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The Morning Joe panel discusses Wednesday's House hearing on racial profiling and police brutality and if there's enough political will for Congress to act. Joe Scarborough encourages congressional Republicans to demand and up or down vote on banning chokeholds.

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George wasn't heard anyone that date he didn't deserve to die over twenty dollars. Acts in you is that what is there, what a black man's worth twenty dollars? This is twenty twenty enough is enough. The people watching marching in streets, streets or telling you enough is enough. George's me something. You have an opportunity here today to make your name me somethin to if his death and end change in the world for a better, and I think it will- then he died as he lived. It is now due to make sure his.
Is not in vain incredible strength, day Lang s brother, to recognising is that what a black man is worth and twenty twenty twenty dollars and if his death changes the world and he will have died as he lived in that that play the very make us are moving to ensure that George Floyd did not die in vain. Was Colonnas Floyd appearing before the House judiciary, as Congress debates the way forward on police reform legislation. Good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Thursday June eleventh along with Joe willing, and may we have former chairman of the republic. The National Committee, Michael Steel, joining us busy NEWS, Capitol Hill corresponded and host of care Did you see on MSNBC on Sunday night, Casey Hunt a lot to get to this morning,
Did it get to that very emotional testimony and in just a few minutes, but first there are on them. Developments with the corona virus that? U S cross, that Two million cases mark nation wide that is based NBC News numbers and as infections in the U S appear to be spiking. Many other country are seeing a decline according to a document. Change by Yahoo NEWS dated June? Ninth from this just for Disease control and prevention, the? U S head the highest spike of percentage. Change in daily cases, with a thirty six point, five percent jump. In recent days. That marks the biggest spike by a significant margin compared to the top. Ten countries in total cases. This compares to drops cases in Brazil, Spain, Russia and India. And busy news has not obtained nor seen the document in question. Meanwhile, in Texas Health official saw
straight day of record breaking corona virus but limitations in Arizona the number of corona risk cases has spike. Just three weeks after the governor lifted his state order the rapid and is there has law makers and medical professionals morning? There might not be enough urgency room beds to handle what could be a big influx. New case Willie and and again we have back to March, dare to remember how these spikes occurred. It's not like You have a memorial day in a week later. There's this fight, usually there's a two hour exactly two and a half we delay was so I have no idea why these hundreds of thousands of people in the streets will end up doing is forest spike spikes? on a virus. So this information is independent of what people have been,
saying troubling, treats over the past several weeks. Yes, he said is, does even factor in the righteous protests that we ve seen over the last couple of weeks. This is a reopening the businesses, as many states have taken steps to either reopen entirely or reopen partially or reopen with restrictions so now I see another spike in cases just as people like Doktor and Doktor Burke's predicted. We heard much from those two in the last month or so, but a senior administration official is now telling b, C news that during a meeting yesterday, member. The White House. Corona virus taskforce express concern in about a spike in cases across the country in the next two weeks because of the protests following the death of George Floyd, the official says. Members of the task force reviewed the current data and field but as a result of memorial day, are not significantly alarming but find the projections for cases in the next ten to fourteen
is to be concerning conference com Vice president, my pants and corona virus response coordinator Doktor Deborah Burke's, also express concern about a spy, in corona virus cases. Two weeks from now, that's according to a person familiar with the call vice president pants and Doktor Burke specifically said they are worry that several corona virus testing sites in some states where Detroit as the number of cases and were taken down as a number of It has decreased in recent weeks, so it Joe This is why we have not, as I said it's been a month or so since we ve had these daily corona virus briefings. Obviously the news has shifted in the last couple of weeks. Run. A virus is very much here. There's a reason that doctor found she said a couple of days It is his worst nightmare and that we are just at the beginning of Standing corona virus for how sure I did it would be to take down any testing sites
when you have health care professionals, when you had the smartest minds Epidemiology saying that were at the beginning of the- crisis were not at the end. You know we're Doktor Oser Home a month ago on here saying you people have real, where the second ending the nine ending gang and the question is how do we learn to live with us, we're going to have to learn how to live with it? of our economies open, and he had talked about its very interests and I dont know how many people that are watching remember a doktor S room said he said perhaps the first thing we do is Cindy younger people back into the workforce, because there are obviously more resistant well, most of them for that we have seen in the streets have been younger people we I only hope that that
