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American intelligence officials have concluded that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing American troops, according to new reporting. Reporter Charlie Savage joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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At this moment sales forces working with businesses over the world to adapt to all the changes that are happening there, helping people like and me and me managed, through this crisis, return to work safely agro my business again visit work, dot com to get help for your business, If we all work together, we can't do this Entire thing was offensive surly. The comment about the White Power was Hence there is no question of May. We could play politics with it. Are we can't I'm not going to Vegas the events, but we should take it down. That's what I think just another book all weekend for the President of the United States, tweeting out a white power video before later suggesting he didn't what was on the tape, when the words why power were eight seconds in climbing. Ignorance on a russian
to have U S, troops killed in Afghanistan claiming ignorance when everybody else in the government. Certainly his is security, it will seem to no one, and even the British were notified. So really is a present so addled that they didn't even have the present saved from were telling our allies When are you tell community knows about now, they're they're lying and even though there lie, while this is a relay this, if this isn't the turn, I dont know what it is well and golfing amid a public health crisis that killed over a hundred and ten five thousand Americans and counting infections are surging without so in Florida and Texas, as though it is too epicenter good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Monday June. Twenty nine with us, we have White House for the Associated Press, Jonathan Wellmere form,
chair of the Republican National Committee now and MSNBC political analysts, Michael Steel and Basic NEWS, Capitol Hill correspondent and Hosting Casey DC on Sunday night, Casey, Hunt and host MSNBC politics. Nation present The national action network, Reverend sharp and great to have you all with us on this very important Monday morning, the? U S gathered intelligence that russian Wilton's officers have offered to paid bounties Taliban fighters, who kill Americans who kill, Americans three people briefed on the matter told NBC News, the New York Times, first broke the story on Friday, aspects of which have been matched and independently reported by recent news, the AP, the Washington Post CNN, the Wall Street Journal and ABC News accordingly, times the recovery of large amounts of american cash at a Taliban outpost in
Afghanistan helped tip off you S, affairs but NBC News not confirmed that the Eu S has verified that any such bounty payments actually made according to end, I'll gleaned from U S military interrogations of captured militant in recent months, the Washington Post reports that the rush bounties are believed to have resulted in the deaths of several. U S, service members, and we see this- has not independent like confirm that reporting to official tell the times that U S intent. Gents officers and special ops forces in Afghanistan's alert alerted their superiors as early as January to a suspected russian plot officials developed seven potential recourse options for Russia. Cloning sanctions, but none have been activated by the Trump administration. The paper also report two official said the information about the bounty hunting was
well known among the intelligence community in Afghanistan, including the sea. I is chief of station and other top officials there, like military, and those hunting the Taliban, the information was tribute in intelligence reports and highlighted in some of them? The assessment was, piled and sent up the chain of command to senior military and intelligence officials eventually landing at that I, as levels of the White House, the paper also What's the administration shared information about the assessment with the british government as Joe mentioned, whose we're says, were among those said to have been targeted, the times. Also reports that President Tromp was briefed on the findings and the White House this National Security Council discussed the problem at an end. Agency meeting in late March, according
The times the reporting was described in the president's daily brief, a written summary of high level national security matters problem there for the president. Is that it's written, it would be unusual if something like this was very subject something so explosive. Yet a senior administrate an official tells NBC News that the president was never briefed on the issue, because there is no consensus within the intelligence community on the allegations. That goes against again all the reporting all the sourcing, and the White House in tromp himself denied knowledge of the russian plight, but didn't denying distance of the report. Last year, national until it Striker John Radcliffe also denied laid Saturday. The trumpet been briefed. Both Russia and the Taliban of course have denied
report? Let's bring in Washington correspondent for the New York Times. Who first broke this story? Charlie Charlie thanks so much for being with us, so your time supporting. This was well known, the CIA in the entire community costs its concern that we notified our allies in Britain and the New York Times also reporting. This is in the present daily briefings and also that the present himself was brief. Is that correct, What could be the same thing? They are what we have at this point in continuing to people the onion on this, as we have one fish, are telling us that this was briefed at the highest levels of the White House. Another official telling us that it was in the written presidential daily brief document, the written briefing handed to Mr Trump You're, not you read and maybe is another question and we are still trying to figure out what they mean when they say he wasn't briefed
