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Joe Biden is leading the president by eight points in new Quinnipiac general election matchup polling and by 12 points in new Fox News polling. The Morning Joe panel digs into the numbers.

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Good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Friday. Jus nineteenth alone Joe willing and me we have- and basically who is an MSNBC contributor, Sean Autonomous? founder and ceo of Access, Jim The high and Emma We see weekend anchor Eliseo Menendez good to have you all on board this hour today. Is the holiday June team, which marks the official end of slavery in the. U S will be talking about the significance of this date and the president's claim that he is the one who made the day quote Very famous, nobody knew about it. Actually, I did. Willie did really know about This really will you just got ready, and I think that, thanks to you- and I mean all also in view of the White House
but out for the last several years to down trumps White House? Put outcry nations and announcements ungenteel celebrating the day, but President Trump just learn about that yesterday, What is very interesting, I don't know if this and I've been Abraham Lincoln was a Republican Donald Trump today that there others people know that actually able can. Who would have meant that was republic, another one civil war. What was About Donald Trump, once ass, you would have thought they would have been able to figure that out right so anyway, June teeth yeah a date nobody really knew about till Donald Trump according to Donald Trump. Also, the big decision from the Supreme Court blocking Transit the ministration from shutting down the darker programme. It phase second surprising ruling this week from a conservative court. So President tramples continues to tear into his former national security adviser who gets them these people John Bolton in a series of tweets yesterday
denouncing the bombshell revelations made and boltons forthcoming book Trump card, the book, What compilation of lies and made up store all intended to make me look bad just trying to get even for fun bring him like the sick Pappy. He well knew somebody projecting there. The president later raged on once again calling as former cabinet member a quote wacko for His handling of nuclear peace talks with North Korea, OECD Jonathan Coral Willie points out. The trade of Donald Trump bashing is former employees about Jeff session. His former age, she said quote: he's not mentally fit to attorney generally said that, while he was making fun of Alabama on rights, tiller sinners Former secretary of state, he called the former Excellency quote dumb as a on Jim mad issue. He picked as his sack death in the world
most overrated general, and now and John Bolton his former national security adviser disgruntled boring fool. He wanted to go to war. Yes, the same man, Donald Trump like himself as Ebay as Rapporteur, and ask around him. He kept making these terrible hires. Why do you keep hiring people that you let's go Yeah I wouldn't answered either because there is really no good answers. Charles cut quipped on twitter quote: we should probably change our system The present gets to take his own staff it's really not fair to fears caves have maintained Willie how? What who
who porsches these wackos these Seko's. These losers as Donald Trump say. Who push these people- and I don't guess we got to get me to drop design term said I am only going to pick the best people to find his people. The greatest people what's happened, yeah, that's his famous quote from the campaign people, which has come back to haunt him time and time again. These are people who have been respected inside one. In ten people. He will say he was told to hire not exactly a profile and courage. You stand up there and say: wasn't my fault. I didn't know anything about this guy. I learned He was a wacko than I fired him like a dog. That seems to be the pattern that that comes with this view. So these are each each one of these people down to James Madison, someone that came home recommended to him and he is a victim of those recommendations. According to his lodge
and he's very excited about mad dog as an let everybody. No, he was excited cited about Rex tillers, instead tellers and was ride out of central gas thing was excited about Jeff sessions. He and everybody around him said. Jeff sessions is the most really man and the washing. They said it. This morning. In the Senate. He gives what ever pay fishing. He wants secretary of state tar need general, they couldn't say enough, nice things about Jeff sessions until obsessions, actually recused himself, because the law requires him to do it any lawyer. Certainly the ethics of the legal profession require him to do it any lawyer
