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Trump resumes Coronavirus briefings today as cases rise. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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republican, lawmakers, reportedly believe the White House press briefings may be hurting the president and the party will we. Very successful briefings? I was doing the new Times reports that GOP lawmakers than administration officials want. The president to limit is breathing appearances and concentrate on both economic growth, bright and his re election. We had a lot of people watching record numbers watching in the history of cable television. Television there's never been anything like it, quoting from the Times article Mr Tromp sometimes drowned out his own message Senator Lindsey Gram of South Carolina Gram, reportedly told the president I quote once a week show would be much more often We're going to give you a lot of briefings and the next. Can over the next few weeks, I'll get involved and will start doing, briefings Nor shall I more capital.
Virginia said. The briefings were quote, going off the rails a little bit and suggested that he should lead to Hell professionals guide where we're going to go, and so I think we'll start that, probably starting tomorrow I'll do it at five o clock We were doing rather good slot. From a mere, as you reporting your story in the Associated Press, team is campaign. Team implored the present to stop holding the daily briefings because they know what's clear to most people, which is that they are not helping his pole standing and he replied set by saying, but tv ratings, the ratings are huge and a lot of people were watching and that's a good thing, but a good thing for home back in RO, we reported on Republicans major concerns that tromp was inflicting. So your damage to his re election prospects in those daily corona virus, but things soon after the briefings run away, but
now, three months later unable to hold his rallies and floundering in the polls, President Tromp announces that televised briefings are back? So so here's a question in this can go one of who way sickening, can go very badly, which, if you could put money in vain yes on going very badly for the President and the american people. That's where I think, since passage usually prologue with its present, most people would put their money there is the possibility that he could follow the advice of Joe Biden in an that Joe by road in the USA. Today get this six months ago at the end of January, when Joe Biden SAD, let your scientists speak. Let your doktor speak, which again everybody that this was. This was the end of June,
and your when Joe Biden said, we were not prepared for a pandemic and look in the Iraq spurts, listen, your scientists with this. This is when the present was saying so one some coming in from China and soon Can I go away in saying that China was doing such an extraordinary job in the people, the United States? I want to congratulate president. She so question is: will he follow Joe Biden advice? two months later and one hundred and forty thousand deaths later and actually hold hearings where we get here, doktor faulty who you now sixty five. Seventy percent of Americans trust one on the krona virus, while only twenty twenty five percent Trust Donald Trump. Will he do the right thing and allow doktor Felicita lead is, will he allow doktor works to be there?
Doktor value will he allow other epidemiologists maybe Brian Scott, got live, others to help with this process are. Is you can just go out there and go back to us Clorox variety our programming, that's not good! For Americans, that's not good! For the press, the United States, we get an outbreak of health, health care pandemic, and it's getting. Across the country in Red State America, so we need leadership in Washington. We we need more present for you to do what Joe Biden asked you to do six months ago when he said in an ipad you're not prepared for this pandemic when you set up one person from China and its going away? Then, a month later, it's fifteen people,
soon there will be down to zero hundred. Forty thousand people are dead. Joe Biden six months ago was saying: listen to your doctors, listen to your scientists. Let them lead this process and talk to the american people. Will you finally follow the Biden plan for the good of American Mckenna answer. I hope to now. Listen, we never know? What's gonna happen, I'm talking about John Wanes, deathbed conversion. Maybe Donald Trump will do what is best for the Health of America, because maybe he'll admit maybe he'll admit that he's been wrong every step of the way Maybe he'll admit that he was wrong for saying that this was going on. A couple of months ago, maybe he'll admit for this. The continuing the fall cuz remember even back in April. He was saying this wasn't doktor fancy said this will be this and the fall there be a second
