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The Morning Joe panel discusses the Supreme Court's landmark Monday decision that LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination along with a new DNC attack ad.

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Again are testing, is so far advanced, so much bigger and better than any other country that we can have more cases were always going to have more cases and, as I said, this morning, that's probably the downside of having good testing as you find. Cases that other countries who don't even test, don't have you don't tell me, you don't have any cases that we step testing right now, whatever cases of any I'm sorry, if you don't tell them internationally cases brought explained this before you Jimmy cases like officially cause people still have it and dying of that workable thing. Is it sinks of the United States now, five hundred fifteen thousand people who have died? One? Seventy one hundred and seventeen thousand people who died of kroner Virus and Donald Trump keeps saying that if we
don't test, run a virus, then it wool. Actually go away? We want have any more cases actual testing for the krona virus does not kill, people and that says, there's just like saying you know, pregnancies are pregnant. It would be driven down to zero. We just stop having pregnancy tests so we brought along really, I saw too, but to explain why the present knighted states was trying to me yesterday. Will you please explain it forests? Well, I think him exactly what he said, and how do we know this? He said it before. He just showed yesterday that what he said a month ago in the middle of may my may, this almost identical comment, which we was a wild slip of the tongue or some misunderstanding. It means what he says. He says he's frustrated because
one hundred to two million cases with a hundred seventeen thousand deaths in just means, were testing a locked and if we would just stop that testing, We wouldn't have all the alarm over the number of cases. I can't explain it any, further than that, except to say when you say it twice, I think it means you believe it. Well am I had sold governors yesterday to lie to their people and is either the corona virus cases were going up guests. Has things going up? The fact is, the percentage of the Koran virus tests are going up, higher cura virus cases are going up higher and higher percentage did the end recent corona virus testing analysing their reports, restaurants are opening up in their shutting back down their reports that, in in Red State America, there is some people that are beginning the very worried about these crimes. Iris cases? Biking we're going to have these spikes would just are I mean we can't
it's economy shut down forever we're going to have these spikes. It's going to be difficult, there's gonna be a lot of stopping and starting especially, if we're being right close about it as a country, I don't think Well, some people being really reckless about it. Bite This is going to happen if we're going to have to sort our way through it and, as we have suggested to the house from the very beginning. It is far better. Tell the truth to the american people, while we're going through this process, because they will be able to handle the truth from magical thinking. What he's gotten Donald Trump in trouble from various time again time money and tell the people the truth, hey. You know that this is going to be tough work to have spikes as we reopen this economy. There are people there are
and they get sick and unfortunately, there are people who are going to die and as we get to the fall, going to have an even even greater challenge if history is any guide and we're going to have to go through all of this together is a, but we can do it. We can keep the economy open. Still social distance still, where our masks deal protect people, but we're we have to do. It is a country not the magical, thinking, not that this is going away and not coming back in the fall saying that the cases arising because our testing rising, because that's just not really accurate, while the magical, thinking ends with the corona virus. I think the president thinks he can have his magical thinking, but the American people, see it in the numbers of people. That are falling ill and dying and it'll be so interesting as rally gonna be handing out hand sanitize or they're gonna, be
providing masks. Had people signed disclaimers, there's a real sort of confrontation between trans bravado, where he thinks he's macho when it, where a mask and the people he's gonna be speaking too most of whom should be wearing mask memoranda marry at least most of them, most probably shouldn't be they're. Not most should be wearing masks, just everyone antibodies. I get. Viruses like everybody should be wearing masks: inside an arena at any given people that are outside marching that art inside of arena. If your mom urging and you're not wearing a mask putting the lives of your parents, your grandparents and people in your family with underlying conditions at risk. So everybody Should be wearing a mask if they're out among crowds, Republicans are Democrats, independence