cause it was outside, because there is ventilation because there were a lot of masks, warn that it won't be disastrous, but let me tell you something it does it matter what the cause is and you, right. This is all right, just cause. It doesn't matter how righteous they cause scenes like that in the middle of a pandemic should make any health care. Official ordinarily, be extraordinarily concerned. Because, again, even if. While there are sometimes social this- and it is really, I am finding that hope for when you get some scenes across the country. There are definitely especially There was on rest, people were crushed together and but and you know, as this has played out you- can see in efforts to try and put Some space between people, which is very hopeful, but that's
just too much oil that well and by the way is for, is again we're talking a health care, the patterns and room and Willie so important to really tough important, that it is black Americans who were disproportion Lee impacted by the corona virus. And and there's obvious the concern among healthcare officials that it may not be the people that are protesting that going to have the problem so much as the families that they go home to wear. The one thing we are learning from the krona by Is this doesn't spread as quickly outside? In fact it when it's warm, when you're outside at what we know for now, when the debate show may say something wacky this afternoon that they have to take back through the next day, but at least We know for now is
usually from what we ve seen so far. It explodes income esters inside in families in n, n n confined spaces? So let us just so put people, who are protesting when they go home. They take extra care to be careful around their parents and their grandparents and there are the ones who have underlying health problems. Yeah. When you look at those, pictures for two weeks. It is inevitable that some of those protests will yield new cases of corona virus and my steel. Obviously that was a risk that hundreds of thousands of Americans were willing to take that's cause, but there is going to be more disease spread its they're. Just is you can look at the pictures right now? The problem as well as that you have a white house in a present of United States, Michael, that is turn the page. The president announced he's gonna have is rallies resume next week, just like that
always were in a packed arena in Tulsa Oklahoma, weak from tomorrow, we haven't had a briefing from the task force. Month or so he has tried. To send signals that we turn the page on this. He said the other day there does the few members of this last left. We will put those out on we go the data, though, and its the new data that were seeing just in the last day or so does not support. The idea corona virus is no longer with us. In fact, it may be spiking again in places where they hadn't it may be lower in New York City in LOS Angeles and your cities, where it developed by the rest of the country, is seeing it now well well, a floor. To your logic, is your reliance on data, but why did you do that big? the president has moved on? We should all just move on the intends to have eyes again is gonna pack, thousands of peoples
into a Rina, and they will show up and they will pact themselves in- and this is the pre answer to his intentions to host the national, convention where he once again, fifty thousand plus people in space all in all. We are left yet again to decide for ourselves absent the guidance and reflection of the administration. What's in our own best health interests and clean, up to the point. There are three already made about this moment where people felt compelled to go onto the streets of America to protest that concerns about a police violence within the air. Marking community and George Floyd. There those who try to practise social distancing into wear masks the seller, but a significant number of Americans did not
and so now we're gonna have to bear that additional consequence again ask the leadership that would give us the kind of guidance that we could rely on to continue to protect our help so low. People be saying in about three or four weeks we they spikes, continue to occur around the country remain. To be seen, so we again are left to decide for ourselves. What's in our best health interest, absent the appropriate lines and leadership from the administration on this point, I'll say what I said at the beginning of this crisis when we really started talking about this a lot in in early march, and that is that the president needs to break the american people any needs to do it. Following actually the advice of Joe Biden. Joe Biden gave all the way back in January, where he said: let your doctors and let your scientists talk about it because then
we are going to be going up. I really wish during these last two was two weeks: doktor barks and Doktor Falchi had been allowed to go out and have briefings and speak to him there now able, because because then we're on a two and a half billion. Delay may be worthwhile these spikes, it we're saying you know happening from from what happened at the end of May. We're getting back out into the world with getting back out into two. Are our jobs we're getting back out to restaurants? America is opening back up and guess why guess white folks it it's it's going to open up It's been closed down for as long as it can be closed down. Most Americans have had enough. They need when we reopen it needs to be done carefully, but we do.
