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A majority disapprove of the president's handling of the U.S. protests over the death of George Floyd, according to new Ipsos/Reuters polling. The panel discusses.

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President of the Bible change churches. Today, I just wish, open it once in awhile, brandishing reopening could have learned something there. Call love one another. Of our it's really hard work work of America trappers. Interested in doing work is dead Frida sweeping away off guard rails law protects Our democracy guard riddles, help make possible the stations pass were perfect union a union costume requires reforming rededication and yes, the pro from voices that are mistreated, ignored. Down, are left behind. But it is a union. Be worth fighting for.
That's why I'm running for President show by Speaking yesterday in Philadelphia, you gonna make it since singing survey Dinah holding up that Bible and what we ve seen over the past before hours, condemnation from really across the political spectrum. From my legislator the Pope talking about the protests and looking at how things are going in the United States and saying you cannot continue to do to turn a blind eye to what on in America and claim to protect life. You pat Robertson last night are yesterday talking about critical if that the present actions saying he had to start showing compassion
allowing for a republican senator saying he reads: a Bible every day and he's never seen anybody and his life hold up a bible I got, I gotta say, is a guy. You raise the southern Baptist church who went to church about four. We further Europe, twenty one years of my life, I've got to say, I grew up in the college. I never saw anybody poised to buy for wage as zero. Don't go prop. You ve met. They headed Turkey was standing in front of saying it was disgraceful what he was doing and and starting to show up make and the Poles oh in coming out, showing that the overwhelming Majority of Americans are opposed by this president talking about when the looting starts, the shooting starts talking about a thugs constantly talking about thugs, constantly clearing path with tear gas. Yes, it was tear gas and, by the way, represent ice? What
agency represent, if you represent, Let us stop lying, about wearing about using tear gas. We side. It happened All saw it in real time. You did that to american citizens. Global village saw people in that time with their heads thrown back and an end. Therefore, pouring water in their eyes, Garret, hey yesterday, talked about it is You used here gas, you, Whose tear gas you use paper spray new year used rubber bullets to two to clash with peaceful protest, We ve got to take its all anti markka Rubio, it's all on tape. Republic It's all on tape. We saw happening in real time, stop lying Your lies have already been revealed, and so you actually have peace
oh protestors, who were there who had tear gas used against them proof? Susan against some rubber bullets choose against them and so a shame that an strangely in camera, man and rapporteur we're brutalized in the park. The president's pork hit us trade by the way. One of our closest and oldest allies, a country that has had their troops along our troops in foxholes for over a hundred years they have fought with us in every more and yet members of the press being targeted, constantly conscious. Peaceful protests being broken up and the press, Thinking is proving a point. This law, nor I mean for a photo What show this again make? I just want to show these Paul numbers and show it's not Now not nineteen sixty eight and somebody said yesterday:
were nineteen sixty eight looking at the parallels, Donald Trump would be in big trouble. And you're gonna say meagre, would so surprised to me talent surprising to me the head of the department fancy James matters, you want to wake up, you're slobber and stop worrying about offending. Somebody. Is Europe that you're pissing off a lot of people, James Madison, yours, Violence is passing off a lotta people. We have a secretary of defence, who actually said he thought that the present you can inspect and they were going to inspect a bathroom. Now that is secretary as well. Worst excuse, since he said his dog ate his constitution. That is its spirit if he were missed by that by the press, the United States, should resign scenarios. Sir, you should resign this morning.