even the fall in the present saying now know, there's no other way. This is going away. This is asking to be with us. Maybe hope spring eternal. Maybe we get the John Wayne deathbed conversion to Catholicism, or at least in this respect to medicine it's an maybe american lives. You won't get but maybe we will hear from the doktor reminds me of a pink Floyd cover year. Maybe pigs will fly over smokestacks in great Britain, but I will be very angry. Thing, hopefully he will allow the doctors who speak. I think he will, I think He also use them for an outlet, because He has no one else to go to sort of rough and we'll have to say that I hope he follows abiden plan that most Americans, even its supporters, hope, will follow the Biden Play because a plan at the January laid the pathway forward for this,
contrary to do so much better than it's been doing and again I'm not one of these people. They say: hey! You got it. At the beginning so for I don't want to know if you can, if he can go the right way if he can follow the advice. In July John, I amended that Joe Biden wrote and the USA today in an apparent at the end of January, think about the different sat would make for small business owners for restaurants, tears people that have own family businesses for generations that have seen Going away and egg we know so many people in all of our friends who were just fighting to survive. They would love him to follow the Biden Plan, even if their republicans and conservatives too,
some of the scientists listen to the doctors. It would give them a fighting chance to survive economically to get kids back to school. If you follow the binding plan and of course most importantly, to save the lives. So many senior citizens just follow the Biden plan aimed at doesn't that make the most sense. Absolutely- and I think the question I have for Joe is: does it to call it the Bible plan and ignore that is, the Biden Plan and Broccoli, we were first. What is now doing describe it is divided and plan, or does you just need to do it and only acknowledge that the binding plan once or get me Maybe not acknowledge that is planet all or dizzy. I think I feel like you should really say from the outset. Ladies and gentlemen, I have reflected on this period and I have decided that I am now embracing the spirit of my partisanship one place. Which we will not have a fight or abroad
campaign is over our public health, it so in the spirit of a country unifying nation. Brazier publicly and full throated. We divide and plan think. He'll not happening guy mean, and I certainly don't think he'll know I'm going to follow the buying plan that Joe Biden, actually, put in writing. January, when I was saying scientists Anderson coming in from China, but even if you call it the Biden Plan or the January twenty Eightth to any twenty, whatever you, if he doesn't call it the by plan to actually follow the advice of doctors and scientists. Them lead in these discussions? Even if he doesn't call it the Biden plan he could he could actually, though, he could just embrace it and do it and I call it the by your land, because it's for the good of the country. You look right now and you look
Politically we ve been saying it I mean he could come, but the Joe and make a planet that maybe you feel any better sang since more jolly adding a wee bit. We ve been saying since large take care. They healthcare crisis that will take care of the economic crisis, that I'll take care of your political crisis, and we ve said repeatedly. He hasn't listen to us and, of course you know that makes me sad. But they were so listen need, as it doesn't have to repeat that. I mean we're all we want of. Like eight hundred billion people have been saying that aid seems to be an Republicans or even saying that now. But the question is this: John: this could go very well, are very badly. Feeders sides to go the route and Joe Biden suggest something that serious here? Could this
one of those moments were back in twenty sixteen. He understood he was in trouble and he showed self discipline. For brief periods of time is fight. Doctor Freddy Pacheco set of Riddick Bo the man is displaying spasms of lucidity. Could we say a riddick moment in this campaign. Donald Trump understands: ok, I don't really care about any of this. I don't care about the pandemic. I'd rather talk about the economy, but in a spasm of lucidity, Donald Trump, two sides, you know what I'm gonna. And the White, Joe Biden, told me I should have done six months ago without giving credit for and I'm going to, let the doctors and I'm gonna let the health care professionals, I'm gonna, let the scientists we ve been right every step of the way led this discussion. Well Joe. I think you suggested before
You know that was you made a comment. I think about a pink Floyd, album and pigs and and taking flight I do know. Is it supports its possible. You no possible in the realm of possibility. As with the pigs, you know I keep look at watch and form I haven't seen one yet, but I'm not given up hope that will be some pigs fly. Where do I go so is so again king, taking this politically This seriously do think the Don Try wax the capacity that he had even in twenty sixteen to at times, especially for the commune. Understand he needed to be quiet? He needed any? people around him? I just need to shut up and let news events carry the day and stay out of it He made, you know better than most. He made that calculated decision is incapable of we better were years later when it comes to this health care crisis.
