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A majority disapproves of the way the president is handling the response to the death of George Floyd, according to new ABC News/Ipsos polling. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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All options are on the table considering anything, but all options are on the table is not taking any option on the table. All options are on the table. Ok, the Trump administration. Leaving all options on the table when their daily What's a North Korea. Venezuela, IRAN and american civilians. Good morning, unwelcome morning, Joe it's Friday June, the fifth with its, we have White House Rapporteur when he says he added press Jonathan Wellmere, Washington Anchor for BBC World NEWS, America, Caddy K and Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist and Associate editor of the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, along with Willie, and me make ass the morning off So so Willie you, you see the response that the White House is given and
we can talk you Jonathan or mere about this. There are still a few people inside the White House who believe that when the President Monday was the right thing to do is great politically foreigner, big data, going all in on the lawn worthing. Thinking that this is nineteen sixty eight again Lyndon Johnson was President nineteen sixty eight and he would Humphrey was vice president no law and order was used against the sitting incumbent. Vice president, when the countries on fire back then, but You look at the pole, members who can be showing an ABC news Paul. They just came out a few minutes ago that show that people overwhelmingly overwhelmingly opposed the president's approach to this, but also oh overwhelmingly support the protesters, and- and I guess what baffles me so
Much is why the president, looking at these numbers, looking at where two thirds of America is why the president, cat. Try to be more of a unified why you can't try to bring its net. It's never too late to change. I know it's. Impossible for him to do. But again, if two thirds of Africans are opposing your approach in general, Sis every day, more generals, more military men and women coming out critics. I think that approach, why not? Why not try a different direction. Yeah new, ABC, pull out just this morning. Just shows thirty, two percent. Thirty, two percent of american support the way the present has handled these protests in the aftermath of the death of Floyd and, as you said, a general Kelly, President's former chief of staff, now he's out yesterday. Firming general mattresses version of events that he
in fact resigned and was not fired. So you have people generals, not just for the outside of the military, but also who four and beside Donald Trump for a couple of years coming out in criticising him in a very public way. Jonathan LE, as you listen to the White House Press shop yesterday, talking about all options being on the table, they continue to drill down entity idea that they may put military into the streets that they keep all options on the table. Talking again about protesters endemic at issue, you are overwhelmingly peaceful. They want to keep the military option on the table for american protesters in the streets. That's right. Willie yesterday was the memorial service Freud Minneapolis, which featured absolutely got wrenching heartbreak Eight minutes, forty six seconds, a silence, the amount of time for me was honest, avoids neck. The president made
not one mention of George for yesterday It is public on twitter or anything We didn't have any public events. Yesterday we didn't hear from him directly, but he was very active on Twitter Annie, as you just played a White House made it clear that the military option was still on the table there. Still focusing on the on ruinous of a small subset of the protesters, their ignoring Causes to this point there certainly not talking about the largely peaceful approach spheres, but instead fixated on some of the clashes that we're still see in American Citys and De Jos point earlier? This, the White House and a re election campaign is absolutely leaning into this law and order narrative that the president is is the tough Kennedy here. He's gonna, show strength, its tantrums perception of string, might because he's using America horses and federal law enforcement on american citizens that they they believed that can still work that Nepal they know. We're gonna talk about suggests that a merry people doesn't necessarily agree
certainly there are concerned with the building about some of the optics about how Monday night went down. The president has complained bitterly to AIDS about the media coverage. He has received for the Whale Lafayette Park was cleared and the way he held that Bible info the church, but in terms of an overall narrative, this is still something they want and if you like, it's a contrast that they can win. Some of the Maid democratic Mayors and governors who, seeing these protests happen in their streets. But it also has a show, as a final point, to present without much playbook their flailing grasping too to change the subject here from this week and how the President in his mind, he fear that he looks afraid cowardly behind a heavily fortified white House, and not be. What you engage, these protesters a meaningful way, but this this week has been an absolute disaster and