marxist anarchists libertarians. It doesn't matter if you're out and crowds please protect yourself, protect others protect your family. Members, where so long with Joe Willie in May. We have Pulitzer Prize winning, calmness and associate editor of the Washington Post and MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson historian. Through the soul of America and Roger, is professor of the presidency at Vanderbilt University. John Major is with us here and we see news and MSNBC contributor, so John Major ugly, and it was one of those June days earlier, bring court may in amounts loud. So big, then reboot weekends and conservatives ring their hands. So what have we done? What have we done? We him had a republic impressed then appoint another Supreme Court justice,
As for The liberal cause and always Is this let us refrain but the courts He's a man who doesn't charity of our values he's a man whose very life undermines everything. We tried it. It's our children. He is cruel. He is When I go to last a list of all the tariffs, things. Donald Trump is gonna, go but the courts and why they work to this morning. Reading them Brazil is a fact that a Trump appointed judge, just it is one of the largest cultural wars victory culture, war victories
two levels and handed them one of the biggest culture war defeats over the past fifty years ago. A boy of talking about this? Is they saw their sole and a check is balanced. So that's the clever you talk about for a second, the serious, you talk about, is the system by and large, worked here, and I think that just discourses the praise for this Obviously I weren't because I agree with the decision, but I think that ultimately, force behind the the obsession and really the exaltation of the Supreme Court. Over the sermon on them out, which is what happened. But the religious right in his country does again, more or less on me
continued nineteen. Fifty four with the brown decision runs through the school prayer decision in sixty two Isley Rovers, his weight and seventy three and the energy. Behind the obsession with the Supreme Court and the federal bench has always been a guiding principle for the ride. And they have always believed you alluded to Eisenhower had stamped them in the back Warren Nixon, stab in the back. Times out of four they give ring by the three justices that Nixon appointed they board gave them people with John Paul Stevens Georgie You gave him David suitor. And so the basics. It is never going to be fooled again
and ass a large part of why that part of the electorate done what is done with the I'll drop and yet and yet the key phrase of american history, and yet the right decision was made. No, really there's been this, this belief among political actors on the left and on the right that you can get but he pointed to the Supreme Court and they can be taught to live you teach a dog to set and tricks and roll over that you somehow control of justice sure that that justice is going to stick blind Duly follow blindly, one ideological viewpoint or another. It always ends up being more complicated than that at least
justices who are being an actually honest in most of these justices are being intellectually, honest and justice, Gore such had a different view of tact through tax. Dualism is then say Scalia, but they would have had a debate They would have had a good conversation and they would have agreed to disagree. It is its form, more nuanced, these decision therefore more new, wants then outside agitators and well who make money raising money off of dividing. Cons over Supreme Court decisions is far more complicated than people on on both extremes. I can make it yet turns out their judges and not politicians and the Supreme Court, this believes his or her appointment is there to protect the constitution to uphold
The law to analyze the line not to do favors for the president or the political party that put him or her where he or she is an yesterday judge course, which present trumps first appointment to the Supreme did just that of the six three decision he was joined by chief Justice Roberts as well. Another conservative, so sixty three decision, I'm sure, Donald Trump is not pleased with the decision, given that that's his judge, but Gore such equally just set an employer who fires someone on the basis of being gay or transgender defies the law period. The law, I'm looking at title, seven of the nineteen sixty four civil Rights ACT and that act defies that law. According to Judge Gore such we're gonna talk a lot more. This in just a few minutes. We do have some breaking news. Just this morning. South Korea says North Korea, has blown up an inter korean liaison Office, building just north of the border between the two countries. According to the Associated Press, North Korea, had
to demolish the office as it stepped up its fiery rhetoric over South Korea's failure to stop activists. Flying propaganda leaflets across the board. This video from the south Korean Ministry of Defence shows the moment the bombing took place. The move by north We're comes as the United it's a North Korea remains deadlocked and nuclear diplomacy. From London NBC new senior international correspondent here Simmons. Good morning. So what exactly happened here? What would you have me? This? Is symbolic, and also, I think, potentially serious, not least for President Tromp, as he had two eyes towards the election in Remember this The korean liaison Office was set up in twenty eighteen, amid much fanfare, able symbol of peace. Now it's been reduced to rubble. There is really the kind of nor
