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The Justice Department is dropping criminal charges against Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser.

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really safe and all of us here at our show wishing you safety and good health. I also think it sad that nowadays, these partisan feelings are so strong that people have lost any sense of justice, said dishonest crooked people, their scum, and I say it a lot- this come the yeoman scum, attorney general, William BAR then loan a lack of civility as the president attacks the agency that bar foresees water morning good morning, Welcome to morning Joe, it is Friday, May eight along with show willing and me we have former. U S senator now and and we see no reason. Msnbc political analysts, Clare, Macao, scholar great morning too, Claire back on were given. Everything really is, and you know we're gonna we're getting bar approving once and for all that he really is Donald Trump shrilly cone, daddy's corrupt
that he doesn't care that the whole world knows he's corrupt. That's that's! That's been established I'm a time began. It certainly was established yesterday, but before we before, that much is really quickly Willie, just sort of set up where we are right now the news overnight that The president of the United States at Tromp Administration actually once again stopped there, for disease control. In trying to protect Americans, we saw that this and earlier in the week where the White House tossed out some predictions about, how many deaths there might be using trumpet meant duration. Facts yesterday the CDC set out guidelines and they wanted the guidelines. You gotta schools, restaurants, churches and other community estate. Which means that help them safely reopen there
strides in their businesses and and to save lives will drop drop killed it. And that's just cite the White House Willie time and again forgetting Donald from specifically forgetting the own guidelines that he passed through that he sees it gave to the american people with the help of doktor finality and doktor bergs we're guidelines that would help open businesses and a safe way, but he Its pushing and weakened because of this the real when businesses is an unsafe way that cause second wave of debts that will cause the death of a lot more senior citizens who apparently he's I need a just sacrifice. So the stock market might go a couple point and where's, the second shut down, which you and I both know, will cause just tens
thousands of small businesses to go bankrupt and out of bit, when that happens, but said many times in the last couple of months. We understand the impulse to get people back to work, to get those small business is up and running, but this is the weak, the president, explicitly just came out and said: I'm moving on I'm turning the page enough is enough. We ve got to get people back to work, unfortunately, that testing the science, the public health side of it has not caught up to where he is. He wants it to go away member. He said it was gonna magically disappear. Well now, closing his eyes and clicking his heels and hoping it will go away. So he can get on not just with this economy, for the people, but for his own presidency and his re election Every public health official, those CDC guidelines doktor fallacy that their books would tell him that these places are not ready to go as far as he would like to go in terms of reopening the economies. As you say, it will make the problem worse,
but he has arrived at a place where he can't stand watching this anymore. He can't stand watching what's happening this presidency and he is right to move on. Why no words about politics and it's not health safety. And it's really not about the economy. Because he's going to make the economy even worse. By doing this, you know they say one thing meagre that was correct when he said he, was going to open up the United States that open up these businesses try to force these businesses to open up. I think a lot of them aren't going through cuz. They don't want to die and I don't want. Their customers that I, but he said quote there will be more deaths. Yes, we can open up the economy and quote there will be more deaths. This coming from the party of life
the party of life it puts children in cages. I don't think so any any suggestion that this parties, this party, a party of life is laughable. At this point, when you have all done, drop. It seems so many of Donald Trump supporters in I shall now are just brazenly saying that a senior citizens life is not as valuable as it. From somebody in their thirties are their forties. I could list name. I don't have to their all out. There they are the hunger, their party of life, they are a party The bottom line they are party of the stock market but he says there is a party of life because they want to protect life for a child is born but night after the seniors, their debts are not tragic. Death of a thirty or forty year old are in Texas, looting.
Governor going out and saying, oh, you know why were willing to sacrifice ourselves willing to die of the stock market can go up now. Now there and if you look at Paul after pull after poll I can understand how serious this is, and this morning, as we wake up over seven The thousand Americans dead more begins now have died from the corona virus, which Donald from said, with mad we go away in April then died in civilian. That's in world war. Two during the blitz of London during the bat of London during Hitler's Nazis bombing of the London people well and to your point, show in just a few minutes. We're gonna be shown, viewers really a step by step. Look at the past- thence words as the virus. Ravaged country, and you can work twenty saying versus the death toll, it will be a very striking look and how he.
