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Trump holds his first briefing since April, and extends his well-wishes for Ghislaine Maxwell. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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listen to the scientists, listen to the doctors, feel it can should really say from the outset. Ladies and gentlemen, I have reflected on this period and I have decided that I have now embracing the spirit of my partisanship. One play which we will not have a fighter abroad. This campaign is over a matter of public health and so in the spirit of the country and unify nation, now embracing publicly and full throated. We, the binding plan, think not happening. I mean- and I certainly don't think you'll know I'm going to follow the buying plan, but Joe Biden acts Put in writing in January, when I was saying scientist Anderson coming in from China or whatever it does come, with the binding plan to actually follow the advice of doctors and scientists and let them lead in these discussions, even if he doesn't call it the Biden plan he could, he could act though Higgins
embrace it were you invited to the to the briefing today. I was not invited up to this point. I am assuming that I'm not gonna, be there cause it's gonna be. Just a short while and I'm still. At the end, so I'm assuming it's not going to be that way, with her, they were solitude afterwards. Works is right outside. Well, he didn't follow that line and plan only, but why we're not there? What were you ever outside President Tron were turned to the breathing room alone, and so to several of is often told lies about the virus. About the countries more tests, rate testing available, of supplies and yet again claiming the virus we'll just disappear. Good, morning and welcome to morning Joe is ones. July twenty second with us, we have White House, Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent in hosted case.
DC on Sunday Night Casey Hunt NBC News and MSNBC contributor, Charlotte So let me ask you, Jonathan Le Maire, just outside the room, Backdoor, say isn't there a song and Hamilton? being in the room, were an my lord. He keeps his actors out of the room and he gets up there. Again, it's a pretty What was pretty remarkable performance. It was like a press and who had taken America. Through to two and a half Vietnam's. Before saying you know what I I think we're we're going to assemble a plan on this Vietnam thing, that wasn't even the biggest nose out of the pets
that's what you're gonna get to a second, the biggest nose out of the press conference. Was send a signal to and accused shy sex trafficker, there's that. That's what you start talking Jonathan, what a day, why did you hit? The where it happened. You're right also, should we noted the title of John Bolton, but we gotta know you can, and you cannot. You cannot do that too. Zander Hamilton. We do not put John both important and Alexander Hamilton name in the same sense Still, we Jonathan today we go ahead withdrawing withdrawn with failure. Yes, the president peered sallow. Yesterday, doktor works was indeed just outside the room. Doktor found she was a few miles away up and Bethesda the president came out
air and AIDS has signalled that this would be a little bit different? And I think we saw the president's Oh man, there is that rush to proclaim which we're not going to do here rushed to fulfil but he had a neutral, as we have seen this before Joe. We have seen that the presidency, from time to time, can stick to escape can strike a more somber approach and we know that goes away by the next morning. Tweets. So we're not gonna talk about there too, but it certainly did seem at minimum. At least for a day. The president acknowledge that his previous approach had not been working. There is less lustre from the podium. There was an acknowledgement that things were. The virus was probably going to get worse before it got better, but yes, at the same time, he if Miss statements about the nations testing capability, he suggested the virus eventually would just go away and it did seem despite some good,
he struck, and there were some who said we should set aside our criticisms of him and simply celebrate what he did say. Ok, there's some we're ready by leveraging where this has happened. Repeatedly he'll have day yes, one day, one day, Out of the past six seven months where a hundred and forty thousand Americans divide again about two too, and I have two and a half times the number of deaths in vietnam- no I've won the world's it will maybe with all these people dying. Maybe I should Miss grabbed instead of life about masks instead of marking Joe Biden about Mask, instead of Reporters about masks, instead of accusing people being politically correct. It sending his chief of staff to captivate ill to look it up, what is worrying. Masks go on Youtube Vernon masks whatever he said. He had again. Let's put this into perspective, my friends,
That guy that's about it will reside over a hundred and forty thousand Americans have died in this Jonathan than mirrors pointed out. Once in a while, he reads this group once in a while, he does say something that makes the law kinds of senior citizens in diabetics and people with asthma hanging in the balance. Once in a while, he does say something that encourages Americans to abuse, store clerks, for wearing masks to abuse people and grocery stores who take care of you. For minimum wage who put their lives on the line every very because they have found ways to take care of their people, screaming at them abusing the people getting their face and screaming
Paul going to racks with masks and dropping them on the four, because they think that Americans have fought and died for over two hundred and forty years so they could have a constitutional right to kill so their citizens to channel diabetics, didn't kill people with asthma to kill their family members and they kill others, but Wearing masks make yeah we do not get a president credit hundred and forty two thousand Americans have died, two and a half Vietnam WAR debts of making.
