitter asking why President Bush didn't support him during the impeachment trial. So a beautiful, beautiful island watching forgot the Republicans I'm a cradle, I should watch said and what a beautiful closing line we write
therefore, together and we choose to rice, is beautiful good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Monday may forth with a lot of people said they they miss having a president like that, whether its democratic present or a republic someone with cod on what is actually works, to unite Americans with, as we have as Rapporteur for the Associated Press giants in the mere. And that's an BC. National affairs analysed co host of show times the circus and editor in chief of the re count. John Harmon is with us former chief of staff, the deed, triple c and former director of strategic communications for help. One since twenty sixteen presidential campaign Adra. El Rod is with us and cheap White House cores funding for the New York Times: Pater Baker. We, I have a lot of developments to report to you on where things stand with these sexual assault delegation against former vice President Joe Biden, a number of elements since our interview and we're gonna get to all of that.
In just a moment, but first Joe, the. U S, death toll is nearing so many thousand, as the president is still push. To re, open the contrary. It's really unbelievable you're no two weeks ago was two weeks ago today on April the twentieth that Donald Trump predicted. After getting things from the beginning. In February said it was one person from China gonna be down to zero. In February said it was eleven people gonna be down to zero. Also, in light February said, was fifteen people going to be five, maybe five, and they all the long term you're, a great job he's done, because who's gonna be down to zero cuz. We meet on five well well, two weeks ago. No trouble said: oh, it's gonna be fifty or sixty thousand would shows what a great job we ve done so his standards This largely move last night prepare asked in this bizarre town hall,
set up where Donald Trump filled, with self pity decided to tell me arrogance that he's been treated worse as president than Abraham Lincoln Bright. There ask him about once again his moving. After all, we did a loose anywhere from seventy five. Eighty two hundred thousand pivots a horrible thing we shall lose one percent over this large number is change- must present you, so they took up the Siamese say six, eighty five thousand and now I'm saying eighty or ninety and it goes up, and it goes rapidly, but it still do to be no matter how you look at it at the very lower end of the plane. If we did the shutdown. Actually, he yeah. I said it was going to be zero and it was eleven to one thousand five hundred and twenty five. Then he said it was going to magically go away in April when things warmed output,
gone in April. Then, of course, more Americans died in April of this pandemic that the present said wasn't going to affect US airline pointed called it a hoax said. The media is over high, it's a hoax. So I say all this: For a reason- and I say it mainly senior citizens who I've been talking to you on the show from the beginning about taking care of yourself, not listening, politicians talking to doctors it. It is very telling that the present the United States is he Russia's headlong and the reopening as much of the country's began. He can do going against his own White House guidelines the guidelines he announced its worth noting before you go head had first into a situation that kid could cause you a lot of
the misery and possibly even death. Just stop for a minute think wait a second in the past two weeks, since Donald Trump said this death toll was going to be fifty or sixty thousand. Why? he's been rushing to go past, his own guidelines, no. They ignore zone doctors that the death toll has spiraled, so bad boy that now he sang instead of fifty or sixty thousand people dying just two weeks ago, now we're up to possible A hundred thousand people dying in the United States we're gonna, be over seventy thousand by tomorrow. Chances are gonna, be up by eighty thousand at the end of the week Maybe, in the beginning of next week, it could go even faster than because, while infections are slowing down in New York City, guess what they're going up in other parts of the country
this wishful thinking and I d shocked by the presidents wishful thinking, I am very concerned for those people who are ignorant of science and medicine who are listening to Donald Trump and actually believing him. People are dying their dying because well because of of these rosy scenarios, elaboration and fatally warning syrian presence, just say it's not just at present doing it now the presents actually lying to you about the fall, saying, oh it's It's never going to come back in the fall in his doctors have to keep correcting so anyway, That's where we are is the weak starts the president continuing to get this wrong. That's why moles that are coming out or all bad news for him. I know that drives him. Crazy makes him do even crazier things to make some talk about disinfectants, being injected, make make some frog Belton lights, being disinfected makes him chase.
Good things about Abraham Lincoln makes him insult George W Bush, when the forty third presents trying to bring us together. Earl Election, pull out by CBS News, has Joe Biden that forty nine to forty three percent it still early, but that something is definitely happening out there. And you look at it Dallas Morning, news Paul, unbelievable, ended in in taxes, The Dallas morning NEWS has Donald Trump and Joe Biden I'd we're on Ireland get to the news? and but I think this taxes polar especially If you look at all this wing state Paul's, it requires a quick discussion here, what's happening in taxes, what's happening across the rest of the country,.
