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The Morning Joe panel discusses Trump's interview with Fox's Chris Wallace, including the president's brag about acing a brief screening test for Alzheimer's.

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and we have it under control. It's gonna be just fine. When you have fifteen people fifteen within a couple of days is gonna, be down to close to zero. That's a pretty good job. We ve done It would be very good with the corona virus. I think that at some point, That's going to sort of just disappear, I hope will be right eventually. Actually, yet I said it's going to disappear I'll say it again, but does not go. I did this. It has discredited I'll, be right. I don't think so right thanks. I you know why doesn't it described because I've been right- probably most anybody else We have a lot more of that coming up good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Monday July twentieth with us. We have Joe and why does report for the Associated Press, Jonathan, Le Maire and Beijing? Capitol Hill correspondent in a host of Casey DC on MSNBC on. They Nights, Casey, Hunt host of Emma,
this day is politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Dal, sharpen and politics. And journalism. Professor at Morgan, State University politics, editor, The route Jason Johnson, joins us this morning, wow Joe goddamn, it back that's great to be binding happen over the weekend I mean my gosh anything happened over the past two weeks ago. A quite a lot. I gotta say, though the lead in the Washington Post about the Chris Wallace Interview yesterday. Really laid out. In the end, the description by Philip brokering and Felicia Sonmez Tromp was visibly rattle, and at times hostile as he struggled to answer for his administrations, failure to contain the corona via switch, is claimed more than one hundred and thirty seven thousand lives in the United States and really, if you If you wanted to know what was going on maker in the
Wallace and Review and the impact that it was having and on top and the impact it sat on Donald trumps. Presidency since March, all you The dew was read on and see the Joe Biden Quoth the past six months. Proven again and again that its Donald Trump, who doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to covet nineteen when it comes to the crowd of virus. You can't believe a word. He said another very easy, civil. Ok, of course, that's what he's gonna say because he's running against Donald Trump for the presidency, but fortunately, four Republicans in the Senate and Donald Trump, the overwhelming number of Americans below but Joe Biden saying, don't believe we're done from seeing the same newspaper exert a growing Americans disapprove of prompt handling of the pandemic that New Washington
stay BC, news, pull that we're going. We don't have found that only thirty eight percent, only thirty eight percent approve of Donald Trump handling of the worst healthcare crisis, in over a century. Sixty percent disapprove vat is up, seven points and all you had was look at the president can view rattled angry, very Gatorade, ignorant of hand that has been with us since large, but Republicans are now saying republican Governor are now saying republican senators allow saying he's lost interest in it, he's ignorant when it comes to the basic facts of it and they ve, given up talking to the president,
the United States and many of them now just call MIKE pants, hoping that maybe he can do something for them, because Donald Trump is checked out when it comes to a pandemic that didn't kill him a hundred and forty thousand Americans and make a where I know we're talk about this to count But what is really angering republican senators right now who are in trouble is the fact that tromp is trying to continue to cut funding for tests and contact praising think at a time when our economy needs that the most? At a time when our small business owners on that the most at a time when our widely that the most of the time when restaurants me that the most at a time when school teachers need that the most he inside as he has since March, that this country continues to fly blind and the American
People have overwhelmingly turned against him and Fox NEWS, Poles and Washington postponed as an NBC News Wall Street Journal Poles in every Paul, that's out there well and because the american people are paying the price and its also just waiting to politics for three seconds? Why Joe Biden keep saying it didn't have to be this way because it didn't. It was worst weekends. Yet for a new cases, The corona virus in the United States according Nbc news date data the? U S, added more two hundred and six thousand new cases over the past three days, including a record. Seventy five thousand new cases on Friday, Indiana Kentucky Louisiana South Carolina. All broke their single day records for new infections. Yesterday and That interview with Fox NEWS is Chris Wallace Present interim report. It is long standing frustration with her.
Levels of testing across the country. Sir testing is thirty seven percent will literally. I understand cases Iraq, a hundred eighty four percent. It isn't just the testing is going up. It's that the virus has spread. The positivity right has incurred used their Lenny. I rose what many of those cases our young people that would heal in today they have the sniffles and we put it down as a test. Many of them don't forget, it's like ninety nine point: seven percent people are gonna, get better and in many cases they gonna get better very quickly we go out and when, and then on the news. Look if you go back to the news, all of your, even your wonderful competitors, you'll see cases Europe or cases Europe many of those cases shouldn't even be cases cases Europe because the best tests in the world- and we have the most ass they were. No country has ever done what we ve done in terms of testing. We are the envy of the war
They call and they say the most incredible job but he's done is our job on testing, because then a very shortly wept at fifty million test. You look at other countries, even do just that, test. If somebody walks into the hospital they are sick. There really sick. They test them. Then what they'll testament doctors office, but they don't go around. Have massive areas of testing and we do and I'm glad we do, but it really skews the numbers, I'm gonna, do you fabric, as I'm sure, a lot of people listening right now are going to say Trump. He tries to play it down. He tried to recognise those areas, as it has now been used, is seventy five thousand cases a day? Show me the gesture well, and I don't have there are much more audio. The jets chart is a thousand cases a death excuse me. Joel too much. It shouldn't be one case. It came from China, they should never let it escape, they should have never let it out, but it what it is, take a look at Europe.