Korea, incriminate ology, if you like, so the threat to do this, was made by Kim's Finland's sister came Yo John and I think, it's a sign of the tension inside North Korea, for example, corona virus they ve had to close their borders that that would have had real impact economic impacts there ostensibly about balloons being sent across the border from the south. With U S bees in them with news from South Korea with even dollar bills in them, but I think more broadly, There is the frustration in North Korea in Pyongyang about the steel, wave president tromp with President South Korea aren't you gonna remit How much can German invested in that relationship in those talks and their there hasn't been progress now for for some time. So you know, I think,
in the months to come. What's being threatened, is the kind of classic speculation by North Korea, to get attention wary. I should point out. There was nobody in the building was closed at the time of the wage and enclosed, because corona virus for several and Missus Clear Simmons here. Thank you very much meagre President rum says he will sign and executive order on police reform later today. He claims that will be quote very kind: Hence so far we know it's expected to include basis that track police officers with multiple instances of misconduct as well as language that encourages departments to involve mental health professional when dealing with issues of homelessness, addiction and mental health. We are too language that acknowledges systemic racism in policing will also be included in the order. Meanwhile, three
Public and senators tell the hell that nor did leader Mitch, Mcconnell wants to vote on police reform before the July. Fourth recess Senator ten scarred of South Carolina is currently working on that proposal. Now, anger and unrest in Atlanta Following Fridays, officer involved, shooting death of re short Brooks thousands approach. Sisters peacefully March to Georgia State Capitol yesterday debate Adding new laws aimed at police reform, the mayor Atlanta announced a series of new police for forms. Knowing the shooting death of racial, Brooks among changes officers will now have to use. De escalation techniques before employing deadly force office. This will also be duty bound to intercede when they see other the servers engaging in reasonable applications of force, in announcing the reforms yesterday, Mayor Acacia, Lance bottom stressed the importance that every man
the community be treated with dignity and respect is clear. That. We do not have another day, Another minute our to waste. We saw the worse happen on Friday night with Mister Brooks it angered me and its and me beyond words, but I know It is my responsibility as mayor of this great city for us We continue to work to put that anger and that sadness into, action. Jeanne Egg said it outright yesterday on their show that there are a lot of times. I just don't put self in the position of a cop and second guess him when he is in a drew situation and he's trying to figure out how we keep people around rounding safe how we keep them.
Of safe. How we get some do his family at night. The same thing with with soldiers would it and sailors and Marines in war zones we are for because when we try to put ourselves in their place try to second guess if, for instance, it happened inside a closed building in somebody had come around a dark corner and they had something. That look like a gun and they were charging at the police officer. I'm sorry. Who are we to judge, you think you can do better but you, but somebody things they can do a better job. You know I pick up in this case guys guy ve been talking due for about thirty minutes. He was, library aided him tired. He, it was lethargic. He fought to get away. He resisted arrest, and then he lumbered off in the parking and turned around and did a quick fix. A taser at him still
bring around, and I use the word lumbering, because that reminds me of what Walter Scott North Charleston was doing lumbering around. He was going to run out of energy about yellow five steps, but Walter, Scott and North Charleston, we the cops here in this Atlanta parking Lot showed, Miss Brooks in the back this year, your column. This is not complicated. What did he do reach our approach should be alive today. That's the guy who in open the initial falling asleep in his car Wendy's drive through an L. Forty five minutes later he's lying dead twice in the bag by police. For sure and again he was on the eve of people and goods
he's not blameless in the sequence of that sea should be. You should not have resisted arrest. He was trying to talk the opposition. The letting it just walk to his Sisters House was eaten and drunk robbing as a serious offence. I think very seriously by you. You get to the point where else these lumbering away. He be, please me in the course of lumber, deterrent and attacks on riled sort of for non lethal weapon, tat you to her at the at the police officer and, of course, MRS and I and the officer decides to shoot him twice in the back I've seen running away? That should not have happened the kind of thing that keeps happening as this life was not wasn't bad valued.