Nor I think I had Monday been thinking a lot about present trumpet how interesting it isn't. He thinks he was treated. He's been treated worse when the worse than Lincoln, who, if my memory History serves right was shot. So The answer is irrational. Now I mentioned the present, but here he hasn't been treated worse than up President who was assassinated, but I think what's happening is this: This call is the latest in in the serious that we have now seen all over the place right, which is that you know there's not up, there's, not a anything that qualify as a straight up for sure, battleground state or a about run state but that one of the parties wants to turn you about a state where Joe Biden is neither ahead or making Is that what alarm anybody who is sitting in that overlaps rather presents for election campaign taxes is a state that you know it yet about around state. It's it's not even the closest reach state for Democrats, and that would be Georgia, but you look it up
in Georgia. You go to the polls and taxes about those places. The present as some problems that I think the stealthy gets its shocking. Those states, along with Florida states where the governor we have in their efforts to try to be as trompe as possible have said. Governors. Lieutenant governor other elected Republicans have said things our to reopen quickly or one as they have seemed to put ass reopen ahead of concerns. Around social distancing in public health, and that is something we ve seen overall across the country, is not what the country wants right now. What the country wants right now is a singular focus. Their everyone's hurting, economically people do want the country to come back to life economically, but right now there are still. More concerned about their health than they are about the economy, in taxes is a place where that's had been in pre were where there's been some disjunction what the people of the state one and what so, let's republican leadership, has talked about Peter Mink
I have spoken of people in the White House over the past month to at least said to me that they understand that this is a health care. Crisis of the economic crisis won't be solved until the health care crisis is solved than yet. The present keeps stumbling forward with grand pronouncements and end up being false, weathers about bleach or whether it's about disinfectants, whether it's about explore acquaint which brought up again last night. You just can't quit it or whether we are talking about how it's gonna be zero p. Bull dying or weathers. Can we five people getting infected? He could eat continues repeating the same mistake, and I will I will say, even for Donald Trump I find to be extraordinarily fascinating, fascinating, especially when him repeating the same mistake over and over again is costing dearly in the polls. Can you can you get us? Can you tell us about your reporting and and what the present thinking in
what is AIDS are doing to try to the curb this behavior, where the gates stopped a long time ago, trying to exert a factor, influence their presence failure in any meaningful way. They break eyes folly in that the multiple, to staff, have fallen by the wayside, remain in that pursued before but you're right I mean, I think, that he shifted his story and shifted his expectations. It here The country repeatedly. Ah, you know made this point. The numbers are horrific and what striking, when he says there are talk, about them. Well could be. Eighty five could be. Ninety could be a thousand seems so disconnected the amount of misery and grief and tragedy that that involves. Not only has that number I continue to go up and is going up by supernatural numbers of people. Each day we are seeing a thousand two thousand people die,
if we're having a new nine eleven every two days, that video from George W Bush reminds us how traumatize we war as a country. After nine eleven and Howard that president at least was now. I try to pull together but showed his own personal grief ass. He channel our Brok, Obama did the same thing after school shootings in new town. It back in, I get in trousers, after a liner when the church- were Jack, you'll, buy that white supremacist and that's something I this present had a tough time doing. You know when President Bush calls for now surely the present tromp attacks him for it you know. I think it goes against the Spirit of the man who statute he sat at the foot of the car you said you know in this country, I was divided, can't stand well. And you don't make it even after the civil war.
Was Abraham Lincoln, who saw seven hundred thousand Americans die in the war that caused him so much personally as well, who talked about with moving forward after the war, with malice towards non the backdrop that the present chose last night It was ill fitting their men and only made him look small. I found it to be especially troubling to see him do something that he's done many times in his presidency and sometimes quite effect. Way, but sitting there, the Lincoln Memorial to have him trying to do sensitize Americans to them Agnes. Two of this loss to the magnitude these numbers to spin these numbers. Like thirty five thousand deaths Forty thousand deaths wouldn't be a human catastrophe, we're at sixty plus some we're. Looking at seventy applause and his trying to sort of minimize them, which is what he did with many others. Candles in his presidency, but this is a human
has anybody. Families is an american american citizens are being traumatized by the day by this, and he wants to Delmas down to number to now. Mustn t thinking he could have done better when they are people inside that departments that were are hired to fight this, who know that we came up short, but he's saying the same thing over and over again and in it he ends every a yellow. It's going. Be zero, a word and which has we're doing a great job. It's eleven Peoples can beat around, which says we're doing a great job. Fifteen people may be down to I would says we're doing a great job. He keeps augmenting greater now he sagging a hundred thousand people could die, but they want to shop, we're doing
a great job and Mika. You brought up the number two person, the Centre for Disease Control, who actually did say late last. We're just late last week actually said that we clearly did not recognise a full implications of what was happening. Jonathan official saying something: that's isnt, Ministration official, saying something that everybody knows: administration, seniors saying something that everybody knows that seniors now and yet the present still hasn't learned his lesson. The present is still tongue out. What a great job he has done- and I can set even two weeks ago, said out that tolls can be fifty or sixty thousand and now he's found out that this is actually there than he expected well he's been learning that every day for the last several months, how many? How many times can this present learned the same lesson about more Americans die
The president will certainly never acknowledge that the United States was slow to respond to this pandemic, but there's amount of evidence, of course, that it exact that it was- and this is just the latest White House official- to acknowledge that case but you saw last night there again the prison We try to refrain issue. Try to move the goalposts on deaths, AEGIS a week or so moving from sixty five thousand now, two hundred and eighty eight thousand five hundred and ninety, or even a hundred thousand, but still trying to frame it as a good news story and success story push our last week, scholar exam that in any view on fox and friends of the president last, I pushed back on that little bits and well. We see how it turns out, but it was largely that during this town hall from the steps illegal, immoral, can a rosy outlook and try to paint an optimistic picture and even showing some impatience with some of the states. Been slow to reopen
where we are now is that is now. The debate in this nation is the pace at which certain states are going to reopen much prodding from the White House to go as quickly as possible, Perhaps hot spots hotspots like New York. Or an California, but any others, even as we see infections rise across the country and other places, even as they are dropping in places like New York, seeing the same number of total infections stay largely the same because they picked up in other spots, other less nor other, more rural, less densely populated states It is the risk, as these as as the states being reopened were seen in Georgia, there's been a tick up there we're seeing how the president last night grew angry, singled out Virginia in particular, well, the deed, natural area is still seen increase in cases. There hasn't been a slide there yet, but he is still pushing for states to move forward, and that's a lot of it, of course, is fuelled by those poles which new start to talk about the top of the show.