If you were used as a political plot, your military mistress. We're Terry, you military ferment women are more military, are being used as political props and guess what their night good political problem, because we have separated civilians from the military for about two hundred and forty years and its worked out pretty well for us and if you think that a washed up reality, tv show aroused is going to that reality. Let me these Paul numbers this from Reuters. Yesterday thirty three percent of Americans, only one in three Americans support the chaos that this man, it spreading across Amerika when the looting shot starts, the shooting starts calling protesters thugs
As much as it possibly can and then again bigger, you know it so point of his presidency. So far, a lot of people thought the love point of this presidency, and they said so was to win win. He was actually terrorizing, a widower who was begging him too using, is dead wives memory to try this stage Whether go attack. George Railroad this week. He said, if I look at it and thought that was a low point of Donald Trump. So presidency, they don't Donald Trump, you don't understand There is no low point. We think that what we saw yesterday, the day before was a low, there is a low point. This is the truth, and what that is why that is why publicans issue blindly go us
I'm criticized on just a few with a view to God bless them because I need to do that not only for the country not only the constitution, but for them for their own sake, four for the sake of their constituents, for place in history they won't be seen going along with this two ordinarily frightening display this stuff of raw. Our and unjust, sheer stupidity. Raw power combined with sheer stupidity. That's what happened earlier. Sweet aren't buying it. Donald Trump is not playing three dimensional chess he's eating the chess pieces and it's not going well so, along with chair will I may we have Whitehouse Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire They see news capital, hell, corresponding and hosting
CDC: ANA Msnbc on Sunday, night, Casey Hunt and unless a basic contributor, Shanna Thomas, great to have you back with as China rule. Will you look at these numbers from Reuters Bald, so many people have been saying that law and order will work for Donald Trump this can be designed. Ninety six, hey: here's a problem, Donald Trump ASEAN combat This is all happening on Donald Trump Swatch when he, first night started talking about shooting people resident eyes, AIDS, calling calling protesters thugs and set its Jennings Para and even Pat Robertson's telling, but cut it out the Pope's Tellingham to cut it out. Republicans you're telling him some Republicans. They cut it out. This is now and the biggest surprised to make Willie. As I know that they're stupid allotted these a lot of these people around the prisoners,
that's only reason there there, because it will do whatever he tells them to do what realise is that some of them were so stupid that they were actually gratulating themselves after Donald Trump started a riot in the president's park and Lafayette Part, so he could have a follow up. Awkwardly weirdly bizarrely hold a bible nobody has ever held a bible before like in it in a political event, it S. Just tsar holding it upside down. At one point, the White House there's Joe were calling that photo, and that moment quote iconic. That was the quota senior advisory, my candle axioms two nights ago. They say that was an iconic moment. The iconic moment, as you point out, was his going to church that looters had or to burn down the night before not warning the church He was coming not talking to the diocese, the episcopal diocese, not warning anyone else.
Said he would be there not going into survey the damage not offering prayer but holding up a boy, Well that when asked, if it was his bible, he said it's a Bible and how did he get there? He cleared the park he had built bar, take a stroll through that part, to assess Washington Post is reporting that William BAR ordered that part to be cleared again with the use of chemical agents with use of flash bangs with the use of rubber bullets and the nation I protest now showing no sign of letting up neither the president's threat of military force, nor curfews, keeping protesters from taking to the streets well into the night, including House Lafayette Square, near the White House, where force was used, as I said the day before, to clear the president's way to protesters defied church for that photo over protesters defied curfews last night all over. I'm sorry. This is video from LOS Angeles last night, where one hundred be who were to be peaceful, the six.
For violating the six p M curfew in that city. There were some incidents of alluding, but nothing like previous nights that we ve seen this video shows looters breaking. The pharmacy, while peaceful protesters were gathering just around the corner, we also saw a tense protest outside the home of LOS Angeles mayor Guard Seti as more than a thousand people gathered. There may regard set appeared at a protest in downtown LOS Angeles, where he kneeled in the middle of a prayer circle. Meanwhile, New York build a blasio says, moving the curfew from eleven p m to eight p m, helped to curb the wisdom and looting in New York, but protesters. There also defied the curfew, thousands walking across the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn, but blocked from entering Manhattan by a large police presence. After a stand off, the protesters eventually turned back peaceful, so China, what we saw last night was much different across the country. Then we ve seen in Yes, nights, there was much less looting. There was.
