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Trump turns Rose Garden presser into campaign rant, claiming Biden aims to "abolish the suburbs." The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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things that nobody is even contemplated, thought about third possible and things did get done and we have gotten down we started in most cases were taken on so many aspects of things You'Ll- see levels of detail. And you'll see levels of thought that a lot of people, Very strongly we didn't have in this country we're going to get things done, we'll get things done that wanted to see done. For a long long time. So I think we'll start some time on Tuesday. It'll get better starting some time on Tuesday, ok, good, more and welcome to morning Joe it is Friday July. Seventeenth Joe, is off this morning along Willie in May. We have I'm busy in national affairs analyse co host of show times the circus and executive editor of the Recount John. I omen
MSNBC political analysts and former chairman of the Republican National Committee might steel and our aid to the George, W Bush White House and state departments, at least Jordan is with us this morning. There is a lot going on this Friday morning, new reporting from hacker. That hackers from Russia's intelligence services are trying steel, corona virus back, seeing research from the United States, the UK in Canada, president tromp use the White House as a backdrop for another. Can pain style speech, thing on the important issues facing the country like water pressure out of showerheads and light bulbs. Yet it happened again, little Rachel miss Pepperdine as well and with care virus infections on the rise. More and more. U S. Retailers are starting to require masks inside stores and a growing
Member states are issuing mandatory mask policies, except for public and Governor Brian Camp of Georgia, who has started, legal fight with the city of Atlanta over its mask mandate. What is that about cases surging in Florida. Republican party We have decided to scale back next month's convention, the convey given that the president made a big show of moving from carolina because it would have been scaled back there. Ok, all we away as the: U S heads another single day record for corona virus cases. There are numbers that our surging across the country Willie, and that's why you see all these concerns about the convention about schools. Nearly seventy three thousand new infections were reported yesterday, breaking the law
be single day record in the United States of seventy one thousand reported ten days ago. Seven of the last ten days have been among the worst in terms of new cases since the star the pandemic? The state of Florida reporting to its highest number of deaths and hospitalizations in a single day. Four hundred ninety five people were hospitalized according to state data release. Yesterday, while one hundred fifty six p died. The most deaths This July, first for officials also reported nearly one in three children tested in Florida has come up positive for the virus officials, one children may show little to no in the long term, effects remain unknown factors in South Korea to say their running out of the drugs when Desert Veer, which has proven effective at treating the virus. However, there is no shortage here in the United States. The Trump administration stockpiled the drug earlier this month. In fact, european both have slammed the United States for hoarding nearly the entire global supply. Yet this
said no in Florida reports that South Florida doctors now are being forced to decide who gets it and who does not floor disgust said yesterday. He has asked the vice president to replenish. Florida supply senator, mockery, Rubio tweeted, this shipment, coordinated by the federal government, and we have it disconnect between what they think we need. An We really need working hard to solve this one immediately so make it. They have room desert here. This country has it it's just not getting to the places where it is needed most. Thick. There are so many problems in Florida with testing and delays in terms of results, and there is absolutely no contact tracing and you can't get your test results back. And the right amount of time there is one. Public, who is sharply criticising the president, has no problem standing up in defence, of science and in defence of his people, and that is governor Larry Hogan of Maryland to issue a criticized the president's handling of the corona virus,
pandemic and a new peace for the wash imposed entitled fighting alone hoagie. Explains in the USA, how the federal government left him with nowhere else, to turn, so he relied on his wife. You me who born and raised in South Korea to help to help a the breaches of half a million corona virus test. Kids from that country, Can you imagine this? He writes on this I'd watch the president downplayed the outbreak sincerity and as the White House, the issue? Public warnings drop a fifty states strategy or dispatch medical gear, lifesaving ventilators from the national stockpile to a man can hospitals. Eventually, it was clear that waiting around for the president to run the nations response was hopeless, If we delay any longer we'd be condemning more of our citizens to suffering and death, so every
and I went their own way, which is how the united its ended up with such a patchwork response. It was hopeless waiting around for President Trump Card, we're being told that we were on our own. It was saying swim- and if I didn't do thing. Dramatic, we simply would not have come to having enough tests in Maryland, so many nationwide actions could have been taken in those early days but weren't while other countries. Or racing ahead with well coordinated testing regimes. The trumpet restoration, bungled, the effort and John Harmon. They bungled the testing efforts, beyond description. I mean there are still problems with testing today. There is no excuse for this, and you can put this on. Every level of this pandemic when it comes the mitigation response. Had we done it likes their countries. We would not be where we are now, this did not have to happen. The Trump