Guidance from the White House. It would be great if we heard doktor fancy talk about you. Do yes, the righteous cause in the streets over the past two or three weeks. We, you probably going to see this sort of spike the June and as we go to reopen a businesses, we're going to live with these spikes are not die. Member said at the end, Donald Trump is talking just like you did at the beginning when he said this was just one person coming in from China. It's not dying, embers exactly fouche. He said this is be with us for a very long time is Doctor Oser Home said this is going to be this for a very long time. The only thing that will short shorten the amount of Time- America S, liver, the corona Virus- is when we have a vaccine man we're moving a court the doktor, faulty and other other medical professionals. We're
even at a rapid pace, a more rapid pace. We don't know if there's a what's what the timeline is, but there has been good news on that front. So, let's hope that's the case. But but there are a lot of universities, lot. Ecologists, alot of parents, me they're, going to have to make tough choices and, of course, you they're gonna have make tough choices in the fall whether we send our children back to school. Again underlying healthcare conditions, there's a lot it as we work towards a vaccine, it's not just actually making the vaccine but how to make it affordable how to be able to get it to a body the sea eel Pfizer, They want to make sure this vaccine is available and affordable to all people, but it's more com, hated than just saying that, so the processes is very difficult and there are projections now some models showing that we could have another one hundred thousand Dax deaths in the a few months, which is free,
and Willie earlier used. The word destroyed when it comes the testing it seems to be So in some cases protesting sides. Doktor Burke's reportedly told the nation governors that seventy corrupt My testing sites had been destroyed amid widespread protests. In the wake of the death of George Floyd According to a recording of that Monday conference call obtained by the daily beast. Burke's reportedly confirmed that approximately seventy sites in metropolitan areas had been destroyed said, alluding that trail, the protests hindering efforts to accurately gauge how many people, have the virus and can result in further spread by a symptomatic carriers. Nbc news is not obtain nor confirm that recording she should tread lightly on the ground. If she wants to suggest you gotta organizing it that protests so
I'll, get in the way of the Trump administrations disastrous roll out when it came to Corrado? By urging I do not, I do not think that she believes are anybody else believes that the american people or that stupid so maybe it was just a sidebar. Let's, because you don't. I am, would not blame George Floyd's death on the top administrations, historically bad roll out protesting. Now, let's talk about making a push for police reform some Capitol Hill. Yesterday, George Floyd's brother felonious appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and he said he's only seeking one thing from Congress: justice for his brother. He was mild mannered, he didn't fight back he listened to our the maid
who took his life, who suffocated him for eight minutes and forty six seconds he still called them serve as he begged for his life. I can't tell you the kind of pain you feel when you watch something like that you watch your big brother who you looked up to your whole. Entire life die the beggar boys mom, I'm tired, I'm tired of pay paying. You feel when you watch something like that. I'm here to ask you to make it stop, stop the pain, stop us be entire George, Copper Hill and he was ignored. Please listen to the cow are making to you now. The rest of my life is how I see somebody should look at the video key its. I had one
video, his keys western video, is hurt so that other people with a lot of pain, muffin They need cry cry everyday, does x y. Why? Why? He pleaded for his life. He said he couldn't breathe, nobody care, nobody. People pleaded for you, they stared in Just as has the beast both of us Had to be convicted any, what a whore notice wrong. You don't better. You will be united. It's an animal. This lies.
All our lives matter. Black matter is that this wish get em Bet Casey. That was some of the most breathtaking testimony. I've ever seen on Capital Hill in that house, judiciary, committee, hearing room was brought to us and still Mr Floyd brought policy pitches, but he also just brought humanity, and he said I thought what boil that right down was my brother Floyd asked for help and he ignored by those for police officers who stood there. Let him die, I'm Coming to you to ask for help so the question is, will he get it? Will there be reforms made, so there
more George Floyd's in this country. What happens now to the proposal from the House Democrats? They worked out with Senate democrats- will there be any movement among Republican set. Who of course control that by an that plea Willie to make it stop. Really, I think certainly struck me, and he was. He was pleading with the lawmakers that he was sitting in front of to do and you know it's it's impossible, look away from that and I think what we ve seen over the course of the last week is that that is true. It is impossible to look away. It is impossible to pretend That that something doesn't need to change for members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans by it and seem right now that Republicans are putting together a proposal that makes goes far enough no changes. These laws actually make a difference in the eyes of Democrats and
