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As Miami becomes the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, President of Jackson Health System, Carlos Migoya, says additional medical staff is critical to fighting the virus.

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shut down entirely. That's the reason why, when we went up, we still they come down and there we play a toad at all. That was really quite high about twenty thousand infections a day Then, as we started to be open, We are seeing the surges that was seeing today Anthony Voucher yesterday, amid the White House is campaign to discredit him continuing to give his honest assessment of what, gone wrong in this country in fighting the corona virus. This morning we are hearing new warning from health officials that Miami is quickly becoming the epicenter of the corona virus pandemic. Meanwhile, in the debate over How and when to open schools? Three of the nation's largest that strikes announced, they will be in the year with online classes only the President put on a new spin on his more time its main more cases, rhetoric
today he said when you test you create cases. Good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is to stage a life fourteen Willie we'll get to all that in just a moment, but gave us the latest on Miami The army has imagine Miami now. The new epicenter of this pandemic Florida had its second worst day for new infections. Yesterday, adding well over twelve thousand case it's just a day. I'll remember after shattering the record for the highest number of single day, cases of any states the beginning of this Miami Bade County was responsible for a quarter yesterday's new cases and represents about twenty per. The total number of infection state why health advice, to Miami dates. Mayor described, the situation is extremely grave. The mayor is resisting pressure to close more businesses, despite More infections and hospitalizations compared to March, when he
all non essential businesses to clothes maker and infectious he's specialist at the University of Miami said. The situation is like what was happening in whew Han in China, five or six months ago and like New you- three months ago. Remember that Florida state makers, are calling on the federal government to coordinate with state and law, call leaders ninety eight percent. Ninety eight percent of ice Your beds in Miami Dade are occupied in the past fourteen days but, alas, rose sixty five percent see you admissions missions are up sixty six percent and venom are uses up one. Hundred and twenty eight percent the Sea of Memorial, West Hospital and South Florida says quote: we are best at the seams and emergency room? I'm busting the seams inside the hospital I'm bust. At the seams in terms of see use the biggest challenge. She said a staffing one
after telling a local investigated for port approach, we are really burn doubt, let's bring in president and ceo of Jackson. Health system, in my they Dade Carlos, Nagoya, Doctor Mccoy, thank you so much for being on the show this morning, given everything that you're going through, but if you could tell us that very It is there and what is needed. I wish you d another one day and every year every house was turning golden one. We're married you right now is really doing the same. That we have not covered patients and some cold patients discard replacing them with bullets. We have seen a great increase in emissions. We are also doing great job of discharging the to challenge. That we have right now, but one is nature, that our boys are I'll say an end, without any kind of reflection, which is a true important though they really about stopping The government has now release her eyes out for hospitals to be in the brain.
When you bought libyan versus that is critical to what we need, We have the message we need the star and that the problem in addition to that, reagents out land testing in our lab and trainees grimly necessary and the new or ethnicity or those are the three big things that we need. One for this year, and if I could ask you about staffing at this point, do you need to bring in staffing from other hospitals systems? Other states I know through. Months ago, Massachusetts lifted the ban, had actually new rules that allowed medical students to graduate and immediately start working life what's situation in Florida in terms of staffing? How is it best fixed at this point? the mistakes right now, but there were trying to do
the governors identified as several different ways of rage or modesty, nurses, and in that way by would arrange that were part of TAT war, and we believe that It is through the worst looking outwardly really when everything was done right now, with a curfew, It wasn't a rational back again and within my remit, as is done in here my every day. We believe will yet another three week window before we have the pig and attitudes. I got really averting on airport for four months and our stature, railway diet and re stress in a Carlos ice thanks for being on this morning, I want ask about the profile of the patients you're, seeing early on. We were told, March and April that it was mostly older people who contracted corona. Sentences went on in the ensuing months we ve heard about in places like Houston, younger and younger patients. What kind of a patient is hospital right now with corona virus,
