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Over the weekend, Florida reported more than 15,000 new cases on Sunday, the highest number on record. Also over the weekend, testing delays across the country are hobbling virus response and the WH is attempting to discredit Dr. Fauci.

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the big diversity? We the outbreak was not uniform throughout the state and we had a tailor measured approach. Not only helped our numbers, beware below what anyone predicted, but also did less damage to our say, go in for it. You got a lot of people in your profession who wax poetically for weeks and weeks about our Florida was gonna, be just like New York. Wait. Two we explored is gonna, be Just like ITALY wait two weeks while hell we're eight weeks away from mad, and it hasn't happened not only to have a lower death rate. What we have way lower DES generally, where the lower death rate than he is a quarter DC everyone out there. We have a lower rate rate than the MID West Illinois Michigan Indiana Ohio. But even a region Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Georgia, Lord as the lower, they operate, and I was number one landing spot from tens of thousands of believing leaving the number one hot zone in the world to come to my saying so
We succeeded and I think that people just don't want to recognize it- it challenges there narrative factually worse than New York Florida govern IRAN. Dissent is doing his best impression of President tromp in April and may say, building the media for Raising his states success in town. Down the pandemic well over the weekend Florida the highest single day, total of cases in any state since the start of the corona VI? this pandemic. There's also new reporting this morning that testing delays across the country are hobbling efforts to contain the disease and amid Surging number of infections, the White House is reportedly seeking to discredit Doktor, Anthony Fouche II. The weak also saw president Trump commuting the sentence of his long time, Ally Roy
your stone, despite the reported warnings of his top official and his administration, including any general, William BAR good morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Monday H, Alai, thirteenth with us, white as Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent in host Casey DC on I'm busy on Sunday Night Casey Hunt historian John meets him. He's the author of the forthcoming by worthy of Jean Louis entitled his true is marching on which publishes in October, but let's start with politics and giants in the mere politics. Vice president fronts, reelection rally in Portsmouth New Hams was set to take place on Saturday, but it was old off over a tropical storm heading towards. North east over the weekend. Officials close that campaign say that low turn out also motives,
at the last minute decision to cans. The Railway New Hampshire republican Governor Chris anew New, had said. He would skip the event citing the corona virus didn't want to get the virus one outside advisor to the trumpet pain. Told NBC News at the weather was a quote: convenient excuse to scrap the event, as the New York Times puts it to cancel the rally in Portsmouth was the time in less than a month that the President's re election campaign failed re launch, as planned and Jonathan Le Maire, I mean this is really the perfect storm by the way that happened in Portsmouth, but the perfect storm for this campaign. Really rallies are where they get information on people and we're Trump gets his excitement and they had to. SL this one due to the whether it was beautiful and Portsmouth over the weekend. What happened.
So we get morning, let's remember, of course, at the first real attempted rebooted. The campaign was getting Tulsa Oklahoma about three weeks ago and they build that can be massive display of force the campaign manager by Pascal both, a million. It turned requests and it turned out. Only six thousand people that most, that of fears of the corona virus. Panic like an indoor arena, leaving the press. Staring at a sea of empty seats and him fuming campaigns had a shake up since they ve. The re. Imagine what rallies could look like there is discussions of having one in Alabama to support the president's favorite Kennedy Nets generation, that never came to be so the next one It was gonna, be saturnine ports with New Hampshire, New Hampshire about over us, but one that's right now. The president is trailing fairly significantly to Joe Biden it was a state where he was he was close in TWAIN. Sixteen one is concerned but ever reach right now and the reboot was gonna, be an airline hangers goby outdoors. They thought that would lay
concerns. There was a they deliberately didn't talk up crowd size, they wanted it to be smaller. They wanted it to be more manageable, but at present one to get back on the road he needed to be out there. As you say, to draw strength from crowds energizing. The crowds try out new attack lines on Joe Biden to this point they haven't. Working and yes, there, incredibly valuable voter data collection tools, was travelling with the president on Friday to Florida and just as we touch down a series of events there, just as air force, one touchdown white, ass, precipitately makin, eighty and back instead of the rally been postponed for at least a few weeks because of indeed forecasts of a tropical warm in that area on Saturday, it didn't rate ridiculous. It turned out now and now it there completely ridiculous Israel it was. There was no problems with the weather. Go ahead, if not it rained Randal. It certainly did rain Friday night