you know, I am currently struggling to see how they're gonna come to together. Here there are a couple he parts of these proposals and I would I would highlight, particularly in the democratic, they want to ban chokehold, they can't do it outright, but they can stripped funding from any department that doesn't ban chokehold on the state and local level. They want to ban no, not warrants same thing, they want to create a national database to track police misconduct and they want can easier to prosecute police officers who are in these situations right now? They benefit from what's called qualified immunity, something really hard to prosecute a carpet in this kind of situation. The republican proposal for we can tell dozen actually do any of those things, except perhaps create a database, some version of that they want to study chokehold. Warrants it doesn't seem as though qualified immunity is something the president we have reported has drawn
lion said no he's not gonna. Do that and TIM Scott first Senator from south Carolina said he doesn't think any of those proposals can get across the this line. So why think? It's obvious and says something that the politics of this are such that republicans feel they must be seen doing something, and even the president believes that its not clear to me that what there which is actually going to be enough for Democrats to say: ok, Yes, we're gonna sign on this. Now we will see we're in the early stages of this negotiation, but you know the politics this may be such that we can actually end up coming together and making something change mean. It meant a lot of examples I know you know we ve talked about all kinds of examples on the show where we thought something very emotional would change things and ultimately, it doesn't because versus so gridlocked citing everyone is hoping. That's not the case here, but you know, we're have to see we're rhubarb would better hope
not the case here, Republicans, it want to get real acted in the fall. Better hope that that's not the case. It is Michael Steel. They can play whatever political games they wanna play. I mean it's not like. The Republican Party has a tin vote majority in the Senate. There, concerning the majority in the Senate and one of those people are marching in the streets and the other one is basically saying she's troubled and doesn't know if she can even vote for Donald Trump. Again, let's be very clear about this, it will be much Mcconnell and tromp. Who will be the loan protectors of the show called it will take Mitch, Mcconnell and Donald? who will be the loan protectors of continuing to give bad cops immunity from their crimes. This is just BS,
other than that Republicans. We may not have the vote again: Mitt, Romney, LISA, more Caskey, Susan Collins and I'll pick, one or two more that that could vote against chokehold that can vote against a mutant a bad cops killer, cops as very small percentage, but a very real percentage in the police force. So this Think of the Republicans control the Senate. Not it's! It's! It's not really This is much Mcconnell once again decide killing any voting rights ACT, reforms he's killing itty any bill that might actually make it easier for Americans devout that may make it home for people to suppress about a black people he's now doing the same things Mitch Mcconnell the champion of charcoal as he can get this pass in the Senate in this. Second, if you wanted to
The curve- and you just laid out the crime. Political reality for four Republicans, and you know you use see that walk of shame when their heading up to their Senate lunch and they pay our friend and Colleague Casey HOT and she saw The questions are very simple question: do you agree with the president's tweet? Do you agree with the policy as it is, and there like a no to talking about what you will. Have the runway to continue with that this. This is not like the moments after sandy hook, where you had a significant push in it died. This is a very different feel around this issue and republic is need to understand where the country has moved to on this. This is in the partisan morass, where you can sit back? He pretended didn't happen or point fingers at the other side
putting out onerous legislation toll tell me, you are against chokehold. Tell me that the United States Senate. You do want to fund police department with federal dollars that do not and told called? How is that complicated. Where is it problem with that- and you don't think America's won't get that then you prepare to lose the Senate in September, I mean November. This is these words. This is not. This is not an issue where people can this. Kitchen tables and debated Aren't you on the streets? Do you know, are marching on the streets and if you understand why their marching industries, you mean We cannot deliver the bare minimum of what they're asking for so I just this is not an Answer- What's your problem, this is not a Democrat. The democratic party problem this is,
Republican, said issue that could become a problem for them. If they do not do the basic thing it is banned. How calls does not more mix us more. Mcsally needs to demand an up or down vote on banning, show calls. Corey. Gardener needs demand an upper down vote for Mitch, Mcconnell, on banning, show calls Susan Collins needs demand an opera down vote from Mitch Mcconnell on banning Chokehold Joanie Ernst needs demand an upper down vote
on banning show calls Susan Collins needs in demand. An up or down vote on banning, show calls Tom tell us, needs demand an uproar down vote from Mitch Mcconnell on banning chokehold. Every Republican, who is up for election in a few months, needs to demand from Mitch Mcconnell an upper down vote on chokehold, hey Mitch, guess why. I again again speak Russian, so you get an interpreter to tell this to you. If you will Mitch in in Amerika We have elections every two years and you, we have an election coming up right now and you guess problems, because the kids are all calling you, Moscow Mitch, you gonna be cheap, called Mitch next, the kids opera. Going to start calling you that, because again, you dont have a tin vote mature.