You're gonna, be it now. You know what we're gonna come up with a plan to get out of Vietnam, because this really wasn't Vietnam. This is much easier because I too am not being sarcastic your girl. What Joe Biden all new to do at the end of January. Let the doctors and let them I just run the show. And he said here we are honouring forty two thousand dead after two and a half Vietnam's, you don't get credit for that. You dont get credit for letting Why letting over a hundred thousand senior citizens die. You I'll get credit for ignore this virus time and time again, you don't get credit for being I dont know
I think, probably more wrong than any president. The history of the United States has ever been with more calamitous results. No credit! Sorry, just stop just go home, well. You ve already killed enough American, its and by the way by the way he has it. That sounds extreme I'd be glad to spend the next three hours just reading your quotes. Mr President, I'm glad to do that if any body, many of your apologists proven mocking people for wearing masks- or you said this. Masks her politically correct you you're wearing the mass, because you want to be politically correct. He said asks were dirty.
You said wearing masks a double edged, swords quote: people touch them and they them? And I see it all the time they come in, they too the mask now they're holding it now in their fingers, and they d but on the desk, and then they touch you may touch their knows. No, I think a mask. It's a double edged sword it's not a double edged sword and your own cdc since the beginning of April. You're, a surgeon, general movement at videos and the beginning of April, saying this is how you make a mask on, because there is a shortage of mass gonna, your member, that there is a shortage, masks, doctors, nurses and ethical providers didn't have those masks. And so they were concerned about there's shortage, and then you go to a factory. Unlike what unaware
now where is this? What there was something I dream of a man I think was a maying Jonathan. What may resent main where we went to a factory used to wear a mask, so they had to destroy all the work that they did when the president was their land mines. Joe that's exactly right, and I think that you are correct here. As I was saying, this is whatever the presidency straight as this is a too little too late moment for him. This is some that. He should have advocated for months ago to wear masks for young people to stay out of bars for states not to reopen before they were ready to follow the guidelines of the president's owns Maybe see he doesn't get credit for sticking to the talking points from from podium for one day, there's did there's no sense here. There's never been an ability for this president to keep up a sustained new approach to stick to the data to stick to the.
Proper analysis in the factory appeared solo. Yesterday's does undercut the idea that he was going to be deferred to the medical profession close to the task force with a lot of Republicans want him to do a lot of senators have said. We welcome these briefings to come back, but, Mr President, we I want you to be the centre piece. Maybe my pants could M C. Have your health professionals up there have them deliver that public health data that the that their country right now, as the viruses surging and I believe, about forty states. Cases are missing and administration has not been able to manage this crisis affected What we saw yesterday was simply the president again, perhaps for one day bowing to the idea that reelection chances are engraved jeopardy because of the way he has handled. That's all. He is getting pressure from pressure from Capitol Hill pressure from fellow Republicans, but he needs the changes town before he falls that much further behind your back who right now he's trailing
significantly and nearly everything battleground state that he would need to win November. That's what yesterday was about sustainable. Yesterday also was about this, the? U S reported for one thousand deaths from the corona virus, the second time the singer? a total has acceded more than a thousand people. This month according to NBC News Data, TAT from Arizona, Florida and taxes were, the highest on record with each state reporting more than one a hundred and twenty deaths. Yesterday, Nevada also reported hi a single day toll as four cases. Looking specifically at the hot spot of Florida, the Florida Department of Health reported a record high number of hospitalizations from corona virus. Yesterday adding five hundred and eighteen missions in just one day. There are new a three hundred and seventy thousand confirmed cases of Kovac nineteen across the
try and state, with more than fifty three hundred deaths reported Meanwhile, new data shows the number of people infected with the corona virus in the U S could be vastly on estimated according to data released. The CDC the new infection rates anywhere from two to thirteen times higher than what has been reported to finding suggests that large numbers of people did not have sometimes or did not seek medical care, may have kept the virus circulating in their communities. The study was based ten cities and indicated that even New York City, one of our Sid areas is nowhere near achieving heard. Immunity experts believe six And of people in an area would need to have been exposed to the virus to reach that point and ask corona by cases continued to search nation wide. The chief executive of lab course is that the virus is spreading faster than the company can expand. Testing capacity.
