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Moments before the president vowed to use military might to stop rioting, police backed by the National Guard on Monday stormed into a peaceful protest outside the White House and scattered a large group of people protesting unprovoked police violence against African Americans. The panel discusses.

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Good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Tuesday June. Second with us, we White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, Pulitzer Prize columnist and Associated editor of the Washington Post and MSNBC political analysts Eugene. Robinson and story and author of the soul of America and Rogers profess the Presidency Vanderbilt University John Mitchum he's they see news and MSNBC country It or along with Willie and me Joe, is off today we ve got a lot to get to this morning in a moment to all the moves by President Trump yesterday, his combative call the nations governors about the protests across the country. His threat to deplore that U S, military, to suppress the demos. Nations, and what can really only
we described as a manufactured awkward photo up in front of a boarded up. Church will talk about that, but the present. Dead and didn't do and if he's ever held a bible before also Joe Biden yesterday was action inside a church listening to people we'll get to all of that in just a moment, but we begin with the programme. Against police brutality that continue to rage across the country. We, Many peaceful demonstrations during the day once again to evolve into chaos The day wore on in tonight, for example, New York City went from this early yesterday evening. Right, too. This just a few years later. There was widespread eluding even
for the eleven p M curfew said: Andy Iconic, Macy's and Harold Square was target along with several luxury shops on Madison Avenue Police report? More than two hundred arrests, tonight's curfew has been moved up three hours to eight am peaceful protests in Seattle also turned into chaos after being held with rocks, and models. Police responded with pepper spray and flash bangs There are also some touching moments at the vigil for George Floyd. In Minneapolis yesterday we saw the police chief Neil add a memorial. We also heard from floor.
Brother who, despite being overcome with grief, urge those who want to protest to please do so peacefully well suited up your leg up. Holly, please! I know who would not want shouted, be doin and I'm not Santa people that most relax Jean Robinson, what we're saying across the country is sort of a collision of a lot of different factors. Obviously, no excuses excuses for the crime, but there a lot happening at one time for people who are left with very little hope with a lot of time. With fear of getting ill with anger at this stem and how this system has not really been protective of them. It's about mix across the
trade, and yet this president, he comes forward with kind of an awkward show of strength, and I put that in quotes- Where do you think this leads well yeah it was. It was a moment when a president could have at least try to to calm. The waters could have tried to do to bring people together. On the issue of police reform, There is a real issue of police violence and a president could have done that. This president did not do that and could not have done because that internal crumpled Sophie he even perhaps the worst possible. Don t rather than soothing oil on troubled waters? He began.
Match in an ordinary Selina, do the volume with with this. This attitude instead stood two to using. U S, military, and some large scale way against against Strangers and to top it all to say to the way that Lafayettes, where was was cleared on the street behind Latvia's, where was with actually was cleared of peaceful protestors, who, by all accounts, were doing absolutely nothing exercising their craftspeople rights. Nobody knows nothing and where this total stuff those demonstrators out of the way our mounted police with flashback, rubber
it's a tear, gas was was just an appalling spectacle and something I never thought I would see in the United States of America, leader, exercising illegitimate tower in that way, in order to have a photo up in front of a ordered up church, it was, it was out, rageous and infuriating. Let's walk through exactly what happened. Last night, If we just waking up, this is how the scene played out at the White House. Yesterday, hundreds of protesters had been gather peacefully in Lafayette part just outside the White House, chanting in holding sites around see ten p M eastern time Attorney General William BAR was spotted walking through the park surveying the scene with a security detail, then it six fifteen, the present tweeted he would making brief remarks in the rose garden on the federal response to the nation wide protests. Twenty minutes later around
six thirty five police fired flashback shells and mounted officers began to push protesters back in the park how MSNBC corresponded Garret Hake describe what was taking place, did police have been coming down the three year. It assume in Ukraine, now using flash bangs in front of them and mounted police clear what has been an entirely peaceful protest. Not ninety, not ninety nine percent, but a hundred percent people, there was throwing a water bottles. There was no throwing of short time ago. Mounted police officers have been clearing the street and its embassies. I hate, reporting there last night, then at six, forty three p m, the president walked out into the rose garden and delivery remarks. For seven minutes. Taking no questions will have more on what he said in just a moment about fifteen minutes President Trump along with
real senior members of his administration left the White House and with that part cleared walk to Saint Johns Episcopal church. There. President stop briefly in his Mika said, held up a bible when a reporter asked, if it his Bible, he replied, it is a bible he made four marks, calling the United States the greatest country in the world before walking back to the White House when asked whether Lafayette Park was cleared of protesters in order to come president transit visit to the church, the White House, release to stay that reads in part: the perimeter expanded to help enforce the seven p M curfew in the same area, where rioters attempted to burn down one of our nation, most historic churches the night before so Jonathan Le Maire. You cover this White House very closely. We all agree is a disgrace that Saint John Church was attempt to be burned two nights ago. It was not thank God, but let's