Has not led us through this with so our interesting that today's assembly, fifth anniversary of victory in Europe Day and and and we get there Britain there are allies, get there by talking about sex vice by understanding how difficult it was going to be ensured, chill never once hesitated the british people and nineteen forty, how difficult it as in other lives, for we have a president that been pollyanna from the very beginning, from the very saying now. It's just one person soon will be zero. It's eleven people soon will be zero. Its fifteen people soon will be zero. Can imagine go away in April. Don't worry about it, you republican senators. You need to just relax everything's going to be fine, seventies thousand dead and We have a lot more, but you don't know exactly how many more we're going to have, because the CDC tried to put out those guidelines. Last week, the president killed at this
these. He try to tell you and your family how to safely go back into society. The president kill that he doesn't want you to know the truth. He doesn't work You didn't know how to stand and watch your morning at its not just somewhat. The president says that striking it's what he hasn't done, every step of the way Many sea adds up to negligence, one comes to dealing with this crisis. We're gonna get more on these letters developments with the corona virus in just a moment. But first we also have a about a five minute. Radio montage of what's happened over the past is I'm really spells out his words for assists the reality is striking, and that will have that for you, just a moment, wretched first, the Justice Department has dropped charges against former now security, adviser, Michael Flynn, who sought for months to withdraw his guilt. Plea for lying to the FBI as part of special Council Robert Mothers, of russian interference in twenty
Our fear is twenty. Sixteen election in Le Cord filing the d o J r doing its case, including notes from FBI agents that we're agents that were publicly disclosed last week flint. January, seventeen, the FBI, interview that led to the prosecution Quote- was until there too and unjustified by the FBI, is counter intelligence investigation into Mr Flynn and conducted with out any legitimate investigative basis, while the you as attorney for the District of Columbia, Timothy, Shea added, continued protection of this case would not serve the interests of just ass. She was the only Eu Us attorney to the filing, which drew considerable criticism from career. Secures the line, prosecutor, Brandon Van racked with
through from the case shortly before the Justice Department argued it could not prove the charges Willie their lawyers. I Hain t can't prove charges that here we are it made to twice in open court. He play guilty twice, Donald Trump forced Donald that he has no was forced, Donald Trump he had no other choice. Donald Trump said I had fire general plan, He lied to the vice president. He lied to the FBI. There's Donald Trump in tweet. Specifically saying I had them via because he lie. The vice president and the F B, I he has played multi to those lies December. Second, two thousand seventeen Willie, this is a shameful day for the Department of Justice and that shame lies squarely on turning general yours. I didn't care, while general
should say again to our audience, because urban so much happened since then that General Flynn pleaded guilty twice to lie. Investigators he pleaded guilty. So we have what, in this case process Peters withdrawing a case in which they had already won two guilty? Please, which will talk, declare Mc Caskey woman I can about whether or not she seen that before her career as a prosecutor but attorney General William BAR did defend. The reversal of the Flynn prosecution yesterday during an interview with CBS News, a kind not be established here. They did not have a basis for a count intelligence investigation against Flynn. At that stage, does the fact remains that he lied? Well, people sometimes plead to things that turn out, not be crimes which should Americans take away from your actions in the flint case today, I want to make sure that we restore
Confidence in the system there's only one standard of justice. Are you doing the present spitting non doing laws bidding? You know you're going to take a lot of income, as they say in the military. For for this decision unprepared. For her I also think it sad that Nowadays, these partisan feelings are so strong that people have lost any sense of justice when history looks back, on this decision. How do you think it will be written well history is written by the winners are sergeant depends on whose writing history. And there you go- was that it's written by the winners that tells you all you need to know might makes right the rule, Why does it matter? and Bore says that it SAM that that people being partisan, sickened fashion, he's being partners, and this is
winning a baseball game and in the nineties, the like putting a double adder and then words going we give up we'll let you go. Will let you guys have this when, when the fact is again he plead guilty twice in the the precedent that is set here, that it is ok to lie to the FBI about foreign policy matters is absolutely astounding that president will be followed because Donald Trump and are going to run out of town six months from now, they're gonna be shamed for the rest of their lives, not that they matter not that it matters to them. How much shames going to be heaped upon their shoulders? For for this, all its decision fight. You know that The message that it sends to the next American who lies to the FBI but then gets thrown in jail thing and we went to second, I thought the presence atoms, ok, delighted that Ba