You can't hide behind the fact that there are all these Republicans and I can't control them. Mitt Romney about two man Chokehold Susan Rakowski, will vote to ban choke calls me somewhere cows. Well, that I think civil Collins, even with a and she's in right now we're probably It should be very worried and very troubled, and then yes, sure so lobe demand choke calls. But you're gonna be us about it. On the campaign trail and erase, it's gonna be a lot tougher than you think it is midge, really is also how XL rationale of those oligarchs. You know that good morning. Wes- all is all regards even hang and with people kind now baby, it's out it's out their Moscow and is bad. As in the main Moscow Mitchell's star, so clearly show called Midge. Probably
be worse for you in Kentucky you're, the only person in America right now only person in America right now that is stopped this legislation from passing. This isn't like sandy hook, because after Haug, blame the Republicans controlling the house. Roof blame Republicans controlling the Senate. Oh it's just there just tomb, guess why this impasse in a second in the House and Mitch. If you keep the lights on in the city chamber and allowing up or down vote instead of killing that up or down vote on chokehold it's kind of pass and you know it and the opposite. That is true, if it doesn't pass. It's all going to be fine. You lots of luck with ad fella
lots of luck with that, whether your campaigning in Russian or in English, Make several months. Do the right thing Mitch guess what I know you won't do the right things for the right reasons to do the right things, for the political reasons in the right thing, for the political reason is let the Senate vote up or down on We shall calls still. I had a morning jam former national security adviser to President Obama. Susan rice joins the conversation plus we'll talk, vaccines. We're done Scotland, who ran the FDA, also lots of the president's critics, have used the words corrupt and luckily motivated to describe the administrations versions. The judge yesterday this was the Department of Justice love
now. Retired federal judge is saying the same when it comes to the way the d o J tried to explain away, or its position on I could ve Landy OJ, also known ass, William BAR we'll talk about that. To head on morning, Joan. I'm sure mainly posted into America. Apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America apart asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and a pandemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday it there's day, hey everyone, it mainly MSNBC correspondent in hopes of the pie into America in response.
To the killing of George Floyd, thereby cause across the country. If on the police last week, LOS Angeles Eric our city to step in that direction. Thing is city will cut, the LAPD's budget episode. We get a closer look at least plan to take funds away from policing in order to put them back into the community. Defending the police is about, shifting resources to other things, so you die vast from police, but invest in things like housing four into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe joining us now infectious diseases position and medical director of special pathogens unit at the Boston First, a school doctrine that he'd but Delia she's, and be seen, is, and MSNBC medical contributor also Thus you s national editor at the financial times add loose his nuke.
I'm is entitled. America is losing the stomach to fight covert nineteen hours tell us tell us about Amerika losing that stomach While we M metaphor the president endorsed and others embrace the beginning of this fight, was of a war. On the virus and the present gold himself, a wartime president, but Relaxation that's happening now and places with quite sharply rising rates of hospitalization light taxes, in Arizona, the Carolinas actual across amerika- is if you use a war metaphor more, like George Washington, on vacation after crossing the Delaware. This isn't big, security. A war. I think the images if these teams- casinos? in LAS Vegas, where
for the most part, are not wearing. Mosques is actually about a metaphor. Your government and some states are approaching this far which is kind of hoping for the jack, hoping it's going to go away. A time when a thousand Americans are still dying every day and if you listen to the scientists of course, Doktor vouches no longer not since April, but I've been appearing on the aim of the President and the corona virus task force is being wound down, but it feel scientists. They say this is it's it's like it, lighting a SEC the corona virus peak all. All the wrong signals are being sent from this and by many of the states, and so we're probably gonna get walking what we don't want, which is another wage in the home or send that
the deal you, the country has been focused on these protests and Rachel Justice in this country for the last couple of weeks, but just in the last couple of days you ve heard doktor fouch e en Doktor Burke's, both sort of their hands again after being quiet for a couple of weeks and say: hey where's, oh here and although we gotten the cases down the hospitalizations down in New York, which was the epicenter and do so much of the focus rightly so in the earliest weeks of this crisis, miss Ices is still with us in its new places that we hadn't been focused on before. So from your viewpoint, where are we in this pandemic in the United States? Clearly, thanks for having me. I agree with everything else said. The only thing I will say is that I don't think we're bless the first wave in most of the places that we're looking at now. This is the first wave twenty The states are saying steady increases. In their cases, twelve cases are studying steady increases in hospital