I would say Joe that I do not know whether he is capable or not, but I would say we have seen no evidence that he is capable, and I think we ve seen some significant mountains piles of evidence that He has slipped in terms of his ability to summon the mom We see that you just talked about in the moments of disciplinary use. Talk about now. Does that mean outside his capacity. Does that mean you cannot? You know in the face of as they say, or nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hang it on you know, is it possible that there was somewhere? keep within him. He will locate some hidden, of war of lucidity and discipline that he once sporadically d Wade four years ago. It is possible, but just Bob this is how we talking about it. You know you here, I take the president, You know we said before confessional projection. Confessional projection without job is one of the two. So when he talks about these things, he doesn't play hide the ball. You know You rose into the man, he tells you what he thinks about stuff and he's not. You know it's not a complex, gotta red. He said
today, but he wants to go call me here to talk about this stuff. How high ratings he did hi ratings, I mean you know millions of people watch those briefings this winter and spring millions. You know like bachelor level, millions watch them, and I think I do. I think that he I think that here that he let the reason these coming back on is because he thinks that he was good in those briefings he thinks He was a persuasive, powerful spokesman Thank you feels like what's happened is that there was a pause if time where he had more control over the public perception of this virus in this crisis that he had after he left the stage, and so he's remounting stage now, because he thinks he will do a bet job that anyone else at explaining. What's going on with this thing, what Why why? It's not anything to be feared? Why everybody's, let's all fake why we're all over blowing it? Why these in this
That's wrong. Why America's doing great, I think he thinks he's the best messenger for himself. I dont think that he thinks that He was a disaster politically back in the winter and spring when it was on television everyday. I dont believe that it so do. I think, he's gotta behave. Market differently than it did in the winter and spring, I do now I see no evidence reasonably. That is you behave differently. But again, you know, as you said, of gems anything's possible? Where I mean it would make a b it would be. Even more of a political catastrophe for his campaign, if that were in fact the corset chose because of courses breathing, you at the beginning of his slide and with every briefing he he made Every time he went off script he provided, and we predicted the time he provided the sound bite that his opponents would use against him in the fall, meaning
course that's where we ve got so many of of his quotes. Errant quotes talking about it's not coming back in the fall using bleed Asking you ve lied. Hi there I as drugs, explore acquaint you can you can go down the laundry list of it? It's just bad. Not only is it bad medicine and always a bad for the Americans. Health based crazy him repeating those performances and I'm going out and lying about the pandemic lie about the numbers, as he tried to do on Chris Wallace, it's only going to hurt politically more. You look at the numbers of whether Americans trust him in his hand, Of the pandemic ended in the basement, it's about as bad as you would think it would get. But now, if he comes out
at the end of July, and does this for another two three four weeks before it shut down again I think there are a lot of republican Downers and a lot of republican senators and house members and a lot of people in the trunk campaign team that understand that this is this, will close the door finally on any chances he has for a comeback. This is again on this. Saying this neutrally, where I can say that cause. I know a lot of Republicans who are thinking the same thing this this would be politically devastating for him. He goes out and performs the same way over the next month going into labour day the way he did this. That was the most amazing ten minute block. Reverse psychology analysis,
move from that to embassies wearily talk. I note your document as new reporting on. Actually you should follow these plans. Five o clock briefings came about carefully. What do you know what we oh meagre is that the White House, his view, was that the president was really on defence about her virus, then so his aids want him to be out there more talking about it as one of them put it too, I he's been leading quietly and now he needs to lead publicly and part of what we're told his driving. This is that the waiter At some internal pulling that show that Americans really have no clue what the federal It is doing in terms of a response to corona virus, so they're trying to horse correct in there, but what they want. The president to do is talk about things like vaccines with the progress. Is there there The tax should basically say say things like you know what I've talked to this governor and here's. What supplies were sending to various states and hot spots. They don't want
necessarily a return to what we saw in April, as you guys have been talking about for all the obvious reasons they want. To do some more limited kinds of appeal. Aids is something a little more focused. The problem is that this is a president who hasn't shown Agnes to have that kind of discipline on those issues today is expected to take questions in the brief ram on any range of topics- and this is what has got him- trouble in the past, and that is really given his aid, some heartburn, but their goal is that he would do a mix of briefings and other types of events and just be out there more in its real acknowledgement from the White House that what he was doing was not working. He is trying to horse correct that particularly several months, Were the election and he's also, as you guys have mentioned, wants to be, out and talking and doing something, and he doesn't have many outlets for doing that right now.
