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Joe Biden is leading the president, 51 to 40, in new NBC News/WSJ polling. Steve Kornacki joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Risk cases continues to grow daily and now has in the state of Florida are becoming four whelmed in my day. The states most populous county, at least ten hospitals are out of eyes. Do you beds? Meanwhile, it seems the White House, as rethinking its strategy from the past, few days of trying to discredit Doktor, Anthony Fouche E, with both President Trump and cheaper. Mark meadows distancing the administration from it adviser Peter the scathing up, bad criticising the top infectious disease expert and now Doktor found she well. He spoke today, taking it all and stride the good bizarre I dont really fully understand it cannot figure out in my wildest dreams why they would want to do that, but I mean I They realize now that that was not a prudent thing to do, because it's only reflecting actively on them? I can't explain:
Navarro he's in a world by himself, so I don't even want to go there careless off by the way, but great reaction from doktor Vouchsafe, brushing it all off. The bottom line is he has credibility well, doktor, Frank has been saying things like this by the way for the last several days. He said also yesterday that all this talk from the White House, this reporting that we ve been doing. That shows the White House is openly going after doktor found. She just for Ex poorly on them? That's the way. Doktor fact you said it and you wonder how long you can eat continued do that before he is this a little more ire from President Trump? Despite the fact, his aids are trying to keep President Trump away from Doktor Foundry Jonathan, the mirrors, also with us this morning, Meeker we saw a big shake up for president terms, re election campaign. Just months before November campaign manager, Brad scale has been replaced, as poll showed, trailing Joe Biden we'll get all those poles in just a moment with Steve Cornet. Keep it first
let's bring in Jonathan the mayor of the Associated Press, Jonathan obviously Brad part scale has had, of eyes on him in the last couple of months because of the lagging pull numbers. Because of the way the president is doing. Obviously he's not the candidate he's and it changed much by stepping aside Brezhnev Tromp is who we is bill. Steppin comes To this role now what was behind its move at the end to oust Brad, Pascal to move them back into his all job. Ok, little, I don't think we ve got jotting. We don't have Jonathan that we don't have his audio but make it clear This was present trump looking at the polls and saying we ve got a change, something he knows what's happening, I where, despite the blustered, shows about his prosper? he's looking at all the same gas, we're looking at the bottom line is remember when this started Tulsa, when that's
mall crowd of people squash together, sweating and waiting for Trump to come on the stage that painful, gaping, hole in the arena in tell all along the second level. They could not fill it and boy did too. Or go on fire that day saying goodbye Brad. Remember that tat, scathing out by the Lincoln Project about Brad standing out. I believe one the lines was Brad's a star and he's making all this money. The Lincoln Project, absolutely tweaking Donald Trump, where it hurts where someone out shines him everything added up many believing that the next steps would be that Brad poor scale would take a hit, so he's been pushed down a notch in someone's men put above him, but the item line is the poles are painful for Donald Trump Joe Biden Hole
Eleven point advantage over president trumped nationally. According to the latest NBC News Wall Street Journal Biden now sits at fifty one percent two points since last month: trumps support fled to forty percent down to and has a significant advantage among black latino voters between the ages of eighteen, two thirds for women and white voters with a college degree trunk leads among white voters overall and white voters without a college degree as an Troms overall job approval in this pole is only forty, two percent approving, while fifty six percent disappear. Of on his handling of the corona virus pandemic. Thirty seven Percent approve, while fifty nine percent disapprove can you imagine what their thinking in Florida right now, precious Florida, which need to win is right. Now,
in the middle of an incredible surge of corona wrought virus cases. His handling of race relations. Thirty three percent approve, while sixty three percent discipline So we'll get the latest pupil in just a moment to Steve Cornell. Turkey joins us this morning and If I really wanted to talk to you about exactly what these poles main at this time in the race, because of course back and twenty sixteen a lot happier between this time and voting day although early voting, starts in a matter of weeks. So what exactly do these poles mean? Obviously they don't say exactly what's gonna happen, but what can we garner from yeah. I mean, I think, there's a couple ways to look at a number one look you're right. There's there is time left here in the world, can change very We ve seen that just in the last couple So, let's see you know what the future holds, but to put this in some perspective, if you look at the last three present,
who were running for reelection Obama in twenty twelve George, W Bush in two thousand for Bill Clinton and ninety Eighty six I went back and looked yesterday was the NBC Wall Street Journal pull at the same time, basically middle July, a closer to this period. Each one of them had a slight lead or importance cases significantly, but each one was a leading at this point and each one was re elected so down from his in a measurably different place than the last report, in its war, who were seeking reelection at this? all of them, one all of them were ahead and all right now Trump is not just he's down double digit in our poll and he's not just down double digit in our pull. You ve seen significant distance between trumpet now in all national calls for a long time. So really with you wanna get. It can Harrison right now to what trumps numbers look like for a president running for reelection. The comparison that start to jump out right now is George W Bush and that's ninety.