other than his Roy Coun would have done it themselves soon. You Paul show president from continuing to trail Joe Biden nationally. The latest Quinnapin university Paul has, by They points forty nine percent to trumps. Forty one percent biting holds simple, leads among black voters. Women, white voters with a college degree and just banner trumped leads among men, overall white voters without a college degree Biden also leads the president in the coupon by eight points among voter sixty five and older, and a New Fox NEWS Pole, as binding national lead over tromp at twelve point, fifty two thirty eight percent Fox News- Paul- also notes that the president is underperforming. His vote chair among key voting groups. You want it sixteen, including white evangelicals bite these three points and rural voters. Eighteen
then? There are a lot of numbers look at each will, give them losing twenty three points of white evangelicals or disadvantage among rural voters, only being dine plus nine right now to two very bad now, as for the same thing with black voters whereby voters or they are expecting of fifteen to twenty point percentage of a black voters just two months ago, that obviously seems like a distant dream right now. The number I looked out yesterday coming out of the Fox NEWS, pull that would be most concerning to me where I am the Trump campaign, Joe. Finds favour, abilities, Joe Biden at fifty three percent approval rating. Forty four percent disapproval. Rating he's plus nine now we ve been, presidential elections for quite some time and having any candidate plus nine. At this point in a campaign, is pretty shocking, especially if you look back and see what happened four years ago and is doubly demagogic when
I'll drop is raised. A hundred millions. Ten of millions of hundreds of millions of people of dollars from rich donors, and they ve ploughed that money in adds trying to damage Donald Trump and, at the same time top even got impeached. Destroy, binds reputation, and yet here we are fighting still fifty three percent. Yeah. I there's no way to sugar coated. The number Sacra Donald Trump across the board other than his base of working class white voters but the internal Poland he's looking at you, but when they're trying to put it in the most favourable light is bad, and so what there trying to do. If you talk to that exert theory of the cases he's gotta Jack, the vote of the working class white, they whites, heating, they can use Facebook onto these rural communities and you're still a forty five percent hidden vote that they can somehow turn out. We did
all today and tomorrow that looks at when his face thinks about this it s, what is base thinks about a lot of these debates that we're having the seventies percent of his face once more, for more police force, the qualities rallies. Not last fifty percent strongly oppose strongly oppose the rallies. Five percent strongly support so he's in sync with his basic He thinks somehow he can squeeze out more working ass white voters to win an election, but reason that you were able to do your ear. Intro is that he's feels like the victim? If you like, the victim of the courts, the victim of a state the victim of rarely is a victim of a virus, and I ain't he's done. There said he's got to these bases, which you guys talk a lot about, but I've never seen more obsessed with his victimization unnecessary?
basis in the last two weeks, every tweet every meeting, every interview that he's done read those transcripts. It strike it on you I'm sure you look at his has made just now asian forgetting elected to either delegations and the conservatives it's the Supreme Court. It's all I hear from my free me and my family members, then still so we're Donald Trump. Yes, we don't liking, but the court. Yes he's a bad. Human being, but the court yes never invite him to our house for dinner. He so disgusting he's a bad example for our children, but the court and now this week as we come to the end of the week. These same p, are forced to face the fact that Donald Trump first pick for the United States, Supreme Court did more to advance the rights of
of a community that evangelicals have been pushing against four decades of mayors. A remarkable weak. It has been its also remarkable week for the law. I mean I and as well as civil rights I understand what they are getting out and, and this whole running The Supreme Court running on the justice system that didn't work in twenty. Sixteen point: now that list that president trunk dead ones masterfully gave people a rallying cry all the people that you're talking about your family members travel just because you put someone who is constitutionally. Conservative on the Supreme Court doesn't mean I'm going to look at the facts in front of them and decide what the law intended as well as what is the role of the court's verses. What is the role of Congress? This is all really come. He now Donald Trump still has that one thing to run on he's appointed to Supreme Court justices. He has remained the same.