The administration, the political team for this president worried about his live in a lot, a battleground states and they believe that they need to reverse the comic story in to change that, even though, of course that could lead to far more Americans being infected and potentially even die before the poles are showing that the present support is sliding because of recklessness on this pandemic mediate in Georgia, the president this pandemic in taxes, the poles or that even because of his recklessness on this pandemic and make it by the way the present Spock Stan. I know he's trying to whip up. I know he's trying to whip up percent frenzy among the ten percent right now whether militias are are, armed militias r are r other conspiracy theorists, but it's a present. Said, can keep saying one to two million Americans would have died, but for
the stayed home orders, and it was also the present who put out a list of guidelines. The White House pleaded with great friend unfair right and the doctors and political people in the economist all came together. They put out a list of guidelines. If the present just tell states to follow those guidelines will be fine, but he can't do it. He cared even follow his our instructions. I can't do that in. Like a minutes time help change, the Washington Post is out with this. Weeping look at present entrance trumps. My lot months long attempts to reopen the economy amid the corona by pandemic, in interviews with eighty two administration officials, the outlines a story of desperation and dysfunction with a detailed look at what took place in the thirty four days. Between March twenty ninth went from agreed to extend social since, in guidelines to this past week,
bring that time. The post notes that tromp was so determined to extinguish the deadly virus that he repeatedly embraced. Fan secure roles and turned out both the reality that the first wave has yet significantly received and the possibility of a potentially worse. Second wave and evolve accordingly. Paper. In early April, tensions were growing between the doctors and scientists advising the response and the president's economic and political aids, despite having no ex takes in epidemiology White House, economic adviser, Heaven House it built in econometric, model to guide response operations, which was embraced inside the West wing by the president's son in LAW, Jared questioner and other powerful aids for Trump. The analysis provided justification to pivot, to where he preferred to
cheering and economic revival, rather than managing a catastrophic health crisis. Three, duration, senior administration officials tell the posts that the task force members with medical degrees, including doktor, Deborah works and Doktor Anthony Thou Chee splint. Often mid too late March and began meeting almost daily. Some of them were distressed by what one official dubbed the voodoo discussed within the broader task force This is like a sad, isn't gets Joe in terms of having a president who actually wants to manage a crisis. Verses really appealing to his basic deep seated, quite frankly, some might say, nasty instincts to try and when politically well forget about the politics of this resumed cited all we always. Maybe he care about it. Aside puts this bit again.