Ninety two and George, each Bush is the last president to run for re election and lose he's our last one term, president, and it was at this point made July, nineteen, ninety two when Bill Clinton, zoomed ahead of George W Bush Napoleon Bill Clinton, had a big league. Ever lost that leave any ousted Georgiana. The bushel right now, I will get trumps numbers and I'm seeing some much more resembles Bush now, two than any of those. The president's after him, who want to see in turn. Yes, still time left the war, can change, but I think it significant that this large violently has been in place for a while Now it is not move for preparing significant amount, the time. Steve. Is there any one or two of those cross tabs inside the NBC Wall Street Journal, pull that jumps out to you, I'm looking at women, for example, where it Joe Biden, has it twenty three point lead on the present United States. Is there something in those numbers that too
more than that top line national referendum number yeah. I guess the way to look at it as a. Where is the movement here? If you look back at twenty sixteen, when you know Trump was just able to get elected, we the movement Ben that puts Biden in this position and when you put that trunk vantage there among white voters, with leading among white voters, but that's where the movement is in our poor trumps leaders, seven points unlike voters, forty nine to forty two in Sixteen from one the white vote by twenty points, so from one. He pointed at a large demographic, obviously, that's like two thirds rule but more the electorate. So twenty point advantage there in twenty sixteen whittled down to seven points for Donald Trump right now and then, if you look within the white vote, look he leads trump. Does now in college, whites waiter that a college degree that's been sorted this core base year. He still has either you see it on the screen, five thousand seven hundred and thirty five, but again in twenty. Sixteen that advantage for Trump. With that demographic with, like forty points, So it's a big lead on paper, but it
nearly as big as it wasn't twenty sixteen and then you look at that white voters with the college degree, and that is it huge if we're by now opens a fifteen point advantage in our that's a group at historically. It republican group it had been moving toward the Democrats, there's some conflicting regions of what exactly happened in sixteen? It seemed a little competitive in sixty. Now it's a blow out Joe Biden, and that is consistent with what we ve been talking about since twenty eighteen. In the mid terms, Risa ones, urban area, one metro area after another around the country abandoned trumps republican party side with Democrats and when you see movement among a college educated way, voters that's kind of what that's reflecting in some ways. So, let's look at the latest Pierre universally pole, showing Joe Biden leading President tromp by fifteen points? Nationally Biden stands at fifty. Two percent three points since last month. Trump at thirty, seven percent has fallen for point since June. This coupon has trumps approve,
What thirty six percent down six point since last month has disapproval, is up five points. Looking at sixty percent Joe Biden, also weeds president tromp on several key issues, including who voters trust to handle a crisis. Fifty seven percent to thirty eight percent, who can best handle healthcare. Fifty eight sent a thirty five handling the corona virus response, fifty nine to five and who can best handle she'll inequality, sixty two to thirty percent and half of voters believe that Joe Biden would do a better job handling the economy than President Trump. Forty five percent said they believe tromp could do a better job. Jonathan Le Maire. So let's go into what's happening inside the campaign that we ve got your audio, but also looking at these poles. As a backdrop, it's not just the name,
themselves. It's the trends making. It appears, the same folks who had twitter yesterday, I got my audio the top of the hour. I got there yes first, the first enter the campaign shake up as a singer. Trump adviser put it to me late last night right, Pascal fate was sealed. The mother President Trump stepped onto the stage also and saw the sea of empty seats for had said more than a million check it requested receive what was billed as trumps. Big come back rally. It was his first in months since the onset of the pandemic and, of course, only about six thousand people showed they even had to scrap the overflow space. There had been tensions prior to that tromp had complained privately, that he didn't like how much attention Pascal was getting. He didn't like the idea of personnel was making so much money off of the president's own name, Pascal of course also this is all his second national campaign following twenty. Sixteen is close to Jared crushed our he's, the one who brought Pascal in