Rose judiciary underneath the Supreme Court. That is that is as much you now his his his flag to pay a plant in the ground as it is. Mcconnell slightly plant in the ground, but what else does he have to run on is What else does your family say to you who is going to vote for him that they won out of him in a second term, he's actually kind of so filled that part? So maybe people are thinking another look around. I was honestly, I was looking at that Socrates ball. You know, what's stood out to me the question and I'm looking at my notepad. Do you think Donald Trump cares about people like you and yes, the seven percent, no fifty seven percent and then dont know, six percent there are six percent of them. They just like I'm not sure if he cares about people like me. What's really striking to me, You want to believe whether you agree poetically. What someone that your president cares about! You
I don't get me wrong bite and is not above fifty percent in this perform in. For that particular question, but thirty, seven per and is, is sad. So when we had in common. Well when we had pollsters car man and try to explain away Bill Clinton, defied gravity politically Willie, They would always point to that question. Does he care about people like you, Bill Clinton always fared better and that question than any Republican and it always was his strength. People believe the bill Clinton I'd olive failings cared about people like them, Donald Trump, thirty, seven percent for a president, a mean that is minus twenty. On the issue of, does he care about people like you? Take his name of the ballot. Take binds them off the palate. Give that number to any pulse.
And they will tell you a person- has those numbers going to losing and election, so he asked Combat. Also. I can't I game really going to be looking for the saying why the evangelical number is again to three weeks from now, because, as we talk about z, BT, Q rights again I'd shaving greatest advance in their history? of their movement because of Donald Trump first election to the Supreme Court This is not. Like a side issue fortunes. It is an this is not how how worse it interprets the Interstate Commerce ACT, this the very heart, along with abortion, on. Why Zella goals have solved there political souls, Donald Trump.
We will sell. Our political solves has been the bargain, and this guy will fight for us. He will, for what we believe in he will fight for true traditional values, you will appoint the Supreme Court of Justice is who will be conservative, with a big say, we come to the end of this week again this this ruling that Gore such authored undercuts every argument does Tromp has ever made to evangelical voters. You can trust me right person on the Supreme Court to tat down on what he would call alternative lifestyles and tat down on abortion rights. That's just not happened. Donald Trump has failed,
Yeah I mean how many times have we talked about it in the show how many books have been written about evangelicals, delicate and their relationship with Donald Trump and the line we ve always heard Joe, is we elected, oppressed not a saint, we elected a guy to stand in the breach for us in this culture war. As we see times passing us by well, he appointed justice in Judge Gore Such who, just, as you said, reversed discrimination against algae BT. Q, people in this country, a lot of people- think that's a good advance. Country moving in the right direction, a lot of people don't so what will those Evangel it was now do if you don't get that out of Donald Trump and all your left with as all the other stuff that you say you don't like, but that you like the judges he appoints and that can he stands in the breach for you in the culture war? What are you left with with Donald Trump will be an interesting number to watch? Also, okay, it s really tangible unfavourably Marcia yeah I'm so sorry and a little delay here for you and me also other
should that Donald Trump talks about all the time. Second, amendment rights, while I'm what was that ten cases that the inner ray and gun rights groups, wanted to be heard by the Supreme Court and what happened to those ten gazes, they weren't heard the Supreme Court. What even listen to them so all things Donald Trump has been promising when it comes to guns, also not coming to we should allow Vader me, then get negative ruling from Donald trumps conservative Supreme Court. They didn't even get in the front door on guns, as well so every year thinking on voting for Donald Trump Cause. I'm gonna get justice is that are going to upon Second amendment rights and make it more eggs answer and Gobi Heller and also going to It shall be for quoth tradition families? Well, those too three main cultural issues where this
in court this week with two Donald Trump Picks said now where, where we're not going the way that eventually holes or conservative donors wants to go, Annalisa Mendez. If you look inside some of these numbers, we just showed all those cross tabs the places where Donald, it is doing so poorly, except for among white people with no car degree hasn't vaguely there, but Key number, just a basic got number the favourable unfavourable number that's different from now back to them, in sixteen, when Hillary Clinton, like Donald Trump, was upside down and how you felt about them, Joe Biden is plus nine on that number Donald Trump, and that Fox Paul is minus. Thirteen. So yes, there, all the policy questions that will be out there as voters go to the booths, but also, how do you feel about that person deal like em, and the question put the facts People in that Paul anyway, the people who responded to that Paul was there are thirteen point