So maddening is that, as I have said repeatedly, Mr President, the best health care option is the best economic option He never get his best political option. You see, I have been telling you this and then your watch I've been telling you this, Mr President, now for one month to month the best health care option what's best for Americans. Health is best for the american economy because it allows small businesses to get back to. Work is best for your political standing, but you still don't get it Peter Baker. This Washington
report really does lay it out. Well, the times have done some great reports like this is well, but it talks about these fantasy cure all at the present his kept pushing. First, it was April warm weather in April, then it was Hydroxyl Chloric when Anne and then it was bleach, are disinfectants and light. In an end in those last two cases, the government, troops and administration to come out and one Americans that do it, but I loved her. They put it. Then it's really this if we can break it down to senior citizens, are like to buy this administration and governors repression where this ministration- president lying about the first wave as acting as if it's over the first wave, as we would say in Florida, it still breaking it still. Cresting different people are still dying. The present shocked he's basically doubled in two weeks time we people
It could die from this in two weeks and he's denying that a second wave is coming. It is it is. It is remarkable that the present keeps making. Mistakes who is in charge other than the present is there anybody else? Does Jared Cushion or have the presidency here two days, doktor foul to have the presence of air and more this doctor Burke's have. The present here, who has a presence here, is a unanimous present. Alas, two weeks and you been pushing the reopen you're estimates have gone from fifty thousand one hundred thousand dead in two weeks, who's talking down by the embrace talking, but it depends on how he takes the information. Look like you're right about the fall. That's an important point here, Where are we going to be at this point in September, which is important not just for his political career? Obviously the country as a whole for for these schools and campuses that want to reopen for businesses that would like to bring people back and if there is
second wave. That has anything like the first way, which historically is what we see. That's what we saw the nineteen eighteen pandemic, That not only will, as you point out be a healthcare crisis, It will also destroy confidence in the ability to combat work, inability go back out and shop and it lived life as pointing out the health crisis is connected directly to the economic crisis. You can't economy without having the public at least carpet that the health part of it He speaks as you. The present have a little bit about that last night. In the past few days he was saying wow Polly there could be. There won't be there, we'll be there, but it won't be another way when the fog there are embers will put them out as if it was simply a small bread. Last I need to say well, it could be a fire fire. I think that's what the help experts have been channel. It couldn't be. It may not be just embers, it could be a fire doktor out. She has been put on record, saying that it could be
a very serious threat in a second wave and small, and that's what he worries about as were eager to reopen our own life Adrian, our we're gonna be talking about the the Joe Biden story a little bit later on. There's a lot of developments there, but in terms of president trumps attempts here on the narrative. How is he lining up against Joe Biden in terms of approach to corona virus, our Americans, responding to that the internet make in. This is one of the reasons why you're seeing independent voters swing towards Joe Biden Suburban swing swaying turned Joe Biden, that is exact make a why you're staying Texas, tied right now, Donald Trump and Joe Biden tied in Texas. That is a monumental specially six months out before the election, Americans are within trust and confidence that trunk can handle this. This pandemic
and they are worried about the economy and they were seen millions and millions of Americans file for unemployment every single week, Fortunately, I dont see this trajectory ending anytime. Soon I don't make any of the steel, and that is exactly you're saying voters in the Dallas suburbs, the Houston suburbs, San Antonio suburbs, there's a lot of suburban voters in Texas, and that is why your singing swinging course are also North Carolina. Job there's leaning in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, key crucial statesmen, of course, Florida, which Virtually the Joe bind the pebbles points up in Florida, and a lot of that have to do with the fact that Donald Trump is also losing support. Among older white voters, who really helped propel Hammond twenty. Sixteen.
You know John Harmon few would have guessed this even a month ago, even with this pandemic raging, because I think few people expected the president to continue to mishandled this crisis as much as he did. But you have Joe Biden, Donald Trump tied in Georgia, Joe Biden and Donald Trump tied in taxes, Donald Trump, losing fighting in North Carolina losing to Biden in Florida losing badly to buy men, Pennsylvania, losing to Biden in Michigan losing to buy and in just about every swing state What does Biden do moving forward? What does what? What did? I would ask what is Donald Trump to moving forward, but again he he doesn't seem to be able to control himself at all and and I am just wondering here we are in may- and a lot of people say well.
The way to early- but I still remember the two thousand twelve story- wrote about how Barack Obama deferred find Mitt Romney in such a way in May, that Romney never recovered from the right think it'll go a talk. Show too to the too smart to two people who have been at the core of been re election campaigns, why our political, directors and campaign managers in in reelections right, so Obama twice a portion of clinic in any nine, just the ninety six presence in our lifetime right all of them will tell you that all three of those races in those relax had pressed. Who were struggling in very sways they were a little bit below fifty percent or or maybe a little bit more, the below fifty percent in their approval ratings. All of them. Deeply concerned about their bosses, ability to win. All of them ended up winning, and winning clear
close races, but not will blow out making any six with Clinton. A very close rates would push in two thousand for a close to a blow Obama and Romney, two thousand and twelve. Of them say is that the biggest miss Standing that we all have. Even people are sophisticated politics is that we think that the campaign is fought, the fall and what they all say is that for their bosses, when they won reelection, they won the election in the spring that Bill Clinton defined Bob Doll in the spring of nineteen. Eighty six is what one the race for Brooklyn that George W Bush Lighting John Kerry in the spring of two thousand and four as well? one the reelection for four George W Bush. Definitely the thing you just mention the job at the Obama people, defining Mitt Romney in the spring of two thousand twelve, the race. In all of those incumbent, relax words of terminal, What happened in the spring, the state of the country, the organ? that were made by comments who turned the race
