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The group Republican Voters Against Trump have launched a new ad using words from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Joe Biden's character. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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I want to talk in terms of borders for a minute. What is Donald Trump campaign about in some respects, xenophobic, religious know how you make Amerika great again till you can admire. Joe Biden has arisen. That's probably got a problem that you need to do. Some self evaluation of us was not like. He is a man. Is God ever created some of the most incredibly heartfelt thanks? It anybody ever say too. Maybe he's denies disbursed, and this is a defining moment in the future. The republican party. We have to reject this demagoguery and if we don't reach Donald Trump loves the moral authorities. The government, this great nation,
The new ad around the group republican voters against tromp the outer set to run on Fox NEWS and Charlotte North Carolina, Washington, Do you see Greenville of Carolina, that's Lindsey, Grimm's home stay good morning, Welcome to morning Joe, it's Monday June, fifteenth with us. We have why that's what we are for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, host of them Sunday seize politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Dal sharply and they news Capitol Hill, correspondent and host of Casey DC on Amazon, the on Sunday, night, Casey, Hunt and political report, or for the washing of most and Emerson BC? Political analysts, Robert Costa, here, the moderator of Washington. Weak on Pcbs and we have a lot to cover this morning, unrest in Atlanta this morning, after the fatal police involved shooting of a black man in the parking lot about Wendy's restaurant one officer has been fire.
Another on administrative duty plus a spike in Corona risk cases in several states, Arizona, Texas, and Order all reporting their highest confirmed Number of cases yet and a racism president tromp moves the database also rally from June teens. Two June twentieth quote out of respect for the occasion, so Casey aren't you weren't Capitol Hill, you think There may be a little bit of discomfort and that Lindsey Graham Camp morning, coming to add, really makes every argument that Joe Biden his camp team, when everyone to make and they make it from one on Donald Trump, closest eyes on capital voice in a very mean you can hear the sincerity in Lindsey Grams Voice and having covered him. You know when I first started covering capital,
Joe Biden was actually stolen the salmon and see Lindsey Grand Ways out. There has also has been one of the most well liked and personally respected people in Washington, and no one of the things that I think that the I'd and campaign has done well and- and we obviously talked a lot throughout the primary about the very many doubts about how things were going in. There was a lot of hand wringing in having in hiding, but they been running all the way, along with this message of basic decency That is the message that the campaign is putting at the forefront. They are saying we're going to return to normal. And decency, and that line. Right up with the person that their candidate actual- is, and you can't ask for anything else than that. If you or trying to get someone elected. If your campaign official trying to work on someone's behalf- and you know Joe List
Graham situation is pretty interesting. I mean you know: I'm skeptical that. Any democratic could win in South Carolina in that Senate race, but he tapped so close to is it in tromp over the course of the last year, because he was afraid of primary and people are real turning against the president here in the final months of this campaign- and here finally does have a credible democratic challenger in Jamie Harrison. Who is a former aid to Jim Kleiber, and so do we and heard Lindsey Gram inner talk about this necessarily, but there have been things already that he said he has said that if caught my eye in terms of you know whether he is politically shifting here so you know it's a very it's a very interesting- add for a lot of reasons. Bob The trunk campaign is spent so much money trying to Fi Joe Biden are you going off of the script of two thousand
Sixteen where they knew they were at an unpopular candidate who wasn't light by a majority of people, wasn't respected by even close to a majority of people were seen as honest and not honest and not trustworthy. By an overwhelming majority of American, so they decided to destroy Hillary Clinton, who proved to be is your target than Joe Biden is proving to be right. Now they understand they have to destroy Joe Biden. It may not be a simple this share to destroy them, It was four years ago, that's exactly right, Joe, it's, because the fight now or the tree campaign, is not just against the biting campaign. It's also against that group of never Trump Republicans Lincoln Project you see here with this Lindsey Graham add is an attempt to soften residents from support among digital republican voters, as you have a traditional Republican, a conservative, Lindsey Gram, there's not enough.