In Caroline just you have new reporting, potentially on these spate of executive orders that the president has been talking about big announcements on Tuesday. What might that be Well. This is really in the same vein of just the president's team wanting to look pro active rather than reactive and defensive, and so over told us that the present, sign a series of executive orders that is as say, are going to be rather MIDI on everything from immigration to healthcare. The president tease, this hymns and was interesting about this. Is that what their pointing to to do is this Supreme Court decision on Dhaka that survey rebate ruled against the president, but basically in the White House. His interpretation of that is that it gave him
executive authorities in the way that that rolling came down our own p Williams recovers the Supreme Court very closely. So that's just not the case, but that's the argument that they are going to be making and to put forward a bunch of executive orders on issues that he frankly hasn't been able to accomplish legislatively after three and a half here is an office I'd Abysses caraway. Thank you very much for your reporting this morning. So Eddie I'm going back to the president and how he's been handling this pandemic? Obviously we We know where everybody knows that in January on January, twenty second, he said it was one person coming in from China and soon be gone on the twenty. Fourth he said present. She was doing an incredible job and the american people thank team The end of February was saying: was fifteen people coming in
that it was soon going to be gone in March. She said it was going to be magically going away, talk about it, leaving in April when it get warm, then he started talking about bleeds than he started. Talking about you, ve lights, putting it in I'd Americans bodies, just wondering just wondering if we may be seeing the present, even if its cynical turned the corner a bit here. Understanding that everything that he has done over the past six months has been disastrous for him politically because, of course, doesn't seem to care about the numbers. Six hundred and forty thousand Americans are dead in his response to Chris Wallace's weekend was, it is What idea is so crises out he's wearing a mask and public health?
we saying it's a patriotic thing after deriding at four months he's talking about starting these briefings. Backup. Is there any hope that perhaps there are any met with doktor faculty over the weekend that perhaps doktor voucher other other doctors epidemiologists or are going to be able they have their voice given back to them publicly again, so they can walk Americans through what many people believe he's going to be the worst stage of this pandemic, and that is a time period moving into the hall Well, Joe, I mean hopes brings eternal it to echo John, how men, I suppose there is the sense in which there is always these counter tendencies and Donald Trump, that, even though we may have information that suggest that he should go this way here. Always moved by his own self interest. And so we even as he's wearing a ass, we still hear that language around testing. How he's thinking about test? as the source of the right of the rate of increase, and
I also know that what what we what we are experiencing now is that the crisis hot spot in the sunbelt and in many of these places that health care public healthcare infrastructure is really vulnerable in fragile, and so People need information, that's why we were clamouring for the the briefings in the first place, then the briefings into a kind of circus where either they were just simply celebrating Donald Trump or there this kind of, like you don't take bleach or uv lies in the like misinformation, so that the interesting and the interesting issue here is the tension right. Will he actually act in the light of a publican or will he act in light of its own self interest and given the past, given the evidence from the past, Donald Trump will always act in the interest of Donald, whether that those two things will align. Finally, I'm not sure what I want.
I am sure job is that he's going to act in the interest of Donald Trump? Well, if that were they, make it then politically at least he would do what we we ve From the beginning, which is followed, the science take care of the health care disaster. Hair about people had I'll take care of the health care. Does faster. We should think you're the economic disaster which will take care of the political disaster, maybe people, oddly enough, as if again said repeatedly, can tired of saying it. He takes care of this pen. I make and listens to scientists and his doctors and Desert Joel was telling him to do six months ago. That will, ironically enough, be and Donald Trump s political interest, even if you don't think he's capable of caring about people in the hundred and forty thousand people have already died and senior citizens whose
Eyes are on the line right now hanging in the balance and either, those who aren't senior citizens whose lives are hanging in the balance right now, even if he's just thinking about himself listen, do as doctors listen to scientists, that's any is best political interest. It's one of these rare moments do what's best for you politically you'll be doing what's best for Americans. Economically, with their health care. I had on morning, Joe the Republican National Convention is a month a way can you believe it, the Florida sheriff responsible for securing the event says he can't pull it off. Because organizer still don't have a plan in place, plus new reporting from Texas, the situate. Is so bad in one hospital that at times, dozens of annual This can be seen parked outside the emergency room waiting for beds to become available.
