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The Morning Joe panel discusses revelations from 'The Room Where It Happened,' the new book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

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We didn't really need to tell all book to tell us what the president has flat out admitted himself, but among the allegations made by former national security, Pfizer John Bolton in his new walk about his time in the Trump Whitehouse Bolt and said President Tromp asked Chinese. President Jesus paying for real action help. He says in it Eighteen mating with then british Prime Minister Teresa may tromp had no. Idea, the UK was a nuclear power. And when it comes to the house, impeachment inquiry Bolton law makers should have investigated Trump, not just for pressuring Ukraine, but for a variety of other troubling episodes as well, good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Thursday June 18th, along with Joe Willie and may we have Whitehouse report for the Associated Jonathan Le Maire. They news, Capitol Hill, correspondent and hosting
CDC on Sunday Night Casey Hunt, cheap Whitehouse, correspondent for the New York Times, Peter Baker and historian author of the soul of Amerika and Rogers. Professor of the presidency, at Vanderbilt University, John Medium is with us here. NBC News and MSNBC contributor, we have lot just ahead on the allegations and John Boltons book that newsrooms obtained yesterday as the Trumpet Ministry She is taking an emergency order to block the books, release little late, also discuss the felony murder charge announced yesterday against former Atlanta police officer, who fatally shot reassured, Brooks in a Wendy's parking lot. Last Friday. It is an incredible revelation of details, especially in them before reassured Brooks death and there are things stand on Capitol Hill with police reform?
desolation has Senate Republicans yesterday unveiled their plan, but first, let's take a little deeper to one of important biggest claims from the book the allegation that the President asked China to help when reelection, you all remember meagre that this is something the president actually did in front of camera. Yes, and, as we have said, yeah and we way up and whether a new remember that market Ruby S. Donald Trump has just Josh it now not tat, which is that was his way to get a laugh from people. We know sad and pathetic, because he knew and other Republicans, no other Republicans no did Donald Trump was asking the leader of China people against thus to be their enemies to help him when the than twenty twenty, like wanted Russia MIT as Russia in press conferences
the outcome of the election Wednesday. Sixteen, and like yes, of course, you criteria when, of course Ruby only at the other Republicans Joe remained silent. I hope it's worth it for Baltic. Writes that trunk. Tell the chinese president choosing thing on this, lines of the group of twenty summit meeting in Japan last year to purchase american agricultural products in order to help him when farm states according to a copy of the book contained by an news bulletin rights quote with the press gone. She said this is the most important lateral relationship in the world. He said that some unnamed, medical figures in the United States were making erroneous judgments, by calling for a new, war this time between China and the United States, whether she meant to fingered the Democrats where some of us sitting
U S side of the table. I dont know, but Trump immediately assumed G meant the Democrats trumps approvingly, that there was a great hostility among the Democrats. Tromp Bolton rights than stunningly turn the com, patient at the coming: U S, presidential election, alluding to China's economic capability to effect the ongoing campaigns, pleading with g to ensure he'd when he's stress they import of farmers and increase chinese purchases of, we beans and wheat in the electoral out. So really and sadly, he waits until now. Sadly, None of these are surprising. The really nice he asks the leader China, you last ass, a leader of Communist China, to help him get right.
Like that's not a surprise, because we showed the clip up top, that's exactly what he did and firm the press. We also have a report that present she talked about building concentration camps for one million people. One million Muslims Donald Trump through an interpreter John Bolton said Donald Trump told Presidential, That sounds like a good idea to me. Not as surprised do anything for E trade and besides he's, always looked up to autocrat and actually praise President Jean the past four c, in total power in China and that, of course, there's the little part of the book where he talks about how he he supported the execution of journalists again, not a surprise, any guy He said something on this show a month or two ago that in June,
lies in jail, other people and possibly execute ass. If he had the, fortunately do that I make an I've been saying that for that way it will at least for some time. That's none, surprise this guy, the only thing that's this guy. From doing any of this is the fact that We live in the United States of America and not communist China. So, yes, these revelations, it's good to see it put down and in paper and put in context on when he supported the execution of journalists when these important concentration camps in China when he was begging. The leader of Communist China to help getting reelected good did now, but I must say laser made not- and this is particularly shocking- that it can out of his mouth? the same thought Joe, and then it made me
What does it say about this president and this administration that it's not shocking to hear that he casually talked about including journalists are that he served gave the green light to concentration camps China when President she brought it up or that he encouraged press she to help him metal in the election to help get him re elected by buying products from farm states. So beans and wheat from farm states that the president needed to get reelected on that quest If human rights Bolton describes in the book an instance where President Tromp appears to ignore. This human rights abuses, while encouraging the instruction of large scale camps to forcibly re educate? muslim minorities inside China, according to a copy Book obtain my NBC News bulletin rights. This quote at the opening them the Osaka G20 meeting in June of twenty nineteen, with only interpreters present, she explained to try