sit down and Donald Trump and plus nine for Joe Biden. I go back to what you said about the fact President Trump is in sync, with his based part of the challenge, for the president is that his bay is very often not in sync with the majority of American. So even we talk about evangelicals, just to complicate backward but remember his support was really strong among white evangelicals, and so you take. Just a variety of stories that have happened in the last few weeks and months, whether it is the handling of this global pandemic and the conversation about when state, should reopen how they should reopen we're talkin a pandemic that hit communities of color even harder that becomes a more complicated. Conversation. When you talk about a protest that are happening, industry it's right now over police brutality over racial equality. The present so out of step with where the national conversation is and then recently. You know you look at this ruling on doctor. This is wildly
popular among the vast majority of Americans, including Republicans, I would imagine that there is strong evangelical support for that as well. So all of these things complicate this picture. When you ask, does do like this person, and does this person care about me. All of those are the three is that our own voters lines right now, Show no indication of not being on their minds come November. In speaking of the Supreme Court in speaking in Dhaka, we're going to talk about that in war years hell session, it's a huge to sit decision and other case it may Donald very angry at the Supreme Court in Import a Supreme court that he's helped to shape and he wants to talk about the violent imagery that he he tweeted talking about how the Supreme Court had in fact put a shock. Let us shot gun blast, go off in the face
conservative Americans will talk about that much more when morning, Joe Returns, hey everyone, it's for mainly amazing, see correspondent and hosted the PA cast into America. Another unarmed black man was killed by police over the weekend this time in Atlanta regime Brooks, has twenty seven zoo shot Brooks, has been fire. The police chief have resigned while across the country. Protests continue why you have to ask. Why did there have to be changed if he was running way? Why not let him run? Why did it get to the point where you felt that you had to chase after him and ultimately used up his horse and busy? his corresponded. Blaine Alexander brings us the latest from Georgia, and we talk about the not all of being a black journalists covering this moment, search for into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe. I'm sure, mainly posted into America apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go,
into the numbers? Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart. Asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday it the Supreme Court, yesterday ruled that the Trump administration can not shut down Dhaka. The deferred act for childhood arrivals programme chief Justice, John Roberts, with both the dust I did vote and the offer opinion in the five for decision that for the moment, allows more than seven hundred thousand undocumented immigrants brought it country as minors to remain in the country they call home. But the Roberts opinion joined All four liberal members of the court didn't address the cons
additionality of the dark, a programme, decision rests instead on air, dismayed made by the administration in the memorandum two percent the programme among them providing no reasoned analysis for doing so. Roberts right stages, flexibility in addressing any reliance interests and could have been various accommodations, while the agency. Was not required to pursue these accommodations. It was required to says the existence and strength any reliance interests and weigh them against competing policy concerns its face To do so was arbitrary and capricious in a descent opinion, just Clarence Thomas Rights. Today's decision must be recognised for what it is, an effort to avoid a politically controversial but legally correct decision. The court could have clear that the solution responded. Seek must come from the legislative branch. Among
then Troms twitter Actions was quote these horrors on politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shot. Blasts into the face of people that are proud. Call themselves Republicans or conservatives. We need more justice or we will lose our second amendment and everything else vote from here, followed minutes later. Do you get impression that the Supreme Court doesn't like me Willie I shot gun fade blasts, The face of conservatives and Republicans and then warning about the second amendment. Of course we, talked about how, even with trumps to pigs course not even the hearing. Second, amendment cases that the entire Ray someday here, but the violent rhetoric Is this sort of thing you would expect from a totalitarian later from an