the impact of the fate of the browser you're, my army, there what's happened right now with growth, the number right now, with a growth. The number of young people still the same renouncing the over what the Miami, because we have some results, We diversity a! We have a lot of holes were multi generational families within it to the young. People have come home and then impact of their money, grandmother and that's actually made him a lot worse. Even the young women. Having seen the high presented, those young people, I have a lot of morbidity specific, be based. Obesity diabetes. Alone issues. So Carlos. What does your message? healthy people in Miami Dave, healthy people in South Florida across to stay the Florida right now. As you look at the scene inside your, I see use. What do you want to know right now the old A thing, the only thing that will help us with what we're doing today before them the mass and be socially, MR, were fighting A whole lot of people that extreme,
the aggressive in gas complying those environment that is really matter understandable, so we need make sure that everybody poplars Zulus issue or on keeping hands clean wearing them, and be socially visit. That's the only thing missing. Slow down this pandemic. In support of this point, Carla, could extend that question. If I understood you correctly, you said we are at least three weeks from the peak we're also several weeks away from a lot of schools in Florida. Opening they open method, August. Some of them is it safe for children after school. Given what you're saying in your eyes you use and emergency rooms why do we use a lot of? It is a very large state again speak right is evenly in my region, older exuberant plan and that all of the data- maybe they can it not in a very good view of our wines, because at this point that
and if you look at it with, we were running at twenty five to twenty eight percent positivity rate on others. Asian that were made less. It were destined people would ever doing now or five times, as we did three months ago, but those are appositely rage of twenty five to twenty eight percent You get a Mamma. Has been able to witness was here Miami they can, President presidency of Jackson, health system, Carlos Nagoya. Thank you best of luck to you. I hope you get those three things you need as you fight this pandemic. California is effectively back. Locked down right now as corona. This case. Is there continue to surge yesterday? Governor Evan Newsome ordered every county in the state, too close indoor restaurants, movie theater is bars and wineries them The signals are major: pull back in the states two month old effort to recover from the economic damage caused by the pandemic
According to the San Francisco Protocol, health officials have zeroed in on bars with their lack of physical distance things and customer face coverings masks as a major but ten a source of spreading. On a virus. The crow It also notes that, in addition, Governor Newsome ordered that thirty countries on the states watch list to close gems houses of worship, offices for critical work sectors should shopping malls and barbershops also hair salons unless they can operate outside or pick ups this Willie, Meanwhile, making you mentioned schools, public schools, in LOS Angeles and San Diego, along now with Atlanta, all will begin the year with students. Learning from home. Schools in Nashville also will start the year remotely, at least through Labour day here as president, yesterday, on his continued push to reopens
wars in the far. But do you tell parents who look at those who look at Arizona where a schoolteacher recently died in summer school parents who are worried about the safety of their children in schools should be opened. Schools should be opened this want to go to school near losing a lotta lives by keeping things close making, studying how cavalier he continues to be about the reopening of schools, a blanket declaration that schools should be reopened. He doesn't make that decision. We should remind our view, is that happens on the local level, as LOS Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego reminded us yesterday, this is the news all summer that every parent was dreading, hoping we could get this together, but you can't get back into school unless you get your infection rate down and that's just not happening in this country Nobody wants the kids to go back to school. Also. Yesterday, President Trump blamed the Obama,
ministration and also an increase in testing when asked by reporters yesterday about the recent surge in cases across the country. If you know Abiden and Obama step their testing, they just stopped at. You probably know that I'm sure you don't want to report it, but they stop testing right in the middle there, just one no more testing, and a much lesser problem. Then the problem that we have are we more than anybody. By far and when you asked you create cases, so we ve created cases. I can tell you some Countries they test when somebody walks into ass little Seko walks into maybe a doctor's off, but usually a hospital, that's the test they do so they don't I've cases, whereas we do. We have All of these cases so double or short, Claire entirely clear what Obama era testing programme trumpets referring to. Let's bring in politics editor.