about why the president did this there's been a lot of reporting, including from people I've talked to that say. The president did not like the story out there that he was in a bunker range tweeting While other leaders were out in the streets addressing these protesters in talking about their concerns, how did this tire evening. Come about from the White House. But will you hit on on part of it there? So, let's, let's back up a few more steps here? The protests grew violent. It's out of hand on Friday, night Lafayette Park Cross from the White House and the moment when the secret service was sort of unprepared to in some ways, the sheer size and scope of these protests concerning discern rush, the president to the underground or at the White House, one normally reserved for use during terrorist taxes, were vice. President Cheney was taken on September, eleventh, the president, the public appearance, we saw him on Saturday. He travelled to Florida for the rocket launch their, but otherwise had been here.
Up in the White House, we didn't see him on Sunday and we didn't see him for most of yesterday. The plan was hatched. In the day the present. Obviously it in those around him were work upset about the fire. The president, of course, also is keeping an eye on his All members of the evangelical some group that he won handling Sixteen, but has seen some support, slip months during the corona virus pandemic, we saw the night before more fires at LA via park. The image of the White House going dark at eleven p M, which is standard procedure, often those dark or on eleven for security reasons. But you, but there is a striking contrast between the the shadows of the White House and the fires Lafayette Park, and then, of course, we had everything that happened yesterday include the President in teleconference call with governors urging them to deploy the National Guard I tell you there looking like fools say they were weak fighting with democratic governors on the call saying that needed to be tough and he D, Swash and dominate the streets put
ten years in prison for five ten years. He said whatever it took and then, of course, we have to speak in the Rose garden yesterday announced that he would, if needed, sin american soldiers to American Citys to keep them safe. In his words, extorted, development extraordinary declaration that he would make and as he's doing that that that this split screen the captivated a nation. As he's talking from the from the rose garden, you can hear the tyranny ass, Castra explosions behind him, you can hear the park being cleared all for a photo awkwardly as he then strode across the park. Stood awkwardly with the Bible in front of a church surrounded by members of a senior staff and cabinet, all of whom it must be noted and a tide of on of racial unrest. All of them were what yeah, so many different factors, ear and so much is going on. It's it's really worth taking a pause and looking at this moment as pretty symbolic for President Trump, and this present
see the way they manhandled with aggressive tactics. Pushed people out of the way were very rough with them, just so that this president could have his photo web because he is there. Has been a narrative, he's been afraid to lead, there has been a narrative that he's withdrawal from everything, because he doesn't know what actually, how to spread, pressed forward and work on. Multiple levels express empathy, while also show strength, he's incapable doing that. He has showed that through one of the worst crisis crises that Country has seen in decades with the corona virus, and now these protests and leads to an inability to do the job when you're afraid you're. An emotion, mind and you can't make decisions. This decision was so with such a small, not thought out plan. To try and make some sort of symbolic overture to America and most of wheat from
oh accounts use widely marked in the India and among those who are watching this president closely, because it was so feckless many faith leaders express their outrage over president Tromp using the church for the photo walk by the way. He never said anything you didn't pray didn't connect with people, he didn't use the church. The way a church is what it's fun, Are the right Reverend Marianne body spoke out on the eleventh hour with Brine Williams. Last night she had come to offer words of solace and healing and resolve to the wounds of our nation? That would have been an appropriate use of the, sacred symbol of walking across the part to the church, but he did none of those things. In fact, he used hee hee, to the church- and he used the Bible in some ways as symbols to to
to demonstrate or to symbolise American military power key was using our church as a backdrop and the Bible as a problem in ways said I found to be deeply offensive. That was incredibly answer, might have been slow, lay him arise if it wasn't so sad to see this effort, but buddy so told the New York Times. He did not mention George Floyd. He did not mention the agony of people who have been subjected to this. Kind of horrific expression of racism and wise supremacy for hundreds of years still knowledge about no empathy we need at present. Two can unify she said and heel. He has done the office the and we are left to pick up the pieces. She told the wash imposed everything he has said and done is to inflame violence. We need
moral leadership and he's done everything to divide us, prominent Jesuit priest, Father James Martin tweeted. Let me be clear this is revolting wealth. Bible was not a prop a church. Is not a photo of religion is not a polluter. Tool. God It's not your plaything by the way the President holding the Bible upside down. Are you kidding me during their campaign Joe and I went to see him and he threw us a bible literally through Joe a Bible across his desk, and we looked at and it had never been opened. He said his mother gave it to him. It had never been opened and he was quite marking of the whole thing? So here we are once again Trump with a Bible. Probably never open that can be pretty sure.