Look at the numbers in Europe and by the wagon arguing synergies are our six thousand in the whole European Union test. They don't test We know that they don't have. The virus is badly possible that they don't test. This was possible. We find and many of those cases he'll automatic We are fighting in a way by creating trouble with you certainly we are creating trouble for the fake news to come along and say we have more cases, look we did so that nobody's ever done, not only the ventilators wherewith supplying them all over the world. We did a testing programme of which nobody has ever done before. Jonathan, LINEAR. I don't even know where to began there. Somebody lies in their there. Certainly is somebody ignorant statements. This is he he's actually he's talking about a pandemic. That's almost they're going to kill close to killing a hundred. Forty thousand american Citys now killed twice as many p. Well, who died in Vietnam when he said back
January, only one person was we had it from China and soon they gonna be gone. Then in February said it was fifteen people who added fifteen and all I did states and soon will be gone in March said he was going to go away magically by April because it was going to be warm. He continue, to lie to the american people, he continues this magical thinking and all the while more people die the beginning. It was more people died of this pandemic. What you said was gonna magically go away, the nine eleven Then it was more. People died in a single week than died and fifteen twenty years and out there in the Afghanistan war. Then it was more people die. Then. The Iraq war, then it was more people died in World WAR one. This is continuing and he is still playing damn. I I think, he's playing dumb but pajamas
I don't really know where to begin as the United States is the envy of the world where a basket case where a laughing stock, we can't even go to Europe, we can't go. Do Canada, we can't go to the Bahamas, the Baha, what government this weekend serbian government this weakens said Americans stay away because you're such a basket case. What such a look at those who want to ever believed that the country that has been home tat half- The Nobel Prize winners for science since and I would so badly fumble The worst pandemic and a century that even behalf is the same He listened South America. We don't want your money that bad and, of course, he's wrong about tat
we're, not the envy. The world on testing were terrible on testing we're not the envy mortality rate, Jonathan. How does it continue to get mortality rates were wrong. How does he say we're we're we're the best in the world when Johns Hopkins continually shows that, we're one of the worst in the world where it like the tenth worst in the world for countries that have populations of over one hundred thousand people. That's a lot of countries and if, if that's too confusing for people who want he'll be convinced for our purposely confused about things as simple as masks than John. Then, let's just Strip
out of this. We are a country that has four point: five percent of the world's population, and yet, when it comes to deaths, deaths, people in the ground, people cremated people go on forever, and people have sniffles and are gonna get up enough people or Dad Americans who are dead. We can For twenty five percent, at least of all corona virus deaths in the world, Donald Trump under Donald Trump, a country that has four point, five percent of the world's population is responsible for over twenty five percent of the world's gas. That is having a test and that's how many things to do with charge. I mean. I know this guy is proud that he can it don't find elephant on it cast for dementia, for that's that's for all time. Respiration sees proud of that will get to that in a little bit but Jonathan, I'm serious
it is, you just think his supporters are so stupid that he can keep insulting them every day, or is he really this confused Joe back the President long ago cross the line from trying to paint and optimistic. Sure what's going on to profess in what is now clearly wilful ignorance and credit to Chris Walls yesterday, who did a terrific job on Fox NEWS during this interview, which is too Friday, was apparently very sweaty rose garden. And what we saw here from the president and, let's just say what it is, he's wrong he's wrong on the facts. Right ITALY. He is misrepresenting and I'll write lying on some of these two tests. The mortality rate is a good one, Joe he's he claimed and even have aids try to get paperwork to prove that he was right He was not, they will tell you. Re is much higher than states and, of course he lets on and that also downplays the fact the people who don't die from the court of ours, a lot of them still suffer greatly. It's not just the sniffles
some people would have asymptomatic or asymptomatic sure. Are there some people love mile cases there are others who get it survive, but it takes weeks for months and they still after having it recovered four months, don't feel like themselves. Testing is another where the United States is not the envy of the world and testing, certainly not it. Certainly, though, testing has proved its nowhere near enough. In fact, we are seeing backlogs grown in recent weeks. Testing centres in places like Washington, New Newark, LOS Angeles, other cities were testing a month or two ago take tooth four days for results now looking for a week or even to which, of course, defeats the purpose of a covert test, because the virus could have run its course during that stretch. This is that president at administration, that sea to have its blinders on that that story captured, beautifully and wash interposed how governors around the country, Republicans Trump Allies- have go frustrate with him. They figure