response was so botched. He made it worse instead of better, What do you think it Larry Hogan stepping up? I take it. Scott political aspirations, but still in this climate, its tougher publicans tests to stand up to the president you're good morning, meagre power you it's! I think there is a lot to say about it. I think first of others couple things, one third of the substance of it. There is the politics of it. I think you know this since we know that the universal reaction, I think, what we cover hugging as expressing their something that if you talk to Governors Democratic Republic, getting, I think, over the course the pandemic. I was trying to count this up yesterday, my head. I think I may be of talk to twelve or thirteen governors Democrats and Republicans over the course of the last few months while dissolving unfolding, and it's been unit unanimous right Democrats, Republicans
matter what party or- and they all have expressed the same sentiments that Governor Hoagie did only they Expressmen and they were there every incredible frustration with the lack of leadership and credible frustration with the drum ministration in the sense that that dawning early on that Where's were on their own present. Provocation would say we try to basically say I'm in charge. I have all the power and then say when it looked like, it was easier to shift the blame to governance, Ebay like not at all the states, so the governors gotten security, and I think the interesting question is that you saw, This was not strictly on party lines. You saw governors like other Hogan governor to Wine Governor Baker. She's, it's three Republicans who basically said you know we're going to court They go off and get done what we need to get done. We're not gonna, followed on from lead, and they basically did a pretty good. Job for their states, Marilyn, Ohio and an that's choose its and then a lot. Oh, cried governs, obviously did the same thing. Then you have these other people and governors one of them you mentioned earlier Governor CAP governor descent
the governor Abbot governor, do see in Arizona implored in or in in didn't Florida Texas in Arizona in that order who I say this out of you know, even though trumps not helping us we're gonna, take our cue from as an tropic terms. What we're gonna do a policy, and you see the scale of the disaster now in those four states in Georgia, Texas, four Florida Arizona. That's the dividing line they ve all been basically on their own and had been left to make a choice. Do I although the president's we'd, without his real help, or do I not while the presence led without his real help in the clear right now the verdict is in. If you ve decided to follow prison, trumps we'd your state right now is a catastrophe. If you decided to go on your own and not fallen busily they just do. It was the right thing for your citizens, your state, as in a pretty decent place, and I think there is Some lessons are. There should be some lessons if anybody has a brain in their head in the Republican Party about That is played out if you're paying attention to the real
here, both on the politics and the public policy. That message is pretty clear: point about what the right thing to do going forward? As will see, if he's republic governors get that message, Michael Steel, former lieutenant governor of the State of Maryland, I remind everyone, as we have this conversation, survey, cayley makin, any the White House Press secretary, said quote the President's historic cobra response speaks for itself, to which many Africans and many governor say your darn right. It does speak for itself. This was early days as Larry Hogan Rights when these governors, scrambling having his wife. You may call friends in South Korea to get doses to get testing to The mayor of New York City, initiate his own testing programme by talking to a company in the state of Indiana. It was a mad scramble and the problem, Michael,
seems to me is that it never got better. You could say ok in March this was a scramble. We didn't know what was going on. We have to sort through this all its now MID July and there still no federal programme to go after this since there is no national testing, there's no programmes that have been calling for since February, we where we were when this thing began. On the federal level we That is the problem that reflected for the President in Poland. That is the problem reflected for the president in states like Florida, which politically our important for the presents reelection chances, but I think the more important peace here is what Governor Hogan did lay out an indictment against this President representation representing the voices of the governors within the governors, the net governors, association
you know you're telling us, Mr President, that we're on our own here, but that's not How this system is built, and so the president effectively deconstructed this analysed order of things. If you well in how governors would come to work, with administration with any administration. At a time of national crisis, saw the having thrown all that aside and governance I governor dissenters and camp following the president's leave now find themselves picking a pieces that they can barely hold onto. It is harder now to pieces, other solution, without the full throated operational, rising of the defence Authorization ACT, for example, which we allowed these governors to have him is a lot of other things. You're talking about so the president has made has now made this bed the line and politically governors are finding themselves, haven't a line to and as we are seeing from