from a referendum on them into a choice between them and and a How did that they rendered unacceptable in the public eye now we come forward to twenty twenty. We are spring again, and what you're seeing cried the poles. Are you just cited across the board? the fundamental issue: that's gotta face these two candidates This fall the question of the corona virus and and send troops handling of it is the races slipping away from Donald Trump, I'm not trying to say he can't win trying to say that if its history is a guide, this races determined right now, not after Labour Dave in return and now and if that's true and that pattern holds then the presents people. We deeply concerned about what's happening right now, because views of him in with respect to this central issue or hardening right now and the buyer, have been isn't even having to do very much to make it happen. That's really worrying situation for president drop. I will get have much
more head on that sweeping Washington Post analysis. What exactly did those internal Paul number show that had the president reportedly erupt in anger, at his campaign manager, one of the reporters for the peace, Costa, be? Our gas at worry? Threaten the soup for five hours had come last by a tutor margin. Americans give far better marks to the way governors are handling the crisis. First, the president will talk to one of those state leaders when Republican MIKE the wine of Ohio joins the conversation, you're watching morning, Joe we'll be right back, hey everyone, it's true, mainly emissions, see corresponding and host of the new pact into America in earliest episode NBC? news senior financial, reporter Gretchen organs in looks at the state of me. Street in America, small businesses have been struggling since two thousand eight but crisis. Now the corona virus pending has put millions more at risk. The federal
it is trying to step in, but the need is overwhelming, can mainly survive. This crisis subscribe for free where you get your packets, I'm sure, mainly posted into America, apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go. Into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work, and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart asked about everyday people and a power that politics policy and a pandemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday it there's day now to laugh. Follow up to our exclusive interview on Friday morning, Joe with Joe Biden, where he responded for the first time a camera to the end, nation by terror reed, who briefly worked essay, doubt persistent and Biden Senate office who claims
I'd and sexually assaulted. Her back in ninety ninety three red says not remember the exact time date or location of the assault, but that it occurred in an empty poor doors somewhere in the capital complex I The former vice president tough questions, because voters deserve to know the truth, and perhaps now more than ever in this me to era, facts matter. Would you please go on the record with the american people? Did you? actually assault terror, Reed It is not true, I'm sorry, equivocally never never happened. Didn't it never happened Do you remember her? Do you or any any types of complaints that she might have made
I don't remember any type of complaint she may have made? It was twenty seven years ago, and I don't remember, nor does anyone else, and unaware of the fact is that I don't remember I don't remember any complaint ever having been made. Have you or your campaign have you reached out to her I have not reached out terrorist twenty seven years ago. This never happened and when she first made the claim, we made it clear that it never happened and Is this your Senate documents at the University of Delaware, we're supposed to go public, and then they were re sealed the access was changed. I know that you are saying any hr. Complaints could be in the national archives, but why not reveal your turn? It doc. Hence that are being held in Delaware and no there's eighteen hundred plus boxes? But if it's
She believes and she alleges that the complaints may be hidden there. Why not strive for complete transparency? Why was the access those documents sailed. When they were supposed to be revealed, firstly reveal very I gave me university University said is going to take some time to go through all the boxes. They said it wouldn't be now wouldn't be before twenty twenty data twenty twenty one I can remedy, or they said what look I reckon like this- can only be one place. It would be it
and would not be the inertia Delaware. My archives do not contain personal files. My archives contain document, and I said so, I say personal personnel file sale, containing personnel files, their public wreckers. My speeches, my papers, my position papers and in that document existed to be stored in the national archives were documents from the office. She claims to have filed a complaint with our stored. That's where, though they are stored, the controls archive. So I'm asking this section of the sentence in day to day five, whether any such documents exist. If it does make it public, if you could speak directly to terror rate, about her claims or anything, but what you say this never ever happened. I dont know what is motivated her I dont know what I don't know behind any of it
it's a relevant and never happened. It never happened period. They guys Willie, guys dear reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed were inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for free wherever you download yours since our exclusive interview on Friday, there have been a number of developments. First, read reportedly had a plan d interview with Chris Wallace Unfair Sue Sunday, but cancel that because of what she does, two NBC News as security concerns Fox NEWS spokesperson, said, the network had never confirm the interview. Reader
so told the Associated Press. In an interview after my Friday, questioning of Joe Biden about what my I do not have been in the limited report. She says she file by day in a medium post. Just before our interview and again I in a medium post, just before our interview and again during his excluded, any record of the complaint she allowed identify and release any record of the complaint she alleged to have filed the interview RE told the AP that what she had filed was a limited report that did not explicitly accuse them of sexual assault or harassment, the AP reports that Red says that in the report she described her issues with Biden, but quote the main word I used, and I know I didn't use sexual harassment. I used uncomfortable I remember retaliation.