And that's why protesters have been in the streets for the last three weeks and that's why they will continue to be in the streets until this sort of warrior dial ultimate force, method of policing protection. Policing african Americans is? Is it reform is an until something is dying you know more than like bright likely bore them both point. Finally de escalation in out of it. At least this is not rocket. Science Dylan, Rueful, killed. Nine people were living in another manual church, our ability and and more dangerous than you can. Imagine somehow manages to get
captured alive, and then they took him to burger king and eclipse the stand trial and get free, Shard Brooks is dead, and so it is hard to convince me, that that there's not systemic racism in our policing. It's hard to convince me that something terribly terribly what's wrong: they are and will it is? It is not just about again what they are taught on paper on on These reforms said their pushing forward in the latter, which are good reforms, but it also that they have look at race and they have to acknowledge race, and they have to understand that if this were a white kid, white, suburban neighborhood in Atlanta, with just sleeping it off
the to resist, arrest and was lumbering away. Cops wouldn't shoot him in the back. They they would actually would have never escalated to that point you know We ve seen at you- and I have seen it I'm sure, make a scene it over. Two years so you're much younger, of course, but white kids that Are you run a foul of the cops shot at their there. There put in the back the police, cruisers and given a brain given a break. This is this. Is this is and will be, the fact that this happened. In the middle of the George Floyd Protests, and save, and wasn't even linked to the floor to protest that this happened with it I who is trying to sleep it off on his own in a when these parking lot is just be and outrageous yet yeah, and when we talk about
reform and de escalation in the use of lethal forces to Jean points out, this is exactly what we're talking about. This should be used to teach that the man, Jeanne. As you said, almost thirty minutes was sitting with the cops they were talking with them. There was a scuffle, he ran away. He grabbed a taser. He turned and tried to fire taser at them and the question most people watching that video is? Why did you have to shoot the guy to detain him he's drunk he's running slowly, you have his name. His is idea of his car. You have everything you could ever need to detain. If you really need to so how does it get to point where you purple at your service weapon shoot the guy in the back of a when these parking lot. That's what we're talk now when we look at DE escalation and what a police officer should do obviously is
said. Ninety nine out of a hundred police officers would not have done without officer did that officer was fired, the Atlanta police chief resigned the next day. They know how bad this is. We that from mayor bottoms? But the question is: what is it about culture or what is it about that officer that led him to think a guy we can go find if we need to very easily needs be shot to be detained I read you said the newly was? They knew where he lived. They knew where he was probably trying to go right because he certainly was trying to get to her sisters house at their Benjy LIVE, thereby so so they meaning that he was gonna run out of steam. In any event, they probably what are they gonna win according to custom, before I got a bargain luck, but in the end it happens Get him again, and so this is that this is part of the talk that that there
very much in line with our societies. The rigour going to integrated schools. And tat? He had boyfriend white friends, and we had to tell them that in it. In a situation of Europe with your friends and and theirs reason. Why you're acting with the police, they're gonna get the benefit of the doubt? The white kids are gonna, get the better you're, not a need. Be aware of that. That's you know, that's just. A reality and it's got to change. It just has to change its inward enough of us. We ve had enough of this house and by the way Jeanne and I have been having this- precision lawyer. This show, maybe for at last seven years eight years, gene there are you, of course,
been living in Europe tire live and having to have that talk with your children. It's it's. It's My unbelievable, went again make it the fact that this occurred in the shadow of George Floyd staff in the nation arise. Protests shows still have such a long way to go in and in John Medium. How offensive that yesterday, we had to watch a steady stream of conservative. So called conservative valets justifying the shooting of this man in the bag. God, yes, you know, and there's there comes a point were in were far from passed it on an unbridled subjects where- the machinery of perpetual partisan conflict and reaction and opinion mongering needs to slow down. Every month
to date, no matter what it is goes. To this Cuisinart of conflict, it comes out and no one has the human ability to take in the facts, decide what they really think. They know what they think What the facts are because of the nature view that and there legally knew, but law Is it as urgent is real and his tactile as it the time in american history thirty years ago, Walter Lippman said that one, the besetting problems, the modern era, was going to be that we would not see ended, define, but we would define and then see, and it comes to race in America. That is all to truth, as an and really important words also important Willie.
But when we get meets the fire at the camera, we not only get Walter Lippman quotes, we get phrases like the queens and art. That's pretty good, so willing, I'd like. Why are we putting into about Cuisinart of conflict and it's the days What is more, our prize winning a glass as we all know that you guys, let's not revenge, Our I'd. Still I had on the morning Joe, will be joined by the President The human rights campaign on the heels of that land, ruling by the Supreme Court on Algae BT, Q Rights plus senators, Chris Cones and Korea. Booker will be our guests this morning and we all have some new Pauling to show you on the presidential race and a first at the dances? Very first general, action ad and major league baseball
strong reassess its really serious. Aren't I've gone. Why is wrong with you? What a bright eyes you all should be ashamed, Rosaria, ok, it's there! face on the prospect of a twenty citizen. Here, morning, while they re inventing a little more complicated. No, its not talk about it. That's equation of garlic. I'm sure mainly posted into America up Gas from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go the numbers, eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance renown into the choices. I have plan. A funeral Asia, the corona rose, how's work and into away through the importance of music is to keep our Spirit into America, a pod cast about everyday people and the power that politics policy and a pandemic head and shaping our lives. New episodes. Every Monday, it there's day hey everyone! It's for mainly MSNBC, corresponded and hosted the PA cast into America, or not
unarmed black man was killed by police over the weekend this time, in Atlanta Rasha boxes, seven, the officer who shot Brooks, has been fire. The police chief have resigned while acrostic treat protest. Continue. Why didn't have to Why did there have to be changed if he was running away? Why not let him run? Why did it get to the point where you felt that you had to chase after him and ultimately used at the horse? Nbc news corresponded to blame. Alexander brings us the latest from Georgia, and we talk about the emotional tool of being a black journalists, covering this moment, search for into America. Where were you listening right now? It's subscribe. Former president, Barack Obama will join Joe Biden for a fundraiser. Next Tuesday Biden announced the virtual grass roots.