words to Florida, their squirming, because it is a very uncomfortable and the voters, whether there on the ballot now or not, will not forget who they helped what lies they say and what they did. It Tom of national crisis for their states, absolute lay I mean if someone were explaining it to the president. Perhaps they could put it in time hotel speak there's an x. Adaptation of a certain amount of service, of course, in some hotels there might be bedbugs, but in a hotel has really good service, there's an expectation of that for the mare in people there's an x, dictation, that the president of the government of organised prepared and been ready to prevent death and to mitigate this virus, and they just terrible service horrible and it's almost fixable. At this point, this virus is running rampant across the country testing is
working as it should be, it isn't even dare where it needs to be. There aren't results when people need the contact tracing isn't happening. These are things should be in our rearview mirror. This is horrible service and a mad another record day of corona virus cases. President from spoke again Why TAT S growlings, you know we can others, rallies. So he's doing it of lighthouse remarks that we're and build on the builders being Deregulation turned into another campaign style speech, President Trump warning that Democrats, and specifically Joe Biden, want to ruin. American suburbs, entire economy. Very way of life are threatened by binding lands to transform our nation and subjugate the outcome It is through the blunt force instrument of federal reg
nation at a level that you haven't even seen. The Democrats Do you see I've been in want to at a much higher level, abolish our beautiful and successful suburbs by play, in far left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning decisions, your home we'll go down in value and crime rates will rapidly rise. Joe by. It is bosses from the radical left want to significantly multiply what they are doing now and what the end result is? You will totally destroy the beautiful suburbs, wow well ok, Michael Stale, aside from the fact that he is now only able to speak in places where people are forced to clap for him when he comes out to the stage which is pathetic, bud
what the heck was saying. Is he saying what I think he was saying? Can you please translate there's no translation there because it was a nonsensical rambling musing of of whatever is in the mind. I mean that know the idea that you know you ve got people who are going to take down the suburbs that you now housing stock is, is going to implode. Well that flies in the ace of other reports that are coming out this week, that shows that, in terms of of I'm going out and buy homes that actually is increasing peeped out, beginning to turn to some pre covered. Ninety levels. Interest rates, are the lowest they ban since the nineteen fifty six, so the reality of it is the president. Has this so the Stapi in view of the world that he wants to project our politically
hoping that it will generate within the suburban community, where he's, quite frankly, having some problems, this this fear you know these washing the bureaucrats under the guise of Joe Joe Biden, will come into. Neighborhoods in their communities and destroy them. We This is crazy talk we know This is a president who is standing on the White House lined with trucks behind him, a shilling like in it a tv commercial but the reality. The other is that's not gonna undo. Has been done on Corbett, nineteen. What is done in dealing with the the flattening of the economy and what's been done in the civil rights space. With respect to the death of a George Floyd, these three factors, Oh wait around his political ankles that he cannot get away from no matter what backdrop he puts on the White House. Lawn people woke up this morning with more deaths more cases of corona virus and
policy to effectively effectively to deal with any of it At least Jordan. People may hear the presidency destroy the suburbs, abolish the suburbs. What the heck is even talking about he's talking about something very specific he's talking about a point, the abandonment of in two thousand fifteen establish this fair housing rule and he wants to get rid of it, start openly he's tweeted about getting rid of. This is to end racial discrimination in housing. So the signal flare he's throwing up to people. Suburbs is be careful, people may be into your neighborhoods. Don't worry, I will protect you from that. Joe Biden will not. He wants to abolish the suburbs and, as the president said, and the american way of life, it's a very very your signal he sending Donald is trying at this moment to lead the country backwards. You look it
we're having this historic reckoning on race in the country. A second civil rights movement really and Donald Trump is advocating against spare housing practices. You see this was in it ministration, where he's just so out of step with the tenor and the mood of the country and how that reflected in poles, not just in the countries? I surprising support for black, like matter black lives matters. Protests in that's been really reassuring to see how the country is moving forward on race, but then you see how its affecting here. Electoral fortunes and its funding
at this moment he's ranging against federal bureaucrats. When you know there are a lot of communities around the country right now that probably wish that there were some federal bureaucrats, they were actually doing something tangible in their local communities to help in combating the corona virus pandemic and yet done trump keeps putting his faith in that his rhetoric that is empty hall Rhetoric is actually going to solve a virus that is hard finally spreading at a rapid pace outside pretty much everywhere, except the city. So, as president yesterday. I spoke about this Obama. Arab, fair housing rule that was implemented in two thousand fifteen. He earned a fact, checks of all places. Fox news by A computer. Do you want I am not one of the things he said that no president, his Scott Regulations, as much as he has