has given up on managing the virus and fighting the virus. He's only focused on trying to push the real economy open to try to play. Schools open, even there's, no real guarantee that there's enough funding to do that safely and in fact he is threatening to withhold funding from schools that won't open up the way he wants them to. We are seeing the again Doktor Frankie, This sort of, perhaps been a truce in the west, wins war on Doktor Factional last week, or so he is still largely sidelined. Republicans want there to be return of kroner virus task force briefings to talk to the public. They just don't want the president involves we're seeing the President reshuffle the chairs on his on the deck of his re election campaign. We see here right now, flailing for a consistent message as to why he deserving of four years when the is surging throughout the country, including in rates it led by tropical eyes yeah, but by
a paralyzing, including in states he's got to win Arizona taxes floor, that these are states where, where it is in case he hung there or republic. Senators and errors in Colorado in Montana a made in North Carolina? Who are at risk right now in Kentucky who are at risk SK right now who nor talking about another relief bill this same Washington Post story. The Trump administration is further appended talks over the relief bill by trying to block billions of Hours for states? They conduct testing and contract a contact tracing angering republican senators. Casey we events been saying March people who don T have to brag about, has- and all tests have been saying that since March, if you want
many to grow test twice, isolate trade, get people back to work, and you go back to but he continues to say: let's reopened the pardon me, but at this dont say: let's stop testing. Let's fly blind, send people into small businesses and in the restaurant who are sick. That will make them shut down again talk about the frustration that is growing on Capitol Hill with republican senators. Who is Washington, post supporting, are giving up on this president because he he continues to do things they're not only killed under cuts the economy, not only under cuts re election campaign, but could kill small businesses and kill people, Joe Republican Is that I talk to over the weekend simply can't believe that this is where
they are again? This is something that has happened over and over and over again on other issues to rout they wanna gets. Thing done. The president has something that he has seen on tv. He seizes on it and he tries to kill it. Testing is now that thing he we know, watches hours of television and the numbers of corona virus so are growing up, and he seems to think that that's just because these tests are going out, there he's focused on the cover it not on the actual policy that will fix this and publicans are saying. We need more money for testing. Yes, election seats or risk what we're losing our constituents. This is spiralling out of control this, the only way to fix it and they looking at the White House and saying what are you doing? Are you really going to up and this change or rather, I should say you can to open this necessity that we act we try and do something about this. They wanted to be here. On the other side of this They were willing to try to,
optimistic about the economy's ability to reopen. I end actually get better over this time too. You know their reelection hopes depend on it for the long term, their communities depend on it, but there wasn't it perhaps not have be this bill at all, but things are so bad now, then, even all the republican cylinders, you're looking around in saying we obviously have to spend. We expect them o plan to be no of a trillion dollars. Another trillion dollars me. The number of times have covered trillion dollar bills that easily pass a Republican, controlled com Joe. I mean you know how likely that is put its beak. The dire nature of this situation and the way that the resident is managing this, I think, is again stunning to all these publicans. You know who had made this bet that well we'll go along with him. Stay in the room will have a bigger impact. If we do that, if we don't speak out, who don't criticise him, that is really really coming back to bite them right now.
Absolutely must show more of this. President Tron continued to attack Joe Biden, NHS, mental acuity, doing his interview Fox NEWS yesterday challenging the former vice president to take the same? hog native exam, that's for people with Alzheimer's. It's an exam for people with Alzheimer's. Take a look in the Fox Paul. They asked people who is more competent who's, got whose mind Sounder Ivan Beach human. Well, I tell what, let's the test- let's take it s right now, let's go down Joe and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took. Incidentally, I took the test when I heard that you passed it had its well, that's not the hardest task. Now that, unless a picture in its at last and it's an element- and I guess you see- that's all misrepresentations- that's what it was on the way. I saw a misrepresentation because the first few questions are easy, but you couldn't
for the last five questions about youth when they get very hard. The last, but one of them once come back from a hundred by seven, and let me tell you that couldn't answer. You couldn't and shared artworks across many of the questions. I get you the test, I'd like to give it a go on to you. The Joe Biden could not answer those ask us. Ok, you can answered, all thirty five questions, correctly I just don't. Auguring had to look at this test again, because this is not the first time the president, brag about passing and Alzheimer's test. This is for people with dementia and Alzheimer's. They give him this test, and here we have a man running most challenging job in government only in this country, but probably anywhere across the world.