present setters, ok to lie when, when you're being investigated Yeah. I mean that smile that ran across William BAR attorney General bars face when he said the winners write, history, sort of tells the whole story right there. He got what he wanted out of this. We should also point out that Timothy, shady interim. U S attorney, who withdrew. The case is a long time. Those aid to William BAR who was installed in January of this year casket. As I mentioned, not only were United States Senator before that you a prosecutor, I just one, read to you what the what the prosecution said they could not prove his admitted lies. Flint admitted lies to the FBI about conversations with Russia with it I should ambassador worm. Cereal- they couldn't prove that there were material, so their base conceding that, yes, he pleaded guilty. He said twice that he lied to investigators, but we don't believe they were material. Material. Your broad view of this ruling here and this decision one
Really big deal her seen anything like this I've, never seen someone please guilty to crimes, and then the press Cuter, based play saying we're going or more gonna make it all go away for you and in it, is remarkable because what really is sending a message? Is that the President lie to the american people over and over again, he has conducted himself in a way that it's ok to lie president, the United States we use big deal when the president lied. Ninety more. We just assume he's gonna lie every day now we taken it a step further now is it not only ok for the president to lie? Remember american people: it's ok! for the american people to lie. That is remarkable and what its it is remarkable and what it says about this for a minute: the politics of this. Obviously, this discussed with the President
and his team saw it six months from the election and they don't Think it's gonna hurt him with his supporters. They dismiss a case in essence where someone is planned guilty. I mean this is, This says a lot about the hold the Donald Trump has on certain segment of our country. I just in I'm stunned that this is occur, and I think about the line prosecutors, the career prosecutors, You know when you are they elected prosecutor, as I was in Kansas City or as bar is for the whole country. You have them first think about constitution and the truth, and then you have to think about your team. You have to think about this hi agents in the thousands of prosecutors out there doing their best. Today. He has just said that's bran in the news
Brian also NBC News corresponded Julie, angel in former chief of staff at the CIA in Department of Defense, NBC News, national security, analysed Jeremy Julia, you ve covered this just its environment very closely over the years. Just put the pieces gather for us here. Michael Flynn plead guilty. This new interim. U S attorney is installed Timothy share who, as I said, it was a closer to William BAR and now here we are a few months later, with that case being withdrawn, despite two guilty, please write valuable level seeing, is a slow unravelling very methodically, traveling believe that William BAR has been doing of them investigation and he's done that since today he took office as it in general we saw him make decisions not to pay acute when Mahler, let that open ended. He said That Congress should not decide that, even though it soon that mother wanted leave the question obstruction to Congress and then, most recently in the fall we solve
bar, going against the inspector general of the Justice Department and start to tease out the results of this independent investigation an independent investigation that William BAR is set up from John Durham thing that that a criminal investigation in that he believes that John Durham will find bias that led to the opening of this investigation. In the first place, what became the Malerba education, so we ve seen him the more cold water on this again and again, this is impressive. And something I want to point out as well as this judge. That's where I'm watching now Judge Emmett Sullivan has been very independent and he has not hidden how we feel about when I was going back to twenty eighteen teen, the first day where we thought we're gonna get a synonym for Michael Flynn. Instead, Flint decided to delay B. The judge seem to be so upset with him. He said I can not high My disdain and my discussed for the crimes committed here soon
We have to see, even though the Justice Department has as filed this want to withdraw the case that still up to I've Sullivan, Judge Sullivan has also been very entire, drunken restoration policies on other things he overruled than attorney General Jeff Sessions Honours Asylum ban. This is a judge that is not afraid to go against the girl, and to make his opinions known so make a loss. Wrote this. Based on this position. The justice department at eight took an even greater leap. That is perfectly legal for a public official tools. Through his teeth repeatedly to FBI agents who show up the interview him and that's specifically what bar argued in the brief, and I don't see how any judge allows us to stab. So
then from told reporters that he brought up the rush investigation with russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday, but the official white, read out of the call doesn't mention that, instead, it says the two spoke to commemorate these seventy fifth anniversary of great in Europe Day and discuss the global pandemic among other issues? Here's what the president said on what he told Putin about the Russia investigation. They are a very important nation the most powerful nation. There are very powerful nation. Why would we be dealing with each other, but the Russia hoaxes absolute These hoax made it very difficult for our nation and their nation to deal, and we just just NED. I said you know it's a very appropriate time because they falling out now and coming in line showing