Fundraiser on Twitter yesterday shortly his campaign announced that it and associated democratic groups raised eighty one million dollars last month, buttons. Strongest ever month of fund raising this cycle, Fundraiser will mark the first time that five minute Obama have appeared on screen together since the former President endorsed Biden back in April, meaning The deep sea is out this morning with a new ad entitled descent marking the fight five year, anniversary of Donald Trump Descent down there, SK. I later to begin his presidential Canada see.
Five years ago. Donald Trump descended to the basement from tower for the last five years, these broad America, down with him a tacking healthcare for patients with pre existing conditions. Massive tax goes to billion years, not working families, pleasing white supremacist stoking racial division. How white House in chaos losing three hundred thousand jobs in a field trade with China, locking children in cages, ignored science and corona virus and misled the american people stating it would actually go away now over one hundred thousand dead, America's forty million jobs destroyed recession. Now I don't take responsibility is shrouded. Our alliance turned out military american citizens. You have the power to end the descent of our nation to choose justice unity leadership because we can't afford for more years of Trump Joe Biden, and I approve this message.
Again and BC. News correspondent, Heidi Priscilla, who first obtained that add. What's this strategy by and beyond basically trying to describe this? entire presidency as descent is the beginning with eighty five, we campaign that sets off entire general election offensive here, this is just a First to add, there will be a series to follow this and, as you saw from the very beginning, of that Acting Harding. This, which is today the fight our trunks descent down the golden later and sharp tower to work His name is really the decline of America and they hit him, so many issues and that movement, but I'm all violence against each that coming? We in general, Action strategy preview really and fall to show that there will be a very having focused on China, starting next week. The dna
rolling out additional, showing that the president's negotiating style and his dealings The China have really been to the detriment of the american people accused in that first week, on the three hundred thousand jobs they say have been lost, but then, following after that, in terms of how the prince It has dealt with China on Corona violence, ignoring the corner virus threat for so many weeks as he tried to negotiate that track trade deal downplaying with threats. Wanting that significant, that is well. Is that this is really on two March in big change from twenty six to Windward, told by the Dnc, that. Elizabeth warning will be joining the empty chair whereas to kick off this entire ignition millions your shovel unity between the aggressor waiting in the wings of the Democratic Party, which is in change from Sixteen, when you had all that turmoil between
these centres campaign and they don't worry Clinton campaign and then there's going to be a fight with that approach whereby Tom harassed is wild with Elizabeth Warren bring other party having waits, for instance, out into a bee teaming up in Florida next week. Nigger Heidi, Heidi, its Willie. We talks way back window. Where the pandemic about how, unusually quickly the Democratic Party got behind Joe Biden? Is candidates dropped out of the rates most prominently, of course, Bernie Sanders they hopped in and supported, by mid and have this long, protracted fight like we had twenty. Sixteen, as you point out that continues with the DMZ the Clinton campaign, its fairness, had a strange relationship with the Dnc on many levels doesn't appear to be that way. This time around.
No and untold also that we can probably expect there to be a very strong president, spotted with the ensuing each as opposed to twenty. Sixteen in terms of our offensive it- Here you see the binding campaigning doing a lot of work in terms of proactively disputing narratives put out by the trunk champion in terms of going on. If you look what's happening here with this, as well as some of the outside stupor part like priorities, you are saying the campaign does, ok, leaving a lot of this offensive, roar to the DNS teach them some heavy wings like Stephanie Carter enduring Watson Dnc for director who have been working on this in it. Collecting all of this information and creating a big down. Opinions will be using hit trial.