Bragging about being able to identify a lion camp and he's a says. The last questions are top relay that are really tough, has to repeat them in the forward order. These numbers two hundred and eighteen, five hundred and forty two one thousand eight hundred and fifty four. Got it now here are three numbers: you have to repeat backwards, seven for two to four. Seven dot, how here's a really has those are hard. Here's a really tough one to can't draw a four hundred and ten past one thousand one hundred and ten past seven Thirdly, and this is as I think it was this when they found out the mom, I shall ask the show had Alzheimer's. Could you could draw clock? tromp, is bragging. The Cor's Wallis that he can draw
What's he saying those last few questions are printed in Oregon rather tell time here here's. The last question last six question That you set herself her come on again: Rob missile programmes. Look at this test. Picture so stupid that you can't google this task, but you can You ve gotta Google machine. Don't you commissioner. This is your president, who has a nuclear codes who thinks that, because he passes its task and passes the lot, He says the last questions are very tough for you ready for this. What is the date today? What month are we in what year? Is it what data what place are we sitting in right now: cash where
You ve setting. Mr President, what city are you in right now. The present United States believes that Joe Biden, because people believe that actually Joe Biden, some middle acuity, better than Donald Trump in the latest Paul Donald, continues to brag about taking this test river. Now I just don't. I don't even know where to begin with But this is the first time he's brag about being able to identify a camel. Or what alliances and telling Chris Wallace, you can't you can't pay this test. You get draw clock, you can't tell us, what city ran, that's what the press the United States, actually brag about to try to make us feel better about the man who has nuclear codes.
Better than he somehow with it. And this is why voters are wrong for thinking. Actually Joe Biden is sharper and has more middle acuity in the sitting, president of the United States, because he could draw clock and he could tell Chris Wallace what city he was that it reminded me at that point. In the interview dead, curse. While I said no the rose garden, where was the view in the president and was visiting an old man and a nursing home trying to then said that he was still com in terms of is cognitive skills that it was still I mean it was very ill. From laughable the total for justice. There was try to convince Wallace he was somehow
very much up to where he should be, because he could identify things that were very simple. You start, then, being you start being pitied I think that this man is running this country and- and is in charge of the military in charge of real decisions. Frightening. Wouldn't when you think about the fact that he wants to reduce this taken, a test that he thinks is hard, the Ring The test is going to be a noble one who can run this country and as one who s time in mind, I'd meeting with both Donald Trump and Job That's not a contest, I think, would Donald Trump is forgetting it is used stole as he had someone take this as a key test. There'll be no one to take as for you in November, Mr President,
and Jason again we're talking about this test. This warning, because president keeps bringing it up he keeps bragging about passing, has for Alzheimer's patients. Now d, just looking at the polish looking at the politics of this, you have everything retook, the Party of of Lincoln, which too, I'll drop. Didn't know it was a party of Lincoln that keeps acting shocked, that it was a party of Lincoln keep saying connubial wave, nobody knew. This was a party of Lincoln before I s eye so saying nobody knew that Henry Ford started Ford Motor Company button Euro republican Senator anymore, watching the Republican Party go up in flames and your what, This president, slashing funding for testing and contracts for tracing, and you see that governors
given up calling Donald Trump and are now talking to my pants begging for help, including Gregg in taxes. Is, is not now the time to save yourself, because Donald Trump cannot be saved is not now the time to declare your independence and fight wooden Democrats too, to to do what you and the slow down the spread of chronic virus and get small businesses running again Julia. Think so and then I'll be honest, I agree with rather than some of us says was humorous when we get to the point where the president's Mean campaign slogan is like I'm smarter than this is greater like I can identify certain animals on a piece of paper. We should all be concerned, but what's really been problematic. Joe, is that when you look at some of these governors, these double down right, you, Brian Camp is doing you look at what the lieutenant Governor North Carolina doing their suing stay there suing cities and municipalities to try and fight over things like mass
What concerns me is that, as the death toll increases as we are now at the point where one percent of the Eu S population has corona virus as rather point where we're we're trying to force ballplayers. A basketball players in football players are basically put their life on a line to entertain us that you still Republicans who want to back this president, who want to back him despite the science by the destruction of small businesses. Despite the long term, health consequences that generation exit, millennials, Injuns, ease and senior citizens are going to be facing, I am concerned, the alarm bells have not gone off louder and as now. We all reason I can because unfortunately, as is my mentor Larry's avenue from UK, always as Poles are invokes and there's a lot of Republicans out there that no matter how that these poles right now, they still seem to think that a campaign of voters, suppression and attacking black and brown people and attacking Joe Biden will be enough for down trying to win this war