Less violence, that's a good step in the right direction, but when Take all this in total. The president's approval This is thirty three percent on his handling of these protests of this moment in american history. That's below the floor that we ve always talked about among his supporters of thirty thirty nine percent, so even people support him more broadly, don't like the way he's, and the last week- or so and I think one of the things you Joe was talking about that Soto up. When I see that photo up, I see the moments before he got to the church when he's flanked by his staff by the people work for him and there's one black woman in that group and she looked like a secret service agent and what that tells me it even if we sought the president was capable of rising to this moment. I dont know who around ten can help him figure out how to get out of that thirty three percent, you
sorry, I don't know who around him. He can listen to you if he adds that ability to listen. We can listen to you can actually communicate to him directly. What those people outside the third the park outside the gates of Lafayette Park are trying to say he clearly doesn't hear them, but I see that Soto and I dont see anybody that looks like me, so I dont know how he will ever figure this out beyond what we have already seen now, a good point, Johnson Le Maire, we're looking at what happened with that quote, photo up where peaceful protesters work forcefully. Away, and it appears William BAR fingerprints on add to, and I guess that the present an actually was talking about activating the Ernie General? Is that what he meant? That's part, make us. Certainly wine bar is, is key
to what the. Why has wants to do right now in terms of quelling these violent protests will take a half stepped back, the the photo in many ways began a few nights before president, was rushed to that bunker. Underneath the White House and he hated the news coverage that came from that, particularly since he has been trying to draw this contrast with Joe Biden Painting Joe Biden. When hygiene based and while the President man of action has been travelling? The country and, despite the pandemic hey the news coverage of that he was upset. But of course I can look out the windows and see the disturbances in Lafayette Parks Park, see the fires that rose there over the weekend and wanted to come up with something of vodka trump. His daughter was key to this. In fact, she's the one brought along that Bible in her hand And gave it to her father for that Photoshop outside the church. The came, of course, after I really was describing that part was cleared with tear gas at park, was cleared. Rather, worse fully by federal law enforcement
and we ve seen a real rebuked from that, not just from religious figures but from political figures on both sides of the house. There have been some Republicans that spoke out against that decision. There, A number of governors who have said you told the present They don't want the National Guard, they don't want federal law enforcement in their cities. In their states with these protests- and we were swimming, at least for now? The White House is backing off that idea that the White House is tat. It is taking a few steps back away from the plan to send the military. American cities, to try to crack down on these protests, which the president believes and the poem suggests. He might be verbal raw, here, for the president's still believes will be good for him, reelection chances that show of strength but show of law border dispatching the military and we even saw him tweet yesterday silent Majority, a phrase used before but in this case is a clear call back to what Richard Nixon did and I can sit here, late, nineteen sixties and early night
seventies? What with only problem is whether that is today a silent majority actually means you have a silent majority. Here you have a vocal majority opposing the president. You ve met the everywhere. Majority of american supporting protesters in the Street only twenty seven percent. I believe it is our opposing the protesters in what they're doing in the street. Only twenty percent, and then you Alex cells, we only twenty percent and then again thirty three. We have seventy three percent of American. Seventy three percent of Americans. That's again now silent majority don't be very loud and boisterous majority support the protest following George Floyd STAT: seventy three percent twenty percent. Only twenty percent oppose that numbers are terrible for Donald Trump and its honour. I gotta say there
our times in american history. There are times in this. Civil rights March, that it takes heinous images, particularly heinous images across television sets to wake up whom Luther King called White moderates toward gap, white Americans, who tat from a civil rights struggle to wake up and get moving. It happened. Where's, the Birmingham church Farming, it happened, after Selma it happened, it happened other times civil rights, movement and the mighty sixties to wake wide amiss. It up. There is no doubt that, despite all the hay this image, as we have seen of innocent black men being killed over the years that the George Floyd tragedy, so
shot the consciousness of white Americans that it appears that those words moderates. Those white Americans are finally wake. Up and you sit in those farmers. Have you seen this polemics, but I think the other we see about the support in the streets for for change for dealing with systemic racism? I mean you just you just said before that that the people in the streets are against Trump, and I think that is to a certain extent true but it's it is so much more than that, and it is good that when I was out and just kind of walking around the streets DC yesterday before the curfew that there were away people back people, hispanic people, everybody everybody's out there, and it's not just about the president. It's about. No. This is a symbol of thanks so much larger its larger than policing it is. It is. How do we get
this initial original sin of this country that you can t play out because of it with the corona virus. You can see play out now. May you can see it in so many ways. People are trying to to wrestle with that to to get with that and when as an end in the journey general bar orders that Park Lafayette Part cleared, so he can hands at so do up. He actually brings the cameras to that. He Actually, by doing that, it may seem like it's a law and order play to use the terms of George Wireless and Richard Nixon, but it was a coup that showed America, because the cameras are there and because our cameras are admittedly drawn to conflict that he set. This up is him against all of those people That is why is called numbers that is part of life
there are two reasons why call members are now, but he he missed for once, because the one thing we have all said he's good as he does understand how to manipulate them, yeah. He thought he was doing it this time and its backfired. I finally, why these protests on about Donald Trump, if I said that I miss spoke of bubbles the early morning, our below this isn't about Donald Trump. This is about four hundred years of of racism. This is about not just policing, there's about what happened to travel Martin also about what happened here, a gardener, it's about what it's about what's happened time and time again across Amerika and Americans White Americans Black Americans Hispanic American Asian Americans all Americans stand. A visit we're seeing with cell phones. What are we not see? Thank you.