there were some reign in the forecast in the Saturday, all along the forecast had the rain, stopping by early morning as it turned out it stopped even before then we pride four footed earlier in the week. That there was indeed concerns among campaign staffers as to what kind of crowd they would draw those Worries mounted is the weak when, on we talk to republican leaders up in the state New Hampshire, who said they were trying to get people to show up there, trying to generate some excitement for this rally and to be sure Sometimes these events from supporter show up hours early at they've, camped out overnight or something perhaps they would have been rained on a bad weather forecast might dissuade people from doing that, but there was no evidence of people camping out in Portsmouth. And it ended up not ring at all and here's the bind. Because last point, the president and his team there now in It is hard to imagine them being able to
what a rally anywhere anytime soon because to have a venue it needed to meet two important criteria and needs to be most likely a state where the covert pandemic, which is surging throughout the country right now he's not a rising and that their aren't that many states right now, where you can say that New Hampshire was one of the rate areas is, is stable, you're right. The governor, though here we agreed he was going to meet the president on the tarmac while wearing a mask. He wasn't gonna What are the rally, but certainly in I'm sure the crowd of ours pandemic is not a severe at this moment as it is in other states, but the second one is In order to have a rally, you need a state's governor to waive health regulations preventing look out rings of large groups of people there really to do that. New Hampshire and a lot of other states, because I should say no the governor, a Republican and a lot of other states with democratic governors like Michigan and Pennsylvania, they're, not willing to do that. In short,
president, is having a hard time having a rally in the place where he needs to go most. He can't well and in New Hampshire. The republican governor study wasn't going to go because he was probably scared of getting the corona virus. He says it wouldn't go out in a pandemic. You have democratic governors and others, that won't even let him have it. But I do remember four years ago and I'm trying to remember it was the primary if it was New Hampshire, that the excitement for tromp was way bigger than it is now. Our people did stand in the rain. They stood in the freezing cold. These the lines for days the lines wrapped around buildings and blocks and and they went on for ever it doesn't eggs best and seems to be killing how can any the reason the event was not held the weather, because it didn't rain. Having said that, these events are super spreader events. The present and held events in Phoenix. He held the event
Tulsa and even though they are afraid of the rain they're afraid of a little, I guess rainstorm they had people over that tolls, arena taking stickers of chairs so that they could squish people together and make it look like. There were a lot of people there, because those is actually required, as people showed them. How'd demonstrated how they social distance inside arena and the campaign reportedly was seen. There is video. This removes stickers, so they could squish people together and make this super spread event as dangerous as volatile. In terms of spreading this pandemic as possible. Look at people not wearing masks. Incredible. At least the governor of New Hampshire had had it by saying he wasn't going to go, and there are other governors who will not let this I didn't have super spreader events in their state and then we have this this. State of Florida, which I believe they want to have. The report
can national convention in Jack and fell on a matter of weeks, has shattered the record for new, cases of corona virus in a single day, recording more than fifteen thousand cases on Sunday. That's three. Thousand more than the previous record set by New York back in April, but illustrations also increased in Florida with more than eighteen thousand seeking treatment. Despite the increasing says Disney opened part. If it's Orlando Park over the weekend, what's going on in Florida and Governor Rhonda Santas, who was slow to enact restrictions and quick to lift them, says still plans to reopen schools next month hazy, Are they really going to have the Republican National, invention and Jacksonville in the middle of a pandemic well make a list Republicans. Who are saying? No, thank you not.
You're. Still in attending such an event is growing and people are so holding back a little bit because there's a period of time between now and then what I know, all of us truly deeply hope much to the contrary of those who have said that an any you played round dissenting saying this, the top of the show that the meat I was interested in seeing him fail, simply not the case mean Americans are pulling for these states to be able to make a dent in cases. There are so many Americans who are suffering re now we obviously cannot lose sight of that, but the reality is that Americans are scared, and that includes the top level of republican leadership in Washington. That is not this president and you know the loyalists who surround him and that's a real problem and you ve had no hundreds, doctors signing letter saying this is a really bad idea. The idea that you can impact well into an arena when this is spreading, essentially unchecked is simply not a good.