we haven't even talked about the fact that Donald Trump said twice washed away Chris Wallace's question twice on what, there. He would accept the result, of the election. That is what dictators say. Probably then I say it's acts even beyond what a lot of dictator say they just still the elections. Donald Trump now now saying he's not going to accept the results of the election that he can tell us whether he will or not and we'll get to that we'll get to that the next major, but that we really want it again. It was a disturbing interview, open you, you look at the spread of the corona Virus and Donald Trump kidding himself, If he thinks only a hard core group of people want their children to return to school, this fall. I want my kids the return to school. This because of underlying conditions. They may not be able to do a lot of people
with underlying conditions who may, be able to send their kids back to school if the corona virus, if the spread of it, is not slowed, and he's. Not always he not doing anything still has been getting at since January, when getting it wrong for over half a year, a hundred and thirty seven thousand people are dead because of it in America and bit by bit, still doing it and putting at risk again. The reopening of schools cross floored and across the country, All business owners panicking that there having to shut down again in certain parts of the country larger businesses. This is this is health care nightmare, and this is a business nightmare in large part, because Donald Trump hasn't been able to have a disciplined, focused
approach to this disease and instead wise numbers lies about testing- why? bout mortality rates and trashes doktor Fouche Didn't have to be this way, and this was easy to not botch, and it was botched and it had it not been botched we'd, be more com. Well sending our kids to school. Absolutely one Four percent. Had things been done right and it had been mitigated like other countries and we'll get to that part of the You still, I had on morning Joe a lot. How speak Nancy policy will be our gas, as the White House tries to be new funding for testing and tracing literally that's what they're doing, plus, who these unidentified federal forces grabbing protesters off the streets of Portland and Hope them off, an unmarked cars will talk about what's happening in that city, but first, let's right to build parents with a check on the forecast bill.
Monday morning to Meagre- and this is what my only opinionated maps- and I don't have many people disagree with this map. Either. This is the misery index this I'm a year when you start talking about it, military and just how grows the airfields outside we get into the miserable now to growers. Will we go all the way to the right in that orange and it feels gross outside this morning, it's miserable in southern New England, in New York to Philadelphia to D, see all the way back down you ve along the Gulf Coast. This is about assume it as it gets from anyone. From about the middle of the country all the way to the EAST coast, and that's why we have this heat advisers and heat warnings up because at night we just haven't really cooled off that much, and then this comes up in the temperature to skyrockets sixty nine million people at or heated advisers or heat warnings, Philadelphia Centre, heat warning today than normal gender beach areas under our he he warning so how hot will feel this afternoon. We have a chance to hit one huh Agrees in Washington, D C for the first time in
for years and equal feel like a hundred and nine in the shade in Washington DC. Look at Atlantic City, that's grows a hundred and ten New York up to two hundred and three areas to the southeast will continue. If you're very warm to that's kind of your typical want and as far as the weak ahead goes. Obviously, here are some storms in the middle of the country by the time we get to Wednesday. Finally, we cool off in the northeast, but some of those storms, and if you want Your reward, that's gonna, be on Friday we women in the northeast humidity comes down, and the temperature is also the South EAST, you know it still. Somebody got till September to you started to get your big cool
So why should we d c today we hear one hundred degrees for the first time in four years. There's a good chance you watching morning, job will be right, back untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health is a health injustice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episode, Every Monday, Wednesday Thursday subscribed now lie. He wants to fund the Public authority, does not decide eight charter with Bernie
there is nothing about the funding- all really it's abolish. It says: let's go awry, probably gimme, that Europe later, I that lead to Very interesting exchange where he had a staff go out and get the highlights from not a hundred page compact that the Biden team and the trunk tame, rather, the Biden team in a Sanders team had sign any good went through what I found a lot of things that he objected to, that Biden has agreed to, but he could fine any indication, because there isn't any that Joe Biden has so to the fund and abolish the police. Jason. What you are saying is that twice during this interview with Chris Wallace, he stopped the interview and he asked for help and both times who is proven wrong. He when I was given, is given a chart that excluded a lot of countries we actually when it comes mortality rates. We are the tenth worse on the planet and