New York Times, Caitlin Dickerson joins us with her reporting and the news from Oxford University. Corona virus vaccine trial, Doktor Van Gupta, explains why the result may not be as promising as advertising. So I very earning Joe. We ve got some good vaccine news curious to see what he says about it. We'll be right back I'm sure, mainly post of into America, a podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health, is a health and justice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become.
New episodes every Monday, Wednesday Thursday Subscribe now are we want to give you a snapshot of where the country is with the corona virus numbers and continuous I can areas all over. The nation is nearly sixty nine thousand in cases were recorded in the past twenty four hours Kansas today reached more than a thousand new cases, a single day record for that state. Alas, report at its own a single day record with a hundred and thirty seven new says and Minnesota also recorded records and nine hundred new cases and reported its first virus related death of a child. At least eight others. AIDS, Alabama Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Kentucky North Dakota, Arkansas and Montana reported new. Record highs for corona virus related hospitalizations yesterday, as did Puerto Rico, Kentucky
when our announced he is limiting social gatherings to ten people. Announcing quote. We do I want to become Arizona or Florida. In LOS Angeles mayor Eric. Our studies at his city is on the brink of returning to shut down mode and shit. It has already rolled back some of its reopening rules as Corona risk cases spike across Florida. The outbreak has caught up with residence at one of America's. It retirement communities there. Since the beginning of July Hospital admissions residence at the villages a sprawling retirement community of a hundred twenty thousand in central Florida have caught quadrupled four times last week, more than eleven hundred covert nineteen cases reported in and around the sprawling retirement community, the villages had
actually seem to escape the worst of the virus and, at one time had been a point of pride for republican Governor Rhonda Santa's, who pushed back in problem rushing off concerns at the risk the retirement community, that's why you got a place like the villages there, Articles written saying all the villagers is gonna crash and burn all this other stuff. They have like a two percent two point: five, an infection rates we tested hundred asymptomatic and none were none found have the virus and is by our late July. The infection rate at the villages had jumped to soak nine percent. Is a gentleman Rhonda Santas, your new gotta put him out there as exhibit now strong. Ever of of of. And I saw a lot of people influencers so called influencers on twitter early on saying: where does Rhonda scientists go? To get his apology? I saw columns and pro tromp public
nations where it is wrong to scientists go to get his apology where it is Brian Camp, go to get his apology every doktor, every site has been telling us and was telling us through this spring. This is an eye netting game we're in this, I'm When I M in game these these clubs, of Rwanda, Satis being so painfully wrong, not only about the villages but about the state of Florida is just a good example of why every politician and every school board, member and every doctor should keep their head down. Reminds me of the Iraq war. Web people be area we're doing great, are really it's horrible and urge, will never work and then people supporting the surgeon look where it. It was like tenets going back fourth and back and forth this case, it's just.