why he was basically building concentration camps. According to our interpreter voting rights, trumps that she should go ahead with building the camps, which he thought was exactly the right thing to do. In another example, what are you an excerpt of the book published by the Wall Street Journal? rights quote on the thirtieth anniversary of China's massacre of pro democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square present. Trump refuse to You a White House statement that was fifteen years ago. He said inaccurately. Who cares about it? I'm trying to good deal? I don't want anything, and that was that so Peter maker, we can take, who all that's in this book and we well over the course of the morning. The big question many people in this country have is: how did the nationals the advisor stand by and watch all of this did he raised these protests in real time and why did not volunteer, to testify once he'd been fired in September during
the trial during the hearings inside the house impeachment. Obviously, Adam Shift came out yesterday expressing his frustration would not hearing from John Bolton Why now and why then is. It is pure and simple, as he got a couple of million bucks to write a book and he wanted to hold the information for that very little more com the map, showing a lot of people will see it that way he didn't they did resist testing. During the House impeachment proceedings. He said he had a White house and the ones I say he shouldn't testify a house representatives. On the other hand, saying he should leave and wait for a job to tell him people like him, whether or not an obligation to testify, over the objections of the present day, sir, that at a thousand crash chose not to pursue that kind of a legal process because they wanted to the process along faster by the time I got the Senate jumbled. And voluntarily said I will testify if subpoenaed by that point, the Ceta Republicans went ahead, bold against having drawn
or any other witnesses testify in the trial. Now what's happening, is whether made a difference. Remember, right before the Senate voted my colleagues at the times both wrote that this book wouldn't back and firm the quid. Well, at the heart of the appeasement case involving Ukraine and in fact, as we see now with the book it does, it says the president, we said he didn't want to give money for security, Ukraine until they cooperating with Yemen. Incriminating Democrats do these investigations, but even though the we had reported that we're done moments, I was saying in this book at times and Republicans went ahead anyway, so we don't want to hear from him and they were acquitted presence. Jumble, makes the case it look. They were going to do this anyway, regardless and his argument What the democrats- and I should have done- was widen their inquiry rather than just narrow it on Ukraine there a lot of other episodes he says, should have been investigated as possible in peaceable offence
involving the present things, a collar pattern, obstruction of justice as a way of life Jonathan all mirror talk about the White House. His reaction in the Bolton book trying to I get the toothpaste back into the tube after it's all out, It seems a little too little too late. They did file an injunction proper justice did in court to try I too, to halt the publication of this book. Of course, that comes after newsrooms a country of already obtained a copy of those not officially on sale. Yet for a few more days, and it certainly the president. Argued that the shouldn't be out there that he thought he argued last night interview with shot heavily on Fox news that it was even illegal. The John Bolder wrote this book suggesting that the information inside of it were is classified. There's no suggestion. That's the case that it that the bold broke, the law brocade reclassification law by
printing this book. At the same time, the president seems to have the incoherent argument of both say it's classified, but also other, his trip to getting the John boldness just a bad actor that he's sour grapes, because the presence as a fire you're, so back home of course suggest that he resigned instead, the That's really knew this was coming there. Not at this point. There certainly doesn't seem like theirs. They they were able to delay its publication, has really slated for a few months ago. It would seem that at this point the contents of the book or out in the question now is what is it? What does it mean to Peters points reaffirms the heart of the the impeachment matter. The present willing to deal with with foreign countries to get a lecture or fear This was certainly is not asking for a dirt on a political opponent like he did with the Ukraine, but he is asking for China's help to help him retain the red aids that this reform states that he feels that he needs to win again and twenty twenty four China could buy soybeans and other
agricultural products, and certainly that, certainly the clear about that nutrition camps and giving his approval of those is particularly striking and also the split. That's correct. It also Joe it Mika to the park current crisis with the Krona virus pandemic this shows again the president eager turn a blind eye accorded boltons book towards human rights abuses because he was so eager for trade deal with China. And then that we saw in the early days of this pandemic, as the court of auditors was spreading in China, I didn't want to criticise China like criticise Asian paying because he was prioritizing that trade deal. He told revised report at the time that he didn't want to get too to denounce from Beijing was doing because we need the trade deal for his re election yeah. I was tweeting about this yesterday that this book really describes a president poised completely botch a pandemic, which appears has happened. Some more from the book Bolton reportedly rights that the present