In this case, he talked about the funding, the police were language, that's not in language is Joe Biden and every other major democratic national leader in position, of Authority have all condemned, and yet he stopped in our view twice to get help any wrong both times again what message Is that not only send do as voters but to senators who understand that their plight Careers are coming to a quick and if they keep following this guy over the cliff. How confident can you be in a president who, in the midst of interviews light, can I find a friend I mean that is essentially what he's doing at this point that he cannot get through an interview with other people throwing information to him, here again the problem you have a lot of republican senators out there. They don't have anything else to run on, except for Donald Trump. Personality
while the economy they cared management. They can't run on security. They can't one on our national reputation, so they have to one on the cult of personality. If I'm more some sally, if I'm Corey gardener, if I'm lawful in Georgia, what am I going to be able to day are trapped This sort of this terrible anville wishes the Tropic Administration and they are going to go down with it. But when I think again is going to be really really key is in the to these governors right because the governors have a little bit more time. Most of them are not necessarily up this fall. Are they going to be brave enough to not just complain that Washington, Post and not just complained to the New York Times, but to publicly break with present say: look I'm going to have to engage in this, cleaner virus management in a way that is different from the present Nuclear Brian camp. In Georgia we got the cdc right there. Why are you listening to President tromp when you had the experts in your own backyard and so again
think the senators have no choice but somebody's governors they ve got to show some independence. I think the voters will respect you if you're safe in your wise, more than saving your political career while and, as we have seen that of course make her with the governor MIKE the wine and how I very high approval ratings. Might much higher than many others, but you know that the EU would be one thing if he's the senators, could look back and say. Well, you know he's same by these been governing and a crazy way in the past, but it still ended up well. For Republicans, but that's the case from the earliest moments of his presidency, weave we ve been saying election results almost unanimously. You talk about. In counties in the suburbs of filling going democratic for the first time in over a hundred years that junior election in the fall of two thousand seventeen an earthquake, a political earthquake and that state would damage That's just completely stunning Republicans
not only in constitutional offices say why, but also in the legislature, with a house of delegates, two thousand and eighteen mark of a landslide, the biggest landslide by vote total in America history again for Democrats, Wall Republican, who supportive Donald Trump lost Meantime again, I'm! U course if you're in certain package can be protected weather the four writer the far left, but in States Kara Zone, Colorado, Montana, Maine. North Carolina even Kentucky worse, Mitch. I guess much Mcconnell. It's why Miss Connell is Cross Donald Trump on one issue after another when it comes to the on a virus supporting fallacies, supporting masks, separate. Himself as much as you can from Donald Trump when it comes to the corona virus. You wonder why other republican senators aren't starting to do this, because this doesn't
in the well for people who follow Donald Trump over the cliff. Don't they Save lives. It's the bottom line in science by the way and that interview trunk defended people who still fly the confederate flag, and indicated he might veto the new proposed defence budget bill. If it contains a provision to rename Fort Bragg which is named after a confederate general this week, you said that black lives matter and a confederate flag are both matters issues of freedom of speech, but in the case of the confederate flag, there are a lot of people who say these: were traders who split from this country for this country in large part to preserve slavery,
here's the confederate flag offences. It depends on who you talk about when you're talking about when people proudly have their confederate flags are not talking about racism. They love their flag, represents the south. They like the south people right now, like the south, I say its freedom of of many things, but its freedom of speech for you're not offended by well. Not offended either by black lives matter that freedom of speech, the piano You know the whole thing with general culture. We can't. And show our whole history. We can forget that the north and the south, for we have to remember that as well and are fighting against Fort Bragg is a big deal. We will two world wars- nobody even those general break- two world wars go to. That we already where Fort Bragg is in a great state. I love that state gotta go to the community say how do you like the idea of renaming Fort Bragg and then what are we gonna name? It you're the name
after the river now shopton? What are you doing? Chris, tell me what you gonna name it so there's a whole thing here: we want two world wars to old wars, beautiful world wars that were just some horrible and we want a fort Bragg we wanna out of all of these ports Adele? They want to throw those names away and now I'm against Us- and you know what most other people. Are we wait wait? We were two world wars, because Fort Bragg was named after a confederate general, who was actually a lousy melody, a general even in this time, regardless of the side Reverend AL, you continue to live, rent, free and Donald Trump, He brings you up again, but it underlines a large a point that he doesn't even understand that in too In forty years there have been quite a few black military heroes.