Straight down and disasters is agreed. Example of how we all need to understand. This is a nine ending game and maybe we're in the fourth By now we still have a long way to go. There are ninety in a hundred sixty two game season, Joe, you know we always joke about. You know at the April in the May, like you look at the standing send back, we used have baseball with some regularity now that that people with a team in first place in May, which was waiting. Timber and talk about the plenary is right. You know- and we talked earlier about pigs flying there's a lot of dissent as this case there's a lot of chicken counting before they are. I just do you know that if you think about it, isn't yes, there is obviously a lesson to be learned by politicians that cases, you know whether you ever know how long the games gotta be, but then humility and and some sense of kind of just being not getting into the
negotiate game, the Donald Trump Game early in anything, just smart politics right. You, then, that all this stuff lives forever on the internet. There's always videotaping. You'd think these people, somebody gets me the gun Florida would know that there's, there really is zero upside politically and trying to claim credit early. If you win politically, if you're proven right down the line, you will get the political benefits, whether you Bobby boasted about em about about your success earlier in the mid way through just wait. Take take your time and you think that scientists, that you also think he would know that by making claims that you know you're risking an enormous value, leaving all that videotape out there that these things are gonna come back to haunt you add just in a purely got a brute political sense, but apparently did not understand that an end. Look he's now How gotta be crushed, I think by here. We all hope for that things get better there and no one wants to see any edition pain or suffering to prolong the porter Floridians or anybody else. But I think that
there is a lot of schadenfreude out there right now. If you look at people especially rawness answers, because some of the other governments at least didn't. Do that try take a victory lab in the in the third or fourth eating. As you said, and now he knows, you see playing out there. You, you think you yourself, man, those those clips are going to live for ever and they are going to be a political millstone around his neck, next year, for election is there's a relatively long. Time is not up again to twenty twenty. Two, but, though, those aren't leave a mark on round his well, from in what are you doing this for its also very frightening? Obviously, for senior citizens live in that state, for those of us somebody loved ones in that state that maybe elder senior citizens we get so many friends, are the ones who were senior citizens in the state of law. That I've known go across the decades and and and so it's an and for those of us who have
children who have underlined conditions trying to figure out we're going to navigate letting them get back to school understanding how important it is. For not just a social innovation aspect, but also because you just don't learn as much at home from since learning as you do in that class, but Florida has been put in a hurry. That position now and in large part of some really bad policy decisions, because we as a state different value, Science sit and follow the science didn't follow, fit follow what the doctors have been saying. So so it's it's. It's a terrible situation, for to make it as we go not and in the school season, and we go into the fall, but also for all of our friends who are small its reserve at family businesses for generations who are fighting for their economic lives and are once again
having to shut down because of the Wassily bad missteps, by leaders in that state and the economic part of this is as much as the health part, it's part of their health part join. Now we want to talk to Doktor Van Gupta about all of this he's a permanent just to as traded critically I'll run virus patients in Washington studies also and NBC News Medical contributor. Let's start with Florida, if we could There are schools that are still planning on reopening when you look at the door and the numbers, and also the decision being made at the top in Florida Where do we stand? And whereas this heading commodity meagre, I mean, I think, is important since sages. Even last week's relaxed shouted there's more We're data coming out, suggesting that the
restrains covered. Nineteen transmission occurs through small droplet, so called airborne transmission, so inclined. Spaces with poor ventilation. I've been hearing from teachers for districts across the country is a hey doc. My classroom, in a basement I cant open. And gave a lot of ventilation or a lot at your exchange. What do I do? I do I protect myself and are in our kids, and the truth is All of us. We don't know the answer to that. There isn't enough high quality, p p for doctors and nurses and respiratory. There is much worse teachers and students. So I'm concerned About Florida in Arizona and their their path board governor juicy what is the worst outbreak per capita? Saying? Hey we're going to start on August seventeen in the face of this mounting. It is suggesting there is more and more conservative evidence it out aerosol transmission of this virus, we need pot. We need these states to pause reopening I go for do them today.
Earlier? Actually only this week yesterday we were putting good news on the vaccine front, but you have a little bit of a got check as to how this could play out. It could be quite awhile. Couldn't it. I really I mean I think you use the right word. It was. It was good, it was our great at their or so we need it really cautious optimism here on the astronomical trial, Madeira note released a trial in the results from phase one. England Journal last week. This is what we are saying All we have is the data that are publishing in these and in these medical journals, and what we are saying is that then, individuals. They get. These vaccines weathers the astronomical the maternal one develop and auditors that are actually lower on average than if you ve been expelled. We naturally to cover nineteen and then recover. So it's good, but we also know that, you ve gotten covered. Nineteen you tend to maybe
whose antibodies, especially brazen domestic within two months of the big unknown here, is long jeopardy of the immune response. When you get a back seat or get infected, but it I didn't see any We data from either one of these accidents to suggest. While you get one shot and you're protected, or even if you booster you're protected three year, that's a big unknown we just don't know, but so that's. Why was this is good, but not great understood a New York Times Dispatch from Texas Hospital at the southern border shows a dire situation there Ambulances, stacking up outside emergency rooms, patients waiting for beds, a section for pregnant women with the virus has exe. And twice with some women having to begin labour in their cars, because the unit was full. In the Rio Grande Valley, it's a perfect storm of poverty and chronic illness that has led to a king surge in infections or
more than a third of families live in poverty. Nearly half of the residents have no health insurance and the rights of obesity. Heart disease are among the highest in the country joining us now, the reporter. File that story for the New York Times, Caitlin Dickerson Caitlin horrifying. And is there any hope inside for this hospital Unfortunately meagre we did get the news yesterday, that Hidalgo County, one of the poor counties in the Rio Grande Valley, instituted a shelter and place order yet again, but what I heard over and over again, while I was reporting in the region, was that people really in the early months of the pandemic, took governor habits. Shelter and place order seriously in this community knows. Obviously there are so many people who don't have health insurance, and so many people who don't have legal immigration status or whose families not have legal immigration status, and so they avoid the healthcare system at all costs in China.