Dictation a Jamie Harrison, the Democratic South Carolina is somehow going to get a sudden lift. These are strong candidate the Democrats in the south. Still a tough re, still a tough state for the Democrats. The Democrats look at the map and they look at not just I've Carolina but states like Georgia in Texas in Florida and they think if some republic, can either stay home, maybe think about voting for Joe Biden, this entire math, but change They see the numbers change in many of the pole, many them walls and Jonathan Mere this weekend for the first Johnny arts fell behind for the first time, her approval rating dropping since the five years that she's been there too. Her Lois Numbers A Democrat leading in Iowa private Poles, Donald Trump falling behind in Iowa. You look at on tat, and you, the Governor Balikh
running his first as Johnny, you earn seventeen and I was we ve said, of course, but really bad news for Republican Senate candidates in Arizona in color. Otto in Maine North. Wine is gonna, be a real challenge for you, just article out this warning about the problems that these Senate Cannon So having running with Donald Trump and we're looking at Jonah yards to promise to be this tough conservative in pendant voice, going to Washington D C, again, we ve sooner embarrass or self. By owing to town all meetings are not being able to just tell the truth about Donald Trump failures, Joe personal you'll see I got the men are about the Thai too, where today, your conversation. We look. We look great
The conversation dovetails perfectly with a story that my colleague Frahm and I have out this very morning about the sort of- I met at some Republicans who, for reelection, are facing as to how closely should they embrace presented? Donald Trump now five months until they face Once again, we are seeing, of course, some Republicans, so their arms round him entirely centre. Tell us North Carolina for others like Susan Cons and main are creating more this. Hence, in those the White House for watching carefully the present trumpets boasted throughout his about the fierce loyalty inspires from fellow organs. We know that he still pause extraordinarily high among the republican rank and file, but they're watching for Lily, cracks in that and Senator Graham, is one who now that he is clear Looking primary, that's key here, they're saying they want to watch Republicans. We don't have to face the base right now to artificial. Primary voters, at least for a little while, if they're trying to create
little distance. I saw Senator RAM speak out on behalf of General Milly, who of course, are now regret for participating? me, Saint John Photoshop two weeks ago, present trumpet advisers who wants a message sent to Capitol Hill demanding loyalty. He doesn't want to see any sort of breaks in the end the resolve have Republicans have had in staying within thinking. That would send a sign of weakness heading into the summer and fall re election campaign, but Joe you are right there warning signs across them, ass, Republicans, right now, every president trumpet Particular Iowa you mentioned Centre Ernst certainly in pulling their tracking the president he's neck and neck. There, with with vice the new state he won comfortably. I believe, by nine points last time around their warning signs other states they thought they didn't have to really contestant Ohio, Georgia, others and, of course,
Map of battleground seem to be expanding, including a place like Arizona where there is a democratic Senate candidate whose way ahead in the poles and the present no, It was at this moment, he's losing and you lose Arizona that change the entire map and it puts pressure on him to win more those states. In the response we ve gotta more politics, to cover straight ahead, but let's get to the latest on the corona virus. The death toll this morning is that new. Lay one hundred and seventeen thousand Americans and the fear of second wave is now a real. Ready for many parts of the country for weeks health experts war that once states begin to reopen a surgeon cases will follow so forth. Now of Americans have been sick and by the virus and new and alarming outbreaks accord. To the New York Times as of Saturday Corona virus cases. Were climbing and twenty two states, particularly in this Bout region and the west over the weekend floor
saw its largest single day count as of cases since the pandemic began the state of Oregon coz its gradual, reopen due to a spike in cases, but always in Arizona have been urged to activate emergency plans to cope with a flood of corona virus patients as number of cases there have climbed by nearly three hundred percent since first and have roughly double since Memorial Day according to CNBC officials, in Texas. Also say, hospitals are scrapped. To accommodate a surge in cases with numbers they rising around the largest cities, including Houston? San Antonio and Dallas, meanwhile, the Tulsa City County health departments, the director express concern about covert, nineteenth increasing spread in the city and said he wishes, president Tromp, would
Poland. His campaign rally set for this weekend to a later date, exposed to take place there, into the Tulsa World Doktor Bruce starts at the city is seeing a quote: significant increase in case trends, that makes a large gathering like the rally danger, not only for attendees, but for the press and himself over the weekend officials reported two hundred and twenty five new cases of covert nineteen. Once again, marking a new high in daily increases for both the state and tells a county so far, president re election campaign declined to come men to NBC News on what, if any guidelines from the did you see they plan to enforce, entails after making supporters who signed up to attend. The rally agree not to hold campaign liable if they can track the corona. Viruses