Good name that Base Afric, let's start with the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell, that might be good. He was why honourably Vietnam, and, and and and for this country for years or you could maybe chappie james- I mean you know the first, forced our general, when the United States to ski airmen, a guy who I me out. The collar named, city building after Chappie James twenty thirty years ago, at least. Are you can Christmas attics of their first, first casually of the Revolutionary WAR oblige shot down by British troops at the Boston masker he's had a monument. Since eighteen. Eighty eight like this is not revolutionary think but for Donald Trump he has no. Who had never occurred to him to name that base
a black war and a new for Christmas that it's all the way to Colin Powell, a person sudden who he knew in New York was Tuskegee. Airmen could be named, but we look be real racial feelings and thinking of this president, because I suddenly say that the north and the South fought Bay fought over slavery. They fought over enslaving people, so near race. This is not just a fight that and, as some your role side. So this was about You mean bondage. Any acts like we ought to celebrate that in and say that part of the nation story. It is, it is a sad despicable part of the nation story and give sake that well, I'd think that's freeze. It is free, racist speech to hold up a flag of people that are saying we want to see
who base so near race to be treated as property and to equate that would people that are fighting against Criminal justice problems, police brutality is shows again. It is the way of saying there, five people on both sides, there is no our movement there's ways enough. Of supremacy that if they did, we denounce it that, though they confer Edward Frank, is for supremacy. So he continues to have this kind of bigoted view of race in America, and let me at this point of view we did not name these military base of military bases, jail the nineteen, hundreds and men. Them in the nineteen forties bragged fight in the world. Wars Bragg was a confederate general fighting. Would throw the United States government you know, he's not, Saluting people that fought the world was a person said,
what the world was he's. Ignoring people that what the Confederate WAR general around. Lee was the head of the confederate made that wanted to all, throat a union and take out a blanket and a federal sympathiser did end up killing the president of the United States a blanket so lesson couldn't who racism made named, well yeah I, and when you talk about the confederate flag, I've talked about over the past few months, Mika that bad passed twenty five! Thirty years, a lot of people in the south, their views of the confederate flag of change we were wrong from the start, but a lot of you I've changed. But what? What white? What is so staggering is that even in the south. Even in the south, where majority of White Southerners bully that the confederate flag.
As a symbol of racism, more so than a symbol of other pride and make this is this goes to what I ve been confused about over the past four five six minds is why the present continues Choose these eighty twenty issues were percent of americans- are on one side and twenty percent of Americans or on the other side, any continues to choose the twenty percent sigh. Maybe twenty percent of Americans. Still look at this flag and say this is a sign, of southern dry self destructive for it. It is, it is so self destructive. It makes absolutely no sense attacking mask or attacking a black S car driver accusing of a hoax talking about wanting the confederate flag to continue to fly. Over NASCAR races and then, of course, these statements again, I just don't understand at the challenge
and halls. Over the weekend. President Tromp announced and to eliminate the F F age. They affirmatively furthering fair housing programme once again in arguing that Democrats, like Joe Biden, want to destroy the suburbs. And they want to abolish the suburbs everything he wants to hurt the suburbs by putting the low income far left bureaucrats and the bureaucratic gonna put people into the suburbs I gotta bring people dilemma. Single families, zoning they want to eliminate single families, outing bringing Who knows it here, a bird, so communities will be unsafe and your housing values will be good, go down. So the have age is a disaster has been a disaster. It rule in the suburbs of destroying the suburbs is bringing down values of houses and his ring
a crime, and I won't be telling you maybe for just about the first time that I'm eliminating A f, F age people was surprised to hear that, but where eliminating when people so hard delivered, live a certain community. We shouldn't be destroying that committed Jonathan affair. This is it. This is staggering. Those words again in its mouth boy this is this is George Wallis. Nineteen sixty eight are we here, using the same code words as George. Alice in nineteen, sixty eight about putting certain people in the suburbs destroying the suburbs. This is all talking about black people moving from the inner cities to the suburbs it is transparent the man who, along with us,
Other, had to settle a case for housing discrimination in the early nineteenth seventies and he's right. Dating back to that in public He is saying out loud what obviously he's been thinking inside? It is mine for fifty years It is staggering, because again he's with twenty percent of Americans, while he scares the hell out of those very people in the suburbs who see this as clearly racist, a guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy. In our conversation now for free wherever you download your pot casts.