There are other ways to approach these protesters and instead of presentation and I know I'm speaking, this is obvious, but anyway aid that believe said only having thirty two percent of american support, your approach, One of the great crises of our time are need need to leave the White House, because the president's not being served well, there You said the same thing about the pandemic. The president's numbers in this ABC News or Sore narrowly low when it comes to the pandemic. There is there's no getting around the fact that those are two of the biggest crises his country is face. Since you take you take your pick, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight World WAR Ii, And Americans are opposed to the way he handled both of those crises and and it's going to require a new suit
I bet you know caddy. I think in part what what is driving such a dramatic change. Even the numbers ABC This pole show how the numbers have changed on how wide Americans look. Policing and will look at at police, bad behaviour by police officers, eggs. Change dramatically, since even Ferguson. This. This is, as I keep saying, this is national issue, that is shock the consciousness of white Americans of black Americans of all Americans. So so is it then it's much like the Birmingham church bombing back. I think it was a nineteen sixty three nineteen nineteen sixty, Three that changed so many mines white minds, especially on civil rights, but you tweet
something last night about an incident that happen. Buffalo we're saying these incidents every day, and I I I I will repeat, the overwhelming majority. The protesters are peaceful. And they are to be commended, the overwhelming police officers are doing. Their jobs and trying to keep the peace and trying to protect people's lives and property. We are seeing, it seems everyday caddy, more examples of Sir police officers that are worth Leon out of control and as you tweeted last night after that, senior citizens was shoved to the ground and was bleeding from his head. As you said, these and if we can show the videotape caddy, nobody start paying we will check that man. Look like
could have been dead yeah, I'm in it turns out that members, seventy five years old and he'd gone up to the police, to ask them something clearly about the protests or maybe about that. Takes an. He was clearly addressing some concern. He had with them and they pushed him over and then it was Israel. I had to keep going back to watch the video again and again to see if what I thought emerging from behind his head on the pavement: really wars, blood, but its very clearly blood, can slow the video down, and you can see this pool of blood emerging behind his head and there are dozens of police office around him and none of them do anything. They literally just walk past them as possible. One of them calls for some medical help. He d talks into a walkie talkie at one point, but nobody, nobody bent down and says you. Ok, how can we help Europe? Several you know waiting check
he's ok and I think it's it's images like that, one, which is an old white guy images, of course, the fact that we will see the video of George Floyd from multiple angles and it went on and on and on just as it did in that service last night, that eight minutes and forty six seconds, and then we in the videos of police punching reporters that have gone all rather well reporters from other countries too, and I think that the combination of all of those incidents on video of police police brutality in we from protestors, who are clearly peaceful or reporters who are just doing their jobs, but I think it's been. Maybe America didn't need that wake up call. Maybe we should have been much more aware of this already, but I think it's really brought it home this time. Why and and Willie. If you look at this buffalo shied that you actually had a police off.
Start the bend over to check on they suddenly, five year old man and they just pushed him along wooden, oh just pushed the police after long and they kept move it was inhumane, it was, and Humane on a small level. You multiply that out, though not after nine. You multiply that out on what you, ve, seen a New York City and and and of course what we ve seen in the Minneapolis Protests and yes, just because riding on one side from people who are not marching peacefully does not give police officers the to be abuse of, on the other side toward peaceful protestors and just to pick up very quickly. What caddy said the damage that law enforcement is doing to themselves right now their reputation because of as I will say,
A percentage of police officers but a larger culture. That allows a police officer to think they can do we do what they ve been doing, but targeting targeting reporters, whether its in Lafayette, Lafayette, port, park across from the White House. Finding man and literally going every woman trying to bash has had in or think it was low of where again, I think it was a rubber bullets were at work Actually, they saw a reporter in a police officer targeted the reporters specifically this is this add at this to the west as footnotes of white, a black Africans have been telling White Americans for years. Happened to them in a much greater percentage with much worse results.