Actually while Matt Visor national political reporter at the Washington Post, tweeted carrying the Bible and posing It was with strange with it with strange, carrying it and not reading a scripture or offering a prayer made it the stranger and made it all the clearer Bible was not for reference; it was a prop John matron. Your thoughts incredibly serious american moment, and three or four years. We ve said that a lot and even before that, in the natural human tendency to see problems and moment says uniquely oppressive, which the phrase it Arthur slicing early latest story. These days, but this as real as it gets. It seems to me the President is drawing on the vernacular
authoritarianism- he is verging ever required, sir, too. Violating a permanent and delicate serious way the supper. The powers and the fundamental idea of divided sovereignty in America, We have focused, rightly the water, St John's and the oddity of that silent photo up where you could hear what he was saying. There are small mercies, what he said and rose garden and warehouses, was cleared. Aren't you The ways more important is ever closer to spending and deploying projecting a man, a military force domestically. Cause. She can address. The underlying concerns has no interest, apparently
in addressing the underlying concerns that have led to a mind of extraordinary master Chinese, the most did the most unrest in half a century half a century. And we're only two hundred words were not quite to fifty years old republic. So if you everything I believe, if you're did president supporter of the president's, and you take it all up Aye, Sir always says looking for any reason at all to criticise the president. This is not that this is a data driven point the president had states is verging toward means, and Ways and means of dictatorial power and democracy is as fragile thing as it gets James Madison said made medicines.
Because that Saint John was finished. One thousand fifty Dolly Madison went there. It is part of the iconography of of Can and and virtue in many ways, power and a good sense residents go there on migration days to pray. Franklin, Roosevelt went to his knees and that the March forest idea thirty, three and prayed in church at a time the last time we had this many people out of work the last time there was this man, this lack of confidence, but what we have to do here is of as strongly and intently as possible on what makes us different it. What since different- is a rule of law and a capacity to address, underlying concerns, the has no interest in that. The rest of us have to be
and we're getting into John Mitchell territory. We talk about the eighteen o seven Insurrection ACT signed by President Thomas Jefferson. The press The White House mention that yesterday in his room from the rose garden is well. He threatened to deploy the? U S military, to suppress the demonstrations, which he called acts of domestic terror. I am your president of law and order, ally of all peaceful protesters, but some days our nation has been gripped by proof. National anarchists, violent mobs, arsonists slaughters criminals, riders, anti and other. These are not acts of peaceful protests. These are acts of domestic terror. Destruction of Edison life and this link of innocent blood is an offence to humanity and a crime against God
That is why I am taking immediate presidential action to stop the vice. And said: restore security and safety in America. I immobile using all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stir the rioting and alluding to ended. Structure and arson and to protect their rights of LAW abiding Americans. I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy. The National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the straits. Airs and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presents until the violence has been quelled. Emphasis your state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will play the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them
in order to activate the military to operate inside the United States, President Trump, as I said, would have to invoke the two hundred thirteen year old Insurrection ACT, which was last use during the one. Ninety two Rodney King Riots in Lhasa, So Jean Robinson, the president, is talking there about the writer about the looters that we saw out again in New York City, but the distinction we have them is that he used his police, use, tear gas and smoke and flash bangs against peaceful protestors in Lafayette squarely Those were not. Rioters are looters clear that parts of you can walk and stand in front of that church. For a couple of seconds, I am struck to just listening to the president's remarks watching his tweets, how he can barely pay lip service to
the protests, are about not the writing, not deluding which are terrible, but what the protests or about the origins of this why people are so upset, if not just about the death of George Floyd, but about generations of deaths like Is the president does not address that he wants to go to the law and order piece of it? Everyone wants these streets under controls of businesses and small business owners are being beat up in public and having stolen, I think, stolen from their store fronts, but he not address the underlying problem, perhaps because he doesn't understand it doesn't understand he is not interested in understanding. I mean you know this justly and Donald Trump is a liar baby. You said