cause you again, you ve had the president complaining were watching images of people marching in the street saying if they can do that. Why can't start holding my rallies again. This is going to be a significant challenge: the White House rhetorically politically logically in the coming weeks, because you here white ass officials and advise it to the president over the weekend that they are blaming Mexico in the border. Other cases a look around the border of this country is sunbelt it yet at the same time, the president holding this rally in Oklahoma and, if it wants to blame Mexico in the coming months and wants to blame protesters, but a black lives matter, movement in others Our protest in racial injustice. He will also have to contend with the fact, a fact that he holding mass gatherings so yeah and I'm wondering, did the West point: cadets have to click on a disclaimer, because around
Levin hundred West Point cadets spent the last two weeks in quarantine so that the president could deliver the commence and addressed to the military Academy class of twenty twenty on Saturday, the event spot Some concerns about the President's own health particularly moment over the weekend, where he cautiously descended a ramp. During the current management speech at West Point Academy, they exit might have gone otherwise unnoticed, but the president brought more ten into it. After he tweeted. Late Saturday night, the ramp I descended after my West Point commencement speed was very long and steep and how hand, rail and most importantly, was very slippery. The last thing I was Wait you do is fall for the fake news to have fun with I know ten feet. I ran down to level ground momentum no indication, however, that the ramp was slippery on a clear sunny day, president trumpet
raise some questions during his west point speech. After taking a moment sent some water by holding the glass with his right hand, but needing further systems from his left, Jonathan or Dan, where we don't know about it: of care. A lot of people talking about the president's health I will leave it to the doctors for that, but it is images like this, and even it is speaking ability Wayfair Rob during this again their cuts. Their argument bed by is it doddering old man and they should like somebody with more energy than job when the unknown clip for club stumbled for stumble. Donald Trump. Seems three white line with Joe Biden are many lance run even worse,
torture? Really, the matter of a president's health is of great importance to the american public, and there have certainly been questions about some of the information report in some of the president trumps previous physicals, You're right, there's no sense of their no we'll leave others. Calculated as to what was transpiring on Saturday. We know the president is often appear cautious on stairs and ramps when he walks that submitted, he is he's talked about You know, and I will say that here we can't let any possible slight go. So, of course you tweet about it and calling much attention to it, although I do I ending any tweet or conversation with the word momentum Yes, I think you're right more than in terms of politics of this, the trumped campaign, for months now has been true,
to suggest a Joe Biden, was not up for the job. These are both can, of course, or in their seventys. The Trump and his allies have suggested that Biden has lost a step and they have done so, not very suddenly we're see it in web web ads and clips are putting up on social media all the time, but it is an absolutely harder to make their case when we see video like this, where the president himself, having momentary stuff rules momentary lapses in a much for a word or whatever it might be, and I think for talk to republican aid over the weekend, who made a point of suggesting pointing out Joe Biden ones. Last week in Philadelphia had a moment like that, where his thoughts or of trailed off that, therefore put the trunk campaign itself put up their video blasted out too, millions of followers, but that he himself the privately knowledge this person that its harder to make that argument, when you have this sort of Epps going around media the same. We get
wanna, obviously the photo up and the visual of himself speaking to the cadets, and he got really bad coverage. In terms of these, uttering moments. I still question in terms of questioning is health having this event forcing these cadets to come and stay for two weeks and interact with each there and be together at an event just dangerous its unnecessary, and the president once again is pushing for a photo up over people's health. Moving on now we're seeing outrage and anger in Atlanta over another police involved, shooting of an unarmed black men. According to the Georgia Bureau investigation, twenty seven year old, restart Brooks, was fatally shot on Friday. Outside of a Wendy's restaurant after two police source responded to a report of a man sleeping in a vehicle and the dry through, we want to warn you that the value of the incident might be disturbing
authorities say: Brooks failed sobriety test and this police and body camera footage show. The struggle that ensues as they try to arrest him. I this video shows both officers on the ground struggling detained, Brooks according to investigator, as he was able to grab one of the officers tailors and run away. Security footed shows Turning back and pointing the taser toward one officers appearing to fire it. The officer returned with fatal gunfire the shooting people, protests on Saturday near the Wendy's restaurant, which was set on fire officer Garrett, Ralf, who discharged has gone, has been fired. The second office Devon Brosnan has been paste placed on administrative duty Let us police Chief Erika Shields resigned yesterday. According
not autopsy the fatal police shooting has been ruled a homicide. The medical examiner said Brooks suffered to gunshot once that back the law representing the family of racial Brooks told MSNBC last night that the officers had other options so didn't have to take this may or attempt to take him into custody because he was sleeping in his car. Was trying to do the right thing he didn't want to drive drunk. He was He was not a threat to anyone taking his keys, they could have set a watch wise number car. Let her come pick you up any number of things just because you tussle with an officer it shouldn't be a day in this framework, so reverent? Now one sport in the New York Times, so the New York Times This was an issue of such