Or something in the culture that allowed officer showing that day to Monday's ago in media? was in broad daylight to know he was being filmed to look coldly apathy Ambrose with his hand on his head or his hand in his pocket and leave his knee on George Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes. As you talk about Buffeloni York. That in saying yesterday, now to police officers have been suspended without pay for this video shows one of them not be a seventy five year old man to the ground. During a protest and slay me his head to the pavement. He blood coming from his ears as he lay there. Video was ordered by Buffalo Public Radio Station, W B, F o What a matter
the Buffalo Police Department, find it too that video initially telling W B, F o quote during skirmish involving protesters. One person was injured when he tripped and fell No, that's not what I want you to keep alive leads to monitoring, slightly less raped and they keep the that way people buying time and time again we have police parliament's lying about what we see on about what they do, the protesters about the targeting of reporters it it's it's almost I think this is nineteen. Sixty eight and everybody doesn't have a camera foam what the skirmish was either as the seventy five year old man walked up to then Buffalo Mayor Byron, Brown said he is deeply disturbed by the video and the suspect and came out for the cities Police Commissioner launched an investigation into that incident. The man who,
Not been publicly identified is in serious but stable condition were happy to say now at a local hospital gutter. Who Cuomo responded tweeting this into. It is wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful Jean Robinson. What are you going through your mind? Is he watched that video in some of the other media we ve seen over the last ten days? it's amazing I mean, I think a lot of african Americans would say, You don't want them to our world, didn't do nothing to improve its its astounding. It is astounding, makes me is the lie, is almost ass, bad ass? What happened? initially and astern. That's the reflex right, the reflexes always to cover it up and say. Well, you know he was a bad guy
he was. He was menacing in some way and that has happened in black and brown communities since time immemorial never over and over again every day, and there is There is a culture inside many police department. I don't think it's inside all police Parliament's anymore, but inside many police departments that that really needs to be reformed and and and now that is needed to be reformed- or a warrant hard earned and we're seeing it play out on the streets and people were angry. And justifiably Jeanne I wanted to get year reaction to. I talked about this b C news Paul, but some, the other pages, are showing showing that this really is
This is a moment in time when a bear it is not white american. White Americans are waking up to the fact that what happened in George Floyd wasn't an isolated incident. As I said in and in this latest Paul, but you can see than other poles back during Ferguson, most white Americans, Ferguson was an isolated incident. Most Americans thought Gardener was an isolated incident, most Americans always sought, Yvonne. It was an isolated incident. In fact, a lot of conservative media try to defend George Zimmermann, as as you remember, and I remember, being just distressed by all the conservatives about me. They rushed to Georgia. Zimmermann side This I notice tat, so many conservative media even were were immediately calling out the place here and You see now
many Americans for the first time are saying: ok with you now, when you had to talk to you, young signs about about the fact it they can be shot because they were black and what they needed with they were ever stopped in the car. Didn't do you think these numbers suggest that just like after Selma after the Birmingham church bombing. Do you think George Floyd's death? is tragic, death, his murder. Do you think that that's awakening wide Americans and all a merry Hence to this point, is culture that that risk? the lives of black America? every day or are It may have to rely on treatment hopeful. On the other day I got one say I went out to the to the tomb
where were the protesters had been wrote it with a moment for a moment listen and all men mounts and on Monday, so that from could have his present can have its follow up, and I You know, just just in the crowd was an incredibly diverse, proud diverse, raised a version age diverse in political view. And just people who felt they had to come out and and and say you say enough: B B cannot watch the video What officer, We are also shoulder to shoulder, and then the other officers did. George Floyd Ambien moved and be
not out, raged and envy, you can watch it and not see something that a terrible wrong is being committed and an integer. It's the eight minutes. Forty six seconds, I mean you, kids, it's an interminable unifying time and so yeah. I think this really to resonate it in a way that those earlier killings, even even in their some right, because these isolated incidents kept happening, obviously not A but, but just one struck clearly in a way that that previous ones, Dubai and
and have you not their dumbing, they ve been demonstrations worldwide and in in all sixty states in hundreds of Citys. Now this is this is a major inflection. Quite think- and you know it's gonna if we had good leadership and smart and compassionate leadership. I would be more optimistic about the prospect of a positive in the short run. But but I am fairly optimistic in the long run. Cuz. I think this is. This is really change: people's attitudes. It really has still ahead on morning, Joe Senator Corey Her it's gonna be joining us also. The attorney general of Minnesota, former congressmen, keep Alison plus retired, for store, Admiral Willie? my Craven will be here when he makes of the presidents use of military force against a man.