a hoax, this all investigation was it was a total disgrace and wouldn't be surprised. If you see a lot of things happen over the next number of weeks, This is just one piece of a very decide this puzzle. You know say, hoaxes many times, Z, he wants to say hoaxing hasn't, doesn't change the fact that he would be sitting in jail right now. If you weren't pray, the United States and their warrant a corrupt attorney general. He committed one act of fraction of justice after another Robert Mahler, sad I can't get to that is as far as whether he be charged in the criminal complaint because he's president of the- I states and Justice Department guidelines. Don't allow you to do that, but make no mistake of it. Donald Trump committed one crime after another, Yo Yo
you you may not want to hear it may make maybe you're Revere relatives. I don't want to hear it will be in the history. Books It lays out perfectly as an obstruction of this case and, of course, can call it a hoax Ali. Once we get the clothes we'll get the quote. There's one quota for otherwise Donald Trump. It merits that he committed obstruction of justice That would throw either you or me in jail. If we had done the same thing, you know Jeremy, so fascinating. That Flynn. He lies about a meeting with ambassador tromp, soggy important about this case being dismissed. It reminded me, and I went back to look that may have to face. Seventeen to remember, that same russian ambassador was in the White House, and the foreign minister was in the White House, but they wouldn't let anymore
can press in the White House, and this was what Donald Trump said to them. Actions on that day. I just I heard the head of the F B. I he was crazy. A real nice job, I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's been taken. The present the United States, admitting that the FBI Investigation on him act properly with Russia caused him great pressure. I face great pressure because of Russia. That's been, can off the presents our mediately running to the Russian for Minister immediately running to the rush. Master and bragging. Then he fired the director of the to stop the Russia thus he so stupid.
Didn't realize you really you just so stupid, realize it if you fire the director of the FBI, because he's investigating new because of our dealings with Russia everybody's lying about in your entire administration. That is going to cause America, american people, the want more investigate and so we are as it comes full circle, he hires is corrupt. Roy come his corrupt. Roy Coun gets rid of throws out a case where the guy has blood guilty twice we're Donald Trump has said: I had a fire gins liar. He lied to the its present about his meeting with the Russians. Here. Did they FBI about it, meeting with the Russians he's such a liar? I had to fire him yesterday, bar decides to throw out that case Trump celebrate. Calls talks to the Russians
get on the other side of this bragging, like you did about firing the FBI director yesterday asking about how his corrupt Roy Coun through a case of business security, visor lying to the FBI, about contacts with Russia. Jeremy. Where do we began? the rush investigation, joke, seems quaint. At this point it was superseded by the crane scandal which led to the present impeachment unethical virus scandal, but just to look back again: origins of the rush investigation, career counter intelligence, career law enforcement professionals, we're looking russian Interference in the twenty sixteen election to benefit Donald Trump and once Queer professionals blew the whistle on that. The Obama Restrained sanction Russia for that interference and the very next moment what happened the income,
Transition team of the President by my Flynn call the Russians and said, don't worry about it, don't say a thing we're gonna. Take care of. You sanctions are going to be lifted, and so, when the F B, I was investigating this whole matter and they learn of those conversations. They actually went to ask my point about this, and he for them. He untruthful. He lied directly to the FBI. Now we know what he lied about, we noticed setting. We know the context for we see don't know even to this day. Joe, is why why the trumpet, t want cover up the fact that they relaxing sanctions on the Russians, what in that secret channel that we still don't know to this day, and I think questions have yet to be answered. So, yes, I can yes filing, which was a de facto pardon President of my Flynn, in effect, was
we know. It is it's about giving your political cronies get out and Gm Free cart, but we don't know the underlying national security implications and we have to find those out. Our German ass and Julia Ancillae. Thank you both for your reporting this morning, Julius. Hide a merry for me, who you everyone, it's true, mainly Emerson, he course and hosted the package into America, ten, of millions of Americans have lost their jobs in recent weeks and its pounding the stress and anxiety caused by corona virus in our latest episode will hear what happens when an economic crisis and a mental health crises collide with experts. Are doing to search for America. Where were you listening right now and subscribe, I'm sure, mainly posted into America. Apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go.