There's, not a cell phone that that is covering we also North Charleston shooting a black man in the back repeated What are we not see We are seeing a police officer and free of his cohorts. Strangle a man and watch life escaped from over nine and a half minutes that, where's see seeing on iphones on smartphones. What how much wars that happening when they cameras there, when the body cameras of the cops are turned off by the way, if you're a cop- and you turn off your body camera, you know what you presumption of since is gone. So then that is one of the core questions in terms of This is all about. What else is there because we know there's more
We know this is something we have to address as a country, and I am just baffled that you can see that this president doesn't seem. To know what it's about, but what is even more confusing ridiculous is that is teen. His people cannot make him better they contrived, but they can't do it. They can get him to walk to a church, but they can't even get him to hold the Bible correctly. They can't get him to follow through red scripture, say something make a prayer it is possible to make this president better and at a time like this, the void in it are- is painful for this country gazing and there were some republic. Who came out and final criticized the president. They said what happened was wrong. That Photoshop and an end the forceful way that the protesters were dealt with in push
way and they were peaceful. There were some Republicans who supported the as then, and then there are others that we're late for lunch explained that it yeah meagre I think that this is part of my Joe mentioned the Republicans and the president and his team are now trying to say the tear gas was not used in Lhasa Square, and we know from our on the ground reporting by our care at Hake and others who were in the square that there were without question chemical agents used in, Square, and you know this was something that did get negative reactions from Republicans, including Susan Collins he's lying Ben SAS now late last night, those republican subject to a presidential tweet saying no? This is not what actually happened. I mean that's why this is important that the president is trying to change
This narrative, you know what that contradicts all of our actual reporting so that he can try to protect himself but the broad, the question of whether he is providing the right leadership in this moment whether what played out is what we as tree needed in such a time of crisis was not a question that many republicans at I talk to our Capitol Hill. Had any info first in addressing yesterday. It watch I talk to a more than a dozen of them cylinder Mcconnell was but the president at last night. The right thing to do tender most too was what the president did last night Right centre was what the president at last night, with the peaceful protesters outside the White House, the right thing to do.
What the president did the peaceful protesters that were dispersed with tear gas he then walked across the street to the church. Was that the right thing to do some years? What the president did yesterday at Saint John was that appropriate? Was it an abuse of power? Fender Roberts, was when the press was what the president did last night at Saint John was that appropriate was clearing the protesters and abuse of power. I'm sorry, you don't have any comment on what happened at the White House. I write sender are you concerned at all about what happened at the White House last night? Sorry, Senor Blackburn
do any concerns about what unfolded at the White House last night. Senator Portman. Do you think what we saw last night at the White House? Senator capacity was what we saw at the White House last night, an abuse of power. Come on while car whole case that I seen anything it captures. The last three Half years, Republicans under President Trump, like that, those of torture may Republicans who revere that constitution rightly so, who talk about protecting the constitution and you had a group of protesters exercising their first amendment rights were dispersed, that's a pretty you call and yet new could not get an answer except from a handful of people who put statements bends, asked him Scott James Length, Susan Collins among them, and I should note
so Willie that there were a couple senators who stopped there and or who offered comments that we're different centrally summer. Cows briefly said that didn't reflect the amount that she knows. We talk to Senator Rex, gotTa Florida, Josh Ali of Missouri. They offered more involved and thoughtful comments about what been, but I think you can see there that this did in fact over over and over again happen and you're right that you know a lot of what covering who has been in during the term presidency has been getting those members of where's to react to what their president is doing? I can get frustrates there because you know they feel like they're doing our be getting recognition for the work that they are doing. But it's really all about this president. But the reality is- and I think the reason why that came across in such a stark way is that the stakes have never been higher here I mean they just they never have, and you know I think that
It really makes it was a very sharp, certainly moment. I think, on the hill that that underscores the difficulty that the vice president has put the higher country in and you know, members His party who do speak out. They end up on the opposite end of nasty tweets. They feel like they'll, lose support at home, and so what their choosing to do instead is to try to stay silent and avoid the cameras so that he doesn't see them on tv. That's bit become the solution for them and this barbarity senators worry more about the United States Constitution, the nasty tweets you tell your survive nasty Subject: Megalomania mine I think you can think you can put a few Massey tweets in defence of the United States constitution in defence.