it is true, I'd I'd thinking, Maya miss characterize the regulations. Were added under Morocco Mama they were largely financial related. You might recall we, this legal financial meltdown and much of the regulations were mere to preventing from ever investing in things like risky more securities pulling them selling them off. That tended to be really the scourge of that entire period, so more than have the regulations. The Obama administration headed we're up that bent posts. The meltdown. Another quick point when the president, operators to the horrible results, but not put that word and there were the disappointing results of the prior administration for adding those regulations. Be that as it may, the unemployment rate did under Barack Obama, go down from ten percent to around four point seven percent. President proper court sent that even low eventually getting us down around three and a half percent unemployment
but I didn't want to leave you with the impression during those eight years, one Obama first came into office and we were bleeding about a million jobs a month that that was a standard, fair, that characterize the whole years they that recovery itself might have been weak, but we were coming off gonna want meltdown. So again, both presidents concern the girl about the growth that they saw. But it was not a disaster underground, Obama. Not only did the DOW essentially apple during his tenure, but there wanna call the increase, regulations and and other things police financial companies. The band of our existence, those companies it very well and very, very well so I want to put, In sum, in some context here,. Sir John Holman. That's Neeoka Cavuto financial reporter who spent his career, covering
economy on Fox news dumping out of the president's speech to make a fact check there about the financial regulations put in place by the Obama administration. But if you look more broadly JANET that event yesterday with its alarm staging the present had a red pickup truck signify. His administration, a blue, pickup truck weighed down by regulation on the other side signify the Obama administration it got to the larger question we ve been talking about for a couple weeks, and that is the president and his campaign finding a coherent argument against Biden is deregulation. Now again, gonna be at the centre of his argument. Here it seems he pick something different every day, while the subtlety trucks Willie? I think those who now there are staging very subtle messaging, that's going on there. Go back. I think the answer those to go back to the point you may you got like you're right in the zone on your on what you have been talking about guys want to build a more blunt about it. Right suburbs,
it was white and and and the president the presence campaign in a state of met, isn't stated melt down right now. We're talking to show last couple days about the broad personnel situation really running that campaign. Right now you know Jared Cushion- or, I think is really running. The campaign kind of has always been running the campaign, but you know a few more before election day, the campaign that innovation that that should have been utilised most presidents presidency know have they have home their political teen, the one that got them into office they spend time than in the oval office. They been building a reelection war chest they been getting. Their team in fact took typical finally tune race car right so that by the time we get to the to the last, that's the last term which is where we are right now, with the risk in this campaign. They there there. You know fire right and when peddled to the metal this cars is, is breaking down its requiring MT. I want to stress the metaphor, but you know that the whole thing's amass right. So the campaigns
down there showing in pulling that shows that he is bleeding out in the suburbs practice trouble. What's that unearthed understands how dire his political situation has said, the words all seasons, suburban, lost these upbringing, these battleground states and says I gonna fix my situation with the suburbs suburbs equals white. Played a race card in the way that in such a way that he often does, which is like a white people. If you want, if you vote for Joe Biden, you're gonna get a bunch of black people having to show up in your neighborhoods. This is like standard. Nineteen seventies, Wallace, Dixon Fair. We made those comparisons before in the past, but not seen anything. Quite this blatant and- and so that's that's the card that he's playing, and I think that you know it goes back to your point which is his problem, is that an even trump miss it every time he talks about Joe Biden. He asked a basically say: well Joe Biden, not radical way, Many literally says those words. I know he's not radical left, but he's control by the radical left here
part of the radical lack of seas really running the campaign was with wars during the campaign. Black lives matters really running the campaign, but the fact is that Joe is the worst possible proponent per Donald Trump, because he is not someone that trunk paint easily as the other. That is what Trump wants to do, and Joe Biden who is another septuagenarian, culturally conservative white guy is just a very difficult opponent broke out. To get a bead on, which is why you have these kind of code. It almost subtle but not particularly effective kind of campaign events and where the seat I think go in for because they still don't have a pebble way of handling Joe Biden that the President feel comfortable with, and you see it every time they do one of these events. This was just another example: one hundred percent next we'll talk to the chief medical officer of the University of Miami Health system about the issues facing South Florida from staffing and hospital capacity to pay.