NBC News reported on April twelfth back on April twelfth Reed said she had complained of harassment, but didn't legend assault and in a text message embassies Ally Vitaly on Saturday after the, have you read, wrote quote I filed a complaint or a regarding show harassment and retaliation, but I'm not sure what explicit words on that intake for until. We all say it again: a p had interviewed Reed last year, when Reed was one of eight women who came forward, then with allegations that fight and had made them feel uncomfortable with what they felt was unwanted and inappropriate. Touching Biden has acknowledged those complaints, and he has promised to be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future. During one of the April. Twenty nineteen interviews with the Ap Reed said that fine rubbed her shoulders and neck and played with her hair. She said she was
asked by an aid and Biden Senate office to dress more concern. But and told don't be so sexy she's. Then of Biden. I wasn't scared of him that he was going to take me in a room or anything. It wasn't that kind of five retail Ba but she was reluctant to share details of the assault. During her initial conversations with reporters here ago, because she was scared of backlash and still coming to terms with what happened to her. She made the specific like allegation of sexual assaults against Biden for the first time this year around the time he became the presumptive democratic presidential nominee, the p d avert additional transcripts and notes from its twenty nineteen interviews, with real that pertain to the Senate reports, she claims shape filed according to a trance two of her twenty nineteen interview, Reed, said: quote: they have
counselling office or something- and I think I walked in their ones. But then I chickened out Friday. The AP asked her about that continent and Reed said she was referring to having chickened out by filing for harassment or assault, nations against Biden in multiple interviews with AP on Friday Red insisted she file than intake format, the Senate Personnel Office, which included her contact information, the office that she worked for, and some broad details of her issues with Biden on Saturday RE told the AP there may have been a box on the form noting a sexual harassment complaint, but remember and wouldn't know, ashore. Until she saw the form Reed says she doesn't have a copy of report. The AP notes that essentially readers suggesting that even
report services with its surface surfaces. It would not corroborate her assault allegations thickish. He chose not to detail then at the time one other note on the formal complaint she says she filed this from it We see nuisance reporting back in April twelfth federal law at the time set forth procedures for allegations of harassment or discrimination in employment. On the basis of gender, which would have included a hearing by aboard and independent officers. No such process initiated by reads, complaint Some more now on, read changing were story. From a year ago, in twenty nineteen she accused abiden of inappropriate touching, but not of assault. The near times. Reports that Red first told the paper last year that Mr Binding had publicly stroked her neck wrapped is There is his heir and turn ways that made her feel uncomfortable, but then waited until this.
Last march to add significant, as it has raised, by the way that matched up with wife a now they're Bernie Sanders supporter had said Last year, the allegations against Joe Biden to go up in twenty nineteen. She also spoke with the union. A local newspaper California were reported, quote, Alex and you're a tower Reed said that in ninety ninety three she was in her mid twenties when Biden Venison from Delaware touched her several times making feel uncomfortable reads at her responsibilities in the office were produced after she refused serve drinks at an event really, later said she didn't discuss the assault allegation because she was scared and not quite ready, I wanted to share the whole thing, but at the same time I was too scared red, told box. I just wasn't quite ready. One note on the timing of this allegation beforehand. Her assault allegation, Reed
Bernie Sanders supporter and an opponent of Joe Biden, NBC News reports that, after previously supporting Marian Williamson and Elizabeth worn in twenty twenty worries. Reed was a constant presence on twitter. After binds huge super choose showing tweeting and retweeting pro Bernie Sanders and Anti Biden messages, it wasn't until after Sanders loss in Michigan on March fifteen that she tweeted violence, harassment and touching, but not the alleged sexual assault. Two days or she tweeted about harassment and quote more and then, on March, twenty fifth, she treated her interview with a progressive podcast toast her first reference on with to the assault allegation. Multiple media outlets, including NBC News. The New York Times and business insider have reported that five people have said that red
hold them about her concerns regarding Centre Biden the nineteen nineties. We told you on four that on April twenty fourth video emerged of an unnamed woman. That Red says is her mother calling into a ninety. Ninety three broadcasts of CNN Larry King live devoted. Examining the culture of Washington DC, the woman plain her daughter had run into unspecified problem with a U S, senator she did not give a name. Last week, one of the five former neighbour of reeds, went on the record by name thatching for her telling business insider that re told her her account of being assaulted roughly two to three years after the alleged account this insight reports. The person is a Democrat who intends to vote widen this year, and busy news contacted this same woman and the details of what she told NBC News that Red told her do match reads account
NBC News has also spoken with red multiple times since she came forward with the assault allegation and has also spoken with five people who read said she shared there. Degrees of detail over time. Three of those people said on the record that they do not recall any such conversation with Red, a fourth person who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Said RE told her about alleged assault at the time. Her in person who two spoke with NBC News anonymously recall that red older? In the mid two thousands that Biden had it been inappropriate and touched her when she worked in his office, but that she didn't mention anything about it. SALT Reed said that she also told her mother, who has since died, and her brother Who has told the intercept that he remembers having been told about an incident at the time, it's worth noting that reads brother first
Some news organisations that, at the time, sister said she had been harassed by Biden but then went back to ITALY. The Washington Post and ABC News to clarify that she told them. Was an assault. And basic news has now also spoken with fourteen people who worked in violence, various offices at the time of reeds alleged assault, four of them declined to comment Oh said that did not remember much about red specifically and none of the former staffers said they had heard any complaints about binds behaviour during their time in his office, our times, reports that, in the course of its investigation, no their allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of reporting, nor did any former Biden staff members corroborate any details of delegation the times. No pattern of, Actual misconduct by buying the New York
arms. Editorial porridge rode on Friday evening that the Democratic National Committee should move to investigate them swiftly and thoroughly with the full cooperation of the binding campaign Also on Friday, after my questioning of Joe Biden, a number of women's groups came out with statements about the allegation. Nero and Emily's list delivered a joint statement which reads in part. It is critical that women be heard that be allowed to tell their stories without personal attacks or a system that shuts them down. Today Joe Biden addressed terror reads claims voters does the chance to hear from buying, especially given. How much is it in this election, and today they did. This debate is about Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and that tromp has now most critical in our lifetime. They go on two points, that voters have a choice between Joe by and Donald Trump, and that tromp has.