Click on a lot of the pharmacist that he made in his twenty six to campaigning, as he returns to those areas to him on the trade issue on health care very much so I'm krona virus. But again I want to also stress that this, in a narrow, they're gonna, really deep, just because how prominent and she was by the president, the case that he may about being top on China when, in fact we look at the jars? when you look at the virus democratic to our huge. It's been our. We want to his engaged with justice. I need a girl, she ate a business man, seen as such a strange. So many of his supporters in training. Sixteen willing Thank you so much greatly appreciated and thank you for bringing you add fascinating. You know, John Medium,
it's a stricter standards presence which I always tell people Jimmy saying they want to run. I like what your bumper sticker. That's where you started a new expand out, while the bumper sticker Oh here is tromp. Is a bad president, where as in two thousand sixteen the member states, four Hillary Clinton was proposition. Guy people. People. Do that Xerxes idea? He is a bad guy. Maybe we need a bad guy, in fact to twenty we need Trump campaign is crop is a bad guy. Maybe we need a bad guy right now, but what this virus, Does he shows how tramping a bad president is in Acting America, cutting your health care working class Americans he's promising to cut your help. You're guarantees Yad under the affordable care at he's, giving tax cuts, Not to you not do this all business owners, it employ you, but
billion sit on any bragged about it down and moral. I go he's locking children in cages- good luck, explaining that the evangelicals he's gotta fail, trailed war failed trade war, lids cost bill. Of dollars and thousands of jobs. A hundred thousand Americans are dead because he could manage the pandemic because of his magical thinking tens of millions of jobs are lost because he didn't act quickly enough on the pan, we now have a recession that of course, Donald Trump saying I bear no responsibility they actually connect done props personality and Donald Trump job performance to people's lives. This Is what they are reclaiming campaign didn't do what they couldn't do in two thousand team because he was running as a challenger. This is exact
what the Biden campaigns doing right now in a lot of ways. American politics: in our ear, I can be traced to Tuesday October twenty eight nineteen, eighty when Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter at last, met in debate in Cleveland and we all remember the great lie there you go again of which is actually delivered. As Carter was telling the truth about about Reagan's opposition to domestic air. The nineteenth sixties, the summary statement- and it was after that debate, that the numbers moved and and the Reagan Euro was to begin with you better off today than you were four years ago and he says it easier for you to go, buy things in stores than it was four years ago. That is part of the binding message but even more than re again. I think that Biden is asking that stood economically, but also cultural or Are we better off as a broadening
and then we were four years ago. Are we more or less divided our things more or less sulphurous is, partisanship more or less reflexive, as opposed to reflect dig she's. What partisanship should be and it's a pretty straightforward question the other. Presidential politics is be always say what a referendum on the incumbent. I don't really accept. I think the present report are is about choice. Not a referendum and so it's it's not just enough. No one ever came to the countries that do you want Donald Trump to be president, that wasn't the question and twenty sexting It was which of these two people, do you wanna, be president and again the question Rudy you want of these two people and it seems to me that one of the Springs Biden has is, he is figure from that empty are Reagan, consensus that trunk,
presents a reaction and God willing an aberration from our coming up. The big news out of The prim court yesterday was not just what they ruled on, but also what they didn't rule on will explain that, after a quick break Willie guys two year on this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with legendary actor, Samuel L Jackson, to talk about his prolific career in Hollywood and bringing shaft back to theatres. You can get it now for free wherever you download your podcast Back now to yesterday's six three Supreme Court decision that made it illegal to fire, someone for being gay or transgender the opinion, written by Trump appointed Justice, Neil Is it true, along with chief justice, John Roberts voted with liberal members of the court, the majority The title, seven of the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty four, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, also applies to sex.