there's some grain of truth to that which is just I'm sure we have to proceed with, but we have flag with the grain of salt. More broadly, I think is important to recognise that. Not only has this Intelligence, been report assessment been confirmed by many many other publications with their own sourcing but the administration has not denied the notion that this is an assessment that was developed by the american intelligence community months ago that the National Security Council at the White House, convened in it or agency meeting about in late March to wrestle what to do about it. They ordered and commissioned a set of menu option, a menu of options of responses beginning at lowest end was telling scale. We know you're doing this, knock it off a diplomatic complaint in proceeding from their up a sliding scale of sanctions and other more aggressive steps, and they have not denied at the White House has not authorized
Any of those steps not even be mere diplomatic complaint and so they seem to have coalesced around a strategy of focusing on the notion that tromp was not briefed whatever. That seems to me and there are not providing granular detail about whether they don't count having it in the written materials put in his hands if he didn't read them or something, but then notably tromp himself? Yes,. They seem to be casting aspersions on the quality of the intelligence or the existence of it. He called it so called and then suggested it might be a hoax like the Russia folks in his telling which is interesting, because that goes beyond what the communication strategy developed by the people around him jump, once a year once again, Charlie, we are where we have the White House. Unfortunately, having
scramble, because the president keeps changing his mind on. Why lie he wants to pursue me saying that not you as rapporteur, but it's and aiding that Donald Trump at First says that he didn't get the brow. Thing and then he changes his story and insert suggesting that this might be a hoax and yet Charlie? Didn't you say that in March this was considered so serious by the India, community, that the National Security Council convened a meeting in late March to figure out how respond to Vladimir Putin's russian government, putting bounty on their heads of american soldiers and they Came up with options, none of which have ever been followed through on by this present. So it begs the question: if they didn't think
It was well. Let me state it another way if they thought this intel was so damning that baby the convene energy agency meetings to figure out how to respond to the threat. Doesn't that suggest, right, air that first of all, it was important enough to take the present the United States, which, of course your reporting says they did, and secondly, that Donald Trump once again under cutting his own intel. Agencies, like you did at Helsinki certainly saying so called and in saying everyone's denied this, which means the Russians have denied. This has carries echoes of the Helsinki summit you're. Referring two. When tromp emerged from that meeting with Vladimir Putin and said that pertinent had strong denials of that Russia had meddled in the twenty sixteen election, which
the american intelligence community says it? Did said he I dont know, why would be them that did that, and so does that's what you're referring to, and I think building on that for one second, the leak yesterday, so Forty eight hours into this thing, the ministry put out a new claim which was this was never breached president, because there was disagreement. There was not a consensus within the intelligence community that it was, real and a senior administration official on dream team trump that is putting that out yesterday and you know we'll continue to explore that and indigent and dig into it. But our information is contrary to that. We are hearing that actually there was not push back or disagreement among the intelligence community, but this was real. There were different aspects of this different types, intelligence, interrogation, intelligence signals just to surveillance and so forth, and different agencies
because of their expertise, place different levels of confidence in two different types of intention. Streams, and so there were disagreements on a confidence level that on different aspects of this complicated thing, but that is very different than saying those didn't even agree about whether there was any there there, which is the latest. A message from the White House now Ok, thank you. So much, Charlie and and Jonathan Wellmere the CIA station chief in Afghanistan knew about it. It was well known, the CIA there well known in Washington DC taken so seriously that they convened a meeting at the end of March. It was put in the president's daily briefing and yet the president, presents going back to what he did and Helsinki, where he's he's ones
then undercutting you as Intel agencies he's once again under cutting a CIA station chief and the findings that they found in Afghanistan and citing to go with Vladimir Putin's word that he didn't put. Body on american soldiers that, instead of his own Intel community, the present again knew about this. According to the reporting and late more here, we are in Joan and the president still hasn't even brought it up with Vladimir Putin. Who he was calling his good friend two months after he was notified of this. Two months after he was notified of this some extraordinary piece of intelligence, Joe. If every word, you believe that the present wasn't