run the digital operation for the trunk campaign with was successful last time around us further bread and butter. This time to reach, weeks more more serve other at sea advisers had been brought in power. Scales. Responsibilities were diminished yesterday, following it was made official. What did it work for a long time? Are scouts not fired? He still on the job in part, because getting rid of him would be so difficult because of his hand in the digital operation, but certainly he is no one. Calling the shots bill step in a more veteran GNP operative is, but at the end of the day. Let there be no mistake: the campaign manager is Jerry, Crusher has been all along. It still is now just not in in title. John. You lead me to my next question, which is in this just moving pieces around the boar, but in the end of the day we know present Trump himself guidance from Jared, commissioner, is the one running this campaign. What do they feel will be different about the present
and pay. What will change and all these numbers that steep quacking just walk this through with bill step in as opposed to bread. Pascal. Its unclear. What will change? Actually our reporting stepping is the one who, in the last week the two is really pushing the president to go more Negative on Biden took precedence. Advisers have been sort of puzzled. Why the outside of the sleepy Joe, nicknamed the president, had really opened fire on five that may be changed sigh performance in the rose garden earlier this week, which they sixty two minute diet. Mostly against the former vice president, there's some hope in a little more message. Focusing, but I dont think many people in tropical really expect things to change all that much the president is in his inner circle. They note that in TWAIN sixteen day had a bunch leadership changes on the campaign, including one August, the broad and steep annex and Conway that eventually did contribute to their upset victory. That fall, but it's not sure
I really change inside the building and certainly inside a campaign. There is great concern about the poles. You guys have just started to go through that is, the actual poles are relatively irrelevant, but they know they are. But fifteen points is a big enough number that could spook other republican second spook donors spook some in the Senate and kind in the house to maybe start distancing themselves from the president and the margins in the battleground states they aren't getting any smaller the president. This and there is an awareness here, they're starting to time. Under former so election day, only six or seven weeks or so early voting begets and are you go? You mention the battleground states? Let's look at the latest NBC News Wall Street work. Journal. Paul Biden leads the President Cross Levin Battleground states by twelve point, fifty two to forty percent looking at specific states,
according to a recent CNBC change Research, Paul Biden leads tromp by six points in Arizona fifty one to forty five percent by seven points in Florida. Fifty two, forty three: by eight points in Pennsylvania. Fifty two forty two you another one in a moment that has a wider Biden lead here by six points in Wisconsin and Michigan respectively. Forty eight to forty two and by one point in North Carolina forties. And to forty six percent, a new Monmouth never say Paul out of Pennsylvania shows that, president down by thirteen points by fifty three percent to forty percent, these numbers look a bit more. Troubling for the president, when looking at key age, demographics Biden take the age of eighteen, forty, nine that vote sixty two twenty nine percent. Well, as the sixty five and older group, while fifty two to forty two percent, the president does
ever led in the age of fifty two sixty four fifty six percent to bite and forty three, percent I want to bring in Erin Haines editor at large for the nineteenth and profit newsroom focused on the intersection of women, politics and powers. And you're, looking at the battle grounds Aaron. What are these numbers telling us about the Trump presidency itself? Perhaps the pandemic and the president's ability to handle a cry. Thus we are what we want to be with you and I think what it tells us is a couple of things and we ve got a majority of Americans think they really approval, but that hold of one of the corona violence and racism. The two main issues dominating our national conversation and many Americans lived experience now and then specifically on the corona virus. What was interesting from the devastate pole, I'm in reality, our voters say that they are wearing masks.