Can civilians your wife, many jobs will be right back everyone is mainly Emerson see correspondent and hosted the park ass into America. Right now, Erika is bearing, but as a journalists are covered this before every day. This pandemic. I push deep into the ring, inequality, injustice and violence. The smouldering in this country. Long before we ever learn, George Floyd's name. How politically I represent titled into a mere. Uprising, which feature in when conversations with the biggest thinkers activists and policymakers like Minnesota, General keep Ellison Congressmen, James Kleiber search or into America, where they listening right now to download. As I mentioned a moment ago, nearly two thirds of Americans disapprove of president trumps reaction in the aftermath of George Floyd's death, according to a new Paul when the Ladys
let me see I Ipsos asked. If you approve of the way, tromp is handling the response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Thirty, two percent of Americans say they approve of his reign she, while sixty six percent, say they disapprove. Nepal also found Seventy four percent of Americans feel Floyd's there was a sign of broader problems in the treatment of african Americans by police. Six percent of Americans It's an isolated incident meanwhile present approval rating for his handling of corona virus remains at thirty nine percent, sixty percent of Americans disapprove of the president's hand, of the response to the virus, Joe you two numbers in the thirties right now, and the two biggest questions in american society right now. First, the corona virus, which is still very much with us, has been shadow of course for the last couple of weeks by the protests in demonstrations after the death of George Floyd and George flow,
Beth and this movement in this country, where only thirty two percent of Americans believe Donald Trump is doing a good job. Why and you look at the numbers I talked to Jean before things are changing dramatically, not just politically but also societal, Billy. Our society these numbers and in two thousand fourteen. I talked about for sixty percent of white people, thought that Ferguson and AIR Garner incident or isolated ones. Now seventy percent of White Americans believe It is a systemic problem, it's a systemic problem with policing in black communities, and yet You look at the number right now and then in this increase more crisis that we find ourselves in and yes, thirty two Son of Americans support the waiter since handling it sixty six percent. This
and if you dig into the numbers Another serious problem for the president and for a campaign that was expecting to get fifteen twenty percent of the black boat, which would it. Then much higher than in Europe. Publican candidate has ever got in the past. Ninety percent of black Americans are opposed to the way the president is handling this crisis so again with, this many Americans opposing the. Why the White houses approach a you would you would think now would be a time for the president to change his approach. And sees protesters and try to find common ground. This is not working politically caddy you you look at these numbers, especially as it pertains to the handling this crisis and there is no doubt that Monday,
I need to go to China from year after year, because obviously Jonathan live some reporting inside the white as but Monday was a disaster for the president, politically mill carefully and end in just about every other way. It seems These numbers suggests that Americans actually don't like the site of innocent protesters being beaten up by police and they don't like the site of the mill we being used in heavy force on the streets of Washington against America. And all of the things that President Trump sort of in that country. We actually has of. Oh, my god, I've been portrayed as weeks. I better be super strong, actually, don't look like strength to most people you know: others, the scene of going across and holding the Bible with silence so please, as protectors of being t aghast that has resonated. Americans have seen that, and they don't seem to that is strong and all of the presence got instincts there. That kind of those those
snow traits that he always falls back on of well, I'm I'm being seen as weeks are now. I have to be strong. Dern actually seem to be playing very well. Him at the moment that don't seem to be working for him. According to these ABC pull numbers are Jonathan is there a next move for the White House is there are? Are there any members inside the presidents and her staff that might suggest to him that perhaps less confrontational approach that story, with him saying we're when there's losing their shooting and calling the protests There's thugs, and in talking about law and order, somebody that that can go to him and say. Mr President, this is not working. Let's try reaching out, seeing how is it that will do better, because we lost America on this issue there.