we have done this and that raise all hopes of questions as to why he wasn't and was he not trusted with the information? Or was he perhaps intelligence those briefing him afraid of what his reaction would be? But its road defies defies lot that he wouldn't have been told about this in the reporting controlling and others has been, has been so but you're right. There echoes of health, Here the echoes of his repeated deference to Vladimir Putin, there's been no retaliation. No warning no stern message sent to Moscow: no sanctions, no, no broadest Putin. Since January. Since March senses information came up, there's been non resident in, I think, even over the last few days, since the story became public other than He did denials and concerted effort for illustration to try to keep the president out of it the President on Twitter, the last couple days again, as you say, through great inequality of U S, intelligence, which of course, is what he did in that in Finland almost exactly to two years ago
but it also speaks of a broad pattern of deference to report and, of course, He spoke. Spoke admiringly of him during the twenty sixteen campaign called for Russia's help, his relationship. It was the very centre of a two year probe led by road, Mauler and since then we have seen even as administration has at times move to be. On Russia? It's always been. The president himself he's always been enough What's that he himself, he has ever wanted to crack down on Moscow or condemn Putin in some of the other. Lower profile meetings as well. We know they speak on the phone with some frequency just the last twelve months. That's remember, tromp wanted to invite Vladimir Putin. True the United States. For the g7 expanded g7 meeting over the the actions of the others, the other european countries who were in group of nations he wanted to invite reporting to the White House soon after Helsinki and the sinking yet another moment in a pattern, we're here
We will not challenge flatterer, whom one that's why Michaels well. That's what makes all of this so consistent. With the way he's is bathed in the past, but also so disturbing with first came out. You look at the Wait a second Donald Trump. So this terrible, mission, because we know we know he's never going to criticise Vladimir Putin for reasons it perhaps when I will only learn years from now. But we know that, but he's just gotten word are you got word and Marge from his intelligence? Vladimir Putin is now body on the heads of young Americans and having islamic militants and try to kill. Young Americans did get cash from the Russians, I was in late March, and this is what does from set on made the eight a couple of months later we have this great friendship,
and by the way, getting along with. Russia is a great thing getting along with Putin, and Russia is a great thing. That's Donald Trump, after he had in his presidential daily briefing that. The Vladimir Putin but boundaries on the heads of young american troops and and- and I just Michael why it s really expect are to be so stupid to believe that you have one of the most serious one of US these pieces of entail the come across a presidents desk. At a time you try to invite him to the to the G7, at a time he's he's is can do you say that Russia is a good friend of his and they're not going to tell them, isn't that either suggest that he is addled and mentally deficient relate and think it was
their time tell him, are that he's a source of the Russians and that they couldn't trust him there's no other good explanation of why you wouldn't tell the president that the leader Russia is putting boundaries on their heads of young american troops, so we'll take up the challenge, and say that they did briefly, I do I believe that something is important and a severe is this was left untold too in the United States what I think is disturbing is his reaction to it once he was tall and the fact that there has been nothing. There has been no rebuke for officials from the United States and the fact that White House even over the course of the president's tweets. Still I not deny the underlying intelligence that this is in fact. What happened in this is, in fact, what we do know and the real
plenty of it is in our view, the present we see this, as you know, something to make Republicans look bad now. This is something makes you look bad because the fact of the matter is you the one who's the focus here is not. This is not a political issue. This is this, is a bounty placed The heads of american soldiers. You are the manner. In chief, I saw this. In about politics- is about what you do, as they leader of men, and women in uniform? Who now find out. The two are ok, with a bounty on their head by your bar adversary. So this is what he is going to have to account for He can't spend the sound value there may be. Some republic is all run. Does defence that'll be curious to watch? no, I mean come on now there there's gotta to be a line. Casey heartless Cheney has some pretty good questions about this and she
tweeting over the weekend she's one Republican who wants to know why weren't, the president or vice president briefed they were was the insight was the presidential daily briefings who knew and when what is. Done in response to protect our forces and hold Putin accountable. What say the Republicans at this point case Hunt. Are they so morally worn down by this president that they will not have the right answer for the union States of America while me go you don't. We obviously have to put that question to Republican. Then I think that the third Pisa of white lists. Cheney underscores there. You know what is being done is a question that you know, every lawmaker has a duty to answer now that they are aware, through the public reporting that this was going on and worst trying to figure out who, if anyone in Congress knew why it's why they they would have talked to them or not mine,