Leading to slower turnaround time for test results. Meanwhile, question: gnostics the largest laboratory company in the country has warned that it will be impossible to keep up with demand for Kovac nineteen tests once the fall Lucy's season start while yesterday's breathing was the first in months from the president, remarkably little knew came out of it now lay for in cases in this country, and nearly one hundred and forty three thousand deaths so far that we know of the President yesterday said quote We are in the process of developing a strategy which we are in process we are in the process. We are on the rise as developing a strategy for this is that with a pandemic, whereas strategy could have been in place months ago, basic science that base that that a third greater could understand and were in the past, says you're saying in reality the biggest take away from the event with some
entirely, none corona virus related tromp was asked about the eggs arrest. Elaine Maxwell. The british Socialite criminally charged with procuring rynch squirrels to be sexually abused by the late investor acting on his friends. Just lay Maxwell is in prison, People want to know she's going to turn in powerful people that I know you've talked in the past about Prince Andrew and Britain's behaviour and wondering I do feel that our fishermen have you see that working out, I don't know I haven't, had been following too much. I just wish her well frankly, met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach But I wish your wealth whatever it is. I don't know the situation with Prince Andrew. Just don't know not aware of it. He wishes farewell.
Prosecutor, say Maxwell played a critical role in helping Epstein identify the free and groom minor victims for abuse. Girls, young girls, children she has denied the allegations and she is pleaded not guilty. You know what I just one to set there for a while, the president and his corona virus, thing had no doctors, but he wished Killin Maxwell. Well, I mean, I know that there is no proven connection in any way, but we ve shown on the show video of Donald Trump dancing with Free Epstein and a bunch of girls dancing around him and he wished her well. I'm extremely uncomfortable with what I heard and I think everybody should be and the question in this case need to be asked and asked and asked until they are answered
and I just think it's very strange- that the president would make a comment like that in a case like this. Well, that this is a former prosecutors talking about. Bizarre common yesterday Wishing well a woman who is accused of procuring and and abusing herself and and having Jeffrey Epstein abuse young girls for powerfully connected man. Ovary over years and years time. It certainly is does seem bizarre and Casey, we we ve all heard the President Cindy sort of messages out before to Roger Stone and the poor man of fort and and
others wishing them well wishing people well in in a context. That makes absolutely no sense, and he did this yesterday- to be so shocking jarring tv. Women who were procured, who were ground who were prepared for sexual abuse when they, young girls in the press, the United States is wishing the woman has been accused of this wish? Well, in that strike, you as bizarre, I think, Anyone who has read any part of the indictment that was levelled at going. Maxwell would be shocked by this allegations that inertia in the room trying to make these girls more com
the ball in these kinds of situations with Jeffrey Epstein I mean every thing about this- is, just mean set aside Paul, manifest Roger showing you're absolutely right, the president send those kinds of messages to those people You know we should judge, judge that accordingly, But I mean we're talking about despicable crimes with you know, VIC, true face years of of trauma and dance, edge because of these actions, and that you know for the present too? Many clearly has familiarity with the situation. He you know, takes the questions to engage with. Like he's the person, that's in those photographs tat, we were just showing you know from, ago in New York or Palm Beach, wherever they were taken, and he just sort of throw Prince Andrew and there, on top of it, I mean not even an aim that was previously mentioned: does he want to be part of that?