About drugs short, it is, it is a mess. Their plus the legal showed in Georgia after the governor fight, a lawsuit to block Santa mandating the use of face, masks you're watching in jail, we'll be right back untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what's at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become
episodes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday subscribed now I'd, say back in May. These spokeswoman for Governor Rhonda Santas slammed the Orlando Sentinel, another media outlets, that reported the modeling from the University of Washington that showed Florida could hit four thousand ass by August? Fourth, she tweeted at the time quote this alarmist headline mimics thee, Rony as headlines of the recent past that were based on models that were wrong. Are we know that, if anything, the model under counted the number of deaths, four thousand, more predictable I guess yet. The state is now at nearly forty. Eight hundred, and it is We shall seventeenth. The leadership in Florida has just been astoundingly bad joining
now chief medical officer at the University of Miami and Hospital in clinics associate professor of Paul mythology and critical care doctor too near a Ferreira doctrine update us on what is happening in Florida in your area, in your hospitals, in terms of the effort to help corona Respiration- is the number of patients testing and the equipment needed to help them short. Thank you good morning. Thank you for having me look. The situation is very dire indecision Instead, we have been preparing since January. We have never stopped me. There is a very comprehensive when the plan is very slow it, but that is the truth of the matter. Is the situation is different now, because, back in March and April, we stop him if surgeries and were able to report personnel for us to be able to have different stages of this very comprehensive search plan. The difference now
that all the systems and houses are full back in capacity in terms of doing elected procedures trial. Common date- is like running to hospitals in one the Corbett, hostile and unknown covert, hostile, obviously in our system, because you have a large academic centre, as I said, and be prepared since Jerry and adapting the planning as the situation evolves. We literally running hospitals in one we separated the cool with us, side from the non covered size. We can continue to care for their patience, but obviously were meeting other large systems and hospitals in everybody. So the same dilemma situation, which is personnel because the staff as guinea, exhausted is Varick up, you know, intends the work that health system I mean we are forcing because we prepare, we have number that's number of gentility ventilation, equipment and medication. However, it disappear you may not be the same as other centres and other horses which has very concerning for us. Look I'm in
It's a very challenging situation and at the horses we see the back end All we need is a unified message to simple things: for a very comprehensive situation which includes people have to prevent wearing a mask, practise Social distanced, avoid gathering, go and get past it you're, sick and look for health. You know care in the sense that, as we develop concentrations, it was all about seeing it as we develop more our or better treatment for the disease. You need to do the simple measures and we're not seen happening. That's why, these. Why is this situation Dyer so many months into this when this virus there are legitimate ways to mitigate this virus. Why? Why do we have a dire situation? Will I think locally here? What has helped as we knew what we're going to open up the city, and we have a very comprehensive plan for opening the city and do
stages that we're gonna see an increased number of cases, and what has happened is we all policy and their dearest to the plan, In terms of this simple measures that I just mentioned to you, which said during two amassed social distance hand, I Jane and actually avoiding Gary people just didn't follow in, I think In part III is because you are not listening to scientific message to prevent the virus has not changed, and doing those simple things you could potentially open. Sitting, but we need the public to adhere to it and we need a uniform message that really speak to the scientific evidence. Is not political is now racial. It is scientific for us, Every single lies matter, and we want to do better for the community budget. The community, also to help us up at the hospital. Doktor Ferenc Willie, guys very heavy on this morning. Talk to about what you would like to see from your governor flow. Would you like to see from politicians we ve talked about what people can do. They ought to wear their mass wash
there be a mandate on mass, should the shoe economy locked down again from your position, based on what you are seeing in your eyes, you use what should be happening on the state level, prevention and prevention. Follows what you just said, but has to be a unified message. People here, indifferent things and people are just start loss because there is a a tremendous amount of information people dont know what to follow were very close with the mayor and we work with them the plans if they were to be executed in a deer they'll. Be fantastic, however, would like to see The governor is one one, if a message in terms of adhering to mask yes, I'm a very appropriate a mandate of masks, social, stressing as well was up work, testing and a woman, see now is there is only one drug which is, after you prove that we are using, which is rent ass. If you would like to see the supply that drugs more available to horses and is not a comprehensive