The daily basis, Stein and White House responded for PBS News, our unique Alison door image in terms of nor gotta, get to the effort to discredit Doktor Valley, in just a moment, but it leave us where they find a way to discredit. When it looks like it's back firing find a way to do so. Is the president to be our scientists and chief, because a little way everything he says about the corona virus, as seems to be a bit off. If that some, That's, not an understatement. There are multiple. Obviously multiple examples of the President's saying things that are just plain wrong about the car. A virus, I think the president is seeking to be not just the commander in chief, but the chief scientists in this country he's telling Americans all over the country believe me over all other people that you're talking to including your own local officials, your own. In this case, with the president's
in March. Anyone who wants a test can get a test. That's that it wasn't. You that's not true! Now it continues to be true and the only one in the administration was talking about testing as a double edged sword. Obviously, people want to know who has the corona virus, because that is critical tracing and critical to stopping it, but will be soon. President trump israeli someone who's weighing political calculations. Many saying let the best thing for my re election campaign. The best thing for my administration is for people at least field. Things are normal and, as a result, you see him pushing for schools to be back open. You see in pushing for states to go back open. The problem is now is that when you see a governor like Rhonda Santa's in my homes, the Florida listening to that President Rhonda Sand is took a victory lapsing. Let everyone that things are going, terrible in Florida they aren't and then fast forward. We are now in a situation where Florida is the new epicenter and people are terrified, including Republicans, I think present. Europe is going to continue to take the
political risk, but it is just that it's a risk and he's leaning on the fact that he can get reelected by trying to put the corona virus the rearview mirror so Doktor Fashion, in fact, at the White House yesterday for a scheduled meeting with chief of staff mark meadows, that's according to White House official and a person close to doktor frowning official telling NBC News, the chat was a quote good meeting good conversation. Both sources confirmed, Doktor fancied, did not meet with President doktor factually recently said he was not If it has not been brief by the president in at least two months and has not seen him person since early June, yet answer that meeting Whitehouse Social media director and deputy chief of staff for communications, Danske Venal publicly mocked, doktor, Fouch, sharing a cartoon of the top you s, infectious disease export depicted as a force on social media
in a message accompanying the cartoons, could promised to publicly disagree with foundry, while suggesting the top public health official had voice disagreement, cowardly, four leads to the social media, this. On top of the news that present trap allies provided NBC News and other news outlets with an opposition research style memo listing nearly a dozen pass comments, some taken out of context by doktor faulty. Despite all of this present Trump flatly deny reports that his administration is attempting to discredit doktor fouche it, as did the White House Press secretary, I have a very good relationship with that. Your virtue, I've had four sometime right from the beginning, I find him to be a very nice person. I don't always agree with him. I get along with him very well. I like them. Personally, is no opposition. Research being dumped reporters we're ass, a very specific, question by the Washington Post. That question was president tromp
Who did that doctor found? She had made some mistakes and we provided a direct answer to what was a direct question. Doctor felt she and the present I've always had a very good working relations of war on that moment. The Washington Post, Gregg, sergeant points out quote all this has really accomplished- is to unleash intensified media scrutiny of the torture relationship between Trump and found the result, the spate of reporting on that relationship, reporting that only illustrates trumps pathologies with new depth and vivid this. From the Washington Post stamp sign, let's be clear about what happened as he listened Cayley makin any yesterday. Why? officials on background talk to several reporters pointing out that door. Fancies inaccuracies over the last several months and did put out a document that looked all of us who cover politics, in opposition research document about doktor fancy, and now there Slovenia, who runs as social media at the White House just out, NEO
put his name on it: attacking Doktor Fouche II in the middle of this crisis, as it explodes. Yet we gonna trust on pandemic. Guy was a famous and, just disease expert or that warrant our social media directory not start one here This is just a classic case of trunk scapegoating in it too. You know every sees bizarre and its tendency, but this is what the president does. He looks at this problem as a pr problem He wants to cast blame elsewhere found she has been off on a few of you, really predictions, but not even remotely as bad as some of the top White House officials? I mean keep in mind, is only a couple weeks ago that MIKE Pence, and saying there will be no second wave, and the promise Anthony found she faces is that here I'm willing to paint rosy picture is about the current state. The pandemic he tells it like it is for the administration is trying to reopen the economy and reopen schools and down