Into the numbers, eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America. Apart asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives? New episodes every Monday and there's back to the latest, with the corona virus and Associated press analysis is found many governors across the as our disregard or creatively, interpreting White House I'd lines and easing their states law, down measures, the EPA determined- that's contained states have not experienced a fourteen day downward trajectory in cases or infection rates a key benchmark set by the way, I, and yet many of those are more forward with reopening plans, while others
It's like Georgia because of the broad way in which the guidelines are written, have technically manage to meet the criteria. To reopen, despite not seeing those declines in cases. The AP reports out that the White House has not been specific about how stage calculate the fourteen day downward trajectory pending on. How are you calculated a state, might bass or fail more present tromp yesterday again placed them. Bond and the governors How do you say? Try? The account has multiple organizations right now that haven't met the guy lines that you said what states that have the guidelines that order started a process that we, tat all of em away, spoken to many of the governors most of the governors. As you know, we verily way to the governors- and these are governors that have done a good job in Senegal
since I have something I don't think, you're doing a particularly good job, but for the most part they given these governors have and we give them the leeway, the governors of great great power as to that, given by us. We want them to do that. We rely on them. We trust them, and hopefully them Can the right decisions, and be seen his corresponded HANS Nicholls? He is live for us at the White House HANS Good morning. Every signal the president White House have given to the states into the country? Is that it is time to turn the page remember earlier this week. About winding down the task force later amended that to say: well, we're still gonna have it, but it's changing its focus away from the public health side of it and towards the economic side. So what is the White House saying directly to states if anything at all depends? day. Really they are saying. Sometimes you need to follow the guidelines. Remember April, sixteenth, when those guidelines came out, those gating criteria, the language
states must pass these certain thresholds before they can start opening up. Remember for reform But all the rhetoric from the White House in the present specifically is about flexibility. When you talk to individuals, stay word effort. Part junior administration officials throughout everyone wants this to a state led effort, part of that has to do with sometimes their commitment to federalism, but also has to do with a little bit of political blame shifting. They want the states to really own this because they think there and the best place to be position really to figure out. What's going on. We saw version of this yesterday when that CDC report, their white has said they sent back to for revisions to the CDC. The White House really wants this to be
the state level and when you look at what the CDC is trying to do, they wanted to be national and that tension was really exposed. Yesterday, it out the clearest we heard was from Doktor birch lifestyle saying that they think that that CDC document needs more at swell at it send rejections, at least in my view, my experience as a journalist, tend to be the same thing, guys so HANS what our Doktor, Burke's and Doktor Fouch, either saying- or at least thinking as they watched the president this week say explicitly when he was in Arizona. In fact, we ve gotta move We ve got him will pass this despite the fact that cases are going up across the country we cross seventy five thousand Yes, they have come down in hot spots like New York City, but it spreading across the country. What are the doctors on that task force thinkers? here the President say time to move on. They seem to be a broad agreement.
There's not a lot of daylight there we're picking out between doktor works and doktor. Factually now I say that in moments, there's going to be a tweet that one them as we have a task force, but the president seems to be embracing. They seem to be giving the president the kind of advice he wants to hear, and that is that you can stay ahead of this virus spread by the sentinel testing. By going and having certain testing regiments to make sure it doesn't pop back up, but you can do contact tracing and the you don't need a test every day. Of course, we saw the White House in the President I'll say something different yesterday, and that is that everyone near him it's going to be tested now on a daily basis. I just walked in here the White House, their new crush questionnaires at their ask. Even reporters coming in on what sort of symptoms they might representing, so the attention is that anyone here this from the press secretary, they don't think testing on a daily basis, are a broad basis, is good for the rest, the country, but clearly
that's the new protocol. Here, the White House, Willie yeah, real quick HANS to we got reporting from you guys yesterday that a personal valet somebody who's around the president. Quite a bit has tested positive for corona virus. As that change the as its view, these that close, maybe wearing a mask or actually is Irving social distancing in the White House. Very judges, immediate change on a map policy, and that is an individual policy that said the president announced yesterday that he be tested every day as opposed to more sporadically, so the testing regimen may change, but in terms people are behaving in the wine as far as we can tell that hasn't changed guys. Alright embassies, HANS vehicles at the White House, HANS thanks, is always meagre run. A virus has now claimed more than seventy six thousand lives here in the. U S, despite the present early on insisting to anyone who would listen, that he had it all under control have to get out
The open, Jeff say, Sir, what metrics you used to make the metrics right here. That's my metrics! That's all I can do the words about a pandemic at this point or not at all. Until we're we're totally under control person. We think we have a very well under control by a broad get our theory when it gets a little Warburton miraculously goes well when it gets warm Historically, that has been able to kill the virus. That's around the corner, so that would be a great thing to get progressively better. As we go along one of you go back six months or three months ago, nobody would have ever predicted when you have fifteen people, fifteen teen within a couple of days, is gonna, be down to close to zero. That's a pretty good job