in his remarks on an ally of all peaceful protesters, as he had peaceful protesters attacked with some quite bangs in dear gas and rubber bullets. In we, we arrived at this crisis mom Because of the succession of police killings of african Americans that people finally got set up with and said, no more, no government governments derive their their power from the consent of the government to end and consent is withdrawn for that from not just African Americans protesting. But if you look at the protest crowd, they are remarkably differ
in every imaginable way and an people just to say you not. And so of course we decry any violence. But but you have to understand that this moment is radio that this crisis is real and and that we as a nation, need to do something about this now, because time is up and- and we are, we are deeply and wish to have the worst possible president at this moment, because he is not capable of that sort of empathy. He is now capable of feeling anyone else's pain, except his own and, and so the result is, is the display we saw
We saw yesterday, and- and so you know, the one thousand eight hundred and seven insurrection act. Well, if George Hw Bush used it during the during the riots in an and is in the hands of George W Bush. It was ok, it was because he knew piggy understands the idea of merit and in a way that President crumb does not and so in the hands of Donald Trump. This is this: is it It is extremely dangerous and I, like John Mitchell, had always shied away from from I personally about you, know: dictatorial rule and whither american democracy and have always believed we will pass this with this. We are stronger and more resilient, but there are power
the tools in the hands of any president and other presidents have not use them because they have known tat. It was beyond the pale to do so dark from doesn't know that doesn't care about, and so I am, I am more worried than I have ever been about the future of this democracy. I can completely understand that in and by the way it doesn't and there it doesn't end with protestors run down in D c, so the president can use the church and a Bible nearby how's. The church has a prop, but then there was the call with the governors which was just off the hook and we'll get to that in just a moment. But let's go to where this all began. Joining from many outlets NBC News correspondent gave Gutierrez gave how did Minneapolis do over the night.
Hi there meagre good morning. While there were peaceful protest overnight in the twin cities, several dozen arrest of the state capital, but no violence, boy in that continues. What we see Last several days, no violence here, of course, the worst of it was last week, but I want to show you where I am. This is the site of we're George Floyd die. And it has been turned into, growing makeshift memorial. As you can see behind me yesterday, George Floyd's youngest brother, Terence came here for them first time visiting the site where his brother died and took his last breath breath very emotional scene, and he made that impassioned call for peaceful protests and an end to the violence. You talked about a little earlier now as all, since playing out make two separate autopsies or release yesterday, and and is adding to some debate about the cause and manner of death and first step actually second be had
medical examiner released an autopsy that ruled the manner of death as a homicide, but said that there were some underlining conditions, including heart disease and summoned toxic and employed system hours earlier, a private of privately funded autopsy by medical examiners hired by the Floyd family. It had found the manner of death was homicide, but that there were no undermining health conditions and the flood family, the for the family. Is that any toxic and this system was completely relevant to this case, now move forward. The states attorney General Keith else and is now going to take the lead on this case protestors We continue to demand for charges for the other officers involved in this case, but Mika. We also learned that a public memorial has been scheduled here. For Thursday, as well as other memorials in North Carolina we're floor
is born and also in Houston, where he grew up. Those are scheduled to happen over the next several days, and besides Gutierrez. Thank you very much for your report and still I had a morning Joe, to govern is consistently holding the White House to account Illinois Jamie Pritzker and Michigan Gretchen Whittemore we'll get their reaction to the call that the governors had yesterday with the president, please Washington DC mayor, Muriel, Bouser, on yesterday's events and from Atlanta Mayor Quichua, by whose shown remarkable leadership during all of this you're watching morning, Joe we'll be right back one is tremendously MSNBC correspondent and hope the package into America. Can you here is now that's a question. Many black, Kids are asking of the country convulsing protest, it is I hope that people step up and recognise the moment. I see the need for change in the way
episode a conversation with some of the biggest thinkers policymakers actors and activists, and what Black and America means today search for into America, where we listen right now as its grab. Everyone is tremendously MSNBC corresponding and hosted the PA cast into America right now. America is burning, but as like journalists have covered this before all this week and pushing deep into the racial equality, justice and violence that was smouldering in this country? Long before we ever learn? George Lloyd's name new episode everyday this week, search for into America, where we listen were now described. Former vice President Joe Biden spent Monday listening to community leaders and nations. Mayors concerns about the deep racial divide happening with the country yesterday by.