a crowd trying to. Seems to me. If it's a stretch, let me now, but tryin to incite violence against judges, of all the phrases he could have used its unclear to me why he chose that one. It's not like it's a common expressions. I don't know if he's trying to incite violence, but I dont know why he chose a shot gun blast. What I do know is that he cannot Imagine the scenario where this Decision or any decision is not about him or her tweets and says you starting it. Oppression. The Supreme Court doesn't like me, maybe Not about a political question- maybe it's not about you present or maybe it's about upholding the law. Maybe it's about up in the constitution. Actually, if you look Elisa at the presence positions on Doc and just in the time he's been president he's all over the place. In two thousand, to thirty
Seventeen. He wrote a tweet where he said you know, anybody really want to throw these people out of the country a lot and good young somebody serving in the military last year than he bag. It said a lot of these people are no angels, so he has no core conviction about the dock programme. He just believes that is hurt him politically that lets down his supporters. Again what happened yesterday was about him, not only did he say that they weren't angels. Here then alluded to the to the possibility that were criminals which could be further from the truth, especially when you look at the rules and regulations that are in place in the Ets is easy to be a doctor recipient. When you look at the qualifications that it requires and if the embassy, I've been on anyone yesterday. It should have been on the seven hundred thousand dockers recipients whose lives have been an absolute limbo and who, in a moment of national uncertainty, we're all feeling the uncertainty of. When do we go back to work? When do we get to send our kids back to school? You have seven
four thousand people who don't know whether or not there going to be able to stay in the country that they call phone so yesterday was supposed to about anyone, it was supposed to be about them. You know people were in the rights. Movement will tell you, it is work for you do not. A lot of things, and so there was a lot of surprise. Today there was a lot of celebration and there was for the first time in a very long time the ability to take a breath and to say ok, we're going to be ok for now if this administration keeps this programme in place, and that is why you now see advocates move to the next round of this conversation, trying to put pressure on the administration to keep the dock a programme in place too, stand renewals further next year and also to finally step up and support, American Dream and promise act that pass through the house last year, because in essence, as this is a moment of reprieve for these seven hundred thousand people? Twenty.
Thousands of whom are healthcare workers who are dying, yours or nurses or M T workers who are going into work every day to fight a pen, make in this country to make sure that other people in this country are safe and well. They can finally with a sigh of relief, but they also most of them, live in mixed status, families they have a mom or or sister or a brother whose state whose ability to stay in this country is still very much in question, so ones If you look at the what's, the justices wrote the big thing that they keep circling batches idea that What was never supposed to be a permanent fix, it was supposed to be a temporary fix until there could be legislative action, and so that now becomes where the emphasis is now becomes, will focus of the organizing and inasmuch as there may not be the capacity to do that between now and November, it does become a rallying cry in the lead up to the selection
a location verandah high years just one more example, contrast of an issue, one more contrasts, Joe Biden says he will make it permanent Donald Trump. Of course, TV on the opposite direction, but because what you were saying about your pull Donald Trump, focusing on his vase, is on the marches or whether on the pandemic or whether it's bad say now in Dhaka, and yet, in instance, after instance, he's he's picking us side of an issue that overwhelming majority of Americans or opposed to- and I just I don't know maybe you can give me a little inside from people that you ve talked it around the president. I know they ve been stories about the present some of the White House? Very, he may not even want to get reelected, but why, as well moving in closer to an election as numbers getting worse. Why does
keep choosing sides that the majority of Americans are opposed to politically in what you are too Let me think, together that you ve talked about Michaud so far and almost every time I would only she said is right that the republican parties is here. A place where most of the country isn't whether assigned doc, whether assign gun control, whether it's on the virus whether a son racial rallies there on the opposite side of those and he one last time because he is able to squeak out a massive market among white voters in you, Go back. I always go back that conversation that Paul Ryan, bit robbing others had twenty twelve election, they didn't autopsy and they said Do not change their view We do not change the position. Do comprehensive immigration were for Turkey to be sold out of step with the fastest population in America, there are already out of step with african Americans tat they could become a minority party. So that's a backdrop.