situation I mean I am so many so many strains and I think, to your point, show for the victims of this to be really really hard to watch well, and Casey raise an incredible point here, because, I let it said a little bed after we played that because we have got to stop allowing the shock to wash away on air. Ray norm that this president breaks whether its shaking down a foreign government for dirt on a political rival, wishing and accused Ex offender, who is Time boyfriend died jail with sound sense of secrets, with a Known about this case to know that there is something there, There's no way that comment can be normalized. It was not ok time and time again. He breaks through
The stop signs that this country put up to create a democracy. The greatest society where people are safe and free and trying to get to a place where people are treated equally pulling us back in time, he's pulling us towards the dark side, this is my opinion speaking here, but I fear that we allow the shock to wear off every time and we don't stop and think and do job. In China that it's a great point. You know we we we all all of us, the incoming is, is, is vertiginous and sometimes we forget it. It's funny that me it's not funny. It's ironic. It make it said that, because just re with an apple bomb on and she brought up new crane, which of course that was so JANET
every hour that was so last year, but she said something that stuff when I actually voted down. Donald Trump abuse, the tools of foreign policy, the black of foreign leader in launching a baseless investigation, and it was medical rival. I rather doubt crews to remind myself in that way. We we let down. From saying that Donald Trump making racist comments, time and time again, Donald Trump, mocking people who, where Mass Russia Donald Trump, and Russia again, I I actually let slip this morning that Donald Trump knows that Putin put valley on their heads of american troops and still a month later, hasn't convention and yesterday we see Donald Trump actually
she's well, a woman accused of leading a child sex rain, and that's not the headlines in all the newspapers today and where we in peached the president and cast your turn to that exactly. But I think one of the things if you look at this a and you know Casey summed up pal depraved. The indictment against Scullion Maxwell is but politically this at that particular press conference knowing that there would be some people in some outlet to Ed somewhat praise the president for, as political put it being uncurling in uncaring to list uncharacteristically realistic. No, that he walked into that question about the lean Maxwell and in their there isn't a very easy political answer. To that end, the answer that most
president's I think, would have given, while also nodding towards all of the victims that that that are now than there is. There is an open federal case against this person. I cannot comment on that and move on. We wouldn't be talking about this. He just here to some really really basic political rules, but I think we also want to come back. You how jobs and when we are started. Let's not pretend that yesterday's press conference is certainly going to be how this president is going to act going forward, let's not pretend that that's how he's going to tweet, let's look at the entire body of evidence and what we didn't get out of that press conference. Even if he did follow ascribed rescript that had some some untruths in it is we didn't get any kind of plan
a small plan for the economy, not any direction for how Congress, or at least the Republicans, should try to approach the Democrats to try to deal with our economic and unemployment issues in this country. We did get a small plan for how we are going to increase testing, which would then allow us to possibly open our economy and open our schools, and I think there was a call in their about the rapid test at the White House, reporters get when they come to the White House and upright When did say you know I like those tasks, those tests, topics? Okay, so let's even just money- We simply basis talk about. How did we get those rapid tests in more places in the country in in businesses? So people can actually maybe possibly go back to work. So, white safely there was no plan there, and just because he can't stand a party I'm a can you now for thirty five minutes. I believe at least talk in a way that doesn't
Scare, the entire country, that doesn't mean that we are moving forward or doing anything to actually help people get back to work at their kids back and swore. And so I judge this by looking for something that really also plane ride in any. You know, Jonathan Wellmere, I think the two screaming headlines from yesterday have to be unless you are just not you unless people are just reckless gullible reporters there two headlines only two headlines that came out of yesterday's press conference, one that, after a hundred and forty two thousand Americans have died of a pandemic, that the president has downplayed for half a year, he says, are developing a plan and, to this end, Donald Trump, who said the Justice Department
my my justice department, I'm in control of its it events. That's you that's the case, then Donald Trump wishes well woman, who is accused by his own justice department of leading a child, sex ring he wishes a warm unknown or a long time been that bit His justice Department has accused of awaiting a child sex. Ring for years. He wishes her well, what's going on to pick up specific, evangelist smart point there. Any conventional politician would enter that breathing room. Knowing you do not under any circumstance, need to wear Sterling Maxwell. Well, that's you don't do that. There's another way to answer that question,