Idea and it it seems kind of frighteningly obvious that that that that's the case. This would be a bad idea and when you contrast how the president's campaign is trying to run in this krona virus era, with how the bargain campaign is due. This may? Not only is it a clear values, difference and a clear daily demonstration of how these two men would handle this differently, but it also speak Some of the points Johnson were mere was making, which is the best campaign is not in a situation where they have embarrassing pictures of people, not pact together. They are doing events that visually our view. Clearly taking place in the corona virus era. There are folding chairs with circles on the ground he's sending Two Americans, we are taking the seriously. We are being careful about this and stripping them stickers off the chairs and packing people together is providing pictures that yet Any campaign under normal circumstances would wants, but under these
circumstances is simply visually showing all of us exactly what they're doing frighteningly obvious for sure, and of course, the issue of there are not two open. Schools is sort of the new mask issue. The president's finally, showing himself wearing a mask once, but now there is a debate over whether Two open schools and also endeavour to discredit Doktor Anthony Virgin. Look at of that in just a moment, but we have to get to the Roger stone story. Last Friday, late lay down Friday. President Trump commuted the sentence of long time lie Roger stoned, who is due to report to prison on July Fourteenth, commutation came just hours after an appeals. Court tonight stones, emergency motion to delay his surrender day due to September two September due to the krona virus. The press,
called stone on Friday to personally deliver the news White House, issued a lengthy statement attacking the investigation that produced the charges. It reads in part quote MR stone was charged by the same prosecutors from the Mullah investigation. Tasked with fine evidence of collusion with Russia. The simple fact is that if the special Council had not been pursuing. An absolutely baseless investigation two stone would not be facing time in prison. Stone convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering an obstruction of the mullahs investigation in a trial attorney and while William BAR described as righteous and busy news has learned that bar was among the presidential advisers who advised against the commutation with the White House. Fearing political backlash for
A special council Robert Mahler, responded to the White House statement commuting Roger Stone sentence with the defence of his investigation. He wrote or not bad in the Washington Post, and explained why still? was a central figure in the investigation of russian Interference, Twenty sixteen election- and he writes in part, quote he communicated in time sixteen with individuals known to us to be rush. Intelligence officers, and he claimed and knowledge of Wikileaks release of emails stolen by those russian intelligence officers, a jury later determined. He lied repeatedly to members of Congress. He lied. Denying he had communicated with the Trump campaign about the timing of wickedness. Swear leases and he tampered with a witness imploring him to Stonewall Congress. We made every decision in stones case as an
all of our case is based solely on the facts and the law and in accordance with the rule of law. Claims to the contrary are, I was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Linsey Grand says, he will now call Mahler today to buy on his investigation of action interference by the Russians? Let's bring and be news and MSNBC law analysed and editor in chief of law. Fair vengeance Whereas then tell us exam, what went wrong here in plain and simple. Frighteningly, obvious terms, but also there legal precedent, historical parallel for this. Well, what went wrong was, of course, everything. You know that was a case in which the president was personally interest, that is Roger Stone, was accused of and convicted, a of obstructing
instigation into, among other things, the conduct of Donald Trump and his campaign. And some of the information that our mother reported, Roger. Stone was specifically about his interactions with the president over releases of Wikileaks information, and so the president was personally interested and mass It attorney general. Who now is you know waxing Dignan too, about his advice not to commute being jettisoned by the president only a few months ago, was reaching down to line level of attorneys to soften the sentencing, recommendation visa, the Rogers Stone and now, of course, the president has gotten involve personally by commuting as he sort of keys
He might do by way of encouraging Roger Stone to keep quiet, so I think of them. The only thing here that didn't go wrong wise, ironically, the invest, the the purported flaws and which the president used as a pretext, for this action, everything about the Justice Department, scandal, at least at the senior levels and the president's conduct beer is highly. Highly irregular and objectionable is, is unclear it entered yeah. I think it is. I mean there are other cases in which President'S have you no step and in matter in which they are directly or indirectly involved in and probably them famous recent example of that is George H, W Bush pardoning
but the ran contract defendants right at the tail end of his presidency. But there is no similar example that I know of other president, urging a witness to keep quiet and not cooperating, not operate and sort of jangling, the possibility of clemency as a reward for non cooperation and then delivering on at that, I think, is completely unprecedented and in my knowledge of the history of the pardon and commutation tower. And then I want to ask you in a second about any potential course, oversight or what? What what what happens now, but First John Mitchum trumped, went where and never did, and I I question what does story and due to put this into context to think of a president and to sort of How does a whore historian address this?