Attended a two hour meeting with Wilmington faith and community leaders, insider Bethel, amateur to listen to their concerns and what he will do to heal the broken divide, the former vice then later gathered, the mayors of Atlanta, Chicago LOS Angeles and Saint Paul Minnesota to praise there spawns to the recent protests as well as discuss how the country can start easing decades, long tensions, but the police and minority communities, the full weight of our history? Now how? lives have been devalued by society and so Intolerable time people are angry, I'm sure, you guys are too I'm angry. I know The fact is, we need that anger We need to tell us forward and health was pushed through This pain, reach other side to hopefully greater progress, equality and inclusion and opportunity.
But were also seen justifiable public outrage and protest turned acts of needless destruction. Cities across the country, which are not justified. I think we all agree that the Acta approach should there be overshadowed by the reason protest. It and also commented on the frustration and anger being expressed across the country during a virtual fundraiser. On Monday, telling supporters quota can't breathe again breathe. The whole nation is having trouble breathing people are angry. I'm angry and we need that anger to compel us to move forward to help us push through this pain reach, the other side, to a greater progress of equality, inclusion and opportunity. John Jim President's turned to prayer and open discourse to help approach
problems that are multi faceted faceted often two things can be true. At the same time, the anger can be fair. And real, but the crime can be wrong and it goes from there and Joe Biden is showing that what we are seeing with President tromp is sort of a simple minded approach to this, where there's one facet- strength, military, and there's no discourse about the much more complicated things that are still gripping this country Do we want a president who values, reason and debate and appreciates complexity? understands the tragedy of history, which is vital, Invite and said during the pain is the first step towards possible. Moving beyond it. It's not Don T will remove beyond it There is nothing about the human
sperience? It suggests ignore him The underlying causes, the systemic causes, the four hundred year legacy of Lisbon the american dilemma, two original regional in this country, in slavery and the removal of native Americans and We are all white folks. Like me, people who look like me are complicit in that and there's no leads in the argument about that its it. Is. It is a reality and even the best intentions, all the best intentions, people who are called with our exercise. Power have gotten horrible things wrong things horribly wrong, break Roosevelt's help: save democracy in capitalism, sure interred Americans of Japan he's too said.
You any number of people Lyndon Johnson comes from a segregated state is just trees complicated and the test here, is not. Is a president going to be perfect the test, as you allude to is, will you Knowledge reality as it exists, because without acknowledging reality as exists. There is no hope whatever of improved. Being on that reality in Europe actually right present, trumps Is this as a binary question e, not talking to the whole country. Yesterday he was talking to him passionate supporters, Joe Biden is about the our and tradition of reason, he may be wrong on some things, but he's using data is using what we would want. Someone leading us to do. President Trout is deploying passion.