the severity of the crisis that is problematic, This is the administration that does look through everything as a pr problem, and I just I go back to the president's comments on testing as a prime example. I dont understand if he actually believes that if you just had fewer ass. This thing go away. I mean free, a ten pregnant woman, but administered I've pregnancy tests, we wouldn't have half the births. Obviously this makes no sense, but it keeps going back to this as if this is the elixir to the issue at hand and his as he has that mindset than if we just do not bear it then you're going to have him, but heads of people like Anthony, found she tried a castle then you're going to have him. But heads of people like Anthony, found she and try to cast by monetary value because he doesn't want to hear the actual reality up one here. No, he doesn't want to know the actual numbers of it, and so that's where we are at a point where the present trying to find a scapegoat for his own failures that
Isn't he also to be butting heads with his supporters, because the science of this is obvious. It is impacting them if n Supporters, know someone or suffer from the run a virus. They know how dangerous it is, and all they see that the President, not having rallies, they see that they had to cancel one in New Hampshire and they claimed it was the weather, and they see that it wasn't raining at all like how exam play. Can they hold this up? Is there anybody in the White House trying to get the president really get more in line with science right here
from my sources is that, at the end of the day the president is going to do with the present is gonna. Do the coroner virus? Hats worse continues to meet, and these out she continued to the White House for those sorts of meetings, but the president seems to be on an island on his own work. He just wants to lash out at anything that he feels like he wants to do is very much. Someone of course relies on its instincts, whose very reactive and, as a result, is approaching the corona virus. Much like he's approached other scandals like impeachment and other places by first calling it holds that made me saying we actually. Maybe this is really bad, but I'm gonna get through it and now we're all gonna get through it. In this case, the question that you acts Mika is the question of the twenty twenty election. Our trump supporters going to make President Trump pay a price for the way that he's hand of the corona virus pandemic and that's gonna, be, I think, what's gonna be on the ballot. I think that since in the White House, is that that's also where this ultimately is gonna lie? It's not gonna lie in poles or in what the President says on a daily basis. Can all come down to how voters react to the president, the present thinking on this
think it is remarkable remarkable to see that add things out. She is now the person who the White House is attacking to have dance colino using his name, not an anonymous source, not somewhere in the drudgery of the internet, but on Facebook it for all to see and for him to feel people doing that? That means that obviously he's gotten the feeling from the press that he can intact doktor foul and that there will be any repercussions will say. Still. I had on morning Joe a federal judge to delay. A ruling on whether migrant parents detained by eyes should be released, meaning Children and parents being held in detention centres, could be separated this Friday we're going to have that new reporting and light two members that former President Barack Obama's national Security, teen Susan Rice and J Johnson joined the conversation, but first, let's go right now. They'll Karen's, with a check on the forecast bill
This morning you make the stormy day or resting severe weather later this afternoon, and also they epic. He waved continues in the south so right now we're watching these storms that a rolling towards areas through Kansas and we ve had very stormy morning, South Dakota Minnesota and later on us afterwards. The additional storms, maybe that isolated, tornado or two areas. Concern is. I will including the boy up through the quad cities back and areas of central was guards it in a little slow, where there are Colorado, Kansas, North Texas, in South West, Kansas, five million people at risk, there Then, tomorrow those storms will head towards Saint Louis in Chicago so kind in the same areas heading for the planes into the MID west for severe weather and how about the heat it's been and readily hot over the last couple days, many areas It was only a Texas. We continue today with forty three million people are heat advisory that excessive he'd. Today, it's I feel like a hundred and eleven degrees and West Texas. That's not the desert. Hundred and eleven dollars. Ninety nine today used to ninety seven and then that he does not start to spread to the EAST coast, but it
we get to the end of this week. Wednesday gets very hot and national in Memphis in Shreveport, and then by the time we get. We can look at Dc. Ninety three Friday, ninety three degrees on Saturday. All end with the forecasts also shown some beautiful weather, cooler and northern. Knowing what today and in areas of the Pacific Northwest and our final graphic just because without all these other issues and twenty twenty, we can forget about one of our biggest problems on this planet and that's global warming. So far, halfway through the air second hottest here today, all time record he'd across borders, Liberia and here in our country we are on track for Florida to have its hottest year ever recorded. So you That issue is not going away and something we also need to solve our a beautiful of this morning, it's a nice beautiful sunrise in areas in DC all the way up into the northeast. That's the George Washington Bridge and you look at the Hudson. You want your morning, job would be river.