We get those things in place. I think, would help a lot and a look of meaning we need to go back on the closure of you have opening of the sitting stages. We need to go back for the fourth of July. Beaches were closed. Now indoor space in the restaurant circles, but also, if we could promote the behaviour of people like dear to the simple things are, I think, would help tremendous, and we need the governor plea emphasised that other counter, the things tat are are you mentioned REM dead, severe their reports, and you just confirm them by what you said of shortages of that drug that can be used to treat, of course, coronavirus. The federal government bought a huge stockpile of it from Gilead and Yet states who need it. Hospitals that need it like you are. We have enough how critical is situation wire to able to get your hands on what you know, you need look coming. We
besides from designate because work and academic sent, you have a variety of other clinical trials that could be utilised, the clinical trials are said not to the third is yet there were utilizing the gas We are not getting off to drive the next supplies. Gonna come to light like decided. We have supply that is gonna run short soon we develop. A terrible weakened, utilise a drug appropriately, but certainly like to see more of the inability of that medication cause is the only one that, as I mentioned at the approved our chickens, officer at the University of Miami Hospitals and clinics doctor too near a fair era. Thank you very much for being on the show this morning and good luck to you we'll be praying for Florida. The rope book. A national committee plans to restrict attendance at next month's GEO convention due to concerns over the surge in covered nineteen cases in Florida, what is happening in North Carolina in a letter
many members are in sea chairwoman run out Omni Mcdaniel announced thence to admittance to conventions? Sites will be limited to delegates over the first three days and on the fourth and final lie when President Trump delivers his nomination, except in speech, delegates will be allowed bring one guest, an alternate, delicate It will also be able to attend the guy. Also wrote that they are in sea plans to use a mix of indoor an outdoor venues while implement a series of health protocol, such as on site temperature, Jackson having virus tests available President tromp moved the convention to Jacksonville last month after North Carolina democratic Governor Roy Cooper would not permit permit the aren't to host a full, fledged input, convention in Charlotte, amid the virus outbreak, so leads they pulled. From a swing state only to be back
Zactly where they would have been in terms of a scaled back convention in Florida and now Florida is a complete hot spots and they want to have a super spreader event in a hotspot, nice, a super sport that, let me explain what I mean. Do you really think the present president of the United States. This president, president Tromp, is gonna want a smattering of people around when he gets up to make us Where is he going to want to a roaring crowd? I can tell you now is not putting up with people. Social distanced and kind of not very many. He just won't, do it he'll freak out and meagre. It's almost like giving in to a toddler with his plans with his half baked scheme about these conventions. Like maybe, if some adults has shown leadership and said maybe
engine in Jacksonville Florida outdoors in the dead he of guess, which I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want to be sitting outside at that kind of event. In Florida in August, Is that such a good idea? Maybe we actually going to have to realistically assess the situation? hand using science, but now, instead, you see how there are you Cato. To download trumps winds and is going to stem alone and money they're having their essentially put on to conventions right now, and now there are going to be why, the man child desires as one way of putting it coming up the state of Georgia, Susan Atlanta, to foreign, a measure that the White House Task Force wants the entire state. To adopt a rule for mandatory face coverings, we'll digging
This legal battle. Next, a guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy in our conversation now, for three wherever you download. Your pot casts more than half of the states in this country now have issued mandatory mask requirements to help stop the spread of covert nineteen with Arkansas in Colorado the latest to join that growing list, but Georgia's report, Governor Brien Camp and his administration file the lawsuit seeking to block it later. From requiring residents to wear masks the lawsuit challenges. Atlanta, mayor kitchen, Lance bottoms decision to revert, phase one guidelines mandating masks in public places
governor camera. This. This lawsuit is on behalf of the Atlantic business owners in their hardworking employees who are struggling survive during these difficult times. Journeys now state attorney for Palm Beach County day Ehrenberg David to see this morning. Let's go one state north: they view into Georgia the governor going to court for this. You have the men Cities like Savannah in Rome and Augusta and, of course, Atlanta saying you gotta, wear mask and our city and the governor of going to court to say no, you don't have to wear masks. What's he up to here, WWW member, it was the most devious kind, a boat or suppression that got governor Camp elected. In the first place so we should be surprised that he's trying to politicize spend them now and when his neighbouring governor K, ivy of Alabama as issued a manageable mass quarter and when your policies are so regressive that they make Alabama look progressive and you got problem. I still think that the gun