did not know that Britain has nuclear weapons and even asked if Finland was part of Russia, Bolton also right step. President Trump came close to withdrawing the United States from NATO than previously known Bolton describes a scene from trumps. Twenty eighth, meeting with north korean leader Kim Jong OWN, where Secretary Pump slipped a notable and about the president, which said he is so full of blank politics. Alt, and also details how even the presence closest advisers had an unfavourable opinion. His abilities, such as chief of staff? Kelly, who openly asked about trunk quote what if we have a real crisis like nine eleven, with the way he makes decisions. You know Joe this book, We illustrates potentially just how bad how overtly bad. Things were inside the White House and Michael
to you is what is the duty of Madison the tiller sins and the boltons to do something in real time- or to say something in real time. These just little knew one says that might be troubling. This is unpatriotic behaviour. These are actions that endanger our national security that indeed the american people. Well, when commander in chief and he's Charge of the nuclear codes he's got the nuclear codes in he's in charge of the United States Governments executive branch. They have a duty immediately to go to Capitol Hill if they don't want to talk in the press to testify behind closed doors. To entail committees behind closed doors still I'm services committees to to foreign affairs
Ladys and let them know that the ship of state It is in the hands of a madman. Are at least in the hands of of an ignorant man who doesn't have the temperament or the intellect to effectively run the country James Madison didn't do that rex, tillers and didn't do that. John Bolton. Squaring we did not do that. It made money right until such time he can make. Money, and so you do have a dude. You do ever responsibility, if you, if you bacon, John Bolton believes clearly that the present is unfit for office The present is so great that he doesn't even know that Finland is not a part of Russia. If he, so we read that when he's in a meeting with true some may then, the United Kingdom's Prime Minister, somebody
points out that Britain's a nuclear power- and he was shocked by that fact, then John Bolton that responsibility, clear responsibility to them that he took an oath to very swore to protect and defend the constitution of the union. Stayed sea had that duty. He failed that dirty bluntly Kelly fell back matters fell, failed that duty, everybody that served with this president and laugh can remain silent, kept their peace fell their duty John Mitchell, I d say where to begin. I want to ask you if there's parallel here. Other american presence has obviously there aren't ivy. I when I was Reading the acts are about Finland, from World WAR do came to mind when Stalin, kept looking at a map of Europe and kept talking about countries in Russia?
wanna do attack and he kept asking whether HOLLAND are acceptable about well, the Germans are in HOLLAND right now. How can we remove them? The Germans are in after HOLLAND we should go to than and of Stalin's AIDS, dared to tell him that HOLLAND, Netherlands were in the same place. So, in this case, Donald Trump ignored the fact that Finland, is its own country, ignored the fact that the United Kingdom became a nickel your power decades ago. And so many other facts, but John more concerning his is work for concentration camps is, is verbal support of cotton. Nation gaps in support a trade deal him begging for help in front of cameras and off of cameras, from the communist Chinese to get real, acted
No he's done that. We know he did that with Russia and, of course, the footman Then he said that journalists, sore scum and he thought they should be executed. This is this. This is no longer about the President this is about where we are as a nation in and just This is just a reconfirmation of what we now that we are in perilous perilous waters. Actually I was yesterday when I was reading Peter story and others in a how come it is the thing tat Dawn Reagan. Dolls one thousand nine seven. Eighty eight shook the core the american system by revealing that MRS Reagan had used to this college or to advise on President Reagan. Schedule. Remember that What did you say was that was the question and
that actually that moment Noirtier I'm conqueror when our Baker Tennessee came in ass people stout his folks looked ass, the twenty third amendment- I took about Ronald Reagan in nineteen eighty seven and got it in Zagreb. Regular realize he was totally by an and moved on it's actually a small example. Grown ups should act in moments like that, They were worried that the president might not be altogether there s They did some homework in all these books and Peter Darling incorrect me here, I am anybody who said that my pants has ever We re in any way raised the possibility that we might have to
EC steps here, in the event of a genuine crisis and you're right we can't normalize this. Under regulation. No, we will, of course, because we were gets a pandemic were ended reckoning above structural racism is this on and on. But The present the United States is soliciting the alpha foreign powers he compromising the sovereign. Our elections. We that the United they send. It knew that We decided because so many of their supporters not just support the combat but strong We support the encampment I think that is an important point, and you know this to this part of the reason I think we will need part of the reason when people Center say why dome
the know seemingly sensible senators, they always say their worried, but then they don't do anything about the reason they don't do anything about it because a prompt, broad support in their students, but because a ferocity, ocean in airports shrinking demographic base of support for the President, that is, scary, when they look at it on their own sheaves by we are on the wrong side of history. Here, the bulletin project is gives us detail and the dumper why the notes they Washington Insider, who clearly always knew he would be doing what he's doing and we're we're off playing our part here. We are enabling them. Hold back information for a memoir right now. So we should acknowledge that. But the fact is