At this point sales forces working with businesses over the world to adapt to all the changes that are happening there. Helping people like and me and me managed, through this crisis, return to work safely agro. My business again visit work, don't come to get help for your business
if we all work together, we can't do this until mainly post of into America. A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice any when you add health is a health and justice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new epochs. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, subscribe now. A federal judge will not rule until next week on whether migrant parents detained by ice in family detention centres should be released. Vision will now come after that July's contained. The deadline imposed by a federal judge in California for all children to be
These from ices three family detention centres to reduce any both to covet nineteen June Yes, now NBC News, correspondent, Julia aimlessly, Julia where's. This delay mean for the children, and the parents that are right now being held in these facilities. This decision yesterday potential decision yesterday, that's now been delayed, that what are they the last fail safe to keep these families together because, as you know, these families and ice tension there about three hundred sixty of them. They were tearing down this Friday deadline ever since that California Judge said that the children need to be released, but she doesn't have jurisdiction over the parents. The. You did have jurisdiction over the parents. Judge Bowes Burg here in DC, decided yesterday. He would wait until the middle of next week to make his decision and on whether the parish should be released and just for listening to his questions and the arguments from the government and the lawyer representing the emigrants
does seem that maybe he would side with doing a limited release. Only releasing certain parents who thinks are ex higher exposure a covert nineteen. Now we got the hour here from the lawyers is that these powers it may be soon faced with an impossible decision of having to either keep their children with them in detention, or release that the reason they might be faced with that decision is because, in that California, court theirs Goshen asian happening right now between the two sides, where lawyers having to decide whether or not they will give parents a choice to eat stay with their children are released them. I said well wooden every penny. Just decide to keep their child in detention with them and a lawyer for the parents they told me. You know a joy because the because the rates of that has started to rise and ice facilities over three thousand across the country, nice facilities there are now show there now telling the lawyers that day are seriously considering giving up their children and order.
Save their lives. My gosh we'll. Let me ask you the obvious question here, because apparently the courts are looking at the parents and children is to separate entities here if the parents are not released. And the children are released, as you say, many of the parents doing so potentially to save their lives where the when going at that The best question because they don't know the lawyers don't now they told me yesterday that government make no commitments to whether or not these children will be deported, whether they'll be able to can you their asylum hearings whether they will go to enter the custody. It help, human services. What we do think if, The government in the California case does negotiate with the lawyers representing the families there presenting the children they may come up with a form that will have to give certain safe, so the children to say. Hence in the United States, they will go to a family member someone designated by the parents in custody. Someone
they trust is in the United States who could take care of them if they have someone like that, they'll and that they will be continue. Their asylum hearings were right. Now the government has made no such promise in either of these cases. So suddenly we have to watching before Friday, because the bottom could be falling. On these families. And this is Julia Enslave. Thank you so much for your reporting. This and a New York judge lifted a temporary restraining order on Mary Trump, the present, sneeze just one day before the publication, of her new tell all book. In a twenty page ruling The judge said that the bid by the president's brow Their Robert Trump to block the books publication didn't pass legal muster. The judge noted that the contents of the book had crowed already reached millions of people by the tremendous attention it is gained by the media. The ruling
and Mary Tromp is now free to promote her book in public. It is scheduled to hit shelves today What is the White House saying about this? This book does not shed a bear. Kind, light on the president or the White House
Budgetary has already come out bashing the book, even though she said she hasn't read the book yet, but she said that she has seen ex herbs and, of course, read the meteor ports, and she thinks that this is really. Someone was a vendetta against the president, whose not telling the truth, but what I can tell you, someone who got my hands on the, but this weekend and started really diving into yesterday, is that what you see is someone who knows the Trump family very, very well and as someone who is really poised to break down the presents personality, his characteristics and where he learned from the behaviour that we are now seeing in office in terms of relying on his instincts in terms of its emotions in terms of his moods. So I think that this is gonna, be a really interesting book and its enemy even more interesting. Now that you will have married Trump being able to talk about our experience growing up in a Trump family and, of course, going up around her uncle and the Father son Dynamic, is fascinating. Apparently in the book all right.