And Jean Robinson, in many ways, Joe Biden is running parallel presidency he's behaving in the way he believes a present should behave, he's modeling that behaviour when he goes inside it, and sits, and lessons in at the inaction takes a need for a photograph, while President Trump walks hu a square? That's been cleared by police of peaceful protestors and if we stand in front of a church holding up a Bible he says, was not his, but was a Bible and when vice an abiding meets with those mayors. That's what a president would be doing sitting and time a conversation with the mayors of these cities that have been hit so hard and trying to understand the root of the problem and how better. You see Joe Biden, Modeling effectively. Presidential behaviour is absolutely right. That is worth president should be doing at present
training is his arms and his mind around the root cause of the problem and and men trying to come up with a plan for addressing it because, as I said, these killings keep happening I can't go on this way before fed up with that, and so we you need to address it: you're, not you're, not in a larger and and and more sustained and comprehensive way, and that's something we as a nation could do with the right leadership present crop is not the right leadership. He is speaking only to his face. He he has made no apparent attempt to to understand even recently
and history, let alone the four hundred years of out of American three. Four hundred years since the first african Americans were brought here, ass slaves he is, he hasn't be eaten it doesnt grapple with the big issues, like the looks of what's in front of him right now. He trouble stood two to win the day when the hour, when the moment in the new cycle and conducts its presidency like long running, written reality where they ever Every day is a new episode, and so this is the Euro. I'm a tough guy So are you no one since its farcical by but this farce has real world consequences,
and and his action. My real why didn't have consequences for people across the country before the ban, it made those remarks in the rose garden yesterday he held a conference call with the nations governors in which he called them cool weak and urge them take a dominant military position against the unrest. Other vessels on the ground, couldn't attorney General Bill BAR and Secretary Defence Mark Asperger. Both sided with President tromp on the use of aggressive tactics, also on the college, whenever they Joint Chiefs General Mark Milly, present Tromp said he tat
to oversee the protests, Do we will activated actually I'm very strongly many places in most places you yeah Extreme ties agitators large, riding the violence. Five were no less the three main street worryingly dissolving about baby. I think the sooner than you mad and I'll make the battle space age, and we get back to normal That's not what people here that you ve seen a lot of general millions here, enjoy your sister a warrior? Greece dollars?
oil is being at all the various I've just put him in charge Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down, Podcast Jake Gyllenhammar his latest run on Broadway his blockbuster role in spider, man and the movie he says changed his life forever it the podcast now for free wherever you download yours, while military hum these were seen deployed in major. U S, cities! The White House, press secretary declined to offer details on general millions act role, or to say why a top military leader would be in charge of overs. Domestic law enforcement. Joint now seeing your White House reporter for NBC News, Digital, Shannon, Petty, Shannon their obvious, talking to the governors on that call about the writing about the looting. We ve seen that in some ways has overshadowed the large peaceful protests around the death of George Floyd, but how does
President Trump View General millions role. What exactly is he gonna be doing here? Well, yesterday, the president said very directly from the rose garden that if governors and mares do not take the action, he wants to see the forceful action too stop out these protests. He is going to send in the military knows a lot of questions about how he can do that. Legally you mentioned earlier. This insurrection act this two hundred year old ACT that he could possibly implement to use military police forces domestically. But you know that's gonna get into a real complex situation if organ go down that road and I dont know we're going to go down there yet, but the present certainly threatening it on the other. This call with governors was certainly remarkable, but then I think this scene we saw there.
Talking about earlier playing out and love it Square Park was a real manifestation of what the president is calling for here within the White House, the reaction I have been hearing from AIDS people close to the White House about how that chaotic, seeing yesterday when that brutal, seen yesterday when they think it when great this scene was exactly what the White House in the presence of visor were hoping for. They wanted a show of strength. They wanted to counter this narrative that the president is hiding in a bunker. They wanted to take back his space, and this so force is the type of force they say the president wants to see other mares using so this they see in the White House and trumps world as a victory. So just that thinking to give you an indication of what, where this is going on in just willing to give you a little bit of what it's like being here at the White House. While all this was unfolding yesterday, you could hear those flash bangs while the present was speaking, the rose,
and to the point where they almost sort of rattle your chest. These flash banks are so strong. You could smell the pepper spray on the White House. North lawn as president was walking starting to make his way across the park during his speech there and the roar of helicopters, there is the constant drone of sirens. That is the atlas atmosphere. It's here and when I talk to one percent close to the White House here was that a problem? No they they like that I thought that atmospheric, that that chaos, that ill of brutality going on was what they wanted to see and the message that they wanted to send. Willie. Our eyes shut in petty peace. Thank you very much a mere looking ahead to today, if the war, has considered this to be a strong showing which I can't I'm sorry. I don't think everybody who works, and there is is just completely.