Of our military men and women, who should never be treated as political Rob to Jonathan Mere I to say I the silence from all those republican swim. Ass could defend. Donald Trump is damning for good reason, because what he did was upon it, What he did many religious leaders are saying, because a right was blasphemous, What are you saying? We have a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs saying we are added inflection point: men and women in the military horrified by how them military is being used right now. It's really unbelievable and you everyone Johnson saying he didn't see. It run you. This is your job you if, if peaceful broke, stars, are being Gatt legislators are saying the President used the word.
Jesus Christ Black miss this way? You probably should focus on a little bit more body. Dont know exactly what you're doing it in I don't know. Maybe your study very smart or something like this while America is It is in this state, but I thought the most cynical of course statement. Came later permits Mcconnell, Jonathan, Mere, where That's easy he's just a kind of critique you're, not gonna critique. Other people hither, he was just absolutely bashing Brok, Obama for making us just begging very mild statement a couple weeks ago. So is Mr Mccartin, Why does which were not only critique black president's? Doesn't critique white as events is this the Mcconnell rule that we're going to be using from now on, everyone won its mainly innocent.
Seek correspondent and hosted the pack ass into America right now, Erika is bearing, but as a Journalists have covered this before every day. This pandemic, I push deep into the room inequality, injustice and violence, the smouldering in this country long before we ever learn, George Floyd's name? How politically our episodes titled into a mere, uprising which feature in when conversations with the biggest thinkers activists in policymakers like Minnesota, general keep Ellison Congressmen, James Kleiber, search, four into America, where they listening right now to download. I believe, Senate Majority Mcconnell told for present Obama to shut his mouth, keep, does not closed some fat effect. Which obviously upset a lot of people
The here, of course, has as you will discuss in a show repeatedly in this case. He of course knows better than anyone. That's Hobbs, send majority Mcconnell handles the president. He ways and what it wants, and often he placed on me ignore It turns a blind eye. He tries to stay out of it, you know. He, of course, is far more concerned about protecting his Senate mature, that he is at the present states, but he knows not to cross the present, often because of how popular Donald Trump remains with republic innovation that that this is a crisis for the Senate Republican. Certainly, they know that things are our trending against them right now. Party as a whole. I think we said did see. That's why few voices came out here president yesterday, but there. A sense of the White House really just sort of grasping here, flailing about for some sort of strategy as to how to handle this, that they, they are surprised, has a swift in the hours as after that photo off the other day. They already cut a cook campaign. Commercial. There was slow motion footing
stay put music under it felt like an episode of the. I well. I whereby way way way way. Although all Jonathan Jonathan, are you telling me that there are actually trying to turn peoples, at this moment. They actually there's still thinking this moment was a good idea politically dummy visit like this. Here's an funds between Bouwman. Michael do carcasses campaign and nineteen eighty eight, right away, they shut the pudding met. I held it inside a tank right, you're telling me trumps. People are actually making commercials based around this War merrily dangerous, horrifying and yet somehow stupid moment that commercials already out a Joe there's, a video that the law house itself. Therefore, taxpayer funded came out that evening, when we were Was the the rotation on their website that was on social media now, in the last twenty four hours they have backed off its up? There has
a sense they realize this moment got away from us. Laid out really my your guy does. This is so pretty good political inside here that there was a sense that there is do. I talk to someone yesterday involved in the decision who said at minimum. They should have moved earlier to clear the park when it when it was less crowded when it wasn't so close to the president's speaking. Let's remember began this by talking in the rose garden, claiming that he was a friend to the protesters. Literally, that moment: protests were being cleared from the park and the flash banks could be heard and they were shaking the West wing windows. They understand this moment did not play quite as well as they would have light. That said, the president and we're seeing the poles are against him or see members of his own party, some of the pretty against them. She still believes this projection of strength or what he