you move on, but also remember that this is of course she's at the club time Associated Jeffrey Epstein, whose you know accuse your credibly accused of these despicable crimes under age. When the president has always sort of ever really sided with the victims. In these cases is his his reflexive response is this defend the powerful men accused of abusing women in me to movement and so on, which of course stems from the allegations against himself, of which there are many. So this is in part a this be a part of a larger patter of his responses, but, as you say also, we know that he has set signals before to show signs of his who have been charged with crimes. We know he just commuted Roger stones. And just a few weeks ago, another matter in which another no when convention that was cast aside its easy to lose track of them, there are
Many that was just a few weeks ago when he did that over the objections of a number of Republicans and as far as the virus, of course, there still remains no real strategy to improve testing who helps fools their negotiations on the hill right now. There are contentious and have a long way to go before Americans receive relief that they need the president once economy they get going, for his re election chances for the steps he has taken or will have only hurt himself in that effort. To this point yeah. You know me guy down again, I get up, everybody has their own new showed IRAN. Our eye and if I were under the spell of usually operating, aren't thing really bad happened in front of your face people really great at what they're doing, but there were only two headlines of yesterday's news com and if anybody actually says otherwise than their going down rabbit trails and they really idea. I dont know that they actually are
enough to run a noose, Caston, and here here the two headlines. MT yesterday. Why miss after a hundred and two for a hug In forty two thousand Americans have died of a pandemic. The present says he's putting together a plan, to process the approach states. Said? He wished well a woman that his own justice Department has accused of running, a child sex rang out by the way. If you have, teeth or at the end you know the squirrel water skiing. I don't do that our yet until I don't do the squirrel waters Gazer tonight at the end of the tunnel, its news, guess, why did you talk to the family of somebody who kill them. Afghanistan, after lad, Amir Putin, put bodies on the head of brave
who s troops and by the way the commander in chief. I don't know, maybe this can be the little hope at the end of this year, a later the kicker? That's that's what you might call it. Ok, the kicker at the end of the show, the president still has not condemned Vladimir Putin and that's the way it is there you go. We have so much more to get to this morning, including the new reporting that President try to get the british open move to his own Gulf resort, you're watching jobs will be right back we are in the process of developing a strategy, that's going to be very, very powerful, will develop as we go along
I'm sure, mainly post of into America. A pod cast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health, is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes. Everyone Wednesday Thursday subscribed now following at developing story happening right now in Houston, where China says the: U S has ordered it too closed
its Houston consular and seventy two hours, calling it an unprecedented escalation. According to local reports, witnesses told police that paper was being burned in trash cans at the chinese consulate. Last night. The state department released a statement today, saying in part quote: we have directed the closure of PR state Consulate general, in Houston in order to protect american intellectual property and Americans private information turning a staff from Beijing and be seen foreign, correspondent, Janis, Mackey, Frere generous. What more can you tell us? It's been a wild morning that started with these reports of smoking flames, the consular general of China in Houston and is now I refer to this statement from the state department about an hour ago confirming that they have China, to close down the mission within
two hours in China. Is calling this outrageous. They call an unjustified foreign ministry. Smokes Orson, accusing the? U S intimidating on, Inter hearing in China's affairs even acute. Seeing the? U S of confiscating diplomatic pouches on two occasions back in October and in June what this is is a very sharp and rapid deterioration of what was already a come relationship on pretty much every front from one way to the South, China Sea. It has really gone downhill overhung, we ve been decision last week by the? U S, to consider Hong Kong and mainland China to be effectively the same and now discussion of suspending the extradition treaty, so why the cost wouldn't Houston. I'm I mean it handles the airs and has jurisdiction over much of the south in South EAST. But it is
Julie Symbolic, because this is the first consulate to open in the United States when, lesson, China first establish diplomatic relations, backing nineteen seventy nine its when dung shouting visited and wore their time gallon I need social media here is going Nazi state media has been running a more asking people in China should be the Eu S consulate that is closed as retribution and so far the overwhelming choice is the: U S: consulate in Hong Kong, Jan as we The United States, we credibly Cuba, China of stealing american intellectual property for decades. Now I certainly remember heated votes. Throughout the ninety nine he's on extending am Emma FIN to China, and those You didn't want to extend it. One of the reasons. Why is because just the blight and fast a view
intellectual property rights that has continued unabated for decades, so question is why what the triggering a vat for for this action in Houston, any information or any idea why Suddenly we would close a consulate If you were to ask me two weeks ago, I promise we would have said that chinese officials liking it all to this sort of tit for tat abashing that they say they become asked him to in the pre election season that it's the Trump administration. And senior officials using hard hitting speeches to try to see me China to try to distract from the corona virus pandemic as a means of bolstering an election position, but the are very significant turn of events that have happened over the past. Days or so what ways different.