Accordingly, stupid. They must, have seen that this was a bit empty in it display holding up the Bible standing in front of the church, tear seeing people and why ten DC to make way for the present and too quickly, walk of Aaron stand there in front of a church, they snow today that more is needed that maybe, a bit more of a careful articulation of the complexities Of this situation or origin, looking ahead to more of this, because there has been preliminary discussions about other matters. The White House could take as we report today. They their discuss perhaps create a new task. Force may be led by having an developments and Trade Ban Carson to today, more directly with some of the protesters issues
discussion of war, criminal justice reform. The president believes that has been his best political move. So far with the african american community largely we're gonna see more of what we saw yesterday and it's it's a pair. It's the call it the governors and then what and later at Lafayette Part the president, you could not have been in the stress more strongly in some ways angrily at these governor. She fought with some the Democrats in the car called them. We call them jerks say you mean to crack down on these protesters. I'll, give you the military call the National Guard and this political move, but this is all about because everything is president. Does it's about November he's trying to project strength? We know what the present means this president: its strong arm tactics, you try he's making the bet that the american people are rattled by these protests. There by the riots and looting. Nor in some of the underlying issues, of course, in the president's by and that he'd they want to see the federal government clamp down on this. He believes show up
Terry might we know he's always been an Arab with the military. He wanted to have tanks on pensively avenue last year for the fourth of July parade, while he got military vehicles on pensively avenue yesterday. As part of his effort to clear out this part, and this, I think we're going to see more displays of strength from this president he's good man, did. You do the same, and if they don't, he would were told act upon his brow, if you will descend, send the military in a final point. Yesterday, indeed I was a photo walked. The White House has already put a video of slow motion. Video of the present slowly across Lafayette Part, which now means that was a taxpayer funded. Photoshop I saw yesterday and one Trump senior advisor last night, send this to me he's. Actually there were two photo op. Yes, the president in front of the church, with the Bible we wanted that, but the other photo op was clearing the part that display of strength in american money,
I photo up that involved a church that almost burn the night before that he didn't go into that he didn't worn and a photo up that involved clearing the park of a peaceful protests, people exercising their first amendment rights with gas and flash bangs. Let's break The conversation report for the New York Times, Caitlin Dickerson she's, been covering the protest for them I'm in her latest peace looks at the devastation Small and minority own businesses that likely will not recover from the looting on the heels of the corona virus shut down of the last several months. Caitlin go morning, it's great to have in the conversation you're digging deeper into something that we all was happening that we're all seeing on our tvs, and that is not the peaceful protestors. What change in the wake of the death of George Floyd, but the people taking advantage of those protests by looting small businesses we ve seen big business is like he sees in New York but tell us
about the impact of small businesses, particularly those owned by black and brown people in America, you're. So what I wanted to do was to look at how those businesses, where surviving what they were waiting up too, because as no, this protest movement is happening against the backdrop of the clearest pandemic, one that and that has disproportionately impact of these businesses that we're talking about, and so they were already questioning. You know, how are they gonna to be able to move forward? Were they going to be able to forward at all, course waking up to find out windows had been broken. That merchandise taken for some has called that in question even more. At the same time, I talk to business owners who kind of new who to expect that this might happen and so have been sleeping outside there businesses are waiting in their businesses and trying to negotiate with protesters, and some have had success
that I mean those who said that day they stood outside and said to protesters here, I dont have insurance like please likely starvation, my windows there. They were successful and didn't suffered the destruction, but those who weren't there you know, that's that's going to make moving. Forward a lot more difficult for them. But what was also striking to me was that you know from the big retailers Walmart an orchestra to small businesses including ones that told me they might not be able to move forward. They brought up this question of of hearing you the destruction of property, to the destruction of life and sad book. You now I'll be able to you're out awaited to make more money, but George Floyd spam. We will not be able to figure out a way to move forward, but he's not coming back so and what is the recourse for some of these small business owners. As you mentioned, some of them don't have sure and slave resorted to standing outside and pleading for their business as looters come by and try to smash and grab their businesses. What happens because
as you say, they were already deepen the whole perhaps gonna have to down anyway, because of corona virus and the restrictions had been placed over the last couple of months. Business is your merchandise, is stolen, sometimes hear building has been set on fire. What happens from air for a small business owner, so for those who have insurance that best they can do is began to file claims and jump into yet another very lengthy process that Britain, with bureaucratic red tape, just like the process that they were and to try to get federal help because of the ground, as pandemic. I mean just to give you an example: one business honour- I talked you mean castor woman in Minneapolis. He grew up about five blocks from where George died, he had a new mailbox business and he was happy to be able to bring the ability to prevent a fax and a deal of paperwork to a community, he said really needed it, but he built
opened a little less than a year, which meant that he wasn't eligible for any of the federal help has been provided to small business owners because the corona virus pandemic I reasoned just as an anchor. Able to show you that there are so many challenges that make it difficult, small business owners to try to move forward and try to even access the help. It does exist. And so he was already real a real deficit. When this happen- and you know something Anything to me that I mentioned before, though, is that I said Do you have a message to protestors? Who rule did your business and he said you know, as I do black man who grew up five blocks from where George Boy died? I can't sit here and say that I am ups. With them, because when I look at them, I realise that you, I could have been George Lloyd, too, and so here is really just at a loss, but but the reality is that his business may close and His family is really gonna start on moving forward.