receives s. Strength is the right thing to do to not just quell the violence in the city in the streets streets and sees across Amerika, but for his electoral future right now, though, it's hard not to see the stark contrast between image he's presenting and would vice President Biden issuing who spoke yesterday in Philadelphia about the need to listen to fellow Americans, the need for non violence on both sides of the protests and, of course, went to a church this week, didn't just pose outside one with a Bible but went inside a church even took me and listened we're going to go to Minneapolis in just a second show. I want to follow up on one thing. You said about republican criticism of President Trump, of course, they've been worried about tweets, they've been at war their primary challengers. Those are the two arguments we ve heard mostly about why Republicans won't speak out against president,
Mountain moments that call for it Ben Sasse, who spoke out strongly about clearing the plaza for the photo op clearing the Lafayette Square for the photo op in front of the church, been quiet for about a year or so about President and when the reason we understood was that because he had a primary challenge, somebody who is criticising him for occasionally, could Sizing, Donald Trump, so he went silent well three weeks ago, Ben Ass defeated that primary challenger by fifty points five zero. He won by fifty points. So the point here is that speaking out Asia, not gratuitously if you don't want to, but occasionally when you feel it's right against. President Trump is actually not going to hurt you in your primary. You may actually end up winning by fifty points So you're saying Ben Sasse may now start actually speaking out for things that people thought been SAS would normally speak out for. Well, he had it
I marry three weeks ago- he won by fifty point so now it's safe to step back out, but other Republicans who now they take some lessons from his fifty point there Let's go to Minneapolis last week or so, and what does it look like? There like last night as compared to the last week or so, and what does it look like This morning their whether good morning, while over the past, several nights is actually being white piece for here in Minneapolis several dozen protests and different locations. Last night was no exception. See buying me. This is the cup foods is where George Floyd took his last breath now nine days ago, but here in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota, the Department of Human Rights is just stuff filed a civil rights. Charge and openness, sweeping civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, the first of its kind in the departments, history- and that says
reveal, over the last ten years, any discriminatory pack practices within the department. The governor says that it's meant to root out working. Systemic racism in the department now Willie. Yesterday I spoke with Donald Williams. He was an eye witness to what happened word Floyd here. He is one of the voices very passionate voices that you here in that now viral veer, video asking police to get get the get the awful George Boys neck. It was a very passionate interview that I had within he still processing when he saw take a lesson to dawn on women's. Acting for forgiveness call for his mom Sandy Cambria. Could you believe what you were saying was lay in the twilight. Calling for his mom sandy. He could you What you were saying was like
Twilight Zone, it was like somebody knows unreal. Should those other officers face charges yeah, they killed Willie Human being. An officer in this case, Derek Chavez has been charge. As you know, Willie, with The green murdering second degree, manslaughter the Floyd family attorney Bankrupt now says that he expects the other three officers in this case the face charges by to there is when a funeral is scheduled in Houston, Floyd's, home town, where he grew up a public memorial? scheduled here in Minneapolis tomorrow, willing Seascape Gutierrez where he has been for a week or so now gave thanks very much Mika still at a morning Joe, we have got the speaker House Nancy Pelosi, joining us for alive interview plus and reason Courtney could be is used is reporting on? U S military missions overseas. Now
he's following them here at home, She joins us on vat and defence secretary. Mark aspersion role and that embarrassing photo up and ass. We go to break more from Joe Biden Speech yesterday in Philip I fear you nowhere nation and paid. We must not let our pay destroys. We're nation enraged you're, not about our rage, consumers Nations, exhausted but we will not allow our exhaustion the fetus president my commitment to all of you, to meet on these issues and to listen. Because I truly believe in my heart of hearts, we can overcome look. I look at the presidency as a very big job and nobody will get,
right every time and I won't either, but promise you this. I won't traffic in fear and division of all fan aims of hate, seek to heal the racial wounds that have long plague. Guard country not used for political gain. I'll do my job and I will take responsibility. I won't blame others Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down, Podcast Jake Gyllenhammar his latest run on Broadway his blockbuster role in spider, man and the movie he says changed his life forever get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. I live look at the White House. Forty three pass the hour joining us now: NBC News, national security and military car, correspondent, Courtney, Coolby and Courtney.