weekends lenient has some reporting, the congressional officials were perhaps briefed, but the AP says that that briefings going to happen until today, we're still trying to male down all those details, but I mean The reality of this story and their navy- it just underscores that there really is no, good answer for the President, if he didn't know because his intelligence officials were afraid to bring it up to him and underscore it cause they weren't sure if he would approve. You know one of the art and that they had on the table and the times did report that there were various potential options discussed. I mean that's a theme that come up in this this presidency that he has been willing to take actions that are presented to him by his intelligence or he's doubted the information underneath it? So perhaps that's part of what happened here. But that there is no good explanation. Any one of these a kind of rabbit holds you. And has its own sat
landmines and enormous problems for this president, and I think the fact that you had was Cheney, who has shown a willingness throughout this administration to push back against the president on matters of national. Clarity. You know and trust me liberal Democrat. Don't agree with less Cheney or in many other members of her family and that's kind of under stating the issue on some of this stuff. But there are a lot of people kids who have been in that camp historically, and you know, I do think that this is something that is gonna put an incredible amount of pressure on them, and it is one more thing as There are so many other issues that they have to grapple with. With this president and his pull his pole, numbers are falling the trend lines are terrible for him and This sort of very clear cut
your moral issue that talks about them: the men and women that are still on the ground in Afghanistan, fighting for us every day. The president's potentially known about this for months and he does nothing to protect them. You know that that is trying to answer this question, and defend this president is a very, very difficult. To be in so that's what's gonna happen. I think those contortions would be pretty obvious they about that. Here is your parent, then a sign or a daughter in Afghanistan, and the commander in chief is now four months that Vladimir Putin and the Russians and put a bounty on their had to have them killed Islamic militants and the present the United States does absolutely nothing about it. And it's considered so serious that the National Security Council
veins and March Dickens their sanctions, or at least a diplomatic scolding, and trying to figure out what actions to take and three months later no actions have yet to be taken. Think about being the father or the mother of a child in Afghanistan or the husband and wife of a spouse whose in afghanistan- and this is considered so serious. But the CIA station Chief.
Warned about it in Afghanistan that it was quote well known in Afghanistan that Vladimir Putin had put bodies on young Americans heads for islamic militants to kill them when the present doing nothing. This is considered so serious by our intelligence agencies, but they can being a meeting at the end of March and we notify our government notifies the british government to war now, but there are also bodies on the heads of british soldiers from Vladimir Putin, and yet this morning the White House wants you to believe.
Despite the fact to see, I knew it spite the fact that as in some National Security Council, no it despite the fact that it was so serious that they convened a meeting in March shit or a range of options to take against the russian government and Vladimir Putin for putting bounties on their heads of young american troops. Despite back there was considered so serious. They notifying to british think about this you're being told
to be notified, the british government, but they didn't even tell the President of the United States. You know I just asked how stupid do they think you are and how low does the President think he can take you and his supporters in supporting a president
who was told in presidential daily briefings months ago. The man that he called a friend of his in May was putting boundaries on the heads of? U S, troops back in two thousand. I think it is. It is just mind, blowing mind blowing and here's the thing it's it's all going to come out. The truth is all going to come out there going to be people testifying before Congress under oath I've got the presidential daily briefs. They have the until it's all going to come out. So republican senators pick sides and their only two sides that figure by them. I barely two sites, a figure
this isn't about being a Republican. Our democratic trump support our trump upon it. You can take the side of you S. Troops are you can pick the side of the latter there's really there's no grey zone. Here you can't you can't stick your head you're the covers and pretend that Donald Trump just gonna go away as he is films, you're gonna get voted out. You you think he is. So you think I can hold up. You know you can't hold them for six months, speak out for our troops today. The stain will stand out for our troops today, shopping for life, insurance can raise a lot of questions. How much coverage to need which insurance company is best for you? How much should it even cost? We know life insurance is important, especially now, but the pandemic is making it even more complicated a shop for it enter policy genius they'll help. You find the right amount of coverage at the best possible price. Without the headache policy genius compares quotes from the top life insurance.