Preliminary discussions this week about launching some sort of task forced to listen to the concerns of my, the community's Ben Secretary been Carson worse, we personally All the NAFTA hasn't got off the ground yet, and we are now more than a week, this crisis not we saw yesterday, is also we summer holiday and speaking out. Obviously former Secretary Matisse Letter the other day or comments sharply criticised in the president, is emboldened, others, other former military members are retired military members, we saw Centre Mc Caskey from Alaska speaking yesterday, the president, of course hit back on on Twitter most immediately and enjoy your point about that. American voters is spot on this system. This campaign thought they do well, maybe historically off Republicans with workforce by touting strong Pardon me in the criminal justice reform and a few other measures. The White House has done they. To win some of those voters, but also, if they could show They were working towards helping community that might suppress.
The enthusiasm among black voters to vote against. Tat became hold those numbers down if it. If he was able to argue, there's, not much of a difference between what Trump administration would look like. An abiding ministration would have like for black voters and, of course, to signal to white voters, pretty white, suburban voters, that look, the president is trying to help minority communities These plans are all more or less out the window right now and then they record scrambling here, they're, not sure. If they're going to be able to repair the damage that pulling so devastating and the other pole as a final point about his handling of the corona virus pandemic, the president for weeks now, as we well know, has been trying to change the subjects trying to get the pandemic off the front. Because he knew it was really hurt him politically. He tried a number of different tactics. None of them worked. Finally, these this, this death these protests have done exactly that even though we reported today, the White House is going deeply concerned that these protests are the very thing where you going the pandemic. Again,
we needed, they have restarted. Some of the court of Auditors Taskforce, Doktor Burke's, isn't just the point person on this to monitor these cases. The could stem from these protests were say across the country, but of course it will be well. Before we know there are facts that you're do yes, these are largely young people, The more worrying masks and their outside that may hold that. Maybe the risk of transmission, but there also bringing the potentially even as an asian and carrier bringing that home and potentially infected their fellow member, and we won't know those results for weeks and Willie. If, if you remember, it was just a couple of weeks ago that everyone, This showed Sean Hannity show Concerned about people ozarks hanging out an pools and resorts said look safe and you look at the mass demonstrations that are going on in the middle
of this pandemic, and It is hard to imagine that there are going to be terrible consequences. Especially for the black community, which has had, unfortunately, a disproportionate but of of illnesses and deaths from Covet. Nineteen, just over two weeks ago, I think that Pool party at the lake and Ngos, arts, which cause outrage across the country, we're seeing tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people on the streets, rightly in the streets protein sitting in demonstrating people who support the protests who support the demonstrate and have expressed concerns, we had Nancy policy on a couple of days ago. Speaker Pelosi said yes, I am worried, despite the fact that I support everything that these people are out saying. I am worried that they may begin to transmit covert. Nineteen just as I said very much still with us, Jeanne Robinson, I want to ask you is going back to that pole. We start
this segment with the chance. Seventy four set of Americans believed that the death of George Floyd reflect something broad in our culture, more broad and society, which flips what we just six years ago in Ferguson, where sixty percent of Americans thought it was an isolated incident. I'm always wary of saying this time feels different, because how many times have we said that after school shooting and not much changes Do you see and feel something in the streets? When you go out into Washington, you go to Lafayette Square Park and he talked about the crowd that was there and you see power in the strength and the size of these movements? Do you feel like this is different from your perspective, its clearly different oil, or maybe just because go and scale of the uprising. I am the outrage much more widespread, much more diverse than anything,
before I end up getting from here too to a better place, use is always a complicated process and will be again this time. You know a lot of what needs to happen. In terms of reforming our colleagues in this country and and getting racism out of it ass to happen on the local level, but there are some things that can be done relatively relatively short order it. There is a will to do them. You can perform use of force policies, for example, you should be, could impose on officers a duty to intervene that would have compelled