When their shopping working being other people and that's an increase for fun last month and in what that best. Music with voters are looking for, your ship that is really concerned about their health and safety at sea border enthusiasm really that people really the injury interested I think this alleged, almost eight and ten Americans really really paying close attention and with voters, are across the country, many of whom deal at home or largely at home during this ten year making It probably come back as we hadn t. The ball in the second weighting of votes are going to be too this election. What is interesting, you do have a majority of voters still approving the president's handling of the economy. Albums does be a top priority issue for voters. It was the thing in twenty. Sixteen it allowed republican voters to overlook what
other issues. They may have had a great triumph, but but its into Interesting to see whether that that remains to be the kings this year. Yeah that NBC Paul actually had slipped on the economy said that they'd like job. I, the economy, even better stay pornography. If you look at the Top line number here about how the country is feeling about the way things are going on the NBC Paul. Seventy two percent of Americans think we're on the wrong track. Seventy two only nineteen percent believe the country is on the right track, nine nineteen percent. You can see why, because of corona virus, because of what their seeing in some cases in the streets of the country. How does this president recover from a number like that? You look back through history. As I know, you do through poles we see a present reelected with nineteen percent right track, number were again:
restart getting back to nineteen. Ninety two: when you know the economy took centre stage and near the change message, really to call you know four billion, so again, that's where you start to see the comparison the numbers are showing that really do underscore. How much of this law point led for by nor the numbers we're talking about here, really how much it is driven by Donald Trump, it's there. Track wrong track number. It's that overall job approval number of President Trump right now, it's corona virus and race relations. The two issues that are really taken centre stage in the last two: and he has just the terribly terribly negative numbers on both of those questions. Any you just showed the economy and our pole he's doing quite well on, but what that's? Not? What to driving the conversation? not seem to be with driving people to vote right now there was a question in our poll. We asked both. Basically you know, would you be open to supporting trump? Would you be open to supporting by fifty percent exactly half
deeper sense. They are closed to voting for Donald Trump they're, not going to there's no circumstance they're going to provide them, was thirty, seven it? What right. You me I'm throwing all these different numbers out there. What striking to me is when we did the basically the per we'll popularity question the pause, you d have a positive go to view the candidates, Biden Do that? Well, was underwater, there's, not theirs. Our pull at least there's, not his groundswell of great popularity and appeal to Joe Biden. It really those negatives for Trump as the incumbent president that really seem to be driving this. Frankly, I look at those positive negative providing I say the fact that he's not that visible right now, clearly working in its favour. Yeah, Absolutely. I think the basement approach, which Trump makes fun of actually focuses. His message focuses his empathy focuses the fact that he knows is talking about, and there aren't these distractions of him out in crowds. You know having a good time with me.
That often like get misunderstood, trying to connect with people too much. It really does put him on a different level optically for those who may be dont know him who are seeing him for the first time and comparing that visual to tromp, it's very helpful. Now it's the latest with the corona, more specifically looking at Florida, which is a huge worry hospitals, are struggling with shortages of I see you beds. Can you believe this yesterday? The state hit the mark of more than three hundred thousand covert nineteen cases reported since the start of the pandemic. According to the agency for Healthcare administration, fifty four hospitals in Florida now have zero beds available in their intensive care units,
Forty hospitals have less than ten percent available capacity in their icy use in Miami Dade. One of the states top hotspots and most populous county ten of the hospitals there reported oh available, I see you bets. On Tuesday, the state recorded a hundred and thirty three deaths marking its second deadliest day. Since the start of the pandemic, let's bring in Mayor Carlos and as of highly Florida mayor? Thank you very much for being here with us this morning. I guess first of all tell us what you need What is happening where you are, and what are the numbers tell what are they telling you about the weeks ahead, situation of knowledge continue eyes about baby base. Reaching that maximum capacity, we need all the help we can get from the state,
I mean. I think we will be there behind there's been mixed messages from the state level reading in the same page I approve of the public Now we are seeing what's happening, so we have come together and work together, because, obviously, how about a level, there has been very little communication, my city, which is the second largest city, maybe the six largest sir. The state of law. We can gather since the beginning of this again, that is Now where are the negro. Dire need. We are months into this pandemic and Florida House
was in the Miami area are in dire need; they don't have bags, they don't have capacity. Mr Mayer, it is very clear if you look at the science that this could have been mitigated. That we don't need to be here, so is that what it was the leadership, the mixed messaging that is put Miami and this dire situation, and if so, can you please right now make a plea to your people as to what exactly they should be doing so. We can mitigate this virus we are responsible. Not I mean we take here. We all you were mascot public places. We should all We are respecting social. Something we should all be watching closely. That's me We should be set up and down and instead to the state were mass