This is the narrative. This is the reality of our president and article one hundred and forty two days or so away from the election, and I just how people can say focused enough to realise that we need to make an aberration, not our reality. While I and any and Willie again The question is, I remember,. Our school, my constitutional law, professor one point ready case and he's very close gazing as well, that settles it the tenth amendment as drafted. By our founders, is officially debt. After this case, here's a liberal? So I don't know that he saw. That is a bad thing, abide Donald Trump, if you, if people were back at the actions of Donald Trump, be excused for coming to the same conclusion as Job Nature was saying about the twenty fifth amendment you ve got
body who, in two thousand sixteen solicited help from Russia John, I saw a mere asked a question on whether he trusted and Ex KGB agent or his own, entail agencies more while in Helsinki, that infamous press conference Donald Trump sided with the Ex KGB is officer in Helsinki and through his own. In EL community under the bus on russian interference. When everyone knows that Russia interfered in the two thousand. Sixteen election new have a president denying a pandemic was coming. Even is Joe Biden was warning in January that it was coming. Donald Trump saying was one person coming in from China Donald Trump a month. Africa Biden, Stern, warning saying that was only fifteen people coming in from China. The next month's saying that you're I'll be on very soon, and now we have almost hundred twenty thousand people that then as in going on and in full
his white ass doctors, saying let's try disinfectant saying Let's try sticking alights inside of people, while this pandemic was on the way to killing free time and as many Americans tart target its other reading, a bye. If you bought the battle Britain right now, the pain and the misery that the british people went through as as Hitler, bomb their city almost every night, but what a pandemic that is killed. Times as many people as died. Hitler's bombing raids during the battle of Britain up two hundred twenty thousand? That's why we're here? It's gonna go up the two thousand in the middle of this crisis. The president keeps denying it here Nice utilised, This crisis is here he denied that it was coming.
My eyes it, it will be here in the fall. Any engages in magical thinking that is on tethered from reality, while Facebook, hello, my friends and Facebook, while Facebook puts out conspiracy raise the doctors that I've spoken to over the past week have had to tell their patients is it can Piracy theory is a lie about doktor found. She is a lie about. The corona virus is a lie about it being the same as the flow these things circulate around and grow, it damages caused in the present promotes this and then, of course, you get a present. Who openly praises China asks openly for China's help or market rumours is always just georgian about asking communist leader interfered in the two elections after KGB agent interfered, isn't the he's,
sixteen elections, markets ages, job She isn't funny he's just way, and then we find behind the scenes. Donald Trump gives the go ahead to the building of concentration camps. For a million minorities in China. We find out that he also says that journalists should be executed So Willie, I wonder when MIKE that's right, his book and starts pitching his book six months from now parents I and say well at this point, I started. Thinking about the twenty fifth amendment, and I went and talk to your talk debate are all These were Kelly Kelly, end and what would be the one who lies and says I guess I was I was every concerned- and I just I let people know
that I was so concern Kelly and Conway the person who screened CBS reporter early on who suggested the crow virus was not contain and she said dad or saying. Oh, are you a doctor? Are you a doctor? Are you saying it's not contained and here we are a hundred twenty thousand deaths later recognising the CBS. Border was right. Kelly and Conway was pushing fake news and again maybe going up to June. Two thousand will Kelly and Conway be the one that says yes, I was It was so concerned. I furiously worked around the White House corridors, to try to get someone to push forward? The twenty fifth of men to take this man out of office, Willie who's gonna then you know they are you know: they're gonna lie there all liars. Now they're gonna lie who's going to. Say it nobody and
time I can tell you nobody in real time. Nobody nobody what we will do it when we need it most, just like John Bolton, didn't do it when America needed to hear the truth the most hey everyone, its remain. We amazing see correspondent and hosted the PA cast into America another, unarmed black man was killed by police over the weekend this time in Atlanta region Brooks. Has twenty seven Zoo shot Brooks has been fire. The police chief have resigned while across the country. Protests continue why you have to ask: why did there have to be changed if he was running way? Why not let him run? Why did it get to the point where you felt that you had to chase after him ultimately used up a horse and busy his correspondence, Blaine Alexander, brings us the latest from Georgia, and we talk about the
not all of being a black journalist covering this moment, search for. Into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe. I'm sure mainly posted into America. Apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America apart. Just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives. New episodes every Monday and Tuesday we're going to see a long list of books in the next few years of people whose claim will be they were the ones they were the guard rails. They were the ones who kept the country together because they were on the inside and that it was some patriotic duty had to do that peace