asian, that police officers call lawful, bide, awful at the same time, where we're here in the midst of these marches over George Floor This national conversation on police brutality and just so many questions linger why the police officers shot this man for resisting arrest and running away with DUI. In the middle of this national conversation, as you say where we actually seeing legislation in some states and in Minneapolis revamping policing. It is lead me to even begin to fathom why police in a land where they also had incidents were is gonna shoot somebody in the back, that's flee. Yes,
the man was inebriated. Yes, the yes demanded resisted and into a verbal confrontation and even taken wanted to stun guns. But was no threat to dissolve this life, there was no life extenuating circumstances, which is what is required to you, fatal fire and the man was fleeing, you don't shoot, are fleeing, sell it, and I think that the main our key shetlands bottles, the right thing by meeting. We call for the fire this office and I expected maybe brought up on charges. I've talked with the lawyers in this case. I think that you gotta look at it, the larger context, Joe, that that is why we need, deal with some real, concrete, federal, local legislation on how we deal with policing and police accountability. We here The president's supposed to make some kind of statement the next day or so around this issue, which
belated at best. We ve been three weeks we three weeks so killing of of George Floyd and now the present is belatedly go to come out with at and say something. It probably will manage as the real coy issue, and that is how do we all police accountable, and it is the best thing, for police and for citizens, good police, police, work every day and risk their lives do not deserve to be in limbo like this because have a president. There won't stand up and say this is wrong baby and criminal behaviour for police. This is policing and less If we can reconcile the two went out Legislation that cannot be any reconciliation and, in this case Reverend now the fact that it was in the back it proves that he was honest fleeing not confronting at least fifty we at that moment, but
also- and I know, you're you're tapped into these cases and and and trying to help the police resigning. I'm curious, if you know anything about that, I remember seeing her in the big of all these protests. In the wake of the death of George Floyd walking through the throngs testers and listening to them and talking to them and really trying to establish calm and understand more and in this way now she is abruptly resign. Do we know anything about? What's behind that? What I am hearing is that, because it has been submitted its there was the police debt Arrest to call it students in the car on the watch there, incidents the lead up to now. The fates only in this case that she took the responsibility that book stops here and resigned, and I think that many people in Atlanta that I've spoken to, though they felt sure made some effort
she was not able to change some of the culture that implies. Then some of the police to continue to do things clearly was against rules, and probably the law reviled God Casey out here, of course, and she interviewed Mister Ex lawyer last night- the family, Mr Books, Jazzy question Casey Reverend when you look at how we try to grow, with solving this problem- and it seems like this week on the hill- and you mention what the president might do- there have been negotiations with Senator TIM Scott of South Carolina Do you see a world where Senate Republicans and House Democrats can find a way to do something that is meaningful enough to get support from But like you and other advocates, or do you think this is all just a dead end,
the world that we can come together and as a world we must desire. A born. I was a kid it. You had a world where people because of the color. There's gonna sit in sitting back and a bus somehow, within a decade, able to come together and come out. The Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty for that would not have happened. If you didn't have Republicans like every lurks in and out The kid I wouldn't even ten years old- and I remember his name- you ma tat people on the republic inside it says a minute. This may not be, they lead to how I grew up, but it is What is necessary for the nation to grow? Where are they ever? Dirk since that could lead the EU but have reason the Senate. That's where this need to go now. I think those congressional Caucasus put together bill that addresses many of our concerns have been the movement the quest. It is a move in the Senate and
and we see some people grow took a moment that we are facing we saw in the sixties, would define. Sixties was the legislation similar rights, voting rights at open housing egg, and that's what blueskins democratic, showed real leadership, so I had a morning Joe. We have a lot more to get too will dig into Joe Biden historic support among women, voters and how that seems to be impacting some Senate races as well plus I saw two icon, how the once room child chain link, fence surrounding Lafayette Square and the White House. Is now being seen as a living memorial to George Floyd and to hope will talk to market the New York Times or watching morning. Job will be right, back pay everyone strong, MSNBC, correspondent and hosted of the pie cast into America in response. The killing of George Floyd, thereby cause across the country
They found the police last week, LOS Angeles Eric our city to step in that direction thing is city will cut the LAPD's budget, episode. We get a closer look at least plan to take funds away from policing in order to put them back into the community. Defending the police is about shifting resources to other things. So you die vast from police but invest in things like housing. Four into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe, I'm sure, mainly posted into America apart. From NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers, eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America. Apart
asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives. New episodes. Every Monday and there's. Joe Biden lead over President Trump and national poles. Maybe due to his historic support among and Voters to a New York Times. Analysis of recent polls from May and June Biden is leading by twenty five points among female registered voters ace. Never can increase from his nineteen point advantage earlier this year and Hillary Clinton fourteen point led in the final pre election pull some twenty. Sixteen CNN report that binds margin is the largest since gallop had Lyndon Johnson taken the women's boat by twenty four points back in nineteen sixty four, and we're seeing that women gap play out in the Irish Senate race. Their incumbent Republican,
Senator Joanie Ernst isn't a dead heat against her opponent, Democrat Teresa Greenfield Turning to the letters to mourn register, media com, pole only three point separate greenfield with forty six percent and Ernst, who has forty three percent: the racist statistically I'd with both sitting within the poles. Over three point margin of error: I also leads to Ernst among several key voting groups in the state, including voters, without a religious affiliation by fifty two points, why women without college degrees by thirty one points. Voters within cities by twenty one points and we voters in the state by twenty points. Fifty four percent to Ernst. Thirty, four points: does amazing. It really is about costs in the most shocking number there and the number that Republicans really should be concerned about as a canary and the coal mine for
all races because, as we know, these races and become so national voters don't put their tickets between presidents senators and governors and members of Congress as much as they used to, but the number its most shocking is the fact that women without college degrees, white women without college degrees, tromp easily wine. That group, that demographic before now Joe Biden leads white women without college degrees by thirty one percent. Joe I was in Iowa with Senator earns you months ago, She was there with vice president pants, and it was clear that she has embraced the Trump White House as an ally, and she has continued to be an ally, resident trump and vice president, and though she feels like she's in a politically does it what a break from him. Necessarily when you talk to her, I realize they say there trying to
find a weight? I wrote about this in the post last week trying to find a way to navigate the choppy waters. One way they doing it is having heard target the environmental protection agency. Talking about the regulations there, she wishes that Trump Administration would do more, but picking up a bit of a spot politically picking at that shot at the EPA but never really taking a shot ever at President Tromp, his conduct is ethics, his political positioning, She feels she needs those from voters and I ought to come out but she goes. This is our first reelection he was elected in twenty forty. He will be, as you say, an example of the nationalization of republican politics the trump era? Ok see I had said it was Donald Trump losing whether wet white women without college decrease by thirty one percent. It's actually Johnny aren't switches, so even more shocking, but Donald Trump
has been losing ground with white women without college degrees. For quite some time, and just that that trend among Republicans is a real problem, especially We enjoy yards your and somebody, and we ran around six years ago and were laughing talking about how great fads work as she was talking about. You know pig. She was take on this unwilling, Syria, Washington, DC she's gonna be tough and independent minded, and then you fast forward and she has You see a town hall meeting where she can't even criticise Donald Trump for just most on presidential actions ever and its there in watching her up there and it's embarrassing to see how much he's kowtowing to Donald Trump actually, when you contrast that, with a fierce independent since she had promised and that reminder
did. She was talking about cutting port and the federal deficit, and the federal debt have loaded every year since she's been up. There. It's she's been tweeting. Thank you, videos to President Trump and the reality. Is now what has unfolded in the last five or six months. Is it me? I strove- and I am almost afraid to say this, because twenty twenty has already thrown so many criminals our way, but it is hard to imagine how things could be worse for report weekends, who basically made this bed with Donald Trump. Said. Well. Anyone that goes against him is assent. Getting decapitated politically. We don't want to risk we're going to embrace him as tightly as we possibly can and then Corona Virus happened, and now you know this people are
the streets and, frankly, the president's divisive rhetoric is aggressively turning people against him. I mean you're. Looking at there's a pull out of Arkansas over the weekend is just one Paul. We want to make two big deal out of it, but it shows the president's disapproval and Tom Cottons disapproval. In particular, moving by in a ten or twenty point in in some cases and in future, Ernst urge you know you make the decision to suddenly throw all about us. I'd and it'll the loyalty that this president demands as well. These candidates puts them in an unbelievably believable difficult position. Let's contrast that the fact that you know, if you go out against the president, you know he's gonna tweet, he's gonna activate his base against you. You're gonna get all kinds: angry emails from the Trump supporters. That back you contrast that, with how and see policy handled this in twenty eighteen. What she wanted to win back the house? What did she say?