Never addressed the multiple credible allegations of sexual assault against him planned parenthood statement reads in part quote: we are glad to see Vice President Biden taken needed first step addressing this issue had on. We now look to bite and to continue to put this conversation, and our country forward an time's up said in part we have reached. Pivotal moment in our nation when candidates for president are accused of sexual assault. Today, vice President Joe Biden sat down, and directly address the allegation against him. With the theory, business. It deserves something that the current president has never done. No longer can lines like this go ignored. Vice president Joe Biden needed address tower reads: allegation. Today we call for a complete transparency into this claim and the multiple claims against President Donald Trump. It should be noted that tromp has
nine, each of the allegations against him as for Weather allegation like this- would have come up. All Biden was being vetted to be President Obama's vice President Andrei Mitchell spoke with William Jeffreys, the lawyer, who led the team investigating Biden for the Obama campaign and, according to suppress the background, check, included any kind of ethical, Miss Connell including sexual misconduct and found no. Heard so many complaints of any kind of harassment, sexual harassment discriminate nor any misconduct of any kind against then Senator Biden, there are many curious aspects as well regarding this matter in tone seventeen Red praised, Joe Biden, several times for his actions in helping stop sexual assault, red light and retweeted several posts praising his work in this area and that same year she tweeted other.
Compliments of Biden, including my own boss, speaks truth. Listen she also liked it's a Biden praising Obama and a tweet that congratulated for receiving the presidential metal of freedom, and one last item as a pretence. This story, the maid, and posts that rail road and twenty eighteen were she heaped praise Vladimir Putin in one. She wrote quote: President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness, his sensuous image projects, his love for life, environment of grace wall facing adversity later set. These comments were taken out of context as part of a novel. She was riding It also wrote an article in twenty eighteen stating that she left Washington ass. She was sick of American parallelism and because She loved Russia with all her heart, the boat
so now deleted. Renault Ride. A light today just hear what should take away well. First of all, I think what port here to keep in mind, is that Joe Biden KIT this head on he took he sat for a very In our view, we can you make a Brzezinski aunt and took every question directly. Did didn't deny didn't, didn't try to not answer questions had every question had on. He also was very, very respectful of mistreatment and even question or motivations. He didn't quite and why she was coming forward. He just unequivocally- and I think it very credible denied that he ever did this you know, anybody also took a transparent stab of going to the Senate and saying please look through these records and You can find anything. You know that you know what would be a she filed and we this is twenty seven years ago and certainly not com.
That a United States senator after leaving office would keep personnel record. So he went to the Senate and asked them look through those records. I don't know what more vice President Biden can do right now and I think also it's very important, and I applaud guys for laying out the facts. The way you did and taking the time to do that because context here matters and if we don't look at both sides. It is argued a way out of banks and oftentimes. That's what crew allows story to take on a life of their own in over six months away from the election stories House you have the ability to take on a life of their own, especially on social media, so very Wharton that we lay out the facts. But again, I think Joe Biden Handle analyse very effectively something else to keep mind about Joe Biden. American voters trust him. His trust members are out. There were far candidate running for the presidency, certainly much and Donald Trump. So that means when comes out and makes a statement when he says something voters but leave him
That is a very important element to keep in mind, as the story goes on Probably why Joe Biden is crushing Donald Trump in so many states, and why Joe Biden has even even in Texas in Georgia and across the country, this weekend yesterday morning, Dowd wrote in her column about this and also about the need to movement and she reference to Brett, Cavanaugh and Al Franklin suggesting there had been overstepped. Send Moraine wrote this as it then revolution. There was some over reaction when liberals heralded the idea that all women must be believed it made me went wrote morning doubt the suggested, every woman who alleges sexual assault is this. The ball is. The next is absurd. The idea that Women can ever be wrong. Just hurts women
who has ever been lied to by people of both genders. Half the human race is female, Peter Baker. It seems that, as we move through this Joe Biden, story. We are going to see the Democratic Party having debate within itself and in the lot of media outlets. Having a debate about these standards, what should be applied to Joe Biden? What should newspapers do? What should media outlets do differently than they did during the bright cavern? The banks are afraid of the eye. The growth rate very uncomfortable position for a lot of Democrats put in that's, who were very strong on on opposing bread Cavanaugh just a couple years ago and have made the case on other This is about sexual, his conduct Shirley, taken on prison, tromp on that day, is uncomfortable and back for the trunk campaign. In some ways, because you have