No, it's not that serious and local measures might be taken not to come together and try together come up with something Marcella really what again very little support at the state accounting level. So that's what you're saying this mixed messages are really really. I think this is the main cause why we are in the situation. May I end as its Willie guys things were being on this morning we ve been reporting about the icy you bed shortage in hospitals across Florida, particularly in South Florida. What are the hospitals? Look like this morning in your city, where you Goin days a week, we We really needs whether with everyday of numbers are going out
and now more action. We do need more help on this day. We do need more help and the federal government Mayor Carlos Hernandez. Thank you very much for being on the show. We're praying for the people in the Miami area and for Florida, still I had a morning Joe, a major hack targets more than a dozen high profile twitter accounts in loading, Barack Obama and Joe Biden to Social the aside says it was likely a quote: coordinated social engineering attack we'll talk about the implications of that, especially with the elections coming, you're watching morning. Job will be right back
if you run a business, you have questions right now. So what exactly does the new normal me? How can I help my employees feel safe when they come back to the office? I have a small business. How can I get somebody to help me right now? That's why sales force created worked out come to give business the plan to reopen safely and be for the next normal, let's and business in the business of carrying together. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Join a conversation at work. Tat come to learn more untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new epochs
every Monday, Wednesday Thursday subscribed. Now we are learning a lot more about a major security breaches. Twitter dozens of high profile accounts, including those at Joe. And brought Obama Bill Gates and Elon Musk were hacked yesterday afternoon. For more than two hours. The hackers posted similar tweet scamming users to send crypto currency to a Bitcoin address which man to receive more than a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. Twitter remove the tweet, shortly after being posted the site also temporarily shut down verified accounts like the national, whether service, which was signed and stirring a tornado watch in Illinois. Last night twitter released a statement waiting in part. We detected what we believe to be a court added social engineering attack by people whose successfully targeted
some of our employees with access to internal system and tools we're looking at what other malicious activity they may have conducted information they may have access and will share more as we have it. They were able to respond so quickly. There I said it was aware of the incident. Let's bring informed FBI, special agent and Emerson BC, contributor, Clint, wads client I go the election, and I worry talk to us about what You can tell us what this means, I'm sure you make me everybody the sodden former bicycle The Joe binds Twitter account. You know hanging over former President Obama, I'm what, if this election day, it's all time scale. So imagine this attack has pulled off the day before the day of the election. Information about pulling places or smears or are one of the candidates. This is
a natural thing to worry about, and I'm sure this has been on the mind of everyone that tried to defend the election. Even worse, you're, a mainstream media outlets. Doing reporting on both counts, just think of it occasions here right what if someone puts out false remote totals or someone want or didn't one from an official account, it would send country into chaos, trying to convince people what the actual woke, how it be. So major you no major attack in some ways. The silver lining to this is that it happened. So far are the election that Twitter now. Has the ability to can investigate this and prepare for that election day, or so they get stops at the like this from happening again It's really so, let's take a step back here. What exactly happened? I know it's still early it's less than twenty four hours ago, but how could someone sees so much control of such prominent twitter account and could they do it for Facebook? Obviously, that that we face book was used heavily in two thousand sixteen. They knew it on all these other apps, where people are getting there
Mason around politics and getting information that will inform votes or perhaps change them will agree. Ocean and Super Morton, because usually what we see is one individual persons I count will get hacked. Usually they lose control of that kind. This was Mary clear from the start that something at the inside of twitter had been broken into, and so, if they their power to get in there and take over the internal controls. The question is: is it some sort insider attack, or is it something we're They gained access to twitter systems and may explain why Twitter was enabled to quickly and nimbly remove their content so, as you look forward at a as we watch this sort of play out. The question be as how Quicken Twitter respond, how they keep control of it. No thing Twitter that we often times forget compared to the other social media platforms. Is it has a largest region the world for news? information at all I rely on it. Everybody relies on it now press uses. It is a deeply
tool is a way to get out his message just yesterday. He tweeted in Farsi for the first time to around trying to connect with the iranian people? Imagine if one of those tweets and unchanged just a little bit, maybe hinting Military action, it really wasn't occur and you could trigger all sorts of events down the rather can be very devastating. So I think, thing here is twitter, I'm sure, as Morgan around the clock to get on top of this. We just had viral basically for election day, and we should also remember that, no matter what the scam is, one percent of the of the one person was still click on something or was skills and Bitcoin scam still raise a hundred and fifteen thousand, or whatever make it said, in the beginning? That just shows that people do fall for these things on scale, so clear,