people that we're running in tough districts in swing areas who, frankly were concerned about tying themselves to close to her. She said you do you gotta, do you win? That's all that matters to me this president, is not looking at this. This white man, if he even if he does win re election over at Joe Biden, if he loses his majority in the Senate, I think they're going to go the same way. Potentially if they going to lose the Senate there, like they're, going to lose the White House as well, a disaster for him. It's. Yet another example of him and his personality getting in the way of what would be traditional medical goals and that's a huge problem for Senate Republicans, huge problem and their frozen in place because they're, afraid of a mean tweet. And while the frozen in place, their political careers are going up in flames, there never going to recover from a loss in two thousand and twenty and then allow swear valuable a man who could who could be facing
dramatic landslide loss, and you add, on top the problem reverent now of white women without college degrees, which they were simple? to be a loyal demographic for four Donald Trump unit, look at once unfolding every day on television and look at the fact that the wise, a White House have been bragging for two years that they were going to get fifteen percent. Twenty percent black cloud and you see that evaporate overnight and suddenly the trump operations being squeezed right now, at least right now from all sides: suburban women, educated, women, women with advanced degrees of women, without college degrees, black voters of of all demographics, and suddenly the attempt to thread that needle politically to get two two hundred.
Seventy is getting smaller and smaller the needle is getting smaller and smaller thing our job as to learn the basic fact, and politics is that, at the end of the you cannot just three people: demagogic. Three and not serve. Would they me save you a white woman without a college degree view a one more educated and you ve lived now in the midst of a pandemic, that it has been clearly a step dead, if he had done what he was wandering in January, we may not have suffered. Would we suffered you that economic groups, questions of that, did you gotta live. Would then, if your black and use the problem of racial injustice in the criminal justice system. He can't ride so that occasion and in fact trousers the church and a Bible has a property moves, not violent peaceful. Protests is away, would rubber
It's a tear gas, all sides he is serve. The interests of people can be into but so long before they say wait a minute. I need some basic services. Learn grow up in a movement servers power. Entertainment is good show for good shows. Do come to an end. I coming up protests continuing across the country. In the wake of George Floyd staff, growing number of cities are making changes, will take a look at the new policies being introduced from Coastal Coast plus Joe Biden. Sir for running made, is entering a new round of setting a look. Whose honour his latest the page. Or at least morning. Job will be right back they were the zealous spring and prevent
sir at Princeton, University, Eddie, Glower, junior and chief national correspondent for then Times magazine, Mark Leibovitz, shares latest pieces entitled an ice or becomes an icon in which she writes this about the White House fence quote it was unclear how long the artifacts and remained there where they would end up or whether they would receive some permanent display, but a new consensus appeal. To be at hand. Among the protesters These signs, flags and momentous were part of history. They should be preserved and cared for as such is article of a formative moment. That was still unfolding mark. Tell us about I want spontaneously happened along that fence well in advance is surrounding the White House in its it was your temporarily went down last week and relief defenceless move last week, but I do think that
Lafayette square area has become a kind of hallowed ground of this protest movement and it will go down and be recalled as an area I mean especially around that incident in which the protest forcibly removed when the President S follow up were where people well sort of common. I I was actually back there last night and ends not obviously not an intense protest size than it was before, but you have tourists still coming in or even protesters tells him again. We just want to see the place and want to see what it looks like now. It's not what it was weak and a half ago, but you ve had a lot of people from the Smithsonian looking around Some of the artifacts of still there are some of the signs. Are there still? replaces around the park and are trying to preserve it, just for fun the Smithsonian museums going forward so nicely saying that this, part of our history. It will be going forward- and this is a moment worth remembering to preserve it it seems again
Eddie, whatever Donald Trump, has tried to do during this crisis and, of course, the corona virus, it it has seemed politically backfire on him. The powerful symbols have come out of these. These weeks. These months, but also we go back to Lafayette Park. We go back to June. The first Lafayette Park, it seems to me, will be remembered as fighting moment, not just in the twenty twenty campaign, perhaps but perhaps of the trunk presidency and I committed to a friend this weekend that We're gonna be looking back on June. First for a law. Time they're going to be teaching about June. First, at West Point four Long time about what is done, It is not time and then even Donald Trump.