politicians growing after and Knowledge Joe Biden but every Democrat who support Joe Biden saying you know who do you believe and then do believe tired? You take her seriously the way you said it where women should be taken seriously when they make allegations of the sort, and then you are the president himself say, but you know why citing inside level with Joe Biden saying, I've been accused, falsely and therefore joke quite as Canada, and put the message there from the front. Anyone have it both ways: the present himself, who has been accused by so many women. You know talking about the likelihood of allegations exactly his case. Any other policies, on the other hand, trying to press there. A bad job essence makes for a very ugly situation, obviously, polarized and and and partisan, mayberry, partisan and people are seeing these things through their partisan land people who believe in Joe Biden dont want to build this outcome, who look at his record on support for women's rights in and various sir
sexual saw legislation and so forth care. I don't want to except this and are looking for reasons to doubt. Attire reads: account same time. Of course, Republicans are pressing it from their own political advantage, and it's a stir it I'll get it. Hard to know where to fall down on it if you're somebody wants take. These allegations very seriously by them is very difficult for Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters. It is because, of course, the twenty one women. I believe it's twenty one that we recounted on Friday have accused Donald Trump of either sexual harassment or sexual assault, and of course, you have Donald Trump on tape bragging on that says Hollywood type of sexually assaulted women, because he's famous says he can get away with it. So John Ohio men, make his interview, obviously on Friday, drew a lot of attention on curing. Three days later with everything that is
between then, and now, where do you put the story? Wait, wait, wait. What is your? What's your takeaway right now on the impact on the campaign, If we can, I think that that is, I think, a consensus view of a lot of democrats- and I think it's important to remember that is one of the most important dynamics here is that before by this interview on Friday is much of the incoming as much of the criticism one of those supporting dynamics. Here is that before binds interview on Friday, that is much of it incoming as much of the criticism he was facing about people who want Hear from him who said he needed to address this The noise level was as much coming from the left or more potentially coming from the left, as it was from the right, the right obviously trying to stop this, as Peter just said, for political ends. But also Sandra supporters, one, the laugh and that's a difficult position for a campaign to be an when you're getting attacked by both here
ostensible allies in the Democratic Party, as well as your opponents of the republican side. So I think a lot of Democrats that show, by FR. I gave a lot of Democrats reasons to feel reassured, he ass. They had often all the ways daydream drew and so on. I think that there are a couple thing throughout standing. One of them is, I think, given all of the voluminous complexities and contradictions make it just laid out at the top of this block? I think it makes it all the more essential for its why protect areas get out to go on camera and- and I think in the same way, as I said on on products that hearing Joe Biden was essential. I think now we in order to resolve a lot of these matters, to hear that not just to hear. Why Her story is in a clear, straightforward way and also for her have to address some of the contradictions and and and new ones. Of the story. It's all the more essential if she wants to be taken seriously vertical out and and and addressed
on Cameroon, the lasting I'll say, is this Joe? You mentioned this and make it too. I think that is important all the contextual things that I did I think about here. I really think that you know that two thousand eight. I know I wrote a book about this that you have the two thousand. Campaign, I know what the betting of the vice presidential nominees was lighted, the Obama White and thereby campaign, and I know that that its heart To imagine that the Obama better would have missed this? If there was a complaint filed, nice they said it, I think it's almost inconceivable that they would have missed that complaint, and complaint it Ben there that it would have that it would not have been a central question, probably disqualifying providing and Everyone is now come forward, attested to that betting, assets and everything that my reporting suggested at the time was that there was never a problem. Kind that came up around Bob, and I think that may not be dispositive into the pretty important piece of historical context. I think we're leaving it.
I think of everything that we ve heard over the past three days. That is as puts puts things into context as well as anything else, because we ve all heard then certainly certainly two thousand eight two thousand twelve an end throughout time. We ve all heard of potential vice presidential candidates disqualified, because the excruciating investigations that usually take place during the time between some, Please consider vice president and the time that somebody is selected, as vice President Ireland. Thank you so much greatly appreciate it Peter Baker. We thank. You is well thanks, a lot for being with us an editorial ride. Thank you so much as well just pay, it's crazy,
this week in my podcast wisest happening. While we talk you with my friend Heather Maggie about the book she's writing about how american racism ends up, hurting us all societies that has a public health system that is highly functioning, well coordinated and well resourced. Are obviously going to do better in a public health crisis, and we resisted that in the richest country on the planet in large part for the past one hundred years because of racism that this week- and why is this happening? search for. Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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