Obviously there are a lot of people who work at those businesses who are expecting sometime soon that they might reopen after corona virus. They make it their jobs back now that at the very best pushed off, and perhaps they will never Caitlin Dickerson was some great reporting there for the New York Times Caitlin thanks, so much Mika all right, let's bring in the fact check or for the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler he's the co author of the new book, entitled Tromp and his assault on truth, the president's all sides, misleading claims and fly lies so I guess the first question would be how'd. You get them all. In the same book, the Washington Post has been keeping attack Glenn and obviously the serious message here is its also and alt on our democracy, grit correct we eat what we did is we highlighted the most egregious most repeated
the strangers? falsehoods and in misleading statements that he has made take readers through a variety of different issues, and we show how he lies about himself about his enemies. About the economy, a trade foreign policy it highlights. But I think For me, who has been covering this now for three and a half plus here, only three and a half years. It was it astonishing to see it all in one place. I think it will be for many people, the sea the kinds of things that he says day by day that Frankie you kind of forget out when he says, says on average, twenty two false things in a given day. Jonathan Le Maire headlines regret. The book. I want to ask you what your favorite Donald Trump lie is, but let me instead ask you: perhaps waste
dangerous might be particularly those that have perhaps put Americans in harm's way or those that are going to shape the narrative, as he hurdles towards reelection just five months from now Well, that's a very interesting question. I mean the that the range of falsehood the President are really extraordinary. So you have strange things where he would say. Four times that that broccoli. I couldn't land, is plain in the Philippines, which you don't we. They wouldn't bring leaders, wouldn't let him land a minute. Just absurd we can never figure out why the present would say that except he just wanted them die of aid Obama, but the big The issue is that president creates an alternative reality and you sketches reality just for his base or for himself, and he seems to appear to believe it totally yesterday. So, for instance, he said he was with the peaceful
protesters at the very moment when police were clearing. A peaceful protesters away with tear gas, so you know there's a quote there that he can put into of into video ad. Which does not bear any relationship to the actual truth, and then you. Fine Italy is did he He lives in its own. Your old quickly and social media world. That is not connected to what is actually happening in the United States. I so these Conspiracy theories he's pushing the lies that he tells it's a fact: what are we missing? What do you think that the process that the Americans, This means that the? U S government, to end our ability to conduct over It is missing something that will have less term ramifications. His so many lies that have just gone. Unchecked rival
I've tried to check. We ve tried to keep track and we ve kept this database and the interesting thing. Is you don't? What is his future impact with the president? One problem is, I think, faces. Is that because here, try to reach out to people or not. This base because he lives in this alternative reality world. That is not reflected. But most Americans see or hear he is I've been able to it ever achieve majority support in any part of middle age. Public opinion polls that unique Any president, since world war, two at some point or another, they got above fifty percent. He has not It was at a recipe for success for a future president. I'm not sure about that. We will find out. You know Go the rest of the year in terms of election, but
If he's elected, there's someone might say. Oh, this is, if he's reelected, someone might say what this is a template, but if he isn't we might say. Actually this doesn't really work. He didn't get majority, support for the american people ever than ever. Donald Trump and his assault. On truth fact check or for the Washington Post Glenn Kessler, thank you, ve Much for coming on the show. Congratulations on the book still I had it may have been the headline that set the precedent off quote two as protein send violence spill over a trump shrinks back, we'll talk to Peter Baker, This reporting on the president, hiding in a bunker straight ahead on morning, job we're back in two minutes.
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