Relationship with the military has been severely frayed over this you know Joe, I think that's right to a certain extent, I mean what Lafayette Report represent it for me, at least with the collision of trumps authoritarian tendencies with this bus tradition of freedom of expression in the country, and we saw that very clearly in the public art I mean it. I was as I was. What is I watched the fence wreck. You know come up. I saw people react to it and I saw the art on the fence. It reminded of how the Berlin Wall became a symbol of a symbol of oppression and what was painted on the wall when the wall came down what we saw? In other words, we saw an x russian or freedom over against an expression of authoritarian all shall we say and freedom, and here In this moment I think you're right. It's going to be a reprimand Station of this collision of of a moment where
the very norms in precepts that defined our country or challenge, and ordinary people responded in kind. It's gonna be a really important moment in our history. I Ordinary people responded? The military establishment responded now Oh God, responded. It is it your ride. In Lafayette Park, there was a collision of Donald trumps, most autocratic impulses, collision worse with democratic norms, and we ve seen at least in many instances the peoples places and military institutions actually stood up and supported constitutional norms. Over Donald Trump autocratic tendencies Jonathan or mere you have reporting this morning about Joe binds vice presidential selection,
the name's. He is he's looking out right now and Those names have certainly been influenced by the candidates have certainly been influenced by the events of the past month. Tell us about it. Willie guys here on this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with legendary actor, Samuel L Jackson, to talk about his prolific career and Hollywood and bringing shaft back to theatres. You can get it now for Bree wherever you download your podcast. There's no question of that show. My colleagues at the AP and other allies have all had a series of stores last few days about this very tight making the process is accelerating. They ve had an dividing teams, The number of interviews are moving on delivering its refinancing disclosures and personal information, since some of the aims that we have all expected, Senator camel hair certainly is right near the top of the list centre. Elizabeth worn remains there as well. A few surprises.
A is the mix you know about May we know and certainly to your point, the events of the last few weeks shortly the shaping have abiden Biden teams at at this. You know the former vice president has pledged to pick a female vice president. There's people round him Democrats putting power, should kleiber and who have said moments with these. The protests in Tripoli. Those in Minnesota have hurt the chance of Senator COBRA Char, but there's it may be helping them as evolving subjected are speaking out in this moment, Susan Rice Form Robin this and fischler is another one who, gained momentum. In this stretch and certainly cannot be overstated. How important this pic is, I think traditional election of vice presidents is tend to be low, but overrated practices the care more about it than that. Voters we're gonna go to the ballot box from who tend to make their choice based on the name of the top, rather in the bottom of of the two
but in this one with with with Japan and potential potentially we're here, when being the oldest present to be elected as discussed. The other health issues concerning our stations about both Kenneth Biden in Trump There is a real sense here of really needed to sort of solidify this pact. Now this pig just for electoral purposes, not just to perhaps gain a state on the map, but all to reassure this? Vice president than others really gonna, be seen as being one heart beat away from the top job, and I think of it nineteen knows that undertaking very thoroughly and there very seriously as they proceed. Their timetable we make our selection in early August, a few days or weeks before the democratic and mentioned whatever shape that conventional Take Casey, give us updated with the reporting you I mean. I think that
There is definitely pressure on the former vice president to select a person, a woman of color, considering what we ve seen unfold in the street. In the last several weeks by war. I also say that I think the person to listen to on that question is Jim Clayburn, who really has the ear of the former vice president and who, in a really guided them through the crucible moment that they had South Carolina, and he said that it's not a must that that bite in, do that, and I think that's part of why are continuing to see names like Tammy Baldwin pop up in this if a search- and I do think the underlying question that Jonathan Wellmere pointed to, as is a key one and no one previous exam? and the point about, in vice presidential picks, maybe mattering maybe not is, is entirely fair, but I think that the binding team is looking