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asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic pandemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday, it Thursday Charlie the report, though This report from the New York Times is that actual that that that information is the Eu S troops actually with, these on their head, were actually killed. I can eat. I was at the bed Washington, Post, that maybe the Washington Post talent as where you're going maxed and your team, where you guys going next with this reporting that certainly a place to be drawing down. More yes, deposed. To said, there were the first to say that proof from actually believed to be killed under this, we had previously reported that bounties had been collected, which a sort of
five percent of the way there, and we have subsequently confirmed that. Yes, there are several incidents in with today, but looking at as part of this whole process that was going on behind closed doors since the first part of this year in train tease out what was going on here and why, in what specifically manifested In addition, we're still peeling back the union of how this unravelled and what the intelligence was that led to this assessment, is in our reporting. Today we discussed the discussion. The large amount of money Taliban compound was rated. That's not unusual to find some money, but just only an extraordinary amount of american cash, which was unusual and Ray suspicions as something unusual was going on, and so that's another layer to peel back
but we will we S. Mother threads of reporting on as well, but I will not put those on television until we nailed Charlie, incredibly early reporting. What story we want to now get to this, which also would have been our lead this morning, president trumps retweet of a video over the weekend, showing a man in a golf cart with the trunk campaign gear wearing it shut. The words white power according to tweet, the video was from Florida retirement Community, known as the villages and featured residents protesting against each other, the man, was heard shouting white power was responding to protesters yelling racist tweet was removed from his. Hours later in a statement, the White House said trumpets quote a big fan of the villages, but did not you're the one statement made on the video we'll know back and I
When the president retweeted a tweet which included the hashtag fire Fouche e tromp, was if you notice the hashtag in question, wonderful. How will you hire retorted somebody fish for doesn't matter You notice that when you return knows everything reverend down. You know everything first of all this video, it opens very quickly it's very allowed. The words are very clear and the world white power. Yeah white power. Eight seconds in. I guess I could believe the president wouldn't have the attention span to get to the end of the video, but this is a seconds in and its clear as day your response, It was eight seconds. Then you could miss it if you tried, but me
overriding factor here is that the whole point of the exchange was one side calling the other racist and the side saying why power so if he did not get the debt, these changes would it be retweeted for you, don't retreat things unless you are trying to project some reason to retreated, so it is we as on his face tat. He heard it and there intended to send a signal to his, so called base is assumed Bazin. What did so travelling here, though, is in the midst, this more men around social justice, around systemic graces of where the is it in his head political large ideas and even addressing the issue of systemic racism even dressing would happen with George Floyd. He would choose to read tweet white Power I'll whites and blacks are marching all over this country trying to get the country
the terms, would it he would tweed wide power, video. On a day this the Mississippi is voting remove the confederate emblem from their state flag, he would choose on that day to try and somehow feed into the american consciousness through his re supporters that its right to yell wide powers. I think the timing of this and the he's the president, the United States of America is woods Allow me we ve spent this from any normal big it Penn state to do this on a day. At a time like this is absent. Leave ridiculous. Why As you know Joe, it just shows the White House for Spain to this. The president's response to this is so obviously a bold face lie. It just shows at this point when we have this incredible reporting
from the New York Times from Charlie Savage about the russian bounties how easily it is for this White House in this president to lie and take no responsibility. Well, they're, going to peel back the onion as it pertains to Vladimir Putin's bodies on the heads of american troops is going to come out. Something I this, though, Rev again eight seconds in This this long, video, it's the thing you see on this video, a guy shouting. Why power in in is tromp gear by it's interesting. Donald Trump only took this down after getting criticized by Republican, Senator TIM, Scott, it never even addressed to criticism until terms guideline on National Television Bowling black report in the: U S: Senate and in three hours could not
the friendliness and he said it was offensive and it should be taken down in three hours later, the president takes it down, but again what that is going on, but the president is not addressed, including boycott of Facebook, for talking about postings of hate stuff, president would retweet this in the face of this. The reason, I emphasise in the climate from the Mississippi vote to Facebook to was going in the George Freud reaction is because Here- retweeting. This is intentional. This flying or area to all of us that are fighting for another way in this country, its intentional. His statement is is saying. This is what I think of your movement. This is what I think of what you are trying to in America, and we the message and we're going to see never message back well and Jonathan Amir. This is just a gap. This is in line with what