What do we tell you inside the White House and whether it Sir have to look into the happiest lands are most optimistic lens when want to win reelection is they think that they can do Keep hitting the idea that our Trump reopen the economy and Gimme that stock market you that six months ago and on the lawn order, guy he's going the opposite of what everybody in the media thinks he should, he thinks you're. Now, if I keep saying the tough guy down, only the working class whites like that- that is a lot of other people who hold posters, they like it, but they like it and if I'm we're here doing rally by wasting just around east, turning it into a day of festival right with their flying in people into a place where you have a huge spikes, invite virus infections and he's there. Have little Loya jirga, music we're? Gonna have things to the size stage? He believes that their country him being in public him being out there tough guy with job buying
can you do most things. Virtually those things will work to help him and yes, he's had a low, like thirty thirty nine protecting robust, but that he'll bounced back up come election days. Maybe that works, but the one thing did you ve, talked about a lot that people have to remember. Michigan skies it. Yes, he one those states but one those with fewer than one case, Mitt Romney guided another case. George Bush. He won because but did not like Hillary Clinton, did not turn out to vote lots of democratic set on their hands, and so could he pulled it inside street again will obviously needed it. As time and most of us thought he could it be Hell seems a lot harder that now that don't know so much more about him, because the reason those suburban women numbers go down is because he said you know, I love is policies. I don't really like him I'll go with the policies that hope he's better. That I think will now what number eight you know exactly what you're getting watch twitter red
transcripts from these interviews- and you know it Willie guys here on this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast, I get together with legendary actor, Samuel L Jackson to talk about his prolific career and Hollywood and bringing shaft back to theatres. You can get it now for free wherever you download your podcasts and Shawna that and that's just it if the president thinks his numbers are gonna, go up by throwing his version of mega coach, Ally and Tal said tomorrow by showing strength by not wearing masks and doing all these things. We have data that shows, over the last three or months that isn't working the fact he's tried the wish away in saying this fading away now in their spikes across the sunbelt in corona virus? The fact that as he won't where a mask. He doesn't really want people where mass tomorrow will hand them out if they want them, but they're not mandating M that sort of tough which is not most people's definition of tough guy. That act hasn't worked in the last three
four months than his paws have gone down. Handling of corona via virus have gone down and his handling of the protests in the streets in the way he's talked about them. So isn't he burrowing in deeper on when you began, you look at those cross tat in the queue Paul, the one area, the one group of people, which is mostly white, voters without collar degrees? Isn't he does digging deeper into one subset of voters at the X and some all the other ones, that he'll need to win the elections? Yeah and that's it. Voters as bad, very strong thirty five percent of the country that we ve seen be with him. Since he was elected, he is the he he again validation from that money, that's part of why they are holding array we want, they want to be out campaigning because it is a presidential election year and they want to get their guide so did back in. But you we'll know President Trump Lakes, the validation lakes, the adoring
crowds. It makes him happy. That's how I mean, I believe, Jim and eyes. Tat was reported multiple times on this idea, like you have to pump him up to get him to pay attention. So a lot of this is about you go to a certain extent and Anne and a lot of these decisions are about his eager. I mean if we go back to John Boltons Book, if, if what John Bolton rights in that book is true, the press CS. Everything in the world, shipped to, self. I do want to go back to the dark, issue and something that we see? I was talking about the year, these seven hundred some people get a little bit of a break. They been in this limbo. There's a little less limbo now, that's great, but there's an opening for Joe Biden publicly here the reason why
doktor is because Congress back in the Obama days in this and the Obama White House couldn't get their stuff together to do something about comprehensive immigration reform Congress couldn't get it stuff together in this segment, creation, to do something about comprehensive immigration or form. So we could not have the doktor conversation again either. Then Congress has to do this and- You know a clearance Thomas's descent made that point as well. Some legislative problem, the wager I then uses this is that if all of these rules are somewhere close to correct. In these state poles, which it's really hard to understand, and no if the polling and battleground states is right or correct, as we saw last time around, but if he can weighing on his coat tails members of Congress and flip the Senate and slipped and keep the house, there is personally