moment in history. This incident, in a way that kind of gives it some greater understanding. Will you try to take drama, mean that important civilised medication is always essential, He is, in many cases like an iceberg right, there's their parts of it. You can see but there is an enormous amount that you cannot end For a time. He hoped that you see what what was below and ass really true with tromp, but we do see is pretty clear right. We have a president who preferred the monarch he is using the powers of the presidency that were install as a Czech and a balance to put things out of balance in fact and care. Your matters here, sometimes people like New York, accused of being too far
this time? The biographical aspects, I suppose the broader historical ones, that the institution The presidency kind of hazards for simply use at the top of it Matter but it's not as determinative as perhaps people follow the great man theory of history, as I submit the last three and a half years as a counter case to that characterise destiny. It meant ominously that this and is president that he has its powers that even bill bar ban in Godfather vernacular the wartime constantly airy for trouble don't know MAR said? Don't do this, and so the EU. The thing that connects the topic of conversation here, the reaction to the pandemic In many cases the lack of medicines is the lack of reaction and in recent months and stone is is the who's the central figure here failure is Donald, Trump,
And down from using the power the presidency. Not being naive to her husband says people do that, but not quite to disagree and basically He deciding that because he doesn't like the reality of the public health news he simply going to ignore. And if he doesn't address it somehow than it doesn't exist, and is it Wilson. Simplistic reaction to, a fundamental reality. It we're living with. So he may think this is all a reality show and it he's gonna the channel, a recast? The episodes is the months go onto on election day. He's reality show is our reality and in many ways that was on the ballot in November, so then what is to my question? What's the Czech where's the balance
If you run a business, you have questions right now. So what exactly does the new normal me? How can I help my employees feel safe when they come back to the office? I have a small business. How can I get somebody to help me right now? That's why sales force created worked out come to give business. The plan to reopen safely and be. For the next normal, let's, and business in the business of carrying together. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Join a conversation at work. Tat come to learn more untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we what's up
new episodes every Monday, Wednesday Thursday subscribed now the most important one against which all other variables round two zero is the Action on November for the third year if the voters decide They want to tolerate this sort of behaviour, not no other check be especially important. That said, there are two potential other checks: better work shutting? The first is the possibility of congressional oversight, which is you can avoid commutation action or a pardon congressional action, but you can shine, a light on it and how it was made and what the relationship between Europe and
ample Roger Stone silence are you could hold hearings that could be politically embarrassing you don't bring out the facts and how this event came to be, The second possibility, which is a little bit more remote, is that in a future administration, should the President lose the facts that Mahler recorded which are that the President in office it didn't and obstructive pattern with respect. To, among other things, encouraging, rather than Roger said, to be silent- and you know dangling the possibility of a pardon wore a communication if he did He is now that you know promise- has now been com. Neither the and I do think there is a possibility that a future prosecutor might look at that. As a
as a potential obstruction, and so I think, there's a plausible criminal. To get a remedy as well, but, of course that relies on the president's see changing hands. So crazy hunt when it comes to corrupt criminal, potentially even treasonous, president, a situation like that ban just pointed out that one thing can be done. Is that other later can shine a light on it and so I am sure there is a long list of Republicans who are. Finally speaking this must have Bread ban bridge too far, I know me and to me what to share with us the list of Republicans who were stepping up for our country, but you covered. It me Mitt Romney, as you point out, was very strong and a tweet calling it corrupt straight up tat to me. Statement was a bit more involved a bit more measured than that, but essentially
The same there has now gone national, otherwise the silences put the silences is pretty deafening. Lindsey Graham was kind about there. Sort of almost, defending it, but not quite, and I think that speaks volumes first in terms of how many times and into the point that you are making that we have been here before, where the president has done something and- and the silence has been deafening from reply begins. On the other hand, we ve also. In situations where Republicans our are quicker to defend the president than what we are seeing in this area, and we also know the reporting that those closest aids that you mentioned. This is well those This is to the president said: don't do this. This is a bad idea and you'll. Remember while the attorney general weight in earlier. In this case there were prosecutors who mutinied who worked on this case, who said the top levels, deal Gyre interfering in the sentenced for Roger Stone, and we don't think that's acceptable and