The other officers to to intervene when the children had asked me on for its neck. There you can ban chokehold cheapen. You can do things like that Japan is the union's shift towards community policing, which can can make a difference in getting to know the community's. Both of these are these battles that Batman's Maritime police chiefs, however well meaning, are gonna. Gonna hafta gonna have to fight with departments that are often departments in French said in their ways a lot of water departments thumb most of the officers, don't actually lived in the cities and urban police departed, while the others, you don't actually live in the cities and then and then reinforces the sort of concept,
an army of occupation rather than then only four surveying, the citizenry, and so I don't think we should under any illusions that basis this is gonna, be easy and let you know couple a month from now on the back of the apple everything better. That's that's not gonna gonna happen again. If it good federal leadership could help you talk about a task, for you could have a meaningful impacts. All federal effort to two which I know the Democrats, how to be interested in coming up with a sort of uniform standards for police, and certainly on around the use of force, for example, which which should
standardize. There's no reason why you could buy. Could you know you potentially be chopped doubts over nothing? Minneapolis but say do you know in Washington, DC or or wherever said, it's it's ridiculous and brain and you could you could do you could be, can have an impact, but this administration do that, and so you may have to wait for them. Administration. Now, and you know it's interesting, really you're talking about how we need to be careful to override, what's happening right now and suggested there may be a change and caused by this new talk. At school shootings, Walden school shootings have continued after new town after the tragedy of sandy hook. Poles actually did change quite dramatically on Universal I ground checks on ready,
I live on another on other issues. Even on the carrying of the type of the person of the type of weapon, was used sandy hook and it's some of these other mass shootings. So even though we haven't seen a legit site Response yet varies change and the american electorate, and that will be borne out and legislation in the future, and I think we have same thing here, where all where we are seeing a change, a dramatic. Change in attitude, especially among wide Americans, and that too, at some point will be borne out in and legislation. Anyway, I had not present, I'm sorry, it's gonna go to WWW. I'm sorry no I'm just gonna say don't get me wrong. I am hopeful for that that change, and I think we will have that change is Jean says the question time that and in public opinion, to change in
policy. That's the key not to let this moment slide come at our next. President Trump goes after his Former chief of staff, General John Kelly, after General Kelly suggests, maybe quote confused about the circumstances around the departure. The White House of General mad ass morning, Jos back at a moment, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down, Podcast Jake Gillian Hall is latest run on Broadway his blockbuster role in spider man and the movie he says changed his life forever get the pot gas now for free wherever you download. General Mattis Letter was studying and powerful. General matters is a man of extraordinary sacrifice. He's at American Patriot individual, whose judgment I respect and I think the world of him
Madam president, the rapid agree, I respect digital. Madam said he has every right to Russia's opinion, that's his opinion. Either Europe has a right to know their opinion. Oh, it's going on general matters serve this country well honourably and he's entitled do is opinion mechanic, in between dispute between the former secretary of the fence. In the present I had states working ports in the country is not time to find fault with them. They show much as it is to try to figure out how we all come to gather it's hard to divide the country lesser to two sides, and I think by just blaming the press, he's only looking to half of the half of the equation. I agree that the agreed that, as the presidency, I have not heard that remark at up to take a look and see what the context I can comment
member of the critical committee economic ready. Only then we're gonna do by your tweet about hesper way. How can you say that you worried that the president is going to fire Esper black line, their comments about general matters in the esa? He wrote about Sir Jonathan Le Maire couple of days, Casey Hunt asking about the scene in Lafayette Square Yesterday Was Leon Caldwell about the letter James matters to the President, United States, addressing everything that was happening in Lafayette Square and about the use of military on peaceful protestors and putting military in the street the damn broke. When Admiral MIKE Molin on Monday published that peace will, since her from James Madison General John
Alan we heard from General Martin Dempsey yesterday, William Parry, the former defence secretary under President from also saying the military, should not be used for political purposes. And late for lunch. I guess could be the title of a book about Republicans in their time of trump, not the best look and yes, that lunch we'll get held for them. If they were a few minutes late, I'm pretty sure Yes, we're seeing here is, is the cover a number of these highly decorated, well respected military veterans high within firmly. Your positions in the Department of defense. And really condemn the president's behaviour and last week, particularly the way, the bluff its. Was cleared on Monday and the threats to use the military and american citizens and Madison is particular because he served for the present. So recently, to really resident down and put a lot of Republicans in