Bout indictment that was unveiled yesterday was this distinction by the FBI and Justice officials, that I see this as a blended threat that these were not true: hacks swore arrested simply because they were trying to enrich themselves but that they will working in partnership and in concert with the chinese government, and with that, the? U S has China in the same group of countries as North Korea. Shot and around the FBI, even going so far as to say that China's government was acting, pull like an or eyes. Criminals syndicate, so we are seeing more than just a sharpening of rhetoric here, and this decision to close the consulate again is a hugely symbolic one, but it will be one that will some sort of retaliation again, there's the expectation that it could be the Eu S consulate in
Hong Kong, but there is also some discussion that it could also be the consulate in we'll Han hey guys. Willie goes to you this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy in our conversation now for free, where Are you download? Your pot casts embassies, Jenna, smacking, Mackey friar. Thank you very, very much for your reporting this morning. We're going to move now the corona virus joining us now clinical assistant, professor, at the end, why you Grossman School of Medicines, Department of Population, health, doktor, Lippy, Roy she's, an NBC News, medical contributor and Doktor Roy. What did too stories were following this morning. Of course, the president, giving a hat tip you and accuse sex offender, and the second is the fact that he keeps saying were in the process of finding a plan.
To deal with the corona virus and in our reporting this morning we talked about testing and tat. Not being able to keep up with the demand and now the risk. Long time of testing coming slower. Are things they getting worse. Good morning me go Let me start with some good news at the press. Briefly, at the White House Briefing yesterday, the president was actually finally other pro and pro physical distancing. But I gotta tell you the cynical part of my brain said: well, it's gonna be late and dollar short that type of strong pro public health messaging. If that six weeks ago would have been so much more impact for six weeks, to go or in more solemn terms, fifty thousand deaths ago However, the more optimistic side of my brain says: hey, look if the public eighty to ninety percent of the public actually than heated
residents message and the message that all public health and medical people been saying now for months. Wearing that that the covering your face, I don't leave my permit my home without wearing a mask if they did the mask and if they did the physical distancing. The number of cases in actions, hospitalizations death would drop drastically. We ve seen this happen, other countries and here and there in the United States in states like New York, New Jersey and back in April may, when New York nurtured New Jersey went through this hellish period. We didn't have the data to support that of the mask protection and rum. Remember we had a national short a ppp. So you know I am optimistic in some way. But I am also extremely frustrated at the. Lack of a national plan, national testing contact tracing, there's no plan in terms of real detailed plan for school reopened.
There's a lot of things that need to be done. Mika. A lot of people were hoping to hear on the president and his top scientists yesterday about school about school Rio. And about their lives and about the fact that their life are in danger and that there should be steps in place to actually make things better and so far it appears this president. My words, not yours, is making things worse. I want to bring in China Thomas for the next question China good Morning, so some of the information that the CDC released pointed to the fact that we are nowhere near achieving heard immunity, and I think people here unity and don't totally understand at so. My question is one just: what does it mean that were nowhere near achieving heard immunity and do we know enough about the antibodies to know whether Immunity batter your shoulders, a really important question to ask. So you know, unlike
There are a lot of other viral infections where once a priest, has the infection we develop and bodies that then protect us, and if you have enough people who have protection, you actually able to protect the other people in the unity we're not seeing that what the krona virus again, we are learning something new every day. Our hope was that if enough people got the infection that everyone else would have protected, we'd have natural antibodies built up, but look Sweden already experiment and they did not really develop heard immunity. So I think the key message right now is the only way to fight this virus is by preventing you from getting it and right now. The mass and the physical distancing, these public health measures. These preventive health measures are really all that we have to prevent us from getting the infection doctor
Roy, thank you very much for being on this morning, and still I had the president continues his threat to send Federal forces to more. He was cities, including New York. We'll talk to Mayor Buildable about that morning. Joe is coming right back. Everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now. I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text, podcast two hundred and sixty six eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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