Not by morning Joe more on Florida, with Miami becoming the new epicenter of the pandemic and the republican well conventions slated for Jacksonville in one month or back in just a moment. A guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy in our country. Asia now for free wherever you download your pot casts, we came to Jackson. And I think, early March, when this pandemic was really starting to pick up steam at that point and even know if my immediate had its case a positive das, maybe a couple bucks
was obviously much different, and what were what we're finding in here? So I think me Why thank you for your brother, nothing floor governor Rhonda Santas heckled during a new conference at a Miami Hospital, Joe, Yes, now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave Campbell, doktor TAT, if you ve been following, what's going on in Florida, talking to hospital, see egos and getting a real sense of things. Did the hackler have a point. Very much so the episode in Florida is Miami and floor
is one of the worst states in the country in the United States is worse country in the world. So there is no doubt that every should realise that this is not some hoax. It's not a doesn't need to be a political the state of Florida and other states across country are being and none dated with, cases the lagging effect of the New cases will be increasing hospitalizations and increasing deaths. The next few weeks could be and will be really a crisis of unprecedented proportions and Miami is sitting right in the middle of it. You you ve smoke, into the CEO Jackson. Alma mater and its port and to realise that even steps being taken in Miami to limit? counties in South Florida from Brower to Palm Beach steps taken the doctors to
the number of impatient elective cases they do so taken by administrators to to keep beds when, when possible, even that The icy you beds, Jackson Memorial as we have now heard, are almost capacity as this density publish county. We are sitting here and published county where I am today any day to Brower to publish county. We are sitting here in palm each country where I am today working almost. Watching a slow moving hurricane move up the coast is coming it is already centred over Miami Mika, so Doktor Dave alien questions for you, but, like I met, I just say a few things correct me. If anything I have said is wrong: if we don't middle In Florida, in a big way and potentially lock, down again. This is gonna get
worse. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken right now and it's going to get worse either way Mika it's going to get worse in the next few weeks, either way, but to keep it from getting even more worse, more from poor, severe snooze me. We need as individuals, really every more person and in the state needs to ass, their own personal behaviors wearing face masks wing outside when you can, if there two or more people together, and they can be outside its anytime, safer than being inside. Hand hygiene, physical distancing. The things that everybody knows about now and have learned over the next few months is so critic right now Actually now, today, this week and for the next few weeks to dramatically decrease the spread
this virus and having the government put into effect measures will force some of these behaviors if that means shut some things down we're already partially shut down. You know bars, are shut. In in restaurants, dining is shut down. So every day this changes, and we will see over the next few weeks much more impact for changes that come down to us no doctor Dave. I just love your opinion on this as I'm on Florida? Well, but also has been following the corona virus Penda its July fourteenth. I mean we're one month away from some schools reopening they open about mid August athletic ram start? What what's yours opinion, on schools, opening well first, you said that I have been following this. Let me tell you this is my first day.
At work. After being worn and testing positive, having the very What's so, I know personally quite well. This disease and the number of other individuals that I know locally that have contracted. This is really staggering schools reopen it's important to realize. Children and contract do, contract this disease. Children do trans this disease to others, children will bring this virus back to their home and allow to circulate through their own house through their own parents thrown grandparent. So we should prepare the reality that, when schools reopen even with really vigorous mitigation and containment measures there are really up to the individual schools in school districts. To enact we easily see yet more. Urging of the cases in areas
where the schools reopen there. There's no easy way out of this Mika Doktor Jack Campbell, we're glad Jura back up and running in feeling better. Thank you very much for being on today and still I I will talk to the woman who's trying to unseat Senate Majority later Mitch, Mcconnell on whose race could be key to being the Senate, Kentucky Democrat Amy. Mcgrath joins US morning, Joe coming right back
everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now, I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text, podcast two hundred and sixty six eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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