Zation than when you talk about Arizona either eighty three percent of their eyes, you capacity what happens on their no more bad and Arizona result is treating. This still does not the fight that it is. They have about sixty contact trace, there's that less than one percent the capacity to trace everybody all the new infections that are happening when the first forty eight hours to stop those chains, a transmission. They don't have the capacity to do that their test positive. Numbers are slowly increasing again, it's twelve point five yesterday, and so I agree with that. I think it it doesn't to me. It tells me that we cannot have it both ways. We can have an open society and not do the hard work at the public health. The government level and at the individual level to make sure that would prevent those new infections are right. Now, that's not the tenor. That's been set it's going to lead to more deaths and more infections, The argument that, let me ask you about what we ve seen in the streets over the past couple weeks, is really sad. It is,
it's been a righteous cause, not just for the life of George Floyd, but for a four oh dear battle against it. Set systemic racism and the United States of America added time: we're in the middle of a pandemic pandemic. Doesn't care about politics? Doesn't care about social Justice doesn't care about Donald Trump trying to Bali, boy him reality. It kills people, and it kills black people disproportionately because of systemic racism. Even when it comes to health care in America, but how the all. That said, how concerned are you that what we ve seen in these projects, These rights is protests over the past several weeks that work to see a spike in and current virus infections and death
How concern have you been watching the crowds across Amerika you. This is a righteous fight and part of the reason is it is not just for the four hundred years, four and fifty years of this history. It is because even virus is showing us the fault lines along, which means african Americans is for four suffering. It reader way than most other segments of our population, but any time you gather multiple people in a small space, crowded people and on the small space you potentially putting putting people at risk to transmit this disease, and so there is a concern that there will be an increase in infections. The good news in the those on both sides of the protesters. As this is outdoors and in some cases people have taken or some responsibility of wearing a mass. My advice you protesters beat you can. Do you try to wear that mass to keep their physical distance and to make a personal assessment? Do you have honourable people at home? And if you do, what is your plan to court?
Seen from that, so that, if you have an exposure and if you get sake, you can get yourself tested and you can keep yourself away from those around you who might be vulnerable. That's that's the best advice that I can give an to reduce activities that might put the advice that virus back into the environment, yelling Ellwood abuse use other items to make noise an end and again, I think the big thing is allowing states where these protests are having to get testing Brandt up more, so people can get tested if they have been to the bed. Casey Hunt, the loose. I have a question for you about in a we mentioned at the beginning of the show how some of the other countries in the world are experiencing rates of decline that are better than what the? U S, is seeing right now that our numbers in terms of cases and control of this virus- I just don't stand- two places that in a we would normally expect to be able to Better than what's your view of kind of how this
impacts candidate. Will Americans we able to travel overseas, while other countries be worried about letting people enemy, What are the current global ramifications of the continuing failure on this front America is likely so the world where, as strong as our weakest link and so countries that are seeing be anything terribly or incompletely. Discipline on the guidelines, scientific that guidelines are gonna, be punished in terms of their travellers being allowed to Greece is a very good example to many people surprised Greece, unlike Spain and ITALY, as very re. Low mortality as EL adopted social distancing very early, and they now opening up as a result because they took the right steps, but they got a list of countries where they don't want people arriving unless they do
fourteen day quarantine, in which, of course, if you're gonna be vacationing in Greece is completely pointless. So I think that in the end Two states and other countries like Britain written, is in it a similar position to the. U S, slightly worse, in many respects, are going to find that that avenues that tourism, their business travel will be inhibited by bad countries poor track record of having serious contact and testing Contact tracing and testing systems in place, America still Mary behind where it could be. Yes, it is at loose. Thank you I very much will be reading your new column in the financial Times doctrinal he'd, but Delia thing He was well infectious diseases position in society. A professor at Boston, university medical school thank you and coming up for the better part of alone
two years Democrats debated the phrase Medicare for all now the phrase deep the police is dominant. The conversation we're going to talk about what that means: next on morning, Joe a guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actress, carry Washington to talk about her Broadway play turn new Netflix Movie American son. Get it now for free wherever you download your pod. Well, I'm for his ass digging a hard look at our practices. For absorbing neither we need the police. We want. The police they have a role to play in this so do we or do we allow slogan airing bear to hijack this movement? So yes, reality resources