it's been doing over. Well, you can say the last three and a half years, but especially the month of June, which is banned, was a mass for the White House, a disaster for Donald from political standing, starting in June, the first. When he's then. The riot and good and a clear out peaceful protesters lied about. It held up a Bible, and any numbers have been collapsing ever since now we tweets out again white power, video, which sure I began to lose boats not only among black voters but again going to those suburbs going to those swaths of former republican voters that his campaign desperately needs back. Four, a m to remain competitive. What
You just put the morality of it all to decide the racism of it to decide. If you are a trumps, what, because you obviously have to put racism aside if you are, helping him get reelected and Look at the fact he is under cut himself and his position, and his re election again at a time when is where's are going straight down, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down, Podcast Jake Gyllenhammar his latest run on Broadway his blockbuster role in spider man and the movie he says, changed his life for ever. Get the pod gas now for free wherever you download yours, you're, Jeremy. Obviously, questions had been swirling, porridge and, first, that his handling of the credit this pandemic that that's a key date and it's been all downhill since then I ve talked to a White House adviser last. Two hours or so we, as was pointed out new on a near daily basis,
when some through real blow back to the president and a lot of it and of his own doing is similarly self destructing politically our very eyes- and that includes just last week or so awful. That was that the Tulsa rally, these questions, of course, special that will remain about the for his relationship relation Vladimir Putin and these boundaries of american soldiers. And now this video, which again echoes previous moments where he is, he given unleashed a nod and a wink, if not more, to very racist sediments Charlottesville being famous, but there have been plenty of We can go over time Again we are seeing here? This is going to send a disturbing signal Superman, voters, events remember the last in the campaign, for they make a play for action american voters this time around and that, if they That seems that Europe has now more or less sailed and Michael Seal
I wanted to go to you with this as well. I mean this image is: is it claim, as is almost preposterous to the president in here this eight Secondly, the video, but I also want to focus on where this happened. The villages, I believe, is the nations largest retirement community, where citizens and voters time around voted for President Trump ordinary amount to be cleaned up, there was his strength among the population across the nation, but particularly in Florida that helped him when section VIII, seeing these protests, if you seeing these large anti trump demonstrations there that also makes a hysteria among seers, but also in Florida state that he can't win without? What's your assessment of where we are right now, that's exactly why I think this, why you saw the president do the retweet of this to sort of ass in this the message out to that senior base. That has been with him you know yeah, there was still in this fight. You know, there's one per
Where someone someone said to me this weekend, why does don't think the president was aware I might do it was more than aware of what he treated out. I was at the heart of it wasn't like. You just saw there line, is Emily meted out now he knows exactly what he's doing he's trying to find ways to recall a less this base. It is, is fractured in places that He cannot afford to have a fractured among seniors amongst core Republicans he's dropped from ninety five percent to eighty four percent. You'll see, suburban voters move off independent boaters move away. So the Jos point, into yours. That's dead, decline hemorrhaging Abed Donald Trump cannot afford it. Losing if he's competitive in Florida witnessed go after that. How does he been hold together the rest of the coalition? That's the internal discussion right now that the campaigners to deal with three
on the ground, is he's hemorrhaging support in some key areas in some key states, and there is what strategy in place to help to get that back? Why, because Now what we see, what the Russians, what we see he's tweets the present comes his own words political operative, instead of hosting the people around here, telling him to stay on this. Particular message and push these themes. The press It goes off. He likes a tweet because its nobody him with somebody yoke prototype. Why power he tweets it out then the rest as they say it is a you know. What shall I do it two to eighty three million following this racism and hay speech flourishes on places like twitter and Facebook and the question we raised on this show last week about Facebook, our advertisers. Are we going to continue to be ok with this as our d
procedures impact and so greatly by hate speech flourishing. On their sides reverend now you were talking a lot yesterday on your show about the Facebook advertising boycott. There are multiple advertisers saying no way this has to stop. We don't know of, since the turning point for president tromp. But could this be the turning point for social media that it will be turning point for social media. This boycott, initiated by the a c p and others that we, join then is to say that you, not take our downloads, consumer dollars and fry. Its hates reach so either. No, you can argue that you have a first the right to free speech, we have them.
How to say you will not do it with our dollars and I'll sponsorship. So if you want us to consume your products, you cannot take the profits from our pockets and invest in giving someone a platform. The we spread? Bigotry and racism is just a simple. They have the right to put would they want? We have the right to work dollars and you in the growing broke and bank rub for investing. Dollars in something blatantly that is big Did you will not identify, and I think that that message, finally get across their Johnson resident W C p, and I so right lose memorial and others a meeting and Mark Zuckerberg House, around voting stuff in and around these similar types of issues and tried to make it I understand what is doing. We could not get to his.