Have we seen about Jared any vanka off the record? They were the ones who temper President there's another story: the New York Times today anonymous How sources saying they told the president, you can't say when the looting starts, the shooting starts. You are They see this stuff. So imagine what it's gonna look like in more books. Like John Bolton's, I point oh by the way, last night, in an interview with Fox NEWS president said the corona virus is called fading away, he's looking pass. Corona viruses fading away, even as it spikes again across the country, Kay I want to go back to a point that John Metion was making about Republicans the people you cover up on Capitol Hill Are they responding to this book and do they have any regrets about not pushing harder to get John to testify, or at least to allow John born to testify something. He said he was willing to do during the Senate. Impeachment trial well
we heard from Senator Lamar Alexander, who spoke to a reporter in the capital, and he said essentially this change nothing. He said I always thought President Trump was guilty of of doing What happened in of the quid pro quo in Ukraine This doesn't change that. I just didn't think it was an offence, so you're already, it's kind of starting to see, they are positioning that we've had others already say. Why didn't read the book and I think you're probably going to end up with a number of additional soundbites today, as Republicans it walk by cameras in and try to to do the business they're doing. On Capital Hill? It mean the reality here. You know an and boltons approach to this is very telling to me, because he's tried very hard to protect himself as a conservative by never actually helping Democrats. The book criticizes Democrat saying well, you know that done this investigation differently. Maybe they would have actually nailed it. I mean if you to them. You know perhaps they would have had that Formation, you know, then he says,
ok, Republicans in all common testify the Republicans decline to do that. So set himself up to be hi tromp? But never pro Democrats voted in favour of the Democratic Party and that's a very careful needle just to read, but you know that's kind of the overall policy to this end and what the bargain that Republicans in power have essentially made is that well all this stuff trump is due might be norm. Breaking and vaguely fine and you know all these things that they say off the record and private, but it still not as well it would be if a Democrat were in, the White House are in control of the Senate, because we have all these other things that we are worried. That is the bargain that they have struck, and you know I think it. John Medium is much more eloquent than I on on what this means in the context of history, but We certainly have quite a lot of evidence and set of actions heading into November. That between
What we know from the bottom, but now I am what we have learned all the way along about this president plus his response to the corona virus, and now grappling with systemic grace, the incident in Lafayette Square. I mean that the the totality of all of the way, in which this president has broken through our our norms. As we had you know, a hundred and forty some days to this, Can it presents an extraordinarily stark choice to Americans I'm curious Casey when you're on there the day where whether people like Lamar Alexander, if they say this book, doesn't change anything about impeachment I wonder what Lamar Alexander and White who's in Collins and Tom, tell us and Jody Ernst and Martha Mix Sally and the Republican from Montana Running and Steve Balikh. What what their thoughts are with the president supporting
the building of concentration camps for one million minorities. I wonder why the more Alexander feel BS glib about the present nodded states. We call journalists that cover him scum and saying that they should be executed. I wonder Susan Collins and Tom Tellers and Johnny Ernst and and Corey gardener and all those others who are up for election really want to go up for to the election, supporting a president who says he wants to execute journalists and who begging, the communist Chinese to help him get reelected and whose talking about how the common Chinese to their later Bill concentration camps for one million minorities,.
Joe. I mean, as I start to think think about this, and you know I tried to come up with a simple, straightforward question that goes to the heart of the matter, and we are at the point now where that simple question is simply, can you vote for President Trump in the fall and we have not seen that question put to all of those people that you just listed to all of these when in in seeds that our potentially are going to switch from applicants Democrat you seen a few people. You know, Mitt Romney has said he's not going to vote for president trompe. Say who he is going to vote for either. You know we know he wrote in his wife at one point, but you know that that really, I think- This is something where it is a pretty. The choice in a very stark and straightforward way, and I think it also illustrates again both the conundrum that reply we can have been in as well as the decision that they ve which is to never show any cracks, solidarity with its president and again, I think you know john- meets him hit on its. The ferocity-
supporters that he controls, or you know, seems to control that you know can really shift opinion in some of these states in a way that has them. You know afraid that they can't win if they, if they don't do these things so It's a very straightforward way to ask the question, and you know, based on what we know now I mean, if you say yes, You're saying yes to a lot of. Pretty potentially damning things easy to say make of it. Yes, We. I oppose the president's support of concentration camps for one million minorities in China. I oppose the present the United States, asking the leader of the communists, chinese government, to help him get elected president. United States. I approach. I oppose the president calling for the exit you of journalists who didn't not to not right. Favourable stories about him and the New York Times to the Washington Post through the Wall Street Journal. Those those are all very.