can do comprehensive immigration reform. That's the campaign that Joe Biden needs to start doing going forward. He needs to speak to all of those individual people. There is an opportunity here for him now, on the other side, for President Trump gets to continue to be that guy, who said I was gonna, get rid of doktor during the campaign and the one hard on immigration, while also being saved from the fact that seven hundred thousand people are afraid of being deported today, so there is a way for them to I say this to you and if he wants to slow walk d, just trying to re repeal doctor that something that and continue to run on two and since we know that a lot of what he does is about his ego. Maybe there's a plan there, but I dont Joe Biden has so in solid case for voting for voting in a lot of these states and for sale, important SAM, showing up to vote for members of Congress a lesson then doesn't Jim Van DE high. Thank you both still ahead, JANET
what Hanno, who helped create the dock programme when she served as homeland Security Secretary under President Obama, will be our guests this morning. Plus social media size stamp down on posts by the President, Facebook has removed, campaign add featuring controversial, Marie and Twitter labels, one of his visit those as manipulated media morning Joe back in a moment over I'd Twitter marked one of President Troms tweets as having manipulated media the president last night, we did a video of a fake CNN report with the headlines. Terrified toddler runs from racist, baby and racists. Be probably our Trump Schroeder. The clip, shows a young wiper boy chasing a black boy before showing quote what actually happened in the viral video from last year of the two top,
running toward each other, each ending in the Haug, the doktor video ends with words on the screen, America is not the problem, fake news. Is it see something say something twitter They labelled a video manipulated media to quote, give people more context. Ok, also. Yes, Facebook removed a Trump campaign advertisement yesterday for featuring assemble used by nazis. To identify political pressure, are stirring world war to the ad, Showcase turned upside down red triangle, which the Trump campaign claimed was used to invoke Antigua the Anti fashion Two group, the president, has blamed for vandalism during the nation, wide police, brutality, protests, bugs sat in a statement. We remove these posts and ads for violating our policy against organised hate. Our policy,
habits using a band aid group symbol to identify political prisoners with the context that condemn or discusses the symbol before the where's removed. However, it received more than a million impressions across President tromp and vice president, my pencil accounts. It is not clear what trunk campaign, was aware of the origins of the symbol but Trump campaign. Communications director ten Myrtle defended the ad in a statement to the New York Times, riding quote the triangle, is a common and teeth. Assemble used internet about Antigua, pretty straightforward heels, proceeded to point out that the red triangle was not listed as I hate symbol by they anti defamation lake them was yesterday by Facebook and Twitter are in the positive direction, but the fact that those are considered big news, this shows you how deep a whole were in here with social media and Joe
Racist s in his latest are bad for the Washington Post. It's extremely powerful. Its entitled Zuckerberg, says he's disgusted by trumps rhetoric. It's just crocodiles yours and Joe rights. This the trap of Sir John Mandeville was a supposed memoir that Christopher Columbus used as a reference guy. Despite the books fantastical tales of journeys. As oceans and tracks through strange and beguiling lands. The author, bribed one destination where crocodiles would sleigh men and weep while valuing their flesh. I was wrong data Mandeville, crying crocodiles. While reading the fable in which Facebook founder marks unconvincing way. A short Americans. He was quote deeply shaken and disgusted by Trot incendiary rhetoric which Zuckerberg swear
site promotes and profits from every second of every day the facebook found or fail the shot a tear, while Russia based operatives published at least eighty thousand posts on his sight throughout the twenty sixteen election and beyond Social network later admitted that the russian propaganda it allowed to spread on its website reach as many as two hundred and twenty six million users even after the election soccer Burg. Dismay as crazy any notion that russian use of his sight influenced the vote. A year later, chief operating officer, Cheryl Sandberg was told by the companies. Then security chief Alex. Those that Facebook had yet to contain the russian infestation. The New York Times reported this sand yelled at him for being as loyal