really bar got the lesser sentence that that his Department of Justice, ultimately ended up advising on and now he finds himself in this position, where the President in throwing that out. So this entire you're saga. You know, I think everyone has turned their hands up a little bit in terms of of what to do about it and the remedy. Certainly for Democrats at this point is the election all right then with us. Thank you so much for being on the show this morning, and still I had a morning Joe we'll get to that new reporting the White House plans to discredit Doktor, Anthony Fallacy amid a surge in corona virus cases, plus education secretary, that's a divorce is insisting that children work to school? This fall but seem to have trouble explaining exactly how that might happen, but for let's go to the great bill parents with a check on the forecast and bill and no way we're looking at Portsmouth New
Moreover, the weekend where the president was gonna hold a rally and there I guess there was a terrible storm that prevented it. I didn't see it to do of blows thrive, I see you are talking about and I looked up. I looked up all the info. There was syndrome, hotel nine, a m on Saturday morning and after that there was no more reign, the entire. On Saturday, actually turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon. So yet you guys we're rang with everything you say about the forecast yeah. I know let's eat into the story. This week. In its the heat, Washington DC go for a little sneaky record here. You have now had seventy days gazing around our nations capital of ninety plus you're. All time historic record is only twenty one. Only four days away from that and here's the forecast for this week we got 90s across the board barely so we could possibly tied on Thursday Breakadawn Friday, all time record street for heat in Washington Dc. Ninety plus the heats the story across the country
the clear what you'd expect in July. But this is even heart by these standards. Yes, there was a hundred and twenty. Degrees and death Valley, California, the auto record? There's a hundred and thirty four nineteen thirteen you get the idea of forty eight million people under heated vied reason warnings from Dallas to see Antonio, all the way back to Phoenix today. Well, above average temperatures and that's going to continue this week, look at San Antonio hundred and five on Tuesday. That's not the desert, San Antonio and as far as the weak ahead forecast goes watch out of use. We re today from Boston up into May extreme. He areas of the south by attacking the Wednesday those thunderstorms move to Washington and moved areas of Chicago. By the end of this week, the storms will return to Washington DC backup through areas. Dorothy S always are all eyes on you, Washington Dc. Will you hit ninety degrees? then, all week, long already a hot start in esteem. You morning, looking at Reagan National. You want your morning. Job will be right. Back
Let's move on to What happens if there is an outbreak? What are exe? I'm telling you about the appropriate level transmission for school it before it has to shut down. Well, I know that that's an area that the CDC is helping to provide further insight into. I can't as non physician or non medical export, tell you precisely to do in the case of one child in a classroom or five child children in a classroom, but the key is every school should have planned for that situation. Try able to pivot and ensure that kids can continue learning at a distance if they
after four assure that migratory of education you're asking students to go back. So why do you not have guidance on what a school should do just weeks before you want those goals to reopen and what happens but faces an outbreak there's really good examples that have been utilised in the private sector and in and elsewhere also with fright, workers and hospitals and all of that data and all information and all of those examples can be are denied, buys ok leader it I'm not here play who have any opportunity education. Do you have a plan, but for that, Students at school should so schools should do what's right on the ground. That time for their students and for their situation. Or can you we're sure students, teachers, parents that they will not get Corona
where's, because they're going back to school, while the key is there kids have to get back to school, and there is no nothing in the data that would suggest that kid's being back in school is is dangerous to them at the towns. Like what you're saying is you, as the Secretary of Education, is compelling. You are compelling schools to reopen, regardless of what's happening. Now. What we are saying is that kids need to be back in school while turning Doktor Van Gupta he's apologists, who has treated critically ill run. A virus pay patients in Washington State is also an NBC news. Medical contributor. Allow me just a few kind of rapid fire questions. For you. First of all,
day, if scores reopening in Florida. Do you think it would be a good idea for kids to go back to school, absolutely not totally superstructure event, not save meagre. That would be a super spreader event to send scant fiscal. Ok suffer It has obviously made some records over the twenty four hours, whereas this heading what do these them tell us thirteen is going to die. May get that's what it that's where the Ceta. We have six hospitals in Miami day. There are filled up. Forty, I see use across the bay across the state modesty world decided to open up its hard to predict where this is headed. It's too bad news because they have no state level leadership. So what would you suggest that Florida do in a situation like this to bring these numbers down and if all suggestions were carried out. How long would that take scripting about three weeks