with. No, I don't think it's another, but I dont think its inevitable say so we should do more, there's nothing. We can do. We haven't seen an increase and people are getting better. Almost everybody. That we see is getting better me. Everybody Democrats, size, the corona virus, they can't even count their votes I want they tried the breach of this, knew how but get out. We did something: that's I'm amazing, we fifteen people in this massive country. The press is in area. Maud CNN, It is in a camera just one. Unfortunately, one person passed away overnight since the early stages of the foreign outbreak. My administration has taken the most aggressive action in modern history that really turned out to be a lifesaver innocence. Big lifesaver Some people will have a very low level
and what we will go to a doktor asked me to ask you to tell me that they have the text and it has to be a transcription doing a great job because of what I did and what the administration did with China. We have thirty. Two deaths this boy countries that are smaller countries and many many deaths, the very contagious virus, it's incredible, but Something that we have tremendous control over each other about the virus that set under control for any place in the world. I think I read, I think, you're right now. You know something about what we are doing is under control, but I'm not talking about the virus and I've always known. This is a This is a real. This is a pandemic I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called the pandemic. We have very great approval numbers. I mean people like the job, the widow. The only thing we were prepared for was the media
It has not treated unfairly assail America watching you right now, you're scared. I say that you are terrible reporter. That's when I say they were driving, it's a very nasty quenched. I've been right ally. Let's see what happened is just a month ago the CDC had our initial task that failed at that more February, you said, is perfect in wasn't, No one is generally February is perfect. Was my conversation with the head of the UK That's what I really set as perfect. Ok, that was another all scandal. Since the total witch hunt, but nobody ever expected a thing like this. We gotta get back to work and I think we can start by opening up certain parts of the country on Easter. We probably they were, there could be a peak that could be a peak period that could be the peak. Sadly to say that could be the p. Number of deaths before it starts coming down. This is going to be gone little begun?
hopefully gone for a long time? What do you lose I'll say to get what he have to lose taken? I really They should take it. I drugs Eve clerk. Why try If you'd like we did anybody in this room think a thing like this could happened, but it happened there. We showed me wrong. I don't care about me. I wish it s a question differently. What did you say? It's got off to a tremendous stars, but there were some little glitches which, by the way, have been worked out. I wish we had a fair media in this country and we really don't. We have to get our country opened. You say, Sir, what metrics you used to make the metrics right here. That's why metrics that's all I can do as always the richness of MRS genius that were fighting with fighting this hidden May, which is genius. Ok, it's genius. The way it's attacked,
many countries. All I'm saying is this: how do you closed down the greatest economy in the history of the world? One on January? Seventeenth, you have no cases and no death when, on January twenty first, you have one case and no death. One case, think of them, but we inherited from the previous administration, was totally broken. We inherited broken testing. Now we have great testing like today, I'm instructing my administration to halt funds, of the world. Health organization was angry because it should have been told to us. It should have been told to us early. It should have been to us a lot sooner. People knew what was happening, and people didn't wanna talk about it. They had of a country doesn't have to say stay in these people to smart people. Nobody ever thought this could have happened. A thing like this. We inherited a lot of garbage. We took, they had test that were no good. They had all the stuff was no good kilometre might not come back at all. Give it may not come back at all. We will have corona
was in the four I am convinced of that right and that I see the disinfectant if Knox it up in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like that by action, insider or almost a cleaning you see, gets in the lungs in it. Does a tremendous no doubt also be interesting to jack you so that you can have these medical doctors with better chance? suggesting to me, I'm not a doctor, I'm like a person that has joining us now, surprise, winning columnist an associate editor of the Washington Post and and That's basic political analysts, Eugene Robinson Jean your latest in peace in the washing imposed is entitled quote. Democrats need to use Republicans playbook to make short term lose. As you write in part, this Democrats
from your former republican foes, pull heart strings wave flag and go straight for the jugular political warfare in this country has long been asymmetrical, democratic tend to appeal to voters with arguments based on reason, fairness and economic self interest. Theirs. Thing wrong with any of that, but defeating President Tromp and his GEO be enablers, is too important to many weapons. On the shelf Democrat need to learn to use the tools that Republicans have long wielded with tremendous scale and success, emotion, patriotism and cultural affinity, Democrats to drive and emotional wedge of their own between The morning tromp has given us the new morning, we'll dawn when he has gone, and I just want you to
fi. What you're saying Jean, because there's a lot of tactics being used by Republicans that I don't think it's good for anybody. That's correct, like lying, for example, right bullets in Vienna, unbundling being negligent right. That's that's. Parliament pointed both need to be. It out and then denounced blood, but it is true. I believe that Republicans have, over the years, been very much more professions and successful using emotion again in politics and emotion is important.