has a leg up in the lawsuit, though, because it generally state orders can free at local orders that conflict with them, but here but sword unretarded territory. So I think that the Here's have a claim under there these powers to act in the public's health interests, to impose these mass orders, but it still not till about war governments in this area. I think, though, the governor is good embarrassed himself because he certainly lose in the port of public opinion, where most people support these orders but it would be a first time to humiliate himself because remember back in April, when he came out and said that you didn't know that asymptomatic people, could spread the virus. We all knew that ban also in April he tried to make a statement with the president by opening of Georgia. Before any other statehood open in hundred four in return, he got thrown under the boss by the President, who disagree with him
and so here is again doing the same thing, not learning his lesson and with his chin, but, unfortunately, the good people of Georgia. The suffer as a result, less a thing. Michael Steel there. I just the stupidity- is boundless here truly boundless, six have been determined to keep people safe? It is a legitimate and audible mitigation technique it even could be passed. Or to help businesses open up and revive the economy, we actually have uniform social distancing guidelines. Queues- and or of other measures, but since the government have have boxes so much since himself has there's so much. This now, as I dont know, desperately trying to get some attention from Donald Trump suing Sure bottoms. I mean why don't
Just hand Joe Biden, the presidency, in case your bottoms, the vice presidency, because what we are doing is highlighting that she is trying to save lives while these, what's the word, these idiots these areas, just wanna post against the mitigation measures that science some doctors that we're having these show was all shows shows that go on Fox, they all say now use, works, hands. The ties are works, social distancing works. Other countries have mitigated this virus and brought the numbers down, and these people want them members to go up why to make it bought a fork better. I think either to words that you use makers that operative here stupid and desperate and and
that is a dangerous combination, particularly in the hands of a governor who had doesn't have the competency to figure out that mass, save lives and that mass protests, when you're in the middle of a surge within your own stay there to make sure you don't lose control of that situation. What the mayor is doing it. All she is saying, is unmatched. Shutting down you business, I'm telling you can you can get You can't socialized to saying that you have to wear masts in order to produce yourselves in your community. So there is a political side of this too, and you put your finger on it at the end there, and that's what I want to ask Dave about that peace, that the politics this How how do? How do elected officials reckon because of two very important elected officials in this space at two, very often
conclusions as to how to safeguard the people in their community. How Should they be striking this balance, I mean yes, you can say well, we got a file, the science or now we got to follow the business community, but an illegitimate issues raised in both of those quarters. How did you do in your state in house, should elected officials across states be looking at this issue and you have such diametrically opposed views on how to protect people. This is about part. This is not about public safety once a month of president, clearly, he wants inherit the trumpets only the lives. This assured scans auspices them in Florida. Unfortunately, the governor is also playing off its with his pen and he's refuse issue mandatory mass quarter, although is as far as repealing the local ordinances, but still model for doing this right. You don't have to do it that way, you can be like government.
The wine in Ohio, who has a seventy five percent popularity rating. Does What's everyone to wear masks any refusal politicize this pandemic, but meanwhile in Florida you ve got no mandatory mass water. You got in order to open up all our schools next month. And you got a million doses of the John DOE Secure Queen, because the president recommended the drugs or the governor ordered it. So you better trunk trifecta, and I think it sad because we should all be looking at public safety instead of politics when it comes to this on trust. Added in our lifetimes pandemic, but sadly, the people in many red states are not doing the kind of protection from their government people in many blue state, and that should happen. I stayed attorney for on page candidate Ehrenberg. It's like we're talking in kindergartens, you coming this is so basic. Thank you for being on
Still I had migrant children who are at risk of being separated from their parents today get a temporary reprieve, and these is Jacob, so broad who's been following this story from the very beginning, and has selling book about it, joins us for this reporting we're back in just a moment. Everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now. I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text, podcast two hundred and sixty six eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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