May God this is what I would suggest. I would beg the present, the United States to federal Eyes, a military response on the sea. Can I see you die Louis reserves- we're just sitting here, there's thirty of art these are just sitting here, but that New S taxpayer pays what billions of dollars to sustain Military assets we use readily for a bowler were not used. Now now your guard dissenters, has control over that lets. You are building portable ice, you use and other hospitals in areas in areas of me. He doesn't want to do it because doing so would be an admission of guilt enforcement masking policy state. Why not just in local it it's like by any date, gave your county officials and assist in for something here that we know could were. Finally, I would make sure that indoor dining indoor bars done for the time being my gosh Louisiana some common sense in the region, but not enforce it, doesn't make any sense. Those words those are where
this. I would focus on and start maker. So to me what you're saying as frighteningly obvious to take Casey hunts term throughout the entire show. Today, its frightening obvious that there are mitigation techniques that have not happened because of the later. In Florida and also the president's leadership. You are calling for a better lies to respond. Some in this a call for a federalized responds protesting. Since this began, the president refuses and Can you give us an update in terms of what is happening? What are you hearing about? What is happening with testing in places like and where they are having hot spots, where there are searches in numbers, because now I am hearing there is confusion with testing Also, delays last part meagre. They don't want to double click on it delays, we're still nationwide, especially the one for our there's bottlenecks on just supplies, member,
April, when, though, we could get an appreciation and swans seeing things happening now that tests delay is critical? It's now five to seven days in some cases of her friends, twenty one days makes contact tracing Mika virtually useless, but that's where whereat in this day and age- and I I want to comment Secretary Debo sitting here on this Sunday. Loose talk, show, say: hey we gotta restart schools couldn't stay a lack of evidence to save her life. The second his, is sitting here, making analogy to what they do in the private sector, what professional organism Please do not be and be a. You know what they do me good. They actually have passed it. They have pointing human testing capabilities. You come and get a test within thirty minutes to get response are living, one, that is, she going to lead a Republicans in Congress, gonna funded Democrats have said: let's find to the trail,
when million dollars all thirteen thousand school districts or give them what they need. School districts need money to test to build in. Infrastructure to actually safely socially distance. That's what is needed money and testing ok. So I just really quickly. It is August that a lot of kids in Florida go to school. If the situation hasn't gotten better, let's hope it doesn't get but I don't know what is worse at this point to breaking records worse than New York. The numbers at this point. What would happen if kids went back to school? Maybe you could explain it. Hey guys really goes to you. This week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy. In our conversation now for free wherever you down
load. Your pot casts knew better here's the thing, and then this is one of the key per se with the secretary with rise We have actually. We have no idea, what's gonna happen, but we think it still have the ability to transmit the disease to teachers to parents amongst themselves. You gonna have an out of control. Actually, we have no idea what's gonna happen, but we think it still have the ability to transmit the disease to teachers to parents amongst themselves. You gonna have an out of control Super spreader event, because the infection weight in the community is so high the only places were schools potentially could reopen were testing is attend. Not as available are in places where we have the outbreak under control. A positive infection waited three and are less not when it's nearly one in five one in three in places like Miami? no sense its criminal malpractice, their yeah. I guess if somebody could explain it to the president in terms that he might understand if you have an out of control,
super spread or event, starting in just about three to six weeks. That's when early voting starts and you'll lose Florida. Some. Maybe perhaps you might want urged the governor to pull back a little bit and actually mitigate this virus Meanwhile, doktor outta, the White House, attempting to discredit in fact disease expert doktor, Anthony voucher. Amid his dire warnings about the trumpet, illustration: Corona virus response, a White House official, told NBC News yesterday that quota several. Why does a fish We are concerned about the number of times. Doktor foul GI has wrong things they admitted and then shared a list with several news outlets that included new. A dozen past comments by foul G, which a Trump official said had ultimate proven erroneous. The list included vouches January comment that them arrest was quote, not a major threat and his gun