What happened to John Mccain in two thousand eight, when he selected Sir Kalen that was another election where there were health questions raised. As you know, is in some cases it got ugly and a feeling that he picked, somebody that a lot of potentially independent voters were willing to trust with the presidency and given the landscape that we're looking at here. It's also, I think it an important consideration to think about selecting somebody that doesn't necessarily turn off independent voters. Suburbia women are the white women you mentioned without college agrees that seem to be breaking this way so that's kind of the way in which their their grappling with this question right now, so markedly bird, she had river now sharply. Who is where this is gonna, be with us again, you better ever now evolves. So, of course, Jim Kleiber, probably most powerful black
he's on Capitol Hill, both saying that Joe Biden Spy, did not have to be a black woman, but at this in time. The events of the past several weeks certainly put a far bigger focus on people. I value wings and Catherine an end. Harris Senator Harris PAMELA Harris as well as people like Susan Rice, I think what what happens in a case like this is people might overrate. The power of the moment itself now obviously of answering dictate partly how's the boys press and his team around me. Thinking about this elderly when he makes his pig. That pact will be the pack and good, You know that is Wilson to create their own Tax, their own realities and people will you know the people rise and fall
on her merits and so we're going forward. I think that that that let us take our life in the town, and that also imply the pig more so than any moment in the news, but obviously right now. This is an urgent issue in this country, and its people are going to end in our Bob Karstadt. I Casey top brought up Sarah page. Eleven thousand eight, I'm sure Joe Vines campaign team is going to make sure that whoever they pick as somebody who has been tested, those international issues, as well as local issues stands. Foreign policies is much. Is understand policing, sure they dont be blindsided again by a pick that might momentarily excite the base but cause in the long run of the campaign, Susan authorized in bastard rice. You would find someone who that significant experience on foreign policy, the gravity
in the eyes of many Democrats, and you see in so unlike Harris someone who has We- the Senate experience but the Vatican of a national campaign, she has had reporters by myself and others. Look at her record she's been on the campaign trail. You can't under sell the power of experience in a national campaign to deal with the screwed. The media and the scrutiny of voters just one Hell, Senator Baldwin of Wisconsin. I've been covering her for over a decade, not just some random senator from Wisconsin. This is someone was deeply kid. Acted I've been with their Madison to cover her the protests. Politics of Madison Wisconsin on racial injustice on gay aids, and so she is someone if you're looking to connect with the moment, even though is a white woman, she has a history of protest movements in her politics, so it's injured. To see her name rise. For that reason, The two names make I've been thinking about for some time: Tammy, Baldwin and Gretchen. What
as well as, along with the other, when we brought up for possible Vp Canada's Tammy Baldwin, because she knows, was cards and very well will be a very good contrasts in any you'll have to mid Westerners in Joe Biden with his Pennsylvania background. Timmy Baldwin with her background in Wisconsin, also Gretchen what more? Who of course came to the forefront of the national seen during the krona virus? Could This is her approval ratings extremely well much better than Donald Trump. That could help locked down a state like Michigan. I can think it sounds great choices, which is great position to be in great for women, Bob Kosta. Thank you markedly Thank you as well still, I had a look at emerging corona virus hotspots in the. U S has fears of a second wave of infections, becoming a reality for many parts of the country, will go. I have two embassies VON Hilliard in sea,
idle for his reporting on. What's going on in that city, with the ongoing protest Haswell morning? Joe is coming right back pay its crusades as we go, my pockets wise is happening all be talking with my friend and colleague from mainly about this moment in american history. There is a feeling of being under attack the Black in America, Always feels like you have a target on your hearing, your back in your heart and your soul and you're. Getting your pocketbook always go. That's all we ve ever known in this. Jerry and we're fooling ourselves. If we ever thought anything and that's why, at this moment, the veneer and fail has dropped in a way that again we ve been around the block. I've never felt this collective sense of anger and anguish and grief and as much as is inexplicable. It actually makes perfect sense because always been sway that this Why is this happening? Search for wise is happening wherever you're listing right now and subscribe
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