You know- and in my legs ample that I used to use the morning in America ammo you are- and I am engineer in america- that that only can project the amount of work on Monday Lonely can project. Of course, the former republican strategists these Schmidt Door, Conway Wilson others It's just a stunningly good at the run away. Morning in America, but when he eat it, uses has emotional resident, uses, images and and and simplicity, and and those four high, and it is successful. Remember: inadequate broke the present brazenly with up until one I am waiting at the people behind these had the bad weather. I think it's stunt
WWW Effective, Boaters Dylan and I really must be somewhere. I wish Democrats would learn to use that, when we learn that that using a most in this way, it is good that an end is successful and it helps when a lucky. They need the wind. The select a guy's Willie guys here, reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed for inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for free wherever you download yours Clare in many ways present tromp is inflicting the damage done himself. As he looks the reelection you look at that Poland
Monmouth yesterday that show surely twenty point spread among women between him and Joe Biden and statistically tied among men in that polar groupie, one by twelve points over Hillary Clinton. So if you are working campaign. The Biden campaign against Donald Trump, how you be running against him sort of in parallel the way he's effectively running against himself. The way he's manage this pandemic- well, I'm really annoying miss seen in real time. All of you, I am virtually hugging Eugene and right now, because I agree so much with what he is saying. You know Americans are emotional right now for good reason. Their emotional they worried about their safety, they have said: feelings either for or against Donald Trump and to get them, do you see as a level we need? There has to be we want to go out and and and work for the candidate they want to.
Sad emotion from something that is just in this world and something that people want to go out and and and work for. The Did they want to contact their friends and neighbors? They want sure that everyone votes in and that they can press the that is really what they're gonna have to build in a lot about emotional crescendo can be done around the president's why's he he has taken our country to the gutter by lying constantly, that is new something Americans, like, I, don't care if you ve drop. You don't like that. He lies all the time and I really think making him a wire and showing the damage that he has done in an emotional way is is, is the most important the binding campaign, can do and then this story. We want to cover here now. Georgia, police arrested
a white father and son yesterday in charge them with the killing of twenty five. Giralda Maud Avebury a black man whose as earlier this year, recently attracted wide spread out. Age, following the release of cell phones, showing his fatal shooting the New York Times. Much of that anger was due to the fact that no charges have been brought against the Father Gregory I call and his son Travis that Georgia Bureau of delegation said that both men were taken into custody and were charged with or assault and murder in a statement state these agencies that said that Travis MIC Michael fired the shots that killed barbary than that calls told police. They pursued arbitrary in a pickup truck. After seeing him running button entails. He later violently attacked them, and they were
acting in self Defense Michael's claimed that they thought he was a burglar our family says he was out for a jog. During a brief, Yesterday in the oval office, president Tromp was asked about it embassies, Peter Alexander. Georgia right now, there's been a dramatic video of an unarmed black Georgia, man who was shot by police while on a jog with a lot of protests about this. Have you seen the video and you're reacting to show I'm getting a full report into this evening, my heart to the parents? into the live ones of the young gentlemen? It's a very sad thing, but I will be given a full report this evening. As you know, I am Joe Biden addressed our brain
brutal attack yesterday during a virtual round table with local african american law makers. In Jacksonville Florida saying the incident amounted to a quote lynching before our very eyes and demand a transparent investigation. Why? Now Many of us have seen how foliage of over and John Beautiful Day in February, in flight and Georgian shot down in cold blood, no sense lunch before our very eyes. Twenty twenty style this family and accompanied deserve justice, now. The search for transparent investigation of this brutal murder. But our nation as urgent as well working with this schools are these vicious acts To my mind, the darkest chapters of our history.