in March that quota people should not be walking around with masks a sea your administration official told the Washington Post that thought she no longer griefs tromp at his quote. In the oval office anymore, according to a person, but knowledge trumps, calendar vouchers. I spoke to him during the first week of June vouchers. Not yet commented on these reports. I want to bring The rapporteur on this, let's bring a national political reporter for NBC News, Josh Letterman. What's the deal with this strategy? but because the president is embarrassed by foul GI, because many could say that the president's adding embarrassed by the science which is Moving him wrong every day, having super spreader since Tulsa Oklahoma will kill people if the pandemic if the virus is passed around, this isn't vouchers
this is science, so why are they taking it out on him? When we go, you expect a White House to law political attacks. It is applied, Hence I may be members of Congress or the media from time to time. You don't expect the white. To be doing an opera dump on its own top infectious disease control doktor, particularly as a pandemic, is raging across the country, but, as you just laid out so well, that's exactly what seems to be happening with the one to punch of this statement provided to us over the weekend from a White House official saying several, I was officials concerned about its past statements as well as this list, with citations of all of his past comments from much earlier in the pandemic, when, frankly, doctors did not know nearly what they know now about how this virus is transmitted and meagre
all of this was playing out doktor bread, Gerard the Testing Tsar was on meat. The press talking about doktor fact is well taken us and what he had to say. I respect doktor faulty a lot but doktor function not one hundred percent right, and he also doesn't necessarily he admits that have the whole national interest in mine, he looks at from a very narrow public health point of view. So Michael Why is the White House doing this? Will we know that the narrative from precedent trump versus doktor, factually about current of arson, how we're doing has been getting farther and farther apart? President Tromp says we're doing a great job doktor found she says just in the last year, Is it there's no way to say objectively, if you look at the United States compared to other countries that we're doing a good job and at the moment doktor found she appears to be winning the trust argument and New York Times.
The poor from just a few weeks ago, showing that two and three Americans trust doktor factually compared to just one in four trusting Donald Trump and approving of him at the moment, the White Ass a pair trying to change those numbers as we get closer to the November elections. Ok, Sir China than Le Maire. First of all, the first comment of doktor fallacies that they say is wrong and I believe it so this viruses not doesn't. To be the serious harm. I forget what the exact statement was you, ass, if you mitigate, if you actually do what the CDC I'd lines tell you to do. You can actually bring these numbers down and it doesn't have to be so serious, but it is because the president has not federalized that response, because the president has not had clear leadership on this, because the president has been wrong. So many times. You can't even count anyone who wants a test, can get a test. Remember when you said that remember what you said: would magically go away. Remember he just that it would just disappear.
Remember what he said. It was just one person coming from China does. He I want to compare found being wrong to the present being wrong, because every time they go after Fouche ie and take out of context saying that he is said to try and make it look like he's, got the science wrong. Everybody will notice that ever since January the President has got this wrong every step. The way he has tried to wish this away. He has not cared about people on a day that one hundred thousand people died. He was worried about himself and nothing else. This is pathetic. Don't think, it'll work and ultimately giants and Le Maire politically take leader Florida. We're breakin records now in Florida, if we continue to break corona virus Kurtz worse than New York governor dissenters. You weeks
you said. Oh, my gosh people are saying we could be as bad as New York. We never would be worse than New York in Florida. Governor descend tests with you- open bar, isn't opening the school rules and who now cares about people's lives, while Jonathan Le Maire, burly voting starts when and has economic impact. The president, if people are dropping dead from the corona virus, were first meeting the length of mistakes, the Donald Trump has made about the krona virus. Relieved worse, those that Doctor Anthony Factory has made there's no question of that and there's another key difference. Doktor factually has admitted on occasion where he has gotten things long in those early days of the pandemic, before the eternal Severity of it was what fully known we certainly That is a rare moment when President Trump ever meets a mistake to follow Josh's point about
opposition file, its extraordinary that the White House with circulate these talking points to reporters to allies, to point out the moments the doktor found. She was incorrectly stock project who enjoys far more public support and trust than Donald Trump our duty as we know that the West Wing has has restricted for number of months now, doktor vouches, media appearances he hasn't appeared at it our task force, breathing those have been rare, but those that have happened. He hasn't where he is infrequently been there. His media appearances and really cut down he's found ways to alternative media. Podcast live streams that but he's been largely kept off of that the cable new shows the Sunday shows where you have a much larger audience. That's apart, because the president, his advisers were unknown. The moments, reductive algae contradict him any contradiction, because he was speaking the truth, sticking to the science sticking to the facts and not just I wish it away. There were some