Themselves healthy and words miss shelter and play seriously, but once it expired, in May people were told that it was safe to begin gathering again, and this is a tight knit. We only oriented community people liked, it other on weekends, with their extended families. They see each other for dinner, get multiple times a week, and so the virus has been spreading, really unabated since May, and so here we are yesterday and Rachel. I you know one county re institutes. One of these orders by its very we already have twelve thousand active cases, at least in the region, and so Smith. Thinking is that this will continue to get worse. Unfortunately, before they get their attic laud jumpin tell em. Thank you for your reporting on this issue. What are some of the grass roots organisations doing down there, an area to respond to this crisis and given the failed in some ways of of local government? And then the state?
I think roots groups are trying to give people advice about how to move through the community safe. We witches do so as little as possible, and when you do you know you were wearing a mass joint wearing a facial, and I did see that start to shift. You know I wouldn't go to target to go and get my clorox leads to cream off my material, and I would add that it is bringing in and out of a hat. But already- and I would see people in target wearing masked somewhere face shields, but the problem is at the grass roots. Organizations are having to go against what you know that government and the local government up until yesterday was advising people, and so that's a very difficult. You know narrative and you can understand it's hard for people to know. You know the gutter. He's telling you one thing this advocates is telling another. You know I worked in several months. I need to feed my family, who do. I believe I am a doctor let me just ask you: I disagree nautical yesterday about flying
on aeroplanes and where we are, and there some airlines, United, that don't keep the middle seat open Delta His continue to stand by their commitment to keep that middle seed open. If you have to fly somewhere how safe is it and what is the difference between flying on an airline that jams, three people in a row all the way back and an airline that keeps us intercede open to question that question. You know of so number one. I would say it. Actually, it's pretty remarkable when airlines are able to do now, Delta, four examples able to actually recirculated new air and the cabin within five minutes so If you had asked me what I rather be in a classroom or an airline cabin, whether as the Middle EAST,
is full or non. Does the more ventilation airline cabin now doing Eric changes every five minutes latin there is in most indoor setting. So if you take dad at face value, knowing what we know about covert nineteen, I would suggest that airlines, while they pose risks to you, only want to engage in a central travel. There is the ventilation that you need, but Joe to your second point, makes no sense, I mean I understand why airlines you fly capacity with reduced flight schedules and so there's this is the push in Nepal and we have to recognise that do. Does that mean instituting minimum six foot, distancing, didn't even have sixty between island window much less between island middle. I don't love the fact that they can't just do basic things like hey: let's get the middle, it's gonna be re is requisite needs to be open as something that federal government should be able to mandate and say this is what needs to happen for flying safely, but they're doing
when it comes to air of changes. So its foreign emphasise that point. Our document Thank you so much for being on this morning and Caitlin Dickerson. Thank you for your reporting relay appraised edit and coming up Florida largest teachers. Union sues, Governor Rhonda Santa's for rushing to real schools next month, plus major concerns that republican Senator RON Johnson is being used to carry out a foreign information campaign against Joe Biden, more Joe is coming right. Back hey Guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy in our conversation now for free
ever you download your pot casts democratic leaders, are worried about members of Congress being targeted by a foreign interference campaign and are asking FBI for an urgent breathing in a letter to the FBI director how Speaker Nancy Pelosi Senate minority later Chuck, Shimmer congressmen Adam Shit, and Senator Mark Warner right in part quote, we are great, lay concerned. In particular, the Congress appears to be the target of a concerted foreign interference. Camp in which seeks to launder and amplify distant formation in order to influence Congress, no activity, public debate and presidential election in November this, according to politico, among Democratic concerns is that assented investigation being led by RON Johnson has become a vehicle, for laundering of foreign influence campaign to damage democratic?