Interviewed defence rotarian mark Esper about all of this. Is he really into a story that t this was advance work to secure some bathroom. So he said that when he left the White House Monday night with the president, this was after the rose garden address that going to do two things to rights. The national guard troops, who are there on duty and then to look the damage he specifically mentioned in the Sancho with me, but there was some eggs of damage and vandalism to this National Park Service building its restroom facility You said it was one of the most visible signs of the damage was dying in the protests on Sunday night now. I should say this bathroom reality is right near Saint John Church and Pentagon spokesperson called me after our story posted and said: look here, he was going to see that churches well, what's clear here: is he didn't
now. He was being taken to the church to be part of this photo up where the president would then stand there and hold up a Bible. It's also very clear that he didn't know that the the protesters who were there in Lafayette Park would be cleared with this chemical asian, whether with tear gas, pepper spray whatever, and these aggressive tactics to make way for the delegation to come thrill headquarters, Willie many people in Washington and people with eyes and ears, SL believing Secretary s purse explanation as these secretary defence that he had no idea where he was going. What did he think? happening exactly as whose being swept into this large group. He wasn't briefed on the way he wasn't told it all ahead of time to said pack up we're going for a stroll. Yeah. I mean really he he said that he was going to thank the National Guard soldiers
were there outside the White House Standing duty and that he thought on the way they would see some of the damage, but he insisted didn't really know what all they were going to see when they left. Though the White House Monday He really in the interview you really pretty the National Guard, soldiers, the men and women who are there on the front lines in DC throughout the country who are responding. This civil unrest saying that These men and women were four weeks and weeks were assigned to the covert response, and then it seemed like just the next day. We. Hey turn around and down your right here, because now you have to respond to this civil unrest, so we praise them. He. He also was adamant about the fact that, this really is a national guard mission. This civil unrest, as opposed to an active duty or title ten, military force mission. He said that they had at may have ample number of troops. National Guard soldiers and airmen throughout the country to respond
I was also really struck at during the interview Willie very strong language about the George Floyd death? He said that the police absolutely have to be held accountable and that this is horrible and defended the right of a marriage. And to protest their first amendment right to freedom of speech. But he said a cannot devolve into violence and we ve seen him The streets of American that have several days. He also said The question that I asked him was about Monday night there were reports of U S, military helicopters, flying low and fast. In DC we been trying to get to the bottom of exact. What was happening there? He said that he directed the army, who opened an inquiry into exactly what that was who ordered those helicopters to be flying so low over the protests What did the overall mission? Was there? Really all right? Nbc,
could be thanking our mother. I greatly appreciated I've got to say: will aid have been so many things about that day about that afternoon? That were jarring we expect certain bad actors to behave in a way that they acted that afternoon, I will say, though, one of the most jarring images from that day, outside of protesters being brutalize Australia, australian camera man and reporters being brutalized, a peaceful protesters being brutalized. One of those jarring images is a secretary of d winding up for a photo in front of a church where the presents holding a Bible. It is I mean there's a reason. Why might mall became the first former joint chief chairman?
to criticise a sitting commander in chief he's right. This isn't inflection point I was. I was greatly honoured to be able to represent the first. Congressional district in Florida which, having you know in a S, Pensacola AIR Force base. Hurlbird do feel Tyndall, whining and- and I grew up. Around military people a lot of retired Navy Navy military retirees taught me in high school, I Pensacola Catholic, I Admirals in general, so helped. Why, Can we through so many things. While I was sitting member of Congress, they were all like it was sacrosanct. It was the line you didn't cross, to mix politics, and and
and and military service- and I will get de there a lot of retire admirals retire generals a lot of enlisted men and women. A lot of people of all rate ranks report kinda Democrats alike that were horrified to see the sack death was shoddy. Oh some religious leaders would say. Blasphemous photo up with a park had to be cleared of peaceful protestors. Well. It probably tells you something that he went on the record with court me and carefully in their NBC story to say I didn't know where we were going clear he knew that that follow up was bad, that he should not have been in that follow up, and he wanted to reach out to somebody on the record and I didn't know we were going to sort of cover himself and say I was led into this photo up that I didn't want to be in. You can
read the story and decide for yourself if you believe that the Secretary of Defence really had no idea what was happening. It's a good thing if you wanted to go talk to his the National guard troops. But idea that he was just being led around by the nose and had no idea where was going defies credibility to some people Casey anyone you look for a while. You wonder what what was the goal exactly when you look at collection there of people. When you have President trump his press secretary, his chief of staff, Kevin I see the attorney general, the Secretary Defence and you're exactly what they were trying to project there? He didn't go into the church. They didn't pray that into any two things you would do by visiting the church. Other than to send a message that it was a disgrace, and it was a disgrace that somebody attempted to burn this place down. Of course it was in the history and that churches absolutely irreplaceable. It's the place where Abraham Lincoln used to go to worship during the civil war.
But, as you point out- and you can see it in those pictures, we were just showing you mean he couldn't go inside the church, because it was born and our reporting are the New York times- is reporting that they had back precision, but I think I think we should be really clear about what's happening here. The president wanted that visual of him striving towards the church, and there is a photograph from Doug Mills of the New York Times. I don't I don't know if we have it available, but it shows him making that walk, and it's kind of illuminated in this way- and that was the phonograph- that that the president's supporters seized on immediately and said this is a demonstration of law and order. But you know this all fired on them because of the way they treated the protesters. For all the reasons we have laid out here, and it is simply does not aligned with you know, reckon american values the constitution, the first amendment, so what you saw in the in the following twenty four hours has been a scramble.