the divisive told me some jealousy on the president's part as well, but to your point on the politics that can't be overstated here, Voting in a lot of states starts in September that six weeks away, right now. The corona virus is surging throughout this country, particularly in Florida. As you say just said, a record for single day cases, President Trump not win reelection if he loses Florida, there's no path, there's no map that allows him to do so. That is also. What we are seeing here is that everything the White House is doing about. The pandemic is through a political lens. Certainly, critics recharging that there could they're putting their reelection interests, which means opening up the economy ahead of public health, and this is just the latest front on that- connects make as a final point to how we this, our about the rally in New Hampshire in February before the pandemic. Really
intermarriage ensures the president drew over ten thousand people to rally in New Hampshire in Manchester. Now he have to cancel on this weakens Portsmouth when age were concerned, that more or less, nor would show up the reason behind that this hand in it they can't get their hands around it. So what you're trying to do is point fingers elsewhere. So John Major, historically speaking, the Super spreader presidency what are you watching as history unfolds here will win things to be careful over here on the democratic side of things is, as Ronald Reagan used to say on election day. He always ask President Dewey, however, come worked so that one we are living in an era where downtown his criticisms. Nine states in the middle of an unfolding flicker of accidents, So. I think that confidence is, is it besetting problem, then it should be avoided what's on the ballot here is less. Do today
an old partisan policy concerns them we're so familiar with really from the new deal forward, and the enlightened is on the ballot science is on the ballot. Decency is on the ballot This is absolutely in character that the president would we are unhappy with no real Wait a pandemic is affected his life and, of course, you would see it. As is life. Remember ours is instead of in front in dealing with it, however nasty the reality might be, what does he do it It's a guy who might be more popular than he is so it's it's. A Jew your high school lessons news, auto junior high school sorry using while this reaction to any in reality and are going to be. Writing about is thinking about this. For as long as the republic survives because
This is why you have any federal government this is not an ideological issue, not partisan this. This is it. An existential threat to and public health is an existential threat, then you haven't president to become the central focus in he's. Not treating and it's just I can I, So he closed his eyes and stuck his fingers in his letters. When he's not treating, and it's just as you know, will be naughty about this item. They get help stood. Tell the other side. A hundred percent wrong on this. I would just ask people assess the evidence What the founding fathers of the country did David, There was reason involve wondered what reason Passion check your predispositions your disposition. Is you know why
gonna, give him hell unease my guy just look around and think Life- is that someone else will do this job their ethical questions. Doktor Van Gupta just wanted to hear your comments on these reports about the effort to discredit doktor Pouchee. It's too reactions make the forces, indeed should know better and the admiral so the surgeon general to try to undermine doc of algae, they should they should be coming to his aid defending ever, not putting title and their desire to keep their job ahead of what's right and they were saying the same exact thing with the doktor about you say about the ability to recognise that he's learned as as new evidence has arisen, should they have to but now here they are trying to attack that Turkey to score political points and number two:
I'll meet: can you see the effects of this of the lack of empathy, humanity, even within the administration when it comes to use participating coated parties submitted? Thirty year old died in San Antonio participating in a coded party. Were young people go and see him? and catch the virus when they know and infected individuals. There does happen a ban on its happened, Ohio, Washington state. This is enough. Here in this and academic as a result of the lack of trust in our public health readers and in our leaders her brother Doktor Van Group. To thank so much for being on the show this morning and embassies Josh Letterman. Thank you for your reporting and still ahead. Our next guest says Bandit men of common sense during the corona virus pandemic has damaged the: U S and Uk National Brands lives said the financial times joins us with his latest column, plus the Washington Post Robert
so joins us with his new reporting on how they never Trumpery went from being marked to being a campaign force, and should Joe Biden be more aggressive and states like Texas in Georgia, there's new reporting that some democratic urging the barging Biden campaign to see is the opportunity afforded by the president's no polling and go big morning,
I was coming right back. Everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now. I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text, podcast two hundred and sixty six eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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