years later, Zuckerberg clearly remains unfazed by warnings over his sides content, even when is raising red flags are nearly a hundred, and fifty scientist funds by his own families institute. In a letter this month, though, scientists pleaded with Facebook Chief executive to stop the social network from spreading racist rhetoric, misinformation and incendiary language that harms people or groups of people, especially our current climate- that is grappling with rare, showing Justice Soccer Progress, under these please with little more than a dribble of crocodile tears, while proclaim his concern over the raw unfilled. Sewage of propaganda that he allows his it, is spew daily. CEO continues to profit mightily of hate groups and concern
arc theorists who is dangerous. Ideas are given a long reach on Facebook, federal officer Patrick Underworld was allegedly more by a member of the far right, Booger Lou boys who investigators say used the George Floyd protests as an excuse for the killing and businesses Andrew Blank State and Ben Collins reported that the suspect allegedly posted the booger Facebook groups, and that bergs website recklessly promoted the brook to other unsuspecting user, prior to the killing, Zuckerberg, also public President Trump's false charge that a seventy five year old man battered by the Buffalo This was a member of Antigua with approach from Congress. Call for hunting down and teeth on members appearing on the same social network one wonders what awaits the peace activists when finally leaves this hospital bed. While the face
book founder shed a tier for the best senior citizens, if cruel fate but false because of spirits. He theories allowed to stir on his website and wills, a look founder, attend the funeral of future pandemic victims. Fell prior to the lives of a conspiracy movie that attacked national Instead of allergy infectious diseases, Director Anthony S, algae and dismissed. Nineteen as a plot hatched by a cabal of elites, using the virus to make money and seized power Berger and Facebook didn't act too the film until this blight on public health had been liked shared and commented on by nearly two in five million viewers and was seen more often then a Taylor Swift concert announcement, and the office, casts zoom wedding,
with more than one hundred and fifteen thousand Americans dead from covered nineteen, why our facebook- and it's there are not responsible for the damage caused by spreading such conspiracy theories, the more critical question now is why Congress continues to allow Silicon Valley billionaires such as Zuckerberg, Sandberg and Twitters Jack Dorsey, this company is likewise not liable for its reckless and damaging practices to rake in billions by washing violent rhetoric ITALY, misinformation, deranged conspiracy theories and for interference that debases America's culture, portions, its political debate and IRAN It's our very democracy We're still lacks these conglomerates, luxuriating in absolute immunity from the harm they cause to Americans life citizens can help
car companies, airline corporations, restaurants, doctors and small business owners liable for problems that they cause. He had tat billion errors bear no personal responsibility for the wrecked lives. Damage democracies, they lay shuddered at their feet, Mark Cheryl and Jack You have revealed yourselves to be vapid, Vulgarians, put at risk, Americans, health, racial justice, fair elections and basic truths worse Americans can't even trust that you won't allow foreign spies to undermine this year's presidential election, you of all they proved yourself capable of turning a blind eye to foreign interference. So long as the advertising checks clear that. But one reason: the monopolies you Lord over should be broken into pieces.
The immunity that holds you harmless should be stricter at once: Companies you run should be sued into bankruptcy. Perhaps then working democracy, we'll have a fighting and to survive, so had President Trump says. He deserves credit for making June teens quote very famous morning Joe back in a moment: hey it's this week on my part, cast is happening, sure down to talk of Marian Kaaba about what it would be like to get rid of prisons and policing altogether restorative justice is people would say, a set of ideas, ideologies, visions,
of the world that determine the ways in which we will interact with each other one harm occurs. It means that people who were harmed are centred in terms of their harm being seen and valued and address. It means that bystanders are called to be part of an circling that person, and it means that the person whose harmed is also called in to take accountability for what they ve done since the very different model than the adversarial system that we currently have one harms occur and the states intervenes in this case. The ideas that you have a community of people who will intervene as this week on wise is happening. Find wise is happening wherever you get. Your podcast subscribed now.
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