So we will get to his pocket to make you understand, you can do it, but you will not be making a profit and doing it not all of us. But again this is the free market making their lot of right. Wingers, not conservatives, because conservatives for never do this there wingers are actually talking about going in, and and and can rolling content on Facebook, which again is its there's nothing conservative about that. All the Rev Sang all I'm saying, is lead free market forces decide this by. Let's get it's Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg platform. They have decided going to turn it over the white supremacist. They I did they're going to allow pizza gate to continue to flourish on their view,
decided they're going to turn it over and promote food boys and other people living and kill people. The interest they're going to turn it over to foreign countries that interfere in american democracy. They decide that when somebody the board that they have turned it off. Their their website over to the Russians that Cheryl Sandberg is going to scream and Yale, and angry, because somebody told the truth about russian infestation that they still work, problems with six months. A year later, vacant. Do that if they want. If Mark Zuckerberg, wants to let white supremacists thrive, that's his business, but nobody has to advertise on. That's got the free market and one of these days Congress is going to realise that we stepped over. The line in
P Maloney sex when we granted them immunity through section two. Thirty, because Nobody saw this coming, but you have accompany this powerful and a guy worth eighty five billion dollars? Eighty five billion dollars. Maybe get even richer, because he wouldn t down on a hate speech. What did he get make even more than eighty five billion dollars because he wanted to let white supremacist on his website. What did it even richer, because you wanted pacing gay. Spirits seized is still thrive on his websites. If shooting up that joint wants. Wasn't enough remark: Soccer Burke, there are no controls, no meaningful controls at all, and now too little too late, too late.
To like what they're trying to do in it is is nothing if you're a racist if you're a big it. If your in our view, a black people, a few aid asian people. If you Jews, where do you go if you're a foreign country you're in China or wrong or. I shall have you consider yourself an enemy of Amerika and you want undermine american elections. Twenty twenty where'd. You get that guy we're. He's all represent and come to me I'll, take your money. Thank you, five billion, but I need more money. I'll, take your money, that's where you go and Facebook will not do the right thing they refuse to so Congress.
You need a strip on other two thirty immunity and go back and we write a bill because Americans have the right. Do so Facebook, Americans, should have the right to sue Twitter. Americans should have the right to sue Ann, One who causes harm in their life- that's called the free market I love this immunity. Four billion air soon is outrageous and me and and Reverend now. I just want to thank you all to think Derek Johnson Linda Lazy, pay, Mrs Green lad, de L on you show last night. You guys are fighting together the good fight. Thank you. What I think is important It is important we do together to bring ADA and in Sea P national action that work to show This is about all of us: blacks, Jews. He, everyone,
insane saying particularly to advertisers. You cannot mainstream hate to have your brand their next to this is to give legitimacy to that and you I'll. Do it I'll dollars, and I think you said it. It's free market driven and we sing to the Congress. You got to deal with two hundred. We say what is not acceptable in this country. Don't wanna silence you, but we certainly not gonna cut down. You may dream view and endorse you that this is proper baby hundred percent Reverend AL, thank you so much and still add on morning, Joe Politics and the pandemic, the Republican National Convention is just weeks away and it set to take place. A state with a certain, rate of infections, we'll talk to a physician. Who is calling on local officials to step up safety you're what
morning Joe. We will be right back. It was another record setting weekend for new cases of corona virus three straight days, some the highest numbers, yet a record for six thousand cases Friday. Almost forty three thousand on site today and more than forty one thousand yesterday Florida South CARE China, Nevada and Georgia all reported their highest number of daily cases on Saturday with more two and a half million cases in the? U S now reported and new faction surging health in here service Secretary Alex AIDS are issued. This warning. The window is closing, we have to act, and people is
the visuals have to act responsibly. We need to social distance. We need to wear fit our face coverings if we're in settings, for we can't social distance, particularly in these hot zones. Right several governors are rolling back reopening plans and taxes. Governor Gregg ABBA to allow businesses to start reopening and early may shut down. Bars and limited restaurant dining in us amid a spike in cases in California. A governor gave a new some rolled back reopening of bars and seven counties, including lust Angelus and in Florida more beaches will be closing again to avoid the spread of the virus as officials try to, and down on large gatherings. One of those large gather still scheduled in Florida is the Republican National Convention in August, which was just relocated to Jacksonville