For years. I love the talking about how their given new great with black founders. We're gonna get fifteen percent twenty percent. We maybe into it, for years. I love the talking about how they're gonna new great with black founders, we're gonna get fifteen percent twenty percent we maybe into but but anyway, There is an opportunity for Donald Trump to actually speak up and speak out for the rights. A black American. Certainly in cases like this he's always mute. He had a chance even then the most dramatic case going back in two thousand and seventeen two Charlottesville He chose instead to preach moral equivocation between Nazis and people that work protesting against Nazis and, of course, sad, pathetic, propagandists Try they clean that out for him. He just didn't work it David, Duke. Thinking, Donald Trump and work and welcoming him to the team
Charlottesville. Here we, three years later still learned his lesson. Going around. Oh I haven't seen, but how can you not see the video? How could you, No, the young man's name Could we not already be prepared if, if he's exe thing to do well with black voters and twenty twenty. How he is you You know, he's gonna, try to split the baby here again, most likely beer. It's locked failing on every level when and if need be, failed to inform himself about the days. I also believe that for the United States has seen video or don't you know, and that's about it to two comments and jails. Watches more tv than all watch tv white is dear said, he's been seeing their network covering it
No there's no network the snark covering areas not watching it are you just gotta, be by steady size, buddy bemoan acknowledge at powerfully, but he's also failing on on the stand on a practical level, berossus justice apart, why is the Justice Department silent on what is obviously a hate, I know why is the FBI not also involved in this? Invest investigation pursues enough if you look at it and the stock is political terms. Here is an opportunity for the word, the the problem, but a brazen demonstrate that there is a terrorism, You know deadly violence, be against unarmed black man by white vigilantes get our let that shouldn't be.
A controversial issue, is an opportunity for him. Perhaps the made that up to today at least try to gain some crack and putting them, but he doesn't do it. It's all. Just this rhetoric obviously doesn't care- and I think motors understand that and dumb and will note that as they vote in all clarity, keeping it putting back on your prosecutors had this morning, but this murder This incident took place on February twenty third two and a half months ago, and it was only because a video was posted online on Tuesday of this week that public pressure was wrapped up to look into this case. Today. I should point out would be a mud, arborous, twenty six birthday. This is made the eighth and- Just now two men have been arrested and brought up on urges murder from what you know of this?
Case, why did it take so long for it to get the attention that it deserves the gb? I they, Georgia, bureau investigation took up the case two days ago. One day later, they had an arrest in the case of the question is: why did it take two months to get? There will clearly prosecutor's office blew the Sunday they clearly made up, in my opinion, a biased decision to try to this offers some kind of bizarre self defence as you know, in America now remit supposed to be carrying a gun and weed. All these bizarre laws about stand our ground, and I am sure that this prosecutor, is regretting the way he handled this, because now that the bright light has been has been brought upon it It reveals the incredible bias of the charging system in this particular county, and I, Eugene's right I mean: where is the FBI Dayton
There is some jurisdiction here, because this appeal, to be a hate, crime and they need to know in many instances where there is a police shooting the FBI is in immediately and the fact that there is dead site? It's not only from the White House. I guess bars too busy saying so, in the FBI to worry about the brutal murder of an inn man out for a jog, unarmed, being hunted like a dog by p and so I just think that this is gonna, be probably the end of that prosecutors, career and, frankly, probably should be, Irma Gaskell engaging Robinson. Thank you. Both will be following this and coming up. Where has the men's cabinet, been during this corona virus pandemic and bees, his hide it press Bela, has new reporting on the uneven.
Spawns by their governments, top agencies and the secretaries who run them plus moron. Justice, deportment dropping charges against a major figure in the Russia probe, former In: U S, solicitor general NEO catch you. Joins us to discuss the deal. Jays decision to drop the case. Against Michael Flynn Morning, we'll be right back
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