To try and rewrite what happened, and this has come out in bits and pieces and its, I think the critical pieces of an hour the attempts to say that there were no chemical agents use the park police coming out, saying we didn't use, tear gas. That is an attempt to you know really say we didn't do this thing. You accuse us of doing the second piece of it was bill bar coming out in saying- while I made this decision to clear this- and it was supposed to have happened earlier, but I didn't so etc, etc. Trying to take respond, billowy away from the president, but also from ass fer. Who of course, is the Secretariat defence charge with overseeing our military and he's the third piece of this saying. Why had no idea right? That is a cohesive attempt to rewrite the history of what we saw play out, live on television, and I just think Americans you know can can decide Selves do they believe the story that was told before our very eyes on television
They believe this revised version of history, but that seems to me what's playing out here: well. Thank you. So much Casey hug me greatly appreciated. They are, of course, all lying. They say: tear gas was it use their lying when they're trying to spend this report's from inside the white, said, the president was outraged when it was reported that he ran down to a bunker over the weekend. Jonathan mural imported rather having first has shifted around the world. Everyone saw it, and so, if this doesn't make any sense to you, then just get it through this perspective. Donald Trump was horrified that his borders who, when he tried to proclaim himself to be tough guy, ran down into a bunker while protests were raging outside now. Let me just say: if there are protests outside of White House gates, we do not want the present the United States sitting
stairs eating pretzels, watching he s fear. We want the present United States. The commander in chief, the leader of the free world, down in a bar, incur. No shame or that you don't have to have your people beat up peaceful protesters. That's true, but you're topsy, that's a shameful part! Our that's actually cowardice. That's actually the problem here, but you know Alex I go to China can. Can we The picture of Donald Trump marching across with his right of White White Advisors- and you are so right, Shawna, this picture paints, you you have a black woman who appears to be good service. Everybody else run. Donald Trump is white, which of course suggests as you said, that he does not have anybody around him bad can even help him began to put context around the protests that we ve been seeing,
the past several weeks, but there's a guy. You even yesterday said he has done more for black Americans at present, since Abraham Lincoln. That might comes a surprise, though, we're being called thugs and come to a surprise to black Americans, the majority of whom adults, the majority of whom don't have a job right now, Yeah, I mean, I think, one of the clubs that he had nothing to look at my pad of paper here in that rose garden speech. What's he said we have one beautiful law and once that is restored, we will help you. And what I hear when he says that is put law was restored We were things were lawful and then a police officer stepped on someone's neck for nine minutes and killed them, and people got into the street Why won't you helping us while things still lawful. The only way
disorder and I think a lot of people believe that the only way to get the attention that they need to get to try to figure out how to make changes. Policing in cities, which is one small part of a much larger issue, is to take to the streets. I also thank you know thinking about court needs interview with Secretary S, fur He is trying to clean it up, because he also has a duty of leadership and I understand and am sympathetic to, the idea of chain of command that is, that is throughout our military and throughout our law enforcement. I get that he has to follow his president, but he also still read his military, which is made up of not just why people, but minorities and and people try. Into one protects the country, but to four internally, probably struggling with how they see Everything is going on and he is leading the sector, offences leading a military which is one of the first institutions in the United States to actually actively integrate. There is
history here that by we know in- and I think you that is part of why he is trying to clean the sub, but by not being clear about this happening in this country. You are not honouring that history of the military or many of the people who are working for you, who are trying to do the right thing and who will who will follow wonders but who are hoping dont, have any unlawful orders to have to decide whether to follow our not we're gonna have now. More on this coming up will also circle back to the other life and death story rocking the nation over nineteen details on that front straight ahead on morning, Joe. Hey is Chris Hayes this week on my podcast. Why is this happening I'll be talking with Jesse Wegman about his new book about the Electoral College and its flaws called? Let the people pick the president. Wouldn't you think that a six
forty split in the popular vote, would lead to a six for allocation of electors. So just to be clear, the constitution says nothing. It is a essentially a blank cheque to do whatever they want in allocating their electors. The state law makers can give the electors out themselves. They dont have to hold a popular vote. You have no right to vote for president constitution? There's no constitutional right for you or I to vote for president. There isn't a constitutional right for us to vote for electors that this week on. Why is this happening surfer? eyes is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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