Orientation and trade gender status judge Corset wrote an employer who fires and individual for being a homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members have a different sex. Plays an unnecessary and understood, She role in that decision exactly what title seven forbids just as the Samuel leader and Clarence Thomas dissented saying no one in nineteen. Sixty four would have thought that quotas, emanation because of sex meant discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity. Judge justice Cabin are also was among the dissenting opinions joining us now present human rights campaign, Alfonso David and present in chief executive officer of the National Constitution Centre, Jeff rose and gentlemen good morning, it's great to have you both with us Alfonso. Let me begin with: U h: our sea is called
is a landmark decision. It most certainly is a long time coming since nineteen sixty four civil Rights ACT that act. What does this to you. What does this mean to the algae BT? you community and what does it mean to America, Thank you so much woolly. The United States Supreme Court yesterday stood on the right side of history when he declared make. It sounds like we ve lost than forty upon those audio here, but I'll send it over you absolutely maybe try to just that. These are. These are always lower. Tough. There were some other surprise this from the conservative leaning court. Ten appeals that look too- the second amendment right to include owning a semi automatic rifle and caring Ben Gunn in public work denied argument. One was a chair
and to a new Jersey, a law that requires a person to show a justifiable need in order to obtain a gun permit in their dissent? Justice, Clarence, Thomas and bread, Cavanaugh called this standard. I quote numerous burden on a fundamental right, but half an hour along with Trump appointees. He'll gorse edge sided with the majority in nine, the Trump administrations appeal of Therefore, no sanctuary law under the doctrine of states It's the court chose to intervene in California law enforcement refusal to us. Federal agents and taking custody of immigrants as They are released from jail and the court so decided not to hear cases pertaining to the court created doctrine of qualified immunity which protects police sounds from law suits for their on
The actions of every rose- and it is hard, is sometimes Philemon to understand and lay women to understand that bed. This Supreme Court like, for instance, people say. I wasn't surprise by Judge Justice courses, cheese decisions he likes, gay people. It's not our works! He's it looked at the text here terminated based on a lifetime of judicial reasoning, and it's the same thing The other side where people were beware for instance, people they want expansive gun rights to understand the Supreme Court, is very conservative with a small say when it To being deferential, the states determining how they are going to make those decisions, be it a ban in Connecticut or in New Jersey sort through what you saw yesterday.
And how would it came to the other? sure wars whether its gaze gone sanctuary, cities that this court prove it It was not conservative with a big see, but pretty can serve with a small say exactly right, and it's so important to understand that This is our design. These cases in terms of their constitutional methodology, not their partisan politics. That's why, just as gross judges decision was so inspire it was an example of principle the textual, isn't he. Ed, channeling, his mender justice, Korea, we the original public meaning of alarm, as it was understood when it was past it doesn't matter if the people passing nineteen sixty four didn't expect it to I took it must lesbian people. We are bound and followed the text for does it work leads and the dissenters, justice, Cavenaugh, Lido and Thomas
their intentions, but these then it's up to Congress to make these changes, not the court. So there was a aid within the conservative walk about how'd. You interpret pass wasn't about what do you like? Do people don't get my gay people, injustice course? It said you know, Sometimes there is an elephant hiding in plain sight, and this is a momentous change, but we have to follow and whether we like it or not, think for those guns, decisions that before just passed up for freedom There was just as Clarence Thomas wrote, a dissenting I'd think qualified immunity is inconsistent with the original understanding of the law leading protections for police officers and therefore we want we should abolish autonomy. He obviously doesn't want to do that. As a policy matters. Could he thought the law? Commanded, the really history day yesterday, because he saw me in all these cases, justice region conclusions. They may have clash
There are political and personal preferences and it provides only some inspiration for Americans all over the country and also did the aisle were hungry for some vision of partisan reason It is being channel by our government not being led passion and yesterday very inspiring sixty three decision of the Supreme Court. We have Vision of current led by reason, rather than passion. Why any adhere exactly right. Clarence Thomas stead that coming from the right on qualified immunity for police officers and wait a second hold on now this this This is not qualified. Immunity does not mean that we need to look at this. Closely in Iraq. The same thing with no gorse issue is just a simple as yes, everybody could call himself tat showest while they looked at the word sex offenders how expansively Whether sex just had to do with gender weather
to do with with something more Jeffrey. If we can I want to give what am I good examples of that, we're doing this and have you talk about it again, just the sort of explain to people who who don't Supreme Court decisions. I remember back I remember everybody being shocked when Justice Roberts made the decision is made on Obamacare, and I SK, I was stunned, and then I read that insisting lap is- and this is one of the most conservative decisions I've ever seen, and it is in line with John Roberts, judicial philosophy, which is- and he basically said it- don't ask me to do from the court from the and would you can do and the voting booth next year, you dont, like Obamacare. Ok I drove out there
your job, I'm not going to legislate from the bench, and I thought it was brilliant. And if I were trying to explain actually conservative judicial philosophy. Even if the outcome was not the outcome, I would do that. I also remember you're, no talk the jet Bush when job was governor of state of large. Very pro life and I said I know guys would love to talk to his hips in big on the Florida Supreme Court. He said. Is he concerned like, of course he's a conservative and Jeff said no the conservative as it? What do you mean? I said, if he's pro life, is he going to follow the law, or is it just going too far? Although his pro life believes this guy, don't follow the like us. Ok I'll talk to him! That's what In my opinion, a judicial co conservative is not legislating for the badge. Follow the law.