Are you confident that this was in fact just a bitcoin scam? I've heard some speculation that this could have been a test drive for someone, as you say, for the election to see how many people they could get to how much they could shut down twitter. How much chaos they could create if not a test DR could some other operation be looking at this insane boy. We could really disrupt things here, Well, it's always possible that this actually could have been some sort of divergent ray. You conduct some of this attack to see if you can get in the systems, but maybe you drop out somewhere else. Are you stay inside a system and wait to use it at another point? It was a little bit. Yes and mostly accounts- were accompanies and celebrities, but of the politicians. It was decisively on the political left sort aside. So there is a little bit curious in terms of targeting could mean something could mean nothing. I think when we look at it. Twitter is going to have to really really lock this down and looked through all these scenarios. I don't think this is,
probably some sort of subterfuge behind the scenes, but it could be really. Got to know and whole idea. These attacks is to get some sort of placement inside systems so working in that system and then springing it later We all need to be worried about, I think, for us, on the public and in the media. We need always be kindness it and what we see from these platforms and how much we react to it, Steve Chronology some comments yesterday about this, having the place to yourself, I'm worried about how this could be. One of these surprises before the election. What we're your thoughts when you heard this story ya, think main thought was wow it's. So I guess it's a lot easier than I would have thought to get into some of those accounts. You know I I I guess I have maybe a woman's perspective on this, where I just kind of assumed, if, if it's Barack Obama's account, if it's Joe executive. If somebody of that stature somebody that province, there must be no
thousand extra where's of security around it or something. I guess just that the fact in, unlike clinic saying the fact that its not just one person that it was this. This assortment of ink credibly high profile people all at once to me, was just a diminution why no idea how they did it or anything, but just a demonstration that apparently it is a lot less difficult and I it was to get at the most prominent accounts on their absolutely Eve Cornell you thank you very much, Clint Watts. Thank you as well and coming up this the present his daughter, it vanka tromp, urged America's online thirty million unemployed workers to quote find something new our next guest, all set, let them cake economics and says Marie Antoinette could hardly have done better at loose The financial times joins us what this latest column next on.
When in hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy. In our conversation now for free wherever you down your pot casts the list of retailers now requiring all customers to wear face coverings is growing the latest to jump behind. That move is the nations largest retailer Walmart and the country's largest supermarket chains Kroger. Both Chrome Walmart requirements go into effect next week, other Please mandating mass include best, buy costs, an apple stores, alibi, I'm a governor K. Ivy issued statewide mass water yesterday, as that state continues to see an increase in corona virus cases in hospitalizations the orders. To go into effect this evening.
Run until at least July thirty First says: Albanians must wear masks when within six feet of a person other household, in an indoor face open to the public in a vehicle operated by train protection service like over or in an outdoor public space. We're ten or more people are gather governor. He also saying yesterday of em is hospital? I see you are seeing overwhelming number of patients last week. Eighty seven percent of those beds were full but in neighbouring Georgia. The governor Brian Camp has extended his states corona virus restrictions, but explicitly band cities and counties from adopting rules that require face masks. Despite cases, spiking Georgia Governor camps executive order encourage face coverings right then mandating them governor camps Such a move would be quote a bridge too far and that it would be an enforceable mecca.
Running us now is morning Joe chief medical correspondent, Dr Dave Campbell and Dr Dave you're. Looking at South Florida, the hotspot Covid nineteen cases increasing and you're looking specifically at hospital capacity and government regulations. What are you finding I'm not just looking at it, I'm living in it and working in it and I'll, tell you that the hospital capacity continue to increase and it is unclear from Miami Slow we better and Brower County slightly, better and Palm Beach county. I've heard all week from the. Acts of memorial, health system, the ceo, the head of trauma. Local care, a Jackson, see No great news,
is coming out of all of the data that we see their hospital is continuing to increase. The ice Hughes are are essentially full, although all of these activities that happened around the hospital. It's important to remember that the doctors and the ministers have some impact on how things are going, so patients can be elected. Stuff can be delayed she can be moved around. Elective admissions can be put on, but either way Miami is bus, at the seams, and that's continue to increase all the time? All that time Mika, we started the state wide mandate that I'm aware of her face masks. We still have mixed messaging coming out of our government. And even our governor and I've been hesitant to criticise thus far, but even our governor this week set on a talk,