The eventual nominee Joe Biden according to two people from it We are with the demand. Side Johnson, responded to democratic concerned. Saying quote there simply wrong for his part: Johnson is reportedly looking to subpoena several former state department shows as soon as this week, if they do not volunteer to testify that way, you know their this letter is very subtle. Kay Whatever information they are fairly close to the vast, but there is, of course history here you have the intelligence community brief Senators begging them not to push russian propaganda that somehow the two thousand sixteen alike interference, was the cause of cranes, government and yet beg and constantly talking about outsource, constantly talk, crouch crowd, strike, cons,
we are talking about that again. Despite repeated warnings, Republicans wilfully russian propaganda and they knew they were rushing pushing russian propaganda. And the nexus between the President and in Russia continues between weakens in Russia continues and its writing. You know it's etc. Using this morning there was breaking news said just before we came on the show from the BBC that the Russians consider great Britain to be their quote top target. The british Intel community figure this out for its Johnson eyes had information on the desk in they're, going to target great Britain and consider the Brits very top target why of their close friendship with the United States. So, despite the fact, the cold war ended in ninety ninety one
should come as no surprise that anybody that Vladimir Putin still considers as to be in the middle of a cold. When he looks at the United of America as his enemy, but here's. What so fascinating about that even while he looks at America as his enemy, he sees Donald Trump as a friend as a political ally as a political tool. So important to the furtherance of Russia's needs that he helped all he could to elect him. In two thousand sixteen is going to do the same again in two thousand twenty going to try and this this really none would dare call it treason, but the trumps most shameless apologists still claim that there is nothing in appropriate
between Putin and trumps relationship. They call it a russian oaks clinging desperately still does he look over here. Look at lunch. Isn't James court. None of them like a bird, keep your eyes off, which right in front of you, keep eyes off what Donald Trump said in Hell, making saying intrusted an Ex KGB agent more then he trusted american professionals and the intelligence community. Despite the fact. That America's allies in Europe reportedly last week said that they were, careful of giving the United States classified formation because Donald Trump, would pass it on to Vladimir Putin. He daddy how he did it before Inside the White House Russia's you as ambassador
as for the United States in their foreign minister, and it also despite the fact that an end and as we Don T tweeted this yesterday, bed drop, used russian stolen information every day, the final month of the two thirds Sixteen campaign duchess, that's just a fact even though the and they knew it was from Russia and New What was stolen information and no trouble supporters Have answered why not the one does not the campaign. Not a single drops of why they did that over three years now non, dare call it treason. I certainly Never do that, but I will tell you that
and ways of american troops fighting in Afghanistan have known since Friday June, the twenty sixth almost a month ago that Russia but Lattimer Putin had put a body on their heads of their loved ones, fighting to defend America's interest in Afghanistan and yet done Rob you haven't said anything not to think about that. The only comments you made about these haven't
attacks and Vladimir Putin. They then wait for it. Wait just like Helsinki wait for it. They ve been attacks against the Eu S intelligence community suggesting this was just bad, entail. Maybe there why it makes sense, but why the mayor, Putin and Russia sees America as an enemy but still considers Donald Trump one of their most reliable France, Russia hoax? Please. You eat those words in the coming years. Tromp apologists. You, shame yourself today, you'll shame yourself in the future: go ahead parrot that all you want. The truth is out there
and we'll see what it is Sunday, but we already know Vladimir Putin wants to kill american troops. Donald Trump refuses to condemn him, for it. That's really all the information. Any of us need to now to see we're Donald, arms loyalties lie we'll be right back thanks for listening now, I want invite you to talk to invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about. As we look to launch new podcast text podcast to six six, eight six six and will text you a link to a short survey, again text, the word podcast to six six, eight, six, six standard text messaging rates, apply your input matters and were looking forward to hearing from you.
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