Yeah, there's little there's little effort here to try to save obfuscate. What he's trying to do here is leading the presidential any heavily on issues of race, much like he has done with these calls of law and order. The pay that the protests we ve seen it in the nation emanation. Last six, seven weeks after the death of George Floyd, what he's categorized Who was a small percentage of those who, God who got violent, polluted. He picture of casting in broad, suggested they were mobs and and in here again he's play upon white fears about black. Families living in the suburbs and this Much to get their flag issue is one that most Republicans don't want him to touch. Certainly there there's. No outcry support, often Republicans on the hill, saying to him to make this an issue too, certainly not to defend. The confederate flag in fact, has been the opposite supervisor told present like let this one guy This doesn't have anything to do. This isn't gonna help us with these suburbs that so vital this November
Jason? I wanna get you in on this. The president has said that on this that others, he hears promise executive actions next week or two. On the suburbs, that's where he feels there's gotta, be something here, he's gonna be he's gonna do do says. Any sense gives me away here it is said it did we all we're going beyond code words, it's very clear with the president is trying to transmit to his voters, but are also is one that would be a political loss. Any scenario where this could actually resonate with my or is this the president just doubling trickling down again similarly, incredibly shrinking base yeah, I mean this is this. Is this is doubling down on a losing strategy? Here's the thing trouble we're losing the summer since he got to office, Trot lost the suburbs and twenty eighteen key. Actually should want to do anything that makes a summers. I have your place and here's the thing about this programme that I think being missed. This is
just about bringing outsiders into the suburbs. This is about bringing working class people from the deck serves into the suburbs. This is about bringing working class people from the cities into the summer's for better schools, so he's actually attacking the very constituents that he claims that he cares about one way or another. So this is a symbolic failed. This is a policy fail, and this is a racism fail in, and I have to say this because when the president talks about these sorts of things and in his move beyond cooling, which talks about the confederate play, I what is missing there has been a sea change amongst wipe America when it comes to race- and I think We have seen in this country over the last couple of years is a white Amerika is beginning to realize in general that racism, herds, white people to the UK
have a president who feels ok with family separation into being whom attacks black people no tax Muslims indicated in Texas manage. He will eventually take that same raids, that same petulance and that same bigotry to white people, and that's why he is losing amazing, ultimately that gonna, be his biggest biggest. Losses fall because he's losing larger percentages and a wife, oh to Joe Biden ok! So the thing is you look at the polls again, none this is working. None of the racism is is actually heard again. Or in the suburbs his so called Lee for law and order is not king. If you look at race relations by not fifty eight to thirty three percent and that's an important issue Post George Floyd, look at crime and safety from the president who talked about. Unleashing vicious dogs on protesters and and and and
after them harshly and we are looking. What he did on June, the first when he had his four and bars forces go in and beat up peaceful protesters, so can hold up a bible in front of a church, even crime and safety. Where he's lying about Joe Biden Day in and day out and Chris wallets caught him in a lie. He's lost in fifty two forty one percent not not to be a simpleton, but but and let me just keep going back to the fact. How can Republicans look at the these numbers and not understand that the present racism and ended the president's here mongering is backfiring on him back firing on them and back firing on the Republican Party.
Ho Jon, he picked up a copy of the New York Times today. That headline about this breach between the president and the Republican Party is right there on the front page, because it's gotten so bad that they can no longer escape or ignore it. And if we're gonna talk about the suburbs for a second first fall, let's not forget that the sun, we have actually gotten more diverse in recent years, let's not in think of it that you're ignoring a lot of Americans have known consent that reality, but also seems to me to be a play for the group that, if we were to, if we were able to put up the numbers of what women and We can always suburban women think about this president on all of scores I guarantee you, the gap would be miss, and that is what this coated language has historically been racist language I should say has been designed to do is to strike fear into the hearts of people over these issues. If that's the tactic, the president is using these
Bourbon women are exactly the people who have in a of you know, offended by this administration across the board, who turned against him and twenty eighteen starting actually with those children in cages, was one of the first true breakthrough moments a for a lot of those voter that I that I was speaking to intervene, eighteen? And there are people who watchword than George Floyd and had been went out into the streets in protest it, along with many others, in this it. This has been such a drink. Change and you mentioned Philadelphia. I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and I'm close with a lot of the elected officials, there used to be a republican area. Twenty eighth in a number of those members of Congress lost and your point means school, words that have been republican for decades, decades our switching hands because of Donald Trump so,
I don't know what you're talking about this in terms of these summits, but they are not with him and it doesnt strike me that this message is something that makes a big difference. So there's just we know, potentially one explanation jaw and that's that he doesn't care and he doesn't and leave, which is something that we ve talked about Lot of conversations in that Alex better be shored up mail and balloting, better work, it better be clear because There are many who believe he will stop at nothing and they won't leave up. Honouring a pioneer of the civil rights movement to later became known as the conscience of Congress. We
will remember the late congressman John Lewis, everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now. I want you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text, podcast two hundred and sixty six eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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