now over two hundred Florida doctors have signed an open letter to Jacksonville Mare, Lenny, Currie, call on him to at least institute Social distancing, unmask mandates at the oars see joining us now. One of the doctors who signed the letter, Doktor Carolyn Mcclarnon, who works at a clinic for the working uninsured. Also when the state tyranny for Palm Beach County Dave Ehrenberg on the climate and what is risk of orange see taking place with people not necessarily having to wear, masks and all clustered together. I ask this because so far Trump events they have removed stickers to people about social distancing and they have clustered people together? chanting and waving their arms in a hot environment, at least two that I can could right now. I think it's possible to conceive that
try and do this again in Jacksonville how dangerous could that be for people as it pertains to the corona virus? what this definitely can be a nightmare. One of the problem is that when you get a bunch of people you can say social distance people, don't social systems the uninsured to free, really and me in Jacksonville. Mayor has not had a mandate parfait spats wearing yet, and we definitely needed are numbers- are surging Jacksonville. I work at a clinic for the working Uninsured too frequently and they are the servers at these at bars- they are the janitors- will be cleaning up after people. I'm so nervous that are cases are just going to search from all of this
I know at tromp rallies. They had people signed a disclaimer saying that the trunk campaign can't be held liable if you could track the corona virus at a Trump Valley rally. But what about Tromp railways rallies? They had people sign a disclaimer saying that the trunk campaign- can't be held liable. If you of the run a virus Trump Valley Rally, but what the Aral in the state of Florida, we get a surge in light of the and see is a truly not the Republican it could be held liable for clearly vi waiting, CDC guidelines, vial eating science and in the end, Why is that has been given from the government about what it takes To stay say from the corona virus, there could be some civil liability if you can specifically tie a case of corn of irish to that event, although the are ensue
we say there are a million different reasons why that person contracted corner virus, not our super. Bread or event, but is possible, but you can rest assured that attendees at the hour will be forced to sign the same type of waiver as the people in Tulsa on this is crazy. Doktor Caroline should be commended in writing that letter, but I don't think it's gonna make much of a difference when the individuals who are making the decisions here. The governor and the mayor of Jacksonville will be too in their marching orders on these matters from one person and one person alone, President Trump president drop, does not want bit moved again. He wants it in Jacksonville at the end of August, and he doesn't want people to forced toward mass, because he doesn't want the world to see a pack convention with his support as well Mass because presented Trump sees it as a sign of weakness and
is counter to his narrative of transitioning to greatness it sad that when it comes to public health that it is now politicize, but that's what we have in the year. Twenty twenty doktor Mc Luneham, Casey Home has a question for you Casey I Casey Doktor morning. If, even if every precaution was followed if every single person in that all war mask they were sanitizing everything after every event. Taking the extra time is it is it at all possible that this would be a safe to enter at all. I mean it in and setting aside, and we have seen those pictures from the rallies the president himself. It refuses to wear masks, I'm not saying that these things will happen, but is it even possible to make it safe. No I mean you're asking for IRAN is for them to act like it's the perfect and it won't be in
even with mass wearing there is a small amount of transition that can occur and ideas. The concern that, even if they do all the best things that with that many people, that's a lot of people for even half a percent transmission to a cart, though, if it's not gonna work any just crazy. The Democrats are planning a totally virtual convention. Why can't the Republican can do that, and I just to be clear here, are where we all care which convention it is or whatever it is. There should be a convention putting all those people together, Doktor Carolyn, Mc Lenihan. Thank you very much. Dave Ehrenberg, we'll see once again later this week. Thank you as well. Coming up a federal judge rules that the government must release migrant children being held an ice detention centres because of the corona Where's NBC, Julia Ancillae joins us with our new reporting morning
was coming right, back, pay its procedures we can my park ass, wise, is happening I'll, be talking with legendary civil rights were Sherwin. I thought about this moment in the struggle for racial equality, when people become awakened to the issues of injustice and raising a often people feel kind of overwhelming, and so what they're looking for when they ask you, what to do is the thing that will solve and and take the out of their stomachs, but there's a lot in my stomach every day and has been since I was twenty two years all so I dont know how to take the not out of your stomach and that's not my job, and actually, if you are an active responsible citizens with justice minded in a society that is deeply on equal and unjust, then you should have a not new stomach. That's this week and wisest happening for wise is happening. Reverie listening right now and subscribe
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