Things do what's not easy, but it's not easy. My former fellow Republican France, my poor poor fellow Republic in France, It's going to be hard for you to go out and a guy. You ve been hero worshipping for the past thirty years, a liar. You say that sets a problem with John Bolton on wasn't hang out, but the Marxist Slade Meeting houses and the late nineteenth, Stacy, probably wasn't Woodstock again was marching with green peas in the nineteen eighties against Ronald Reagan, nuclear proliferation there pretty sure he wasn't chaining himself to the Pentagon or trying to make it levitate with Andy half with with Abbe half. In fact, in the early nineteenth seventies
it wasn't an anti war activist, probably wasn't. Ronald Reagan, fascist, oh, wait. I think he was for Ronald Reagan. He was a hawk against communist Russia. He was a hard against Communist China. He was a hawk. Against Somalia's and IRAN. Yeah good luck, saying today, that certainly John Bolton has become a liar whose It's me nothing, you now, John vaulted. Will be the ones who are looking like fools, and people just won't believe you submit their problem. The matter to you, You know that had a time, but but Joe I want to get to Peter Baker Adjust case he's talking about the conundrum, Publicans around, and I put members of the cabinet as well during a conundrum. If your ass to join a criminal enterprise. Your answer is no.
Don't understand. Standing by wow this list of Regis risks to our country that this president, with a it I don't. I don't think it's a conundrum. We gave me I'm different to the ear. Yes, it's not a commando, not a conundrum for people who take their own seriously. It's not a commando. Do you pose a president saying that he supported carton? I should for a million minorities. I oppose and TAT How do you oppose the shooting of journalists who right articles unfavourable to Donald Trump. Yes, I oppose the shooting of that's. The bees are not things: it's really not a conundrum, except for these quit. Things that are currently the republican Party that are driving it straightened. The grander banker there's some reporting that maybe he doesn't want when people are trying to make sense of of the president's behaviour right now,
because it seems so self destructive and that's before the revolution This practice given came out and Peter you know. We ve been get here for a couple of years. We just find it hard to believe that this is a present who wants to get reelected because he's never acted that way from his mare Incarnate speech forward, he has been playing for them. Forty percent, and only the forty percent, and that's where he is right now lie I gap colleagues Maggie? I've met in any Cartier forty, this warning that its own aids is, you say, or are watching this behaviour during what it means, how much is a genuinely trying to win versus sabotaging himself, outlining much of our agenda for a second term? It's not talking in public or even in private, about what to use other for years for a lot of of the last. Weeks and months deny university
Some are you trying to build more support with somebody would back is busily divide in the country further, as general matters warmer defence secretary said. You know, Mr President, who came into office with fewer popular votes in it. Polly one electoral College and with minority of the popular vote. He has not done anything in that. Time to try to expand that base. Most presence come in, they try to expand their base right, expand the number of people who support them, try to reach out to people beyond those who brought it the dance in the first place the never done that he's only spent his time trying to hold the people together. Who were on his side in the beginning. I was always you are already inside straight caught a strategy to re election and now he's gotta hold down on it. It may work again never know, but these key bout around states which were the yellow, critical component, pulling together an electoral college coalition, despite losing the bar
about seemed beyond the direction right now and the present isn't do. The kind of things is own advisers think he ought to be doing in order to change that momentum, one of the presidency's buyers, Jonathan, while back Willie, that that that the President fears losing far more than he loves. Winning. Just tell me- and I dont believe it, but this and adviser close to him said he just decide in August, just a walk off the failed so people don't deserve me. I gave you the greatest economy. Ever we're gonna get a fair shake from the press. I've given America more than enough I'm going home, I don't that'll happen, I'm just saying and adviser, to him that you see in the paper whenever their stories about Donald Trump has not only told me there. Now, but it said it for some time said he hates losing a lot,
where then he likes winning and he would not be shocked if this president, in August, late August, if he's down ten fifteen points to bind swing, states just throw up his arms and says you know why you people, you don't deserve a pagan. Written about it a couple weeks ago saying that the present should just get on tv and said you don't deserve. May I gave you the greatest economy ever never gonna get air shake. I'm going home Willie guys here on this week's episode of the Sunday sit down. Podcast I get together with legendary actor, Samuel L Jackson to talk about his prolific career and Hollywood and bringing shaft back to theatres. You can get it now for free were Free download your podcasts. It's hard to see that happening. We know how much it enjoys an honorific. Can the idea being to term president is something that I suspect is very appealing to. We probably
there's only one term, president, is a loser to use one of his terms but Jonathan. If you read through this New York Times these again anonymous people around the present, in former staffers in the White House expressing their concerns about his Behavior, it suggests. So some kind of strategy of self sabotaged. Does he really want to win? But it everything he's done is exactly consistent with we is. Was anyone surprised that he tweeted, when the looting arts the shooting starts. Was anyone surprise that he had lafayettes? Where cleared? Was anyone surprised that he dabbled with the the very seriously of deploying active duty, United States military to the streets to clear out these demonstrations. I think it probably gives more credit that he deserves in terms of a strategy in him just being who is right willingly few exceptions- there is not much of a strategy with with President Trump never has been. There's never that three dimensional chest it's all. It's all impulses are reacting,