Then he saw through the central point and It's right about George Bush Jim Bush was the president of the National Constitution Centre. He was succeeded by Vice President Biden, and our current chair is justice. In your gore such international competition center. We had a liberals and conservatives. All of them. Believe exactly what you said. It is the job of judges to follow the law, regardless of where it leads. Let the Heavens fall as the lawyers and that's exactly what John Robert was doing. He said we have to defer to Congress as judges and Congress wants to change the law. They can. If there's some interpretation that implausibly uphold Obamacare as attacks, I'm gonna and that's what Justice force had said Jude. He said it's not a process. Judges to save this week. Like this result, because Congress didn't exactly anticipated these an old one
state shows were bound to enforce them and we ve got to follow it, regardless of where leads. You know, there's a lot of cynicism about the courts in these in this country, as there is about all aspects of government who were seeing here, the conservative and liberal side is just just doing exactly what they are supposed to do by law, regardless of where leaves leaving it up to the political branches, to make important political decisions, and it's just a ray of hope that in the partisanship receive women citizens can look to the courts as an ideal. Partisan adjudication were judges separate their political preferences from their constitutional conclusions. We every connected that funds are dated present of the human rights campaigner funds. Our policies about that disconnect thereby want continue. What you were saying a little bit earlier. I think most people, this They said wait a minute you could still in America, be fired for being gay or transgender, and the answers
ass in more than half the states. That was true. So how monumental decision is this? Thank this is: a landmark decision for algae BT, you people maybe Jack. You people in twenty nine states in this country have no state law protections, so decision is a huge huge decision for those people who are worried of coming out of work work about talking about their partners or their spouses at Work Willie about being themselves, and are incredibly proud of. This decision is Jeffrey. Just said, the majority of the justices honour, the rule of law, a case of legal precedent to affirm that EL keep people are indeed protected from discrimination under federal law. Work is what such a central role in our lives. Work allows us to provide for a families. It allows us to provide for ourselves in
also as part of our identity. It is key to how we in the world in society sees ourselves so This is such a fundamental decision for us, and are really really happy with that? court's ruling. It is not the end of the road for us this. This ruling is not the end of algae BT. Cue, the fight for equality. We still have to pass the equality ACT, which is currently still stalled. In the Senate. We still have to elect a president, who was pro quality, elect Congress assented that is poorer quality, so making ass equality, app People dont know this, but they are now sufficient protection too, for eligibility key people in public accommodations in credit in education and that's what equality at who do, if I walked into a gap department, store a walk into Niemann markets. There is no federal law that will protect me against discrimination because I'm eligibility q
quality. I change that and we have president who was poorer quality that president would also cited into law. So we still have a lot of work to do. But, yes, this is a landmark decision from yesterday and Alfonzo in there Descent. Yesterday, justices, Alito and Thomas said: Missus I just leading from the bench if you want to change discrimination against gay and transgender people, pass a law to do that. That's not our job to do so. What is your response to that? As you pointed out, you ve been trying to do that in twenty nine states, without much luck, that's. It can be an argument for the decision. We have to recognise that we have more than twenty years of case law, that the Supreme. Before we live on in supporting it. That its Indians rely on titles but in fact be to keep people who are women
some of that president. The human rights campaign Alfonso David, thank you very. President of the National Constitutions Centre Jeffrey risen. Thank you. Well, being on the show this morning pay its crusades as we go. My pockets wise is happening all be talking with my friend and colleague from mainly about this moment in american history. There is a feeling of being under attack in Black in America always feels like You have a target on your head in your back in your heart and soul and you're. Getting a your pocketbook, always that's all we ve ever known in this Jerry and we're fooling ourselves. If we ever thought Nelson that's. Why, at this moment, the veneer and fail has dropped in a way that again we ve been around the black. I've never felt this collective sense of anger and anguish. And grief and as much as is inexplicable, actually makes perfect sense because always been this way that this week, a wise as happened search for wise is happening wherever your listing right now and subscribe
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