Radio Programme out of public county that that he would have essentially no concern for sending his children to school. If they were of school age in which they are not, and I find that to be perhaps the most free meaning blindness to the science as it is, we are surging the number or bulging at the seams hospitals patients are increasing ice use are starting to fill up and every actor in the state is addressed this by chain during their there be eight years as it relates to impatient hospitalizations maker, all right. So let's try and get some hopeful news, and here there is talk about. You- know the race to a vaccine. I'll put it in, contacts and say that we're still months away. This is a lot of steps away from being open to the public and many will die,
I between now and then, if mitigation efforts are not put in place big time. But having said that, what's the hope that we're looking at Maxine. Hope is perhaps the brightest light of the weak, but it is a light that is at the Inn this long tunnel, as you say it's like, the sheer next year, even the year after the company that first started test in humans. Madeira has come out now with the early. The test results with forty five patients that we're looked at If a series of two different in injections of the vaccine, and their finding some optimism in the number of Anna bodies that are created and the side effects that are being from the vaccine. There were some side effects in the higher doses of the vaccine in the group that was receiving the van
seen for the second time, but even the serious side effects I see in a lot of people, see as relatively acceptable for now things like sore Tiredness muscle paint the fact that some of the patients developed the fever has however, raised concerns when the larger group the face retrial of about thirty thousand patients will be views, and these are gonna, be volunteers, not patients, volunteers. Some of them will be older. So the fact that the vaccine is mounting a significant response against the virus, but in Doing is causing fee and some individuals will keep the scientists with their eyes sharply focused on Concerns for safety right doktor Day,
well. Thank you very much. Let's bringing the president, the Florida Ambulance Association, Terence, ran the tar Terence Good morning. Thank you for being with us, so I remember, and a lot of new Yorkers will remember through March and April, the sounds of New York see almost uninterrupted the ambulance sire. Wailing through the streets. What is it like in Florida right now? How busy are you a good morning? thanks for having me on, so we are Seeing what has played out in New York, whereas played out in Houston, beginning to take shape here and the state of Florida. Cross. A state of war or email services operate within these nine, when one systems. We're seeing uptake in those known one calls we're working at a very high pace. Where else seeing some delays in hospitals being able accept our patients. So our systems across the state Orlando Miami county Tampa are all exe
in saying this phenomenon. You seen Terence shortages in p p. What do you need? What are your drivers and what your health care professionals need right now? Well, you know thanks for asking about one of our one of our issues. Early on was was BP and that has gotten sob. We are concerned about our ability to keep up with the expenses of The covered nineteen pandemic unwanted. Thus they I'm your services. So our biggest concern- and is being able to take care of our services financially. So let me tell you what I mean by that part of what we are seeing in this Denmark is a ship where are now call my one not only for transport to the hospital, but just for medical care alone. The some of them way to go to the hospital, some of afraid, to go to a clinic because they think they'll get covered their so they're, using our paramedics, poor treatment without transport and that they figure that out later. But we do not get reimbursed for those
So those are. Those are the one of these items as we go through the pandemic that were concerned. About that's, bringing our email services to acquaintance an old financially you know These people are heroes. Your paramedics often they don't get that recognition, that put selves out there, they are in danger and as you so currently pointed out that then you guys need help. And back up one of the most kind of impact for things that Joe Biden says in his campaign. Is that this didn't need to happen, and yet we are here again which is impossible to believe, but we are here again in a situation that could have been mitigated How are your paramedics doing emotionally handling the hours and
so the crises that their consistently confronting everyday are our first responders get up in their walk into the fire? So we think about them. We we pay for them. We make sure there take. However, they have what they need, but what we are seeing here is an increase in the number of paramedics and noon that need to be nineteen for safety reasons, because I've been exposed to that's really taking it had on our workforce. So we are, We are looking at ways to reduce that that stress. In addition to that, you know, as the state begins reopened in schools begin to reopen. Are our paramedics and their families are quite concerned about? What's gonna happen here in the next couple weeks, then they have the added stress of what's going on at work, and then you can, home, having that stressed nominally worried about whether they're going to break the virus into their household and in fact their families, but they are concerned about the future ahead, so we ve been very supportive of them. We asked what
in to consider their needs as they can continue to legislate and and bring some relief, but there there their needs are top mud. President of the Florida Ambulance Association. Terence round the tower. Thank him and thank you to your paramedics for what they do every day. We hope Washington here is. You can keep very much everyone, its Willie guys thanks for listening now, I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about. As we look to launch new podcast text podcast to six six, eight, six, six and we'll text you a link to a short serve it again, text the word podcast to six six, eight, six, six standard text, messaging rates, apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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