That's what we're seeing your certainly did to pick up on the timetable and what Peter was saying his advisors are worried. They know he's damage right now. They know that he is currently losing to jobs. They know the events of lafayettes, where a couple weeks ago they cleared those peaceful protesters, is resonating in May. But we were, as we reported yesterday, there there followed Charles. They fear that have long lasting effect on every part of his legacy like Charlottesville or Helsinki, or that the images of the children in the caged at the Mexican, what are they are worried there? They do point the battleground states, where he's deficits, art so big, smaller than they are the national poles, but their frustrated with him, and he is frustrated with the state of the race. Is he's not able to have these told advisers this? He still kick it by the idea that he's not able to have the campaign he on the back of a strong economy going one on one with Joe Biden he's here, we ve heard him say time again: the binding
hiding in his home in Delaware, although its point out Joe Biden on the road yesterday in Pennsylvania, but he feels that Biden, Israel, gotten off unfairly here that is avoided. The camera hits folly hasn't been on on him and AIDS and try to get the president to swerve deliver the attacks on Biden, but also focus on the economy focused on, trying to push the Federal Reserve still growing crowd a virus pandemic, and they feel He is just flailing from one crisis to another study in an extraordinary amount of time complaining. Media coverage rather than a campaign message- or Peter said, any sort of and for a second term as a fighter, though there is some belief in among his very close to devise or simply one that I spoke in the last twenty four hours. The believes the president that the tenor could change starting perhaps sooner Saturday happened Saturday, he would try for the work they they say can
overstated how much he misses these campaign rallies and they are hopeful that once they begin- and there are plenty of questions about whether this house safe this- want Saturday of Homer and tells us how to actually is, but very hopeful that when he started hitting the road again, we know we hate Arizona next week as well, that the fight will return and they believe that's when the campaign will begin. Rest their holy. I hope that President Trump changing and focus much more so than it is now a mention in the polling. Here's the recent polling, two new national, pose have Joe Biden Exe ending his lead over President Tromp, a noose. And be safe change. Research Paul has Biden up by ten points fifty one to forty one percent and the latest Reuters Ips US poll shows Biden with a thirteen point advantage. Forty two thirty five percent for us, tromp is also trailing Joe Biden and six key battleground states. Accordingly,
play. The sand BC change research poll, including in Florida Biden, is up by seven fifty two forty three by Ray and Pennsylvania forty nine to forty six by foreign Wisconsin, forty eight to forty four, and by two in North Carolina. Forty seven to four five. I know we need to get to break, but another story, that's just as big. We ve got to get to now the developments out of Atlanta, the now fired. Sir, who shot and killed reassured Brooks land to on Friday. Night was charged yesterday with felony murder, along with ten other counts, and an afternoon conference news conference, district attorney, Paul Howard, explained the extension charges against Garrett, Ralf, which include five counts of aggravated assault. We also noted their officers, was firing, a tease at Mister, Brooks
the city, the S old peas in fact prohibit officers from far and teachers. As someone who is running away, so this the latter says you can not even fire a taser at someone who running away. So you shortly far do hang on at someone is running away: second officer Present Devon Brosnan faces, our job aggravated assault and three charges. A violation of oath Brosnan faces twenty years. If convicted Ralf faces, lie in prison or possibly the death penalty, warning us now, the host of MSNBC politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Dal, sharpen plus president and executive director of the Justice Action network, Holly Howard, so Reverend is any American. Has their hair had
buried in the sand. Deep enough to believe that an answer like George Floyd tray vines are. Gardeners. Isolated incidents is not part of the bigger cultural problem. Let them look at what and embedded ladders, Wendy's parking lot, then read the details about what happened after the Man was shot in the back as he lumbered away a threat to no one for two minutes while silent, then let them look at the description of what happened. As they stood over dying body for two minutes and twelve seconds and one put his on the dying man shoulder and the other kicked him this. This is again, we're all talking about police reforms on Capital Hale? I now we're all talking about the things that we can do. They can
brain bad cops. This is this is not. Just a cop problem. This is called your problem. And you can see it whether you're, looking at a black man birdwatching in in central park you're, looking at young black girls who are a walking and further father's house in well in Florida we have, we steeper problems that can just be fixed by a couple of pieces of lead slavery in Washington D C. Do we do it? How do we get there? This point is definitely a severe cultural problem and is going to take a real shift to change the culture problems that is so embedded in in the very fabric of the country, but you need real. Laws enforceable laws to