policing no to defend the police. That is, of course him, essential democratic congressmen, Jim Kleiber and of South Carolina speaking yesterday, pushing back calls in some quarters to quote the fund, the police, joint now, legal analyse friend me see news and MSNBC. My a wily and state attorney for peace. Beach County Dave Area good morning to you about my. Let me talk to you first about the distinction here between the funding, the police and reforming the police. Reform has huge support in this country right now away. It ain't never did of police departments. If you look at seventy five percent of American saying they support the protesters in the street, almost seventy percent of Americans believe the killing of George Floyd was right. As a of a larger problem in police departments in this country, but the only Early polling, we have indeed funding the police's somewhere down in the teens. I think congressmen kleiber and put it
way alot of American see at which is that we want to reform police departments not to take away from them all together. So how are you looking at this debate within progressive circles and is an important question We should not get caught up in the word. We should get clear about the demand and man is for transformation of policing and so what we are seeing. What I'm hearing? What is borne out by the statistics is we have done a phenomenal job of bringing crime rate down by the way there. Dramatically down, and they have been for years and the level of investment in traditional power, thing policing that has resulted in the bear strongly researched predictor that one out of every one
Some black men will be shot by a police officer is that it has failed to taken who account, but that in itself is an appropriate policing in some ways and that we have not adequately invested are real. The horses in the very communities that are over police over police, because in fact we are not and failing to wreck nice, that we don't have a major, violent crime problem in this country anymore and in fact, only five percent of a rough right now in this country are for serious crime, five percent and when we heard George Lloyd's brother yesterday plead for it to stop part of what he is. I think pleading for part of the experience of black people in this country with law enforcement is
Stop treating us like criminals for things that are either a small misunderstanding or a mall problem that we can solve indifferent wave and, let's put more of our sources, let's stop mushrooming police budgets at a time when we're Talkin, about cutting schools in a. We should be outraged about defending schools, which is part of what we are seeing in hearing in communities across the country because of the corona virus pandemic and the fiscal crisis. We should be outraged about the impact on schools budgets, but instead we are discussing. This is, if you know, the real problem is that that people are demanding a very serious and hard look only thing, resources how we should police and how many of those resources should be moved to other places, and I mean to that point: twenty dollars. That's what your exploits brother said
yesterday twenty dollars, that's what a black man's life is worth Dave. I want to ask you: you were very closely offices, a prosecutor with local police forces. What have you learned? course of your job about what kind of, forms. You think, would improve the problem. While still keeping people safe crazy. I think we need more use. A body camps make it universal and commanded There are many police agencies out there, but still do not have body camp and even those that have them don't know Ellie require the officers to turn them on and keep them on. That's a good start, their other by congressional democrats yesterday. That will be, and also a good measure like the ban on Chokehold national or creating a national database or policeman. So? We know when a rogue cop tries to move from agency to agency, to agency, don't tell the new agencies about their background. There are eighteen thousand,
agencies across the country, and yet we still do not have a national standard for the use of force. That should change. We need more. Conspiracy and better reporting on use of force cases which again the Justice Department, the ability to investigate and prosecute This is a police misconduct like they had under the Obama ministration, which are more community policing, put the police back on foot in the community's, so they down the barriers between them and the people they're supposed to serve and protect. And finally none of these proposals would impact the job that we're doing as prosecutors it will actually improve public safety, and we can do our jobs of trying to convince the guilty and standing up for victims of crime more I do is to prevent another tragedy like George Floyd occurring, because by the time policemen misconduct gets My office is a prosecutor, it's already too late
Dave, Ehrenberg Maya, while they stay right, fair because coming up after the break we'd like to talk to you both about the major developments pertaining to former national curious Visor, Michael Flynn, and the Department of Justice will be right back pay its crusades as we go my pockets. Why is this happening, albeit with my friend and colleague from mainly about this moment in american history. There is a feeling of being under attack in Black in America, always feels, like you have a target on your hearing, your back in your heart and your soul and you're. Getting your pocketbook always go. That's all we ve ever known in this Jerry and we're fooling ourselves if we ever thought anything and that's why, at this moment The veneer and fail has dropped in a way that again, we ve been around the block. I've never felt this collective sense of anger and anguish and grief and as much as is inexplicable. It actually makes perfect sense because always been sway that this Why is this happening? Search for wise is happening wherever you're listing right now and subscribe
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