well position where they are now, as we just saw going to be asked every day about whether or not they agree with him You know we have heard some were willing to take it. Take the bait. Senator Mc Caskey did criticized the president yesterday and suggested that she's not shirk. Be able to support him, this fall didn't take very long. Of course, the present to hit back Twitter, saying something along the lines of not many people know where there will be in two years, but I do mean Alaska Campaigning, for whoever primary opponent turns out to be This is why republicans have been so reluctant to speak out. For that fear, the present will come after them with a tweet to try to mobilise his base does still remain very popular among hard core publicans ended. Senator have been ruled DE criticized him for that. For that very reason, but we will see it can tears here in the days ahead and what other powerful voices may step out or perhaps, if, if secretary madness,
LE straightest concerns with some examples that maybe the american people doesn't know, and that's striking that he hasn't done that. Yet undoubtedly he has scenes, I'm sure there are certainly some of them- are we declassified? He could talk about. Their perhaps illustrate the behaviour he witnessed from the present that could resonate further and then, of course, the present fortune. Staff John Kelly also waiting yesterday said that the present Miss remembering the circumstance. Of masses dismissal. He defended his former colleague and again in the president's leadership. You know Caddy Kay the, you see those republicans walking past in silence while we are in the middle of why some of the most risk The generals and Admirals military leaders and set over the past week is an inflection point. I caught a pie the whole constitutional crisis that could remake
this republic. If people do not begin speaking out against the present United States. And yet there is silence from me so those Republicans. There's a certain Dante quote, people remaining silent, in a time of the vote, a crisis that seems to be the Republican Party right now hear me if you thought that General mass, this letter was going to lead to a kind of flood gates of Republican, saying, oh, my God, Yes, now we can speak out to now. We actually do feel this moment is come where the country is in this moment of crisis and opinion polls assuring us that support is away from the president. It doesnt seem too. Figured very many of them. Does it amend even LISA?
gay who said do you know she was very concerned and supported. General matters is comments. When asked, are you going to support present said well, I'm struggling with action in saying no, of course, accounts. If I, if I mean binary choices in me either you support what general matters has said in that statement or your support. Tromp quite see how you can beast torn between to that they're almost diametrically opposed positions. The trumpet matters are taking. On this issue so far, She is one of the very few she's one of the very few has even spoken out a tool and you wonder, you, one wonder when you see those republicans walking past the cameras, totally silent and to themselves what what are they think about how history will record this particular moment Let's say Donald Trump does not win in November, which you might not do the pulls out looking great for him at the moment
Let's say he doesn't want to November? What do they all start saying? On November, the fourth after the election I know it's be. A really interesting be interesting. To watch was still quite asylum then chose for website for several years and book publishers should be prepared after Donald Trump. The White House for a flight of books memoirs how I saved America, how I won the war, how I stood up to the worst instincts of Donald Trump and sort of a sort of the opera. So we ve seen some leaders when they leave Washington and age from these away. You should have seen all that I stopped him from doing well the colonel and the rest of the gang walking past in silence, they're not going to be able to escape those clip six months from now to just not it sets, It's it's remarkable that He remained silent because they fear I tweet
coming up. The Washington boasts David Ignatius joins us with this important new column on why matters and Molin toppled the their bridge of silence MA strayed morning, Joe back in a moment. Hey is Chris Hayes this week on my podcast. Why is this happening I'll be talking with Jesse Wegman about his new book about the Electoral College and its flaws called? Let the people pick the president, wouldn't you think that is six check to do whatever they want in allocating their electors. The state law makers can give the electors out themselves. They dont have to hold a popular vote It is a essentially a blank cheque to do whatever they want in allocating their electors. The state law makers can give the electors out themselves. They dont have to hold a popular vote. You have no right to vote for president constitution, there's no constitutional right for you or I to vote for president. There isn't it. The constitutional right for us to vote for electors that this week on. Why is this happening? Surfer eyes, is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe.
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