Kronos through their transition to protect people like Brooks, unlike fly, because from why we're dealing with the. How do we re establish a culture of fairness and This is how we train generations to come, and this generation not to feel like this. You have people We have to remember one week after the fried funeral. We ever police by doing this way was never under threat, as as the prosecutor Howard laid out, and he is totally oblivious to the fact that people were marching the night he shot Brooks about criminal justice. It meant nothing meal. So the only way to protect those of us tat in those communities that have the dish proportionate impact is. You must have real laws: real enforcement in Rio, legislators at understand that, while we may
to change the culture. We must protect. The innocent. So Holly Yesterday Centre Republicans unveiled their version of police reform. The bill created by TIM, Scott of South Carolina with input from party members and from the White House. It differs in several ways from the democratic led house bill proposed earlier this month, listen did we achieve some of the same ends by our approach. Frankly, if you think about the inability to have any grants, if your department has chokehold that frankly, is by the fall of ban on chokehold. I think that there are things I The conference will not support, but they will all support a conversation. We don't make it about by partisan or parts in politics we may get about. Families have lost loved ones about restoring trust about restating officers if we can put that on the table and that your shirt versus skins game we'll get to the finish line,
That said, it bill requires departments to keep in shared disciplinary information officers, but it does not create a national database for police officer complaint it also leaves no not warrants and qualified immunity untouched, Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell says he plans to bring the bill to the floor next week, where This is a showdown with Democrats who are looking for much more than republicans have offered Holly. So at the end, the day when we put together this more detail than expansive proposal from House Democrats with what the Republican put forward in the Senate and the I'd house executive order. Do we come out of this with real police reform, but there's no Then we're gonna get there because the american people are demanding it. When we worked on the first step, acts to you ago. Yes, you know upwards of seventy percent of the amount people wanted criminal justice reform, but they weren't voting on criminal justice reform. Will that's
really changed. The world has shifted under our feet and worn out basing the movement, so it's just not going to be tenable the house in the Senate to retreat. Their corners and not talk to one another. Sinner Scots Bill is a baseline. The house bill that their ceiling and their baseline for negotiations, and so I'm very heartened by What I'm hearing from people like Congresswoman Karen Bass, ennobled keeps talking about the need for bi partisanship and her willingness to across the island she'll be talking to folks, like you know, Doug Collins Georgian guy russian dollar of pennsylvania- and this is all happening, and I think there's gonna be a lot of movement on places like demilitarization. Nobody likes to see tanks in the streets in these protests, that's not de escalation. Certainly, a man, it for independent investigations of civil rights violations and police misconduct, and then You mention qualified immunity. I saw Senator brine a republic
very bullish about qualified immunity which worse shields law enforcement, rum lawsuits, I'm we saw him talking about the need to reform qualified immunity. So look, there is a huge playing he's field here for negotiations and I think in a we're. Gonna get you abroad by partisan bill. A bit so river. Now? What did you see the republican bill that you like? Where do you think publicans and the Democrats need to come together to compromise the pudding before that actually would make a difference actually would bend history a bit more towards justice. I think the republican bill does clearly deal with the fact that you need to give incentives to local police districts and and policing areas in order to get there
Clearly, that is good in a society away from the president and others deny not long ago. There was a problem at all where they must get too is there must be criminal penalties, for crimes by police. It is not enough to send will give you an incentive to stop Joe calls. You must say it is against the law, that's what various Is it like Andrew Cuomo in New York has done and others is against the law, partnership bull by what we have been in Atlanta yesterday, you can be charged with a crack unless we make police. Criminality crammed like every other crime. I don't think we where we need to be policed, cannot be above the law and Republicans in democratic need to agree on that. Reverend Owl and Holly Harris. Thank you both for being on this morning, much more to come on this and coming up former federal prosecutor. Daniel golden
was the chief litigator for Democrats during trumps patron inquiry he joined, ahead with his take on what John Bolton was, to say on paper for money, but not in public AIDS proceeds this. We got my podcast wisest, and I sat down to talk of Marian Kaaba about what it would be like to get rid of prisons and policing altogether restorative justice is people would say a set of ideas, ideologies, visions,
of the world that determine the ways in which we will interact with each other. One harm occurs. It means that people who were harmed are centred in terms of their harm being seen and valued and address. It means that bystanders are called to be part of encircling that person, and it means that the person whose harm is also called in to take accountability for what they ve done since a very different model than the adversarial system that we currently have one harms occur in the states intervenes in this case. The ideas that you have a community of people who will intervene as this week on wise is happening. Find wise is happening wherever you get. Your podcast subscribed now
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